Megyn Kelly Welcomes Son Thatcher Bray

07/26/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Megyn Kelly has some breaking news of her own: her third child has arrived!

The America Live host, 42, and her husband Doug Brunt welcomed son Thatcher Bray on Tuesday, July 23, Fox News’ Shannon Bream announced on Friday.

Weighing 8 lbs., 2 oz, baby Thatcher joins siblings Yardley Evans, 2, and Edward Yates, 3½.

“He has brown hair and blue eyes, he is gorgeous,” Bream says. “Mom and Dad are thrilled and so is Thatcher’s big brother Yates and his big sister Yardley.”

According to Kelly, the family’s newest addition is “totally awesome.”

The mom-of-three announced the pregnancy on-air in February, joking she and Brunt had finally found the right Valentine’s Day present.

Megyn Kelly Third Child Son Thatcher
Fox News. Inset:The Washington Post/Getty

— Anya Leon

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Sharon on

Congrats!! He is gorgeous! Well i guess a lot of people will have a field day with this one…she’ s 42 and he has a unique name, which btw, i kinda like!!

Michelle on

Yay……congrats Megyn……he is gorgeous. Enjoy him and Yates and Yardley. We miss u……see u when u get back to work in the fall. 🙂

JD on

The caption at the bottom is a little strange to have up at that time.

jilliemcdoodle on

Inconsiderate and irresponsible. Children need nurturing. That’s too many in too few years (nurse until age 3!) and too many for one couple on this overcrowded planet. Vasectomy time, please. Yes, it’s my business, we all use the same water and same air.

And no, no one should be named “Megyn.” sorry, just no.

Kara on

“Jillie” jut an FYI you sound completely uneducated. I’m pretty sure these people will continue on with their lives regardless of your opinion. You should have saved yourself the time it took you to bitch about their lives and got one of your own.

Sharon on

How on earth is 3 kids too many? She doesn’t have 10, and this isn’ t China.

greenmm on

What an obnoxious thing to say. I’m sure they are financially responsible to take care of three children. It’s is NONE of your business how many children they have. Get over yourself. I bet you are single with no children of your own to be so fixated on stupid thoughts like the ones you expressed. Go or and help someone for a change.

American Mom on

You are moron of the highest order. The gall you have, thinking its your right to tell people how many children they should be allowed and how often, and what names are permitted! You are the ultimate liberal/communist slime, and like all of your kind, no doubt the biggest hypocrite. Go live in North Korea where your ideology will be welcomed- every subject of it there would happily trade places with you. Until then, STFU and get a life.

Susan on

Yay! Another “tolerant” liberal shows its stripes. Bravo!

babyofthe3 on

My mother had her 3 children almost back to back with me being the youngest. My sister is a veterinarian, my brother an NYPD officer, and I work for the federal government in Albany. We had plenty of attention and obvious encouragement regardless of “proper spacing”… I know plenty of mothers who spaced out their children and they still turned into social degenerates.

guest on

No, just no to you opening you’re mouth and spewing disgusting vile that is you’re own rude comments. You should be ashamed of yourself.

diana on

With the name Jillie Mcdoodle you should NOT be passing negative comments over names! Also, breastfeeding for 3 YEARS?! Did they let you out of the mental ward or did you escape? I’m betting on the latter.

Anonymous on

I love Megyn Kelly,congrats to the sweet bundle of joy.

Suzee on

beautiful child, horrible name

Stacey on

They just keep coming with the unusual names, spellings, etc.

Nicole on

I love their names. Not too over the top but very unique. Congrats!

julie on

Love Megan!!! Shep Smith was on TV wanting her back already…lol…congrats megan!!!!!

Katie on

I love Megyn, she’s my idol. Congrats!

Anonymous on

Darling baby boy!

Bette on

Adorable! Love the name too! Congratulations!

Jay Calk on

Congratulations on your new addition to your family. You are my favorite on Fox News!!

Retired Geezer,
Bug City, Texas

Carmen on

He’s so cute!! Congratulations to the happy family!!

Shannon on

Cleary “Jillie” is a troll who has nothing better to do than read a celeb baby blog and then complain about more babies being born? Ok….

Anyhow congrats to Megyn Kelly! What a cute baby 🙂

Denise Smith on

Jillie have you ever heard that saying “better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt”?

Anon on

Jillie who are you? They have three that is not too many double digits is too many. Since none of them were born in the same year the timing is fine. If you have so many issue with people having three kids move to china.

Terri on

I thought Yardely was a boy until I read the story. Congratulations to the family!

kate on

No politics involved…but those are seriously the most pretentious names ever. blue blood “wanna” be

Pam on

Jilliemcdoodle, your parents had one too many.

Sharon on


ThatchersMom on


denise on

Best wishes to everyone.

Heidi on

What a beautiful, peaceful baby! I love her children’s names. So unique, yet nothing to be embarrassed of when they’re adults. Congrats!

Sylvia on

Oh goodness “Jillie” she has a third child!! Oh my word…someone go alert the press.

You are one DUMB and IGNORANT and BITTER cow. Who are you to pass judgement? Its not YOUR BUSINESS the choice is between her and her husband.

Go crawl back under the rock you crawled out of and keep your mouth shut!

And congratulations to Megyn and her newly expanded family!

Many blessings

Megan on

Telling a woman that she should nurse until her children are three years old is so stupid. It’s a personal decision, and not every woman is capable of nursing for that long.

Cinder Lou on

No, no one should be named “Jillie.” sorry, just no.

So cute! on

He is seriously a beautiful baby! Love the name! Congratulations!

Edie on

I watch FOX all the time and had NO idea she was pregnant for the 3rd time. LOVE her and congrats!

Julie on

Congratulations Megyn! Miss you on Fox News but please enjoy your time off with your family and good luck with the new prime time show!

Julie on

I sure would like to see a picture of “Jillie”…….what an idiot!

Me on

jilliemcdoodle – lol – I tend to agree with u 🙂 “Megyn” – it’s spelled Megan! On top of the name I also highly dislike her.

Patti on

I don’t want to sound like a biotch but it seems all these magazines are turning into mommy & baby magazine’s. There is a magazine for that it’s called Parenting magazine. Congrats to the mommy & baby’s but enough already.

Reine on

Congratulations Meg. See you in primetime in fall.

Karen on

Congrat’s Megyn! He is gorgeous. I did think Shep said today that she had 3 boys? She’s moving to Prime Time in the fall.

Jessica on

I love the names and oh my what a cute little bundle!!!

Becky on

Congrats..Love the names of all three children, they are just enough to be great names yet different..

meghan on

I went to college with a guy named Thatcher. Not a weird name to me at all.

Joy on

She the hypocritical idiot who ranted about maternity lead not being needed, but she keeps popping them out

Kristine on

Joy, she never said that. One of her guests, a man, was saying that a woman doesn’t need such a long maternity leave and she was argueing with him over that!!

Jessica on

Pretentious names? WHAT are you smoking? Thatcher, Edward and Yardley are hardly pretentious names….. What a silly comment.

Congrats Megyn!

ThatchersMom on

Love the name! My Thatcher was born in January 🙂


JillieMcdoodle you need to calm down. Have you taken your Meds today?

Anonymous on

poor kid , hate to have that broad for mom ,please let it grow up to be liberal dem.

Miz on

And, while it’s rather belated, I assume that she will be quitting her job so that she can stay home with the baby. I mean, isn’t ‘homemaker’ the only profession good Catholic women like Ms. Kelly should aspire to?

But eh. She’s already banned from heaven for being an adulteress* so I guess being a working mom is acceptable.

(Straight from the mouth of Christ: Matthew 19:3-9.)

mommycharlotte on

jilliemcdoodle seriously? how judgemental and narrow minded of you. Not everyone wants to nurse until 3 anyway

academyhereicome on

Just a thought: her husband’s an author so why not give their children scholarly names. Also, seeing this new baby’s name makes me think of Margaret Thatcher. I think the names are cool and I’m a big Megyn Kelly fan!

mamatothreegirls on

The baby is precious-does he have down syndrome? Low ears, crease over the inside corner of his eyes, distance between small nose and lips, thin lips, flatter nose bridge… Just wondering. I have a daughter with down syndrome though we adopted her as a toddler so I didn’t see her as a newborn, and I think she’s perfect. But, I am curious…

RKF on

She certainly likes pretentious names for her children.

Marky on

momtothreegirls, I see no indication of Down Syndrome with Thatcher. I’m wondering why so many are insulting the name, the mom, the baby’s appearance, and anything they can. How rude many of you have become regarding someone’s politics! Isn’t it time for people to simply do their best to live their beliefs and not try to insult and degrade those who may disagree? Not your business how many children, how far apart they are, or whether someone BFs or not. Not your problem what their politics are, either. Every celeb has their fan base, and their threads are posted for their fan base. If you aren’t part of that fan base, don’t click on the article and don’t comment some load of garbage, please. I don’t know this woman from Adam’s off-ox, but there is no need to say anything except congratulations to the happy couple, and what a lovely name!!

leslie on

Adorable baby…But she gave them all douchey man names. Like “this wine needs to breathe first” dbags.

leslie on

Even worse. I assumed Yardley was a boy. Just re-read. Sheesh. I gave my daughter (Audrey) a nice, normal, feminine name.

Shelby on

I love how the “open minded liberals” are always the most judgemental. Congrats Megyn and Doug! I’m so happy for your family!

Ashley on

jilliemcdoodle, No actually that’s none of your business how many they have and if she’s nursing them until their three years old. Most babies aren’t nursed until age 3.

I had every intention of nursing my daughter (who is amazingly healthy at 15 months) but the on call doctor who delivered me did failed to do their job. A portion of my placenta was left inside my uterus which made my body think it was still pregnant. I tried to breastfeed for three weeks and only got drops. My daughter needed to be fed so we had no other choice but to use organic formula. I nearly died when they kept telling me the bleeding I was experiencing was natural (that amount no).

And nobody should be named Julie, sorry just no. What are you 12? GROW UP!

How can a sane person dictate how many children a person should have? 3 kids is not a lot of children. This isn’t China.

ann on

he is darling. I had no idea she was in her 40’s. My mom’s last child was born when she was 42. I love Megan and watch her everyday. Nice family, congrats

redhotrash on

Hooray!! A new conservative is born!!!!!!!!

Carolyn on

His little chin is just like his mom’s. I loved breast feeding my son, but at three? No thanks. When he got teeth he started biting me!



lynne on

Really pretty baby. Congrats to her and her family on the newest member. As for “jillie” on here, I wouldn’t consider three children to be overpopulation. Perhaps you should get a life and stay out of everyone else’s. Not to mention, that maybe you should travel to remote parts of the world to see the overpopulation there and the fact that they use most of the time no form of birth control before you start slamming parents who can afford to care for their children. I didn’t realize that we now had a population control police on this planet. Wow!! Maybe some more of the uneducated and unemployed in this world can have jobs w/ her. As for breastfeeding until age 3, most doctor’s advise against that but I’m guessing that “jillie” was taught this at her medical school before she changed jobs to population control police. Good grief. Let this family enjoy their new baby. Let them raise their children and be happy. None of my business if they have another one. As long as they provide a good home for these children then I wish them well. Much happiness and health to the entire family.

Mel on

jilliemcdoodle — too bad your own mother didn’t think that way.

tennismom on

Congrats to Megyn and her family. Love her!

Lynn on

Megyn is smart and talented and her new son is beautiful. In this world of constant bad news, it’s wonderful to celebrate new life. I look forward to Megyn’s return to Fox News, although I am still trying to figure out which time slot it will be. Maybe a co-anchor for Sean Hannity?

tennismom on

What a cute baby!

Talkachoo on

What a beautiful child!

Sarah on

The full moon seems to have brought a lot of babies last week.
Congrats Megyn…..I love you and your show!

J abrams on

Had no idea who she was so I clicked to find out. But… isn’t the older brother Edward?

Diana on

Exuse me Jilliemcdoodle, that is your real name, since you have no room to talk…you are a complete asinine idiot….I’m sure this comment will be deleted….

Katie on

YAY! What a beautiful baby! I love Megyn! So classy and so beautiful! I’m happy for her. Jillie you are very unkind. 3 kids is not too many at all! I’m currently trying for a third because we just don’t feel our family is complete. Obviously Megyn felt the same. Leave her alone. She’s a wonderful person.

KC on

No offense, but isn’t that a skill, Thatcher?

Alisa on

Miz, no one is “banned from heaven.”

Also, he is adorable! He looks just like Megyn. 🙂

Jane on

Congrats ! and God Bless.

Louise Bowman on

Megyn, Your baby is all boy and so handsome too.

I know he will be grow up and have your wisdom. Love your show. God bless your little one and you as well.

Rebecca on

As much as I personally dislike the names individually, they do sound awesome as siblings together. “Edward, Yardley & Thatcher.”

booboo on

Hopefully Thatcher won’t grow up to be an attention loving, biased, mean-spirited, sneering wretch …… like his mother.

Catca on


Well who’s going to pay into social security and medicare to support you when you retire if people stopped reproducing? They have 2 children which reproduces each one exactly. They aren’t expanding the world’s population by having a huge number of children and endangering the water and food supplies. And your comments about nursing are too ignorant and offensive to even get started on. For starters, having another child doesn’t mean she can’t keep nursing her older child and there are a lot of differing opinions on nursing out there and what age parents should stop nursing or even whether they need to and that includes among the medical establishment. That is a decision parents make and absolutely is none of your business!

Susie Cumbea on

He is so beautiful. Enjoy every minute , they grow up so fast. We have been missing you. I still would like to know your lipstick color, it is so pretty.

Anonymous on

I can`t stand her.

carolineemanning on

I absolutely adore the name, precious baby and gorgeous mama!

Patti on

He is one of cutest newborns I have ever seen! And has a very peaceful look on his face, what a little angel. Congrats Megyn!

Lisa on

Does she make her kids watch Faux News? Hope not…they need to know what REAL journalism is all about and certainly won’t watching those assholes.

Ginger on

Beautiful baby. Sounds like a wonderful little family. Have fun raising all that. LOL

holly on

Read somewhere that little Edward (with the nice, normal name) is called Yates. Guess Miss Megyn likes off beat names. But…they are her children and she has that choice.

Carol on

Congratulations Megyn! Beautifull baby! You’re a very sweet person, way too nice for that Fake Fox Lies station.

sincere1311 on

It seems that three is the number for all the trendy couples with catchy names these days, lol

kathy on

Congratulations on the birtg of your son. May God bless him and your family always.