Oliver Hudson Welcomes Daughter Rio Laura

07/18/2013 at 08:00 PM ET

Oliver Hudson Welcomes Daughter Rio Laura
Jason LaVeris/Filmmagic

The Hawn-Hudson gang finally got their girl!

Oliver Hudson, 36, and wife Erinn have welcomed their third child, daughter Rio Laura Hudson, proud grandma Goldie Hawn announced via Twitter on Thursday.

“Welcome Rio! Our first baby girl to join our family!” Hawn writes. “Oliver and Erinn thank you for bringing so much JOY to our lives! #happiness”

Her middle name is in honor of Hawn’s late mother, Laura.

The couple are already parents to sons Bodhi Hawn, 3, and Wilder Brooks, 5Β½.

Although the formerΒ Rules of Engagement star never announced the pregnancy, sister Kate — mom to sons Bing, 2, and Ryder, 9Β½ — revealed the happy news during an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in May.

— Anya Leon

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Sharon on

Congratulations! You can definitely tell she is Goldie Hawn’s daughter.

Allyson on

She is not Goldie Hawn’s daughter- Oliver is her son!

Emily on

Lol! She thinks she’s Goldie Hawn’s daughter!

Beth on

That is not her daughter. Oliver Hudson is Goldie’s son

Kristen on

She is actually her daughter-in-law.

Kristen on

I just now saw the others’ replies. Sorry for the triple information! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

That’s her son. His wife. Her In law.

4tmama on

Yeah, Congrats to them, so sad #ROE got canceled, 4 boys to 1 girl, she will be solo spoiled!!

JE on

Yet another couple who themselves have normal names and yet they name a girl Rio. What is wrong with Hollywood and people naming kids dumb names that will only lead to them being bullied in school. Get a clue…..

nlb on

Yeah JE, I’m sure the rich kid will get bullied at school! She is their daughter, and they can name her what they want to. Why don’t you get a clue and stop being so judgemental…

Monica08 on

Nlb, just because someone is rich, or their parents are rich, does not guarantee they will not get bullied. Bullying is not based on monetary status it’s based on ignorance and low self worth (in a lot of cases) of the bully.

galen on

I actually think the name is great…

Melinda on

Sharon – except she’s not … lol. Erinn is Goldie’s daughter-in-law. I agree she bears resemblance to the ladies in the family though!

I love their children’s names. Congrats!

Sarah on

I guess they are big Duran Duran fans….

klutzy_girl on

Sharon – You got it backwards. Oliver is Goldie’s son.

Anyway, interesting name choice. I’m going back and forth on Rio, but right now I’m kinda liking it. Congratulations!

MomSF on


Mari on

River (Rio) Hudson!

Sharon on

My bad lol….i still think she resembles her πŸ˜‰

Rebecca on

Well she kinda does look like Goldie. Hmmmm. Oedipus complex perhaps?

EJ on

Love Rio!! We named our dog Rio 5 years ago and then when we were later pregnant with our daughter my husband admitted he wished we saved Rio for her…. so obviously we love the name! Congrats to the whole family πŸ™‚ Great sibset!

Bree on


I was sooooo sad when ROE was canceled 😦 Can’t wait to see what Oliver finds next πŸ™‚

My daughter was the first granddaughter on both sides (Actually first grandchild at all on my husband’s side) and is spoiled rotten, I am sure it will be the same for Ms. Roe.

chel on

Who will they get bullied by?I would think they would go to the same schools as other celebs kids with unique names.cute couple πŸ™‚

Isabel on

Rio is the Spanish word for River that’s been used as a name for awhile so I’m not seeing the outrage of such a “terrible” name. Save that for Cricket and North.

terri taylor on

she is not goldies daughter. oliver is goldies son from former husband bill hudson

mary on

She (Erinn) is not Goldie Hawn’s daughter, she is the daughter-in-law, he (Oliver) is Goldie’s son.

Gigi on

I love their kid’s names. Different without being weird. I’m going to miss Oliver on Rules of Engagement. He always gave me a good laugh.

Sam on

She is not Goldie Hawn’s Daughter, she is her daughter in law. He is Goldie’s son. Congrats on the baby!!!

Annika on

Oliver Hudson is Goldie Hawn’s son, she is the daughter-in-law πŸ™‚

dudley doright on

To Sharon: that’s Goldies son, not her daughter.

congrats, those are cute names for the kids

soph on

I like Rio…for a boy, as it’s obviously a masculine name. Oh well.

Liz on

Well congratulations to them & their family! How wonderful! I wasn’t aware he already had 2 boys. I hope they enjoy their new bundle of joy!!! πŸ™‚

genibre2013 on

Stupid name

c on

That is Goldie’s son haha

Melissa on

@ Sharon…Oliver Hudson is Goldie Hawn’s ” SON ” and the woman next to him is his wife who just had their first girl.

Liz on

Sharon, he is Goldie’s son… She is Goldies daughter-in-law. Oliver and Kate Hudson are Goldie Hawn’s kids, Hudson is their father’s last name.

Holiday on

That’s great that she finally got a little princess !

Hollywoodista on

I like their choice in names. I went to school with a girl named Rio. She was fun, energetic, and always the life of the party. I think it’s sad when people automatically assume that a kid will get picked on in school. No one ever picked on the Rio I knew. I hope you’re not teaching your children to bully others just because something about them is different.

Ella on

Congratulations to Goldie Hawn’s son and daughter-in-law!

Carden on

Sharon, that is Goldie’s SON and daughter-in-law.

Chelsea on

Thats her son, not her daughter. Her daughter is Kate Hudson. The woman in the picture is her daughter-in-law.

Pining on

He is seriously one of the most gorgeous men on the planet! Would loooove to have his baby!

Anne on

He is Goldie Hawn’s son, she ist not her daughter!


LOVE da NAME “RIO” it just sounds TROPICAL & GOLDIE has a BEAUTIFUL daughter-in-law!!!!

genibre2013 on

Rio is a ridiculous name, period.

Barb on

That is actually Goldie Hawn’s son. Congrats!!

DebbieLG on

I LOVE their kids’ names! Yes, they’re different but they’re not crazy different. Very cute. Congrats to them!

Sigh on

Sigh…Erinn is NOT related to Goldie other than by marriage. Oliver is her son.

Diedra on

She is not Goldie’s daughter – she is her daughter-in-law. The young man, Oliver is Goldie’s son. Lord have mercy. Know what you are talking about before you speak!

Callie on

I’m so bummed to learn that Rules of Engagement was cancelled in May! I LOVE this show.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Anonymous on

Beautiful couple My goodness thats quite the list of names lol

Anonymous on

Shes the daughter in law

Vic on

Aww congrats to them. Love Oliver!!! What a fun family to be part of (Hawn/Russell)

Joan on

Congrats to them. I didn’t know ROE was done! 😦

Football Girl on

I loved ROE and I was so sad to hear it was cancelled. It was one GREAT show. They always cancel the good shows. Congrats to the happy parents.

jennrae on

I’m not sure if you realize, Sharon, but that’s actually Goldie’s daughter-in-law, not her daughter. Oliver is her son.

*eye roll* You guys obviously read the comments in order to know when to correct somebody, but not enough to know she’s been corrected twenty times by now?

Sharon on

Thank you jennrae!!! I agree with the eyeroll…. Im pretty sure i know its her daughter in law now! I love how people tell me to know what im saying before i post, but don’t read the 50 times i was corrected…sheesh!!!

Anonymous on

I think Sharon knows that’s NOT Goldies daughter folks…Jeeze…I luv the name Rio…!!!

evh on

Oliver is very handsome, just like his father, Bill Hudson and Kate is the spitting image of Goldie. Erinn could pass as Goldie’s daughter too. Congrats to all!

hellokitty954 on

Hi peeps,
To everyone posting to Sharon..I’m pretty sure she understands the concept now…

kat on

(Smh). Is that the best name they could come up for their only daughter? Rio sounds like a boy’s name.

Jay on

I respect the fact that he didn’t make some big announcement about the pregnancy like so many others do via twitter, instagram etc. That’s tacky. Congrats on their baby girl!!

Anonymous on

She’s not Goldie’s daughter…that’s her daughter-in-law!

Yay – finally a baby girl πŸ™‚

Umm on


Erin is not Goldie’s daughter, Oliver is her son..

Tiffany on

Sorry Hun Oliver Hudson is Goldie Hawns Son that isn’t her daughter she is her daughter in Law.

What kind of fan are you???

Martine on

Sharon, Erinn is NOT Goldie Hawn’s daughter. Oliver is her son. Goldie had both Oliver and Katie with actor & musician Bill Hudson.

Anonymous on

Thats not Goldie Hawns daughter,,the new Father is Goldie’s SON

sarah on

Pretty sure Oliver is Kates Brother, and SON of Goldie Hawn. Not his Wife Erinn

bekah on

Goldie gave her children nice normal names and they in turn name their children like cheap fortune cookies.

Tlc on

Sharon, she does look like Goldie a bit, but OLIVER is Goldie’s SON. πŸ˜‰ Not a fan of the name….but at least she has a song she can relate to. “Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand!” Duran Duran. πŸ™‚

Marilyn on

Erinn is her daughter-in-law. Oliver is her son.

Marilyn on

Erinn is her daughter-in-law.

mg on

The names…oye.

Mary on

Did everyone stop reading after the first comment? We only need one person to correct her and move on. Now what should be a post of well wishes is now filled with sixty different women correcting Sharon’s mistake (which also could have been avoided by reading the article).

Mairen on

@ Sharon – Oliver is Goldie’s son…not the girl.

Becky on

Congrats on the new baby..Love the name..

Mary..I was wondering the same thing, how many times does it need to be pointed out? Once or twice was enough..

Sun on

Interesting name of Rio

Sharon on

PLEASE stop correcting me!! I get it! I just wanted to wish them the best like i always do in my comments and i made a miatake. I guess i should have read the article better. Nonetheless i dont think Rio is all that bad of a name! It could be a LOT worse. Im glad they finally got their princess..that will be one spoiled (and protected) little girl!!

kjc on

I didn’t know ROE was cancelled until reading these comments… how unfortunate, great show.

Congrats to Oliver and family. I have never heard Rio used as a name before, but I like it.

As for the other children’s names – I went to highschool with a Wilder 15 years ago, and he was a gorgeous, popular kid. And my husband and I would have loved to name out son Bodhi, but we have a one-syllable last name that starts with a ‘B’, and we didn’t think it sounded too great together.

Congrats on the new baby!

paige3146077 on

Congratulations on the new addition to the family!

LOVED Oliver on Rules of Engagement.. Wish it would be revived. One of the best comedies on TV.

Julianna on

It’s a funny name for me because as a Brazilian whenever I read Rio I think about the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. Anyways, congratulations to Oliver and Erinn!

StellaBella on

I love him on Rules of Engagement. he looks great with face hair. Too many kids, though, and his dad has FIVE, eeee.

veronica on

Bill Hudson’s other son is also really good looking.

I think gatherings must get confusing for Goldie, what with a Ryder and a Wilder.

veronica on

to JE: You consider “Erinn” a “normal name”? uh, er…

darlinondietz on

@Sharon: She’s NOT Goldie Hawn’s daughter…HE is her SON… *smh*

Sharon on

Ya i get it….i guess you didnt read the 50 posts correcting me, and the one where i said i get the point. I could shake my head, too.

darlinondietz on

lol sorry Sharon!! Your comment shows up first for some reason and THAT is why everyone keeps reposting to you. πŸ™‚ Just ignore us! And as for “Rio” being a crazy name; Blue Ivy and North West cornered the market on that, dontcha think? I love the name Rio. It’s beautiful and has meaning. “River”.

Sharon on

No big deal πŸ˜‰ thanks for apologizing! I admit sometimes im clueless lol

Sharon on

Darlinondietz….also i totally agree with u…I actually said that about the name Rio! I have heard a LOT worse. I actually kinda like it!

Andrea on

So, a baby girl named River Hudson…What is wrong with this people?

Anonymous on

nice unique name! different yet short and sweet!

genibre2013 on

Srsly!! Are that dumb too anonymous??? It’s River Hudson!!

Anonymous on

My 14 year old daughters name is Rio, shes never had a problem with her name. And yes it was from the Duran Duran song.

IcyU on

Oliver Hudson is the spitting image of his father, Bill Hudson, when Bill was young. So sad that they became estranged when Bill married Cindy Williams (of Laverne & Shirley fame) and she tore that family apart. They are now divorced, but the relationships with Kate and Oliver were forever damaged because Bill let that crazy woman’s jealousy keep him away from his kids. Oliver seems to be a well-adjusted, nice family man. Cute wife, too.

Anonymous on

She is not Goldie’s daughter. He is Goldies’s son.

Kate on

Sharon…she ISN’T Goldie’s daughter. She is Goldie’s SON’s WIFE, which makes her a nobody and this a non-story. Although Oliver is attractive!

Kate on

Sharon…she ISN’T Goldie’s daughter. She is Goldie’s SON’s WIFE, which makes her a nobody and this a non-story.

Kate on

Anonymous – LOVE that you named your daughter Rio, for the DD song! Wish I had thought of that!

Kate on

Anonymous…..wish I had thought of Rio as a girl’s name for the DD song. I would love to have such an exotic name and such a cool reason behind it. But in my case, my mother would have had to name me “Jail House Rock” or something because she was obsessed with Elvis…..not quite the same ring.

Katie on

Anonymous – Awesome name for your daughter and better because you did it BEFORE a celebrity made it trendy, and you named her after the DD song…..very cool.

lauralee on

IT’S Goldie Hawns son and his wife……………….

lauralee on

Ok B-E-K-A-H………………………pot meet kettle :}

Smithy on

Rio is a great name for a stripper. Congrats to the stripper’s parents.

Sharon on

I cannot believe ppl are still correcting me!!! Its sad that like 80% of these posts are correcting me and not congratulating the family. I admit that i made a mistake and can sometimes be clueless, but its just as bad on these people’s part that im still being told that im wrong soooo many times…all you have to do it read a few comments and realize theres no longer a need to say anything.

Cooper on

Her name is Rio and she dances… well you know the rest.

my honest opinion on

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand….LOVE THIS NAME!!! πŸ™‚ Congrats!!

Anonymous on

Sharon, totally agree with you. Sad that people took time correcting you and some insulting you, for them mistakes must not exist in their world!

Congrat to the beautiful family!

Sharon on

Finally…someone who sees my point…thank you anonymous =)

Mary on

This site has become a sad excuse for what it used to be. It’s seems as though we all have to cross our fingers and pray that the first comment isn’t either A) A mistake B) some negative, derogative, ridiculous statement or C) Something completely benign because EVERY SINGLE COMMENT GOING FORWARD always seems to be in regard to the first comment.

Jane on

Yeah congrats and all but I want to (b)itch about ROE being cancelled. Loved that show. 😦

Bex on

Ryder, Wilder and Bohdi are different, but not too bad. Bing and Rio, though?? Those are just awful.

Montana on

Damn you crazy asses where quick to correct the poor girl. Did it really need to be said 100 times? LOL really liked the dumb ass that corrected her then said it was their first child. Love when people correct others while making fools of themself @ melissa LOL.

Gerry on

Congratulations on new arrival. Sure miss “Rules of Engagement.” Leave it to network execs to cancel the good shows while the dogs run forever. Gonna have to go out and buy DVDs of ROE! To hell with the networks!!!