Jimmy Fallon Introduces Daughter Winnie Rose

07/25/2013 at 09:00 PM ET

What a sweetie!

Jimmy Fallon is one proud papa. The late night host posted a photo on Instagram of his newborn baby girl, who arrived Tuesday. “I would like to introduce… Winnie Rose Fallon,” he wrote.

Fallon expressed the joy he and his wife, Nancy Juvonen Fallon, are experiencing as brand new parents.

“I’m the father of a beautiful baby girl. She’s so cute. She’s 5 lbs., 9 oz. Me and my wife are so happy,ā€ Fallon said during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday. “Thank you all for all the well-wishes on Facebook and Twitter and the blogs. I’m just so happy.”

The first-time parents, who were married in 2007, are “overjoyed about the arrival of their beautiful daughter,” Fallon’s rep told PEOPLE.

And beautiful is right!

Jimmy Fallon Daughter Winnie Rose First Photo
Courtesy Jimmy Fallon

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Ruth ann Guinan on

That is a beautiful baby, I should know I have eleven grandchildren. Watched Jimmy’s monologue last night, such joy!

Larry14 on

Beautiful! Congrats to both of you. Enjoy your little bundle of love!

Katie on

Her nose looks like a white grape!

Nancy on

Really pretty baby!

kjc on

She’s adorable! Congrats and love the name! Time to Funkin’ Go-nuts Jimmy!

Elle on

What a beautiful, classy name!!! Love it!!! Congrats!!!!

Kate on


Brianne on

Congrats Jimmy and Nancy! She’s PRECIOUS !!!

Jessica on

What a cutie!

Denise on

Beautiful baby & adorable name too.

Gail on

What a sweet baby! Jimmy Fallon seems like such a nice guy and so excited to be a father. Congratulations to him and his wife.

Nikki on

Winnie is perfectly adorable. What a blessing!

Sophia on

Oh, what a beautiful baby and a lovely little name! Congratulations to Jimmy and Nancy, and welcome sweet Winnie Rose x

Sarah on

Aww, so adorable!

carrie marino on

so adorable. good luck with your bundle of joy

Suzee on

She is super cute but what a horrible name. Winnie the Pooh

Debby on


Winnie will sound just as sweet when she is an old lady and just a sweet as she ages!!!

They were probably fans of the Wonder Years TV show and Winnie was a brilliant little girl and teen, and as an adult actress has gone on to college and is an awesome person!

Kimberly P. on

Oh. My. God. So PRECIOUS!!!! Congratulations!!!!

pagoda on

She is a cutie.

PS on

Such a cutie pie šŸ™‚

Suzee, get a life. You sound like you’re in grade school – get a lot of practice making fun of others’ names while you bullied them on the playground, did you?

Guest on

Actually you’re the one who sounds like the bully. Take a time out!

Nan on

Such a BEAUTIFUL BABY! Congrats to Jimmy and wife… good job too!

Ellyn Williams on

Winnie Rose, what a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl!!! Congtratulations to her mommie and daddie!!

Anonymous on

So cute

julie on


Lori on

Predictably corny hat – that she will hate later in life when she looks back at her baby pictures. But Winnie Rose appears to be totally adorable.

Angel on

It’s every parent’s job to give their children at least one picture they’ll hate when older šŸ™‚

Adorable name, adorable baby! Congrats, Fallons!

Just so you know on

Just so you know that’s the hats the hospitals supply now for girls, with a bow they have been doing it for a couple years now.
I don’t think she will hate her birth picture cause it dose not look different then anyother child born in a hhospital! Same hat as my daughter got.

julie on

Its a hospital picture with the typical hospital wear Lori…seriously…idiot.

Anonymous on

Please a name has nothing to do with class! You guys are so simple.

Lomavista on

Winnifred is gorgeous. Just gorge!

Teresa Fiato on

What a sweet little baby girl, pretty name too!

shannon on

Beautiful baby girl. I LOVE her name.

Rika on

She looks absolutely lovely. Congrats Jimmy and Nancy!

JJ on

Really Suzee? You’re one to talk….who spelled your name, a 5 year old?

WTF? on

That is the CUTEST BABY!!! And she’s a teeny one!

Marie on

This baby was a long time coming. Congrats Jim and Nancy!

Anonymous on

She is dorable

Lyla on

I can’t even handle how cute she is!!!! Congrats!!!!

Stefanie on

So adorable!! Congrats!!! šŸ™‚

Karen M. on

Tiny little thing! Congrats to the family. *S*

Ginger on

Simply Lovely!

Linda Cappitti on


Nancy on

Lori, her “hat” is how hospitals cover a newborn’s head. All hospitals use one variety or another while they’re still in the hospital.

Elena on

Congrats, Jimmy and Nancy! She’s adorable!

Anonymous on

I don’t think they ever announced that they were pregnant. What a well kept secret. Good job Fallns.

mary on

Jimmy .. give this baby a smooch from me !! She is ADORABLE !!

Ginger on

Suzee, what a retarded comment, especially with such a ridiculous name yourself. I’m sure Winnie Mandela’s name was not associated with Winnie the Pooh, at least by people with a higher IQ than a 5 year old (not offense to 5 year olds).

JT on

Ginger, using the term retarded is offensive & juvenile. Your comment is no better than the one you are apparently replying to. Please take a little bit of time with someone who has a cognitive impairment & ask him/her what using the word retarded means to them. If you’re a decent person you will never use it again.

Debby on

Ooo I forgot about Winnie Mandela! I was thinking maybe they were a fan if Winnie from the Wonder Years TV show! That Winnie was a great kid, as was the actress who portrayed her!

Winnie on

Congrats! First Winnie I’ve heard of younger than me. I’m 54 and never, never heard of another Winnie except a few little old ladies.

Gigi on


Brenda on

Katie, “her nose looks like a white grape!”

Cutest little white grape I have ever seen!!!

willie on

really scary nose!

what happened to his grammar???? Fatherhood addled his brain?

these days “Rose” as a middle name seems to have overtaken “Ann” as most popular.

I really like her initials.

LoVeY on

Absolutely precious!! Happy for them!

Jude on

Aren’t we glad that not everyone uses birth control? It’s so fun to have all these adorable babies in the news taking the place of some funky, strange people dressed like hookers & homeless people.

Congratulations to: Fallons, Kate & William & the rest of these who are so proud to show us their priceless treasure.

Becky on

She is adorable! God bless her.

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

Watching his monologue and seeing the pic of sweet Winnie Rose is proof that good things happen to good people.

All the best and many blessings!!

Debby on

Sweet post !!!

amy on

Aww she’s a tiny little one. so sweet.

Isabel on

What a cutie!

Marky on

I thought of “Winnie” on The Wonder Years. She was adorable and the show for many Jimmy’s age. Darling baby, and there were plenty of pics of Nancy looking very pregnant!

Chinee on

Beautiful baby. Congrats!

Sylvia on

Cutness overload! And her little nose is just as adorable.

Congrats Fallon family

Abi on

Quit picking on Suzee, you vultures, she’s just expressing her opinion!

lauren on

So cute!!! I love her hat and beautiful timeless name.

julianamartinezart on

Precious baby with a very happy Daddy!

Rebecca on

Absolutely love Jimmy Fallon. Congrats to him and his wife on the beautiful new addition ā¤

Stacey on

She is adorable. And it’s great to see people not selling photos of their newborns for profit.

cbm on

so precious!! congrats

Sarah on

Congrats Fallon’s! My daughter Rose has that same hat. I got mine from Tweetlebug Boutique.

Edie on

Sweet dreams, little Winnie…God Bless you.

Jen DC on

@Suzee: Some of my FAAAAAAAVORITE memories were dragging around a Winnie the Pooh bear. I was so identified with the bear that my family began to call me Poochie, AFTER the bear. So in my mind, Winnie is pretty lucky. Also, Winnie Cooper was one of the coolest middle-school-aged girls on TV EVER (although Winnie was short, apparently, for Gwendolyn).

This baby is just so cute, so sweet-looking and soooo lucky to have Jimmy for a Dad and heck, the Legendary Roots Band to sing her first lullabies!

Suval on

She’s beautiful!!! Congratulations to Jimmy and Nancy. Watched Jimmy’s show on Wednesday night and he was so excited and proud. It was so sweet. And Markey I also thought of “Winnie” from the Wonder Years.

Robin on

Sweet little one, they are blessed…enjoy her every second you can, they go by too quickly! Congrats

Eve Spencer on

So cute! I think she looks like Jimmy. I luv the hat…much better dressed than Prince George. Lol

Anonymous on

Oh my gosh, that is one beautiful beautiful baby!

Gia on

1) when was his wife pregnant. Most quiet celebrity pregnancy ever. 2) Love that name! My daughter’s middle name is Winifred & we call her Winnie for short(like the character from Tuck Everlasting) 3) Such a cute little girl! Congrats to them.

Susan on

Possibly the cutest nose of all time. Love the new Dad gushing too!

Reesca on

Lori, that is the standard issue hospital baby cap that all newborns wear when they’re still in the hospital. Both of my daughters had the same hospital caps when they were born, and my second daughter was brought to me with that cute little bow in the front. Ignorance at its finest, Lori.

Megan on

Such a beautiful baby; congratulations!

I can’t believe people on here are actually picking on a newborn baby. Shame!!! And we all wonder why bullying is so prevalent in schools.

Carolyn on

Katie, I was thinking WC Fields myself. She is beautiful though, nose and alll.

Ann on

Pretty little baby……did his wife and him wait for the highest bidder before they decided to let viewers see their little bundle of joy?

shelly on

she is beautiful!

Kate on

I agree that the hospital hat is awful:) But she is still a little sweetie!

Jessica on


Jimmy posted this picture on Instagram himself.

Not everyone sells their baby’s first picture.

derft on

what a lovely name!!! Kim K, Beyonce – are you listening!!!

Terri on

She is adorable!!

gaa on

Seriously? You are putting the name Winnie Rose in the same f’ed up name category as North or Apple? Winifred and Rose are classic girls names. You are an idiot.

Brenda on

What a cutie. She looks like her daddy.

Teresa Kelly on

Jimmy~ your baby is so BEAUTIFUL! Her name is darling! CONGRATULATION’S TO YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL WIFE! You are the best on late night, we never miss watching your show!

Tanya on

They must have true friends to respect their privacy and keep their confidence. Congratulation on both.

amy on

What a precious little peanut!!! I think it is great when celebrities are like us “normal” people and are just soooo happy and excited about becoming a parent that they show the fans their baby on facebook, or instagram, and not just hold out until they get a huge monetary offer to put the baby’s picture out there. Congrats to this family!!!!

Jenny! on

Very cute baby!! I really love the name, she’s cute as a button!

Jen on

A little bag of sugar! She is just gorgeous. Blessing to the family.

Teresa Kelly on

The Fallon’s have the most BEAUTIFUL CELEBRITY BABY!

Winnie Rose Fallon!

Debby on

Well said!! I concur! They’ve got my vote !

Lauren on

Congrats to the Fallons! My husband and I are big fans and we watch the show every night! Can’t wait for many more adorable photos of Winnie and Gary growing up together…those two will be best friends.

bkable on

She is adorable! So tiny!!

thyeknow on

She is beautiful!! Congrats to the couple.

Kathy on

OMG sooo cute.. Soooo tiny! And sooo happy for him! šŸ™‚

sl on

Prepare for the best times of your life!!! Congrats!

Diva on


LC on

Aww! So sweet! Congratulations to them!

Tiffany on

cute baby, cute name, cute thing they did w the hospital hat šŸ™‚

Tina on

Precious cutie.

Debs on

Beautiful..Much love and happiness to Nancy and Jimmy and their sweet lillte girl Winnie!

Tammie on

Congratulations to you both. She is such a precious baby girl. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. Enjoy!

gracie on

Winnie Rose is precious and I think the hat is adorable as well. A tiny little package of joy. Congrats to the new parents!

BRod on

Cute baby! But Winnie is a dog name :/

m on

Oh, my gosh, Cute!!!

Guest53 on

gorgeous baby, congratulations to parents and extended family

Tee on

She looks jaundiced???? However, she is adorable!! Precious and I’m so happy for Jimmy ad Nancy.

Debby on

OMGosh! That cutie is going to have so much fun growing up by this couple! My parents were so much fun, yet stern when needed! I had the best childhood I wish the same for thus new family!

stEVEN on

It’s Winnie with an i not weenie with an e ’cause weenie with an e goes eeeee, not eh, it’s easy as can be you see it’s whinny! Urgha! Congrats Jimmy and Nancy, she’s gorgeous.

Julesy on

Awww, what a cutie!

4tmama on

So sweet, omgosh, love, so great to see such proud papa!!!!


Winnie Rose? Does he think this is 1905?

Rosalind Pledger on

Hey, Jimmy,
Be careful with your misuse of grammar around your child….it’s “my wife and I….”, not “me and my wife….”

Boo Boo Kitty on

Winnie the Pooh! That who she looks like! Don’t forget your friends Tigger too! What a beautiful baby Jimmy!

Dorothy on

So, so adorable …. congratulations Jimmy and Nancy.

I am so sorry I missed Jimmy’s monologue. Is there any way I can retrieve it? Just love Jimmy!

Melanie ROSE ***** on

Thank you so much for naming the baby after me!!
I have been a long time fan and stay up late every night to catch your show.
The thrill of being honered in this way is overwhelming.
I was a professional ballerina, so I hope she inherits some co-ordination as a result of her name.

Congrats! And welcome to parenthood.

sowhat@gmail.com on

she is precious!! Congrats to Jimmy Fallon and his wife!

Helen Gunza on

Jimmy and Nancy…congratulations…Such a beautiful, beautiful baby girl …and how lucky is she to have you both as parents..watch your show nightly..I know you will enjoy her every moment..God Bless..Helen

CW on

At first glance……..Just like her dad!

Sharon Catuzza on

I love her name my mothers first name was Winifred and my middle name is rose. Beautiful baby. Gods blessing

Marilyn on

Dont people on tv ever speak correct English. Me and my wife, Me and the old Man, Me and Big Hoss. Fallon, Pawn Stars- if it came from the mouths of Swamp People, they may get their education from alligators. DUMB

Norma Allen on

She is gorgeous. Congratulations!

mary on

Thank You so much for giving us the pleasure to meet your beautiful daughter. You are awesome I have watched you for a long time love your show.Love the babies name as I have a granddaughter middle name Rose and my grandmother’s first name Winnie. I wish ya’ll the best with your beautiful JOY..

margie on

looks like a baby doll so cute

Lilac B on

Welcome to the World, Baby Winnie!! It’s interesting how some celebrities, including Prince William and Princess Kate, can present their babies to the world days after their birth with no drama and no madness. However the Drama King and the Media Whore of the World, Kanye West and Kim Kartrashian are yet to present their baby in public. Are they waiting for North West to be a teenager and Kim to get down to a size 2, or are they waiting for Kendell and Kylie to have their own babies. The classiness and grace displayed by William and Kate in presenting their future KING to the world could never be matched by the low class ghetto antics of Kanye and Kim. Congratulations to the Fallons and your beautiful baby Winnie.

Daisy on

I am so happy for Jimmy and Nancy. Jimmy seems like a really outstanding husband and father. Best of luck to them! I love reading about their new baby, I’m just so sick of reading about the royal baby.

Hattie on

She has her Dad’s mouth.Is her Mother really that old?!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Winnie Rose is just beautiful- congratulations to the happy family!

lifeasahouse on

She’s beautiful! And every baby has a picture in a hat like that at the hospital. No one can hate a newborn picture. Congrats to the parents!

Rose on

Love the hat love the little face love the name. She looks precious. Finally a normal name!

Veronica J D'Agostino on

so happy for you and your wife, Winnie is so beautiful and she has a lovely name. Congeatulations

rick on

Jimmy was gushing when introducing his new baby girl to the world. He made a very funny delivery (no pun intended) on his show, even ragging on the royal baby saying something to the effect that he wished certain people would stop calling because there would be a play date. He was referring to the royal couple, Kate and William. Congrats Jimmy & Nancy. there will be joy and laughter in your lives every day. She is a beautiful baby.

Abi on

So apparently people can’t express their opinions or thoughts about an article if, heaven forbid, it conflicts with anyone else’s opinions. Is that right?

Anonymous on

There is nothing wrong with her nose. If it looks odd, it’s because the hat is casting a shadow on half of it. Beautiful baby girl!! I can’t believe some people are so cruel. If indeed you think the baby is ugly (which she is definitely not), then comment on the cute hat or something. Tact!

Mary on

winnie rose – what a beautiful cheerful name. congrats jimmy!

T on

I only have one word to say about your daughter…….Awwwwww! šŸ™‚

chris on

Congrats to Nancy and Jimmy on the birth of their little cutie pie, Winnie Rose. She’ll have a lifetime of laughs/

Elle on

Love this! She is too cute and I think Jimmy will make such an amazing dad!

blackgems on

Beautiful times for the family…but, am I the only one who thinks this baby is less than adorable?

Not all babies are cute. It’s okay.

Ann on

Your baby girl is beautiful!! Congrats & many years of happiness with your family! Love your show, you’re the best!

Anonymous on

looks like the new prince

Katie on

Stephanie quite the opposite honey. I was a beautiful baby with ice blue eyes and curly blonde hair. You were the ugly one.

Holiday on

Cute and tiny baby! I love itty bitty ones as both of my kids were tiny too. Good thing the baby is healthy seeing the Jimmy’s wife is 47!

Karen on

I love Jimmy Fallon,but Winnie sounds to me what a horse does, just a different spelling.

kim on

She is indeed beautiful

Anonymous on

Baby Fallon meet Baby Prince šŸ˜€

redheadshar@aol.com on

After the birth of my one and only daughter, Garnette Lynn, I realized life had just begun! Blessings to your family!

carole on

thanks for sharing Jimmy. she is beautiful. Congratulations

Mary on

I love to see all these sweet and lovely baby pictures.

Linda on

What a proud Daddy. I love Jimmy Fallon and his show. What an adorable little baby. Congrats to the proud parents.

Sharon on

Oh my goodness what a precious little angel!! She is perfect! Congrats again, Jimmy and Nancy. Please ignore the negativity and enjoy every minute with your new princess. Thank you for sharing her with us!

Guest on

Thread is old I know, but for the people commenting about the name: Her name is legally Winnie, not Winifred or Gwendolyn (or Pooh, for that matter). It has nothing to do with the silly old bear of Milne’s books (and Disney’s cartoons), with Mandela’s wife or with Danica McKellar of “Wonder Years” fame. Jimmy said in an interview that it comes from the popular Internet expression, “For the win” — as in the couple had tried so hard and for so long to have this baby that when she finally appeared, it was a “win” for both of them. Jimmy is an avid social media user who actually majored in computer science in college, so he’s well-versed in Internet culture and the expressions used. Also, according to a Feb 2014 interview with Jimmy in Parade (published the day before he was scheduled to take the reins from Jay Leno), she is also named for Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, where Jimmy proposed to Nancy. Obviously the fruits of the marriage have been “for the win” as well. šŸ™‚

Don’t rag on Suzie, people. It’s entirely possible that she too was picked on for her name, and/or that she recognizes how cruel kids on the playground can be and indeed are. I myself thought what is Jimmy going to do if school bullies call his daughter Winnie Poo? But then I thought, well, she’ll probably be raised well enough to issue a very smart retort that she also shares the same name as the First Lady of South Africa. Doubtful if the hypothetical bullies will be bright enough to “get it” (dumb kids rarely are), but at least Winnie will be the better person and truly live up to her name — “For The Win.”

Lynda Lukan on

Jimmy and Karen , congrats on your beautiful baby girl !she is beautiful !
Wondering dose she have a head of hair like you jimmy ?
You should show a picture of her on the show šŸ™‚