Poppy Montgomery: I Don’t Think Anyone Wants a C-Section

07/10/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Poppy Montgomery Welcomes Daughter Violet Grace
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Poppy Montgomery was waiting for the April showers to bring her May flowers — until life started to bloom a little early.

Two weeks ahead of her due date, the actress welcomed her daughter Violet Grace following a c-section.

“That was hard for me because I don’t think anyone wants to have a c-section,” Montgomery tells Sweden with Love.

“It’s major surgery and it was scary for me. But everything went well and at the end, what matters is that the baby is healthy and that you’re both doing great.”

There was little time to revel in the baby bliss following Violet’s birth; Montgomery returned to work on Unforgettable, which premieres July 28, only two weeks after baby girl’s arrival.

“Going back to work that quickly after having a c-section was, of course, difficult. Violet wasn’t difficult, but I was recovering from surgery, breastfeeding and working 14-hour days,” she says. “She’s such a mellow baby, so it wasn’t as scary as it sounds.”

Despite having a supportive crew on her side, the new mom struggled with the tedious task of pumping milk, a necessity as Violet prefers to take her time breastfeeding — a luxury Montgomery doesn’t have while working. “I absolutely loathe it! Oh my gosh, I feel like I’m in a dairy. It’s the worst,” she shares.

“I love the connection you get with your child when you breastfeed and pumping is so far removed from that. I honestly loathe it, but it’s important for her to get the milk so of course I do it for her. I don’t think any woman is down with pumping. I can’t imagine anyone going, ‘Oh, I love to pump!'”

Breastfeeding also limits the amount of pregnancy pounds Montgomery is able to shed as she is a person who tends to hold onto pounds while nursing, but — after gaining 35 pounds with Violet — she’s refusing to dwell on the numbers.

“I’m not going to put pressure on myself to make my body look like it never had a baby when it did,” she explains. “I’m going to treat my body with kindness, because it’s been through a lot. I’m absolutely rebelling against the idea that we as women should look like we never gave birth when we did. Instead, it should be celebrated. What our bodies do is really extraordinary.”

Much of her motivation to embrace her postpartum figure comes from the desire to raise Violet with a healthy body image — a belief that needs to be instilled early on, she adds.

“I don’t want her to have that pressure. It becomes a bad thing that our bodies change as we get older and as we give birth,” Montgomery says. “The focus shifts to the wrong thing when we start obsessing about our bodies instead of celebrating our lives.”

Although life certainly hasn’t slowed since baby girl’s birth, Montgomery and her boyfriend, Microsoft executive Shawn Sanford are grateful for the gift of a calm and easy-going newborn.

“She’s had so much upheaval and turmoil in her life so far. When she was two weeks old, she moved from Los Angeles to New York and I started working a week later,” the actress says. “There’s so much going on around her that I think she decided to be the user-friendly, push button, zen baby!”

Equally smitten with Violet is Montgomery’s son Jackson Phillip Deveraux — or at least he was immediately following her arrival. Now, the 5½-year-old has discovered bigger — and more exciting! — adventures like trips to the water park.

“For the first few days after she was born, he thought she was so cute and wanted to hold her and take care of her. But when he realized he couldn’t play [with] or talk to her, he moved on,” she says.

In addition to adjusting to life with a newborn, Montgomery and Sanford are still searching for the right balance of being together despite conflicting career schedules. But although Sanford spends time in Seattle and Montgomery films her hit series in New York, their current plan doesn’t seem to pose a problem.

“I actually like the way we have it right now because our relationship stays fresh and new. He’s got two wonderful kids from a previous marriage, and I have Jackson, and together we have Violet, so we have kids everywhere and it’s great,” the actress shares.

“Of course it’s challenging. I don’t pretend it’s not. We’re in Seattle and New York and Los Angeles, where Jackson’s dad, whom I’m still very good friends with, lives.”

One thing that’s not in the couple’s immediate plans? Tying the knot.

“Shawn would get married. I think it’s important to him, but I’m much less traditional,” Montgomery says. “For me, my commitment is my commitment whether or not someone signs a piece of paper or not.”

— Anya Leon

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kjc on

I can’t believe she went back to work 2 weeks after a C-section. I had to have a C-section as well, and couldn’t get out of bed or off the couch without help for nearly 3 weeks. It was awful. I needed a full 6 weeks before I felt remotely normal again.

Congrats to them on the babe, Violet is a lovely name.

Lori Hedrick on

That is the same why you had so much pain cause you didn’t move for a long time. Had two c-sections and got up and moving four hours and was working out 5 days later. Get up and move and you’ll be good!

Darlene on

Exactly Lori, I had 3 c sections in less then 3 years (last one was just 5 weeks ago) and I was up and moving within 8 hours of surgery. You do what you have to do and get things done. Granted working 14 hour days is not easy but either is staying home with kids. I wouldn’t want to give birth any other way.

Amber California on

I just found I’m expecting and my ultrasound tech says I have a double uterus, a bicornuate. She said it’s more likely than not I will have a c-section. This…is terrifying.

Kay Lopez on

Not necessarily Amber California…I work with a high risk OB and we have had many patients with bicornuate uterus’ that didnt need a c-section.

Biazinha on

I have the same issue Amber. I have 3 kids and my first was delivered vaginally 🙂

Darlene on

It’s not that scary Amber. Of course you will be nervous, but its not as bad as what you may think. You will do great! Good luck with your baby ;0)

Krys on

I work in L&D have ladies all the time with bicornuate uterus’. They can labor and have a vaginal delivery. They just have to be very careful with the placenta and ensure there are no pieces left behind.

brooke on

I have the same thing Amber!..i had c section both times with my kids. It will be alright…best advice is to get belly wrap belt…it help support your belly and it helps with the pain….it did wonders for me.

Peaches on

I had a scheduled c-section with my 2nd child. It was a decision made after a long hard labor with my 1st born in which I had a 4th degree laceration as a result. It was the best thing I ever did!

My kids are very close in age , although it was not easy my recovery was pretty smooth. I think this is a very personal decision and everyone has a different experience. There is good and bad, horror stories etc. it is a decision to be made informed with the doctors guidance,and above all not the worst thing in the world!

I’ve experienced both and the c-section was great even with a little one running around while caring for a newborn,but this was my experience – good luck to those considering this method of giving birth.

Nicole on

I’d rather have a C-section than an episiotomy.

Melanie on

Wow really?! Have you had either Nicole? Episiotomy was a week of healing a c section they say six weeks!

Dr. Novi on

I’ve had two as well. Not by choice, but out of necessity. Back to work within 2 weeks each time…. Not the worst thing in the world.

Tuchi on

Oh vey! I also had two c-sections and it took each 6 weeks to fully recover. I was not allowed to drive, climb stairs or lift anything heavier then the baby to prevent hemmoraghing (spelling?) or hernia. I can’t imagine going back to work 2 weeks after! And I considered my recovery pretty easy considering I had surgery. People please take it easy! Yes our bodies can handle a lot, but they also need time to recover properly!

MomOfTwo on

I had two emercency-c-sections, both times i recovered very well. My operating doc. is genius! I get up after surgery very fast, and left the hospital three nights after birth 😉 so if your doc isnt a butcher, you can recover very fast 🙂

MomOfTwo on

And NO nobody wants a c-section…. I tried everything to deliver naturally :/ but our lives has been in danger, both times…

Tanya on

I had two natural births both with episiotomies (kids 10 years apart) and felt no ill effects. Was ready to be walking around half hour after deliveries. Currently 20 weeks pregnant with #3 and hoping for another easy delivery. Of course sections are necessary in some cases but women who choose major surgery over what is natural for reasons other then medical necessity are nuts in my opinion.

Congrats Poppy, Shawn and the rest of the family!

Finley’s mom on

Um, yes..some people CHOOSE to have c-sections. Me, and many others. It is a personal decision, some recover more quickly…I was up, driving and lifting after one week. Everyone is different. In the end as healthy momma and baby is really all that matters….isn’t it?

Chica on

Agreed Finley’s mom. I chose elective also. It’s a personal choice and I don’t understand why people struggle to see it that way. Oh, and I call BS on the person who claims they were working out 2 days postpartum…unless you are referring to walking your baby around the floor. You aren’t even out of the hospital after two days.

joan on

Had a c section with the first, and vbac with the last two, episiotomy with them. My husband says its worse to see than a csection!

Katie on

I had a c section with my daughter after laboring for 16 hours and her big ol head just wouldn’t drop. I had such an easy recovery with her. It was kind of baffling to me! I felt incredibly lucky to have such an easy recovery from a major surgery. I am due in 10 weeks with my 2nd and I am crossing my fingers for the same experience.

Joselyn on

I had a C-section (not by choice) and I was only in the hospital 1 day after birth and then left the next morning. I was out about walking and taking care of my baby on my own. Although I felt cheated at the time when I was told I needed a C-Section and scared out of my mind it ended up being a great experience for me.

I agree with the poster that gave credit to her Dr. ..my Dr. did such a wonderful job that I felt great right away!

Dara on

Amber California-
I also have a double uterus and don’t fret, you can deliver naturally. Mine actually wasn’t found until after my first 2 children were born. I went into see the Doctor before I got pregnant with baby #3 and he did an ultrasound just to make sure I was ready to be pregnant again. (I had never had an ultrasound without a little one in there.) He said that mine was one of the most clearly defined ones he had ever seen and took pictures to show his colleagues.

At first I freaked out but it turned out to be a simple issue. When I got pregnant, we just had to make sure the baby implanted in the right place. My 13 year old was born naturally with no problems relating to the double uterus. He was just huge so I had to have C-sections after that. Plus, c-sections really aren’t horrible. They can be scary but you just focus on the outcome and it makes the process easier.

Jen on

Oh, I beg to differ. I have heard from many women that they “prefer” a c-section, that they can “schedule” it, and that since they had one, might just as well have another.

Also, pumping milk was much faster for me than nursing, so some of us do actually “like” to pump.

J Farrell on

Agreed Jen! Pumping was way easier for me, and babies got cuddles while they were eating. Not everyone loves having someone hanging from their breast!

Terri on

Driving after a week? Doctors say not to drive until 2 weeks after.

Barbie on

Every mom is different, and what works for one may not work for another.

I labored for 18hrs with my first, only to need an emergency c section.

My second & third babies (both girls) are back to back (12 months apart). I tried for a vbac with the first girl, but she wouldn’t progress, so we scheduled the section so I could be awake & see her during the surgery. My third baby (the last girl) had to be a scheduled section since I already had two. Too much scarring can cause a rupture during labor.

After every single one I was up & moving within hours, home by the third day & driving only a few days after that. The Drs only say you shouldn’t drive if your reaction time is still slow, they don’t want you to hit your wound on the steering wheel, or if you are still taking pain medicine.

I had my tubes tied with the 3rd & that does make the recovery a little harder, but not by much. The possible complications of a tubal are worse than any c section I’ve had & if I could go back, I would have made my husband get a vasectomy instead!

Nicole on

My mother has had both. A C-section was six weeks of mild soreness that is treated with a few pills a day. An episiotomy was months of not being able to sit up without excruciating pain with the only “relief” being some bizarre shaped pillow and a light lamp.

july25 on

I had a tear with my daughter. 3rd degree i believe. My mom had a csection. She got an infection too.

VK on

I had a Csection after hours and hours of labor. I didn’t WANT one but my daughter was getting distressed. I never even got the chance to push once 😦 That said, I recovered amazingly from my Csection. I was out of bed 12 hours later and brought our little girl home 3 days later. I was given the all clear to drive after 2 weeks and though I was on maternity leave, I probably could have returned to work around 6-7 weeks after my girl was born.

If/when I’m lucky enough for number 2, I’m not even going to elect to try natural birth, I’m just going to schedule another Csection. It worked out well for us. I have a friend, however, who had such a difficult recovery from her C, she wasn’t back to “normal” for nearly a year. Everyone heals differently I guess.

Mags on

I think it is sad that after her baby is only 2 weeks old she is back at work and working 14 hours.

MEC on

I had a c-section and was able to start walking a mile 2 weeks after the surgery. I had no discomfort and didn’t even need pain pills after I was released. Everyone is different, what matters most is delivering the baby safely.

Anonymous on

Thank goodness both mother and daughter are healthy and well

Anonymous on

There are women that want c sections. I did. My recovery was awesome. It is important to remember that everyone is different and not to judge those who choose something different than you.

Finley’s mom on


Heather W on

From the moment I found out I finally was pregnant, I wanted a c section. Never had the desire to have a vaginal birth…then or now. Do not regret that decision at all.

Andrea on

Amen! Me too Heather!!

Jennifer on

I loved pumping. It allowed me to give my children my milk while still able to get all I needed to get done. And … although I’m grateful I didn’t need or want c-sections, there are lots of shallow, ignorant women who insist on c-sections.

Hf on

Shallow & ignorant Jennifer? The only thing shallow and ignorant is your statement.

justamom on

this woman is just a natural beauty…. Big fan! congrats to her and family

kim on

i have to disagree. my bosses daughter WANTED a c-section (and got it) w both her kids. she didnt want to have to go thru the pain of giving birth vaginally. plus, she had medical conditions that made a ”natural” birth more risky.

Jo on

I’m laughing, because I practically begged my OB for a C-section and they said only in the “big cities” are you allowed to choose.

Living in rural PA, they were not budging. I ended up having an emergency one and it was an easy recovery, for me. That was me, not for everyone. I would do it again, in a heartbeat.

Jennifer on

Wrong! I wanted a c-section. Maybe not the first time but after that I had no choice in the matter and was just fine with that. 🙂

Sarah on

I wanted a c section and had one, but i had twins. I didnt have time to lay around. My kids needed me,

SusieKJ on

I think getting back on your feet after a C-section just differs for everyone. I had to be back on my feet the day after as I had a baby in the NICU. Getting feeling back in that area took months, but I didn’t have any pain after the first day.

Microsoft “executive” – giggle. I’ll have to tell my hubby he’s an “executive” at Microsoft too heh.

BBB on

I think some people do want a c-section. The people who really don’t want one are the people who have decided on a natural birth. Likewise, some who have elected a c-section and somehow can’t and must deliver naturally don’t want a natural delivery. Anyway, no judgement either way, just stating that in this day and age people do select c-sections.

La2girl on

I have had 4 c sections. Recovery varies. My 3rd was in the NICU for 2 Months. And you better believe I was up and walking day 1 to go see him in there. However that is the ONLY reason I pushed that recovery. All my others. I took my time. Your body just had major surgery. 2 weeks is a little fast.

Billy on

I don’t think anyone wants a nasty stretched out vagina either.

Amy on

Men who say things like that are usually the first to pass out at the sight of blood and certainly wouldn’t be able to handle childbirth, Billy. I bet you’d be the biggest crybaby in any delivery room.

Lexi on

I went back to work two weeks after my c-section and I’m a hair dresser. Sure I was sore but I was still able to work.

BeachyMom on

I had a unmedicated vaginal delivery (along with a large episiotomy) for the birth of my first child. I also ended up hemorrhaging and having emergency surgery several hrs after, due to complications and had other infections that left me in the hospital for awhile. That was a long and hard recovery.

With my second I also tried to have another unmedicated vaginal delivery, but ended up being knocked out for an emergency c-section. I can honestly say that healing from that c-section was a breeze. My son and I went home when he was 5 days old and we were mini golfing the following day.

I think that it really depends on the person, but I have been told that I have an extremely high pain tolerance (didn’t even take the pain meds after my c-section). I personally would take another c-section any day over all the problems that I had following my vaginal delivery.

Jenny! on

I didn’t see a c section being a “major surgery” reading all these comments and having g/f’s I KNOW a c section is a very popular surgery, and a lot of mothers pull through, brain surgery is major, open heart surgery is major.

Honestly I couldn’t imagine having to cut that baby out of my tummy, i’d say it’s a choice that has to be made and no, not easy at all.

TiredMommy on

C-section recovery for me was much easier than the horrible episiotomy that took forever to heal! C-section is painful but I found it less painful than having a V birth. At least you don’t “sit” on your wound…

Holly on

I had a voluntary c-section because there was NO WAY I was going through something as barbaric as vaginal birth. No regrets at all and my lady zone isn’t all stretched out from pushing a person out of it!

Liz on

I’ll never understand why people feel the need to insult others for their choices. Those women who chose to deliver naturally and call other women who chose C sections “shallow” are just too full of themselves to realize how ignorant they sound. I get it. But how is turning around and calling natural births “barbaric” or pointing fingers and mocking a “stretched out vagina” make you any better? I am SO sorry for your children and I hope that they don’t learn how to deal with everyday differences in opinion from the likes of you.

Suzee on

I had a last minute C-section because my son was breech. I am the biggest wimp in the world but if I ever have another child, it will be another C-section. I didn’t think it was as bad as everyone says…

layla on

I had to have a c section with my first and never again! My other two were natural. Those who chose c sections and say it’s not bad because of painkillers. I did not do pain killers because I was nursing and did not want it in my milk. That was very painful, but well worth it.

Carrie on

I had a c-section – not by choice. I had a difficult pregnancy the first 4 months, but the last trimester seemed fine until I went in a week before my due date. The doctor had concerns and said I needed to have an emergency c-section which was done the next day. It was scary because it was major surgery and plus my first child. I felt pressured by the doctor to deliver this way. The baby was fine and the doctor was fearful really for no reason. Found out later that he wanted to deliver me early because Thanksgiving was my due date and he had vacation plans. Imagine my surprise, so now if I want another child I have to have c-section…sucks to be me. I will say morphine drip doesn’t work for pain. Does any medicine really? I’m thinking not.

PMahaney on

I had an emergency c-section for baby #1, and elected to have it for baby #2…..it was a breeze and I don’t get all the hooplah over it…I was up and about within the week….NO labor pains….although I have told my daughter that she will have to ask someone else about normal delivery……

PJE on

I can only speak from experience (and my moms). She had a baby by each method and would take a c-section any day. I had a c-section with my baby and was walking laps around the hospital before being discharged. Obviously there were limitations for a few weeks, but my recovery was unexpectedly easy. Walking around the day after surgery wasn’t pleasant, but I went slow and did what I could. Each trip out of my room took me a little farther and I think that helped a lot.

To the nervous ladies having c-sections in the future: 1.) It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected; try to keep calm to avoid feeling sick from your adrenaline. That was the worse part for me. 2.) don’t be afraid to communicate with your anesthesiologist… he/she is there to keep your comfortable. 3.) be as active (safely) post-surgery as your body will allow. That helped me a lot and hopefully it will help someone else, too. 🙂

girls mama on

I booked C-sections in advance with both of my kids, and I don’t know what all the fuss is about! I was driving, getting groceries on my own, and doing most stuff as usual as soon as I got out of the hospital (5 Days after). People make too big of a deal about them. So yes, some people do want C-sections!!

Amy on

I have had 3 c sections (2 were emergency) and I was back to work with 2 of those 3 a week later and the healing was easy. I have seen so many of my friends who have delivered vaginally and it looks horribly painful. I know not everyone heals the same but for me, C section all the way.

kaa on

I have had three children. First was natural and traumatic. He was sunnyside up, needed a vacuum extraction that went wrong, I ended up with more stitches than my following 2 c-sections. My recovery time for my following 2 c-sections was less than my first natural delivery.

I dislike these articles as well as any blanket statement about what people should think or do. Each situation is different and it’s not anyone else’s business. If the mom and child(ren) are healthy then that is all that matters.

Pam in Tampa on

NOBODY wants a C-section? Perhaps when your husband is returning from a war zone for the sole reason of welcoming his child to the world you may want one. Aside from being a Type I diabetic and other circumstances that led to me wanting a C-section, I was just fine. I recall very little pain and it was a breeze! The only reason I stayed in the hospital four days was to regulate my blood sugar.

Amy on

I have two children (both vaginal deliveries, one of them without an epidural or pain medication….not by choice) but a few of my friends have had cesareans and they seem to vary. One was depressed because she couldn’t have a vaginal delivery with either of her children while another scheduled her c-section for her 2nd child after an incredibly long labor. It seems it’s each person’s personal preference, and as moms, we should support each other rather than tear each other down anyhow. To each her own, as long as it is safe for the child.

Lauren on

Amen sister, that is exactly how I feel, after 20 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing my son was not coming out, i tried so hard. At that point whatever, however they had to get him out was just a means to an end, trust me I got all the “birthing experience” i need and then some.

Kellie on

I had two c sections and I loved them.

Shaindy on

I have four kids and the first was delivered by C-section and was by far the easiest to recover from. I was up and walking the next morning, taking the stairs to see my son (he was in NICU). I was driving within three weeks and lifting him no problem. It’s different for everyone, and really, while it is major surgery, it’s not something to be scared of.

MD72 on

This woman sounds like an idiot. I chose to have a c-section with my 2nd daughter because my first was an emergency c-section and I didn’t want to experience the same complications with the second one. And, returning to work after 2 weeks is insane, especially after a c-section.

Ashley on

Breastfeeding also limits the amount of pregnancy pounds Montgomery is able to shed, but — after gaining 35 pounds with Violet — she’s refusing to dwell on the numbers.

Who came up with this BS? Breastfeeding is probably the best way to shed pregnancy pounds. I know not everyone has the same experience but I dropped weight just by breastfeeding. I don’t see how it limits it.

tasha on

I have had 2 vaginal births and never want to go through surgery unless absolutely necessary, the comment about stretched out vagina is ignorant and untrue. My vagina is not stretched out because I gave birth vaginally. I have no problem with people who choose section, to each their own.

Paula on

I had a c-section, and would absolutely do it again, no hesitation. Recovery was not bad at all; I was sore for a week or so, but by the end of the second week I was fine (and very relieved, because I had heard so many horror stories).

CCex on

There are most definitely uneducated, scared, women with weird priorities who elect for c-sections when there is no medical need.

Sad that she’s back at work after two weeks.

KRN on

She shouldn’t generalize. There are women who’d rather have a C-Section, I did and they were both easy to heal from. I have two normal, healthy and happy kids. Each pregnancy and each woman is different.

Carol on

I had a natural delivery (almost 9 lb baby girl), had a episiotomy and still had a 4th degree tear (tear to your rectum)…I was in slight pain and discomfort for about 2 weeks…could have sworn I was doing the sitz (I think that is what they call it) bath wrong 🙂 I healed fine and she was worth every part of it (still is). Like anything in life, whatever works for each individual is the best…pain tolerance, fear of surgery, fear of natural childbirth..many reasons why people choose what they do or don’t have a choice in. End result is healthy and safe procedure for mom and baby.

Amy on

I love reading all the different experiences people have had although I know that if I were to have children, a c-section wouldn’t be elective for me but rather a last-resort option. Someone said they wouldn’t go through “something as barbaric as vaginal birth” which makes me laugh. We’ve been giving birth this way since humans began and having someone slice through your abdominal wall and remove organs is somehow less barbaric? Interesting take.

Ty's mom on

I am due to have my second c section in a month and I am a bit nervous. My first was an emergency after 12 hours of labor and what was necessary to make sure my son was healthy. It sucked, not gonna lie. I’m not sure how she was back at work so soon. It took me 7 or 8 weeks to feel normal and 9 before I had no soreness at all.

SLA on

C-sections can carry all kinds of possible side effects for the baby – there’s a greater chance of lung programs and meconium aspiration, the baby doesn’t get helpful bacteria from the mother’s vaginal tract, there is some evidence that milk production is negatively affected.

I wasn’t thrilled that I had to have an emergency c-section. Even though my recovery was superquick – I was back to normal in 2 weeks – I’d prefer to go for a VBAC for my next baby.

Two Funny on

Oh, I loved c-sections! Although I wasn’t prepared for them, they turned out great. Thankfully, my recoveries were quick and easy, so obviously that weighs into my opinion, but I already know my third one will have to be another c-section, and I am 100% a-OK with that.

Poppy, you look great!

BBB on

I also think it has been interesting to read everyone’s experience with different types of births. I’ve never had children, but I plan to some day and it’s helpful to see so many perspectives. Thanks for sharing!

CM on

Everyone’s experience is different, i wish her all the best healing and support. Some people DO chose C-Sections for different reasons. When this is topic comes up, it’s also a reminder of the fact that many dangerous c-section needing circumstances are results of (some) OB and hospital procedures that make c-sections more likely to be needed. That is not a reflection of any mother or baby, but a reflection on common medical practices that skyrocket this outcome, particularly in the US. I am so happy c-sections exist, but this country’s rates for them are unfortunate and frequently preventable – not by the mother, but by the way the birth is treated, montiored and approached by the medical team. (See The Business of Being Born and most any reliable research on the subject).

momto4 on

Odd how she had to have her 2 weeks early and then 2 weeks later had to be on set? I delivered 4 children the “normal” way and yes, it IS normal. I don’t think “back in the day” they had c-sections quite as often as now. I DID have an epidural for every single one. Nothing’s “flapping” and it took me 8 hours to have the 4th one, with a 5 year difference between that one & the 3rd…If it were true that “it” stretches out, she would have fallen out as she was almost 3 pounds less then he was and his head was HUGE.

thenitenurse on

Denial it’s not just a river in Africa.

Amy on

I don’t know, my take on her comment about no one wants to have a c-section meant barring any unusual circumstances. Let’s be honest, most of us who read about celebrities having c-sections assume it’s for some superficial reason like appearance or convenience, not out of necessity which is the reason they STARTED doing c-sections.

Michelle on

I had a C-Section and my mother (an OB nurse) cried when I told her I was going to have to have a C-section. To this day, I do not know what the big deal was. I was kept in the hospital longer because of the C-section but I bounced back to normal within a couple of weeks.

Mish on

This article is full is so much misinformation. So much research shows that breastfeeding HELPS to lise weight after giving birth, not the other way around.

Connie on

We all know that a caesarian section is a major surgery that takes time for patient to recuperate. This procedure makes one or more incisions in a woman’s abdomen and uterus to deliver (remove) the unborn baby (or babies). So how can you leave the hospital a day after this procedure, especially when the “staples” have still to be removed. Unless your insurance won’t cover hospital stay, I think it is too soon to leave and go about your daily business, let alone go back to work (like standing on your feet and work on people’s hair). Why not wait until your “insides” have healed from all that “cutting”. You don’t need to be a super woman and then suffer the consequences later. It wasnt very smart of Poppy to go back to work after 2 weeks of delivering. Is this the truth? Poppy don’t be afraid of that piece of paper. Piece of paper will protect your child (legally).

Nicole on

Do you work in healthcare Connie? Staples are used to hold the skin together until the skin is healed. The staples are then removed. She would be in the hospital for 7-10 days if that were the case. Studies and statistics prove that people actually heal better in their own environment with their own germs. To stay in the hospital for two weeks for a simple c section isn’t realistic, barring there wasn’t any true complications.

ginger on

Those that say you would rather have a c-section, THINK! They cut thru y our stomach lining and once that is done several times, you have damage, for me, 3 no choice c-sections, took out my lining and i went thru 7 hernia surgeries from which i will never recover, left me disabled. When most people bend over, your stomach goes back in place when they stand up. Mine does not, it comes out and never goes back in place, leaving me disabled. To have the babies are so wonderful, but 40 years later, sure which there was a different way for those of us that cannot go the regular route. I had Dr Bradley(THE Dr Bradley that created the Bradley method) and when i 1st saw him, he said there was no way in heck i could go the natural route, altho he let me try, since i demanded to. Sure wish those 14 hrs of labor had gone good, but had to go the c-section route, then because of the way my babies were placed, the 2nd and 3rd ones also had to. Love them,. but sure would like my body back!

cmm on

Vaginal delivery is “barbaric”??? It’s what our body was MADE to do… I don’t knock c-sections b/c if you have to have one then you have to have one… I had my son vaginally and my vagina is not “stretched out” and I was ready to get up and walk around an hour after he was born… some of these comments are so obviously from people that are nothing but ignorant. Wow…

Karen on

I had a c-section with my second son it was great compared to the awful huge episiotomy with my first. I went home 36 hrs after the surgery. Was out and about in one week. The staples were removed at my drs office at day 5. There is no reason to not drive for weeks. We are becoming a nation of whining cry babies. My dr told me I would know if I was overdoing.

SC on

For some reason, when I was pregnant, everyone I talked to had horror stores about their c-sections, I needed one for medical reasons, and knew from the beginning of my pregnancy, I would have to have one. Mine was calm as could be! Yes, the recovery is about 6 weeks, but I would do it again. Everyone is different, but even if I didn’t have the medical issue I had before, I would do it again. 🙂 My super sweet nurse stayed with me the whole time, before surgery and to make sure I held my sweet baby right after, and the doctor and nurses involved in the surgery were great! I had a very pleasant experience.

Chicagogirl on

I for one was very fortunate to have had 2 beautiful natural births with no drugs no tearing no stitches. I let my body do what it needed to do. I let nature take over. I’ve talked with lots of women and they are so afraid of natural child birth. That is the most beautiful gift you could ever see. All I hear about is having a c-section how it is scheduled and they don’t want to go past their due date. I get that if you need to have a c-section because the mom and baby are in need of being saved by all means save them both..

Kim on

No one wants a c-section??? I’m a mom of 4 and all of my children were delivered by c-section by choice!! As a mom I’ve learned that you do what works best for you and your family and not judge others.

Mimi on

I am due next month and was just advised today that a c-section is a possibility. It’s not really bothering me. The safe delivery of my daughter is the most important thing.

Windy on

I tried very hard to have my daughter naturally, but ended up having to have an emergency C-section. It took me awhile to recovery, since I was in a lot of pain. But I don’t regret it cause if it wasn’t for the c-section I wouldn’t be here right now, enjoying my family. Congrats to Poppy and her family!

KatNap on

Our 1st son was breach and wouldn’t turn downward, so I had to have C-section. Our 2nd son progressed to slowly so after 12 hours of mild labor I opted for another C-section and received one. It’s all good!

Stephanie on

For her to say i dont think anyone wants a c-section was rude. I wanted one before I was ever pregnant and very happy I had one

Anonymous on

I would want one!

Anonymous on

Really!!!! What is the big thing about having. C-section….I had it and yes it hurts but on my 2nd day I was fine and a week later I didn’t even remember having it . I think my d and c were more painfully (I suffer 2 miscarriages) and my Gaul bladder was much worst than my c section…..

Christine on

I pumped only for both my kids, 9 months each. I think you are wrong, I preferred pumping. It included my husband in the feeding. You can bond with your child either way.

les on

Having been operating room nurse, C-sections are one of the most brutal and disturbing surgeries. The only one I can think of worse is a facelift.

Having said that, C-sections are needed but should never be wanted and many doctors will push them on your to fit their schedule and of course, they make more $$$. Size of child, vaginal muscle strength are factors affecting whether you will be able to deliver naturally.

Finally, I would like to mention, if the doctor cuts your abdominal muscles wrong, you will never regain muscular tone like you had prior to being pregnant.

Anonymous on

I had a c-section with my twins 9 months ago. I’m a very thin gal, I just looked like I had a giant basketball under my shirt while pregnant. And after the surgery, I looked completely deflated!

I ended up getting out of bed wrong a week after my surgery, and I tore a stitch on both sides on the INSIDE. To this day, I feel raw and it sometimes hurts. The pain wasn’t something I’d describe as my insides falling out, as was described to me. It hurts, like a giant paper cut haha. If I have another, I would really like to experience a natural birth!

Congrats to Poppy! She’s such a beautiful woman!

kathy on

i had emergency c after 6 hours of pushing. Horrible…..and when all was said and done not one drop of milk came in. Not one little bit. I felt a bit cheated and still do.

JaneG on

My son has just turned 1 and I had a very difficult “natural” birth. I had to have a major episiotomy and forceps in the end. It took months for me to start to feel kind of ok and I still get twinges along the scar. If I’d known before hand how long the recovery would take, plus all the other nasty side effects, I would definitely have chosen a C-section.

Guest on

I have had 3 c sections and I was basically fine two days after I had each of them. I didn’t experience the pain associated with the surgery some of you described. My first c was b/c 13 hours into labor I wasn’t progressing and the doctor told me I should have one. I wish I would have tried harder to do it naturally. With the second, I tried for a vbac but again didn’t progress after 17 hours of hard and fast contractions (and baby was 14 days late).. With number 3 they didn’t give me a choice.

rollovershubert on

My C-section was unpleasant but necessary. It’s not best for the fetus either, being yanked out ahead of his/her schedule. Recovery is no fun for mom or kid….women who choose c-sections dismay me.

I too enjoyed pumping breastmilk. I was so depressed when my son weaned himself at age 20 months. I really wanted him to get that nourishment, he wouldn’t eat anything else!!!!

Sammi on

She sounds like a total douche bag.

Chrissy on

I would never wish a c-section on anyone. I had to have an emergency one and the result almost killed me. Someone knicked an artery and I almost bled to death…after they had stitched me up they didn’t monitor me properly in recovery and I almost died. Scariest thing to ever happen. Never having another thats for DARN sure.

Charli Mabriel on

I’m going to try to block out her comments because I LOVE Unforgettable.

However, as many other women here I too knew I wanted c-sections before I was pregnant. In fact I remember seeing my mom’s scar as a child (she had to have an ER C with me) and I knew that’s what I wanted. Silly – maybe but it’s my choice and I’m soooo happy I did.

I was able to pick their bdays, work around my 2 beautiful stepsons schedules & my recovery was wonderful. I was up & about w/in hours & out the hospital door 48 hours to the minute (would have left earlier if I could have). I’m not saying it’s the “right” way (there isn’t one, please stop judging!) but it’s certainly not the wrong one!

Megan on

She doesn’t say if the baby was delivered early by c-section because of a medical emergency, or because she wanted/scheduled it that way. Normally with ‘celebrities’, what they DON’T say is really the truth.

And if she didn’t marry her previous boyfriend after a seven year relationship and one child together, I don’t think this guy should hold out hope of putting a wedding ring on her finger!

essie on

c-sections are selfish and unneeded. it’s a big money maker and doctors will make every mother, who is fragile and nervous, think it’s the only hope. of course no one wants one and most don’t need one. please, ladies, do your homework…western medicine is deceiving those with the “it’s our only resort”. most women have their babies at home in europe and c-sections are hardly utilized. more money for the insurance companies, doctors and hospitals. and a planned c-section—how selfish!

Megan on

I find myself disagreeing with almost every comment she’s made regarding pregnancy and motherhood.

pede on

After 56 hours of labor with my first, then having an emergency c-section because he was compressing the umbilical cord, I was disappointed I didn’t get to experience natural childbirth. Then my ob/gyn told me my pelvic opening was very narrow & I would have to have all subsequent babies via c-section. After hearing the many horror stories about episiotomies from friends, I’m glad I had the c-sections. Yeah, the recovery time after the first one was brutal, but my 2nd & 3rd one weren’t nearly as bad and unlike a lot of people on here, I wasn’t confined to bed for weeks on end. If you get up & start moving right away, your body will heal faster.

Rachel on

I had to have an emergency c-section too because I had extremely high protein in my urine. I guess preeclampsia. I did feel cheated out of a vaginal birth. I still feel sad about it and I am looking to do a VBAC for my second, if I can. If, I do need another c-section, then so be it.

I also recovered remarkably well. I was also walking within a week or so and I was out of the hospital by day 3. I used to hate my mom making remarks that a c-section was not the same as giving birth vaginally (she had 4 vaginal births). That you don’t feel the pain to push your child out and then of course, the bond. That there is a “bond” when giving birth vaginally. Now, she says, my son is way too attached to me (he is 2 1/2) and yes, he is a mama’s boy. Mom, you were saying….

Cat on

I had a C section and was happy I did! I didn’t want to go thru the pain since I have low pain tolerance. Stop stressing about how you had the baby. Women always try and make themselves feel bad for not having a child naturally.

Tara on

Not sure why people should be ashamed for choosing to have an elective c-section. I always knew I would have one and I guess in my case be careful what you wish for, my doctors informed me that I would have to have one regardless. My recovery took a week.

As others have said if your dr is careful its not as scary as people make it out to be. Seriously whatever works for you is all that matters, vaginal- c section, breast or bottle. As long as you and your child are happy and healthy that’s all that matters.

Anonymous on

finally! a celebrity who is honest about giving birth and motherhood! sounds like a real woman!

Anonymous on

Boo freakin hoo! Real women do this everyday and you don’t hear us complaining. She probably just didn’t want the little scar that “messes” up her precious show biz body. I’m going back to the real world now!

veronicageorge7 on

She irritates me. 1. She should haven’t been working 2 weeks after a c.s. She could have ripped out stitches that are inside.
2. There are a lot of women who want a c.s. vs vaginal birth.
3. There are women who do like to pump. Me being one of them. I love nursing, but when I had to pump I loved it. I knew I was providing a great nutrient for my baby.
So maybe she shouldn’t have generalized every statement. WOW

Ashley G on

I had a c-section for my first child, 22 hours in labor and nothing was happening. I was out of the hospital in 5 days When I got home I never sat down, I went shopping with her.

Second child was a planned c-section. I was up out of the hospital bed in two days out in 3..

It’s different for everyone. I was happy It wasn’t hard on me, since my kids are 22 months apart 🙂

Elizabeth on

I wish people would educate themselves on what’s truly best for both mother and child when it comes to birth. While a section can be lifesaving in medical emergencies, it carries many more risks for both mother and child. This country is obsessed with sections, a major surgery, and it’s very alarming. Some of these comments are just terrible and uneducated. Vaginal birth = barbaric?? What??

GeS on

I (shock! chose to have a c-section. I was up and walking the next day – slowly. Was walking miles with my baby in the stroller within a few weeks. It isn’t the horror show some make it out to be.

Anonymous on

C-section are always last resort. I did not want one either but, if it saves the life of you son or daughter all that goes out the window and you do whatever is needed for your child.

alearose on

Uh, yeah, Poppy, some women DO want c-sections. One of my best friends totally freaked out when her ob-gyn suggested that she could actually deliver her third child normally. I mean, complete melt-down freak out right there in the exam room, complete with tears, illogical babbling, anger and a demand for another c-section. Yet she couldn’t explain why she needed one the first or second times she gave birth beyond, “I couldn’t possibly push a baby out of me! I’m too small.” Uh-huh. Yes, I pointed out to her that she was being a complete a$$hat.

Wanted a Csection on

I wanted the c section. No interest in vaginal and it was 8 weeks of paid time as opposed to 6 for vaginal. Tried the natural route, never made it past a 2. Emergency C. Wish I could’ve skipped the hours of labor and just been done.

littlemanart on

Every experience is different. At 37 years of age I gave birth via c-section. It was my first pregnancy. I recovered well and was driving (without physician approval) at a little over one week and bowling at 2 weeks post partum (again without approval). However, I felt great and didn’t need anything stronger than Tylenol after 5 days.

Don’t let all the stories scare you; you may have the easy experience I did. I’m not recommending it, understand, it’s major surgery and shouldn’t be the first choice but it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience either.

Yahoo Reader on

I do! I do! I did the whole labor and contractions with my first until my Dr said it wasn’t going to happen. I was terrified of the unknown, but after it was over – I was so glad I didn’t give birth vaginally. There are advantages to having a c section. Mostly I was glad I didn’t get all stretched out “there”. I did repeat C-sections with my other two.

Barb on

I had a baby for the first time at 40 years old at 7:30 PM. I had an episiotomy and the next AM did not even feel like I had had a baby the day before I felt so great (I was tired of course but no pain) I would never want to have a C-Section and I cannot believe she went back to work in 2 weeks either. I guess everyone heals differently. Congrats to them on their new arrival !!

Sounjirah on

For women about to have a planned C-section: please fear not! 🙂

I had one last September and I healed fine. Of course I was terrified before i went through the surgery, but it ended up ok. I was worried about the unknown: being awake during a surgery and the whole epidural thing. In the end, the needle was like a prolonged bee sting and my healing was reasonable (it was hard bending – sitting to standing, lying down to sitting etc) for about 3 weeks with some pain meds (Tylenol and Advil).

**Might I add that I’ve heard that getting your head around having a planned C-section is way easier than having an emergency one. For one, my doctor at least, was able to take the extra time to sew me up vs stapling because as she put it “I tend to staple women after emergency C-sections because it’s quicker and most women just want it done so they can relax after hard labour that resulted in a surgery”. I recall the sewing did take a little while.

Anyhow, I hope my experience helps some women feel a little more reassured :). Truly, I hope you heal as well as I did.

Jen on

I can’t attest to having a c-section, but I think everyone’s experiences and recovery are different and dependent on so many different factors that you can’t generalize.

I had two unmediated vaginal deliveries. I didn’t have episiotomies, because I had attendants who don’t generally support the idea of cutting women like that. Instead I tore…both times. Very minor tears that required 2 and 4 stitches respectively. Both times I was up and on my feet and in the shower within 30 minutes of giving birth. My second time around, I was home in less than 24 hours!

Ava Hill on

I have had 3 c sections. Dec 99, Mar 01 & Sep 03. Doctors told me early about my last so I picked my birthday to have my daughter and got my tubes tied as a gift to me! I was always active so healing wasn’t too bad but I wish I could’ve had one of my kids naturally at least.

Ellie on

I’ve had two C sections and I’d rather that than natural. I was up and moving about a few days later and back to normal in 3 weeks. If you want to be a wimp you can, but our bodies are tough and can handle it. No pain no gain!

Lauren on

Lol speak for yourself, I want a c-section. Call me selfish all you want but squeezing something the size of a melon out an opening the size of a lemon at best? No thanks.

Chweener on

Sorry Poppy! This lady did want one the second time around. With my first child, I went through 9 hours of hard labor just to find out that nobody noticed he was breach until I delivered his butt and he got stuck and went into stress as the cord was around his neck and an ankle. His feet were up by his head, basically bent in half. I kept complaining something didn’t feel right, but the nurses dismissed me because I had never been through labor before to know the difference. Had an emergency c-section, and because my stomach muscles were shot from the labor, my recovery was miserable the whole 8 weeks, I was in so much pain. With my second I said put a zipper in, this one is coming out c-section. My recovery was great and I enjoyed the whole birthing experience that time around.

All you soon to be first time mothers who are posting this scares you when reading our stories, don’t be afraid of the possibility of having one. All I can offer as advice from my story is if you think something is wrong, don’t let the nurses tell you otherwise and dismiss you. Trust your body and make sure you are addressed by the obstetrician who is qualified to make that call. My son could have been seriously harmed because my labor was allowed to go on as long as it did unnecessarily.

The positive side of my story is that I am the proud mother of a healthy 25 year old Marine veteran who I adore and is going to make me a first time grandmother in 6 months.

Trix on

They’ve been doing c-sections for thousands of years. Each to their own! I had a loooong complicated labour (and pushed for four hours!) and ended up with an emergency c-section, with sever complications, lost a lot of blood and was in hospital for two weeks after. Next time I’ll be booking a c-section and I shouldn’t be judged for doing so. Both ways are a means to the same end! Does it really matter how the lovely bundles of joy actually get here?

Momof2 on

Bravo Finleys mom…I was told for 1st the day before I needed a c-section. I was home in 2 days and looking after baby while husband worked including vacuuming 3 days after and 4th dy after walking to get the mail pushing the stroller. 2nd child I asked for c_section and went even better including home next day with ZERO issues… Kids are 18 months apart

Lori on

I had no choice with my first baby because I developed preclampsia. I wanted one with my second baby because I was up and walking around 24 hours later. I loved it.

Wendi on

It’s mind boggling for me to hear so many women say their C-sect were so easy. But, don’t get me wrong, that makes me happy to hear such wonderful experiences. I had to have an emergency C- sect because my heart & the baby’s heart were too high & I could not dilate more than 5 after several hours.

All I knew was that they ran into complications with me after my son was delivered safely. My arms were involuntarily shaking so bad that I couldn’t hold my precious baby, & I was taken away to critical care for 3 days. To this day, I still don’t know what happened but my legs were so swollen & the breathing exercises were hard.

Although it took a long time to heal, I’d do it a billion times over for my sweet boy. Although I couldn’t hold him for several hours & we chose formula, I have an amazing bond with my healthy son who is going in 8! There are no right or wrong ways – whether by choice or whatever nature’s plan is; as long as mommy & baby are safe & healthy. :0)

sandy on

wow, I liked reading this, she is a real person, and I like her beliefs good for her

Megan on

I had a c section with my first baby, and it was a breeze. I didn’t need anything stronger than Advil for pain after the first two days. Can a C be hard? Sure. But so can tearing during a regular delivery. A c section does not have to be a terrible experience.

Only a vapid actress would go back to work two weeks after giving birth.

Kim on

I had 3 C-sections and it was a piece of cake! I was even allowed to go home early with my third baby.

NoAdditives on

Delivering vaginally does not give you a “nasty stretched out vagina” as one poster described. Does it change things a little? Yes. But for the most part, everything goes back to normal.

rebekah on

I’ve read through all of the comments and had to giggle a bit because women just love to share their labor stories. I know I do. Each story is special in its own right.

I do have to say though, Holly’s comment calling natural childbirth “barbaric” angered me, but then I realized she must be a very shallow, immature person who just doesn’t know better. It is sad however people like her procreate, but that’s just me and my still tight vagina’s opinion.

Amy on

C-sections are the worst!

I had one. I could barely move for a month and had to sleep sitting up and hobbled around like a hunchback for weeks.

I would do a natural birth over a c-section any day.

jen on

It makes me sad for our future when people equate the commitment of marriage to a piece of paper. It’s much more than that or so many people wouldn’t be fighting for equal rights.

Amber mom of 4 on

I had my 1st naturally but my second was a grueling 30 hours of labor and then 3 1/2 hours of pushing but i was determined to have him vaginally. It was a terrible experience but I blame the hospital and the Doctor for dragging it out.To me a vaginal birth it is the natural, GOD given way. My 3rd and 4th were delievered at home in 6 hours and 5 hours respectively. I know there are reasons for a section and I respect that and am glad I never have had to, but they are done so frequently in the USA and it is really not neccessary.

guest on

way to go, freaking women out. There is so much pressure on pregnant women, can we take it down a notch. Everyone has some “good advice” on “the only way” to do it.

whatever you do , whatever makes you feel better, you are doing it right.

Anonymous on

When I had mine the doctors told me to stay in Bed well after A while it hurt so bad I had to move around that helped a lot
I was going to stay home from work for a while but went back to work after a week or so.
I read this article and I couldn’t really tell if she was putting C sections down or what .
If she was I would say if the mother really needs to have one she should have it, it saves lives
Yes the mother will be sore and tired afterwards but isn’t that the case for natural births etc

Myla Cree on

I’m going to now watch her show, cause I like her as a person. Honest which is rare in anyone these days and that includes all people not just Hollywood.

Plz stop talking about your C-sections, no one cares how any of you delivered. No wants to hear about my delivery 42 years ago,,, So stop…………. This article is about Poppy, not you.

nicole willey on

To many c sections! It’s not the way nature intends for birth! We are only country who does so many. It makes doctors richer and that’s why they are done to often. I had two regular births and was up walking around half hour later. And your not all stretched out! Our bodies go back to normal. This is how stupid and vain some of you woman are lol. Atleast I didn’t cheat, I gave birth. Most of you can’t even say that bc you didn’t give birth your doctor did. I feel like more of a real woman for doing it the way god intended and not being a vain person. Shouldint be having babies if you can’t be a woman about it! If its a true emergency, then that’s different but otherwise most of you sound like dumbasses to me!

guest on

Can’t imagine anyone wanting major surgery over natural birth, especially if you have a choice. In my case I wanted natural, but medical issues made that impossible, I was not happy, not a fan of surgery. The best way to heal after a C-section is to breastfeed, of course that can be said for any birth. Breastfeeding helps the uterus to shrink faster, hurts at first but after awhile you don’t notice it.

Ohanna on

I had 2 Csections. . because 2 bouts with toxemia. First one up about no problems in a week..but limited lifting.. 2nd one..incision opened backup because I tried too hard to do same…had open wound that had to heal. .meant cleansing everyday and packing..AND 3x more painful..meant had take pain meds meant couldn’t drive until stopped…

Guest on

Cesarean sections are major surgeries and I think it’s dangerous so many women erroneously believe they’re a “breeze” and a little nothing.

I work in a hospital and see women that end up with serious infections, women that hemorrhage and end up in the ICU for a little “caesarean section”.

Then when women are older, I see their intestinal obstructions because of adherences that formed during that little “caesarean section”

Objectively speaking, a vaginal birth is what is safer for the mom. That’s just based on science. Why would anyone want to put themselves at increased risk if they don’t have to is beyond me.

Kiki on

I really like and appreciate how honest she is. Being a mother to a brand new baby is the most exciting thing, but it is NOT always glamorous. I hate the people that act like it is. She seems very real and down to earth.

nicole on

I wanted one and got one I did not want natural birth everyone is different

Shawna on

Amber – I had a bicornuate uterus as well. While the idea of having a c-section is terrifying, it made me thankful for the option when my water broke at 35 weeks and my daughter was still in the breech position with no room to flip. What matters most is the health of both mom and baby (or babies). I hope your pregnancy/delivery is uneventful and that you and your baby are healthy.

fan on

I was glad for my C-section, for my Twins, who were 7 lbs each, and almost 20 in long! I’m only 5’2,so I could hardly breath at the end! THANK GOD for C sections!

Alayna on

Many women think C-section is an easy way out- but truthfully it’s a day of labor and pain vs. weeks of recovery from surgery. Recovering from surgery is hell- recovering from giving birth not so much.

Cate on

Going back to work 2 weeks after having a C-section is really sad and dangerous for a mother’s health and I’m surprised her doctor and the SAG (actors union) would even allow it.

Nani on

Amber California: I also have a double uterus and yeah, both my girls came through c-section because they were breech. It wasnt so bad and in a week I was back to normal. Everyone is different, but as long as you stay positive there’s nothing to be scared of.

Mrs. W on

Actually many women choose cesarean for a wide variety of valid reasons (note – exceptionally rarely is it just to ‘schedule’ the baby). I chose cesarean twice, the first time, the choice wasn’t respected and I ultimately gave birth “naturally” (though I didn’t want to) and the second time the planned cesarean went ahead as scheduled. To be honest the experience and recovery from the planned cesarean was far better than from the unplanned vaginal delivery. In the years since my unplanned vaginal delivery, I have been trying to raise awareness and respect for the issue of cesarean by choice, timely access to medical care during labour and delivery, and birth trauma. I started a Facebook group “Cesarean by Choice Awareness Network” and blog at Awaiting Juno. An excellent resource for those considering choosing a cesarean birth plan is a book by Pauline McDonough Hull and Dr. Magnus Murphy “Choosing Cesarean: A Natural Birth Plan”….

summerbornchildren on

I wanted both of my caesareans, and would make the exact same choice if I had it all over again. No regrets.

Yes, there are many women who don’t want a caesarean, but there needs to be greater awareness that there are many who DO – and that this choice is not a frivolous or ill-informed one. Prophylactic surgery has benefits as well as risks.

I don’t blame Poppy for her comment; unfortunately the media (and others’) portrayal of women who are ‘too posh to push’ has left many people with the same impression.