Jerry O’Connell Recalls Twin Clothing Tiff

07/19/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

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Between wife Rebecca Romijn and their 4½-year-old twin daughters Dolly and Charlie, Jerry O’Connell is surrounded by women — and still getting used to it.

“Do I mind playing with dolls? Yes, I have an issue playing with dolls. Do I play with dolls? I play with them every day,” he jokes to PEOPLE. “My daughters are right in that sweet spot for that princess stuff.”

In addition, their changing personalities have begun to come to a head in a way that recently caught O’Connell off-guard.

“I have two girls. One was always feminine, always [wearing] dresses and very girly and then the other one only wanted to wear pants and t-shirts,” he says. “But the one who wore pants and t-shirts now wants to wear dresses and they had their first argument over a dress.”

Jerry O'Connell Twin Clothing Tiff
Courtesy Jerry O’Connell

Jerry O'Connell Twin Clothing Tiff
Courtesy Jerry O’Connell

“I know I’m supposed to buy two of everything, but you have to understand, one of my daughters refused to wear dresses until three days ago,” he continues.

“I saw a physical altercation. I’ve never seen anything like it. I have a brother. I’m not used to people fighting over clothes. My brother and I lived together for 20 years, we never fought over an article of clothing in our lives. It was crazy; it was like an episode of Bad Girls Club.”

But beyond their wardrobes, there is one thing both girls can agree on: their love of public restrooms.

“Everywhere we go, they want to know if there’s a bathroom because they want to use it,” O’Connell says. “They’re big girls now and they go number one and number two in bathrooms and they want to see every bathroom that they can across this great land of ours.”

Getting Dolly and Charlie out of the house is an important aspect of the lifestyle O’Connell and Romijn hope to impart on their children. It is also the reason the actor partnered with GoGo SqueeZ applesauce to promote playfulness among families.

Jerry O'Connell Twin Clothing Tiff
Courtesy Jerry O’Connell

“My kids just started doing those trailer bikes, where they have a wheel at the back of the bicycle,” he says.

“My wife is really the master of it. I do have to say I’m guilty of turning the television on and being like, ‘Okay girls, let’s just zone out for a second,’ but my wife is really the good one about getting us outside and being more playful.”

Romijn, as it turns out, is also the one who lays down the law in all matters of the household.

“I don’t know if it’s tough for girls and dads, but I tend to do what they ask me to do if they say it enough and they say it loud,” O’Connell, who will star in CBS’s We Are Men this fall, says.

“I know that’s bad parenting, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I think it’s a genetic thing where as a dad, if a little girl asks you 15 times for a bowl of Rice Krispies at 9:30 at night, you say, ‘No’ 14 times and then the fifteenth time, you go, ‘Okay, whatever you want.'”

Jerry O'Connell Twin Clothing Tiff
Courtesy Jerry O’Connell

— Kiran Hefa

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mamatothreegirls on

Those are the most refreshingly normal looking celeb kids I’ve ever seen. They look happy and active and confident. Their parents seem wonderfully down to earth and practical, and I love that both parents have talked about their love of bathrooms. I have a 4 1/2 year old girl also, and she’s always fascinated by the different kinds of soap in bathrooms. I agree that giving in to everything is not great parenting, but is sure sounds like they’re doing all the most crucial things perfectly right! Lovely.

IcyU on

I love how fun and real this family is…as normal as you could be in the industry. Cute kids, funny Dad, no-nonsense Mom, sounds perfect!

Jen DC on

i love how they have always been joke-y about their girls. their stories are always, always funny but loving. so, so sweet!

and i’d like to say THANK YOU, Rebecca, for ALSO WEARING A HELMET. it kills me when Pink rides without a helmet or any person, really. it’s such an easy, cheap way to save your life.

Tee Tee on

I have really come to love this family!

kitty62862 on

What an adorable story!

cn tower on

People (magazine) is it possible for you to feature a celebrity and write a story/interview without blatant product plugs and advertising?? So and so is “partnering” with this, so and so is the new face of that, and so on and so on. Who cares what products they endorse or are being (handsomely) paid to promote? Readers come here to see and read about the celebs’ lives with their kids – kids being the common denominator between the celebs and regular folks.

Anon on

The interview probably happened BECAUSE he is partnering with the company, cn tower. Celebrities are always promoting something in an interview-new movie, charity, business…that’s what this industry is about.

Chelle on

Adorable girls! Can tell from the photos they have BIG personalities.

Crystal on

Omg! When he said the girls fighting over a piece of clothing was like an episode of “The Bad Girls Club” I burst out laughing. Lovely family and so super hilarious!!!!

Melanie on

cn tower, the interview was probably offered to them on behalf of the partnership and a mention is required in exchange. Don’t you know how entertainment media works?

Karen on

I can’t help but love this family. Maybe because I am half of a set of fraternal twin girls too – so it seems familiar. As for giving in to the girls, all I have to say is, “Ahhhh – daddies and their girls.” My daughter has her dad wrapped around her little finger!

cn tower on

Yeah Melanie, I do understand the concept of quid pro quo, but I am still entitled to my opinion. The way it’s done just seems a bit sneaky not to mention lame. Even when the celeb isn’t participating in an interview, the site finds a way to earn some ad revenue — e.g. detailing all the specifics of what Angelina and her kids are wearing and where to buy it. Doubt this will get posted, but here goes..

julie on

I have twins Jerry…good luck buddy LOL. Your family is awesome.

DaisyMoon on

I think HE should write a blog here at PEOPLE…

It doesn’t always have to be new moms….

Marina on

Beautiful family, gorgeous dog!

sarah on

wow, one seems much taller than the other. But they are very adorable!! so cute! 🙂

Tina on

Wow, they got big. I had forgotten they had twins. Cute kids. What does Jerry O’Connell do for a living anyway.

amyinoaktown on

As an identical twin, I wish you the best of luck! It’s rough being a twin…the clothes thing is always an issue. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Annie on

When my son was that age I used to call him “The bathroom inspector”.

It seemed everywhere we went he had to go 😘.

Beth on

Adorable article!!!!

weezer on

It’s so nice to hear about normal sibling things, instead of everything being all perfect. He sounds like a very cool and loving dad! Those are 2 very lucky little girls.

Stephanie on

I have twin girls, fraternal, like Dolly & Charlie…. My girls and my experiences with them sound very much like this article. Its very refreshing to hear that everyone goes through the same type of stuff that we do.. Its exhausting and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

LuvLeeRita on

Cute story, thanks PEOPLE.