Josh Duhamel: I’m Ready for Sleepless Nights with a Newborn

07/11/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Josh Duhamel Talks to Unborn Child

He’s heard about the sleepless nights, a newborn’s neediness and even how daddy duty will forever change his life.

But Josh Duhamel says there’s nothing he and Fergie want more than to finally welcome their baby.

“Everyone is saying, ‘You better sleep now [because] you’re not going to get any when the baby’s here,’ [and] ‘Oh, your life is over after that,’ [and] ‘Oh, it’s the most beautiful thing ever, but it’s tough,'” the actor, 40, tells ET Canada.

“I look forward to putting the attention [on the baby]. All the love that you have for something like that is what makes it so great and I think we are both ready for that.”

Already anticipating life after baby arrives, theĀ Strings star hopes to take time off to enjoy first-time fatherhood.

Eventually, Duhamel adds, the couple will make it a priority to plan around their work commitments.

“I can’t imagine having a kid and then not being able to be there — that would just drive me crazy. My head would be at home with mom and baby,” he explains. “We want to work it out so that we can be together; whether I am working, they can come with [me] or if she is working I can go with them. I can’t see myself ever wanting to be away from my wife and kid.”

As for pregnancy symptoms, he’s unsure of whether Fergie has any crazy cravings, but does admit his sweet tooth is going strong — as always.

“Not much different than before — ice cream and chocolate pretty much. But that’s always [a craving] whether she is pregnant or not,” Duhamel jokes.

— Anya Leon

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Emily on

A sweet couple, ready for parenthood. šŸ™‚

Good Tx Girl on

So excited for them!

Susan on

Holy cow. Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy seemed like the longest ever, but I think Fergie has her beat. The kid should be like 3 by now.

Erica on

Hahahaha ha!!! Totally Susan!!!

Anonymous on

Can’t wait to see their little bundle of joy!!!!! YĆ©!

JE on

So happy for both of them on this new journey in life getting ready to start, wish them all the best . They seem like very down to earth people who are in the right mind when it comes to a child.

Katie on

I always told myself during those crazy night hours that I would rather be awake because I have a child then sleeping all night because I don’t have one. Mind over matter worked wonders for me.

I wish them all the best. It’s funny how years later you realize that those late night hours and newborn days weren’t really that hard (because the years to come are much tougher) and likely would love to go back to those days, even if only for a few hours to feel it again.

leanne on

Sooo true Katie.

KW on

I gotta say, I didn’t really notice him until Safe Haven…sizzling hot!! Congrats to him and Fergie!

Emily on

Fergies pregnancy has really flown under the radar, good for her šŸ™‚

Suedup on

Arg! I hate him

Ruby on

They’re adorable šŸ™‚ I’m thrilled for them! I hope Fergie’s delivery goes smoothly.

Melisa on

The sleepless nights are SO worth that new baby smell!! (well, ONE kind of new baby smell at least lol! )

Chica on

Handsome but not the brightest bulb!

Carrie on

I would rather hear about them then the Kardashian’s, they are a least a sweet couple and MARRIED!

Guest2012 on

Sigh. Didn’t think it were possible to love him any more than I already do, but yup, it’s entirely possible.. šŸ™‚

Dave on

What? No snarky comments? These 2 really have been flying under the radar and considering now a days that means there’s no drama, so good for them. I hope everything works out for them.

Suzee on

Sorry dude but you can never be ready for it. You just can’t understand unless you are experiencing it yourself. Everyone told me, “Catch up on your sleep now bc once that baby comes, you will never sleep again.”

Becca on

Seems like she’s been pregnant for years : ) !!!

Carrie M on

He’s ready for sleepless nights? I wonder if he’ll change his mind a few weeks into the sleepless nights? It’s freakin’ BRUTAL!

Bambi on

I remember josh from all my children (daytime tv)

jj on

Is she in hiding? Bed rest? Haven’t seen one picture of her preggo since early on when you couldn’t even tell!

ME on

I have a 5 month old daughter and I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in five months. That’s parenthood! And it’s so worth it šŸ™‚ goodnight everyone

Lynda on

This pregnancy has seemed like forever!!! At least a year and a half!!!! LOL

Hope it’s soon though,,,,:)

Bee on

They seem like such awesome people, that baby is very lucky! I grew up not far from Fergie, love BEP!