Jimmy Fallon Welcomes Daughter Winnie Rose

07/25/2013 at 12:45 AM ET

Jimmy Fallon Nancy Juvonen Welcome Daughter Winnie Rose
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Update: “I’m the father of a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Winnie Rose Fallon and she’s so cute. She’s 5 lbs., 9 oz. Me and my wife are so happy,” Fallon said during his monologue Wednesday. “Thank you all for all the well-wishes on Facebook and Twitter and the blogs. I’m just so happy.”

Originally posted July 23: Surprise — Jimmy Fallon is a dad!

TheΒ Late Night host, 38, and wifeΒ Nancy Juvonen FallonΒ welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday, July 23 at 6:21 a.m., his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

The first-time parents are “overjoyed about the arrival of their beautiful daughter,” the rep tells PEOPLE.

Fallon, who will take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno next year, and his producer wife, 46, were married in December 2007.

Juvonen Fallon, who runs Flower Films with Drew Barrymore, has been referred to as “the coolest girl in the world” by her husband. Perhaps there’s now another lady in the running?

The couple’s latest addition will join Gary, the pair’s female golden retriever who often appears on his Emmy-nominated talk show.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Dam

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jmbartels on

Whoa! They kept that really quiet. I didn’t know she was pregnant. Congratulations to Jimmy! He will be an excellent dad.

tegb on

Don’t really follow anyone but yea, I’ very happy for Jimmy & wife a nd beautiful new baby daughter. The best to them.

Suzee on

Didn’t even know she was preggo?!?!?

DeeDee on

Some weird circumstances are at work here–I love Jimmy, but seriously, 46? Adopted maybe? The marriage is already strange.

nessa on

I don’t think its strange I think its smart they are very good at keeping things to theri selves.

Gg on

What’s so strange about it? It probably has a better chance of lasting then most of them.

T on

Strange due to age? And a 46 year old woman CAN have a baby. Look at Halle. You are not smart

julie on

He is going to be one fun dad!!!!!

Rosie on

She probably wasn’t pregnant…46? probably a surrogate…but regardless..congrats to them!

T on

Idiot, a 46 year old woman can get pregnant

michelle on

Yes, women CAN get pregnant in their late 40’s…but it doesn’t make it smart! The risk of birth defects is very high. The fact that people have seen recent pics of her (not looking pregnant), lead some of us to believe the used a surrogate or adopted.

Brenda on

A woman can get pregnant at 46…
Congrats to them and their baby girl ;)).

innostranka on

my guess is surrogacy or adoption…

Guest on

Umm Halle berry is 46 and pregnant… It is possible ladies and gents.

myla cree on

Most of those women are using donor.eggs and their husband’s sperm. They wouldn’t be telling us. My sister’s infertility doctor said after 42 or 43 most eggs are not good.

Leigh on

Possible, yes. Probable, no.

Elsa on

EXACTLY Myla– all the people screaming insults -ask any reprodictive endocrinologist or ob/gyn and it’s health 101. It is NOT common to get pregnant at 45/46. Halle can say all she wants that it was an accident – and maybe it was- but most of these stars have the finances to afford them the high chances of getting pregnant. Clearly Kelly Preston needed help, as well as a specimen (lol). I personally think SJP’s daughters are donor eggs.

Regardless, he seems like a kind man who for some reason Lorne Michaels became enamored with, despite a ridiculous run on SNL and he’s SET for life. Now Lorne is in love with Seth and so is setting him up in that path. Networks bow to Lorne

Kate on

Surrogate, perhaps?

Julia on

I agree with you. He has such an amazing, contagious personality…there is no doubt his little girl will adore him.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

At first I was thinking Jimmy Kimmel for some reason, and I was like, “No WAY she was pregnant in that tiny wedding dress!” πŸ˜‰ Wrong Jimmy!

Jj on

Exactly what I thought at first too! Haha

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

P.S. Congratulations!!!

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Re: surrogate or adoption, btw, that’s not a single ounce of our business, so.

Zeze on

Get off your soapbox Julie, your reading the same gossip website as the rest of us.

Nicole on

That doesn’t mean she’s wrong…

T on

Don’t be a twit Zeze, how they conceived and had the baby is NOT in the article so it is NOT our business

Elsa on

Applause ZeeZee πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

travelsoul504 on

Am I reading it right, she is 46!?!?! As someone who is currently going through fertility treatments at 38, I’m impressed. I’m interested to hear more about her journey to motherhood.

Heidi on

Good luck with your treatments travelsoul. Don’t kill yourself questioning why or how others are able to conceive. It’s not going to help you be in the right place emotionally to conceive. Hey, and if it doesn’t work, there are gorgeous, healthy newborns waiting for mommies!

Hey on

Donor eggs, adoption or surrogacy in about 95% of the cases at her age. Halle Berry wasn’t natural either, trust me.

Anonymous on

I conceived naturally at 44 and gave birth to a healthy baby boy just after I turned 45. It can happen without drugs, frozen eggs, etc

T on

Everyone is not the same so no, I don’t trust you

Nad on

So what

Nikki on

I remember her being pregnant quite some time ago. Perhaps she had a miscarriage with that one?? I’m just thrilled for them!!!!! Couldn’t happen to two better people!!!

mamanas on

Best wishes. Had one at 41 and 42 naturally. Comr join us at Mothers pver 40. Lots of encouragement and know all the ways to survive infertility

Alexia on

If it’s none of our business then he gotin the wrong business. And this is the wrong source of info.

kmc on

I’m sorry, but his personal life is none of anyone’s business. Professional life yes. But how he and his wife conceived is private. So don’t use the “he got in the wrong business”. Pathetic and immature on your part.

Alexia on

Thanks for your very mature response your highness KFC

Evie on

Alexia, Drew Barrymore was stalked outside her ob/gyn office & had her first sonogram pictures on every tabloid. Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate’s home was broken into for baby info. Mariska Hartigay had a birth mother take the newborn back….can you really blame ANY famous couple for wanting to keep things quiet? No one owes me anything, famous or not.

Melissa on

Some weird circumstances?? Really?? She’s NOT the first woman to have a child at 46(Susan Sarandon, 46, Kelly Preston, 47, & Cheryl Tiegs gave birth to twins at 52)Even if they did adopt or have a child via surrogate doesn’t matter, being blessed with a child is what matters! Congrats & wishing them all the best!

Hey on

Donor eggs can be used up to age 52, then the mother is considered the same age as the donor. I should know….twins at 41.

Evie on

You should fact check before heading to the soap box, Melissa. Not only did Cheryl Tiegs *NOT* give birth (surrogate), they were not even her eggs….one of the (many) reasons she now has zero contact with said twins.

Melanie on

Congrats to them – such great and surprising news! (Though I had seen some rumors that they had been exploring surrogacy, and it seems like they might have gone with that.)

Suval on

Congratulations to Jimmy and Nancy on the birth of their daughter. Jimmy will be the funniest and coolest dad. So happy for him!!!! And her too !!!!

Amber on

Is it that odd? Couldn’t she have had fertility help like Halle Berry or Gina Davis?

Nad on

It doesn’t work for everyone.

Sarah S. on

Talk about a surprise–wow!! Congrats to Jimmy and Nancy on the birth of their daughter! πŸ™‚

jackiedever on

Great news! He is one of my favorites, and I know he will be a hilarious and loving father.

Diane on

It looks like it was by surrogate – but it doesn’t matter, congratulations!

Rika on

I knew it wouldn’t be long until people started bashing her for her age. @DeeDee, if he had been older than her, would it still be a “strange” marriage? I’m tired of the double-standard with ages in marriage. And be it surrogate, adoption, or natural birth, it doesn’t matter–all that matters is that they’re happy. Congrats to Jimmy and Nancy!

Elsa on

Sorry to jump in here, but personally IMHO it is strange because men mature so much later than women. At a certain age what woman wants to deal with a man who is just finally then “growing up”

A woman with an older man makes sense as those men have finally reached emotional maturation. (Not all- most)
Men are equipped evolutionary-wise to want to keep procreating so they naturally seek out “fertile” younger women. So scientifically and psychologically-speaking, yeah it’s weird

Sorry to jump in, that’s my anthropology and sociology degree screaming at me!

Debby on

My mom was 16 years older than my dad and she looked younger! He persuade her and their marriage lasted most 40 years… Dad passed 9 years before mom did! So age is NOT a factor ! And mom was 40 when I was conceived and born; my great aunt at 45 had fraternal twins going through a ” change of life” pregnancy! The # 2 twin was the surprise and the girl she had always felt was out there for her! The final count was 5 boys 1 girl! So natural menopausal pregnancies happen all the time without donor eggs or donor sperm! It just takes the right circumstance!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

WOW…didn’t see that coming. All the best and many blessings to the latest Fallon!

Anonymous on

Halle Berry is 46 and preggo….no need to hate peeps.

Jana on

this guy is the opposite of funny. his wife is the opposite of pretty.

Nicole on

You’re kind of the opposite of a useful human being Jana

Evie on

Jana you’re the opposite of an asshole. Oh wait…not the opposite, that’s what you actually are.

Sharon on

Lol Evie!!!

SEM on

She wasn’t pregnant, probably used a surrogate. Congrats!

Jen on

Halle Berry is preggers at 47, so not unheard of, though very dangerous at that age. Perhaps she was and they kept it quiet because of her age and a chance of complications? Either way, congrats to them.

Nathanial A. on

Have you guys thought it could be a miracle baby? I have 2 best friends that were miracle babies, and their mothers couldn’t really have children, but one day it worked and they have healthy children that are my friends. I’m glad that they have a child! He’ll be a great father and she’ll be a great mother!

Julie on

Congratulations Jimmy and Nancy!

Alexia on

Jana LOL

Nicole on

Another useless human being…

Walter on

Love these comments “Didn’t know she was pregnant.” I bet the vast majority of them didn’t even know her name before now.

Edie on

Pregnancy DOES happen at 46, people…

MANY years ago, my mom is now 94, she got pregnant for the 14th time at 45. Eight of us survived, but she DID get pregnant, naturally.

lin on

I too have several family members who conceived naturally after 45. However, they all had other children and were still considered high risk. It is very rare and unlikely to be a first time parent naturally at that age. But really who cares how baby was conceived. All that matters is that she is healthy and will be loved by her parents.

Marianne on

Wow, I didn’t even know she was pregnant!!!

Nicole on

She is only 8 years older, if he was older, no one would say anything. Lets get rid of our stereotypes, ladies, it’s unbecoming. He seems like he’ll make a great daddy, congrats to the new parents!

Michelle Jackson on

Why is everyone saying adoption or surrogacy! A 46 year-old is easily capable of carrying a child! 40 is not the end of the world for a woman you know!

lola on

Oh, what a lovely surprise!! Congratulations.

joan on

Hallie Berry is pregnant the natural way you idiots. She is 46 or 47. It is possible. If it was surrogate or adoption, I am sure they would announce it to clarify.

Diane on

I had said surrogate because I’ve seen photos of her from recently and she doesn’t look pregnant. At her age, she certainly could get pregnant – a friend of mine had a very healthy pregnancy at 45, even running in races through it (and going to exercise classes) – but I don’t think this was the case here.

maddiesmom on

I think it was through a surrogate or adoption. So incredibly happy for them!

Isabel on

What a wonderful surprise! No matter the circumstances regarding how she came into this world, I have no doubt she’ll be one loved little girl who will be surrounded by tons of laughter.

Melanie on

While it certainly is possible to be pregnant at 46, I think it’s pretty safe to say that they had this baby via surrogacy or adoption, because, among other things, Jimmy and his Nancy have been photographed together in recent months, and she didn’t appear to be pregnant. Of course, that’s not what really matters – I’m so happy for them that they have a little girl, and I can’t wait to hear the name!

mazie beth on

what?! maybe he didn’t want to upstage the Royals (just kidding). but congrats to Jimmy & Nancy and a toast to a secret VERY well kept.

cloud52 on

My issue with having kids at 46 is the people who die at 51. How fair is it to a child to bring a parent into the world and they could potentially die before the child reaches teenhood. Yes people can die I get that. But as much as people bash young parents older parents are the most selfish. No one I ever met liked having grandparents for parents. I don’t care what you say. And yes congrats regardless of how the child came about. Babies are blessings to all.

Huh?? on

Did you READ your own post before hitting “send” cloud?

Because you sound like an idiot.

Your “only” issue is the people who die at 51?? What medieval era are you living in? And who cares what your issues are – it’s *other* people’s babies. You don’t GET to have “issues” with it.

Sharon on

And there are people who die in their 20’s and 30’s too….so what’s your point?

jayjonah on

The funny thing about death is that it isn’t picky about age. A young parent can die of a disease, from an accident, natural causes, etc. To say you should only have kids at a young age is simply ridiculous- no one is invinciable.

T on

I was raised by my grandparents and I consider them my parents. I’m not at all ashamed and they’re amazing people who have treated me great and raised me to be the person I am now. I’m 27 and they are both still alive and probably healthier than people half their age. Think before you ttype comments, especially if you haven’t experienced what you’re talking about. Anyways, congratulations to Jimmy and Nancy. Welcome to the world Winnie!

flixgirl on

OMG! Did you ever glance at a headline and read something entirely diffferent than what it really said? I thought it said Jimmy Fallon is DEAD!

Marcia on

I got pregnant at 46 and had our daughter a week after I turned 47–no IVF, no donor, just an old fashioned but wonderful surprise. She’s 14 now and beautiful and healthy, a sister to our 21 year old son.

Cyndi on

Wow, that IS a surprise! Was she pregnant, did they adopt, was there a surrogate? Not that it’s any of our business, but that is kind of missing from the story, since this news comes right out of the blue to most fans I’m sure. Any way it happened, congratulations Jimmy and Nancy!! Hope we can hear about her name soon.

Mila on

Congratulations!!! So happy for them!!! Enjoy your new baby girl πŸ™‚ . They are very precious.

Paula on

I’m pregnant at 43 with my first child it happened with NO surrogate/fertility it can happen so leave it Alone judge mental idiots and congratulations to the parents

Vicki on

OMG, just glancing, I thought this said, “Surprise, Jimmy Fallon is Dead.” Holy cripes!! I’m glad that it’s happy news instead!! Congrats to them!

KJH on

I can’t believe how often people think that because they are in the entertainment business, everything about their lives is our business.

Whoopi Goldberg said it best when she said that people always think she owes them something because of her job or status. Wrong. Yes, you have made her rich by supporting her moves; however, when you pay for a ticket, you’re getting a performance from her. End of story. Equal exchange. Celebrities don’t owe us anything beyond the performance we pay them for.

wordtrix on

Please name her something normal.

JDGirl on

Congratulations! He’s adorable very happy for himm As for the word “pregos” (check the spelling). Google it. I’m not the only one who finds it annoying.

crazyauntlala on

DeeDee…why is it weird that she’s a mother a 46? What about this makes the marriage strange? How is their marriage any more strange than anyone else’s? We’re all strange in our own way. Rather than hating, we should be applauding her for her decision to become a parent during a time that some would consider to be “late in life.” So she waited until she was completely ready. She’s married, she has a stable job and a good income. She’s fully prepared to give the absolute best life she can to that little girl. Who are we to call her strange?

Guest on

Awe, congrats!! Jimmy Fallon will be one fun dad! Maybe Jennifer Aniston can have a baby after all! 46?!? I’m 33 almost 34 and just started trying for baby #4. My OBGYN was making a huge fuss about my age.

reed on

First time mom at age 46? No matter whether she gave birth or they used a surrogate, that’s just really old.

kadyc on

Thanks for that pronouncement. We’re all so blessed to know exactly where you stand on what is old and what is not old regarding having children. I’m sure all of us women in our 40s will consider your opinion when we want to get pregnant — or do anything that might require strenuous activity. Ha!

Alayna on

I’m sooo happy for them! I know it’s been a long road to parenthood, I heard they had been trying to be parents since like they got married so I’m so happy they finally got thier child!

TVGuider on

Congrats to them! There is nothing wrong with 46 and 38. By the way, Bette Midler had her first child at age 45, Candace Bergen at 46. As for the age difference, age is merely a number, some are hung up about it and some are not…it’s a choice.

Congrats to the Fallons πŸ™‚

myla cree on

Bette Milder was not 45, check your facts.

Kat on

I naturally got pregnant at 41 and had my son at 42. Nothing’s wrong. Stop bashing ok? Be happy for jimmy and his wife.

christine on

Preggo. Preggers.
The word is, pregnant.
Must so many things be turned into a cutesy term? UGH.
PS … baby bump, may I never read that term again.

JDGirl on

Amen! Could not agree more.

clever kat on

Every one who comments on women having babies naturally after the age of 44 should notice one thing in common – they seem to all have one child already, which greatly increases the chance of fertility in an older woman. also, they way their statement was worded seems to point to surrogacy. either way, congratulations to them.

Merlinman on

This is a bit weird. When Adam Sandler was on Fallon last week, he said he was with Drew and Nancy in Africa the week before for the new movie they are making. Now a week later she has a baby? WEIRD.

sky on

@ cloud52: Do you know how ignorant you sound? People who die at 51? To have a child at 46 you have to be very healthy. Your comment blows me away. I feel bad for you that people who hit 50 are dropping like flies.

cloud52 on

And I feel bad for you that your whole world is surrounding by non mortals who live forever. You are ignorant.

jayjonah on

And again cloud: someone who has a kid at 25 could drop dead from something just as much as someone who has a kid at 45.

4tmama on

Congrats!! No matter the process or procedure, a blessing & miracle indeed πŸ˜€

Melanie on

Cloud52 – plenty of people in their 40s have children (and I certainly don’t consider people in their 40s to be grandparent aged), and female life expectancy in the United States is 81. So I don’t really see why there should be an age issue here, or that it would be considered selfish by any means. These aren’t people in their 60s or 70s we’re talking about.

anonymous on

well what a surprise that is and congrats to the happy couple!! as long as the baby is healthy that all it matters. may happiness and blessings to them

ruby on

Why is it anyone’s business how that child was conceived, carried and born?

Congrats to Jimmy and his wife. I didn’t even realize he’s married.

Cherri on

Congrats to Jimmy and his wife! It is a good thing that Jimmy is younger since his wife is older. I didn’t realize they were married that long. He is my favorite night talk show host since Johnny… I hope their marriage is a solid one, though with his rise, it will be harder. Good luck to the whole family – stay focused and walk the straight and narrow for your wife and daughter!

Sharon on

Wow!! Huge surprise! I dont see what the big deal is with women having babies in their 40’s…it is happening more often than not nowadays. If they are healthy, go for it. Some women marry late or just want careers first anymore. Anyway, congratulations to them =)

Lovey on

Had know idea they were expecting but what a pleasant surprise! He’s one of my favorite people so congrats to the new parents!

Anonymous on

I think its a big hoax because that is just something Fallon would do. How come no one else thinks this? You mean to tell me her never mentioned it on the show for nine months? And that he wouldn’t be on a leave up absence the week before? Ah Jimmy your pulling our leg!!

Anonymous on

Nick Cannon congratulated Jimmy on the birth of his daughter on Americas Git Talent tonight!

Mary on

surrogate? congrats to them – jimmy fallon is the man.

Merlinman on

They used a surrogate…she was not pregnant 2 weeks ago in Africa…

Nancy on

Feel sorry for the child however she was ‘conceived’; Juvonen is a horrible person, and a gold digger – beginning with her partnership with Drew. And this comes first hand.

Rika on

Oh look, an “insider” with “first-hand” knowledge about how “horrible” Nancy is! More like a bitter Fallon fan. Sorry you can’t see the joy in an event like this.

tahoe4 on

I’m so Happy for them! They’ve got to be over the moon! God Bless The whole sweet family includingpuppy” Gary” congratulations….

Cyndi on

@KJH. Agreed to a point. They may not “owe” us anything, but it’s not quite as simple as you say. They all know going in, especially now, that it goes with the territory. It’s not exactly an “equal exchange”. Whoopi may say that, but Barbara Walters, love her or hate her, has always pointed out that it goes with the territory. If any “performer” doesn’t like it, they are free to get the heck out any time they like.

SanVee on

Why are people assuming they had a surrogate? It is quite usual to see women at this age having children.Women are often putting off childbirth to carry on their career and women are going into menpause later these days.Look at John Travolta’s wife,she had her last pregnancy in her mid to late 40’s after their son died.Don’t make assumptions! Congratulations to Jimmy and his wife on the birth of their daughter.He will be an awesome dad!

maximom on

I have been a fan of Jimmy Fallon for a long time, pre-SNL days, I always hoped he would get to experience the joys of fatherhood and now knowing he can I am thrilled! I don’t care how the baby got here personally, just that its here! Yay!

Kelly15 on

FIRST OFF CONGRATULATIONS!!! Every female is different my parents had 13 healthy children I am the baby girl and my Mom was 43 when she had me and I have a younger brother and all us conceived the same way mom and dad they have been happily Married “70” years so yes you can defiantly conceive a baby after the age of 46!!!

Debby on

Kelly, that is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing you family history!

CONGRATS to Mr. & Mrs Fallon

Sylvia on

Its hard for women – especially when their heart has this huge desire to be a mother. And one day, it just happens.

We have no right to judge Jimmy’s wife. We should be happy for them and for anyone else who happens to struggle with infertility issues. No one knows the pain a woman feels.

So congratulations to the Fallon family! What a beautiful blessing and all the best!

lovely123 on

I can’t imagine any celeb being pregnant in Hollywood, and no one not knowing about it. Especially with media these days. Maybe she was prego, and stayed inside the entire 9 months. Regardless, good for them.

greenfrogger on

Seriously, who cares if she was pregnant or someone else had their baby – it’s none of our business. From the comments that people have stated regarding Nancy, from different sites I have read, I don’t blame them from keeping this quiet from the general public. Please people, have some common courtesy, they’re new parents, can’t we just be happy for them? Again, congrats, enjoy your baby girl.

booboo on

Ummmm…it may be uncommon, but it’s not impossible. My great-grandmother was 47 when her sixth child, my grandfather, was born in 1890, and I can tell you there were no fertility specialists or surrogates in those days.

Dee on

She’s beautiful! They were crying and it was so perfect. They even had to cancel the show for “production reasons” after delaying it for 2 hours because Jimmy still wanted to go tape it. Such a beautiful, hard-working family and the difference between this baby, the royal baby and North West, is that both Jim and Nan worked hard to be where they are today! Congratulations.

Nicole on

A woman can get pregnant naturally at her age, but tht is not what happened here. There are recent pics of her and she is not nine months pregnant. They used a surrogate.

Anonymous on

Congratulations! Children keep you young.

Adrienne Miller on

Congratulations to the new parents! All this talk about how this precious angel came to be is crazy. I had a beautiful baby girl at 39 and add her gorgeous sister at 42. Both planned, both natural and both perfect! No donor eggs, no surrogate. Congratulations to a beautiful couple,

jackie2830 on

Um, excuse me but my mother had me when she was 44………all you know it alls should go screw yourself. Congrats to both parents………what a fun family that will be to grow up in. And I love the name Gary for their dog. But what’s the baby’s name????

Nancy on

Maybe they didn’t want to announce it. Maybe all their friends kept their mouth shuts; because they have “class”. Maybe because she’s not known she was able to walk around like every other pregnant woman who isn’t stalked and photographed?! Maybe they did adopt. Either way . . CONGRATS!!! Gary is gonna be jealous . . .

Mandy on

She’s 46? I would have never guessed it. She looks great.

Nadine on

to all the doubters, , just google Nancy Juvonen pregnant and you’ll see plenty of pics of her preggo. Halle Berry is 46 and obviously pregnant so as long as you’re not menopaused, everything is possible.

suzy diamond on

She had a baby at 46! WOW…congrats!

Hazel on

Congratulations…wow…you really kept that under wraps!!

nicole on

he’s so funny. he’ll make a great dad

Janice Pielert on

Oh, Jimmy, I am so happy for you and your wife. Congratulations. I attended one of your shows in May and couldn’t help but think, based on how hilarious you were in person, about what a fun father you would be someday, and now that someday has arrived. God bless your precious daughter and your new family.

Carolyn on

Didn’t know he was married. Congrats!

Kat on

Congrats to them, it is great they got to keep in their private joy until the birth!

KLH on

I am almost 9 years older than my hubby and had our son at 38. I am now 41 and my cutoff was 40. I was even concerned at having a baby at the age I was but went ahead with it because my husband is younger. It is a personal decision and it was there choice. Lot of ugly comments on here

Debby on

Bravo! It should always be older women younger men!

My mom was 16 years older than dad and he still passed away 9 years before her after almost 40 years of marriage!

Erin on

They very well may have adopted or had a surrogate, but who cares?! Congratulations are in order!

Lady on

Does it honestly MATTER how their child came into the world?! Geeze people….when & if they choose to share then it will be your business.

Anywho….congrats – he will be an awesome dad!!

Jill on

I’m so happy for them!

chris on

Best of Everything to Nancy, Jimmy and their new daughter! In regard to some of the other comments. It doesn’t matter if Nancy was pregnant, if the child was by way of a surrogate or adopted.
It’s their child and they will give it a loving, fun-filled home.

Nicole on

They used a surrogate, there are pics of them recently out at events and she is not pregnant. There were rumors last year that their surrogate had a miscarriage so I’m glad she finally had a healthy baby for them.

Tina on

I love Jimmy Fallon. So talented. So nice. Congratulations and all the best!

Tassels on

is she really 46?

Debbie on


Gia on

Those who are criticizing moms having kids in their 40s, saying kids don’t like to be raised by ‘grandparents’.. Well most people are not grandparents in their mid 40s or early 50s. People are having kids later now for quite a while. Women who go to medical school, or most other careers are not marring young and most have kids after 30. So by 46, most are still parents not grandparents.

I don’t know many 19, 20 yr olds who have babies and still are able to have great careers. There are exceptions but usually accomplished women are not having kids when they are in their early 20s.

Oh and 51 is not ‘old age’ and most people don’t die at this age.

Peyton on

πŸ‘ Gia, All wonderful points! Thanks for sharing!!
Congratulations to the proud parents!!

Debby on

Excellent points!! Kudos …

Sharon on

Glad you have a perfect body, Samsie

Sharon on

Jeez people, so what if she had a surrogate?! They wanted a baby!!! Im sure she will be loved beyond words. I have never seen such nasty comments…if they got any kind of help conceiving, or used a surrogate, people have something to say….if theyre not married, people complain, if they are married, they waited too long, if theyre over 40, theyre too old, under 25, too young. Its not your life, your business or your BABY!! Please can’t we all just congratulate instead of bashing? How would you like to read these comments about YOU?

Madga on

They were skiing 25 weeks ago… kinda strange if she was pregnant. I am thinking surrogate, too.

Isabel on

JayJonah, you’re absolutely right. My boyfriend and father of my first child was 24 when he was killed by a drunk driver. He never met his son despite being what some consider the “prime age” to have a child. Those who say that have most likely not experienced a similar tragedy or complete ignore the fact that it’s quality and not quantity that matters when it comes to time spent with loved ones.

There’s no right or wrong age to have a child. Just because a person feels that having children in their 20s is ideal doesn’t mean that’s a standard that must be followed by all or else children of the world are doomed. There are plenty of valid reasons why others wait and becoming a parent is the last decision in the world that needs to be rushed. Point is, if you feel like having children sooner rather than later is what’s best for you, great! But don’t judge others for making a different decision that reflects what’s best for them.

Geekykestrel on

The word is PREGNANT. Not preggers or prego and DEFINITELY not baby bump or baby daddy.

If you need to nickname the word pregnant then you better still begin the 7th grade. And if you need to use the term baby daddy then we need to see a lot more fathers/husbands hanging around.

Good for these two . I don’t know jack about them nor do I care how they produced the baby. Although seeing people struggling for years to conceive always makes me even happier for them when the baby does show up.

A nice married couple that can afford a baby – what a concept, folks. I do believe we refer to it as “the right way” for a reason.

Jane on

Just by the careful wording, I’d guess it was via a surrogate. Why not be honest about it? It could give encouragement to others struggling with fertility or contemplating using one. Using a surrogate doesn’t make it less their baby. They announced it to the world, so privacy isn’t an issue for them.

Joyce on

Congrats to them… Welcome to the World Winnie Rose you will have so much fun growing up with your great dad and great mom too ❀

Donna on

Great news,….very happy for them….But Winnie ??? Like Winnie the Pooh ???? Ok…not crazy about the name…then again, they didn’t ask me. Best wishes to the new family.

Marky on

Seriously, people?? There are pictures everywhere of Nancy Juvenon PREGNANT! I don’t happen to care how they became parents, but these things aren’t that hard to verify, as a general rule. Congrats to the happy couple!

kadyc on

Samsie you are shallow.

Meg on

My wife and I, Jimmy …

dsfg on

“And again cloud: someone who has a kid at 25 could drop dead from something just as much as someone who has a kid at 45.”

Um, no, actually a 45-year-old is much more likely to drop dead than a 25-year-old.

Barbie on

Congrats to Jimmy, Nancy. It doesn;t matter how they got a baby or what age, they probably wanted there privacy. and i heard what Adam Sandler said to Jimmy, he said he and Drew Barrymore were in Africa shooting a movie and just got back and Drew was with his wife Nancy. Does it really matter? you don’t know them personally to judge them.

And as far as the royal couple and their royal baby as they’re called, they’re just regular people like you and me, no better than anyone else, they just have more money than us and don’t work. Jimmy will be a great dad!!

dsfg on

Their rep released a statement saying Nancy gave birth. So I’m going to assume she was pregnant, although I guess they could have lied . . .

Editor’s note: The statement didn’t say she gave birth – just what’s written in the story.

Tisha on

For all of you saying she may have had a surrogate…my friend’s mother thought she had finished menopause and had a baby at 50…yes 50…her oldest was already married with children, and her daughter, my friend was 22 and she was having a baby at 50…she didn’t know she was pregnant until she went to the hospital thinking she was having a kidney stone…it turned out to be a 6 1/2 pound baby boy..Joseph

Natalie on

Huge congratulations to them! No matter how their daughter came to them, I’m sure she will be loved. Oh and for those saying 46 is too old to be a first time mom, what about men who become first time dad’s at that age? And women live longer! Such a double standard… And may I say my mother passed away at the age of 28 so a parent dying can happen at any age.

Saywhat on

It’s ridiculous regarding the double standards between men and women. Alec Baldwin just had another child at 55 and look at Larry King and Michael Douglas for goodness sake. But no one makes a fuss about them being pretty old and having children. Get off your high horses and learn to support each other as women instead of tearing each other down.

LB on

I like the dog’s name…Gary. Not Fido….Gary. I love that!

LB on

And Julie, I initially thought the same thing!

Anonymous on

Yep, the wording says nothing about “giving birth” so probably another method.

LBH on

My mom’s name is Winnie — not one you hear everyday : ) Congrats!!

Suzee on

There’s no way she was pregnant. The paparazzi would have seen her baby bump at some point.

Alayna on

Winne is a little strange- but Rose is very pretty. Happy for them! I love Jimmy Fallon!

Kiki on

Did Nancy have their baby or did a surrogate? It obviously doesn’t matter, but if Nancy was pregnant, nobody noticed? I’d read that they were close to divorcing because she wouldn’t have kids w/him, and was too old to have a baby, so I’m JUST asking, no HATE involved in my question, I promise, just curious.

iluvjimmy on

How stinkin cute! Congrats to them!

Why the heck is everyone debating how the baby was born?!!

Its none of anyones business…..the bottom line is they were blessed with a healthy baby girl. Congratulate them and move on.

Kiki on

And YES a 46 yr old woman CAN get pregnant, but as a woman who got pregnant w/her 4th child @ 35, it’s risky business! I had to have an amniocentesis, to make sure my child wasn’t birth defected, and every year PAST 35, the risk of birth defects goes UP, A LOT. So it’s NOT about fertility, it’s MAINLY about having a healthy child who isn’t birth defected because of the mothers’ OLD eggs. Most likely these women had egg-donors, because while a woman CAN carry a child, EVERY YEAR past 35 brings a HUGE RISK of birth defects (mental retardation being the biggest birth defect). If you don’t believe me, google it.

Linda W on

Congratulations on the new baby Girl. Jimmy Fallon is one of the funniest comedians we’ve had on nite time TV. He has no boundaries Literally.LOL Just like yelling out at his Best friends Justin Tumberlake’s wedding He’s a live wire, and a funny one. His wife is very pretty. Can’t wait to get a glimpse of the little one..

Mickey123 on

My friend just had a baby – she was 46 years old and it was a bit of surprise, so no use of fertility specialists. It is possible to have a healthy baby at 46 – just unusual.

molly.two on

Everyone who is saying whoa, 46 (and doubting it) are ridiculous. Yes, it is easier (generally) the younger you are to have children, but hello? Halle Berry ring a bell? She is also 46. It could have been natural or it could have been with the help of science. Either way- it isn’t our business. Congrats to them and glad they are healthy and happy!

Kiki on

A HUGE “thank you” Gia, for saying that 51 ISN’T”old age”. I’m 51 and my kids and my husband KEEP telling me that I’m OLD. I don’t FEEL “old”, and I’m NOT ready to DIE, even though my alcoholic, mentally unstable husband SCREAMS AT ME TO DIE every day of my life. (He calls me a bunch of names, too, like C&NT, B&TCH, A*SHOLE too, & has hit me 7 times tonite).

ALM on

For all of you nosily speculating that Mom was too old at 46: it’s not common, but it’s still possible. I got pregnant at 43 on the second try.

gracie on

I saw this show last night. I thought it was odd he never mentioned his wife and/or how she is doing…you know” my wife was a troper” or “it was such an amazing experience”. Usually the standard statement is something like”mom and child are both doing well and are healthy”. I have a feeling this perhaps was a surrogacy birth and that the couple are choosing to keep that piece private. In any case, best wishes and welcome to the world Winnie Rose!

taylor on

That’s so cute! I like it, Congrats Jimmy! You’re Awesome!

Mo on

Who cares how old they are? Winnie Rose will have two mature, intelligent, articulate parents who love her and will support her emotionally and financially. I’d rather people wait until they’re ready to raise a child than have children born into chaos and/or immaturity, a la Kim and Kanye. (Would you rather they have had this child at 17 while still in high school and not ready emotionally or financially?) Congratulations to The Fallons!!

Carolyn on

Maybe it wasn’t surrogacy after all. Sounds like she’s a premie and she could have just carried small. In the pictures from the Met Ball she did look a little thick in the waist. Some women don’t look pregnant at all when they are in their ninth month, not common mind you, but it does happen. Not that any of it is our business. Congrats!

Stephanie on

Well I guess Winnie is better than North I think. I just don’t think she will like the name Winnie when she gets older. But Congratulations I’m sure she is beautiful.

Ceeteefeebs on

Calling your daughter a name short for “Winifred” is not a smooth move.

WinniesMom on

My daughter’s name is Winnie! I love that name! Congrats to mom and dad πŸ™‚

Ivixen on

Hello, people! She wasn’t pregnant herself. The child was either born by surrogate or adopted. (Not that it really matters.) Congratulations, Jimmy!!! He’s obviously so excited – it’s fun to see. πŸ™‚

yana on

woah 5lbs isn’t a very healthy weight. wonder if something was wrong and she had to be induced. Just another example of why you shouldn’t give birth in America. Yalls babies and kids seem so sickly for a nation so developed.

Andrea on

Jimmy should have named her Northwest, just to pizz off certain people.

Lesli on


ticktock on

I love the name Winnie

PS on

They probably kept it quiet so they wouldn’t have to listen to the haters pass judgment and gossip like a bunch of squawking birds the way some people are doing here, both about how the baby came to be and of their marriage/age difference. Shame on those of you who have nothing better to do with your time. Be happy for these two for crying out loud, and maybe recognize your sour demeanors have virtually no effect on their joy.

bkable on

I think the name is adorable and totally fits the couple (assuming she is like Jimmy that is!) It’s not very ‘modern’ but It still exudes normalcy and won’t set her up for failure (cough cough North West cough)

Marie on

You don’t have to be pregnant to have a child. Happy for them.

Heidi on

I think they had a baby via surrogate but it makes no difference – they are delighted and I am happy for them!!

Lauren Kaminski on

That name sounds awful together! By itself it is cute. Congratulations!:)

Callie on

Very cute name. They won’t have any problem finding Winnie gear/accessories. Congratulations

lox on

I’m so happy for them. It doesn’t matter how a family comes about. Children are precious and this father is glowing with joy!

Aritul on

Out of all the celeb births that have occurred recently, with the exception of the royal birth, this makes me the happiest. I have long wanted Fallon and his wife to have a kid.

jada 260 on

Well I don’t know but it’s true dat ha stomach doesn’t show

Peyton on

Samsie doesn’t have a “perfect” anything, Sharon.
There’s a reason you were in menopause at age 40, Samsie!
8 years isn’t WAY OLDER, and when she’s 65 he will be 57! How do you consider that way older??!!
Reading up on the comments, it seem sad that we don’t just congratulate people. It’s none of our business when, if, or how, others conceive.
Imagine her joy right now!:) especially if she went through the time when she felt she may never be a mom, and now she has this beautiful baby!
Congrats to the Fallon’s!!

Sharon on

Amen, Peyton! I commented below on how people just dont congratulate anymore…they just find things to complain about!

Gigi on

She’s 38…he’s 46. There is absolutely nothing strange about having a baby at 38. My sister has a 10 year old son from her first marriage. After she remarried, she and her new husband wanted a child together. She was 38 and got pregnant almost immediately without any fertility treatments. She was just a few weeks shy of her 39th birthday when she had her second son. I also have a friend who was 44 when she became pregnant. It was very unexpected and unplanned.

Debby on

Actually she us 46 and he is 38; age is not the issue or he would not have married her.

Anonymous on

Good lord, Yana…Five pounds isnt a healthy weight? First of all, the baby was closer to six but BOTH of my girls were just over 5 lbs. I myself was only 5 lbs 3 oz. I gained 30-35 lbs with both of them and they were both VERY healthy.

Catherine Brown on

Congratulations…you will be a great dad…cute name

Kat on

Jimmie, Winnie – I see what they did there.

Beautiful name, congrats to the proud parents.

Sharon on

Winnie is kinda cute…could be worse! Makes me think of the Wonder Years lol…now im showing MY age!!!

Sarah S. on

Sorry Gigi, but you got it the other way around…he’s 38 and she’s 46.

On another note, maybe Winnie came a little early? 5 lbs., 9 oz. seems a bit small. I was born full-term at 5 lbs., 14 oz., but then again my mother smoked and drank beer during the pregnancy. It was the 60’s when some didn’t know any better!

Also, I love the middle name Rose! That’s my daughter’s middle name too and I couldn’t love it more!

Annie on

Congratulations to Jimmy and his wife. πŸ™‚ They are going to be great parents!

tara on

her weight does not mean she is not healthy. My daughter was born at 39 weeks 1 day, and was 5lbs 10oz and perfectly healthy, I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and was exercising right up until the day I had her. I was also small at birth and I still am now at 32.

Anonymous on

I am apauled at some of the comments that people are leaving on here!! Wether or not she conceived a child at 46 or kept it on the down low is no ones business!! And if anyone reads the newspaper or watches the news. Do you remember the 70 something year old lady that conceived a child for her daughter because she wasn’t able to!! Who are we to judge on how old she is as a mother or if she/they adopted or chose a surrogate?! Who fricking cares! They were blessed with a beautiful baby girl whom they named Winnie Rose Fallon. She has 2 parents that are stable in their life and marriage.. And will be able to give her what ever she needs!!! Shame on you HATERS out there. There are still healthy women over 40 that have children!! And those of you that can’t appreciate their their privacy on any level and talk all that smack. You need Jesus!! God bless to the Fallon family and big brother Gary.

Debby on

Great post!!!

Jeannie on

“Me and my wife”? What the? Did fatherhood take away parts of his brain? Good grief. At least Winnie is unusual (and not “Whinny” like a horse does), though not as unusual as his wife’s handle. Now he should become Jim. No dad should be named Jimmy. Sorry, former President Carter and former live singer Mr. Dean and newly married Mr. Kimmel. As for Mr. Small Hands Fallon, my gosh he is a talented man! Impressions, dancing, singing, standup. He is another Dana Carvey, but probably better.

Paula on

I guess Winnie and Olive will be besties, especially
w/ old lady names, they have in common. LOL!

Becky on

Love the name..Congrats on the new baby..

Jean on

Such a beautiful name for a precious little girl. I know they are in heaven.

Mel on

That is such a cute name!

klutzy_girl on

Congrats to the new parents! How lovely!

And to those of you speculating was she/wasn’t she pregnant, was it a surrogate, adoption, etc … who cares!? This little lady is here, there shouldn’t be such a focus on the method in which she arrived and frankly it’s no one’s business but theirs.

terryhopkinsdesign on

What a darling little girl, as well as her parents. Congratuations!!

Bernice Nomellini on


Winnie T on

You are WONDERFUL for naming your daughter Winnie!! That’s my name so I am so glad to see that someone else has that name! Congrats!!

sherry on

It’s very possabile for her to have a child at 46.my friends mom was 50 or 51 when she had her third child and it was the natural way.her mom thought she was going through menopause and went to her doctor and her doctor told her she was 4 or 5 months pregnant.so yes it can happen.her child is now 18 years old.

Bill and Jane Snyder on

Wasn’t Winnie Rose born on July 22nd, the same day the “Royal Baby” was born?