Kevin Richardson Welcomes Son Maxwell Haze

07/11/2013 at 05:45 PM ET

Kevin Richardson Welcomes Son Maxwell Haze Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty

From Backstreet Boy to two boys of his own!

Kevin Richardson, 41, and his wife Kristin welcomed their second son on Wednesday, July 10, the singer announced on Facebook.

Born at 3:05 a.m., the couple’s baby boy weighed a “stout” 9 lbs., 8 oz and measured 23 inches long.

“Special delivery! Another Richardson boy … Maxwell Haze Richardson decided to join the party,” the proud papa writes. “Love! Love! Love!”

The couple — who are already parents to Mason, 6 — revealed their pregnancy in April, sharing a sweet photo of Kristin cuddled up with the Easter bunny.

“So excited to share … The Easter Bunny brought a very special egg this year,” Richardson wrote at the time.

Richardson, along with fellow Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter and A.J. McLean, recently stopped by PEOPLE for an exclusive performance of their new single “In a World Like This,” a track off their upcoming album, out July 30.

The fivesome kick off their In a World Like This tour on Aug. 2 in Chicago.

— Anya Leon

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Jenny on

Woah, that’s a big baby! I hope mama had a c-section! Congrats to the family!

Liz on

Why do you wish she had major abdominal surgery that will take weeks to recover from jenny?? Women CAN vaginally birth large babies!

Paula on

Congratulations to the Richardsons! Rumors had been floating around that they were having a second son, and now it’s confirmed!

Katie on

Holy cow that is a big and long baby. Congratulations.

Jenny on

Woha, that’s a big baby! I sure hope mama had a c-section! Congrats to the family!

Amy on

I would hope she had a C-Section too! Ouch!

Joyce on

Aww soooo sweet congrats and welcome baby boy Maxwell 🙂

Gloria on

I bet Maxwell will be gorgeous like Mason. Hope to see a picture of their little man soon 🙂

Congrats to the happy family ♥

4tmama on

Congrats!! Love the name!!

Marge on

So cute! Congrats to them! And what an adorable name (for a boy…coughjessicasimpsoncough)!

Sharon on

Yep, Marge, you beat me to it!

Mama A on

You HOPE she had a c-section, Jenny? What the…? You hope she had major surgery because she delivered a big baby? What a ridiculous thing to say! I know several people who have delivered 10lb+ babies naturally, no dramas, most recently my cousin on Tuesday! It’s not only possible, it’s COMPLETELY DOABLE. I’m sorry, if you need a c-section, fine, but who the hell HOPES that someone has had one just because they had a big(ish!) baby???

Stephoe on

I agree with you Mama A. I have also known many girls who have had large babies without a c- section. What a wonderful name for a son..

Sharon on

Congratulations!! Great names for both their sons 🙂

Susan on

My brother was 10 pounds, 2 ounces and my mom just pushed him out! She is a tiny little thing too. There are three of us and we each got bigger by about 1.5 pounds. Mom said “enough” after the last one! Can’t risk an 11.7 pound baby!

Mary on


Randi on

Lol Mary. I agree!

Sharon on


Marge on

Seriously Mary?? You know a lot of people were thinking it.

Sandy on

Congrats! Their boy looks just like Kevin. Cutie! I was a huge Backstreet Boy fan growing up.

Carrow on

That’s my childhood standing there. =)

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Kevin.

Vanessa on

I had a friend who had a 10lb baby boy yesterday, and she is tiny. Congrats to the Richardson family!

kay pasa on

They’ve been married a long time, God bless them & their babies!

jessica on

Congratulations! Babies are wonderful! On a side note, why are there “I hope she had a c section” comments? That’s just ridiculous. My son was 11 pounds 10 ounces. He looked like a Thanksgiving turkey when he came out of my lady bits. They pushed a cesarean because he was “expected to be 9 pounds” I refused. The human body is awesome… And everything went back to the way it was before(I know you’re all thinking it…) 😉

Anonymous on

I’m 5’1″ and petite and delivered, naturally (without meds) a 9 lb 111/2oz son. It’s not that big of deal…no c-sect necessary.

Ashley on

I pushed out a 9 pound 14 ounce baby boy last April! He also had a 100 percentile head size. The body can do crazy things but I really hope it’s not true that each baby gets bigger 😁

Kate on

Congrats. My mom gave birth to my brother and he was 9 pounds,8 ounces as well so it is possible to delivery a big baby.

Desiree Shuga on

My great grandmother was tiny ( not even 5 ft. tall )

Had 6… yes 6 babies, none of which were under 10 pounds… naturally!

Silver on

Love the name especially his middle name

Silver on

Jenny wow that was rude, a lot of people give birth to 10 pound babies without a c-section

Marky on

What makes it “doable” is the size of a woman’s pelvis; if she does not have an adequate pelvic size, baby can get stuck and end up with a broken collar bone, or worse. It should be checked out to see if it’s possible without injury to the baby, but just because you had a successful delivery doens’t mean everyone can or will. Congratulation to the happy family; nice name!!

Marsha on

Congrats!!! Just wanted to give s shout out because Kevin is from the same lil town in Kentucky as me. I have 3 children of my own. Wishing you both the best of luck!

Nicki on

Wow! I can’t believe he’s 41 already! I was so in love with their music! Congrats on the baby! Love his name!

Katy on

@Mary…how bout you get over yourself and stop posting rude comments to people who simply state their opinion. Its a free country and not everyone has to like everything you do. Im pretty sure there are names you dont like either. Your posts are so ridiculous.

Carrow on

Women have been giving birth to fat babies since the dawn of man….shocker without medical intervention.

Stefanie on

Congrats!! Love the name!!

JayJay on

Kevin’s 41, but Kristin’s actually will be 43 in August, she’s about a year older than Kevin. I think they’d been trying to have this second baby for a few years, so glad Maxwell finally came! Congrats!!! …. And btw, my sister gave birth to a 10 lb. 11 oz. baby back nearly 30 years ago without a c-section, so no reason why Kristin can’t as long as everything is going ok, and apparently it did.

Tanya on

Congratulations to Kevin, Kristin and Mason with their babyboy Maxwell! I am sure he will be just as gorgeous as his older brother!

I am a little surprised they had another son because I heard a rumor it would be a girl. But its great with two boys and brothers too! And the best thing is that their baby is born on my birthday!

Linda on

Congrats and so good to hear the name Maxwell on a boy as it’s supposed to be.

Paula on

@Tanya – I hadn’t heard the girl rumor. I’d heard that it was a boy.

None on

Great to hear. But I think Haze has to be the worst name ever. considering what its association with bullying, death, and mistreating other people. But I do like the names Maxwell.

Jenna on

Jenny and Amy, have any of you had a c-section? It is NOT painless. First the big syringe in your spine. Then surgery when you are awake. Your blood pressure drops all the time causing you to vomit for half an hour or so while people are boxing on your open belly. It is not nice not being able to breathe and having to constantly throw up while surgery is performed. Then, you throw up after the operation and you have to lie flat for 24 hours. Then they take the urine catheter out and you get to experience the pain of trying to stand with your belly all fut up. Then, pain for three or four weeks. Difficulties getting pregnant the next time and risk for placenta getting stuck in the scar which may cause severe bleeding. But sure, a c-section is like a walk in the park, right?

Sharon on

I would never wish a c-section on ANYONE. I had a miserable recovery and I had to be put under completely. Plus had to have the catheter in me the ENTIRE time because they accidentally cut into my bladder a little bit.. how nice. I am expecting the second and trying my best to do a VBAC.