Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood Welcome a Son

07/29/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie Bell Welcome Son
Charley Gallay/Getty

It’s a boy for Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood.

The couple have welcomed a “beautiful” son, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. “Parents and baby are all doing well,” the rep says.

Further details on the actors’ first child, including his name and birthdate, are not available at this time.

“Wow! What a day. Evan you are my warrior! You never cease to amaze. Thank you for birthing our son so naturally & peacefully. You did it!” Bell, 27, Tweeted Monday.

“I have to say thank you Ricki Lake for your inspiring documentary The Business of Being Born,” Wood, 25, Tweets. “I never knew I had a choice when it came to labor. It taught me so much & aided my decision in having a natural home birth which my son & I are now forever grateful for.”

Wood and Bell announced the pregnancy in January after tying the knot in front of family and friends the previous October.

“Thanks for all your warm wishes. We are very happy,” the actress said at the time. “I’m gonna to be a mama!”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Arlett on

That’s gonna be one ugly and mean baby.

Alex Is on


Heidi on

Didn’t she say she was bisexual?

Sylvia on

And that matters because….??

Sylvia on


Sandy on

Congrats. I hope the baby doesn’t have his ears

Callie on

They look so happy in that picture. I hope they are happier in real life

Susie on

Who shat in your Cheerios this morning, Arlett?

Jayne on

both of them are outstanding performers – especially from a young age that they both started their careers, theyre gonna be great parents.

And seriously People.com – wtf is with the ugliest pic that you could ever find of these two?!

Sasa on

She’s a L E S B O.

She's Brantastic on

She’s bisexual…there is a difference, but obviously you are too ignorant and immature to comprehend that. If that’s seriously the most intelligent comment that you have to contribute…you shouldn’t share your thoughts. At all. These ugly and negative comments regarding the birth of a child really speak volumes about the people posting them..

Anyway, congrats to Evan and hubby on the birth of their baby boy 🙂 Wishing many blessings for them!!

Carrow on

She comes off as a tough girl, but this is going to soften her up so much. Babies have that ability to turn people into mush. =)

She seems so happy, calmer and in a really good place. Congrats sweetheart.

Moi on

Honeymoon baby?? 🙂 Congrats!

Jenn on

I think she’s beautiful and so what if she’s a bisexual. I bet the baby will be gorgeous.

Perigee on

Congratulations! I am so happy for them.

Arlett, you are a troll.

American Mom on

There is something very unlikable and false about her. Her comments and persona seem like such a pretense sometimes, I don’t know what it is exactly but she just seems very false to me.

suzywatkins on

They’ll be divorced within a month and she’ll be chasing down Lindsey or any other crazy girl she can get. This woman is NUTS.

Surf City on

It takes a special kind of worthless human being to insult a baby. Go nuts on the parents, but seriously the kid is 5 minutes old. He’ll learn soon enough the jerks that exist.

She's Brantastic on


leanne on

They look miserable in this picture

MollyF on

Artlet, why don’t you shut your mouth.

Heidi, so? What if she’s bixexual. It doesn’t effect someone’s parenting skills. How narrow minded you are.

MollyF on

Sasa, no, you are. You are so freaking narrow minded. What did she EVER do to you? You betterr answer that.

PSCali on

I saw him on an airplane once. He’s much cuter in person and dresses really well. Very short and svelte but kind and gracious to fans. I wish them the best.

Rhonda on

Neither of these people seem like the parenting type. I just can’t see a baby on her hip.

Sasha on

They seem like the most authentic, bright, young actor/artist types around in the biz lately who seem very much in love and who get eachother and belong together.

Both are terrific to watch onscreen. And now they have a little one. I understand that some people get so irked by the idea of creative people who have been bucking the odds of success their whole life who never took the path of least resistance, also getting to have a somewhat normal life.

Marriage, motherhood, a nice place to live. And they get to live out their professional dreams also.

I can understand how this can really chuff the asses of some middle America types while waiting for the yellow schoolbus.

sat on


Lauren Kaminski on

Jeez rude comments! Congratulations to them! I am happy that she didn’t marry and have a child with Marilyn Manson.

Sherquetta on


abiami56 on

Congrats to them both!!!!

Lauren on

Aww, Rhonda. Don’t worry honey, you’ll never see Evan with her baby anyway. Pretty sure they don’t have any plans to stop by your trailer park anytime soon.

Manase Masinza on

Wow..very great!

CJ on

@Heidi and that matters because?

Bridgette on


Kab on

I just can’t imagine, little billy Elliott a dad.

patricia on

Congratulations on the arrival of the son

Elena on

She will be hitting up the weed pipe ASAP. Or hooking up with a woman. What a great mother she will be!

twocents on

She is not cute. She truly isn’t and he looks like prince charles’ iligitimate son. Good luck little baby!

Anonymous on

I Think their going to make great parents!! Pop!

vs on

She looks like Adele in that picture.

Anonymous on

The world would be a brighter place if the parents of some of you commentors had decided to use protection!

Hea on

Arlett – How ugly and mean are your babies if you have any?

guest on

He’s got the most vacant look I’ve ever seen – no lights on. Is it live or Memorex?

myopinions on

Good luck baby! Neither of your parents are lookers so hopefully this is one of the cases where the kid ends up being cute…

Sharon on

Man she looks like a miserable b!t*h in that picture…just saying.

Carolyn on

Billy Elliott’s a Dad – now I feel really old!

Nikita on

So much ignorance and hate on here. All I have to say is congrats to the new parents. Joyful time for them 🙂

MollyF on

Do you haters hate Evan Rachel Wood because she did something personal to you? If not, shut the heck up.

leni on

Man, the world would be a better place if the parents of some posters here had actually used birth control. What a mean buncha b*tches.

Congrats to the happy parents. Billy Elliot is still one of my favorite movies.

Leslie on

Good for her. I’m glad she got away from that creep Marilyn Manson.

Jennifer on

Such ugly and hate-filled comments from some of you. I bet you call yourself “Christians.” “Anonymous” has it right. Congratulations to the couple on the birth of your son. May he be a joy to you.

janette on

Susie what is shat? Do you have trouble spelling?

Isabel on

How does her being attracted to both sexes have anything to do with what kind of mother she’ll be?

Jane on

Most women are bisexual to some extent.

RobJoy on

Looks like a typical hollywood marriage – a mismatch. Hope it lasts.

Anonymous on

It’s no wonder where children learn to become bullies…

Rebecca on

Congratulations to them both. However am I the only one who sees a time limit on this marriage? Their body language is so bad, they look like standing together is a chore.

erica on

Yeah congratulations wish the baby and family good health

Hea on

janette on July 30th, 2013
Susie what is shat? Do you have trouble spelling?

Haha. I’m Swedish and even I know that “shat” is “shit” in past tense. It’s a verb, you might have heard of verbs..?

Sophia on

I think it’s so fantastic she educated herself on her choices when it comes to pregnancy, labour and birth. I’ve been doing the same for myself since the age of about 12 just because I’ve been really interested, and I loved The Business of Being Born. Kudos to her 🙂 Welcome, Baby Bell!

Sophia on

Yikes, these comments are an interesting read. What on earth is everyone’s beef with these two? And why is her sexuality coming into play at all? Some people will do anything to start drama.

drusilla on

It’s hard to imagine Jamie Bell as a dad , to me he’s still Billy the boy who love to dance.

sgtmian on

haha, i love how people put a time limit on two strangers’ relationship because of one bad picture. this site is so full of jealous bitches, it’s unreal. i think he has gorgeous, talented, level-headed parents, so i can only assume he’ll turn out that way. welcome to the world, little one, and congratulations to all three.

Stephanie on


I love it when people are all like “What is that word?” , like a sarcastic dumbass, or “prove it”, over the internet. Ever heard of a SEARCH ENGINE?

peter on

Their baby can be named “Billy Elliot Bell”. Remember the movie about the boy who loves ballet? Great!