Hillary Scott Welcomes Daughter Eisele Kaye

07/22/2013 at 02:15 PM ET

Hillary Scott Welcomes Daughter Eisele Kaye
Al Powers/Invision/AP

Welcome, little Lady!

Lady Antebellum‘s lead singer Hillary Scott and her husband, drummer Chris Tyrrell, are the proud parents of a baby girl, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Born Monday, July 22, in Nashville,Β Eisele Kaye Tyrrell weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz. The names honor Chris’s mother’s maiden name (pronounced Eyes-lee) and Hillary’sΒ mother’s middle name.

“She is incredibly gorgeous,” the proud dad tells PEOPLE.

This is the first child for the couple, who, following a six-month engagement, were married in January 2012 during an intimate ceremony in upstate New York.

Scott, 27, announced the pregnancy in December, and revealed in March that they were expecting a girl. She also revealed one little quirk of her pregnancy.

“There was one night where I looked at my husband and I was like, ‘We really have to go to the grocery store because I need a Pop-Tart right now,” Scott said. “That’s really one of the only cravings I’ve had, that and sleep.”

The band, which includes Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, recently released “Goodbye Town,” the second single off their album, Golden.

–Tim Nudd and Mary Margaret

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Anonymous on

Let the name police begin

Sam on

Congratulations to them! Love them name! ❀

JE on

Love her so much and such a talented group!!!!!! The songs really kick butt.

leslie thomas on

Congratulations on your new addition to your family.

Brooklyn on

I actually like the name once I knew how it was pronounced, but at first I thought it was eyes-elle. Congrats to them!

ADJ on

Congrats!!! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Congrats! I thought she was waaay older than that!

Lauren Kaminski on

Very cute and interesting name,love it! Congratulations!!!:)

Tee Tee on

Been waiting to hear this news! Congratulations to Hillary and Chris!!!

Kelsey on

Love the name! Beautiful!

denise on


Jasmine on

Congrats to Hillary and Chris ~~~~~ and what a beautiful name for their daughter !!!!!! Much happiness to the couple !!!!!!

JC on

Love the name! It means something special to them and their family! Congrats!

JD on


That little girl will be explaining the pronunciation of her name her whole life lol

toprat on

Shut up JD

Anonymous on

Who is ever going to get that pronunciation?

toprat on

Not your concern…….

Windy on

Congratulations to Hillary and Chris!! I also love the name! It’s unique!

Erica Zahn on

Congrats Hilary and hubby! Love the name! My daughter and I are super fans of Lady A! Enjoy her it goes by so fast!

Me on

Pretty name when you say it, but a little tough to read/spell. I want to say it as “Eye-sell,” which is an interesting name, but irrelevant. Congratulations.

Margaret on

she’s going to spend some time teaching people how to pronounce it, but that’s a beautiful name for what must be a beautiful baby!! Congrats Hillary & Chris from a major Lady A fan!!

larissabeth on

If a name is meant to be pronounced “Eyes-lee” they maybe should have chosen a spelling like.. I dunno.. Eisley? Eislee? Eisle? Any of those would have been at least close. That spelling is pronounced Eyes-elle. There are actual phonetic rules to language, people ought to pay more attention to them.

toprat on

You should pay attention that the name was his mothers maiden name and already had a spelling. It was chosen to honor her. Go teach. Somewhere other than a pop culture feed.

Sharon on

Congratulations!! Love the name!

Joyce on

Congrats to the new mom and dad the baby is beautiful I am sure..

Sigh on

Congrats to them both, but nobody is ever doing to pronounce that kid’s name right. Phonetics are your friend.

Sharon on

*before reading the article i thought it was pronounced like Gisele but with an E*

shannon on

Congratulations and great name.

J. Carrion on

What a beautiful name and so special after both grandmothers. I absolutely love it!

Lisa B on

Yay! Congrats to the happy couple. I love Lady A as a group and have all of their music! Enjoy your new bundle of joy, Hillary! πŸ™‚

Carly on

Congrats Hillary & Chris. πŸ™‚

Happymom on

Love the name but the spelling is going to be a bitch her whole life…

Anonymous on

love that name!

Kathy on

Congrats to Hillary & Chris !!!! Best blessing in the whole world a new baby. πŸ™‚

Erin on

LOVE that name and the reasons behind it.

lilah on


Angela broome on

Congrats on ur lil joy may god bless u w many many happy memories to come w ur family keep one thing in mind always keep a camera near bye u nevet no w u will need it…..best wish to u guys and again congrats on ur baby girl..

tea7 on


Shanyn on

How exciting! Love the name!

Tanya on

Congrats, I’m glad they clarified how to pronounce the name because no normal person will read it like that. Totally dislike odd spelling of names. I love Hillary and wish the young family much happiness.

Nicole on

It’s not an odd spelling… it is Chris’ mother’s maiden name, and therefore it is spelled correctly.

Nikki on

I thought, at first glance, it would be pronounced Easel. Get ready to correct a lot of people!

Dee on

A new member of Country music royalty! Congratulations and many years of happiness.

Carmen on

Congratulations to the beautiful family.

Cecily on

Congratulations! It’s a bit of a tough name to pronounce and will definitely always have to be clarified and spelled out. However, I have gone through a similar problem with my name and still wouldn’t trade it for a more common. All the best to the baby and parents!

cindy on

Congrats! Y’all will be great parents. She will be a bundle of joy. Take care. And hope to see pics later of her.

Lori on

I hope she gets her Mom’s amazing vocal ability! Hillary has a beautiful voice!

Julianna on

Congratulations, Hillary and Chris, and welcome to the world, little Eisele! I love the name and the meaningful ties it has to their family.

Becky on

Congrats on your baby girl..Love the name..

Marcinda on

Cute name! Love her! Congrats!!

Sloane on

I love the name! It’s beautiful, and it has meaning (:

KiKi on

Congratulations! I never would have pronounced her name correctly if PEOPLE hadn’t included “how to pronounce it”. Thank you.

Amy on

Love the name! Very unique. Congrats to Hillary and Chris!

marley on

very pretty first name, different but not bizarre. love that it pays tribute to family!

helen on

congrats on the birth off ur daughter and wish u well and speedy recovery and enjoy her God Bless to the both off u she sure is a blessing

Beth A Baker on

Awe so cute, same day as the little prince!

Debbie Phillips on

Bless your new arrival. They are a blessing. God Bless

shelly on

CONGRATS to Hillary an Chris sooo happy for u Love an Cherish every moment

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Hillary & Chris on the birth of their baby girl.

Elisama Rodrigues on

God bless this blessed family.

Stacy on

Sorry to see this has taken a backseat to the royal baby. Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl! Lucky girl to share the day with the future king!

Anonymous on

Congrats To the happy couple, Love the name. To bad the royal baby stole all the thunder.

Jesse1 on

Much congrats!!! Very happy for them.

Ginger on


Marlena on

Congrats!!! Your baby deserves just as much attention as the royal baby! Those Brits man!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!!

Cindy on

Will think of Star Wars and Mos Eisley every time I hear it – hope they’re fans …

Anonymous on

how in the world do they think any one is gonna get Eyes-lee out of that??? looks like Ees-elle. ridiculous

Elena on

Eyes-lee? LOL, at first I thought Eisele was pronounced Eyes-elle. Isley would have been easier to spell and pronounce. I don’t care if Eisele is the baby’s grandmother’s maiden name. This is going to be one challenging name to work with, but congrats to the parents, anyway! I’m sure she’s mighty sweet and beautiful!

Julia on

Congratulations and what a beautiful name!

Erika on

I love her. Congratulations!

miss ally on

awww congrats! i love Hilary! She is gorgeous and i am sure the baby is too! Love her name!!! CONGRATS!

Rachel on

Love her! That will be one beautiful little girl

Tiffany on

Congratulations to Hilary & her hubby! I love love love Lady Antebellum πŸ˜€

Side note: I’m totally perplexed & admittedly miffed by parents taking far too much poetic license with the spelling vs. pronunciation of their children’s names. I honestly wish that they’d accept the fact that the rules of English pronunciation- when talking about American names anyway-still apply, however they’re wishing the spelling of the name would be pronounced. This child will likely forever spend her days correcting people and telling them that her name is not pronounced “Eye-selle” (the way it will/should be pronounced if taking into consideration it’s spelling). Sigh.

karen on

Love Hillary! Congrats to her and Chris. Very sweet name too.

terri on

Congratulations to your own little princess. To her, you’ll be royalty.

Carrow on

I love the spelling! Congrats.

Her birth announcement will be a little overshadowed by William and Kate’s baby. But maybe that’s how she wants it.


Ashley on

Congrads Hillary… Once i heard about #TheRoyalBaby I had this odd feeling Hillary had hers, and i was right :)! Now we have a #RoyalBaby & a #LadyAntebellumBaby πŸ™‚

Suzee on

Nobody will ever pronounce her name correctly! You have to think about that. All of her teachers, everywhere she goes, she will have to be correcting people. Terrible

Mary on


Kenya on

Beautiful name..Congratulations

Aubrey on

Wow! What a beautiful name!

dudley doright on

that kid is going to have to tell everyone for the rest of her life how to pronouce her name.

ebony on

Congrats…I love children…I have two little girls myself…oh and beautiful name

Tee on

I agree people are going to always mess up her name, they could of spelled it Isley (like the brothers) and saved all the trouble of people messing it up (when she goes to daycare (doubtful she does) or when she starts school….poor kid. Isley is soooooooooo much easier and it still could have been in recognition of her mother-in-law for goodness sakes. Anyway, congrats!

Anonymous on

Beautiful special name… Love it

Amy on

Congrats! Love the name and the meaning! Its sooo much better than North, Cricket, etc.

God Bless this family!

JustMe on

Congrats, Hillary & Chris! As for the name, I think it’s adorable. So what if she has to explain how to spell it? It is a tribute to a family member. It’s no different than having to spell ‘Caitlin/Katelyn/Katlyn/etc’ out because there are 19 ways to spell it… Also, my maiden last name was impossible to spell and I had to explain it all the time..my parents didn’t change my last name, they could have if they wanted to….why should a first name be any different?

Anonymous on

Congratulations,i bet she beautiful.

Linda on

No one will know how to pronounce her name but congrats!

Isabel on

Congratulations to the new parents although the spelling definitely doesn’t match the pronunciation.

Elizabeth on

I cant pronounce that name at all people have a hard time with my daughters name n she still gets picked on I feel sorry for that kid

Kat on

“Eisele” is a Southern German surname meaning something like “little Iron”. To me, it sounds absolutely ridiculous….

lauren on

Congrats. Beautiful name but I agree with the other posters. Never a good sign when a name requires a pronounciation guide.

Patty on

Congratulations and best wishes for happiness in the future. God bless you all!