Jennifer Love Hewitt: Cupcakes Are a Constant Craving

07/15/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnancy Cravings
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to indulge a sweet tooth — and Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t holding back.

“Cupcakes seem to be a thing, but that’s always been a thing,” the mom-to-be told PEOPLE during the Mickey Through the Decades Collection launch event in Burbank, Calif. on Saturday.

“I want to blame it on pregnancy, but it’s really always been my favorite. Now, I have the ability to eat three instead of one, which is nice.”

To balance out the batches of baked goods, Hewitt, 34, has continued her almost-daily workout regimen. The exercise, she says, isn’t just about staying in shape.

“I’m doing yoga and cardio and all of that stuff, so it’s been good,” Hewitt shares. “I think it’s been making a big difference in how I feel, too.”

As Hewitt and her fiancĂ© Brian Hallisay anticipate the arrival of their first child, the expectant actress is “taking time off” to enjoy both her engagement and pending parenthood. “I’m still waiting to hear what happens with [my show] Client List,” she adds.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Mariah Haas

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Agape on

Hey Ms. Hewitt, I wish you a wonderful pregnancy and safe, joyous delivery. One comment is to take care on indulging too much with your cravings. No need to eat for two – that is a myth that packs on excess weight that is regretted in the long run.

megan on

Three cupcakes is ridiculous, pregnant or not. There’s no point in going that overboard.

Marie on

Uh megan, last time I checked this was a freeish country and she can eat as many as she wants. Regardless of whether she is pregnant or not.

lily on

Oh, shut up megan! And eat a cup cake..

Jenn on

Wow! Gotta say that I’m very happy that my pregnancy cravings, my baby bump an my pregnancy and that my Bohdi Xander is here; BEYOND thankful that the world isn’t criticizing my pregnancy, nor my parenting…I don’t know how all the celebs do it, especially in this cyber age where people forget that celebs are REAL PEOPLE, with feelings…enjoy your pregnancy, enjoy being a mommy and I just wish that some of these people would remember what OUR mothers taught us-‘if you have nothing nice to say…say nothing at all!’ Leave these pregnant mommies alone-clearly you’ve never dealt with a pregnant woman and her hormones!!! What happened to empathy?! Thank you celb mommies and daddies for sharing this very private time with the world and try to avoid all the ‘negative Nancy’s’ & remember that all of us ‘nobodies’ mean nothing in your personal life and although you are thankful for your fans to keep you in the spotlight-it is unfair for people to THINK that they, themselves would be up for much scrutiny if they were never allowed to have private moments…good luck on your new adventure in life Jennifer Hewitt…& ALL you celebs that have shared this time with us…

Jen on

Well said Jenn.

Lynsey on

Good on her for eating what she wants and not letting the pressure of Hollywood dictate what to eat while pregnant… She is still working out so it shows with how great she looks, I’m doing the same with this pregnancy too.

HeidiL on

We have another Jessica Simpson on our hands.

Being pregnant is no excuse to pig out. Come on.

mytwocentscount on

While I was pregnant I enjoyed the same thing! As long as she’s getting exercise I say enjoy!!

Klapo on

Let her enjoy the cupcakes, people. She exercises every day, and she’s got enough money to hire a trainer afterward. No one’s ever died from eating 3 cupcakes while pregnant, so no need to freak out.

erica j on

she has worked out for years and don’t judge if God forbid she has 3 cupcakes bless you Jennifer love Hewitt have a great pregnancy and beautiful healthy baby!

Lu on

Pretty sure she was kidding about eating three. The tone of a comment is sometimes difficult to express in print.

She looks lovely and happy pregnant!

Ashley on

People, it’s her pregnancy and her body. If she wants to eat three cupcakes, she should be able too. And I disagree about the eating for two myth. Because essentially you are. Especially if you continue to workout. You are gonna be burning calories and so you need some extra to feed your body and the baby’s. I was told the same thing when I was pregnant not to go overboard and continued to work out. I ended up losing 15 pounds while pregnant. I weighed less after I had my child than before I was pregnant. I wish I would have just ate whatever and worked out instead of feeling bad for eating two slices of cake and some ice cream.

Bella on

Really Megan? 3 cupcakes (although it sounds a little heavy on the gut) is not some overboard SIN….Its about the size of a big piece of bday cake…..

Enjoy life once in a while, will ya? Its not something shes doing every ay AND she looks fabulous.

Susan on

Cupcakes! Definitely my weakness, too. Three at one time is a meal, so yum!

MooShoo on

Ah, the ol’ “I can eat whatever I want” phase…she’s gonna pork out so bad.

hm on

i think her show will get cancelled. season two went down hill with kyle being back and them playing family

LC on

I craved cupcakes during my pregnancy too. It was a girl! Leave her alone – cupcakes will not hurt her nor her baby. I am sure she is also eating healthy items.

Pamela on

Did everyone miss the part about the yoga and excercise that she does daily? I’m sure she’s not eating 3 a day. She looks very well and above all healthy and happy. Congratulations to her and my advice to her is to enjoy this time. She’s blessed to not be sick throughout her pregnacy. Moderation is key to everything including excercise.

Melissa on

Really! You guys are complaining about her eating 3 cupcakes. What is wrong with you. While pregnant you are suppose to enjoy and endulge in what your body wants. It’s not like she is eating a dozen at a time and not exercising. Get over yourselves. Didnt your mothers ever teach you that if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say ANYTHING at all!!!!!

Sun on

Ms. Hewitt, you look wonderful and very happy! Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy and afterward. I missed your Ghost Whisper TV Show.

Danielle Richard on

whats wrong with her eating 3 cupcakes its not like its going to harm the baby. its her first baby there’s nothing wrong with her indulging in her cravings.

CG on

She is a beautiful person inside and out. Enjoy your pregnancy.

Elaine on

I’m so happy for you Jennifer! You will have a gorgeous baby!! Dont listen to the haters. Enjoy the cupcakes!!!!

Get real on

All you negative people need to shut the f’up!!

She was being facicous probably. Like I’m pregnant I’m enjoying. You all think way to deep and are stupid in your thoughts. Geez ….

Kayla on

Uh sounds like some of you need to eat a cupcake! Its her body, her choice. Good god she should be enjoying her pregnancy. Thanksfully all of you are so dang perfect.

An Ame on

I sincerely doubt that she was being literal. The point was: people can’t judge me for eating a little more than usual (which they obviously are, anyway). How can people be do judgmental over cupcakes and say nothing about the mothers that abuse drugs, alcohol and cigarettes! If I had to choose, enjoy the cupcakes!

Natalie on

If and that is a big if she is eating 3 cupcakes a day it’s not a good thing especially if she’s not balancing out the rest of her diet. Diabetes is a very real concern especially for pregnant women.

Natalie on

If she’s craving sweet treats perhaps she can search for recipes that give the effect of cupcakes but have more nutritional value and limit herself to one cupcake a day. Loading up on tons of sugar especially empty sugar from cupcakes is very risky and can be as dangerous as smoking or alcohol. I wish Jennifer and her baby the best.

David on

Be careful with those cupcakes. I don’t want to be a jerk but if her looks and her body go then her careers goes with them.

Susie on

Oh, shut up, people. 3 cupcakes is -not- overdoing it.

Anny Wu on

I hope they don’t cancel another good show like the client list

Kjo on

There is such a thing as gestational diabetes. She should still be sensible.