Malin Akerman Snuggles Sweet Sebastian

07/17/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Talk about a couple of bathing beauties!

Malin Akerman posted an adorable photo to her Instagram account Tuesday that showed her holding her son in front of a palm tree-dappled swimming pool.

Mom was wearing a bikini, while 3-month-old Sebastian looked like he preferred to skinny-dip.

“Got to go swimming with this beautiful boy…lucky me!! #parenthood #love,” she writes.

Malin Akerman Bikini Sebastian Naked
Courtesy Malin Akerman

The actress, 34, gave birth to her baby boy on April 16.

Akerman married Roberto Zincone in June 2007. “It’s amazing, the biggest love you have ever felt in your life,” she’s said of parenthood. “I go to my husband, ‘I still love you, just this little one a little more.'”

Next up for the star is ABC’s fall comedy Trophy Wife, as well as the film CBGB, in which she’ll portray Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry.

— Wade Rouse

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Teresa on

hahah I totally told my husband the same thing after giving birth to my daughter, Nora… “I love you, but I love the kid a little more than you now!” The love we feel for our children is craze.

Nikki on

So cute! She looks great for 3 months post-partum. It is refreshing to see a celebrity look like the rest of us “common folk” after giving birth.

Congrats Malin!

heather on

How does she look like the rest of us? Chick is jacked!

Brandi on

If I had to choose between looking like Malin on the outside of the equivalent of how ugly you are in the inside heather, I’d pick the new mom’s bod in a heartbeat. She had a baby just 3 months ago…she looks great and the point of the comment that you responded so rudely to was that it’s nice to see that Malin didn’t give in to the pressures of losing all her baby weight in a month and she’s taking her time and is comfortable in her present post-baby body while doing so (and looking fabulous!).

It’s b*tches like you that make women obsessed with getting back into their pre-baby jeans instead of enjoying motherhood and the changes that come with it. You’re the one that’s “jacked”.

Jessica on

I don’t love my baby more than my husband. That’s an odd concept to me. I love them in such different ways, it can’t really be compared.

Anonymous on

Agree completely Jessica!

Irishf1977 on

I love my son more than my husband Jessica. I see it that I created him, carried him, gave him life, and would gladly do anything for him! It is a different love, your right….. But maybe a better word is a deeper love? The difference is it is a unconditional love, and because of that I do love him more!

JT on

I love my kids more than I love my husband & he loves them more than he loves me. It’s cool, we both love each other & have a great relationship but my love for them is truer, stronger, & deeper. There is nothing that would make me not love them. There are things that could make me not love him 🙂

PissedOff on

You know what, these “body after baby” photos/headlines are getting on my freakin’ nerves! What is this world coming to? Show the fatass men after baby why don’t ya? This is the last time I will click on such headlines. Ya know something else you lazy “journalists”, there is other news out there that is actually relevant.

Amber on

Malin looks great 3 mos PP… but does still have some belly. But kudos to her for suiting a bikini!

Marky on

I love my children fiercely, BUT I don’t love them more than my husband.

kate on

I hope your loyalty to your husband doesn’t mean you’d ever let him hurt your kids Marky.

shannon on

kate.. that was a really stupid comment

Mar on

I don’t get people who don’t love their children above anyone else.

jj on

100% agree Mar!!!

Irishf1977 on

Again, I agree jj!!!!!! A unconditional love that is deeper then anything. I used to hate reading Heidi Klum say how she doesn’t love her kids more, and has a stronger love for her husband because before the kids came around, it was only the two of them….. Yeah, well look where that can get you! I know you don’t fall in and out of love with your child…… It’s constant and unbreakable!!!!

Smh on

Agree 100% Mar…you give birth to your children. Husbands come and go, but your children are apart of you.

Lisa on

She looks great!! Nice to see a celebrity mom looking so happy and not worried about getting her body back to pre pregnancy size!! Also love she’s Canadian from same city as me 🙂

Audrey on

“I love my children fiercely, BUT I don’t love them more than my husband.” – Wow, really? Maybe it’s how you worded it, but wow… I love my daughter more than I could ever love anyone else. Nothing will ever compare.. nothing.

Malin looks amazing! Lucky, lucky.

Just Me on

She’s holding Sebastian’s seb-ass-tian

BheartsA on

I definitely love my girls more than my so-called-husband (a$$)…

Tiffany on

My husband and I both feel that way. The boundless depth of sacrificial love you have for children goes far beyond any romantic love. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could cause me to stop loving my children. But my husband (though I trust he would never) could do things to cause my love for him to change. As I could to him (but won’t). Parents love for their children should exceed their love for each other; it’s only natural.

CCex on

I love my husband more than words can say, but the love for my children is something that just cannot be rivalled. At the end of the day, if push came to shove it’s my kids over my husband. And he feels the same way about them.

As for Malin, she looks great. Adorable picture. Baby bums are so cute.

diane on

@jessica, if you dont love your kids more than your husband, you may want to explore your relationship. could be some serious co-dependence going on there!!

Kris on

I love both my munchkins more than my husband. There the 2 most important people in my life.

Tara on

If I never read the headline “post-baby body” again, it will be too soon! Do the women of the world a favor and stop writing that ridiculous nonsense.

Anonymous on

I think it is essential to love your spouse more. We all are going to have this crazy love for our kids, you can’t help it! But our children benefit richly having parents who put each other first, even before the kids. The loves are very different so it is hard to compare.

JAG on

It is simple. I LOVE my children, and I am IN LOVE with my husband. They are my everything.

its just me on

I love my dog more than my kids and husband. And chocolate. Ha ha….kidding just wanted to feel controversial for a moment.

Vanessa on

I love my 2 year old daughter more than my husband. I expect it to change into a different kind of love eventually. At least I hope so, or I’ll never let her move out–and that wouldn’t be healthy for anyone. How would the human race survive if some women didn’t feel that way?

Rebecca on

You should never post nude pictures of your children. I know it’s perfectly innocent, but predators are always stealing kids’ pictures from social media sites now and putting them on child pornography sites.

martina on

Malin is really beautiful.

My love for my children doesn’t compare to anything else. It’s a different, more profound love than anything I have ever experienced.

Jenny on

I agree with Anonymous and Jessica^^ They are two different kinds of love… But to outright say to your partner and father of your kids that you love someone else (even if it’s your kids you are talking about) more than him….yeah, not a good move^^ I’d never say that to my husband as that would be extremely hurtful (&untrue). As I said, it’s two different kinds of love but equally powerful.

Mandy on

She looks great, like most normal women do at this stage after having baby. I am also one of those owmen who put’s her kids before my husband as he also puts the kids before me. For us, that’s the way it is.

Edie on

Wow, this my children OR my husband dialogue, really?

The fact that this conversation is even going on is very sad. Mom and Dad’s relationship must be first over the children FOR the children’s sake. I hope you understand that!

valeskas on

Love that cute baby booty. Sweet picture.

Jessica on

How dare you people judge someone else’s love for their husband vs their children. Or tell them they have issues because it wasn’t exactly what you THINK they should feel. Grow up and concentrate on your own relationships! Smh, just pathetic! I love my kids but its a COMPLETELY different love than how I love my husband. And quite frankly if you don’t like that, you can stuff it cause MY relationship isn’t any of your business. Maybe you sitting their on your judgemental high horses are the ones with relationship issues.

Sandy on

Malin looks like a woman who gave birth a few months ago…wow, People, what a scoop. She’s beautiful and natural — what a shame to be ogled with silly headlines, as though women are in some kind of competition to look a certain way.

BBB on

It’s really wrong to love your kids more than your husband. Your marriage is the foundation of your family. A strong relationship between mom and dad benefits kids infinitely. I could even see loving them equally, but once you love your kids more than your spouse you’ve put your marriage in the backseat to your parenting and that’s never good for the family.

Sam on

Oh my goodness, those posting that she looks like the rest of us after having a baby or that “she still has a belly”…. are you kidding me? She has ABS and looks better than most women will ever look BEFORE a baby. Don’t flatter yourselves.

klutzy_girl on

Aww cute pic! she looks fantastic!

I don’t understand how some can love anyone more or less (spouse/children). It shouldn’t be viewed that way, more like a “different” love for each makes sense.

I see it time and time again where women put their kids first and forget all about their husbands. Your kids will grow up one day, and leave you, and start their own life. Why would you not still want to continue that love story with your husband? Not only for yourselves, but so your children can see what a loving couple their parents are and learn from that on how they should accept love into their life for future relationships. It’s so sad that women basically view their husbands as sperm donors and are done with them once they get what they want (children). And people wonder why the divorce rate is so high…….

To the one who said something about co-dependence, hey Kettle! Mothers often have co-dependence with their children. They feel they have nothing else in the world going for them other than being a Mom, that’s why so many are too involved in their kids lives (meddle) once they even leave the nest.

Alecia W. on

Folks please recognize that there are several tyes of love, the love I have for my spouse is vastly different from the love I have for my children. Here are 4…
Storge – affection, fondness through familiarity, especially between family members or people who have otherwise found themselves together by chance.
Phileo – friendship, the love between friends. Friendship is the strong bond existing between people who share common interest or activity.
Eros – romance
Agape – unconditional love, love that brings forth caring regardless of the circumstance

Melissa on

What an adorable picture!

molly.two on

Sweet pic of them- she looks very at peace and happy! I understand what she was saying- you don’t love your children “more” but it is a different feeling of love that just overwhelms your whole being. You are attached to your children in a different way than a spouse-not necessarily better but diff. Sometimes I look at my children and feel as if my heart will explode! I get it- enjoy this blissful time!

jessica on

There are woman that leave the hospital in their pre pregnancy jeans. Then there are the ones that need to diet and exercise (me included) for months. Thank your DNA:)

Why on

Why can’t the title be, “See Malin’s Beautiful Baby” instead of “See Malin Akerman’s Post-Baby Body?” It’s time for this to stop

Meia on

I could never even come close to comparing my love for my husband and kids. Its such a different type of love that I don’t even think of which I love “more”. One should never make the love of their spouse and the love of there children a competition. I love them all equally in completely different ways.

heather on

i said she was jacked, as in muscular. i didn’t realize that was insulting. she doesn’t look like she has an ounce of fat on her.

heather on

thank you Sam! anyone who thinks that’s left over baby belly needs to get a clue. she’s is VERY fit. i don’t think the majority of people look like that before having a baby.

kazumi on

i agree with mar, i love my children more than my husband, it’s unconditional and i would give up anything for them, i love my husband too of course

manomer on

I am pretty sure everyone is over reacting… was a sweet moment where she was declaring her love for this precious human being that she created with her husband. I assure you that she was just having a sweet moment that gets ridiculously drawn out by people with no life…..

Marisol on

I think she looks wonderful and her baby is a cutie pie!

Katie on

Unconditional love is a powerful thing, but I feel it is harder to have that for a spouse. Even if a child did something, it would be extremely hard to say I no longer love you. I think most of us love our spouses a tremendous amount, but the love you feel for them is entirely different than the love you feel for your child(ren). It is important to have a special and different love for your spouse. My husband and I both admit that if it came to saving them or our spouse in an emergency, the children would be saved first. I think that is what many simply mean by loving the children more. I don’t take offense by his “loving them more” at all. IMO

mrs123 on

maybe it’s the skeptic in me and part of it would want to show “i’m fit now, woohoo” but I think this was pic was taken to show her figure more than the baby. so to that I say, congrats on looking fabulous! I had 2 kids and still take bathing suit pics from the neck up……LOL

Kelby on

This is why women are hesitant to show their body’s after having a baby. People will post “look at her amazing slim body” on other women’s pictures, but this woman doesn’t get an recognition about her body.. Just “Malin in a bathing suit after birth”, shame on you and your choosy choices of words People Magazine.

Kim on

Marriage and your spouse must come first. That relationship is the foundation of family. Children learn by example. I will never understand womens ‘obsessive love for children while neglecting their spouse. That is one reason so many marriages fail. Without your husbands you would have no children! And yes I am a mother of 3 happy, healthy beautiful chlidren.

Anna on

Some of you women are so blind, Your children should be second to your spouse. It’s sad to read all of you putting the children first, and you basically idolize the children because you all believe that they will provide you with love ‘no matter what’ until you are old and gray, whilst caring for you.

Well let me burst your bubbles obsessive helicopter mommies. I haven’t spoken to my mother in 8 years, and probably won’t, simply because she is a huge nag, thorn in my side, and is WAY too co-dependent and meddlesome.

I am pretty sure the ‘unconditional’ love you all preach about is in fact conditional JUST like every other love, and sorry to disappoint but your kids will leave you one day, and you will be one of the LEAST important things in their lives, until of course you are dying. Your husband, will be with you till the bitter end, providing you don’t put him on the backburner. You all talk about how much you love your children and your husbands, but what about your own mothers, i don’t see that mentioned at all? Im pretty sure that’s not even up there on your list of unconditional amazing love. So do you expect your children to return this pedestal of love that you have placed them upon when you don’t even fror your own mothers? They wont be any different from you.

Sadly you will just think im heartless, you can’t reason with a crazy clingy mother!

I have a son, so i do know what i am talking about. I also have a husband, who i cherish every day, as i know, we chose each other, and do every day. He doesn’t stay with me because he needs me to raise him.feed him, clothe and bathe him, he stays with me because of love, and because he has chosen me as his family.. If that’s not love, what is?

Cricket on

I love my kids more than my husband. I created Ava, Beau, Jett & Winter & I would literally jump in front of a bullet for them. My husband, yes of course I love him but its a different kind of love.
The way I see it is I made my children, I gave them life & if anyone tried to take them from me I would fight to the death to protect them. My husband is big enough to look after himself. My children are between the ages of 3 months & 7 & they’re defenceless. My husband is a 29 year old who can hold his own.

Amy on

Yup, I love my kids more than anyone. The way it’s supposed to be IMO.