Busy Philipps Names Daughter Cricket Pearl

07/10/2013 at 11:25 PM ET

Update: The couple have chosen the name Cricket Pearl for their daughter, Philipps’ rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Originally posted July 3: Busy Philipps is now officially one busy mama.

The Cougar Town star, 34, and her screenwriter husband Marc Silverstein welcomed their second daughter on Tuesday, July 2, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“Everyone is healthy and happy,” the rep tells PEOPLE, adding that baby girl weighed in at 8.5 lbs. The couple has not yet chosen a name.

“So this happened…” Philipps Tweeted Wednesday, sharing a black and white photo of herself cuddling her newborn.

The new addition joins big sister Birdie Leigh, 4Β½.

Busy Philipps Welcomes Daughter
Courtesy Busy Philipps

Philipps announced her pregnancy in December when she posted a photo of her positive pregnancy test on Twitter. In April, she told The Huffington Post she was having another girl and shared that Birdie was ready — sort of — for her little sister.

“My daughter is super excited,” the actress said. “She’s actually incredibly helpful and … she’s really understanding things, when I say like, ‘Mom can’t carry you right now because the baby in her tummy is pressing down on her bladder!’ She understands what that means and she’s cool with it.”

But she’s not exactly expecting to make her the full-time nanny anytime soon.

“We’ll see what happens when the actual baby comes,” Philipps added. “I’m planning for that moment like, ‘And when does she go back?’ I know that will happen.”

Hopefully not anytime soon!

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd with reporting by Monica Rizzo

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Misty on

Good for her. What a sweet picture.

michelle on

Can’t wait to hear what they name her. I adore Birdie. Hope its girlie like that again. πŸ™‚

Katie on

These are the types of photos I love to look at. They show peaceful times and absolute bliss. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Makes me really miss the baby days when you think it is really hard, but turns out it really wasn’t. These simple and precious moments go by so insanely fast.


Beautiful picture.

Sandy on

Birdie is a terrible name. I hope this daughter isn’t given a dumb name. Pigeon, Cardinal, Gull, Pelican?

Sharon on

Lol Sandy

wow on

Haha I think cricket is worse. Maybe the next child will be grasshopper or moth

Angela on

Might as well…Cricket??? I don’t get why celebrities feel the need to jump off the deep end! I would be pissed if my name was Cricket, or Birdie!

Liz on

Congratulations to her & her family! I love her. Can’t wait to hear the name too!!!

Colleen on

Congrats to Busy and her family. Such a great picture. Enjoy every minute!!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Can’t wait to hear her name.

Emma on


Debby on

Cricket Pearl! Love it!! I had a friend named Cricket growing up and she was to much fun and smarter than most. Only to find out her name was Christine, but she preferred Cricket, because it was her version of Gidgit! LOL! She didn’t like being called Chris or Christy or Tina! I actually like Cricket Pearl!!

Claudine15 on

@Sandy..LOL!!! Well even if she were to have named her Pelican Cage or Seagull Pigeon, still better than North West

Chris on

Sandy, why is it when someone has a wonderful moment like having a baby there’s always some waste of oxygen like you who jumps in and says something nasty. Can’t you just take a moment a keep you mouth shut?

Sandy on

Hey, if you didn’t like my comment you didn’t have to read it. I have an opinion like everyone else and Birdie isn’t a name. Celebs must think it’s cute to name their kids North, Apple,& Birdie because they do not have find jobs like an average joe. Could you imagine seeing Birdie or any other name on a job application. Would you hire someone named Birdie ?

Liz on

Birdie is actually a traditional nickname, usually for Elizabeth. I think Busy just liked it so much she used it for her daughter’s real name. It’s not a made up, celebrity name.

Sharon on

I hear ya Sandy…i got called a bitch on this website the other day for stating that my marriage and husband are important to me! Its a free country and people have a right to their opinion.

Hank on

I have a friend from business school whose given name is Birdie, and she has a very successful career. A smart business person would never rule out a candidate solely because of his or her name.

Caity on

Sandy, I agree with you. I think a lot of the people name their children with absolutely no care for the fact that a name is a life-long thing. Birdie, cricket, north, rainbow, apple… These are nouns, not names. It might be cute for 5 month old, but how is 36 year old rainbow going to be taken seriously as anything other than a stripper or 44 year old cricket, what is she doing with her life? A name is a first impression of who you are as a person and I think it’s plain cruel to give these kids such ridiculous monikers. You can be original and unique without giving your child a stupid and ready-made-for-bullying name.

Teri on

Actually if you did a little research of history, you will see a ton of women named Birdie, Sandy. Just because it is not too common now, does not mean it is not a name.

Kelly on

love the photo!!

emma on

I love this black and white photo of Busy with her newborn daughter. Its very sweet – many blessings to her and her family.

kjc on

Can’t wait to hear what they name her. I think Birdie is a super sweet name, and hope new baby girls is equally so!

jessicad on

Katie, that’s exactly what I was thinking! such a beautiful picture and it hurts thinking about how fast the time has gone by with my own daughter, wish I could go back to this moment. πŸ™‚

Can’t wait to hear the name, I’m a fan a unique names, congrats to them!

Kirsten on

I have an Aunt Birdie – her actual name is Roberta. But Birdie was a popular southern name back in the early 1900’s and seems to be making a comeback. I, for one, love the name probably because I adore my aunt. To each their own…

Debby on

Sandra Bullocks name in Hope Floats was Birdie! I love both of Busy’s daughters names! If the girls decide at a later age they want to change their name , that has happened to ; like Zowie Bowie changed his to Joseph and goes by Joey Bowie!

viper on

if her daughter knows what a bladder is, why doesn’t she know what a uterus is? “Tummy” is just stupid.

I agree that “Birdie” is an an unfortunate name. Bye Bye Birdie is all that comes to mind, and it’s so close to “biddy,” which is no one’s idea of a compliment.

Sharon on

Congratulations! What a beautiful, sweet pic! I think Birdie is adorable for a nickname, but not as a name.

Guest on

I think it’s a cute nickname, but not as an actual name. I guess maybe she was going with the theory of naming them what they will actually be called. My mom calls my daughter Pumpkin. She better be thankful I didn’t name her that. πŸ˜‰

Marla on

Congrats to her. I say she’ll go for another unique ‘B’ name like Bluebell Lilly.

MJ on

What a sweet picture. Love Busy, she is so down to earth with a beautiful family.

Allie on

Beautiful shot. Congratulations!

alearose on

How precious!

Heather on

Congrats to Busy & her beautiful family. I love the name Birdie, although not common, it is a sweet southern name. It makes me think of Hope Floats – the lead character is named Birdie – and that is one of my favorite movies ever. Can’t wait to hear the name of the new baby girl.

Joanna on

I was thinking the same thing. I love the name Birdie because it reminds me of that movie. She was such a sweet character. I’m looking forward to seeing what she names baby girl #2 even though I’m not generally a fan of the non-traditional/made-up names (e.g. North, Apple,Β Dweezil and Moon Unit).

Denise on

How funny that someone named Sandy thinks Birdie is a terrible name…your name is a description. We are just used to it.

Sandy on

denise, you do realize this is the internet. Sandy is a nickname, not my actual name. I would never give a child of mines a terrible name. If one gives a child a horrible name they are just setting them up to be picked on, and by kids their own age. It isn’t right, just realistic.

T'Keyah on

People do have the right to their own opinion. That being said, there are a lot of comments made via keyboard, that would not be said face to face. Also, if you have children and someone trashes their name one day (and you’re left to pick up the pieces), you have no room to react, for you have done the same thing to someone else’s child. Innocence of children in society is quickly lost by the ignorant adults they encounter!

Isabel on


Sun on

Beautiful picture and big baby! Congrats!

dudley doright on

beautiful picture w/ baby

Judy on

Congratulations to you and your sweet bundle of joy! Precious times! Even with the sleep deprivation.

SAR on

Lovely picture. Congratulations to the famly!

meghan on

Sandy, it’s not so much what is said, but the way it is said. You are being nasty and keep coming back to double down on your nastiness.

Lyoness on

I read one of her interviews and she explained that she and her husband named her daughter, Birdie, after FLOTUS Lady Bird Johnson. It’s sweet, Southern and has a nice American historical context.

Lyoness on

Congratulations on the new beautiful baby!

Sara on

What a beautiful picture!

Erica on

Everyone needs to chill out on the name thing! People are entitled to have an opinion, and thankfully we don’t all have the same one. As an adult I would never discriminate against anyone for their name, but the same rules don’t apply for kids. They can be cruel, and when parents are over the top unique in choosing a moniker for their child, it’s their peers at school who are most likely to make fun of the kid with the weird name. I think that a successful name choice needs to work in both childhood and adulthood.

Sandy on

Yes. Parents should realize they are only hurting their children. Just because they think it’s cute it does not mean they should name their children it. Children are cruel

Debby on

Ya know even my name had bullies calling me Debby Webby! So what I shoved it back at them that at least I was name after a entertainer! Mother didn’t like the spelling and gave me the “y” rather than “ie” like all the other Debbie’s! Kids are always challenging each other! And I was the smallest( until I passed all of them up in Hifh school… πŸ™‚ they wete saying…. Lol

Michelle on

Sandy, it is very interesting that you are so concerned with Busy’s choice of a name considering you can’t even type a sentence free of spelling or grammatical errors. Maybe you should take on the task of learning 8th grade English before you start judging someone else’s baby name.

Sandy on

I am commenting on a post, not writing an English paper.Everyone makes simple grammar errors on the internet.

Mandy on

Such a sweet photo! Many blessings!

Marky on

Sandy, It just astounds me that you are actually thinking children will ridicule a child for being named Birdie. My children go to school with children named Vishnapriya, Holland, Renner, Breckan, Frisco, Beau,Tremond, Potter, Alpha Keri (yes, someone named their child that), and the list goes on. Haven’t heard anyone making fun of anyone because of their name and I live in an upper middle-class neighborhood.

Seriously, you are so overboard, complaining about that as well as who names their child what; makes me wonder if you were the school bully who made fun of other’s names…..

Jenny on

Marky, it’s because you live in an “upper-middle class” neighborhood. “You people” are the ones causing this awful name epidemic!

Guest on

“You people” made me lol. True though Jenny. πŸ™‚

Deb on

I didn’t realize her name is Busy. Interesting.

Anonymous on

Birdie was my grandmothers name and she was a wonderful woman.

V78 on

I agree with you, Sandy. Birdie is a terrible name. But then again her mom’s name, Busy, is just as awful. This baby will probably have a dumb name as well.

Anonymous on

Busy is her nickname! She did an interview once and said when she was a child she was always busy so her parents started calling her that. We are all entitled to our own opinion, just like they are entitled to name their children what the want.

Crystal on

I adore this picture and I loveeee the caption. Thank you Busy for sharing this sweet moment with your new baby girl with us.

Crystal on

Viper, of course she knows what a bladder is. She’s 4 1/2 and I’m pretty sure potty trained. As a 4 1/2 year old she would not understand what a uterus is. Plus, where do you see the baby? In the stomach. THAT is probably why Busy explained it that way. Some people on here honestly don’t think before they write a post. It really is common sense.

Mary on

Okay, Sandy, I’m intrigued now. Seeing as you are so critical of someone’s name choice, what are the names of your children? And if you don’t have children yet, what are your favorite names? You seem to be the expert on what constitues an appropriate/good baby name, so you must obviously have perfect, tease-free, normal names!

Jessica on

Seriously Mary?

So sandy has no right to dislike the name of a child? She has to like the name because you like the name?

Are we 5?

She does not have to prove anything to you. She was stating that SHE did not like the name Birdie…. She can voice her opinion.

Sharon on

Ok, Mary, you mean to tell me that you like every single name on the planet…there are none that you dislike?!! I doubt it. People have a right to their opinion. Thank God everyone thinks differently or the world would be a really boring place. The ridiculousness and immaturity on this website amazes me.

noly on

lol Sandy, I have to agree. I probably would pass on the name Birdie if interviewing people..

Jessica on

Holy crap…. Sandy has a right to her opinion! Back off. I may not agree with her but attacking her is just plain pathetic.

And congrats Busy and family πŸ™‚

Lauren on

Her name isn’t Busy…it is a nickname.

My children also go to school with what some of you call, “dumb names.” No one makes fun of them because of their name. I have never heard of anyone being made fun of for their name. Maybe because the parents in our community teach the children to not be so petty and pick on someone because of their name.

Melissa C. on

Where are these so called children that are picking on kids with different names? My son goes to school with a cute little girl called ocean. She never gets picked on. You teach your children to respect others and teach them it is not okay to tease and hurt their friends and peers. If your child is being picked on by another child that child was taught this bad behavior.

Guylaine on

Congratulations Busy and your family.
It’s a beautiful picture !!!

Anonymous on

Melissa C,

Just wanted to add that the number one YouTube video this week is an ignorant female stating she will not allow her children to play with children named Tyler, Brandon or similar bc they will not do their homework, be late for school, get in trouble, etc. She explains that these names won’t get good educations. The “dumb” names what some of you define, are what she qualifies as those who will be intelligent and higher class. Additionally, these are the children who her kids can play with. Her children will never play with a Tyler. It’s amazing how many people judge a person by their name, when children couldn’t care less!

Kelly on

so…Birdie and Cricket…interesting

Anonymous on

Seriously Cricket Pearl? You named your daughter after an insect?

CC on

Congrats… While Cricket Pearl isn’t the name I would pick, I kind of like it…. Her daughter’s name have this 1930-40s vibe going on. While these names aren’t used as much today, they aren’t as strange as some might think. Very old school, but so much better then naming your child hashtag, or something crazy like that….

Lana on

Love the name! So girlie and so different and works perfectly with Birdie!

emma on

Exactly, b/c the Birdie will eat the Cricket. You tool Lana.


Cricket! Poor kid! Why oh why oh why do people name their kids with freaky names? I get it that parents want unique names for their children but they shouldn’t make fools out of their kids.

CG on

I have a cousin whose name is Cindy goes by Cricket and has her entire life. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

Guest on

As a nickname, yes…on birth certificate, no. But hey, this what makes the world go ’round. To each their own.

Mimi on

Seriously? Birdie and Cricket? I mean, these children are going to grow up into adults who have to actually LIVE with these names. So stupid.

kathybluestein on

Her girls will be teased, for their names. Birdie’s EAT Crickets! Lol they’re kids, they’ll figure it out

Theresa on

Birdie will eat the Cricket.

Michelle on

Love love love the name Cricket. Birdie and Cricket are sweet southern names. Can’t wait to see her especially since Birdie is so adorable.

Cheli on

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cricket!!!! Good one!!!! I just had a baby & i named my delightful beautiful newborn baby girl….. Cookiepuss fart face! Now go on ahead & defend that! Come on u know u want to. It’s beautiful. It’s from a beautiful sunset picture I painted when she was just a dream in my mind as a child. Lalalalala leeeeeeee loopy loooooooOOooooooo!

Jazz on

Haha Theresa!

At least Birdie sounds sweet and leaves a good image. But cricket?! An insect?! Dumb.

frecklelily on

When I think of Cricket, I think of the game more than the insect. It’s a super cute name.

My grandmother and her sisters (born in the 1900’s) were named Sleety River, Snoah Lake, and Shada Ocean. Unique naming must run in the family because my 4 year old daughter is named Sunshine (yes, her REAL name).

Everyone has a different view on the world and some choose to be different when naming their children. It doesn’t make them smarter or dumber than anyone else. Look at Storm Phillips, or Wolf Blitzer…they because mighty successful and no one held them back because of their name.

emma on

Frecklelily, its not a matter of being held back b/c of their name, its the type of world we live in. Today, things are different compared to when we were growing up.

Bullies always find ways of being a bully and names like Cricket, North, Apple and Rainbow just makes it that much more easier for the bully.

I gave my 3 and 5 year old’s normal names. The world is a cruel place and sweetheart, sunshine is not a name for a beautiful little girl.

Cris on

Patronizing much, Emma? Instead of teaching kids how to avoid being bullied and blend in, why not teach kids not to bulky and to defend those that are mistreated? I don’t where you live but my kids don’t think twice about unusual names. It seems that adults make a bigger deal than children do about names. For what it’s worth, I might not have chosen Sunshine personally but it does make me think of a happy little girl with a smile on her face.

Brooklyn on

Cricket? CRICKET???? Oh my word. I usually don’t like to be harsh, but that is horrible. I just can’t. So bad. Like, “hi my name is Cricket”…oy vey.

Sandy on

Well, I was slammed a week ago for saying Birdie was a horrible name. Cricket and Birdie, what is wrong with this couple? They need to put themselves in the position of their children, how would they like to grow up with terrible names? Celebs are so concerned with giving their kids “unique” names, they don’t seem to care how it will effect the kids. Birdie and Cricket, do they understand that kids can be cruel today. Just because a name is “cute”, doesn’t mean it should be someone’s given name. Their names are Marc and Elizabeth, what is wrong with names like Jessica or Ashley?

Jessica on

My name is Jessica and I would much rather have a name like Birdie or Cricket. I hate my name. When I was in school there was like 3 other Jessica’s in my class. It is extremely annoying to go somewhere and always have the same name as someone else all the time. I wish I had a unique name.

Emry on

ive officially given up hope of any celebrity giving their child a good name.

emma on

I agree Emry – its like the moment a celebrity announces that they are expecting, I think “I bet this child will be named after a cleaning product, animal or a direction”.

Everyone in Hollywood is aware of bullies or were bullied and yet they feel its ok to set their kids up, in such a cruel manner.

confessionsfromtheborderline on

Cricket and Birdie — so adorable!!! I love it. Hope they are doing well and adjusting.

(I also kind of wish my name were Cricket right now.)

emma on

That’s bc you’re a mindless idiot confessions.

Cris on

@emma, I think you are a bully. It’s not necessary to name call when someone disagrees with you, is it? I wonder if your children are bullies because if the example you set.

noam on

maybe this is a regional name, but i know several women, of all ages, named cricket. for a couple it is a nickname, but for at least two it is a given name…while it is not my favorite name, it certainly is not without precedence…

Stella Bella on

I like the name, but I wouldn’t have paired Cricket and Birdie together. It has this hunter/prey thing going on…

Lauren Kaminski on

What is with her naming her daughter’s animal names?

Terrimillward on

cricket really!!!!! OMG that’s worse the worse name someone could name their child its as worse as North West..ugh im sooo glad they are normal people and including myself name there kids normal names…..poor poor poor like girls

hk_pretty16x on

NOTHING is worse than North West.

KEB on

@Sandy and Caity- I work with a radiographer named Cricket. She doesn’t seem to have any lifelong issues or hangups because of her name. She’s quite well-adjusted.

debbie on

Cricket , Birdie, North Come on these names are all really silly!!! Whats wrong with real names???

Desirae on

Before everyone is so quick to judge and be so rude, I would just like to point out that Cricket is a southern girl name. Birdie is as well. There was an actress in GCB who’s name was Cricket and it actually fit her role well and I never once thought of the insect whenever they said her name. Her name is Busy for crying out loud.

I think these names are far better and could be A LOT worse. (North for instance…) I find these names to have southern charm and I think they will fit these beautiful girls no matter how old they are. Congrats on the beautiful, healthy baby girl, Busy!

GetOVerIt on

I always wonder why anyone has an issue with what another person (usually a stranger) names their child. It’s not your child. You’ll most likely NEVER come into contact with them at all, so what does it matter to you?

As for making fun of another kid based on their name. I have a ‘unique’ name (not my username) and I was never made fun of for it. IF you teach your kids to be respectful and nice, then they will be most of the time.

Based on some of the things I see ADULTS on this site say, I truly hope that you’re not passing along your nasty, snide attitudes to your own kids. If you don’t like what a total stranger names their kid, don’t use that name on your own kids. Simple.

Cricket on

My name is Cricket and I must say I’ve always loved it! It’s unique and fun! I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Aly on

I hope Birdie doesn’t eat Cricket lol…

Angie on

Stupid white people. If they had any type of culture they wouldn’t have to name their kids such ridiculous names.

Guest on

Culture Angie? At least it doesn’t completely disregard phonics rules! Rude!!

Sophia on

Cute name but sounds like Birdie’s going to eat the baby.

emma on

Cricket?!?! Are you freaken kidding me. OMG, this poor child has to attend school one day and when she does, she will come home in tears bc she is being picked on.

Celebs need to THINK before they name their kids. It’s like stupid names run in Hollywood along with anyone lacking any real talent.

And if anyone here thinks I’m being too judgemental, then that’s fine bc I’m being honest and I am stating my opinion like everyone else.

Lauren Lev on

So she names her first kid after an animal that poops on people’s heads;her second after an insect that drives people crazy. Let’s hope Busy stays busy with these kids-and their therapists!–and doesn’t have more to name-what?-pee-pee?!

Anonymous on


mariofrancis on

Cricket is WAY better than “Birdie.”

brownhudson13 on

Are people slow?? She named the baby CRICKET PEARL!!! WTF! I really hope they don’t get upset when some disturbed little 7 years old start making fun of her when she’s older. Birdie could pass but Cricket is just damn stupid! It’s a sport, a phone company, & a sometimes a really annoying insect. It’s definitely not what I would call my pride & joy. I’ m just saying that’s my opinion.

Sharon on

Um, they updated the article brownhudson. I wonder who’s slow now?!?!

Alexandra on

I predict that their next daughter shall be named “Bunny.”

lovey on

Apparently they forgot that “Cricket” is gonna grow up one day and need to be taken seriously as an adult…

monicaandrea2012 on

North, Cricket, Birdie, Apple, Pilot!!!! OMG!!!! It’s ok to want to have an original name but why does it have to be a stupid one??? What about Penis, Vagina, Semen or Bumhole???

Shannyn on

I like birdie and cricket, I’ve met a few women named Cricket & thought what a cool name! Though Birdie & Cricket together is probably not something I’d do, but they are not my children.

Jules on

I LOOOOVE Pearl as a name.

But PLEASE NO “Cricket”. What associations are those? A noisy animal or a ball game that nobody but Commonwealthers understand the rules to? Please let this not be true.

I see the beauty in Birdie and love Pearl but heavens no to Cricket!

tia on

Poor kid, its ridiculous. Birdie at least has a cute image and a positive feeling but Cricket is not even a cute insect, poor kid..

And no we don’t have to agree everything, we can have opinions!

I am sick and tired of these “politically correct” who claim that we have to accept everything, and that people can do what they want… No they should not! They had never been so many unhappy children, who behaved badly, who don’t have any landmarks and who feel alone. So not too sure that our so called rescpectful society is such a wonderful thing….!!

Kids need rules, respect and giving them a respectful and normal name is a great beginning in life. Its not because I want to name my kid Soap Towel that I have the right… As a parent and well balanced human being I decide not to… And if people really want to give such ridiculous name they should just play The Sims!!!!!

Anonymous on

cricket? seriously? and birdie? whats next, mosquito or lobster LOL..uh uh hope im not giving busy phillips any ideas here! I really like busy though, just not her baby names..

Jules on

Birdie and Cricket???!! Yikes!

ella on

I actually like it! Cricket and Birdie are great names πŸ™‚

Lindsay on

@Sandy “how would they like to grow up with terrible names?” I’m not disagreeing that Cricket is weird (don’t mind Birdie as much), but their mom’s name is Busy. Granted it’s a nickname, but it’s what she’s always gone by. A stupid name really hasn’t held her back at all. She’s beautiful, successful, and seems really down to earth. Her children will be lucky if they get that from her, even with “terrible names.”

Marcinda on

Kids are much more open minded than adults. They will make fun of a name if they are taught that its different.

I’m a teacher, have been for the past 10 years. 4th grade…a difficult year socially. Only once, ONCE, have I seen a child picked on because of their name. A girl named Jessica was called Messica because she was so messy and her desk was like a trash dump. That had less to do with her name than her actions.

Give kids a break. They can be cruel, but usually only if they’ve had that example set before them like it seems a lot of your children will have. (Sorry for any errors, my 2 yo keeps grabbing my phone)

Lisa on

This proves most people just say mean stuff about Kim to say it. Cricket is WAY worse than North yet most of the comments ignore that fact. Cricket??? Really?

Lyoness on

I get such a Southern Belle vibe when I hear these names! Say their names with a southern accent and you see what I mean. Haha. They’re unique but not uncommon. I like them. We call my grandmother’s bestie Ms. Birdie. πŸ™‚

Linda on

Cricket Pearl??? Uh, okay…I bet that’ll make “Birdie Leigh” feel better about her name (when she’s older).

rlb237 on

There is nothing wrong with either child’s name. So what if they get teased? Kids can tease about ANY name, whether “normal” or not.

I grew up with a girl named Cricket, and most people loved the name. I think it’s cute.

shelleybean73 on

Glad everyone is healthy and happy πŸ™‚

don’t birdie’s eat crickets though?

don’t have to like the names but the kids are adorbs no doubt.

yay babies!

RKF on

I have no respect for any person that names her child “Cricket.” That is humiliating and selfish to name a human being. Idiots.

Meg on

Love Busy…..don’t love her kids’ names.

Reader on

The new baby’s name is in the title and before the picture. The article is set up kinda strangely. The baby’s name is Cricket. Maybe she’ll want to go by her middle name when she’s older? I would.

wow on

cricket? and birdie? are you kidding me?????

Kathy on

Cricket?? Are you SERIOUS? I thought “BIRDIE” was bad, but come on now!!! Will the next child be Froggie?? This child will be taunted for life with that name!

unqbaby19 on

Well, her name is busy for crying out loud. Didn’t expect anything different. They are her children and she can name them what she likes. My children have beautiful names, at least to me they are but not everyone would agree so therefore, all the best to her and her beautiful family.

Rae on

I love the name Cricket. It reminds me of the south.

Norah on

At first I thought she was giving a nod to her southern upbringing with these names, Birdie and Cricket. And then I saw that she has no southern upbringing! Hmmm… not sure why these names then… now they remind me of yard games! Maybe Croquet or Bocce will be next!

Skiwoman60 on

Why do celebrities choose such bizarre names?Pooe baby

steve on

I have a friend that is married to a girl that is named Cricket. Ha!

Theda on

Why are celebrities so bent on giving their children such odd, terrible names. It is as if they all try to outdo each other. Their children are going to hate them for it.

Lindsay on

cricket… thats as bumb as birdie.. fine for a nickname.. but a legal name.,.. yikes

doreen on

MICHELLE and SANDY, can’t you read? At the beginning of the article it says her name is CRICKET PEARL!!!

Sharon on

Hi! Im Busy. These are my daughters Birdie and Cricket. Enough said.

rik317 on

Am I reading a different article? The name is Cricket Pearl – says it in the headline.

Sun on

That’s terrible name for her! Cute picture but the name is not cute!

Edie on

Cricket, REALLY?

What’s wrong with these Hollywood people?

klutzy_girl on

Guys, it says UPDATE then the name. The name wasn’t originally given in the first article, it was JUST added. Stop name calling others when you are in the wrong.

Anonymous on

cricket?? that’s a bug….com on people think about how these poor kids will be treated.

Anonymous on

Yikes… Cricket??? That is possibly worse than “North”. I would have to give my parents a talkin to if they named me after a bug…

Michelle on

And the next baby will be Platypus.

Lisa on

BIrdie, then Cricket? Moving down the food chain. A boy next time – “Wormer”?

Michelle on

And.. her given name is Elizabeth not Busy. I like her but…wuht? Not my baby though so she can name her kids as she pleases πŸ™‚ I got slack for naming mine Elliot.

Andrea on

I personally think Birdie is cute as can be, but Cricket… no.

kelley on

seriously cricket? why isnt everyone freaking out about that name?? that is so much worse than north.

Allison on

Not sure where you all live but in L.A./Hollywood, many kids have crazy names. The days of being made fun of for a name are long gone out here in parts of California. I surely wouldn’t choose Cricket, but don’t worry about the kid – she’ll be fine.

Susan on

Birdie and Cricket? OK….

Stef on

Cricket makes me think of that guy from It’s Always Sunny who used to have leg braces as a kid so everyone called him Rickety Cricket.

Sara on

Oh little Cricky is so cute.. Poor kid will be teased for life..

Tlc on

Many names were not the “norm” way back when. At one time, believe it or not, the “normal” name Catherine, for example or “Cathy” was looked at as “weird” or “strange”. Names will ebb and flow. Hollywood kids will not tease or bully because their names are ALL a little different. These kids of celebs will be popular anyway with who their parents are and how wealthy they are…don’t be worried for them!!!

If a kid named Pilot went to school in say, Rhode Island or somewhere in a tiny town somewhere, then yeah, their name would be weird or strange to those people, but in Hollywood and LA, nah…it’s just another name to them.

I think Busy is trying too hard but the names aren’t horrible.

Me on

So, is Birdie now supposed to eat Cricket??

Tlc on

Also to add, (if my other post went through!) many of our girls’ names now, in the distant past, were originally boys’ names. The first woman to name their daughter Stacey or Tracy for example, must have been frowned upon, as those were boys’ names way back when. Also Ashley, Marion, and Brook. All started out for boys.

So, names evolve all the time.

Melissa on

Cricket is better I guess than Birdie but what the hell is wrong with some parents in Hollywood? It seems the more outlandish names is in (hot). I am glad these kids have rich parents so they won’t have to go to a public school where most would be teased and bullied. It is a sad world but true. The more “different” the more extreme pressures they will face. Cricket, Birdie, Bear, Apple, Coco, Inspector, North, Busy, and the countless others will hopefully be surrounded by people who don’t give a crap that they have a “Stupid” name. It is sad that a precious and beautiful picture has come down to the name and not the person.

Angie on

Wow, Chris, you talk about Sandy being nasty, but yet, you do it in return??? Aren’t people entitled to their own opinions? smh!

Anonymous on

Another idiot celebrity naming their kid a ridiculous name.

Avery on

You guys needs to get out more…. I’ve heard of the name Cricket more than once and never thought twice about it. There are definitely far worse names. Geesh, some of you are so vile.

Just me on

Cricket is a dog name.

molly on

stupid names but what would you expect from someone named busy? i think these celebrities try to out do each other with stupid names..

Brooke on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Cricket. Absolutely adorable.

Jane Bowlin on

What a dreadful choice.

Jessie on

Birdie & Cricket….. WHY????????????

Kat on

Cricket? They can’t be serious. People should start respecting newborns, they are human beings and not just helpless little “things”. If U have a mindset of respect there’s no way you’ll name Ur kids Birdie or Cricket. Don’t get me started on North West.

K on

How is it that everyone keeps saying, “what’s the name” or they think that “birdie” is the name. Leave it to people who read pop culture to not see that the name is in the FIRST line and it’s Cricket Pearl!!!

KEB on

@K- Apparently you are the one having trouble reading. The original article was posted on July 3, but the name had not been announced. The article was updated with the name on July 10, when the parents announced the name. The people questioning the name posted before the July 10 update.

Oh for pete's sake... on

Man, why do you idiot celebrities give your beautiful babies such STUPID names??? And I thought North was positively rediculous… now after insects… well, I do refer to my boyfriend as “cockroach” sometimes..

rocks on

I Love, Love, Love the name Cricket!!!! Very original but not weird….

Cricket on

Being that Cricket is my given name as well, I have one bit of advice – prep her for all the “do you rub your legs together to make noise” and “what is your brother Pinocchio”, “is your mom named spider” etc. Kids are mean but I have always loved my name and she will too. Congrats!!

Catca on

I actually like the name and think it fits Busy and her family. There’s something kind of sweet about the name and I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. Crickets chirp and so do girls – it works for me!

I feel differently about North West (although I like the nickname Nori) because it feels more like a joke than a cute name. It also doesn’t work with their explanation of the name with “North” being the highest point of their relationship because (1) her name isn’t “North Kardashian” it’s “North West” and “Northwest” isn’t the highest point anymore and (2) the unlikelihood they would have named their daughter North if Kanye’s last name wasn’t West. I don’t have a problem with the name “North”, they’re not the first to have used it, I just don’t like it with the last name “West”.

BUT, I wouldn’t worry about my child teasing little North West because I would teach my child to respect others and kids are naturally open minded. Teaching your kids there is something wrong with another child’s name is far more disrespectful than the perceived disrespect exercised by parents who choose unique names.

veronica on

birds eat crickets. just sayin’

simplyjack on

Cricket? Ridiculous. Birds eat Crickets. Buff said. Birdie and Cricke, epic fail.

bkable on

Does she know that Birdies eat Crickets??

rebelyellniki on

Cricket? Really?!

Anna on

Congrats on her new daughter, but what she names her kids is ridiculous! They are going to get made fun of big time! What is wrong with celebrities and naming their children idiotic names? So sad!

Anonymous on

i don’t know what everyone else is reading but her name is stated in the title. cricket pearl!!

Kyle on

All the good wishes to the family, I just know that growing up it was difficult as a girl to have an unusual name, kids can be so cruel. Even now as an adult people assume I’m a guy. A great sense of humor is important.

Sandra on

@Claudine15- I would much rather be called North than Pelican or Seagull. But really, even Stevie Wonder could have seen that shade you were throwing at Kim from a mile away. You might want to see someone about your level of dislike for Kim cause you read like a stalker.

kjc on

I actually think both names are quite cute – I wouldn’t have paired them together though.

Marie on

I like the name Cricket (I know a little girl named that) and I also like the name Birdie. By themselves (or combined with other sibling names), they are fine, but together they *DO* sound a bit silly. I know it’s a trend right now, using nature-inspired names, but (as someone else already mentioned), birds eat crickets.

Jadey on

Cricket. What an absolute IDIOT.

Lisa on

well, they can always use their middle names

PacificGirl on

CRICKET?! Omg, why? That poor child.

Anonymous on

Birdie and Cricket are traditional southern names. They’re lovely.

Cari on

Wow. A name that is actually worse than North. Didn’t think it was possible.

jessicad on

I agree with those of you saying she’ll only be bullied by kids who are taught to bully by their parents. Teach your kids to be open minded and to not make fun of people, it’s really not difficult I also think it’s a cute name:)

Kate on

Pretty sure there’s a character on Hart of Dixie named Cricket which makes me think there must be some southern roots to it. Also, Busy has explained the nickname type names before. Her name is Elizabeth but she’s always been Busy so instead of naming her kids one thing to call them another she just gave them the nicknames.

Karateleshi80 on

Well it’s definitely not a boring name. Add another baby to the billions with an generic middle name Pearl, Clementine, Jay or Rose – next!

Sarah on

I think some people forget that Christine on the young and the restless was known as Cricket

Sharon on

Ur right Sarah! Although she still had a “normal” given name. My parents actually have friends who call their daughter cricket from when she was a baby because they said she sounded like a cricket with a certain noise she would make. Her actual name is Melanie, though.

stacey on

This lady is an idiot.

wallyworld on

Watch out. The Birdie may eat the cricket

Stella on

Love both her daughters names!

J on

To Brooklyn and a few others, if those are your real names, you really have no right to say Cricket has a silly name…

Anonymous on

Did she get the name Cricket from the character on the Young & the Restless! That her was nickname on the show, but her actual name was Christine. Bahahaha. Dumb!

Katina on

My 5 year old daughter’s name is Krickett Vicie ( family names) . Cricket Pearl is not that strange.

Debby on

That’s Miss Cricket to y’all ! She’ll go by Pearl when she gets older, but maybe not!

I actually like their names, being from the South myself I’m familiar with them; so much better than say, Axle or Meadow!! Rainbow, Rain or Rayne! Apple, Serafina, Braxton, the list goes on!

Rachael on

Honestly? Does no one think of what happens to these kids when they get older, let alone adults? Can you imagine sitting in a business meeting with a name like Cricket?

I wouldn’t name my dog that, poor kid!

Lola on

well at least she can go by her middle name…

horsegirl on

While cute, and a little different names like Cricket and Birdie would get you teased (even just a little counts) Kid are cruel. You can teach, and teach sensitivity and how to be a good stand up person. As a mother to a teenager I am finding out that all that usually goes out the window in group settings…and I am a TOUGH mom! To think it doesn’t happen…your child either is the culprit, or does not think much of it happening. Older adults can be just as rude. My youngest son has a nickname Bear from when he was a baby sick in the hospital. It has stuck because it fits his personality. I once had an older lady ask me “What did you just call that beautiful boy?” I said “Bear?” she said” your generation and their names” and walked away before I could tell her it was a nickname!!

steph on

The named the poor baby Cricket. Poor, poor kid.

Diana on

Lets see… we have cricket, spider, centipede, fly, mosquito, bug, cockroach, mmm… no, Cricket is ok, I’d call my baby Cricket.

Diana on

Bully is not make fun of other else, bully is constant intimidation, physical and mental aggravation…

Ty on

Congrats! That’s a beautiful picture. The name Cricket reminds me of The Young and the Restless. There is a character named Christine whose nickname is Cricket on there. I wouldn’t think of naming my child that but it’s not THAT bad.

Mel on

Am I the only one who remembers Cricket, the little talking girl doll that was pretty much the same as Teddyruxpin? It came out in the late 80s and my parents got me the doll as a Christmas gift.
I personally think it’s a cute name, goes well with Birdie. Neither are your typical Mary or John names but did you really expect her to name her new baby something “normal” if her first is named Birdie? They could’ve been worse. Kim & Kanye’s North is rediculous & so is Jessica Simpson’s Maxwell.

Lisa on

Did she give birth high up in a tree, in an enchanted forest with unicorns and rainbows floating about, while it was raining fairy dust?

Cricket on

Well personally I love the name cricket πŸ˜› I wouldn’t pair it with Birdie though but I think they’re both sweet names.

I can make a list of about 100 names, probably more of names that are horrible.. And North West ain’t even the start of it.

Apple Martin
Pilot inspektor
Audio Science Clayton
Peaches Geldof
Little Pixie Geldof
Camera Ashe
North West
Petal Oliver
Rainbow Rotella
Dweezil Zappa
Moon Unit Zappa
Diva Muffin Zappa

Okay so can we see what I’m getting at now! Each to their own..
And yes there are bullies out there but as parents shouldn’t WE be the ones who teach our child not to bully & to accept others for who they are? Exactly. If my daughters’ school phoned me and said my girl had been bullying someone she would be so scared of the yelling I would do that she’d never do it again.

Jen on

Cricket Pearl?? Poor child. I hope they stick to just calling her Pearl rather than Cricket…

soph on

She got noticed for the name Birdie Leigh and probably felt she had to be even quirkier this time. It…didn’t work. Cricket Pearl is really bad.

Crystal on

I knew a girl named Christine in elementary school who went by Cricket. She’s 30 now. The name isn’t that unusual. I think it’s kind of classic. I kind of agree that she probably shouldn’t have named her children “nicknames.” She should have given them proper names and called them by their nicknames like her parents did her. HOWEVER, it’s her kid. HER name. SHE AND HER HUSBAND picked. I don’t like Birdie but Cricket is cute! Congrats again on your sweet bundle of joy! I’m sure they’re over the moooonnnn! πŸ˜‰

Carol on

Seriously, this woman should not be allowed to name children.




I HATE da NAME…..who names their child after a BUG????? LMAO

Chelsea on

For every conservative Jessica, Sandy & Linda who believes that Cricket will be teased…lets remember , they live in Los Angeles. A great place for artists & artists children who are creative, wealthy and would prefer every day to be an Apple, Birdie or Harlow over a Brittany:) I highly doubt Cricket & Birdie will be secretaries in Missouri.

Suze on

From a bird to an insect – what’s with these celebrities?