Kevin Jonas Shares Danielle’s Pregnancy Craving – Grapes!

07/25/2013 at 10:00 PM ET

Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas Pregnant Cravings
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

With his first child on the way, Kevin Jonas says the fact of fatherhood recently became real.

“Hearing the heartbeat,” the singer tells PEOPLE. “It becomes a different thing.”

The doting dad-to-be, who promoted his band’s new single “First Time” with brothers Nick and Joe Thursday afternoon at Z100 in New York City, says that wife Danielle is getting her bearings back from a tough first trimester.

“The nausea has finally subsided,” Jonas, 25, says. “Danielle’s feeling much better now in the last couple of days, which is a really big step. She’s not sick anymore.”

Instead, the Married to Jonas star is having pregnancy cravings for something surprisingly healthy: grapes. “She can’t stop eating them — like nonstop,” he says.

So, how is the eldest Jonas prepping for Daddy duty? Lots of books.

“I’ve got a bunch,” he says, including The Expectant Father. “[I’m also reading something about] how to sleep a night after four weeks,” he jokes.

Kevin is doing all he can to be a supportive husband. “Sending her flowers, making her feel appreciated,” he says, “and just doing as much as I can to be with her.”

Things will change once the baby arrives, says Nick. “It’s way more real to him, whereas to us, it’s not quite real yet.” His brothers joke that parenthood might make Kevin cooler. “There’s still hope for you, Kev,” jokes Nick, 20.

With a new album expected to come out this fall, Kevin will have to balance work and baby time.

“There’s a lot of new conversations we will have to have as a group … so Kevin can spend as much time as he can at home with his new baby and also do what we all love to do, which is music,” Joe says.

The brothers, who released their last album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, in 2009, say, “There’s a lot of different vibes,” on the new record.

“We really wanted to take our time making it,” says Joe, 23. Nick, who produced this new album, says they were inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean and Calvin Harris.

— Sydney Berger

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mary on

Wow! Great journalistic effort! This piece is worthy of an award. Does anyone really care if this idiot and his idiot wife are craving grapes??

Anonymous on

Y did u read the article if u didnt care…

Danielle on

You cared enough to click on the article. Just sayin.

Ed on

Go put your head in the sand what gives you the right to call someone that you don’t even know them at all. It’s people like you that spread hate. Get a life there are just making a life for them and there new baby

Anonymous on

What the of a person do you think you are calling them an idiot. If you didn’t care why did click on the article

Krista Smith on

I had the exact same craving with my first child, a son. It will be interesting to see if they have a boy too!

Anonymous on


Jo on

Mary, I’m not sure what you’re doing at if you don’t give a crap about celebrities. I certainly don’t blame you if you don’t, but is probably the wrong site for you in that case.

Bree on

Aw that’s sweet. Glad to hear she’s feeling better, morning sickness is the worst!

Ann on

They have to be the most BORING couple ever……..YAWN!!!!!!

Eli on

Maybe we give a crap about celebrities, just not a Disney band member and his Jersey shore trash wife.

Dhorine Janvier on

You cared enough to click the article and read it, Eli. Get over yourself

Ed on

Your trash get a life don’t hate that’s what’s wrong with this country is trash like you

Tara on

I wish Danielle and Kevin all the best…cherish every moment!

Ca on

The story is bad but I do love Danielle. She’s just so genuinely down to earth. I’m predicting a boy as boys run in the Jonas family and it is the father who determines the sex of the baby. I will be shocked if a girl

ojuolape adeoye on

Morning sickness is no fun and am glad she is feeling better. So happy for them

Meghan on

I hope they are organic. They are full of pesticides….

runnergirl on

He’s a tool.

scm on

@Mary … Apparently you care enough to read the article and comment.

guest on

she’s so ugly and acts like a spoiled brat on the show….

blah blah.Celebes and their babies who cares. one baby is not more special then others…they are all the same. special and a blessing..boy or girl

Laura on

Eli, they’re actually from Denville which is in North Jersey, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about with the Jersey shore. Plus, why is she trash?

Maggie on

Eli…why would you call this girl Jersey trash???? Just because she is from New Jersey doesn’t mean anything about her life . I find her a sweet girl the few times I have seen her on Jonas Brothers. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all was my Mom’s motto.

Guest on

Whoa stop the presses People.

Anonymous on

Grapes are not very healthy – full of chemicals and sugar..

But congrats to them, seem like a sweet couple!!!

bkable on

Why does every Hollywood dad think its okay to comment on his wife’s pregnancy? “She’s nauseous! She’s moody!” “Makes me run all over getting her stuff” But no worries because I send flowers.
Ummm and then you told the whole world that she was tossing her cookies from 3 months. Just sayin’ skip the flowers and shut your mouth.

madmama on

Maybe he can stop wearing to damn skinny jeans!!!!!!! on

They are both so unattractive.

Anonymous on

Love them….so happy and deserved. Nothing but best wishes.

sally on

Wow! Great journalistic effort! This piece is worthy of an award. Does anyone really care if this idiot and his idiot wife are craving grapes??

Anonymous on

Seems like there are some really miserable, bitter people in this world…or at least commenting on posts. Why all the negativity?? It’s People magazine, what do you think they’re going to write about? And Kevin and Danielle seem like a lovely couple, why wouldn’t everyone just wish them the best?

Guest on

I have the exact craving…i can’t stop eating grapes! Currently 36 weeks with a little boy 🙂

BKLYN22 on

He’s so gay. He tries too hard to act like the perfect husband because it is not natural to him. She’s sweet
But dumb as rocks. on

hope the baby is cuter than they are….

Diane on

I’m so happy for them! Something about Dani is so appealing, you can’t help but love her.

I had a craving for grapes with my son. I wonder….

Salmido on


Yowers on

Goodness, this is a nasty board.

Katie on

I just read an article talking about celebrities lying about their pregnancy. On the list was how they are craving fruit. Hilarious!!

Anna on

So sad that she uses Kevin’s fame to get her whole family on tv and into the music industry. Their reality tv show is overrated too and they’re a boring couple

Love the Jonas Brothers though!


haters gona hate but those two wont stop trashing your hate with grace and continue rising above you every single moment with their lives and spit on your jealousy and prove how pathetic you are by seeing you continue to click and read how far they are going when you indulge in hate