Jenna Dewan-Tatum ‘Melts’ at the Sight of Channing with Everly

07/27/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Jenna Dewan Talks Baby Everly
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Acting again after giving birth to Everly on May 31 has its challenges, but Jenna Dewan-Tatum is finding a way to balance the two important parts of her life.

“I was little worried about getting back to work, having my head be in the right place, leaving her at times,” the actress, 32, told PEOPLE at a Television Critics Association event on Friday in Beverly Hills.

“And I still have issues with that, like any new mom [who] goes back to work, but it’s been really a lot easier with the amazing women [who] are part of this cast. They’re helping me a lot.”

The Witches of East End star always has something to look forward to when she gets home.

“She’s smiling and giggling,” Dewan-Tatum says of her daughter. “Everyone says it’s the best, and it is the best! Last week she just started looking at me and recognizing me and smiling, and my whole world melted!”

One of the best parts of the parenting process is having PEOPLE’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive by her side.

“[He’s] been amazing,” the new mom told reporters of hubby Channing Tatum. “He comes and visits me. He’s working at the same time right now, but we prepared for that … It’s a little crazy in my house but it’s good.”

Nothing compares to seeing her loves interact.

“You see the thing you love the most with the other thing you love the most, and there’s just a natural new awakening of the love you guys share together,” Dewan-Tatum says. “Just caring for something that’s so small, and being so gentle and tender makes you just melt.”

As wonderful as motherhood is, the starlet does wish she could nap from time to time.

“I can tell you what I’d want my power to be right now,” she said. “Being a new mom, I would like to be able to sleep. Like this, snap my fingers and sleep, because I’m a little sleep-deprived at the moment!”

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shannon on

She sounds like a very hands on mom and that is rare in Hollywood. They’re a beautiful family.

Jen DC on

That’s a lot of melting going on! LOL She sounds very excited and happy, and adjusting well to working motherhood. Good luck, little sister, and I hope you are as fulfilled as you sound!

Stephanie on

There’s nothing like seeing your hubby holding your baby girl! Congrats to the happy couple 🙂

cady on

She’s so beautiful and has that “new proud mama” look. She’s got a beautiful family! Congrats to the Tatums!

Sasha on

Stay at home. You miss out and nothing can give u back this precious moments. But u rather be at work, how selfish. Your child needs u the most.

Anonymous on

Man, she sure looks good after losing all of that baby weight!

Pam Smith on

Congrats on being a mom, but what is this madness of having a baby and then both of you going back to work. What ridiculous people, and ridiculous role models!

Anonymous on

Channing Tatum = Gods gift the world.

anon on

she’s so weird looking. lay off the botox

Guest2012 on

I melt when I see pics of Channing with the baby too! Sooo sweet. Lucky girls for sure! God bless.

MamaBear on

Awwwwww! Don’t I know it girlfriend!

nova on

“You see the thing you love the most with the other thing you love the most, and there’s just a natural new awakening…”

Instead of saying the word “thing”, person would have been a better choice of word especially when describing the husband and child.

Lauren on

Stop being so hypercritical…

Eva on

I am so glad that they are taking care of the baby themselves rather than having nannies!

Annie on

You obviously need to re-read the article Eva. She said they’re both working right now so that means someone else IS taking care of the baby. Seriously, reading comprehension.

Edie on

I have no real idea who these people are…I know OF Channing and now know of his wife, however, the love that the young fans have for these two and now with their baby says a lot. I think the fact that they seemed to have done it the old fashioned way; first comes love, then marriage then the baby in the carriage sits well with most people. Good for them! Most of Hollywood SHOULD follow suit, if not for themselves, then especially for the children they so readily bring into the world!

DaisyMoon on


Yeah I know what she meant…

Would’ve sounded better if she had said, The “person” I love most with the other “person” I love most….

She looks gorgeous, by the way.

Melisa on

Being in a relationship is one thing….but having a child with someone elevates you love for that person to a whole other level. My husband is a rough around the edges farmer. Our little girl was born 4 years ago and the two of them are best friends. Seeing the two of them together makes me love and respect him so much more.

Genesis on

Awww ❤

Summer on

I love this couple! My husband and I had our son, our first child, 7 months ago and I completely understand and agree with what she’s saying. Your love becomes deeper when you have a child. Side note – she looks TERRIFIC! I’m jealous!

kathybluestein on

I absolutely love this couple! They are even sweeter with little Everly. God Bless Tatum Family:)

Karen on

Well duh.. seeing Tatum holding a baby is porn for women.. who wouldnt melt?!

Jennifer S on

She looks like Selena Gomez here.

Ashley on

There is nothing sexier than watching your husband care for and interact with his son or daughter. There is a saying that says, “Any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad.” That is certainly the case here. I love how they both are hands on parents. There needs to be more of that in Hollywood.

Jennifer on

WOW, that little girl has a HOT LOOKING father, and a pretty mother!!!! I can only imagine how pretty that little girl is going to grow up to be. When Everly starts dating, Channing is going to need a shotgun to keep the guys away from his daughter. Just kidding. BEST OF LUCK TO THE BOTH OF THEM!!!

Sharon on

I would melt if Channing Tatum was holding my baby, too!! Seriously, though, they seem like such an awesome couple…Channing seems like he caught on to parenthood in no time 🙂

Anonymous on

Such beautiful, tender moments……….she summed them up perfectly!

jackie2830 on

Such beautiful, tender moments………she summed them up perfectly. Much love and luck to the whole family!♥

jackie2830 on

Such beautiful, tender moments……..she summed it up perfectly. Much love and blessings to the Tatum family. ♥

Kimberly A. Marston on

Get use 2 gettin hardly any sleep it comes wit the territory of havin a newborn. Njoy every minute of your time wit your precious lil’ girl while you can cuz b4 you kno it they grow up 2 fast. Bein a mother is the best feelin in the world.

Ohanna on

I agree that seeing a father hold his child is totally awesome.

BUT…..why the sudden rash of articles from these two?

I am always cynical of these ‘private’ stars suddenly talking about personal lives. Always timed to coincide with movie opening or tv new series /season…..

they sell themselves to promote their series/movies then cry fowl if the paps catch them out and about.

but that just my humble opinion.

wellwisher on

Beautiful family.

Sharon on

Theres just something about a dad and his little girl. Jeez miserable much? Always someone to criticize an innocent comment.

Penina on

They are such a cute family! And they have a rule that they have to see each other at least once every 2 weeks and it sounds like they’re taking turns caring for the baby. They’re doing it right. Jenna is multitasking she isn’t forgetting she’s a mom!

Anna on

I loved my husband immensely, but the moment he became a father and held our child for the first time, the love grew and it was a magical moment. Every time I see him with them, I fall more in love with him. She will see continue to see it as her daughter gets older. Seeing my sporty husband have tea parties with princess crowns on with my daughters, melts my heart.

Katie on

I am curious if all of you commenters who hate on celebrities going back to work soon after having a baby, make the same comments about non celebrity parents going back to work soon after delivery. It’s no different. Just because someone works doesn’t mean they still shouldn’t have children. Get off your high horses.

Lauren on

Yes. How dare she try to keep working to support her family WHILE spending time with her daughter. What an outrage.

Not. Stop it. She sounds like she’s doing a wonderful job.

Jasmine on

there a beautiful family 🙂

ari on

Everly is a stupid name.