It’ll Be a Boy for Josh and Fergie Duhamel

07/16/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Josh Duhamel Fergie Expecting Son
David Russell/Disney-ABC Domestic TV

Bring on the blue.

Dad-to-be Josh Duhamel revealed in funny fashion that he and wife Fergie will be welcoming a boy in late August/early September.

The Transformers actor, 40, confirmed the sex of his soon-to-be firstborn during a taping of LIVE with Kelly and Michael, which will air Wednesday.

During a segment called Du or Don’t, Part II: Baby Edition, Ripa holds up two onesies — one pink, one blue — and asks him to choose between them. The actor played coy at first, and whipped the audience into a frenzy before snatching the blue onesie and holding it up in triumph.

The reveal comes just days after the expectant singer officially changed her name to Fergie Duhamel, ensuring that the new family will all have the same last name. Togetherness is important to the couple, Duhamel explains.

“I can’t imagine having a kid and then not being able to be there — that would just drive me crazy. My head would be at home with mom and baby,” the actor said recently. “We want to work it out so that we can be together; whether I am working, they can come with [me] or if she is working I can go with them. I can’t see myself ever wanting to be away from my wife and kid.”

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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Elizabeth on

Yay!! I love these 2 as a couple! Theyre gonna be great parents to this little boy 🙂

CG on

That boy is going to be gorgeous. Congratulations to the family.

solar on

Well, keeping the family together while one parent is working works really well for the Jolie-Pitts, so I’m sure it’ll work beautifully for the Duhamels too. Congratulations on their baby boy!!

Jt1260 on

They’re so cute. Best wishes for health and happiness to the Duhamel clan.

On a related note…doesn’t it seem like she’s been pregnant forever?!

Carrie on

You know I could totally see him still having a girl and then saying something like, “What she can wear blue!” No matter what they will both be amazing parents. Congrats!

Nicole on

I cannot believe he gave that clue up to this show and not Ellen when he was on her show!!

MissesB on

Josh has co-hosted Live! many times. I think he has an affinity for Kelly, Michael, and the Live! Family. Doesn’t surprise me at all that he did this, but I bet Fergie got a big one (surprise that is ;0) because Josh looked a little surprised after grabbing the onesie and walking to the camera. Great family, lucky boy!

Maureen on

He was also on All My Children with Kelly Ripa!

Nicole on

I guess this show does need the ratings though

Tiffany on

He will be a great dad, you can tell.

Jenn on

Yay! Boys are the best! I had twin boys last September. That child is blessed. They really seem like they are solid.

kim on

he sounds like the perfect husband/father. fergie and baby are two lucky people! =)

LC on

This is one of the longest pregnancies ever! I think she has been pregnant for 2 years now. Congratulations to them!

Everyonehasanopinion on

How sweet is he…:-))

Lia on

It amazes me how many people find out what they are having. There are so few happy surprises.

hbear on

Lia the birth of a baby is a happy surprise whether the gender is known before hand or not! You don’t know what this child will look like or what their personality will be. Each day is a happy surprise with your child.

Zeze on

Some people like to prepare…

Rachel W on

Yeah- what’s wrong with that ?!?!??

In this day and age so many surprises will happen with a child— looks, sexuality, personality, soooooo much.

Jeeeesh I guess I’m in the minority here

Kestrel on

I agree – there’s no need to find out. So you can paint a room pink? Only buy blue clothes like you sent going shopping ever again. That surprise, that excitement and wondering and those moments of calling it an it or she or he. It’s a wonderful thing to just not know all these things now and live in the wonder.

Besides, it’s a gift, its supposed to be a surprise!

Rachel W on

I am a psycho planner and would never not want to know. I never understand NOT wanting to know lol!

Sharon on

I would definitely find out…it just makes it so much easier. Plus, you do still get a surprise during that special ultrasound, its just a few months earlier 😉

Nadia on

He’s a good man, but there will come a time he’ll want to be away from his wife and kid! Parents do need alone time too! Doesn’t make them a bad spouse or parent, but we all need “me” time once in awhile. It took me awhile to figure that out.

Nadia on

To Lia, the surprise is finding out you’re having a baby. That was the best surprise (x 2) in my life. Finding out what you’re having is simply a part of the planning, in my view. I can understand both reasons to find out or not find out.

Erin on

This is so cute! He’s so proud to be having a little boy – love it!

vanessa on

I love them. Its nice to know that they keep their fans up to date about the pregnancy. Unlike other celebrities “kim kardashian” who treated that pregnancy as top secret. Best of luck fergie and josh

Anna on

Maybe I’m just in one of those moods, but 2 things came to my mind first when reading this article: If it was taped and set to air Wednesday, why is the show called LIVE with Kelly and Michael? Second, she officially changed her first name to Fergie? Am I reading that right? Ack.

Despite what seems like negative comments, I think they’re a very sweet couple, and it sounds like he’ll be really hands on. Congrats!

MrMonkee on

@ Nicole: because Ellen is in reruns for the summer. I doubt he wanted it out back in May.

Mandy on

Love this couple! They are going to be the best parents!!! What a wonderful family! =)

Miche on

Lia. It’s a happy surprise no matter when you find out. I’ve done it both ways and it was more fun when I found out before the delivery cause I got to plan and go shopping before I was so tired and busy with a new baby.

My daughter’s nursery was personalized and done before she came while my son was over a year old before I finished his cause I was so exhausted and busy.

Sharon on

I completely forgot that she is pregnant lol….seems like forever! Anyway, congrats and best wishes. Have a happy and healthy delivery of your precious little boy 🙂

Erin on

How sweet is that??? I usually roll my eyes are celeb marriage but these two seem so in love! Wishing them the best!!

Anonymous on

It seems like she’s been pregnant for 3 years.

lilah on

Best wishes!

manomer on

Anna, it normally is a live show but during the summer months they take vacations…

Julianna on

I was surprised to see she still has a whole month to go before she’s due. I swear I thought she was due any day now, but that’s maybe because it looks like she has been pregnant forever…

I love Josh. To me he looks like he’s really excited to be a father and he’ll be very hands-on in all aspects concerning his little guy. I can’t wait to find how they’ll call him.

Jen on

Awww, bless their hearts! Much joy and happiness to them.

philosophical on

Why not green, yellow, or white? My son wore pink onesies for a lot of his infancy. They were what I found at garage sales! Babies don’t care what colors they wear. He had copper hair and pink looked good on him. Color coding is diabolical; girls used to be labeled pink so someone would know which were the “expendable” infants. Shudder. SHUDDER.

He is a handsome man. Too tall, but really handsome.

I too think it’s creepy to find out the sex in utero. It’s going to be a baby; genitals aren’t important in the delivery room. After all, circumcision is wrong for BOTH sexes.

Sandy on

I’m very happy for him. He will be a wonderful father.

Anonymous on

Holy wow. I completely forgot they were pregnant. Congrats, though!

Linda on

Hope he will have his daddy good looks 🙂

Lori on

@Nicole – Josh & Kelly used to be on All My Children together so that’s probably why he announced it on her show. @Anna – Fergie officially took the last name of Duhamel.

Anonymous on

Hope the boy looks like him, and not like her (turtle)

Rachel W on

She is called butter face poor thing. She has no neck

chelsea on

He announced it on the show that paid him the most to do so.

cynde on

Josh and Fergie I am really happy for you. I know Josh will be an awesome person. When he was here in MN for an apperance at the Women’s Expo about 5 years ago or so My daughter went to ask a question and he had to stop the crowd and he told them if they did not stop shoving and shouting he was going to stop answering question and he let her ask a question at the time she was 14 it totally made her day. Congrats Hope you have an awesome time I know you will enjoy.

Kassie on

Congrats to him and Fergie. They will make wonderful parents. Boys are the bomb. I have 2 grandsons 3 and 18 months and they bring me such joy. Just hoping they have a nice normal name and not some if those freaking names that have been coming out lately.

Maggie on

I didn’t remember her name was Stacy Ferguson. Fergie seems to stick.

Carrow on

I smell a set up. =)

He says boy and then out comes a girl.

Vaness on

Loved watching Josh years back with James Caan on ‘Las Vegas’…..liked some of Fergie’s popular songs…..’Glamourous’….’Where is the Love’…to name several…seems like just yesterday ..but they both sure have come a long way since then….so now wishing them best of luck in parenthood. *If he looks anything like Josh…he will grow up to be one
handsome young man.*

FergieX on

Awww, how nice! Let’s just hope he’s not “Retarded”, like his Momma sings about.

Kimm on

The stupidity of some of the posters here is astounding…

Ashlinn on

What will they name their baby…could it be a food, perhaps a direction? Oh the suspense is killing me!

giana on

So if people is showing this today…that means kelly n michaels show is not LIVE.!!. I doubt is a boy either. He looked like he wants to fool people.. girls can wear blue too

teresa on

why does it feel like she’s been pregnant forever? i guess some couples just announce earlier so it feels like longer

Andrea on

Let Josh teach him how to speak…….so he won’t start life using that street talk like his mother does.

SAR on

I had a feeling it was a boy! Congratulations!

Mrs G on

he could be tricking us all though 😉 I love Fergie and Josh and no matter what they have they’ll be great parents 🙂

Anonymous on

Jt1260, yes! Same with Princess Kate!

cynic1018 on

Congratulations on this wonderful news. Boys r awesome!

Anonymous on

Love this couple!!