Go Inside Melissa Joan Hart’s New Nursery for Son Tucker

07/19/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

When her youngest child Tucker was first born, Melissa Joan Hart didn’t rush to give him a nursery.

In between returning to work on her show Melissa & Joey and taking care of her growing brood, Hart — who is also mom to sons Mason, 7ยฝ, and Brady, 5 — had a lot on her plate.

But now that Tucker is getting older and “sleeping through the night,” the actress decided it was time the 10-month-old had his own special place that would give him the flexibility to grow.

And what better way to unveil a room makeover than with a family-friendly pajama paint party courtesy of Disney Paint?

Melissa Joan Hart Son Tucker Nursery Disney Paint
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Disney Paint

Melissa Joan Hart Tucker Nursery Disney Paint
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Disney Paint

On July 12, Hart, her boys and their closest pals joined together at her Connecticut home to reveal Tucker’s new space complete with bold blue walls and stripes using the collection’s Definitely Donald and Night Vision colors.

Hart also added white furniture, including a crib that belonged to her older sons, to really brighten things up.ย More importantly, Tucker has given his new digs a thumbs up. One day later, he celebrated a major milestone.

“I know [he] liked his new room because he took his very first steps there the day after we finished it!” the proud mom, 37, jokes to PEOPLE.

Melissa & Joey airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

Melissa Joan Hart Son Tucker Nursery Disney Paint
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Disney Paint

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Sarah Rai on

Those colors are so cute! What a happy room

Kelsey on

I love the wall with the window! Cute boys!

scorpionglow on

It’s one of the nicest rooms I’ve seen. No nonsense. Love the colors.

Callie on

Gorgeous for a little boy. Just perfect!

Juliet on

I love the red Mickey chair! Wonder where she got it from?

a l'il help on

Kali on

I love how she gives her son a regular room and is totally down to earth about it. Unlike some celebrities whose nursery’s are over 2300 sqft which seems utterly ridiculous for a baby.

heather on

You are aware this is just an ad for disney paint, right?

leslie on

SMART. Give a little PR, get some free paint & swag. I wish I was famous!

Edie on

LOVE the red Mickey Mouse stool!

Aria on

Her boys are so cute. Love the nursery.

Melissa on

What a beautiful room!

Anonymous on

A great example of a child star who done good! She’s always been very likable and down to earth. No weird – I’m trying to move away from Disney past and exhibit wild behavior. Very cute room.

lorissa ray on

Id love to know where she got that red mickey chair/table

kim on

very cute. love the colors and simplicity of it all.

Jac on

That red mickey mouse stool is for sale for $828!!! It can be purchased at www. allmodern .com. It’s called Cappellini Mickey’s Low Ribbon Limited Edition Kid’s Accent Stool.

Charli on

I love that room and that is a beautiful family!

Elizabeth on

Beautiful room and beautiful family I love her show

Amber on

Love the baby (my youngest is 11 months!) but detest the unsafe bumpers pads! Come ON.

Kate on

Love the dresser and monogram on the crib.

CCex on

The bumper pads aren’t all that unsafe for a child that can turn his whole body. A newborn, yes. A walking aged kid, no.

Lisa on

First off her boys are adorable! They all have their own look yet resemble each other. Beautiful family and a happy 10 year anniversary to Melissa and her hubby! Lastly, it’s nice to see the room is a normal size. You can see the dresser in both pictures which shows the room is average size, it is not over done, and has a cute sweet theme!

Stefanie on

Love this!!!


Very nice!

Carol on

The stool is a Cappellini Mickey’s Low Ribbon Stool and is still on sale on Amazon for half pice at $499.00.

????? on

Really? $828 for a stool in a babies room? Many people can barely make ends meet and can’t spend that in a month for food! Give me a break! How I wish I could give my kids a room like that, but alas I am not a celebrity and don’ t receive free stuff from companies in exchange for a little PR. Shame on you People for this fluff piece in these struggling economic times!

Cheryl on

It’s a celebrity magazine; not a “decorate on a budget” magazine. Can’t we get through one of these articles without someone throwing out the “I’m bitter because I can’t afford this” bit?

Guest53 on


Connie on

The pricey stool or side table priced at $828 is definitely for people who make A LOT of money.

So don’t criticize the price. It’s something that you or I can’t afford. It’s meant for affluent families. And nothing wrong with that.

Stick to your budget and everything will be fine.

Meena on

Not really sure how a celebrity’s economics affects your own. So, should us “regular folks” not buy stuff since after all, there are children starving in African? Melissa Joan Hart has more than you, @?????, and you have more than someone else, I’m sure.

DMC on

Nice choice of colors and you can’t go wrong with Mickey Mouse!!

Cyndi on

Disney marketing at its best. Before we all run out/log on to buy it, remember that she got it all for free. And there she is, shamelessly plugging it, urging you all to go buy it when very few can afford it. That’s not really nice of her now is it. And I’d be willing to bet quite a bit that that photo shoot took place in a studio, not her house. The room is dark and cold save for the studio lighting and that tree wallpaper background outside the “window” is just plain creepy and not fooling anyone. And the whole “Hart, her boys and their closest pals” – um, what? If it was in their house, why no husband? More like Hart, her boys, and the Disney camera crew. Please just don’t be fooled by it, friends.

amelia on

I’m pretty sure she got all of her Disney stuff for free or at least discounted, including the stool.

Nurse1121 on

Beautiful Room and adorable kids!! Love Melissa Joan Hart!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Holiday on

I adore the room! I love Disney and the room is done so well without be obnoxiously Disney. Too bad she never got her girl though.

ecl on

I’m not the original poster, but just because you are criticizing the price of something doesn’t mean you are jealous or bitter. It’s a crazy price for a ugly metal stool for a kid’s room. You can acknowledge that while also acknowledging that some things are worth their high prices. I would agree that this is not one of those things. Otherwise, I think the room is boring. Too much blue.

Karen M. on

Love it, love her, beautiful happy family.

Tangerine on

Her children are adorable!

MJ on

Anybody know where she got the wooden growth chart?

JT on

I have a similar one from Land Of Nod. It’s a few years old now but they might still carry them.

Chweener on

My goodness! Some of you bitter much? Some gripe she is showing off because she bought a stool that costs about a months worth of groceries for most in these “trying times”. But I sure bet those same people would then taunt and criticize her if she decorated on a budget because she certainly can afford to decorate better. Poor woman is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t. It is a cute and beautiful nursery, nuff said.

Trytryagain84 on

I love the colors! they are great for a boys nursery, and he can totally continue with the same walls through his teen years. Love it! Excellent design Melissa. Why do twice what you can do once. Fantastic!

Roxanne on

@ MJ, If you go to nextag.com, you’ll find a variety of personalized growth charts that are not overly expensive, in fact they are very reasonably priced

veggiemama on

Cold feel, not very baby like. More for an older kid.

Vanessa on

Lord have mercy people are so jealous of others!! She has the money let her do what she wants! Get a life!!!!

Jordyn on

Totally staged professional set.

mrs123 on

I love that it’s cute and these ideas and furniture pieces look like other people can do in their own homes (and still afford!)

Nicole on

Does anyone else think it just isn’t fair that celebrities get all these freebies? They already make millions a year for appearing on camera a few hours a week. And I am not just talking about MJH, it’s all celebrities. Free clothes, free jewelry, free “swag bags”. OK, before someone tells me to just “get over it” I’m gonna stop now! ๐Ÿ™‚

shelly on

nice room!

Someone's Mommy on

Another poster mentioned that bumpers aren’t unsafe for an older baby (one who can turn their body). Just wanted to point out that’s not entirely true for several reasons. One being that a baby who can stand can step on the bumper and use it to climb easier out of the crib. I’m assuming Melissa has the bumper on the crib here just for the pictures.

Kayte on

Super cute! Love that its not over-the-top Disney, just simple and adorable. This room will be easy to transition to an older look once he outgrows Mickey.

SAR on

Tucker is a doll!

Anonymous on

Love this room!

Mia on

Oldest son has always been her mini me + younger 2 her husbands.

Stacey on

Adorable room, but strange how the curtains do not go with the room whatsoever.

Amber on

I won’t turn this into a huge debate on bumper pads, but please know I’ve done infant safety seminars for 12 years so I know my stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Bumper pads are unsafe for all ages (hence why they have been banned in some US states) due to suffocation, rebreathing CO2 in a pocket, the ties possible wrapping around a finger/toe and like a pp said, a stepping stone to get out!

Anyways I love the room but I’ll never see blue in my family. We are pink x 6!

RKF on

@????? Stop being such a bitter, jealous cow. It’s an adorable room regardless of whether YOU can afford it or not. You’re obviously able to complain about it on a computer – a computer many individuals cannot afford either. Be happy for what you have.

Anonymous on

I hate myself for reading this article. Why doesn’t Disney Paint sponsor a real mom’s nursery not some has been Nickelodeon star?

Amanda K on

What a nice room. Love the colours and of course Mickey Mouse!