Josh Duhamel: I Plan to Get Fergie a Push Present

07/24/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Josh Duhamel Fergie Push Present Kevin Mazur/KCA2013/WireImage

It’s no secret that Josh Duhamel and Fergie are anxiously awaiting the day they finally get to meet their baby boy.

But now the actor is doubling up the incentive for delivering their first child: not only will they see their son, but Duhamel will be ready and waiting with his wife’s reward.

“Yes, I will be getting her a push present. I just don’t know quite what yet,” the dad-to-be, 40, tells PEOPLE.

“You got Christmas, you got birthdays, you got Valentine’s, you got Mother’s Day, you got every other thing in between … I don’t know who came up with this push present idea, but I think it’s probably a female.”

Recently, the Black Eyed Peas singer gave her husband a present of her own, officially changing her last name to match his.

“We’ve talked about it forever — she wanted to do this years ago. I think it’s very sweet,” Duhamel says, joking it “takes a lot of work for a girl to change her name.”

And although Fergie had planned to break the news to Duhamel herself, he admits the media beat her to it. “I didn’t know, she was actually going to do it as a surprise. Who knows over at whatever office you go into to do that, somebody over there must have leaked it,” he explains.

Gift giving aside, however, Duhamel says the couple’s most grateful for the upcoming addition of a healthy baby boy — a blessing he credits to Fergie’s dedication to their son.

“I’m really actually proud of my wife and how she’s handled it all. She’s really taking care of that little thing in there,” he says. “Everything is on track and it looks like we’re going to be okay to have a healthy baby.”

— Anya Leon

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really!!!! on

The “push present” IS A BABY!!!!!!! that is so over the top.. My 3 “push presents” were our healthy baby girls…..

KRS on

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him wanting to buy her a gift, just to show his appreciation for all she’s done/gone through for the last 9 months. For me, it’s just the name “push present” that’s so totally vulgar and off-putting.

Steph on

I was thinking that ‘push present’ is a lame term for a gift to commemorate your baby’s birth. I was lucky and I got something extra after I had our babies…something to pass to each of them when they have their first babies or get married, graduate college etc.

Vanessa on

Push Presents are just another money making gimmick. Having a child is enough of a gift.

anon on

Steph, I like that idea of giving something that can be passed on to the child in the future. not a fan of the push present name at all, and not really sure how i feel about the gift itself. i don’t think it is necessary to give a gift for giving birth, but it is a nice gesture to show love (if the father chooses to give it and isn’t feeling forced)

jay on

“THE BABY IS THE GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!1!!!1”

Get over it. My husband watched me go through hell for almost 9 months and then go through a complicated and scary birth. The gift he gave me was a thank you for going through all of that to bring our baby into this world.

And theres nothing wrong with that.

JT on

There is also nothing wrong with getting a gift. I also had a complicated twin pregnancy with a frightening early delivery. My husband bought me a beautiful ruby & diamond ring to commemorate their birth. To each his own, no need to get upset.

Miche on

I hate the term “push present” but there is nothing wrong with giving your wife something to commemorate the birth of a child. It’s just as special as a bday or anniversary.

My husband gave me a necklace with our child’s name and birthstone when she was born. He had another charm made when my son was born. I treasure it and think it was really sweet of him to celebrate my motherhood.

Marcia on

The term “push present” is gross. How about just a gift to commemorate a birth?

Anonymous on

Ugh…I HATE the term ‘push present’! I think it’s nice when a man gives a woman something sentimental like a piece of birthstone jewelry or something like that. But I also think this new trend puts too much pressure on men to get ANOTHER gift for their wife/girlfriend. I think they are adorable and they seem really happy together!

haven on

What if the woman had a c section? Does she stilk get a push present. I think its ridiculous the present is the baby that should be enough. But whatever if he wants to give his wife something that is fine everyone is different.

Magnolia on

Well, I think you still have to have had LOTS AND LOTS of labor before they decide on a C-Section! And in labor you are trying to push your internal organs out! So, I’d say absolutely, one would qualify!

dee on

Its a sweet gesture………….get a grip people!!

Kat on

Push present is a horrible term, but it can be a sweet idea. Like many mothers, I got a birthstone memento when my daughter was born. Pregnancy is pretty easy on the guy’s side, so it is a nice way to applaud a woman for all she has done (and will do).


He’s so supportive of his wife which is very HOT! What a nice guy (although a push present is a bit silly). A baby is the most magnificent gift and new parents should bathe in the gift of that glory!

Mommy on

Such a great guy. Love him to pieces…

….if she ends up with a c section…. does she have to give the present back???? : )

DC on

They are a wonderful couple and this is going to be one handsome little man.

Lynsey on

Why do you all have to make it a negative spin on it….he just wants to give his wife a gift to show her how happy and proud he is of her going through the pregnancy, my husband gave me a “push present” of a pair of earrings and every time I wear them I think of when I gave birth to our beautiful girl, I think it’s sweet

Ceeteefeebs on

I either hate the way he talks, or I hate the way the journalist dictated his words. He’s far too cavalier. It rubbed me the wrong way how he talked about a woman’s experiences (like giving birth, going through the extraordinary hassle of legally changing our names/identities). The simple fact is that if men gave birth, they’d do it in a five-star resort where they would stay for a month, and if they had to change names they’d be allowed to do it in one push of an Xbox button. It seems to me that he’s another self-entitled and self-centered man (and no, I don’t hate men… Just don’t care for ones like him!) Again, it could just be the journalist I’d like to thwap upside the head.

Amy on

My baby wasn’t a gift. She was the result of love making. A gift has monetary value. I got a gift and every woman should. It’s an amazing thing to go through but it’s hell on the body. So for the 9 months and labor…hell yeah, I want a gift! Good for him. He realizes that it’s not all fun and games and that a woman goes through so much to deliver such a wonderful little person!

frank on

Amy why is it all about the woman? Both parents have to endure a lot through the pregnancy. What about the 9 months that the father has to tolerate the mothers bitchiness and treating you like a personal maid. Yes the child is a gift if you don’t see it that way then you don’t appreciate your child. Its not just the result of love making. No present should be needed for the mom the money should go to the kid.

ASD on

Um if you seriously don’t think your baby was a gift you should have never been allowed to have one.

Susan on

Oy. What have we done to society where men feel the need to give women presents for having a baby? How about just helping with the housework, getting up in the middle of the night to feed/change the baby, letting her sleep in every other day? Here honey, here’s a present for doing something that billions of women have done before you. Gag.

charlie on

I can understand why people think the baby is the present and I understand why people don’t like the term “push present”. But, I received a beautiful piece of jewelry when each of my children were born and they’ll each receive the one I got for them to give to their spouse once I’m gone. I would never have allowed my husband to buy those gifts for a regular occasion b/c I would have felt badly to have him spend so much on me, but labor is tough and I loved the sentiment behind it! Plus now I have a diamond pendant, tennis bracelet, cocktail ring and one carat studs!! win-win-win

Just Me on

“Push present” is just about as tacky as “baby bump”…both terms need to go away.

Anonymous on

Agree! And “over the moon” also!

Girl on

Dang right I deserved something that showed my husbands appreciation for me giving birth to HIS present!!! There was NO way he could have done what I did for nine months!!! I see it differently than the rest of you.

Magnolia on

More materialisticly!!

BBB on

Personally, I find “push presents” really silly. Just give me a present whenever, just because you love and appreciate me. A present from a spouse right after a birth seems like compensation or something. You’re both new parents, one just had to take on more of the physical aspects because nature dictated it. I don’t know, it’s just weird that it’s become a thing. If a person had thought of giving a gift on their own it might be sweet but now that it’s a trend/obligation it just seems so odd. And what’s wrong with just flowers, balloons, candy? Why all the weird, extravagant jewelry, handbags, etc.?

Anonymous on

This has to be the most ridiculous term I have ever heard. A gift for mom is a very nice idea if course, but the whole “push” thing is silly.

Anonymous on

And if she has a c-section then what? Silly.

Guest on

Good lord. She is STILL pregnant?

Lesli on

“Push present” ranks right up there with “baby bump” as two of the most annoying phrases in the universe….

Jenny on

Whoever came up with that term push present. So crass. What do you call it when it’s a C-section. Cut present?


Gross terminology…

Anonymous on

Women have been “pushing” for years. It is part of the process towards the ultimate goal, delivering a healthy baby. There is not present better than the baby. Get real people. The best “push present” I ever received were my to kids. That was the only “present” I wanted.

Anonymous on

Why are so many people certain that a push present is a bad idea? If you don’t need one, well that’s good for you. If he’s doing it to show his love an appreciation – HOW could that be wrong?

chloe on

I agree that the phrase “push present” is weird, but the concept is nice. Yes children are the reward, but it’s nice that the father, who doesn’t have a changing body, doesn’t have to deal with a small bladder, doesn’t have to deal with cravings or morning sickness, and who doesn’t have to go through labour, recognizes the gift that his partner/wife, is giving through the delivery of their child, that he wants to give something special for her for everything she did so they can welcome a new little life.

It’s fine if you don’t like that idea, but don’t knock others for doing something for the mother of their child. I particularly like when it’s a keepsake item that mothers can pass down to that child later.

Anne on

It does seem like a bit of a money making gimmick, and obviously new parents only care about the health of their babies. But damn pushing a baby out is WORK. Don’t think you necessarily have to give a gift, but it couldn’t hurt either.

Melissa A. White on

Love all the judgments about push presents. Don’t want one? Don’t get one. I didn’t want one either until after I delivered. Then I said “You know what, I think a push ring would be in order” and we went to Jared’s a few weeks afterwards.

bkable on

My dad bought my mom a necklace when my brother was born and earrings when I was born. They were nice, simple (they weren’t over the top) gifts that she then passed to us when we turned 18.

Call them what you want (personally I think push present is a terrible term) but it should (like all gifts to your wife) be heartfelt and NOT simply because you feel the need to give her a gift.

tori on

Give me a break,this is top news?! Ridiculous!!!

Pamela on

There is nothing wrong with him buying her a gift when the baby is born and who cares what he calls it! I had two kids and it’s a lot of work and exhausting and the Dad’s job is to be supportive, loving and buy a freaking present.

Callie on

Push presents are ridiculous. The baby is the gift and is the best gift. So stupid there are no words

momoftwo on

My husband got me a baby bootie charm for each of our children with their name and date of birth on it. He bought the bracelet as a wedding gift with a charm on has been adding different charms for different “big” events in our lives. It was very sweet.

Honey on

I have never heard of a push gift. I had to look that one up. The best push present he could give is to be an amazing father. That’s the best gift to give.

Kell on

What’s with the use of these childish terms lately? ‘Baby bump’, ‘Kimye’ (uch), and now ‘push’ present? With the way people talk and write anymore, you have to wonder what will be ‘normal’ in the future. It’s cute for LOLCats, but for people,,, not so much.

Anonymous on

I’m so sick of these push presents. Women have come to expect it. You’re having a baby, much life most of the rest of the world does on a daily basis. Get over yourselves.

holly on

Push present? That is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard of.

Becca on

I think a “push present” is sweet. Everyone needs to calm down. People will always have something to *b* about!

Anonymous on

I can’t stand him but I’m glad he wants to give his wife a present.

Delancey on

I think it’s sweet of a father to acknowledge the birth of a baby with a gift; however, I’m not a fan of the term “push present.” Someone, please, come up with something else.

Jen on

Maybe he can give her a pair of the ugly shoes she designs. Nah, she probably wouldn’t be caught dead in them.

Dawn on

Wow! so many of you making the “Push Present” such a big deal. He loves his wife and appreciates the fact that she is carrying their baby boy for 9 months and knows she will go through a lot for the birth. Yes, the present is the baby, but he wants to give her a little something extra to show his love and appreciation.

Mommy on

He’s not sure what to get yet???? something BIG and SPARKLY!

Pansy on

I wonder if I show this to my husband if I can get something 17 years after the fact!!! LOL 😉 I agree the term is off-putting; but the thought behind it is sweet.

Looloo on

Im sorry, but the comment “my children are grown” is so untrue…. All of us continue to grow daily throughout our lives, not just until we’re 18, 21, etc…. and we ALL need each other to help in that growth in life until the day we die….. 10 and 14 yr olds need so much guidance the next few yrs… hopefully they won’t be left to grow on their own…. that’s when trouble starts

elizabeth on

I love all the negativity about push presents…must be from women who didn’t get gifts lol!!! Yes your child is a gift but for a guy to go out and pick a special gift is wonderful especially when its a gift that can be passed down.

sarah on

i WANT to like Fergi so much..but Maybe its all the makeup, but she just looks so OLD and full of herself. Some people just look better without all that junk on their faces. natural beauty. Very happy for them though, anything a father/husband wants to do for his wife to show his appreciation is sweet.

dixie on

“Push-present” was coined by the Kardashian/KW trash.

Shame on JD for lowering his wife’s gift of a son to such vulgarity.

There is no need for him to be so crude and public about what he does for his wife after birthing a son.

Vic on

Hey if you have the money, why not. Women should always welcome presents. Lolol Dont turn away gifts from your man! Lolol

Anonymous on

How stupid! The baby is the gift!

Ivixen on

I agree that push presents sound like compensation for pregnancy and delivery, which I find insulting. I carried my children because I wanted them – not so my husband could buy me a designer handbag. The small, sentimental gifts (like a necklace with a child’s birthstone or name on it) seem okay as they are more commemorative and less like a reward. I hope this trend dies quickly.

yesman on

I find it irksome that women today are so self-absorbed and needy. It starts with flowers after their first (and every subsequent) dance recital & extravagant two-day prom preparations (gotta have professionally done nails, hair, make-up) then extreme marriage proposals (better top the one my best friend received) and bachelorette parties to far flung locations (no worries how much is costs my friends – it’s all about ME) and of course they need to be rewarded for having a baby (OMG – do you know how much I went through & how had to change my life style for 9 months). I’m glad I have boys & hope they choose more drama-free, down to earth women.

Becky on

Do guys get push presents for making the wife or girlfriend pregnant?

Mad Hatters on


Sounds like a lot of you didn’t get gifts so now the idea is “stupid”.

Look, they are married, in love, have a new baby, have the money… any reason to show each other appreciation and give gifts IS A GOOD THING.

It’s called being nice!

Does the idea of ‘just because’ cards anger you too?

Get a grip.

Glad you're not my mother on

@Amy, you sound like a real bitch. I hope you tell your child one day that he/she was not a gift in your eyes.

heather on

Melissa A White, if you’re going to demand a push present, why bother telling your husband? Just go out and buy yourself something.

Jason P on

Why do they both feel the need to announce every time they have a hang nail or hemrroid?

kim on

ive had 2 kids. no ‘push present’. who the hell came up with this stupid idea anyways?? isnt the baby gift enough??

Karen on

My push present was a ring with my son’s birthstone. My husband is not known for being a romantic but he really knocked it out of the park on this one.

Amy on

I think the term “push present” is tacky.

I’m not going to judge you if you get a “push present” (yuck) from your husband after giving birth. Wait, let me ammend that. I think it’s considerate for a husband to give his wife a present out of love. I WILL judge you if you think you DESERVE a present for going through pregnancy. That isn’t a present, that’s called payment. And ewww.

klutzy_girl on

I just can’t believe this is an issue. If you like the idea of a push present go for it, and if you don’t then forget it. Why does everything have to turn into a debate, name calling, etc. So weird.

Cameron on

Arrrggghhhh, STOP CALLING IT A PUSH PRESENT!!! That is the most horrible, gag-inducing phrase ever created, and whomever is responsible for it should be boiled in their own pudding.

Charli Mabriel on

I don’t understand how “Girl” can say it’s HIS present. Didn’t you want your child? I was one of those prego (yup, I like that word) moms that said “we’re pregnant”. Never did I feel superior to my hubby, after all I was the one who got to feel the kicks, hiccups & have a beautiful baby bump (oops, I did it again) to talk to. I LOVED every single second of being pregnant, I love feeling phantom kicks. Why are we as women getting so spiteful about what we think we deserve?! IMO you’re with the wrong man if you’re that angry and demanding.

Charli Mabriel on

Great comment Becky! I so agree, I think a lot of my husband. I could never have had my babies without him, I think some women need to remember that.

courtney on

My VBAC last September was my push present bc I didn’t get to push the first time. I think if he wants to buy a gift that is great, although it shouldn’t be expected or necessary. And yes the term “push present” is very dumb. And I can’t stand prego and preggers. I cringe everytime I hear it.

Sandra on

My push present was a cobalt blue Kitchen Aid mixer, 12 years and one more baby later everything is still in good working order.

AnchorMan on

I assumed a push present was going to be a buggy or a pram lol

lindsey on

My mother in laws “push present” became my enengagement ring. I love that it was the gift she received when my husband was born.

Jess on

I think it’s fairly normal to give a gift to a new mother. My mom got a beautiful pendant from her parents when she had my sister. Their 1st grandchild. She didn’t get a gift with each of us but with the 1st she did and I think it’s very sweet. My mom gave her pendant to my sister when she had my nephew who was my moms 1st grandchild.

suzy diamond on

OMG…what at STUPID article! What….is she a dog?

Viv on

I don’t get all the negativity about it. It’s a gift to show his appreciation for what she’s given him. I didn’t get anything special with either of my babies, but my Mom was sweet enough after our first was born to bring me a new set of comfy pjs and a robe, that 9 years later I still have, and love to cuddle up with my kids with. Yes, they were basic things that wouldn’t have meant much any other time, but by the time we left the hospital, my daughters gifts filled the car (literally, the trunk was full, and I had to squeeze in the back with her) so it was nice that someone thought about me for a second, and not just the baby I had carried for 8 1/2 months and had to endure 14 hours of intense labor, followed by an emergency c-section. JMO

Nancy on

So what about us who adopted and both parents spent a month in a foreign country….which is harder…hubby was just as involved..

Charli Mabriel on

Nancy, having a child is not a competition. Who are you to say what’s harder?! I had super easy c-section pregnancies and I salute every single mother and father who has brought a child into this world – STOP JUDGING! Unless you’ve had a child every single way possible, please keep your “winning” comments to yourself.

Anonymous on

Pushing the baby out doesn’t scratch the surface on what it takes to be a mother. Guys.. save the gift for when she least expects it to thank her for the awesome job she does juggling all that goes into raising a child.

Anonymous on

He will prob give her a nice ROCK to go with her Other ROCK! LOL!! I love these two, and can’t wait to see baby Duhamel!

Anonymous on

I love all these replies. I just have to say that.

Wow! on

OMG, she’s STILL pregnant? It’s been forever and a day….

Summer on

I think all the hate on here for push presents are just bitter women who didn’t get them. A woman shouldn’t expect a gift as a healthy baby and mom is gift enough. However, if a man wants to show his appreciation for her by giving her something, what’s wrong with that? My husband got me a beautiful mother/child necklace with our son’s birthstone. I wear it every day and will give it to his future wife or daughter one day. (And for the haters – he also helps with the baby, cleans the house, cooks, and gives me thoughtful little things all the time! I’m a lucky girl!)

Liz on

I had two pretty difficult pregnancies, kept working at the same hectic job with both until the day I delivered them both naturally in what turned out to be two complicated births, one premature. With both I went back to work way sooner than what is normal in Canada and kept pumping for the baby day and night. I definitely thought that the baby was our gift and did not ask or receive any gifts for it. However, lets be real ladies, isn’t it sweet to get little momentos from the one you love?It should never be expected because that isn’t classy but if my husband had presented me with something sweet I wouldn’t mind at all – isn’t it what we do for our own mothers on Mother’s Day? I

rothiam on

I got a baby and a significant piece of jewelry after the births of all three of my children. It’s called appreciation and I don’t see anything wrong with it at all…except for the name “push present”. That for me was the easiest part…it’s all the waiting with painful contractions that I had a tough time with.

rothiam on

Oh, I almost forgot…our new baby also got a special present (went home in a very fancy new outfit) because who knows how much work it had to go thru to come into the world.

Sydney Chandler on

This is just more nonsense made up by some White woman who thinks because she’s had a baby she’s special. Because we know that no other women in the world have EVER had babies. And the “babymoon” is the other ridiculousness. Why not just be happy to have a healthy baby because after-all, the woman decided to get pregnant in the first place.

berta garcia on

What ever he wants to call it … I think its sweet if your hubby or baby daddy give s u a momento of the babies birth ….yes baby is a bleaaing and gift from God but the the partnees gift would be a treasure too ♥

Anonymous on

Good for her! My husband gave me one for each of my children. We don’t call it a push present.

“Push-present” was coined by the Kardashian/KW trash.”
Umm….nice try. Not everything can be blamed on them. My children have been around way longer than the show being on the air and I have been getting “push presents” since the first one. Anyway.

Adopted mothers can get gifts as well…if their husband give them one. A c-section isn’t a push, surrogacy isn’t a push…. It’s just a word. You really sound petty.

Sydney Chandler on July 25th, 2013
“This is just more nonsense made up by some White woman who thinks because she’s had a baby she’s special. Because we know that no other women in the world have EVER had babies. And the “babymoon” is the other ridiculousness. Why not just be happy to have a healthy baby because after-all, the woman decided to get pregnant in the first place.”

Of course race gets brought up! Only white people do this. We are the selfish, materialistic, greedy ones. What a crock of s**t! You do know a baby moon happens before a baby is born, so you don’t know if the baby is healthy. I know several people who thought they were having a healthy baby and either had a stillborn or delivered an unhealthy baby. Not sure what planet you are from, but in my world of white people who get push presents and who go on baby moons….it’s not the women who decided to get pregnant it’s the man and women. You know, the couple.

frank on

The man deserves a present for putting up with the mothers shit for 9 months

J on

I don’t understand this concept. “Congratulations on doing what your body is supposed to do naturally and let’s pretend you created this baby all on your own and will care for it all on your own since that’s what society likes to think anyhow!”

Just part of this “men are worthless trash and second-class parents” trend that the country has been in….completely sad.

J on


LMAO You’re hilarious! I could care less if I get a gift. In fact, since I have a great deal of education and make six figures, I could buy myself a “push present” if I wanted. However, I have no need of one because I do not consider myself the superior parent nor do I think I deserve a reward for deciding to become a parent (other than my precious baby.)

Yeah, I’m soooo jealous of your uneducated sorostitute life and dependency on a man…LMAO

Guest on

HATE the term “push present” you should not get a “gift” for giving birth to your child!! Celebrities are such idiots.

senseofhumor on

I think the term and idea is hilarious! I got flowers and little boxes of chocolates and treats after my kids were born. nothing over the top. its a hell of alot of working PUSHING babies out! a little gift from her husband is sweet!

Myla on

Giving his wife a gift is a sweet gesture. Regardless of what he calls it, he didn’t have to deal with all the nasty aspects of carrying a baby. It’s annoying when people make pregnancy out to be this spectacular, special time when in reality, many people go through a lot of nasty crap to give birth. I have 4 kids and each pregnancy was worse than the last…the last pregnancy was the perfect lifetime birth control…I will never be pregnant again thanks to my crotch hurting 24/7…..I WISH my now ex-husband would have given me gifts!

And to the poster that said changing your last name is nothing…that’s BS. Why are women expected to do so much? Carry babies, change last names, do all the housework, care for the kids, give up themselves and their identity to please a man and raise kids….we might as well go back to the 30’s.

Catherine on

A push present is neither vulgar nor offensive. Years ago some sweet, romantic, appreciative man bought his wife an awesome gift for the gift of love & life that she gave to him.

Most call it sweet & romantic; some a token of appreciation for all the discomfort and pain we endure from beginning to end.

I think perhaps those who haven’t received one or more could be jealous & have nasty attitudes towards fathers & mothers that have a closer bond & an appreciation for this little life. I think it is so sweet & sentimental. Someday that baby will inherit that “vulgar” push present. I think they will see it as their Daddy really loving their Mommy & them!