Jaime King Bares Her Bump in a Bikini

07/26/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Jaime King Pregnant Bikini
Courtesy Jaime King

A baby bump does a body good!

With her hair pulled back and an itty bitty bikini accentuating her best feature — her burgeoning belly! — Jaime King looked completely content as she stops to pose for a picture on a planter while indulging in some quiet couple time with husband Kyle Newman.

“Backyard summer with baby and father @kyle_newman,” the Hart of Dixie star captioned the stunning snapshot she shared on Instagram on Thursday.

Although this is the first time she’s dared to bare her bump, King hasn’t shied away from showing off her growing curves, opting for fitted dresses and tailored tuxedos, throughout her pregnancy.

The expectant actress, 34, and Newman — who will welcome their first child this fall — announced the pregnancy in May.

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Susan on

She looks beautiful, but I didn’t expect anything less when it’s a shot for instagram.

dana on

That is a most unfortunate tattoo right above her nether-region.

Emily on

That is a beautiful pic!

Melissa on

Absolutely beautiful!

Erica on

Later this year?! No way. She’s due very soon based on how her belly looks in this picture. Especially since it’s her first.

zab on

Lovely picture! (I wanted to see ONE nice comment before all the bashing starts, lol…!)

bsquared41 on

She looks beautiful!

Can’t wait for Hart of Dixie to return in the fall!

sheryl on

She looks absolutely gorgeous and content 🙂 Beautiful photo…Enjoy your pregnancy

Blankita on

Perfect baby bump 😉 she’s probl round 7 months prego in my opinion.

Anonymous on

She looks beautiful.

Lisa on

She looks great!

Jana on

Wow. That baby has dropped.

KRS on

The phrase “later this year” always causes confusion in these articles. I don’t think it necessarily means “late” this year, just later…as in the due date has probably not been announced publicly . Not right now, but later. Even next month is “later this year” than today, right?

brooke on

Maybe October that’s when I’m due and my belly looks like hers.

Laura on

For being pregnant as I have been… she sure looks awfully skinny! I hope the baby is getting all the nutrients it needs!! Any doctor would say… YOU’RE TOO THIN! Ugh…

lauren on

She looks amazing. Being pregnant does not mean getting fatter. She was always thin and looks the same just with an added pregnant belly.

Laura on


Fiona on

The picture of Jamie is beautiful, but I’m offended at the way People portrayed this article. Jamie’s “best feature” is her baby bump. Does this tell women that they need “help” to truly be beautiful? Are they saying that women are little more than breeding machines? Are they encouraging young girls to get pregnant in order to display their “best feature”? What a wonderful life is in order for the children created by mothers striving for momentary beauty!

margieo on

Interesting point. I never even thought of that.

Amanda on

The tattoo is actually probably a lot closer to her belly button than it appears. Because of how her belly has grown, it does appear to be right above her pubic area. Didn’t realize that we weren’t allowed to say those words.

Trish on

Gross! I think pregnant women look ridiculous wearing bikinis.

Wyomie Milliken on

Please stop showing those big bellies in bikinis. Some things should be private!!!

Wyomie Milliken on

Come on!! Some things should be private. Cover up that big belly everybody doesn’t want to see this!!!!

heather on

Laura, unless you’re her doctor and know how much weight she’s gained, i’m not sure why you think she’s too thin. she looks pretty healthy to me. baby looks like it’s growing fine in there. just because you probably gained 60lbs during pregnancy doesn’t mean everyone else should.

BlueSkidoo on

I love bikini pregnancy photos, they’re gorgeous. She looks beautiful and her belly is beautiful.

BlueSkidoo on

She doesn’t look due any time soon to me, though. She can easily be just starting her third trimester, from the size of the belly. We all grow at different rates, whether it’s our first or fourth pregnancy.

Heidi on

oh come on, haters…. she looks beautiful. Some people are just thin naturally. Think of Lady Catherine who is a size 2 most of the time. She was thin all over except for her bump and she had a 8lb 6oz baby.

Nele on

She looks absolutely beautiful…I never have while pregnant. What a beautiful woman.

Anonymous on

Please stop using the term “burgeoning belly” … it gives me morning sickness.

Carly on

I’m sure the baby is just fine. Are you guys serious with this “she’s too skinny” crap? Is this really how we support each other as women? I’m sure if her doctor had any concern, she would be doing whatever it takes to ensure a healthy pregnancy. She’s a small person with a pregnant belly. You guys are just bitter and sad.

Alyce on

Actually, I normally hate pics like this, she looks stunning and beautiful! Very tasteful as well!

Kelly on

Wow! This is the ugliest picture i’ve seen so far!

Sarah on

klassy tat. not.

Lily on

I miss the days of modesty. Take a lesson from Kate Middleton.

Kait on

Classy like topless photos. Really.

Lily on

How very distasteful.

MommytoanE on

I just love how people feel the right to judge others. No one has the right to judge someone else. You don’t want to see it, don’t look.

I think Jaime looks absolutely stunning. She’s definitely due sooner than later, but I don’t think a picture is a correct judge of when. I looked like I smuggled a beach ball under my shirt for the last three months of my pregnancy, and I was rather tiny like Jaime is.

Momofone on

I think “burgeoning” is the most annoying description of a baby bump.

Missy on

She looks gorgeous, of course. But has anyone seen the picture of her and her husband today (Friday) in Star Tracks? It doesn’t even look like she’s pregnant there. Thoughts???

Mom of 3 on

She is not too thin, I looked the same way when I was preggo, al three times! She is naturally tall and lanky and thin, same as me and I looked like a swallowed a beach ball just like her. All three of my babies came out nice and big….

Jordyn on

Why does her belly button look oddly out of place? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that high on a person.

Sara on

She looks gorgeous! Pregnancy is absolutely amazing.

Cricket on

So if you don’t want to see a pregnant woman in a bikini I hope you don’t go to the beach! I actually feel sorry for people who have a negative thing to say about pregnancy photos in bikinis. Pregnancy is nothing but beautiful! It just shows that some of you are jealous cows!


G on

Not a nice picture

Summer on

I think she looks fantastic! It’s hard to gauge how far long a woman is as all women carry differently. I constantly got flak about how small I was with my now 7 month old son. He was a bit on the large side at 8lbs 11oz! My sister was much bigger (not chunky, but had a big tummy) and her son was only 6lb 8oz. You can’t judge the size of the baby by the size of the bump.

Anonymous on

I am confused…wasnt this picture on HER Instagram? If so, why are people saying to keep it private? It was on her page, for her and her followers. It was taken from her page and put here. Not her fault!

Tina G on

“Any doctor would say you’re too thin” umm what are you a licensed people commentor? Get a life, she’ snot “too thin”. You child can get all the nutrients it needs, without you gaining 50+ pounds. You don’t have to literally eat for 2 people, she’s healthy. When did it become okay to be a giant UNhealthy fat pregnant person? Never. Unless your her actual doctor, or an actual doctor shut your pie hole, you uneducated nitwit.

mary on

I’m sorry not to “stick up” for a fellow female, but pregnant women should keep the belly covered! When we are pregnant, we are NOT glowing – we are sweating, we are NOT radiant – we are wearing more makeup to cover the pregnancy mask. I could go on, but that’s enough truth for one day, so cover up the stretched -marked, decending brown-lined, hairy belly!

lilbirdies88 on

If you think she looks disgusting why read the article?? It’s her body she can dress how she wants to in her OWN backyard. Grow up people, pregnancy is a part of life.

Anonymous on

Didn’t she post this on HER Instagram? If so, why should she not be entitled to do so? Why should she have to keep those pictures away from her friends, fam, and fans?

Lucky on

I’d like to give a bump on any reporters head that says “baby bump.” So stupid and so overused!

JuJu on

That’s a bump? More like a mountain.

June on

stunning….and I fear she make get stretch marks cause that baby has really pushed out

Katty on

She is stunning, and it is a very beautiful picture! People who say it is gross are crazy…it is apart of being a woman and why do pregnant women need to hide behind moomoo’s….if you are comfortable with your body then be proud to show off your beautiful belly! And the lady who was talking about this promoting pregnancy as they commented on her looking beautiful…it is ridiculous! How about it has the opposite affect, that women don’t have to be stick thin to beautiful….this is one part of a woman…beautiful, plain and simple!

Anonymous on

June, so what if she does?

haters! on

Love how people hate on gorgeous women being proud of their bodies, pregnant or not. I love the way a pregnant body looks. I am sure most of you “hate” these pregnant pics because these women look way better than you ever could in a bikini, even when they are pregnant. When you judge you open an environment for more judgement. Women should empower one another, no matter your own insecurities… not bring one another down.

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