Baby Boy on the Way for Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen

07/17/2013 at 10:30 PM ET

Jason Biggs Jenny Mollen Expecting First Child
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Jenny Mollen‘s growing assets gave it away!

Jason Biggs and his actress wife are expecting their first child, the Orange Is the New Black star revealed during an appearance on E!’s Chelsea Lately, airing Wednesday.

While sharing a photo of Biggs’ wife, host Chelsea Handler couldn’t help but comment on Mollen’s chest size, noting, “Her breasts look really engorged.”

Without skipping a beat, the actor happily took the bait. “Her breasts are very big these days. Would you like to know why?” he says. “‘Cause I put a baby in her belly!”

Mollen confirmed there’s a baby on the way with a snapshot of her sonogram on Instagram. “My new assistant is so f—— lazy!” she writes.

On Thursday, the couple shared that they’re expecting a boy. “Finally there’s a virgin penis inside me,” Mollen, 34, writes. “It’s a boy!” “My wife has someone else’s dick inside of her,” Biggs, 35, adds.

Biggs and Mollen tied the knot in April 2008 after meeting on the set of My Best Friend’s Girl.

— Anya Leon

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Mia on


Stacey on

Very classless couple.

Anonymous on

This couple is so funny! Congrats!

deanna on

Orange is the New Black is pure trash.

Isabel on

Congratulations to the two! I know he’s been talking about wanting to start a family for awhile.

Katie on

They put the @$$ in class!! Stupid way to announce your pregnancy.

Kyle on

Glad everyone here has such a great sense of humor! Get over yourselves.

jacob on

Some of you are very miserable

Samantha on

These two are utter filth, sad to see they’ll be procreating. Look up his quotes on Janna Ryan, he’s sexist and vile. She’s incredibly foul as well. There’s no way they are suited to be parents.

dbrat on

Who are you to judge Samantha?

If you’re this nasty to strangers…..I’d hate to be your family.

Cheryl on

Would you be saying the same if his comments were about Michelle Obama or Jill Biden, Samantha? Just wondering.

DMC on

A baby is always wonderful news! How exciting for them… congrats and best wishes!

Lauren Kaminski on

haha they’re both too funny!:)

Ava Hill on

I thought it was funny!!!

Melanie on

What a crass thing to say about your wife. Tacky.

betti on

“I put a baby in her belly.” – Really?

Mel on

Relax people!! My goodness. He’s a comedic actor. I cannot believe all these negative comments… I make all sorts of offensive comments, as a joke.. Wow. Very judgmental folks out there.

Kari on

Who is Jenny Mollen??

pearlpitts on

They are vile and nasty people, nothing but trash. They are a disgrace and should not be allowed to procreate. Idiots!

Cheryl on

Pearlpitts-Who are you to decide who should procreate or not? Try being a little less judgmental and bitter. I promise your life will be more happy and fulfilling.

Krista on

This wasn’t nearly as bad as the things he said about Anne Romney or Paul Ryan’s Wife- unbelievable, then his excuse was “what did you expect from me, you watched me @#$% a pie” Can’t believe these two are procreating- makes the world that much scarier.

Ashley on

SING IT SAMANTHA. I feel so bad for this baby!!!!!!!!! He is utter trash and she seems no better. Sad day.

kat on

“….I put a baby in her belly…”

Sounds like a 19yr old talking. And why did Mollen use the f -word talking about her baby? These two sound like morons, poor baby!

Jay on

They are a very weird couple. I can’t put my finger on it but something is not right with them.

Romy on

I hope the baby changes them. They are one crazy couple.

meghan on

@Mel, comedy is supposed to be funny.

mary on

it was hilarious on Chelsea- get a life some of you

Nikita on


gagirl on

I’d be willing to bet that all the nasty comments are coming from losers who will be in church this Sunday. Smh. I mean, GET A LIFE! Some of you clearly live a miserable existence.

Sharon on

Really??? Going to church makes you a loser? I happen to be going to church Sunday AND i think he is hilarious.

brady1987 on

That poor child! They will probably grow up to be slimy and disgusting like their father.

DeeG on

WOW! Some people can be so harsh and negative. Congrats to them both, they seem like a nice couple. And it was just a joke relax people!

Tiffany on

OMG some of you need to stfu…Get over yourselves.

Congrats to the expecting parents!! xo

Amy on

Babies are always a blessing, so I hope theirs is beautiful and happy…but they’re both complete a-holes. I hope their child has better character….

Grace on

Yikes, People! Just because they said something vulgar doesn’t mean you have to reprint it!

D on

Love, love , love them! They are both very funny people. And for people hating on them….he got famous for having sex with a pie and she writes for Playboy at times. CONGRATS to the both of them!!!!

Vanessa on

Wow, can the comments be any more vulgar? And, why is People publishing word for word what they said?

guest on

Wow, most of you need to calm down. I find them both to be very funny. I think it’s pretty funny too how most of you that don’t like either of them, take the time to sit at a computer, click on an article about them and then have the nerve to write something nasty. I understand that you don’t have to like everyone. Don’t click on the article next time, geez. Best of luck to both of them!

Sharon on

I “clicked on the article” not expecting to read such garbage…i wanted to simply wish them the best like i always do.

Joy on

I’m sorry that is just such a gross way to announce such a beautiful thing!

nichole on

I think their baby will be just as funny as them stop repleying if u dont like whats being said way to go and congrats

Sophia on

Hopefully he won’t grow up with the same crass, sexist sense of humour as his father :/

Sharon on

What a vulgar thing to say about your unborn son. She just oozes class. Im sorry but i find nothing funny about what she said…and yes i do have a sense of humor, but thats just trash.

Sharon on

*and yes, before people tell me to go read the bible, etc, i did love American Pie…i actually own it, but saying that about your unborn child is just wrong for both of them*

Sharon on

They are freaking hilarious!! Seriously, have some fun! Its a JOKE. People have no right to judge them on the kind of parents they will be or say they shouldn’t procreate.

lauralee on

WOW critize much ,everyone who had negative comments,sad,sad,sad, ! Congratulations to the Bigg family 🙂

dee on

Who talks about their own baby like that yikes!

Sharon on

Sorry guys but my sister and i were arguing over this cuz i showed her the article while she was over our house last night…she ended up posting using my phone but i guess the name didnt change like it was supposed to. So, the comments from me stay the same…i think they are both vile.

Maria on

To all of you who are making Jewish comments about Biggs, he is not Jewish. His mom is Italian and his father is half Italian and half English, raised Roman Catholic.

Kate on

They’re so crude and tacky.

Carol on

Nice language. I am sure the baby’s first word will be F*&$! Their parents must be so proud of them. If this baby is smart, it will hop out the bassinet the first day of it’s life and find some parents who have some class and values.

jenn on

very poor taste with posting this article. fowl mouthed soon to be parents. ick!!

Tracy Michelle Hargett on

“My wife has someone else’s dick inside of her,” Biggs, 35, adds.” IS THAT ANY WAY to talk about your own SON?? Sick.

Diana on

Jason Biggs happens to be my cousin…yes that is correct…I know that their humor is not for everyone, but believe me they are very normal people and will make wonderfuld parents….just felt I had to comment, even though my comment will be commented on…

NatesMama on

No, they’re not funny. IMO. They’re crass, incredibly rude and frankly, pretty trashy. To me, that’s not funny. Richard Pryor and George Carlin did shock comedy much better. Their “comedy” is nothing but gross-out, unimaginative, and completely not clever.

But I would never say that they have no right to have children. That’s beyond the pale.

Jay on

They are so crude and disgusting!! They are talking about their baby and mentioning virgin penis’ and dicks?? Are they crazy?? Hopefully their child will be the complete opposite of them.