Meet Sara Rue’s Daughter Talulah

07/19/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Sara Rue Daughter Talulah First Photo
Courtesy Sara Rue. Inset:Paul A. Hebert/Getty

She’s nothing less than perfect!

Sara Rue may have been showing off her headband handiwork, but the star of her sweet snapshot that she shared Friday on Twitter was her daughter, Talulah.

And no one knows that better than the new mom.

“Check out this headband that I made… OH, and also meet Talulah!!” the actress Tweeted along with a photo of her 5-month-old dimpled darling, dressed in a pink polka dot romper and matching floral hair piece.

The former Malibu Country star, 34, and her husband Kevin Price welcomed their baby girl in February, just shy of Valentine’s Day.

“Had the best Valentines Day w/ my husband & our new baby daughter Talulah!” Rue Tweeted at the time. “She was born a few days ago & we couldn’t be more in love w/ her.”

— Anya Leon

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Liz on

She is just absolutely precious!!!

Just Me on

I agree Kelly…I never subjected my daughter to those things. It’s a trend that needs to disappear quickly.

Jules on


VB on

I agree Kelly!

Razmataz2 on

I would prefer a big, gaudy headband than anyone thinking my bald daughter is a boy.

Tara on

Wow you people are extremely sensitive about reflecting the correct gender of your kids. I am all for celebrating the huge differences between boys and girls and despise this neutral gender movement. But..,,seriously is it that big a deal if someone calls your child by the wrong gender at the age of 6 months?

StellaBella on

jeez, what is wrong with people, it’s a young human, not a party centerpiece!!! why do they DO that with female babies!???? The fontanel is fragile. and synthetic materials are uncomfortable (though she seems to be enduring it). How garish and stupid. Don’t put doilies and fake floral arrangements on babies’ heads OR on their bodies! Naked or wearing soft natural fabrics!

Angela on

I don’t like the headbands either but she didn’t put a helmet on her head. It IS made of soft fabric.

StellaBella on

no stupid flowers!

Maureen on

What a cutie patootie! And, I LOVE her homemade headband.

Kate on

I think the headband is adorable and I love wearing them it keeps my hair off my face. Why people think headbands are ugly i dont know i guess just different sense of style. She is adorable congrats to the happy family.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Kelly, Just Me, and anyone else who decides a photo of a BABY is a good place to vent hateful opinions: “If you can’t say anything nice…” still applies, even on the internet. Your words are unnecessary and hurtful, and therefore unwelcome.

And what I actually scrolled down to the comments to say: she is utterly adorable.

I'm Honestly Curious on

Adorable. I’m not incredibly fond of the headbands but two things. It adds something to a rather bald head instead of silly wee barrettes in tiny tufts of hair. Sara made it and didn’t spend some ostentatious amount. Good for her.

Puddytat72 on

What’s wrong with headbands? Most of the time, parents get angry if other people can’t tell if the kid is a boy or a girl. I think this helps cut down on the confusion.

Tara on

Normally I would say that’s a bit harsh Kelly but have to agree. I know moms want to make sure they know their baby is a girl so slap a bow or headband on them. It looks so uncomfortable for them. I had the opposite problem my son had very long eyelashes and curly hair and we needed to “butch” him up so he would stop getting called she. Sara Rue is very sweet regardless.

Julia on

I agree – she is a beautiful baby girl and that smile is beyond priceless. But the headband isn’t beautiful.

In my baby photos, my mom never put headbands on me – thank God

gigi on

I agree I don’t like the headbands either…to each their own.

Marky on

Liz, would you appreciate someone telling you how to dress your child? This is Sara’s child and she can dress her however she pleases! Lots of people LOVE headbands, and when they fit properly, babies are fine with them. Darling baby, and she looks adorable in her headband!

Guest on

I don’t like those headbands either and as the mother of two girls, I can tell you that putting a baby in a pink dress and pink tights and pink shoes still results in people saying, “What a cute little boy!”. I can’t imagine the headband helps and it doesn’t matter anyway.

Amanda on

Aww she’s such a cutie pie!! I mean her expression is just priceless! 🙂 I don’t get why people don’t like those headbands. They are adorable and don’t bother the babies. I personally think they are very trendy and I love that Sara makes them herself!

NSBooklady on

Why do some people always feel the need to find SOMETHING negative to day??? This is a seriously adorable child and headbands on girl babies have been around as long as I can remember, Girl babies were wearing them when my son was born ans he’s almost 39. No likely to go out of fashion any time soon. I think hers is sweet.

erica j on

love name talulah that name is in a wonderful book firefly lane by Kristin Hannah cute nickname would be Tully 🙂

OnlyNiceComments on


Ginger on

What a little doll. And I love the headband.

Becky on

What a cutie pie! I love her headband, too. She looks like such a happy little girl. Such a sweet picture.

Anonymous on

All babies look like WC Fields.

katrina on

I just love how every mom on here who does not like headbands automatically thinks everyone should hate them and are bad parents for doing it. I hate them myself.. never put them on my girls, however.. not my place to tell someone else how to dress their child.. its personal taste.. she is allowed to dress her the way she wants to Geez people, get over yourselves. Either way.. cute baby!

Callie on

FREAKIN ADORABLE. The nay sayers can go away now as you are being totally rude about a little baby. ASSES!

DMC on

I’m guilty you guys! I did or I should say tried the big obnoxious headband but she quickly let me know she hated it so I promised her I’d never subject her to that torture again!

Cris on

StellaBella chill…before you hurt yourself. It’s a piece of stretchy material. It’s not like they permanently attached it to her head. This baby looks incredibly sweet.

Armani on

What is wrong with you people!!! headbands have been around for over 100 years not a trend they look adorable on little girls just because you have no style does not mean their ugly!

Jay on

Happy, healthy baby. How wonderful,

Paula on

Adorable baby and adorable headband.

123 on

I make headbands and sell them on etsy, and my own daughter wears them often. The elastic is very soft and it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. I’m obviously a big fan of headbands and I think she looks adorable!

tolsonc on

Adorable little girl.

As the owner and designer of a children’s hair accessorry business, I can assure you that there are many many parents who like headbands for their little girls. I personally am not a fan of the crochet headbands (as shown above), but they are definitely not irritating – they are very soft and stretchy. I think it’s neat that Sara made the headband herself. Children’s headbands are definitely not a “trend” as I’ve been successfully selling them for years. To each their own. No need for any hostile comments. As the mother of 2 daughters, I never tried to force accessories on my children. My 4 year old loves hair clips. My 2 year old is a diva. She always wants to wear the sparkly shoes, pettiskirts, and headbands. At the age of 12 months she was handing stretchy headbands to me to help her put them on.

You can choose to like them or not.

Amanda on

She is so presh!! Personally, I like big obnoxious bows and cute shabby headbands, I guess that ‘s why I own my own bow boutique, lol. My twins have worn headbands since they were babies with no protest, and they won’t leave the house without one to this day. To each his own I guess, but I can say that they must not be too uncomfortable or they wouldn’t wear them. I say as long as you’re not endangering your childs life, it’s your munchkin you can dress them however you please.

kim on

wow. who knew a little headband could garner so much conversation and negativity?? everyone needs to relax. its just a piece of fabric w elastic. don’t get your panties in a bunch!! really no different than putting a hat on a little boy, which also is cute. i put headbands on my daughter. i did it because i thought it looked cute and feminine, NOT because i cared what other people think. i’m sure sara rue doesnt give two licks what you all think….

Tajma on


Charli on

What a happy, sweet, juicy baby!!! I always liked Sara Rue. I’m very happy for her.

Susan Hughes on

That little girl just could not be any cuter! I get the impression that she will enjoy a very happy home life.

Tara on

And that ladies is the most important thing correct?!

jld on

Can I have her? Please?

Kate on

Cute kid and you can tell she is a girl by her facial features and clothing. Also, she is not bald, which is where the horrible baby headband thing started to begin with. She doesn’t need the headband Sara. She’s already cute and girly!

Kate on

She’s a cute baby, and girly in her facial features and clothes. Plus she has hair (which the headband is obscuring!) The only thing worse is four or five year olds with ginormous hair bows made from yards and yards of fabric ribbon from the craft story…..usually multi-colored. Yuck! But again, cute baby, headband optional!

Becky on

That baby girl is so feeaking cute.Love that smile..I also like the headband..

Guest53 on

gorgeous little one

Rsdishell on

Seriously??! Bashing a babies headband is what your day consisted of? Not much to be proud of. Those headbands are soft (very popular in the 11-13 yr old group) and will not hurt the fontanel. Good Lord, if that be the case, an infant couldn’t do much come rolling and crawling. She is such a beautiful baby and it’s precious that her new mommy took the time to make a bow instead of buying one.

Rhonda on

She’s a cute, happy looking baby. For all of you who don’t like the headband I suggest that you don’t put them on your daughter. I am sure mothers who put them on their babies would never do anything to hurt their infant and if it hurt, the baby would be screaming her head off. Stop being negative over something that’s neither right or wrong, but a matter of choice.

Cooper on

Baby is cute, but why can’t Sara smile without looking smug. Her mouth has a smirk. I dunno, just seems like she’s always doing that.

bekah on

So cute!

giobravo on

I love the headband and think if commenters can’t say something nice then they shouldn’t say anything at all. Would they say that to someone’s face seeing their baby in person? Unless they’re Kramer on Seinfeld I’m pretty certain the answer is no. So haters need to behave. What would their mothers say? That they’re disappointed and the nasty commenters ought to be ashamed of themselves. Guys don’t say this to one another. You kidding? Most of us like to keep our teeth. Gay people go too far with one another and someone threatens someone else with getting cut if they’re not careful. So all y’all saying bad about this Mama and her baby just need to mind your own business. You’d be screaming mimis if someone said that about you and YOUR child and don’t tell me you wouldn’t because thats what I did as a kid and got in trouble for it at school DOZENS of times. BOUNCE!

My pleasure, Sara Rue. The headband is cute and so is your baby.

Tara on

You just went to a thought process I seriously doubt anyone even considered. Scares me more that those are your natural inclinations giobravo.

MJ on

Adorable baby!

Julianna on

What an adorable, precious little girl! Look at that smile!

MJ on

Adorable baby! 🙂

Michelle on

What petty, stupid, women some of you are..give me a break. What a creative, happy, mommy and a beautiful little girl!

Jadey on

She’s a beautiful baby and it’s a cute headband. My daughter has never let me put them on her but she may when she’s older. It’s just a pretty head accessory, what’s to hate?? Imagine if someone said ‘That’s horrible, throw it in the bin’ about something you’d put on your kid. Totally unnecessary.

lola on

Love the headband!! Such a cute picture. I have 4 daughters and I had a lot of those headbands available for my girls to wear when they were babies.

Someone's Mommy on

Guest, your comment made me smile. When my son was a few months old, I had him in his bucket infant seat and we were waiting in line at the store. This older man looked at my son – dressed head to toe in blue, seated in his blue car seat – and said “what a beautiful boy. That is a boy, isn’t it?” Too funny.

Sara on

This thread now confirms that people will complain about anything.

Jane on

I think some of the headbands are quite cute. Back in my day kids wore hats that tied or buttoned under their chins. Those were probably rather irritating to the baby.

This little baby looks so happy, just adorbs.

Alisa on

I don’t understand the whole “People will think my daughter is a boy” thing… Who cares what a stranger thinks? Also, exactly what is so AWFUL about having a boy?

Jane on

This is the stupidest post in a series of very stupid posts. What the hell makes you think anyone said it was wrong to have a boy?

Danielle on

Why such an ugly name for a little girl…… sound like tarantula……

Sharon on

I cannot believe how a headband became the topic instead of the BABY, who, btw, is just beautiful. People will really find anything to complain about. Thanks, Sara, for sharing your bundle of joy with us!!!

Tina G on

I hope some of you go play in some traffic. Don’t like the headband? That’s YOUR problem, keep it to yourself, no one asked for that useless opinion. “Trend” my butt hahaha OMG get a life, it won’t be disappearing any time soon, if anything those annoying comments make me want to make them, just to give them to parents for FREE, just to annoy.

Tina G on

So happy I refuse to conform to the trend of the headband haters. I love them, the bigger the better, my daughter loves them too. She won’t leave the house without a bow, she is 2.5 now, & has hair, so we can now clip in her bows, & flowers without a headband. Unlike a lot of kids her age, she can dig into her bow drawer, & find every single bow or flower that matches the outfit she is wearing. Does not matter if you like them or not, your opinion on it is completely UNNECESSARY, don’t like it? No, one asked, so keep it to yourself.

Anna on

She looks adorable!! I love the headband, what’s wrong with dress up your little princess. That woman Kelly must be one of those haters, living and making another people miserable. Kudos for Sara who took the time to make something special for her baby, you doing great girl!!