The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Welcome a Son

07/22/2013 at 03:30 PM ET

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Welcome a Son

We have a new royal.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have welcomed their first child, a son, PEOPLE confirms.

The news the world’s been waiting for since Kate went into London’s St. Mary’s Hospital early Monday morning was revealed Monday afternoon, some four hours after the Duchess, 31, gave birth.

The message was delivered in a press release, stating that a son was born at 4:24 p.m., weighing 8 lbs., 6 oz. After about 14 hours of labor, Kate had a natural delivery.

With a broad smile the couple’s press secretary Ed Perkins took the announcement to a waiting blue Jaguar to be whisked to the palace.

Kate and William wanted to spend a bit of time with their baby and make their phone calls. But William, 31, personally told the Queen, his father, Prince Charles and wife Camilla and brother Prince Harry.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh “are delighted” by the news.

Kate’s parents were also called.

“It’s been a wonderful day and everyone’s delighted,” says a palace source.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is also among those informed, along with other high-ranking officials.

The waiting crowds celebrated near St. Mary’s. The theatrical presentation of the birth news will continue when the notice is placed on an easel on the Buckingham Palace forecourt. A gun salute in the royal parks in London is expected to follow.

The new arrival is third in line to the throne, following the baby’s father, William, and (first-in-line) grandfather, Prince Charles, 64. The public will get its first glimpse of the child when the couple leave the hospital in the coming days.

Kate’s pregnancy was revealed on Dec. 3, 2012, when she was admitted to the hospital in London suffering from severe morning sickness.

William spoke of the couple’s desire to have children when they announced their engagement in 2010. He told ITN they would get to planning after their wedding: “Obviously we want a family, so we’ll have to start thinking about that.” And he has since said that he wants two kids.

— Simon Perry

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Donna Boucher on

Yay!!!! The little prince has finally made his entrance into the world, congrats William and Kate on your little bundle of joy.

Natalie on

I’m sure they want two, but aren’t they somewhat obligated to have two the heir and the spare?
Maybe number 2 will be a girl.


Congrats to them! Babies are amazingly wonderful!

SAR on

How nice! I had a feeling it was a boy. Now the Queen has her first great-grandson, too.

They won’t have to change the rules of succession, not that it really matters much anymore. I’m sure Will and Kate will be great parents and Harry will have a lot of fun with his new nephew.

Tee Tee on

So glad that Kate and the baby are doing well!

klutzy_girl on

This is exciting! Congratulations to them and can’t wait to hear his name.

Amber California on

Congratulations!!! Wow, I thought it was going to be a girl! How wonderful!

merry on

How cool! Can’t wait to hear the name. Then again, the pressure Kate must be under, is unimaginable. Wish her some peaceful time with her new baby.

Stella Bella on


Hea on

Finally! Longest. Pregnancy. Ever. Congrats to them.

Crystal on

I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for them! Congratulations to The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. What a blessing to have a healthy baby boy in their family. I am a TAD disappointed they didn’t have a girl. I want a little girl for them so badly. Especially one he can name to honor his late mother. I can’t wait to hear his name. Congrats again!!! 🙂

Sharon on

I feel the same way, Crystal…i am a little disappointed. I was sure it would be a girl. Nonetheless i am glad he is healthy.

MamaBear on

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! Labour and birth can be so stressful and exciting all at the same time, I can just imagine how much more pressuring it was for Kate with the whole world watching! Glad to know everything went well. I had my boy a week ago 🙂

Luisa on

She went in to hospital at approx 5.30am and delivered at 4.24pm in my calculations thats only 10/11ish hours of labour not 14!!

Royalfab on

She had already been labouring at home when she was admitted to the hospital.

Sharon on

I have been waiting for this news!!! Congratulations to this beautiful couple!! I was wrong, though…i was convinced it was a girl!!

Aubrey on

Congratulations, Will & Kate! He is going to be such a handsome gentleman. Hoping that they include Spencer somewhere in his long name!

Terri on

Awww, I was kind of hoping it was a girl, but congratulations to them!

Bonita Love on

congratulations William and Kate your would have been so proud

Alisa on

Kate actually was hoping for a boy. So, I’m sure she is thrilled!

nikki on

I think they should call him spencer william michael charles

mel on

SAR-the rules of succession were already changed and those changes have been made into law.

Miche on

Geez Luisa, some people labour at home for a bit before going into the hospital. It’s how you know you’re “in labour”. I doubt they are lying about the hours…

Congrats to them. Wouldn’t want all that pressure myself.

Jenny on

I really wanted it to be a girl!! 😦 A cute little girl who’s a blend of both Kate and Will dressed in cute frocks and tutus, who will be the next Queen and foremost be a strong influence for women and girls everywhere and modernize future generations. Not happy, and as a mom of 3 girls who always wanted girls (never a son), there’s something special about them. A princess and perhaps future Queen will be a better influence than a prince. No offense though, just my opinion as I’m very pro girl and a tad anti-boy hehe.

Sharon on

I have to agree with you, Jenny. I love little girls, and i reeeally wanted her to have a girl. You are very lucky to have 3 daughters. As a “girly girl” myself, i would LOVE a daughter when the time comes for my husband and i to have a baby. My grandmother wanted a girl and got her wish…my mom, and my mom wanted a girl and got her wish….ME!! I hope it is my turn lol 😉 i just don’ t think i could relate to a boy like i would a girl. Hope i dont get bashed for this…its just how i feel.

Someone's Mommy on

Well Jenny, there’s something special about boys, too! Some of these comments are odd.

Alisa on

Jenny, why not point your girls to Queen Elizabeth herself? She has been a successful Queen for 61 years. Or Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, even Michelle Obama… I don’t think there’s a shortage of strong, female role models!


CONGRATS 2 da Current MOST FAMOUS ROYALS….To bad PRINCESS DIANA iz NOT physically here 2 see her Grandson but I know she iz spiritually & smiling down from above @ KATE will be an AMAZING MOTHER….IMMA soooo EXCITED & I CAN’T wait to see da 1st photos of the FAMOUS & HISTORICAL TOT!!!!

Marky on

Jenny, Queen Elizabeth herself is a wonderful example of courage, honor, strength and so much more. There are surely wonderful role models in your family and in your neighborhood. You should not be disappointed that William and Catherine had a son lest that child not be an example of womanhood to your daughters. How would you have felt if someone had said they were so disappointed you had daughters because they wanted you to have a son? That is just so harsh.

Jen on

Congrats to them!!!

I am also somewhat bummed that she didn’t have a girl JUST because I thought it would be awesome to see the change in old fashioned laws to go into effect. It would have been cool to know if it had been a girl regardless of birth order, she would have been Queen over any other siblings. It would have been a pretty monumental and ground breaking thing to see going into effect (although I would probably be an elderly person by the time that happened).

That said, a healthy-happy baby is all that matters. 🙂

MomOfTwo on

Jenny you are so ungrateful! How can you say, you never wanted a son??? A child is a GIFT and should be seen like that! You should be happy and grateful for having children! It doesnt matter if boy or girl! Shame on you!

Isabel on

Jenny, what an odd comment! For the record, I’m sure just as you’re happy you never had a son, millions of little boys out there would be thrilled they’ll never have you for a mother. Yikes.

Hea on

Jenny – You have Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, Estelle of Sweden, Elizabeth of Belgium, Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, Leonor of Spain… All five destined to be Queens.

Luisa on

Jenny i’ve never heard of someone other than the expectant mother suffering from gender dissapointment!!!

Vey on

Far from southern asia, at a small town Manado – North Sulawesi
Welcome to the world HRH Prince of Cambridge
And congrats for HRH Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge

Me on

Actually Queen Elizabeth already has a couple of great-grandchildren.

gaby on

for those of you who are saying you don’t want girls, you outa be ashamed of yourselves. I have 1 daughter and I would like to have a son. and it doesn’t matter the gender, as long as it is healthy. and some people who go out there and plan their baby’s gender, that is just cruel

gaby on

and I thought it would be a girl too, I was so sure!!

Alisa on

Sharon, I hope you have a boy so he can steal your heart!

Amanda on

Seeing how some people are disappointed that ti’s not a girl, I am THRILLED that it’s a boy!! Jenny and whoever else has that girl preference, what is wrong with having a future King in tone for monarchy? We already have plenty of Queens from neighboring countries: Infanta Leonor and Sophia, Catharina-Amalia and her sisters, the princess of Belgium, Ingrid Alexandra of Norway..etc. So there are definitely going to be queens in the future and I’m sure they will help shape the modern world as well and be good female role models. I think it’s good to have a future king as well who can be a positive role model. for all boys and men. I don’t know why but boys seem to get a bad rep for some reason and girls always seem to be prized..shouldn’t gender equality be important?

Patrice Lowe on

Congratulations to the proud parents as they welcome the little prince into the world. Eager to know what Kate and William are going to call him. Rarely has the world awaited a child as it has this little bundle of joy. Can’t help but think of princess Diana at this time. Wishing this happy family all the very best.

sinclair on

too bad!! I was hoping for a girl!!! Jenny, I’m right there with you…and for those getting all butt hurt that Jenny expressed this sentiment, so what? For years, it was all about male babies–finally we get to the point where people actually WANT baby girls and you are upset? Puleez. Do you hate being female that much? I cannot understand women being upset that another woman expressed a desire for a female child–their same gender. A man being not so excited about a baby is not surprising, but i’m finding a lot of women have drunk this Kool Aid as well.

Sharon on

Sinclair, i agree. It irritates me that so many women still think men have to do everything. My mother in law is a prime example. She wants everybody to have a boy, will never root for women on shows such as american idol for example, wont go to a girl to check her out at the grocery store. These are just some examples. Shes just boy, boy, boy and ppl dont say anything to her, but God forbid someone says something about prefering girls…its a big crime. No one bashes men for wanting sons.

Sharon on

Also i have expressrd how i want a girl one day and she tells me im selfish, when she toldme years ago how she wanted a boy so much. I bet if these women wanted boys instead of girls, no one would have a problem.

Amanda on

Why don’t you read and give thought about what we are saying. No I do not hate being female, I embrace it. I myself have two daughters AND one son whom I love all dearly and equally. I love the feminine aspect, every bit and share this with my girls, but I also have very special connection with my son as well in which ppl think he’s less because he’s a “boy”. I don’t like that people put down boys as they are inferior and girls are a winning prize. It’s very girl frenzy that people pout and pity you for having a boy or all boys, people even mistreat their sons like dirt and favor and spoil their daughters, is that right? That’s ridiculous! Jenny also said herself she’s a bit “anti-boy” herself, and says that a male is not fit to rule a kingdom, like really? Those are very insensitive comments and just show gender hatred. I myself praise feminism and I love it. I love people cheering over baby girls and celebrating them. I am happy that law where a firstborn girl will get the throne, but not to point where they degrade boys! We need to celebrate and love both, and for the matter of fact I do find it shameful that people are pitying Will and Kate for having a SON! It’s immature!

Missy on

Congrats to them on a healthy baby but I, like others who posted here, was hoping for a princess. And to those who complain about these women wishing for girls over boys, get over yourselves. For so long it was all about male babies. I’m glad people have finally started to express girl preferences, and they shouldn’t be afraid of being judged for it. In fact, I hope women will be more open about their desire for daughters. No one tells a man off when he expreses his wish for a son. It’s time to end these stupid double standards.