Kris Jenner Fakes Out Viewers with Stylist’s Baby – Not North

07/15/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Kris Jenner‘s new TV talk show couldn’t be premiering at a better time!

A month after her daughter Kim Kardashian welcomed 4-week-old North, Jenner wanted everyone to think she may have the exclusive on revealing the infant.

Posting “You never know who will stop by our show today! #WatchKris” on The Kris Jenner Show Facebook page Monday morning with an image of herself smiling and holding a well-wrapped baby, Jenner laid the bait for all hopeful for more of a glimpse to tune in.

“We will be very disappointed if this is not Kim’s baby,” one fan writes. And they were. TMZ first reported that the infant belongs to a hair and makeup person on the set — and Jenner did produce stylist Monica Rose’s baby at the end of her show.

Kris airs at 11 a.m. weekdays on FOX.

Kris Jenner Debut North First Photo
Courtesy The Kris Jenner Show

— Kristin Boehm

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Reesca on

It only took 4 weeks to get that baby in front of the camera.. already using that child to gain ratings and viewership. Disgusting.


That baby was planned so they could make money off it I will never belive that kid was made out of love ! Chris is to money hungry to pass this chance up at making money !

jacob on

Hummmmm A lot of you women don’t make babies out of love. Alot of your kids are oops I forgot to wear a condom or take my birth control. Tons of women have out of wedlock kids, so why are you judging Kim? How many of you are still with your children father? I’LL WAIT….

KristenC on

Lol did you even read the article?? It’s not baby North.

dooklebro on

You obviously didn’t even read the article! It’s not North, it’s someone else’s baby!

Emily on

That’s her all right 🙂

orraine on


Carrie on

Mommy dearest is going to try and milk everything for her show I hope it gets canceled so fast!!!


Lol good one Carrie!

Diana on

I so believe this is a family of sucubuses and vapid empty people who will whore out whoever at whatever if the price is right. I’m also in total agreement with u on the $ comment. It is a sad comment on us that we eat it up with a HUGE spoon.

Sammi on

She is disgusting.

Amber on

that looks like the head of a four month old… Can’t possibly be Nori.

CG on

They will wait until the royal baby is born and release photos trying and I mean trying to steal the spotlight. Good luck with that.

onlywishing on

I totally agree CG! They are waiting for the royal baby and then we will be bombarded by “exclusive”pictures and all about her delivery.

Mimi on


Ruby on

Of course. They’re disgusting little fame leeches. That poor child.

dawn norris on

bet it’s not kim’s baby just hoping everyone will tune in if we pretend\

Juli P on

why is this family of media whores getting another outlet?

Surf City on

Is anyone surprised? She’s already used all her children for fame and fortune. Time to move onto her grandkids since her uterus is done. I wonder what her cut of the next generation is? The sad thing is North’s parents are no better.

Diana on

I love the question about why they have yet another outlet to whore themselves out. Poor baby. Their like rich Honey Boo Boos.

frances on

No it is not THE baby cause Kanye would never let Kris be the one to debut the baby…

Anonymous on

I would think if it was her grand daughter she would be holding it a little better. Probably a fan of the shows baby.

lindsay on

it’s actually not the baby, it’s a person that works for her onset. she is using it for publicity and for people to tune in thinking its kims baby…WRONG ON ALL LEVELS

Ruby on

Disgusting what some people will do to be in the limelight, huh?

E on

That baby is pretty big, wasn’t North only 4 1/2 lbs, meaning she is probably not even up to 6lbs. Way to exploit the idea of your Grandchild for ratings, if that was my mom I would be pissed!

Tina on

Umm, that’s a big baby if it’s only 4 weeks old. I don’t think that’s Kim’s baby. Kris is just trying to get people to watch her show. She’s a money monger. And she doesn’t care who she exploits to make more money.

rippa on

Their fame and fortune is ridiculous the more viewers watch their shows the longer they will be around.

Stephanie on

Even tmz is saying it’s fake baby. It’s someone on the staff.

elle on

Sick she’s using the baby to bollster her show.

cris on

If it is Kim’s baby lord that is a large 4 week old. My daughter is 7 weeks and isn’t that big. However it does look Milato. perhaps?

Brandi on

Just wondering cris – why do you use the word mulatto? Biracial or mixed are the words most commonly used and though I understand the definition of the word mulatto, it sounds so old and dated to me. And I’m also wondering how the baby “looks mulato” when all you can see is the baby’s hair (which appears to be straight) and the baby’s skin tone (which looks the same as Kris Jenner’s). Lol are we looking at the same picture???

elle on

I’ll throw my TV out the window before I watch that show.

Roo on

It’s disgusting how she is selling out her granddaughter for ratings and cash. I for one will not be watching. I don’t care what the baby looks like. All babies are born beautiful. Thank god they all don’t turn out to be trash like the Kardashians!

Colleen on

Please, PLEASE let the royal baby be born as soon as this show goes on the air. Using your granddaughter for publicity. This family is so gross.

Sam on

Negative nancys out there.

Jamie on

I don’t think it is Kim’s baby but maybe I am wrong. I think this is another Kris Jenners lies to get people to watch her show. I will never watch her show.

Anonymous on

wish the baby could grow up normal instead them making money off the baby

Daphne on

That is not baby North. According to TMZ the baby belongs to someone from hair and makeup.

Elaine on

Well this just proves that she can’t live without cameras. No wonder Bruce and the younger kids moved out. Maybe they have had enough of cameras while Kris has no boundaries with cameras.

Rosalind Briscoe on

All I can say is that’s a beautiful and loving picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snaps on

Just when I thought the dollar signs in Kris Jenner’s eyes couldn’t get any bigger and brighter…

Oh, and funny that Kim wouldn’t be on the show. After all, it is HER baby. But I guess she thinks it’s better her mother exploits her daughter than Kim herself. So like mother like daughter, right?

Carol Brady on

Kris will also be selling a line of jewelry made from the baby’s afterbirth, as well as offering up North’s poopy diapers as compost to be sold on Ebay. Not a single marketing opportunity gets by this savvy businesswoman!

Liz on

Exploiting infants….I now answered my own question. There is nothing the Kardashian’s won’t do for money.

Katie on

The royal baby will be here this week (I’m assuming since she is past the due date) and I half expect the North introduction to happen on the same/next day as that news is released. The baby is a boy/girl that’s wonderful, Oh by the way I’d like you to meet my new granddaughter.

Alicia on

All I have to say is I love Kim and the Kardashian clan BUT they have said how tiny Nori was when she was born. I do not feel this is Kim’s baby #1 the size, #2 Her and Kayne want the baby off Keeping up with the Kardashian’s so I am sure she will not be debuted this way.

Katie on

Anonymous: Really? She is holding this baby just fine. She is supporting the head and the arm is around the child and her other hand is supporting the bottom. She looks just fine holding her.

Rebecca on

It’s not Kim’s baby. This is the child of someone on the hair/make-up team. This is horrible usage of people just to become famous. She thought that Robert Kardashian would get her the fame she so greatly desired (anyone who saw her video “I Love My Friends” could see that), and then a mere month after her divorce becomes final, she married a bigger name at the time,,, Bruce Jenner. The only reason Kris wanted to go back to Kardashian is because of her notorious elder daughters. But, if the one daughter becomes a famous model, don’t worry,,, Kris will be proud to be a Jenner, again, and the photos of Bruce will be featured prominently on her desk and wall. Kris is a vile creature who latches onto anything she can to be “somebody,” including an innocent baby. Vile.

Callie on

Someone shoot me. I cannot believe some exec gave this dumb ass her own show! I am cancelling TV right now

Athina on

Kanye would never allow that.

Kim on

It can’t be their baby. No way a Kardashian would give up an opportunity to sell their childs first photo for a few million. It will be done in some huge production and someone will pay a lot of money to get that first photograph. They wouldn’t put the baby on Kris’ show for free.

Sophia on

The baby looks too big to be North. Especially considering she was born a month early.

Also, I don’t like the Kardashians, but it actually makes sense to show the baby on her grandmother’s show. I mean…the baby will eventually get photographed. It would be better to show the baby then make all paparazzis stalk them to get the first picture. Why not show on her grandmother’s show?

I said on

She is the worst kind of media whore. As long as it keeps her in the spotlight she will pimp out every member of her family. They all suck anyway and are famous for nothing but being whiny little bitches.

Bill on

Will never be watching that show!!!!

dub tyler on

she’s a ho – who cares. Kate’s baby will knock them so far off the airwaves. It is just a come on. I don’t believe it is Kim’s and who gives a sheet anyway.

Wrenele on

Why does she need another show? shouldn’t she be home with her husband working on her marriage, or is she just looking for another reason to get away from him. Kris, give it a break. You and your family are millionaire’s 10 times over. Your family and the next generation, and beyond are set for life. When you leave this earth, you can’t take it with you. Stop being greedy and enjoy life a little. I think I speak for most when I say, we enjoyed your family at first, but now it’s over kill. Take a break, give the world a chance to miss you a little. If you debut the baby on your show, the world will know it’s all for ratings.

Andrea on

Of course Kris Jenner would do that. She’s always been a user. And she’d get a 10% booking fee for whichever kid/grandkid showed up!!

Olga on

I can’t see that being baby North. The hair is too light.

Ashleigh on

I thought North was tiny due to being early? that cant be her..

Tiffany on

I don’t think it’s Kim’s baby. Kanye wouldn’t allow it I’m sure.

Gina on

So nobody actually read this article, then? It clearly says that the baby she’s holding IS NOT her grandchild.

Either way, this show is hopefully going to tank and they can start their decent into obscurity.

Anonymous on

More drama why dont they just live a normal life most of the stars are doing that ..I feel it is such a turn offf doesnt anyone see how much attention this family needs ..its overwhelming.. I know tthat they have a relality show ..but goodness sakes is so over tthe top pictures.. nothing of kim..and all of this drama everyone else who had a baby is out and about or not its their choice. I feel sorry for this family ..I do not come from a perfect family but they all need so much attention and it is not like they are gifted artists or actors that would be getting awards. I could be doing a relaity show just like they do if I wanted ..but I dont this is not acting its marketing and making money off of what is happening in their lives.. having a baby is NORMAL…I would hope peole would realize that these reality shows ..are not about great actors or artistis musically …

heather on

yeah, that looks JUST like a 4 week old baby…

Anonymous on

Nope, it was her stylist’s baby

Theresa on

Everyone should stop being Haters and leave the Kardashians alone to live the life God chose to bless them with. Get your own Life and live it. Congratulations Kim and Kris, way to go!

H on

How she got her own show is beyond me! This morally- compromised family needs to GO AWAY.

chloe on

It is disgusting how she will use her granddaughter like that.. I know it is not North, but she is alluding it is in order to get ratings for her show, disgusting.

Callie on

Someone shoot me now

Lydia on

These people are disgusting.

Anonymous on

It’s Kris Jenner. Why is everyone surprised that she would pull such a stunt? I hope Kanye {despite his constant miserable attitude}, manages to keep North out of public. The only Kardashian that would grow up with no cameras. I have nothing against the K’s, but Kris is a businesswoman that hardly shows morals.

Katie on

Gina, a few minutes ago this article did not mention that the baby wasn’t North. It has been updated now.

Anonymous on

seriously. what qualifies this woman to have a talk show?

lisa on

she’s a business woman she talk a good game so what the rating from keeping up with the kardashians. strike while the iron’s hot

I hope she takes her sister Kourtney’s approach and not have that child on film all the time it’s not fair to those kids.

LizzyM on

Honestly, who cares???? The only thing I care about is how fast this show gets cancelled.

Regina on

That Whole Family is Fake!

Ivixen on


Victoria on

she wouldn’t do a talk show from an ‘HONEST” point of view…wonder how it is to live life as a lie? hmmm, than she wonders why people won’t watch…enough of the lies already…

Anonymous on

Why does this woman have a show? Just because you are famous for doing nothing doesnt mean you are talk show host material. I will give this family some credit, they sure know how to market themselves. Not a talent in the bunch, and they are as famous as anyone actually doing something outside of living fakes lives. Wow!

Jenn on

YEah I agree with another commented- I BET they will release pictures of her after the Royal Baby. Right when all attention goes a different way they’ll release them. SMH

J abrams on

What a sick person. The things she does to get in front of a camera. I wish the whole family would disappear.

Jenn on

OMG really who got exploited??? This Baby is wrapped up and being held, I think it was a great idea… You people kill me! I think your just mad because you fell for it, you tuned in and didn’t get to see Baby North… Ha ha! I love it! I can’t wait to see North!

Christine on

this show was so painful. Can anyone say cancellation in season 1?

Anonymous on

They are waiting on the royal baby to be born to release pics on this so called so important baby. How disgusting of them to do something like that. Kim is just a attention whore!!!!

sue on

TMZ first reported that the infant belongs to a hair and makeup person on the set — and Jenner did produce stylist Monica Rose’s baby at the end of her show.

It isn’t even Kims baby, HOW MANY FAILED TO READ THIS STORY??

Also since Pimp mommie refuses to be called Grandma, then Baby refuses to be called GRANDDAUGHTER. She is ILLEGITIMATE BABY.

sue on

TMZ first reported that the infant belongs to a hair and makeup person on the set — and Jenner did produce stylist Monica Rose’s baby at the end of her show.

It isn’t Kims baby, did anyone read the article?

If Kris refuses to be called Grandma, then she has no right calling this baby her Granddaughter. She is the “illegitimate child of her porn star mother that is married to another man while screwing another baby.”

Ellyn on

Did you silly people READ the headlines…it’s NOT Baby North! She’s pullingtricks for ratings…TYPICAL of this publicity whore family!

Guest2 on

way to pimp out your grandchild for your own gain. How low can you go?

gracie on

This family is pathetic and Kris is the most obnoxious of them all.

Kim will wait until she has lost enough weight to take the kind of photo she wants. She is making a big mistake because once the Royal baby arrives, there will be no market for pictures of /stories about little North. Contrary to what Kanye may think in his ego inflated brain, most of America does not consider his baby “America’s baby”. Most of America could care less about him, North and the Kardashian family

Betty on

Just show how much a liar and fake this family really is the girls learn everything from mommy dearest.

Phyllis on

That is really tacky, Kris! Are you that desperate for ratings already??!!

Football Girl on

Really Kris…not all people care what Kim’s baby looks like and shame on you for trying to get your ratings up by lying.

KT on

Kris Jenner is a user and a phoney. I wouldn’t have believed for even one second that Kim would let her use the baby as a marketing/promotional tool. That show will tank within weeks. Mark my words.

Anna on

Geez People if you read the story it says the infant belongs to someone working in hair and makeup.

Katie on

Ellen, these SILLY people are commenting on the story before it stated that it wasn’t North. The first time this story was posted, it implied it could be North, but now it clearly states it isn’t.

Lauren on

If you remember, they didn’t announce the baby’s name until the day after James Gandolfini died. Guess they didn’t like him getting all the attention. This family makes me sick, and I’m sure her show will not last.

Denise Smith on

If you guys would read the whole article, you would have known it is NOT Kim’s baby.

Odd though how “I love the spotlight Kim” is keeping the baby under wraps. Maybe she has grown up a little since having the baby or just wants a big payday for debuting her on People.

Steve on

Fame whore, probably just holding out to TRY and steal Royal babies Thunder.


karen on

what a classy broad! prostituting a month old infant to get people to watch her soon to be cancelled show. what a group of losers.

janet on

Kris Jenner is about as low as low as you can get. All she cares about is money. I hope her show gets cancelled quickly she is disgusting and so full of herself and Kim. Yes Kim is by far her favorite and it is so obvious

Jaylynn on

Classless, shameless and the nail in the coffin of this circus a/k/a “talk show.”

jasmine on

Hey that’s Kris Jenner for you 🙂

rippa on

hope the ratings drop for the talk and the reality over scripted show.

Anonymous on

She’s sick

bkable on

I swear they’re waiting until Kate has her baby and then Boom. Pictures will be on the cover of People.

susan on

They will wait until the royal baby is born before they debut the baby. They are always trying to one up someone. If people would stop watching their show and the ratings dropped then this trash will be removed from TV.

Anonymous on

Fellow commenters saying that others “failed to read”, when the article was first posted, it did NOT state that the child wasn’t North. And not everyone goes to TMZ to read things.

White? on

So this makes it clear that the “reveal” of the child will be some big publicized event… I was hoping that the family would have chilled out and not capitalized on this baby… If I were Kim (or Kanye) I would be MAD. But maybe they gave this promo the okay, which is worse and it is sad. I’m disappointed in Kris! Very disappointed.

Anonymous on

Wow! They really are going to use this poor little baby to help themselves back into the lime light. What losers I can’t believe people are not sick and tired of this bunch of look at me losers.

Anna Monica on

Of course she did this…..she wants real money for the reveal of North. This was a ratings ploy.

Anonymous on

I cannot stand how ridiculous these people are being. Your baby is NOT THAT IMPORTANT! UGH. So disgusting that this is what they do with their free time. Hey Kris how about go be a grandmother to your grand daughter and help your daughter with being a new mom! Wait that would make sense.

Guest on

It looks like no one has read the article. It’s her make up artist’s baby. Everyone shouldn’t make comments before reading the article, they are making themselves looks like idiots. Become informed, then write about it.

Danielle on

We are whores for celebrities…….but Kanje clothing line is a joke, but we will see people rushing to the stores to buy it. …Pathetic generation of fools.

Tuchi on

Oooook this family is all sorts of stupid. Bringing a precious baby on stage and pretending to be north? Really?!! Grown ass woman acting like a complete child. I don’t know who is missing more screws…..the mom who offered her baby up for this, or kris for even doing it! Wow.

Tim C on

She pimped out her daughters she may as well pimp out her grand daughter too.

MrMonkee on

My God! Do any of you people ever take the time to read the story before posting your clueless remarks? These comments are better than most stories. Who managed to line so many idiots up in a single row?One right after another you post a comment and show just how clueless you are. NOW, one by one , go back and read, or re-read the story and then look at how stupid your comment is. Geesh!

maryhelenc on

I’m not sure which one is yuckier, the fact that she would exploit her granddaughter for ratings or that she used another person’s baby to pass off as her granddaughter to get ratings.

Danielle on

Kris better show the creature now, before the Princess Kate has her, and all the media will be with them and ignore her grand daughter.and that will be devastated to Kim.

Anonymous on

Wow, now I see where Kim gets her fake and phony-ness from. Her mother. Should have swallowed and not wasted.

Anonymous on

Cheap trick to get viewers

Shel on

What a piece of garbage Granny is!!!!!

Dave on

A pathetic attempt to cash in anyway she can on that poor kid. I have a feeling this is going to be a short lived show. Hasn’t this family run it’s course, is our society so starved for entertainment that this is what we call it?

Anonymous on

What a loser! She is just trying to seek more publicity. I wish this family would just go away…so sick of hearing about them….

Anonymous on

She’s an idiot and disgusting!

Nancy on

Fame Whore! What a bitch!

Anonymous on

she knows her show is crap so she is trying to use her grandbaby to stir up ratings! Media Whore!!

Kim on

Ugh. I hope Kris Jenner’s talk show is cancelled faster than any other talk show in history.

Terry on

We should just stop watching them and cut off their income for being annoying

Karen M. on

Some of you aren’t reading this correctly – that is NOT Kim’s baby!! Shame shame on Kris for doing this. So sad. So sad.

Lesli on

Kartrashians fans must have the IQ of a gnat !!!!! Not to insult the gnat….

Guest on

Fake just like the entire family. I would not watch this trash even if I had time.

Ugh on

She’s and idiot!!

Anonymous on

If you idiots would read the article. It stated that this baby belongs to the hair and makeup person on set.

amysmith on

Disgusting that she would do that for ratings!!! I probably would not have tuned into that show…definitely not now!!!! That family is a bunch of money grubbing attentions seeking whores!!!!! I don’t even care to see that baby at all. Anyone who does is not going to have to wait long because Kim is going to be hustling her like a hooker before long!!!!!

heather on

viewers?! HAAAAAA!

Holly on

why does she have her own show?

J on

Wow, she’ll do anything for attention. We all know that they are waiting until Kate has her baby so they can start to show photos of North, she’s not fooling anyone.

Lori Anne on

Anything for ratings and money. So pathetic

Andover on

Already using the baby to gain viewers…how shocking and unexpected!

Michelle on

Did nobody read the freaking article? It’s not Kim and Kanye’s baby, it’s the baby of her stylist, Monica Rose. That baby is also a boy…

lc on

kris jenner must believe that all of our lives revolve around her and her idiotic publicity stunts. She is the most disgusting excuse for a mother that I have ever seen. She raised daughters with zero respect for themselves and taught them all how to be shallow. Would never watch her show nor do I care what the “real” baby looks like

fran on

i cannot stand this idiot! can you please just stop talking and go away? please!!

Iris Taussig on

RE: Baby North. Who cares? So much drama for such a dysfunctional family.

beth on

Typical of her to get media attention for her show.

This whole family is nothing but gold diggers. They would sell thier souls for money. Fox, u’r going to lose big time by broadcasting her show! America has no respect for these type of people. I am disgusted!!!!!!

Kim on

If people just stop paying attention to this family, they will go away. Me included. I only went here to post this. I don’t watch, Google or follow any of them. I don’t care. They have no idea how much people really don’t care.

Anonymous on

And this is just an example of the crap that she will call a show!!! Can’t believe a word any of them say!!!!!

glow on

@michelle tnks For the clarification.

lil on

did you clearly read the article..The baby IS NOT her grandbaby

Joan on

Really, you have to lie to get the audience to tune in? Fox network is in hugh trouble…from the blonde bimbo from the view and now this mother who is riding on the coat tails of a daughter that became fanous for being in a sex tape? REALLY? Good thing I don’t watch FOX!!!

greeneyezzz on

Deceit is never good for ratings. Especially trying to show a baby as someone else’s.

What is Kim’s baby gonna live in a bubble away from everyone. What is so special about this baby that she can not be viewed. Next Headline will be :

Baby North will live in a plastic bubble. She will have everything she needs in the bubble with her. It will be in a room with no view of anything that consists of outside because my baby will never have a picture taken of her,,


She is such an attention whore! And please believe that isn’t North. Kanye would’ve beat her ass up and down that stage

Ann on

The world is waiting for the arrival of the ROYAL BABY so wonder what old Kim/Kanye will do to try to top that…….nothing can top the REAL Royal Baby who is being born to Royal parents who are married doing the right things…..

Kim on

The world is not waiting for the royal baby. Not everyone on this planet gives two heaps.

SKG on

I find it funny that America doesn’t know how to read a headline or an article…it’s not Kim’s baby. However, this woman is a publicity snake…every decision made in that family is strictly made by Kris Jenner. She probably tells her children when to have sex. I have to say, though, she’s awful and brilliant at the same time.

Laurie on

Did anyone read the article? It’s not her grandchild, she just tricked you all and used a staffer’s baby to boost ratings. Which is pretty crappy btw

Katie on

Obviously many of you are NOT reading the comments because this is NOT the original story. The original story did not state that this was indeed someone else’s baby. Lighten up.

maggie on

Why would anyone want to watch HER in a talk show or anything else?

kaytoes on

How on earth did she get a talk show? I have never heard anything come from this family I thought was interesting at all. Why do people keep spending their money on these losers. Wow they waste enough money in a day to fed all the hungry kids in America for a year. This little precious baby doesn’t deserve to be used as a money maker. I would never have flaunted the fact i was pregnant by a man while being married to another in the first place. But that pretty much explains how Kim has made her fortune anyway with her legs in the air.

my2cents on

Pretty sad when you have to lure in people to watch your show with a hoax baby…good luck with that!

Kc on

You all might want to learn to read for a change since it’s not North, it’s the hair/makeup person’s baby. It says it in bold letters too in the last sentence.

Jay on

Pathetic at so many levels.

MommaC on

That is most certainly not baby North people!! Think about it, she weighed UNDER 5lbs only 4 weeks ago!! No way shed be that big already! And who cares if it was, its HER granddaughter, they can do what they want…no one complained this much when Kourt gave birth TWICE on TV….if it doesn’t concern you leave people alone…chances are no one cares what your opinion is anyway…also, they’re not dysfunctional..
.at all…just cause they’re on television!? You’re the dysfunctional one judging other peoples lives…sad

melissa on


Anonymous on

How low will she go?

Elle on

That’s really pathetic of her; bring out a baby to make people think it’s Kim’s just to gain viewers. Really?

meghan on

Amber, alicia, don’t call her Nori like you are friends of the family.

Tara on

Come on Will and Kate! I rather talk about your royal baby than baby North. Just please have a semi normal name!!! And don’t name your kid a pun.

Lisa on

She just killed any chances of having a successful show with that stupid stunt. It wasn’t cute or funny, the public doesn’t appreciate being ‘tricked/used’ just for ratings. The only thing it proved is how incredibly arrogant and selfish she is.

Hellen on

Kris J this old fart is a trump and disgusting, she is looking for media coverage.

Anonymous on

I am so glad that many of you love to post WITHOUT reading – “Jenner did produce stylist Monica Rose’s baby at the end of her show.”

Joy on

I seriously can’t stand the Kardashians/Jenners anymore. They are too much with Kim and the baby. Stop with the fake baby stuff. It’s not funny anymore.

Anonymous on

HAHA she is just having fun because some people are so ridiculous about needing to see North, which I know nobody here can relate too.

Anonymous on

Mommy Dearest is right. GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES KRIS. I hope you show is a failure like your whole family. Liars, cheats and money hungry. ENJOY

Icky on

I truly feel sorry for North. I hope she somehow grows up with some common sense and tells the “reality” family to shove it and stays out of the limelight. As for GRANDMA Kris, I bet she exploits her granddaughter any way she can. This family has no couth (I think that’s the word). Good luck, North.

Isabel on

Now she’s using someone else’s infant to garner attention for her family? Again, no class.

melissa on

Do I agree that some members of the Kenneth/Kardashian family let fame and money get to their heads? Absolutely! However some of your comments are cruel. There’s many people who have had kids out of wedlock but it doesn’t make us less of a person. Sometimes kids make you more mature and my hope is that Kim puts her child before herself and is a good mother. Nothing else matters. This child will be loved by all her family members and whether North was a surprise or planned, I wish her and all of her family good health and happiness. I don’t care for some or many things Kim does but let her prove herself before you start bashing her as a mother.

Gemini on

I need to vomit.

Anonymous on

I hate this woman!! devil on earth

Susan on

That is one sick woman.

Janet on

This woman is wrong o so many levels but what’s worse is the tons of people that tune into her Bull$hit show, her daughters shows, buy their products etc…this is what keeps them in the “limelight”. Whoever was stupid enough to watch was stupid enough to get dupped…including me for even commenting on these disgusting people.

Methos 5000 on

Did anyone read the article to the end its not her grandchild.. it looks like she was just having some and I am sure the make up artist had no issue with it or she would not have allowed the child to be up there.. in case you missed it here is last bit of the article
““We will be very disappointed if this is not Kim’s baby,” one fan writes. And they were. TMZ first reported that the infant belongs to a hair and makeup person on the set — and Jenner did produce stylist Monica Rose’s baby at the end of her show.”

Sammi on

Ugh, she is unfunny and vile. What a pig.

Angelica on

Sicko grannymama.
Run, Bruce, Run!

Socalibaby on

Kris is a piece of trash that’s long pass her experation date! Will NEVER watch her show!!! I don’t care what the baby looks like, I don’t care to watch a media whore pimp her grand baby. I don’t care to look at a plastic surgery media freak. Stick a fork in her leathery skin….she is over done!!

Misty on

Oh please – like she would give a glimpse for free – they are going to milk this for all the cash they can get their hands on. Why do people care anything about this family?

guest 4 on

What an azzzzzz, is there no level she will stoop to? Personally I think something is very wrong here, why no pics of this baby or Kim? This from a family who love the camera and publicity. Is the child normal, what the big mystery with this child, surely they are not holding out for more money?


Kris thought her prank was funny but it obviously backfired. She’ll gain fans by being genuine (not sneaky). People become fans of talk shows because they can relate to the hosts and the topics. Making viewers feel like fools will kill her ratings pronto!

jane on

Kris Jenner, how do you sleep at night knowing how you use your own family for money? Do you even truly care about what your poor grandchildren will go through in life always being associated with such a cold, money hungry, fake, abusive, temper tantrum throwing rude person…… you have screwed up your own kids, please leave your grandchildren alone.

Dian on

What a media hog !

claireadele@comcast.noet on

to the kardashians, kris jenner had to do something quick, her ratings were nothing to nothing, it’s not a joke to bring someone’s else baby, fools. don’t even think showing baby pictures when the “DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE’ has her and PRINCE WILLIAMS baby. the ROYALS HAVE CLASS

claireadele@comcast.noet on

kris jenner had to do something quick, tv ratings 0 to 0, brought a baby on show to pretend, bad taste, do not compare to the ROYLAS, and don’t announce baby picture when DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE has baby. NO comparasion!!!

claireadele@comcast.noet on

can’t read anymore. my coco chanel purse empty, need to look for more crap for ratings

Anonymous on

Did anyone actually read the article? It’s not North. Which is , in my opinion, even worse.

She USED someone else’s baby for ratings, the worst part is that it actually worked.

Tweetygirl on

Love all the haters on here. I think its awesome that she played the media. Its going to be a LONG time before we see any pictures of North.

Danielle on

What makes her important and relevant is……….all the people who makes comments every day……Let’s stop being interested in that family, and they will disappear…..!

G on

Really? Who ever fell for this is just plain dumb…it was a joke and why would Kris introduce Kim’s baby? Mama’s are proud of their babies and I am sure Kim wants to be the one to show hers off! Especially when it is your first child you want to be the one to do all the first things with them!

Chrisina on

For God Sakes leave these people alone. If you hate them that much why do you keep reading and watching what they do. Every single star sell their babies picture sooner or later to whatever magazine. If Kim does it she is a bad mother. Kris Jenner is a good mother. She did not throw her children into becoming stars, they decided what they wanted to do and the were all of age. She is their manager and what is wrong with that. She makes sure that no one takes advantage of them. Let them do their thing.

Anonymous on

Two words: child exploitation

Anonymous on

I watched the show and it was not bad at all. This family is great in making money. You all need to chill they are not robbing or hurting anybody so mind your business. They are smart and you all are stupid and jealous because they know how to make money. All need to leave that baby alone. Who cares what they name it or if Kris talking about her grandchild to the audience. Every grandparent talks about the grandkids so what.

sfmom on

I try not to be a hater but this woman is shameless.

She’s the mother who flirts with your boyfriends and wears a wedding gown to your wedding – and then bats her eyes at you like “what? me? I’m innocent as a dove.”

Her daughters would be best served by cutting the cord with mommy dearest pronto.

I read on

Idiots. You obviously didn’t read the article. It’s not Kim’s baby. It’s her hair & make-up person’s baby.

anna on

How much fake those people can pull off?

JoJo on

People, chill out, if any of you had half of the business sense & money the Jenner-Kardashins had wouldnt be so quick to judge, build a bridge & get over yourselves lmfao, haters

Kathleen on

I did not think she had anyone else to sell out. But here is an innocent baby to sell and Kim is right in it to get back in the public eye. Wow!!! Poor child. Grandma is a pimp, mom is trash and dad is just plain done with his career!! Will never watch the show or anything on that channel until its cancelled.