Pink: I Debated Having Kids with Carey Hart

07/17/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Pink True Love Video Daughter Willow
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Pink was once terrified of becoming a mom — until her daughter Willow Sage, 2, was born.

In an interview for the August issue of GQ Australia, the “True Love” singer admits her rocky relationship with her own mother left her with doubts on whether she ever wanted children with husband, Carey Hart.

But the couple’s little girl has since “totally rearranged” her outlook on having a family.

“I had moments where I wanted a kid with Carey. You know — you fall in love and you’re like, ‘We should have kids,’ and then it went away,” Pink, 33, says.

“But he always wanted kids and then we did it and now it’s like, ‘F—, this is so rad.’ It’s more important than anything we’ve done.”

Pink — who’s scheduled to perform 46 shows in Australia for her The Truth About Love tour — loves to start her day with a cuddle from Willow — the “best thing in the world,” she says — and hints that her toddler is already taking after her sassy mama.

She’s the coolest thing that has ever happened to me — she’s really f—— cheeky and funny,” says the singer. “Now I have someone to sing goofy-ass songs to all day and she likes it. She’s not judging me. She’s probably the only person who doesn’t judge me.”

Despite her incredible success, Pink is quick to point out that while she’s come a long way in some aspects of her life, in others she’s still the same person she was before making it big.

“My life hasn’t changed that much. I mean, I could do without the paparazzi taking photos of my child. But I tour, I write songs, I go through the same s— as everybody else,” she explains.

“I’ve never enveloped myself in that, ‘I’m a f—— rockstar, I’m important,’ thing. I don’t get it — either you’re a good person or you’re not.”

— K.C. Blumm

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chels on

Willow is so adorable but I hope Pink tones down the way she talks around the kid.

gigibean on

She may have a potty mouth but I will say, I’ve been to her concerts, and she won’t even use the expletives while performing her songs live anymore because she knows she has little people in the audience, and she adamantly tells everyone that flat out. So while I’m sure she’s not perfect….I highly doubt she walks around the house cursing at everything with Willow in her arms.

JMO on

Agree. She said at our show that you can choose to say what you want in front of your own kids but she wouldnt be cursing. However in another recent interview she said her daughter dropped the F bomb lol so who knows. My mom had a potty mouth & we knew better.

Dorie on

Pink certainly has a POTTY mouth!!

Alex on

People kill me when they lament on how parents should talk in front of their kids. Both my parents cursed around us and we turned out fine. As long as she isn’t cursing the baby out and lets her know that she better not breathe the words, I’m not seeing a problem.

Elizabeth on

It’s called being a good role model for your child. If you don’t want your child to say things or act certain ways, then you shouldn’t act that way in front of them.

jacob on

Ummmm cursing around kids is very unhealthy.

Sandy on

Thank you! Both my parents cursed (both in English and Greek:-) and I did not grow up to follow in their linguistic footsteps. I also know people whose families were very averse to profane language but still grew up to use profanity frequently.

Anonymous on


Leigh on

For me, it isn’t so much a moral issue. It just isn’t terribly well-spoken or articulate if you can’t speak your thoughts and feelings without relying on expletives. So, there’s no judgment here, Pink, but modeling well-spoken language will only help little Willow out in life.

lisa on

I totally agree with every word you said.. having a parent that curses doea not mean we as children are going to to do the same… i never cursed as a child or teen. Now in my 20’s i barely curse at all..

missindy on

My boys have heard ‘bad’ words from others but they don’t repeat them, and geez, just because she swore in the interview does not mean she does around her child! Lighten up people!

Kimmy G on

I love her. I bet she’s a kick a** mom!

lesserloo on

I saw her in concert in March and she didn’t say the F word because there were young girls in the audience(she even said that she wouldn’t talk like that in front of kids!) Even when she sang “fucking perfect” she didn’t say the F word.

Ash on

I love Pink! Definitely one of the most down to earth and relatable celebrities

Em on

She seems to be an awesome mother. I will admit I have a major potty mouth around my kids. They are adults now and accept me for who I have been their whole lives and they turned out just fine. They all even graduated with honors, have full time jobs. So really people. Stop judging how she speaks about her child unless she is taking it out on her she is not doing anything wrong!

beana on

P!nk is F*ckin AWESOME!

Meghan on

I think is is doings fantastic job raising Willow with

There are more important lessons to instill in your children, then a potty mouth. If that’s all she grows up to know then, so be it.

I have two children, and both my husband and I have a bad mouth. They know the words are adult words and try don’t repea them

Courtney on

Talking Infront of her kids? She’s giving an interview, so she’s talking to an adult!! You have no idea whether she swears Infront of her kids or not.

Angela on

Let’s also remember that the interview is for a magazine for adults in a country that thinks we’re a bit uptight about a lot of things. I’ve never read GQ Australia but it may be quite normal. And you never know how she talks around her daughter. Judge not, as the saying goes.

Camille on

Say what you want about her–but Willow appears to be the happiest kid I have ever seen. Have you ever seen her without a smile on her face? There are a few celebrity kids (Suri Cruise comes to mind) who are always frowning or scowling.

Anonymous on

Love her….

postathread on

I LOVE her…cute baby too!

kitty62862 on

I can relate to her Mom thing. It appears they worked it all out. Pink certainly looks like the happiest Mom ever. In my case, when I became a mother, I realized I never truly had one. I walked away in 1994 and never, ever looked back.

Angela on

Every family is different. While I agree there is a time and place to use those words, they’re just words. Some families cuss like sailors and some don’t. . Long as you’re teaching your kids respect and you show them unconditional love, those words don’t really matter.

Angela on

**As long

krtmom64 on

When her daughter’s 13 she’ll judge her mom constantly!!! lol

kitty62862 on

I love Mom and Kid pictures where they look all happy silly!

Diane on

The title makes it sound like there was an issue with her husband, but it was with her mom. Very misleading. She seems like a great mom, though!

Rebecca on

Eh, I don’t give a sh__ what people say about P!nk, I absolutely love her. And I can buy her whole outlook on life, unlike J.Lo who still claims to be “Jenny from the block”.

zab on

That kid is just so cute! And yes she has quite the potty mouth on her but who does’nt slip once in a while in front of their kids? I know I do. Plus, this is an interview. She has said that she is really mindfull of this when there at home. She even sings the “radio version” of one song during her show because of the littles ears that are present! 😉 LOVE P!NK!!!!!

amaryllis on

That works now. Try it when she has to go to school and have a stable life. You can’t tour around the world then.

:) on

You guys are pathedic. Who are you to judge her? I could care less if she swears around her daughter she’s a f’ING good person, performer and parent and you guys are just plain pathedic and hypocritical if you think you guys are perfect people and don’t swear around your children. As long as you raise your kids to be good people I don’t see a problem.

Yvonne on

Speech is not an indicator of whether or not someone is a good parent. If you were to ask most kids if they would rather be around someone real and fun who loves them unconditionally or someone who was worried about what everyone thinks all the time and was a prim and proper freak of nature I’m sure they’d all pick the loving and fun one even if it meant a few curse words. Words are just words, they only have meaning and power if you let them have that. I’m sure she’s a really really fun parent and that everything is a big adventure. I’d much rather instill that in my kids than the legacy that all girls should be proper ladies at all times.

Pia Razon on

Pink’s I do and say whatever I want attitude is probably why she and her mom had difficulties. It’s easy to be a great mom when the kids are young and you have all the control. Not so easy when they turn into teenagers and start acting like their moms. Let’s see if Pink understands her mom better when her daughter is 15 or so.

leslie on

Well just because she is doing an interview and cussing doesn’t mean that’s how she talks in front of her daughter. I have friends that cuss like that but when their kidvor a kid comes in they cut it off. Every so often one may slip out….I’m guilty too, but it is no where near the norm. So she may not do that at all around that adorable child. Some people do have control over that.

Tammy on

I’ve always loved Pink because she isn’t arrogant like most famous people. And what makes her even more loveable is she’s an awesome mom!

Mary Anns on

I FUC*ING love Pink! She seems so real & seems like a great mom & person. Love all these judgemental peoples opinions lol….

Pink F------ Rules on

Who f—— cares about Pink’s language? I personally can give a s— how many f—— times she f—— curses in a motherf—— sentence. Good for f—— her for not giving a f— and not changing her f—— personality to conform to everyone’s f—— standards.

Maggy on

I like Pink but she could show a little class and not drop f-bombs when talking about her child. I hope she doesn’t talk like that around her little girl.

Gwen on

So she swears. Does that matter? She’s obviously a devoted mother who adores her daughter. It seems a little nit-picky to say to a woman like P!nk, who takes her role as a mother seriously, who obviously really weighed out if she wanted to be a parent and if she could do it, and who is so focused on what’s best for her daughter swears a lot during an interview. If only the worst problem a parent could have is that they swear a lot when they talk to another adult.

nic on

She was talking to an adult, not her child. So why is everyone up in arms about her language?

Edie on

Wow, I was hoping other felt the same as I do. She seems like a great mom, but that vulgar mouth has got to go. Since when do women, especially moms talk that way?

Come on ladies, we’re better than that!

Jennifer on

I agree with Alex. I also grew up with parents who used that kind of language around us, and me and my siblings turned out just fine. You just have to realize that there’s a time and place to use those words…just like there’s a time and place for everything else.

Kay on

Sounds like Pink is trying to sound cool to younger, childless fans by using obscenities. Otherwise, she just can’t think of more appropriate words.

Lovey on

Because when they’re as little as Pink’s little girl Willow, Alex they do not yet understand what is and isn’t acceptable to say yet. They just repeat what they hear. That’s how they learn to talk. Pink has already admitted in another article that her baby said “F” and she just thought it was so funny. Yeah, how hilariously adorable…

TD on

Pink is REAL. “Potty” mouth or not. At least she keeps it real and doesn’t pretend to be this holy, perfect parent. She is truly living in the moment, and IS a good person. She hit it on the dot with people judging her. Lighten up people. Keep doing your thing P!nk! LOVE HER.

gagirl on

How about you worry about what you say around YOUR OWN kids and not Pink’s. Some people are SO judgemental it’s not even funny. And you can rest assured that Pink doesn’t care what you think anyway.

Kellie on

Willow is freaking adorable! As far as her sailors mouth, more power to her! I have one myself. My kids are just fine!

Jackie on

Nowhere here it says she talks like that in front of her child. NOWHERE! people just love to judge and ASSUME smh

Kali on

P!nk is real, and she keeps it real. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect like some people on here. She hit it on the dot with the judging. She has a great family and clearly a VERY happy little girl. Lighten up people.

Tanya on

I curse like a sailor in front of my kids not at them and my 12 year old has never ever repeated. I am who I am. Pink is awesome real any talented and her little girl is adorable

Amit on

I love her.

She seems like such a grounded woman and I just love that she has her own family (after she and Carey reconciled) , and that she’s happy to have made the decision to become a mom.

Tweetygirl on

She probably doesn’t use the F word around her kid people.

VB on

Her daughter doesn’t judge her? Just wait…….


I was not originally a fan of Pink’s but she has slowly turned me around. She impressed one time several years ago when she was on Oprah talking about how she’s trying to empower young girls and women to be themselves and they don’t need to conform to the Barbie mentality that society and the media have glamorized. She an artist who has stayed true to herself and has matured into an admirable woman. Good luck to her and her family!

chloe on

I love when people criticize other people, as though they are perfect themselves. I don’t like such language and try not to use it, but Pink is a different person and they are just words- she is not using them in a mean way, but more to really emphasize her point… It’s the character of Pink, relax. She’s a good person, married to the father of her child, did not rush into having children, photos and interviews indicate she is a loving and caring mom.

Lisa on

love her music and think she’s awesome, just getting through life like the rest of us…

Kim on

Carey Hart should have debated having kids with her!!! Gross!

JC on

I love how Pink puts her daughter 1st over anything! She doesn’t take being a rock star so seriously. At the end of the day it’s all about her husband and Willow! Congrats Pink on your success and family!

wakeup on

I highly doubt her kid was sitting there through the interview…

Jenna on

I agree. I’m a good mom, my daughter is happy and healthy and I curse. She knows its not appropriate for her to do it. Like seeing me drink a beer. She knows its an adult thing and not ok for kids to do. Pink sounds like an awesome and loving parent. Willow looks happy. 🙂

slawson on

She has a VERY foul mouth, and dear Pink your daughter is looking at you as an example. Yes, you will be judged, so please change your ways for your daughter’s sake. After hearing you talk, you really do need to grow up and grasp a better use of the English language. Stop talking like you are a 13 year old untrained teen. Your daughter needs a good mentor and example. Enough said!

Meena on

I love Pink, but I wish she would tone down that mouth a bit.

slawson on

#Alex, your parents where hypocrites then, right? Do what I say, but don’t do what I do. Horrible way to parent!

I’m just saying!

kristen on

Really Dorie? She has a “potty” mouth? You’re an adult woman (let’s assume) and you’re using words like “potty?” Give me a break. She’s a grown up, she can talk the way she chooses too and she damn sure never needs to edit herself for people like you.

Emmie on

I love Pink!! She isn’t fake and she will not raise her kid to be fake. I am sure that her child isn’t right at her side during this interview so I doubt that Willow hears the swear words. Not everyone baby talks to and around their kids! I bet this child is well behaved to and not like the wild animals I see in the store and the parents don’t seem to discipline! Love you Pink! You rock!!!

AG78 on


Cindy on

Wait till they become teens and judge everything about you!!! Toddler years are easy! They worship you!

Jana on

She’s so awesome. Many blessings to your baby girl and family.

Alexia on

I just hope she doesn’t go on that Quagmire’s new talk show that uses a very Pink-esque theme song.

Don’t do it! We love you pink!

Anonymous on

Love her. I am sure she talk differently in front of her girl, but don’t forget, it is a lifestyle. They are not a suburban family. She is down to earth, speaks her mind and loves her family, that is all that really counts.

Carrie M on

Motherhood definitely suits her and that’s wonderful! BTW – cute little girl!

Anonymous on

She is the coolest woman. period.

Brooke on

What is with all the prudes with virgin ears! Seriously, find something else to do.

Anonymous on

I LOVE Pink and her sassiness! She’s awesome! and for the record, lots of people, including myself, have cursed…..I was raised in a very open mouth environment and I have respect when around adults….you people need to chill out! She’s an awesome mother!

maryhelenc on

People need to lighten up. I curse like a trucker when my kids aren’t around too. I don’t like it, but it’s something I picked up as a teen & like smoking, it’s hard to break. I don’t think it makes me less of a parent, nor does it make P!nk less of one. People cuss, it happens. Unless your mom never washed your mouth out with soap, you are in no position to say anything.

solar on

Willow is adorable.

Kate on

I LOVE Pink. She is so REAL & honest. She is just awesome!!!

Jessie on

She is always with her daughter..They go to the park, and normal things! Pink seems like a great mom who enjoys her little girl!! Her child is always smiling!!!

DJ on

Just because she talks that way in an interview doesn’t mean she talks that way around her Child.

Tina on

Cussing isn’t going to damage the child. You hear most of those words on TV daily. Some people need to get with reality. She adores her daughter, that’s what’s important. You go, Pink, keep rocking and being real!

Tara on

She is such a better person, and shame on Kanye for tearing her down!

Lala on

Ha- the only reason that I clicked to read the comments is because I KNEW that the only thing people would be focusing on is not the fact that she loves being mom, but the fact that she uses profanity. Who bleeping cares?

KeepingItClassy on

I with People would stop misquoting celebrities. From the title it sounds like Pink had doubts having kids with Carey, but apparently she had doubts if she wanted to have kids at all. It had nothing to do with Carey’s character.

LuvLeeRita on

I hope little Willow doesn’t pick up on her mother’s pathetic potty mouth. Just because you’re a “rock star” doesn’t mean you have to talk like one especially when you’re raising a family.

Jena on

Still love her…she’s so real and down to earth. And Im sure she doesnt talk that way around her child…just love that shes still herself despite her success.

linda on

Really, who cares how people talk around their kids! They are going to hear that language anyway. It has zero to do with being a good parent. People who think otherwise are just plain stupid.

Anonymous on

You think she’s not judging you? Just wait. The judgement will come.

tdog on

love her!!

Pam on

Classless. It’s cute that she loves her daughter, but is it really necessary to cuss like a sailor?

Anonymous on

Love Pink! Always have and always will! I think she and Carey get it…I have seen some recent interviews with other famous new parents and oh, my goodness…

kiki78 on

I hope her daughter turns out just like her mommy that way Pink can understand the hell she put her mom through!! I love it!

guest on

I really tire of the F-bomb.

liz on

Love her music but save the f bombs for outside an interview. Why go there..

KateB on

just another reason why I like Pink.. and her music is basically aimed at women, money does change a person and she got rich fairly young, but she has kept her eff you attitude.. cool woman.

Anonymous on

Wow you people must be saints if you think Pink’s language is bothersome. Get a life. Good for Pink for having a lifestyle that only most can dream of.

Nancy on

And this is why I love this girl. The last sentence says it all.

Jamie on

Pink stays TRUE to who she is… She doesn’t care if she offends… She IS who she IS, and I’m sure she doesn’t curse around her child.. Are these really words that her kid is not going to learn at some point in her life? If you hear it from anyone, it SHOULD be your parents, and not someone else… Come on, people. Let’s not be prudes… She’s not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking… She’s a straight shooter, and that’s what I appreciate about her when I read her interviews… She could “DO” without the Papparazzi, but, she’s famous, and deals. She doesn’t complain…

jo on

alex thank you my daughter has a potty mouth around her kids but they know they dont repeat and have never heard out of kids

Debbe on

She is still a toddler. Wait til she has her own mind as a teenager. Best advice I can give is give her a life full of activities away from technology. If I could go back, I would not have let my son have a cell phone, then a computer because that is when his life changed for the negative.

CJ on

If your going to tell your children not to “breathe” those kind of words, wouldn’t it be wise to practice what you preach? Kids learn by imitation and examples set by their parents!!
I’m not saying I don’t cuss time to time, but I try to avoid doing it in front of my kids. And on that day I every do slip, I’m going to apologize to my child for my being inappropriate.

Sid on

Cute kid!

ugh on

Who cares? I have a sailor’s mouth. My kids are Jusd fine.

Anonymous on

I agree with Alex:

In my home everyone and their mother cursed. My siblings and I rarely ever do it unless we’re really angry at something. Not saying it’s no big deal, but if you raise your children to respect others and watch their manners, I’m sure they’ll be fine. In the end, they end up hearing the ‘bad words’ from other sources.

Peaches on

Love how she is so real!. From what I heard, she had a rough childhood.Glad she is settled in as a mom and loving life. It would be great if Willow had a amazing voice like her. The baby is adorable.

Anonymous on

You go girl!!

Amanda on

Well she could still be debating having kids, they only have one kid as opposed to having two or more kids.

rlrose328 on

I love that she is so candid and says what she wants. Who gives a flying cherry what language she uses? It’s her life. Words only have the power we give them and I don’t give them that power. I have asked my son to keep his language confined to our house and not use it in the houses of others because I know people are sensitive, but if I curse, so what.

guest on

Pink talks like a teenager. Even Madonna grew up some when she had kids.

Dave on

I have a potty mouth and my ex was even worse, yet neither of my girls swear anymore then their friends do. Just because some swears doesn’t mean they’re a bad person or uneducated. Now granted if every other word is a swear word then there’s obviously an issue.

Kairy on

Sorry Alex I don’t agree with you on that one. I have friends who have gone the potty mouth route with their kids and ones who kept it clean and let me tell you something, the kids that didn’t get exposed to that have much better manners and respect for others! Just becuase YOU think you turned out okay doesn’t mean the casual observer of you (esp as a child) would agree.

justamom on

It really doesnt matter what the story, someone always has to trash the person. I highly doubt the child was at the interview with her. I personally think shes awesome and her swears are who she is. Its a far cry from the stints in rehab, acting out in public and being starved for the wrong kind of attention. Who would have thought that she would be the one to be a responsible wife and parent, law abiding citizen and still be humble? Big fan here!!!

La La Outlandish on

She’s fantastic, no wonder Australians love her!

Mama on

My husband and I have what would be termed “colorful” language, I don’t feel ashamed for it. My son appears as normal as any other. She’s a real person. Most people “potty mouth” they just don’t admit it.

diadore on


First sentence from Willow may just sound something like “Hey Momma, can I have a f—ng cookie please?”

JoJos Momma on

honestly people…. you DONT know how she talks behind closed doors…. she could talk to her daughter without the curse words and when shes out in public without her kid she could be cursing like a sailor… you don’t know. so yall need to stop trying to tell her what she can and cannot do with her kid.. END OF!

Sophie Doll on

“My life hasn’t changed that much. I mean, I could do without the paparazzi taking photos of my child. But I tour, I write songs, I go through the same s— as everybody else,” she explains.

Uh hey Pink? I’ve never toured in my life or had a pap take my 5 years old picture at every move. Sorry to disappoint you honey bunny. Love always, a normal person

kmp on

Yeah so she has a potty mouth and so do I, but you know what she is down right honest and I love her for it.

Aurora on

Pink loves her daughter! This is the most important thing.

ElinaR on

Good on you Pink! Being a parent is F–king rad!!!

Anonymous on

Love her as a Mom she has definitely come into her own since having a child

Charli on

I have always liked Pink. I have enjoyed her evolution.

zusje on

Pink is the coolest person on planet earth!I’m 100% straight,but I’ve got a girl crush on her!

guest on

Her daughter doesn’t judge her now, but she will. They almost always do — part of growing up and figuring out you can go out on your own and make your own decisions. Hope Pink can handle that phase — Pink’s “rocky relationship” with her Mom probably did not occur when Pink was 2!!

Guest on

It’s so nice to see how much she loves her little family and that she knows that that is the most important thing. But toning down the potty mouth is important. If a parent curses but then does it consistently him or herself, that is not leading by example.

Guest on

Correction to above comment: *but then tells their child not to curse yet they do so themselves consistently, this is not leading by example. But she’s a talented lady, we shouldn’t judge and she seems happy.

JustMe on

Love love love Pink! She isn’t uptight about being a mom and she is 100% on the mark with either you are a good person or you aren’t. She doesn’t cater to the public, hasn’t fallen victim to drugs and puts her family 1st. That’s refreshing for someone in her situation.

Aussie Girl on

I love how blunt she is. Just goes to show she is comfortable in her skin. As for her concerts in Aust. my girlfriends say they are out of the world and I wish I secured a ticket to her show. 😦

m1nt1e on

@Alex, very true! My dad had a potty mouth, but we never uttered the words, we knew better!

Eve Spencer on

Willow is so cute!!

becca on

She’s not judging her now. Wait til Willow hits the teen years. I”m there now, used to be my kid’s hero, now not so much. I can’t wait til they are in their thirties and they like me again. :S

amy on

love her!~

Karsen on

Alicia, cool it with the language eh?

Guest on

I would have debated it too. He can’t keep his dick in his pants.

Mom2Three on

I love PINK – alway have, from the beginning. She is “F-g Perfect” to me. I love how she does not care about what others think, is successful, a mom, a career woman, a hot sh*t, and I wish she was my BFF. My hubby and kids love her too! Hey Pink, come on over for dinner, I’ll cook you a “kick as@” meal! Party on!

karen on

she is one bad ass chick. I really love that my daughter looks up to her. Who cares about the potty mouth; her being honest is more important!

cleeo on

The fact that she has to stick a swear word in every single sentence is a bit obnoxious. We get it, Pink. You’re edgy and cool. You’re also a 33 year old woman and mother. Grow up and act like a lady.

Anonymous on

I don’t know the dynamic’s of her family, her Mother may be a piece of work, but babies & tots are amazingly fun it’s the teens that will make or brake you. Was Pink one of those teens with so many angst (real or imagined) that she was all but imposable to parent?

Jana on

I adore Pink. She is just herself and doesn’t give a rat’s behind if you like it or not. She is absolutely right-either you’re a good person or you’re not regardless of wealth or fame. Willow is beyond cute!

Traci on

I love Pink and her daughter Willow Sage is adorable.

I bet you Pink’s a very good mother.

Don’t judge her.

ann on

I was thinking the same thing. Why is it necessary to cuss all the time. Kids learn what the see and hear. It is just a sign to me of not being able to think of anything more intelligent to say

ruby on

Not a big fan of her music or her foul language, but she seems like a really down to earth, loving parent. I respect that. (:

Windy on

Willow is adorable! But if the parents are cussing, its their job to make sure she doesn’t pick up the words. I don’t cuss, but husband does a lil bit, but we both let her know not to repeat what her daddy says or she’ll get in trouble.

Susan on

Pink seems to have matured so much since her debut, so many years ago. She comes across as such a bad a$$ but sounds like a softie-a very devoted & loving mother. I’m impressed at how grounded she always sounds. Willow seems like a happy baby!

granneez on

I know Pink takes being a role model seriously. She is tuned in to the issues that young women face while growing up. I wish she would limit her use of the f-word. It loses its effect when you use it in EVERY sentence.

Judy on

I agree with you Alex. Better she curse in front of the kid and treat her with respect and kindness, than those holier than thou types, that are big on appearances and are mean in private. Or worse yet, beat the crap out of them. I’ve known both kinds of parents, take the upfront one any day.

Lauren on

You and me both Alex. My parents both swore like sailors and I turned out fine. They’re words and kids are going to hear them regardless.

Momof2 on

Pretty foul mouth….not very much respect for het

Jenny on

Pink does not curse in front of Willow. I attended her concert this year and the topic came up and she told the audience how she never does and works to keep it clean in front of her little girl. This was an interview done in the company of adults for adults.

Kat on

Love Pink – she sounds like a great mom. Her daughter is lucky to have such cool parents. And those “potty mouth” commenters – get a life.

Vee on

That’s one happy looking baby! I’m a fan of Pink’s but I do have to wonder what her daughter’s first words were. 😦

jmquinnn on

I think I read that she and Carey have toned down their language around their daughter. It’s pretty difficult to tell a 2-year old, who is just learning to talk, to not use “certain” words. Pink sounds like she is really enjoying being a mom to her adorable daughter. That’s what matters!

Gena on

Why would you want to teach your baby to talk like that? It makes one sound uneducated, bottom line. Of course I’ve uttered those words myself- it’s hard not to when you stub your toe, etc. However, gratuitous use of that language just isn’t necessary.

Irishf1977 on

Seriously, people here are going to judge Pink’s overall character from an interview that she is giving someone?!!! How do you know she talks like that in front of her daughter?!?! First off, she’s not some classless woman! Like the people who made the comments don’t curse?!?! If you say you do, but don’t around your child, how do you know Pink doesn’t as well? I curse, and don’t use profanity in front of my son. (OK, well the really BAD ones anyway lol) Just because you become a parent, you aren’t dead to things. I don’t know about any other parent, but my life doesn’t have to revolve around “The Wiggles”, and “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” If anything, it seems like the foul people here are the ones who are making assumptions, with how they think Pink talks and behaves around her daughter.

Ammie on

I agree Alex. Work on being a good mother. teach her to be independent and strong, able to take care of herself but know her mother and father are there for her in any situation.

mamakin on

Love her! She is herself and that’s cool. She seems like a great mom and you can tell that little girl is loved!

WOW on

I love P!ink! She is so down to earth and obviously a very good, loving mother

Stella Bella on

Pink is so awesome. I wish I felt that way about parenthood on a more regular basis. 😦

CursingHusband on

My parents in law were both respectful school teachers, and my husband curses like a street kid when he is with his sport friends. Terrible! I did not find out until I married him. I think it is not the way you speak that influence a child, it is the way you act and how you tell him from right to wrong. Unfortunately my parents in law have never taught my husband on how to act and behave. He learned all that by himself.

Misty on

I love Pink! I can’t wait to see her in concert in November. 🙂

leeann on

I love Pink! She is very down to earth. I had major family issues growing up, a little different than her issues, but it made us stronger and made us the way we are today. I was terrified to have children because of anger issues, drug and alcohol abuse. My daughter changed all of that, she is the best thing that ever happened to me! I remain sober and I did not think it was possible but my anger has disappeared. If Pink is anything like me she will be an awesome mother. We also have to remember that NO ONE is perfect and we just have to try a little harder! I have a lot of respect for Pink and I wish her and her family all the best!!