Christie Brinkley Graces Cover with Daughter Sailor

07/10/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Christie Brinkley Sailor Cook Bella NYC Cover
Anna Gunselman/Bella NYC

Are we seeing double?

Christie Brinkley recently posed with daughter Sailor for the cover of Bella NYC magazine. And the 15-year-old is the spitting image of her model mom.

Seriously, we can’t believe how much Sailor has grown up. The last time we saw her she was hanging with Brinkley and big brother Jack at Disney World in 2008.

“It seems like yesterday that I was holding her in my arms, and now she’s standing next to me, this radiant beauty,” Brinkley told the magazine.

But things have definitely changed. Not only is she a budding photographer, but she was featured in Teen Vogue and has her own Twitter page full of witty teenage Tweets.

She’s also modeling the new One Direction collection for Claire’s fall campaign — of course! Somebody is definitely following in their mother’s footsteps.

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angie on

Beautiful mother and beautiful daughter!

tieraney on

Wow she is gorgeous, just like her mama!

Kaitlyn on

Wow, Sailor is so grown up and beautiful! They look like sisters!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Holy crap…that is definitely her daughter…GORGEOUS!!!

Mimi on

I remember Sailor was a bit chubby when she was little. She’s so pretty!

Pammy on

Sailor looks just like her Daddy. He may have been a snake – but he was a handsome snake!

stacey on

She doesn’t look exactly like her mother. She also favors her POS dad a lot. She is very cute though and I love her name!

MollyF on

Beautiful pair. Love Chrisie, she’s so pretty. Her daughter is definitively following in her Mom’s footsteps. 🙂

Mira on

This has got to be the dumbest celebrity kid name ever! It’s worse than even Pilot Inspektor, because she’s a girl. I wonder if she drinks like a sailor?

Cris on

Are you stupid or just rude?

Steph on

That is so rude and mean Mira! Why don’t you get a life!

alannah on

She looks way different than alexa ray

lisa on

Beautiful! Fresh faced and age appropriate. So sweet!

SAR on

She’s tall and blonde like her mom, but then her dad is tall and blonde too. Her face is a mix of her parents. Christie is stunning, and Peter Cook is handsome. A cad and a jerk, but handsome.

Lisa on

How is she 59! I can only hope I look half this good at that age! WoW! and her daughter is beautiful as well!

Anonymous on

Sailor and Christy are both gorgeous

gb on

She’s a very pretty girl but I see more of her father in her than her mother. Since the parents were both models she couldn’t go wrong.

RKF on

Spitting image? Sailor looks nothing like her mother. She is a spitting image of her father.

MrMonkee on

I wonder if she swears like a Sailor?

Kab on



Simply gorgeous!

Julie on

I wish I could just smack Christie for being so ridiculously beautiful….still!!! HA HA Darling picture of mother and daughter!!!

Gigi on

When I was growing up Christie Brinkley was the epitome of beauty. Then the modeling industry changed and models like Kate Moss coined the “heroine chic” look. Models no longer had to have a beautiful face…just be tall, gaunt and look anorexic. To this day I see Christie Brinkley and see her as the epitome of beauty. I hope her daughter continues to carry on that legacy.

Anonymous on

Please tell me her name is Sailor Brinkley and not Sailor Cook — kind of like North West?

That being said, they’re both beautiful. I’m jealous.

DaisyMoon on

They look great, but I want to know about that adorable dog…

Guest on

Sailor should take her boat North West while feeding Crickets to her parrot, Birdie. Maybe she will see a Rainbow Aurora or some exotic Blue Ivy on during her travels. She’ll take Apple as a snack.

Haha on

Good one 😉

Kica on

WOW…first of all Christie still amazing looking..the new 50’s babyyyy and her daughter is just gorgeous!

Wendy on

She’s pretty for sure. But Alexa Ray is prettier. Blue eyed blondes are boring and ordinary.

Ashley on

If by boring you mean beautiful then you are right!!! She is gorgeous!

Anna on

Sailor is very pretty….but I do not care for Christie whatsoever. Why has she never posed with Alexa Ray? She is also beautiful. Sorry…just see an aging model trying to live through her daugher.

dee on

Sailor is pretty but doesn’t look just like her mom. Christie is one of the prettiest women ever.

Anonymous on

Drop dead gorgeous girl (her mom isn’t too shabby either!)

kim on

gorgeous and gorgeous. they are lying about her age…no way she is 59!!!


Absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous on

Don’t get me wrong, because both are beautiful, but it seems like Christie should be wearing what her daughter is and visa versa.

margieo on

My thoughts exactly.

Callie on

Absolutely gorgeous; both of them! Just stunning. Good for her

postathread on

hope she’s not as crazy as her mother.

Anonymous101 on

Honestly, I see A LOT of her father in her face. She’s still a beauty. Hopefully she keeps herself grounded in such a cut-throat industry.

postathread on

DUH! She looks “different” from Alexa Ray, because Alexa Ray looks Just like HER Father, Billy Joel. This kid’s Dad is that blonde architect creep that Christie Brinkley was married to last.

Nicole on

@guest : very funny wordplay! LOL And these two are gorgeous. I cannot believe Christie is 59!

rm on

Christie Brinkley is beautiful, but at 59 she’s had a lot of help from plastic surgeons…no one looks like that past menopause without a Dr’s help.

Kate on

I know I’ll get booed for this, but Sailor looks more like her Dad. And it is known that Christie and Peter went to a fertility clinic, had some failed IVF’s, and at the age of 44 she likely used an egg donor. Nothing wrong with that but I would not say Sailor is a splitting image of Christie. Both are beautiful!

Sarah on

What about her daughter with Billy Joel? I’ve never seen her on a magazine cover with her. She should have done the cover with both daughters.

Liza on

Seems like their outfits should be switched!

Leila on

Both are pretty, but the dog is a “natural” beauty.

Kim on

Lovely young woman! Don’t recall seeing her for years and she’s really grown up.

Anonymous on

I am 59 also, and I tell everyone I have a Christie Brinkley body, I just keep it protected in bubble wrap!!!! Gotta keep going somehow!!!! Both look great!!!!!

Bailey on

Seems just sort of sad, after her elder daughter has had so many self esteem problems growing up in her shadow .

Vicki on

Wow…I’m amazed and impressed by the tasteful picture. For once, it seems, the child isn’t being pimped out for the sake of publicity. She looks fresh-faced and is dressed in a cute outfit that suits a 15 year old. Bravo.

Linda on

For all of you that can’t believe she is 59…please..that woman is so full of herself….and who wouldn’t look like that…duh..she was a super model….besides, anyone ever hear of airbrushing? I’m surprised that she would even pose with anyone else, including her daughter…

Ashe on

She’s so pretty now, very thin compared to as a child. But…she looks like her Dad. Not a bad thing, I just don’t see a whole lot of Christie.

linda on

Sailor is a pretty teen. She went through an awkward stage when she was younger and I can remember people bashing her for it(many go through that stage and come out of it beautiful)Christie has always been beautiful. Models today cannot hold a candle to her, NONE of them . Someone mentioned before all you have to be is tall/skinny to be one today. As far as Christie having work, yes, most likely she has, no one can look that perfect at that age. She is really 59, I remember her when she was much younger, but to say it is all good genes is silly.

Paisley on

She does look very much like her mom, but I can also see her dad too! I would say she looks like both parents!! Cute shot!!

Mary on

Beautiful mother and daughter.
Sailor – stay away from your POS father.

Cat on

Funny how she only did a photo with her child that looks closest to her. Poor Alexa, she probably feels left out. Oh, and this woman should stop trying to take the spotlight away from the daughter by switching outfits.

Rolyat on

Christie Brinkley is most likely one of the very few women in Hollywood who has not done any botox or plastic surgery. Has said many times she done nothing and I believe her. She is still gorgeous and she’s 6 months away from being 60. She has a healthy lifestyle and excercises regularly. Saw her on Broadway and she has the body of a 25 year old.

junebug on

Christine has to always been one of the most beautiful women. And she seems to get better with age.

barb on

Has her mother and late grandmother’s gorgeous smile and her Dad’s eyes. (And my Bichon puppy, Cooper, looks exactly like Chester!).

Terri on

I remember when people used to make ugly comments about the daughter’s weight. She grew into a beautiful young lady. People need to let children be children.

KW on

Very cute girl, like many other girls her age…but alas no extraordinary stunner like her mom was at that age.

teenaday1 on

@ guest – but Moses will part the sea! Then maybe there will be an Olive (DB daughter) branch!

Laurel on

Christie Brinkley was always my favorite model! She still looks great for her age and Sailor is lucky enough to have both parents that are better then average looking. I do feel sorry for her daughter Alexia Ray, she definitely looks like Billy Joel, and people over the years have been less then kind about that!

Anonymous on

Notice how she has never posed with her daughter by Billy Joel? her name is Alexa she doesn’t look like her at all she looks like her dad and the media has said mean things about her looks…It is sad that Christie has never come out in defense of her daughter but she gushes over this daughter’s beauty because she looks like her…very sad indeed.

Gina on

Christie’s children are gorgeous..

Jennifer on

can I just take a moment and say. we should all be as stunning as Christie Brinkley at that age! her daughter is beautiful too.
good genes?

meldix on

You know what good for Christie, she is a child of both her parents just beautiful and the comments about the clothes if she was wearing the outfit her mom is wearing everyone would be making nasty comments, she is a gorgeous child who looks like her beautiful parents, I am sure she is as nice as she is pretty. And if not she should be she has a lot to be thankful for.

Tanya on

She is very pretty. I guess her name never made the odd celebrity baby name list.

lola69 on

She is pretty. But the one she had with Billy Joel was not so lucky. She looks exactly like Billy Joel. I hate to see those mother daughter get togethers. She lucked out on this one

renee on

she curses like a sailor!! hahahaha and the mother’s face so full and packed with plastic

Emmy on

Should they not switch clothing. Christy is pretty but wearing clothes too young for her!!!

Betty on

Wow, now I see why the other one (Billy Joels) is suicidal. This one looks just like her mom..

self-employed on

The daughter she had with Billy Joel ended up looking like……Billy Joel. Even a nose job couldn’t fix it.

Jen on

Christie has had some impressive plastic surgery done. Looks almost all natural!

Sandy on

Christie looks stunning at 59, Wow. Sailor is gorgeous, and she does look like her mom. Alexa Ray has her father’s big ugly eyes, she didn’t inherit any of her mom’s gorgeous features.

Donna on

Mother and daughter are very pretty as is Christie’s other daughter Alexa, with Billy Joel.

MEG on

Beautiful mom and daughter!!! What happened to ALEXA JOEL?? Poor poor girl!! to be related to such beauties!

Donna on

Christie is beautiful as are both her daughters. Alexa and Sailor….both ladies look just like their Dad’s…

lola69 on

the other daughter looks like Billy Joel, poor thing stiff competition when your half sibs are beautiful

markd on

At 59, Christie should finally be dressing a little more age appropriate rather than trying to upstage her daughter. This daughter certainly is lucky that she inherited her mom’s good looks. It’s a shame the other daughter had to look just like her father and didn’t get one single “good looks” gene from her mother. How cruel for her.

markd on

This daughter looks just like Christie; how sad for the other daughter that she couldn’t inherit at least one good look from her mother. Looking just like Billy Ray with nothing from her mother was just a bad curse.

gringainparadise on

I think Mom is a little old for the sparkly hot pants. Their outfits should have been reversed.

Jessie on

Christie looks 25…holy cow… shes beautiful!!!

Sara on

So gorgeous. I am dying to know what she uses or does to maintain her youthful face? Share it with the world please because it is working for you and unlike so many procedures that look scary and fake she looks amazing..

Katie on

Doesn’t she have a son too with the guy from the helicopter crash? I know a 78 year old woman who swears that since her childhood she has smeared Vaseline on her face a few hours before bedtime and let it soak in and then wiped off the excess gently with a warm washcloth. Her skin is amazing and she has only the finest wrinkles. Some people truly inherit wonderful skin. My mom is 65 and has skin like a 35 year old, but she also gets regular facials.

Rebecca on

I think she looks like her father, who also just happens to be good looking despite the interior not matching the exterior lol.

She’s a cute kid, but I’m more amazed by her mother. She’s just about 60 and she looks like that?

Surgery or not, she’s gorgeous as ever.

Gina on

The doggy is cute too…

Traci on

Of course Sailor looks a lot different than Alexa Ray.

Alexa looks just like Billy.

Also, what’s wrong with Sailor? I actually loved the name as soon as she was born.

Bunch of jealous haters.

onya on

Wow! What a difference a few yrs makes! She has grown into a beauty. Looks more like her father though…just as Alexa Ray looks more like HER father. All three ladies are gorgeous!

Danielle on

Sailor is a split image of her mother…….but what happened to Alexa……why so unfortunate in the looks department……?

molassie on

I looks like Christie has had some work. She looks good, don’t get me wrong, but it just looks like it to me.

Barbara on

I think both mom & daughter are beautiful. I do see a resemblance but exactly alike? No. Let the daughter have her own identity. 🙂
Good Job Girls!

carole on

Lovely pic of the two of them, however, Christi has this sparkle that her daughter does not. Sailor is very pretty but a Christi Brinkley comes along only once…

Liz on

She actually looks just like her father, Peter Cook, and that is a whole lot more than she looks like her mom.

Anonymous on

Wow! Beautiful!

Cat on

Christie is a narcissist. Look at her Facebook page. How many photos do you need of yourself?

Carrie on

@Cat…let me know when you are a household name “Super Model” or maybe …. if you ever make a section of your hometown newspaper… maybe modeling for a store in your community. I bet you would have your Facebook page and every other social media page full of your shots (pictures)

Sweetie…jealous people are so unattractive no matter the age/gender and I want to share something with you……IT IS MS. BRINKLEY’S FACEBOOK PAGE…If you are so bent out of shape and opinionated to see all of the pictures that cover HER Facebook page then my suggestion is …….STOP LOOKING AT THE PICS!!! She is super gorgeous but being nasty about someone else’s pics on Facebook makes you look super insecure about yourself. Surely you can find something else to look at without saying such negative things. Oh yes much time have you given to your LOCAL charitable organizations (families, children in need) You forgot to mention when you called Christie a “narcissist”

Anonymous on

Gorg! Mama looks amazing 🙂 That ex husband of hers was an idiot.

Erica on

Both beautiful ladies, however I think they got their outfits mixed-up. Christie’s almost 60 for heavens sake!

Anonymous on

Wow! Christie looks better than ever .

Anonymous on

Looks like her dad..

Anonymous on

They are both beautiful!! Christie has some great genes. I saw a pic of her mother years ago and she is a beauty as well.

Rosey on

She is gorgeous! Alexa Rey must be crying somewhere in a corner…. LOL

mamakin on

I remember seeing a pic of Christie with her own mom years ago and she was in her 50’s at the time. Her mom was stunning and I could not believe her age. Christie is the blessed with good genes.

DLC53 on

I’m glad her 1st daughter is doing much better too now. I was so worried about her looks when she was first born since she looked so much like her dad Billy Joel. And now her 2nd daughter looks just like her mom?? Its cool to see children grow up after wondering what or who they’d resemble the most. Now im just waiting on Jay Z & Beyonce’s lil Blue Ivy 10 years from now??

Marie on

Her daughter has really blossomed!

Steff on

um, no, she doesn’t really look like her at all

Steff on

she’s not nearly as pretty as Christie

Cynthia on

Her daughter with Billy Joel is more beautiful

trinnme on

someone needs to get glasses and its NOT me….Christie looks better than her daughter and I do not see Sailor as MODEL material for now yet that could change by 18 or so I find her BLAND looking right now…same for this Ireland Baldwin shes downright unattractive yet the last name seems to carry them into $ and stardom and not REALITY!!!

PM on

She’s pretty and they look so much alike. I think Christie is the prettier one!

George on

Very happy for these beautiful girls and for their little family. They have survived so much undeserved, gut wrenching heartache and have emerged with such joy and obvious love for each other! I wish them all much happiness and success!

Sue on

Come on Brinkley is a mess, she spent more time on her outside look then her inside. 4 Divorces, now that’s embarrassing for her kids, all different fathers? If she didn’t have $$, she would be called trailor trash! that’s reality.

Bev on

A friend of mine met Christie on the beach in Malibu back in her teenage years. I said “probably not a pretty as in magazines, eh?” She said “even prettier.” I said “probably not very nice, eh?” She said “she’s wonderful, friendly and open.” Go, Christie!!

Anonymous on

Christie is much prettier

Tanja on

They are both beautiful and so are her other kids. Funny that everyone talks about Christies daughters. Did you guys know that she has a beautiful son too?

Anonymous on

She’s got tiny eyes. Alexa is prettier.