Josh Duhamel: Why Nobody Knows Our Baby’s Name

07/17/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Josh Duhamel Diet Pepsi Baby Name
Stewart Cook/Startraks

Josh Duhamel is no stranger to the spotlight, but the ability to blend back in with the crowds still isn’t completely out of the question for the actor.

During a Diet Pepsi event on Friday, Duhamel put it all to the test as he manned the cash register, surprising customers who recognized his famous face.

“It’s an opportunity to really mess with people. There was a lot of people who didn’t [recognize me], but there was enough that did,” Duhamel, 40, told PEOPLE at the I Got a Diet Pepsi And… campaign in Los Angeles.

“I think sometimes the ones who don’t are the best ones. They don’t have a clue and you just strike up conversation and they may recognize you, but they don’t say anything.”

He continues, “This brand is a lot of fun — they found me to be the guy to be in here and screw with people and just have fun.”

Aside from his Diet Pepsi partnership, Duhamel has been busy with his acting and will soon wrap work on his upcoming film Strings, which he spent a week filming in Canada.

The short work schedule was “ideal” for Duhamel, who prefers to keep things close to home and his wife Fergie, who’s due in late August/early September with the couple’s first child.

“I really don’t want to be away from her right now. I definitely don’t want to be gone when the baby’s here,” he says. “But I feel very, very blessed to have a wife that’s going through this pregnancy so beautifully.”

As the future father gears up for daddy duty, he’s happily embraced the sweeter side of pregnancy — the cravings! — as Fergie attempts to maintain a balanced diet. “She’s really been good. I think that’s why she feels so good. She’s been eating really healthy,” he shares.

“She does [give into cravings] a little bit of course — she always has and she always will — but she stayed very disciplined because it’s all about what goes into her body goes into the baby.”

Duhamel is doing his part to stay physically fit, but the actor jokes that he’s given up on trying to achieve a brawny build. “I’m sort of in shape. I do exercise. I do work out, but I’m not like The Rock,” he says. “I try to stay healthy, I try to stay athletic and flexible, but I gave up trying to get big muscles years ago because it just didn’t happen.”

The proud parents-to-be just revealed that they’re having a boy, but they’re maintaining a code of silence when it comes to their name choice. According to Duhamel, even Fergie’s extended family do not know the moniker — and will not until baby’s big arrival.

“Some people may not like it, some people may think it’s really cool, but we don’t really care — that’s why we’re not telling anybody,” he explains. “We’re not even telling [Fergie’s] mom because we don’t want to hear anything about it. That way you don’t feel like you’re second-guessing yourself. It’s between us — it’s a sacred thing.”

One thing’s for sure: the little one’s name plays to both Duhamel and Fergie’s senses of style.

“[The name is] kind of traditional, kind of not. My wife is a little rock and roll, so she’s a little bit more daring in that department than I am,” he says. “We decided on a name that we both really love and I think will suit this child.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Mariah Haas

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Lynsey on

Good on em for not saying what the name is and who cares what ppl think of it as long as they love it that’s all that matters, I am the same way due in November I have a few different kind of names we like and don’t care if ppl like it or not cos I do…. Good luck to them and the blessing that is about to happen

tara on

We did the same thing, we did not know the gender either, but had a few names picked out. When we saw our daughter we chose the name Corbett, which is a family name. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but we love it and it suits her very well.

Sarah on

I love that name tara… Unique but not weird!

Guest on

Haha Corbett is my dogs name!

What’s wrong with people trying to be “trendy”. Poor child

At least you can call her “Betty”

Katie on

How they feel about sharing their baby’s name is pretty much how my husband and I feel with our baby that is coming in September. We told people names we were thinking of and their comments really annoyed us so we decided not to share until the baby comes.

gymluv on

I agree with not sharing the name ahead of time. My dad and my brother have the middle name of Damien. It is based on Father Damien who devoted his life to working with leprosy and risking his life to help them. We wanted to name our son Damien, however when we shared that, we got negative feedback. People kept referencing the movie, the child demon, in The Omen. Now I wish we had not shared the name because we ended up not using it. Our son says he wish it was his name as it has meaning and it uncommon.

Tutu on

YEAH!!! Happy for the both of you!!! You are going to make a wonderful daddy, and Fergie will be so much fun jumping around and making your son laugh during cranky times. Blessings to you all, and a safe delivery to come for momma and the little guy. Your lives will be so exciting and full of “oh my gosh moments, what do we do” with this miracle of love. God Bless.

Pammy on

I have a feeling it is going to be a wacky name if they are keeping it to themselves because some family members may not like it.

amanda on

Can’t be as bad as north west

Christina on

We did the same thing…have to leave something to surprise.

Marin on

Reason we’re not telling anyone: to sell the story to the press and make money! I don’t believe for a second that celebrities want to keep things private when it comes to their babies, at least those who talk about their baby to the press. Isla Fischer and Sascha Baron Cohen never said a peep about their of their kids.

Anon on

Or how about their doing it for the same reason that most parents (non celebs, myself included) do it – to save something for a surprise and so no one will bash their choice. My son is Zachary. A perfectly normal name that we waited to share until delivery day.

Emily on

Sounds like somebody has been smelling the reactions to stupid names!

jones on

They seem like a great couple and very devoted to each other. I don’t understand how people name their child before they meet him or her. I can understand having a few picked out ahead of time, but I know people who pick the name and decorate using it before the baby even comes.

Cherry on

I think it will be a name you don’t hear often. maybe a name of a city.

Kim on

He really seems to be in love with her. It’s refreshing to see a star with hometown values. Good luck to them.

Surf City on

Well I plan on using the name Damian for my second son with Dean being the firstborn. I don’t care who knows or what their lame opinions are. Never have given much credit to people and their shallow thoughts. Having a baby is a wonderful, life changing experience that should be enjoyed!

DaisyMoon on

My thought exactly, Pammy.

kat on

I just hope it’s not a ridiculous name. Why do celebrities feel the need to go wacky with the name. They aren’t the ones who have to explain why they’re named “north west” for instance, when they’re adults. I would hate to be saddled with such a joke of a name my whole life. They should really stick to naming their pets crazy names and pick a reasonable name for their children. nere’s hoping they don’t name him Thor or something, haha

Anonymous on

Awesome for you guys…who cares if its weird, its your kid, you can name it whatever you want….people will get over it! Congrats!

bkable on

For me, I don’t personally care what anyone thinks about my future kids’ names. However, it is very important for me that my mom likes them too. She is a big part of my life.

Other than my mom and my future husband/baby daddy (never know haha) I don’t really care what any one else thinks.

@gymluv: I’m really sorry to hear that people talked you out of Damien. I personally think its nice but I’m sure your son has a great name either way! Don’t dwell on it 🙂

Andrea on

With Fergie as the mother, it’s a pretty good bet the baby will be saddled with one of those goofy Hollywood-type names.

Jen on

I guess I don’t see why the “name” has to be secret, but the gender was announced. Why do either? Both should have been kept private, but, to each his/her own on what can be public and what is deemed private.

ignoranceisbliss on

Hmmm. Im going with Jagger. It’s a little bit rock and roll but not too off the wall. Either way, congratulations to the Duhamel family.

amanda on

nobody knows and nobody cares dude.

Cadence on

Speaking from experience, I can say having an unusual name can be tough but when it has a lot of meaning, it’s worth the trouble. My parents met at a concert so they thought the name “Cadence” would be perfect. So if the name they picked is weird but carries meaning, more power to them!

Robin on

I love your name! If I ever have a daughter, that’s the name I want to use.

Pam on

We haven’t shared our baby’s name with family or friends either. It’s not a wacky name or anything but we just don’t feel that we need anyone’s input in naming our child. It’s our baby, our choice, not anyone else’s. We love the name we’ve chosen and I feel like if we shared it everyone would give their 2 cents and then it might change our decision, and we don’t want that to happen. My mother has a really unique name and she wants the baby to be named after her, first and middle name lol, neither is happening.

Pam on

NiceGirl, their family probably is and trying to push ideas on them. My mother has. You don’t know that he cheated on her, just cause the tabloids said so.

Anonymous on

Good. Enjoy and be blessed as a new family! And to all the negative people I ask Why?? Why bother reading and commenting if your only gonna have something bad to say?? I know it’s a forum, to each his own but darn it! There’s already so much misery in the world, I read People for the “fun” of it so back off. Don’t read, don’t comment, turn off your computer and go make new friends or read a book! I hate that this makes me mad but it is so very unpleasant. Arrgh.

tina on

I would have liked to know what grocery store he was working at – why was that a secret LOL. I would love to go through his checkout line 🙂

gigi on

He’s the best…level headed and down to earth as far as celebrities go. He was funny on AMC and still is! Can’t wait to hear the name!

Sherae on

So in other words, they’re giving him another stupid celeb baby name and don’t want people making fun of it yet? I can’t expect someone who prefers to be called Fergie instead of Stacy to come up with anything good anyway.

tiny dancer on

Let them enjoy that bit of secret with each other since their lives are so public. We didn’t announce our sons names until 9 days after their birth. Until their baptism and their presentation, they were known as Trip 1, 2, and 3.

Sherae on

I’d also like to point out that no on is sitting around wondering what you two are naming your kid. We are wondering if you ever confessed to cheating on your wife though lol

momof5 on

my son’s name is John! But it means so much to my family and I love it. When I told people ahead of time, they actually tried to talk me out of it! Telling us it is too normal! EVERYONE has an opinion.

Pam on

I love the name John, and my Husband’s father was named John and he died of a heart attack when my Husband was 4. So if we have a boy he will be named John. I’ve had family members of mine say why? That’s too normal, yuck. Until I tell them why, then they shut up. I don’t know why people think they should have an input when it comes to your child’s name, especially if it is a name that has significant meaning to you.

gigi on

We didn’t tell anyone our names either for our children…didn’t want feedback.

Kassie on

I have two grandsons and there names are Zurich and Adtly. They are different and I could not imagine either one of them being called any other name. They are my little Z-man and Bean. So whatever they name the baby he will grow into it and it will suit him perfectly. Congrats.

horsegirl on

My husband comes from a very long family tradition of “Jr’s”. Lets just say when we had our first son hardly anyone was happy with our choice…we didn’t decide until he was born. We picked Brice- not commonly heard in these parts. 2 years later we KNOW we are having a boy. While at a family dinner with all extended family, (great aunts etc) Father in law announces proudly as he is giving his toast. “We finally have our little Manord Jr” and rubs my stomach. I had talked with him about giving boy#2 his own name. I was so distraught…I HATED the name! To make things harder my truely beloved fater in law died unexpectedly a week later. I was 7 months along. My heart broke that we never cleared up this situation between us for names. About a week before I had him I had this dream of him standing next to our bed rubbing my stomach and telling me little Jullian Maynord is beautiful and a blessing. I knew it was his approval…but man not that of a grieving family. I stuck to my guns..Jullian it was. They call him little Manny …a compromise in sorts. I totally get the keeping your name to your self sometimes. On the other hand sometimes it’s good to hear opinions too. I mean Pilot Knob Inspector…maybe should have had an advisary to fight for him!

Anonymous on

Good for them for saying nothing. People in the family and the public are so rude, when its not their business. The comments on here are absurd. People should worry about their own children.

Charli on

I think they are being smart. IF you say here is my baby and this is their name people feel they have to accept but if you tell them before the baby arrives they think there is time to give their opinion and change your mind.

Sharon Lightner on

As long as he is a happy and healthy baby boy it doesn’t matter what he’s name is. Have a loving family.

Toni B on

I just want to say God bless you two and what I know will be your beautiful baby.