Sarah Michelle Gellar: I Took Two Kids on An Airplane – Alone

07/09/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s son Rocky James will celebrate his first birthday in September, the same month daughter Charlotte Grace turns 4, but the actress only recently underwent an important rite of passage as the mother of two young children.

“The latest milestone I hit is flying with two children. It was my first flight with both children at the same time,” she tells PEOPLE, happily adding it went well. “I think that nobody on the flight would complain. I think that they were all very happy. I didn’t poll them afterward, but I was tempted.”

Luckily, both kids were easily occupied during the flight, either sleeping or playing with each other.

“[Charlotte] pretended to be the pilot,” Gellar, 36, says. “She told everyone to sit in their seats and buckle their seatbelts constantly, which was pretty funny. Whenever the light went on, she decided that she had to tell everyone just in case.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sound sof Pertussis
Courtesy The Sounds of Pertussis

And when it came time for the toddler to look after her younger brother, she rose to that occasion, as well.

“You could see in Rocky’s eyes that his sister is the highlight of his life,” says the actress. “She just adores him. She will tell anyone who will listen that she has a younger brother named Rocky. She’ll tell them what he likes, what he doesn’t like.”

In addition to mastering flying, Gellar is also learning how to juggle mommy time and her new work schedule for the upcoming CBS series The Crazy Ones, on which she costars with Robin Williams.

“It’s so fortunate because I was the hero,” she says of being able to bring Charlotte and Rocky to set. “My daughter was so excited to meet the man with all the friends. That’s what she calls Robin Williams because he sings the song ‘Friend Like Me’ [from Aladdin].”

But as luck would have it, Kelly Clarkson was also working nearby that day, and once Charlotte laid eyes on her, Williams lost some of his appeal.

“Once she met Kelly and Kelly was around, my daughter was no longer interested in the man with all the friends,” Gellar says. “I felt so badly because he was so excited. Thankfully, Rocky was so in awe of Robin that I think Robin got over it, but he did feel very second fiddle to Kelly Clarkson.”

When not shooting the series, Gellar has also contributed her time to backing a new awareness campaign called The Sounds of Pertussis, which advocates for vaccination against the ailment, better known as whooping cough.

“What I think that people don’t realize is that most times it’s passed on to a child, it’s by a family member and 50 percent of the time it’s passed on by the parents,” Gellar says. “These little infants, their immunity is not at the level ours is, so it’s our job to protect them. The last thing we want to do is bring something to them that could be potentially fatal for them.”

— Kiran Hefa

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ava on

I love this family! Sarah is such a great mom and the kids are so adorable.

emma on

How do you know Sarah is a great mom? Do you know her personally? Do you talk to her 24/7?

Snap out of it and yes, I know this is a gossip magazine. Get off your high horse.

Anonymous on

Wow emma someone needs an attitude check!

Pocahontas on

Someone needs their midol and tampons today. Calm down Emma, we all go through PMS.

kelly on

Emma you clearly do not understand what the phrase get off your high horse means lol before you speak maybe yoi should know what you are saying….just a thought

emma on

Before ANYONE bashes me for my comment, use your brain first and think before you say something. And yes, I gave my comment some thought.

I get that this a GOSSIP magazine, however, I don’t understand why THIS particular story is being featured.

Do you know how many REGULAR, EVERY DAY women do normal things like this? I have two kids – a 3 year old and a 5 year old and I have to balance every day tasks.

I’m sorry but Americans are easily bought and will say “oh, how sweet” – ugh please.

Daisy on

Agree emma!!!!! We should be featured in People magazine.

Judy on

I’m with Emma. Should we pat SMG on the head for parenting.

nicole on

But you’re not a celebrity Daisy sorry you’re just a plain old fat loser sitting at home hating on this beautiful ACTRESS and her kids

Tara on

Miss Emma, I’ve seen your comments and not only do you put down Sarah and her family, People Magazine, but Americans as well. It’s lighthearted, so feel free to grab for the Midol or the Xanex whichever is closer.

emma on

Oh, I’m so sorry Miss Tara. You honestly think I really care what you think? I’m entitled to make a comment and if you didn’t like what I said, all you had to do was ignore it.

The point I made was valid – she is making it sound like she is the ONLY mother out there who does every day things for their children. If that makes no sense to you, then oh well

Erin on

This story is news worthy? Ridiculous

Mom of two, soon to be three on

I agree 100%! Are celebrities any more super mom’s that non-celebrities? Think not!

What a disgrace and attempt to demoralize all hard working moms around this world.

Chool Qwhip on

Omg since you want to be recognized sooo badly for being a “good mom” and all that stuff. You are a great mom even if I don’t know you there’s that for a sympathy pad….what r u a stay at home mom… listen I k ow someone close to me who was in the military and had to take care of three young children all by herself and you know what shes not going around begging for attention like this.

Cool Qwhip on

I have something to say….shut the heck up keep ur comments to ur self u just want some pitty party I knew a woman who was in the military and had to take care of three young children all by herself. Just stop complaining…. and by the way what do you mean mean you Americans huh?

meg on

lol you’re ridiculously entertaining.

Krystal on

I’m pretty sure this article was featured because it’s a way of relating readers to celebrities. Every so often we come across articles such as this to show the “normal” side to the celebrity. And being a mother of a 9month old and 2 year old that recently also flew alone with both kids, this article jumped out at me. Lighten up.

nicole on

That’s quite funny emma, what a cute name for a horrible woman, this is the parenting section of people online. She told a story about her life since she’s a celebrity it’s put on here. Stop hating and take care of your own which I hope you don’t have kids cause they will just take after their bitter mom. Seriously can’t stand when people comment and bash DON’T CLICK ON THE ARTICLE.

lovely123 on

Wow, incredible. Two kids on a plane. I thought I was doing an amazing job with 6 kids to Walmart! She is amazing…sarcasm.

Judy on

LOL! Great comment

nicole on

Hahaha 6 kids at Wal-Mart lovely? Honey doesnt sound like you can afford to take a flight. Close your legs.

Lisa on

Wow, Nicole @ Hannah, really why would you want to hurl personal insults in a degrading manner because someone has six kids, what has that got to do with anything? I am disapointed that any woman would imply to another that she is loose or morally deficient because of the number of children she has/had. Shameful.

Niko on

Hahaha, that was so cute. Little Charlotte is a hoot already:-)

Hea on

Okay? My 2 colleagues and I take 18 kids 1-5 yrs old out everyday.

Natalie on

I doubt everyone else thought Charlotte playing pilot all flight long was a cute as you thought it was Sarah. Congrats on the 2 kid flight travel with kids is difficult.

Kelly on

Obviously, there is a huge difference between taking your young children on an airplane where anxiety is high, their movement is restricted and the change in cabin pressure can affect their ears/comfort levels and taking your kids to the grocery store. Besides, Sarah Michelle was not asking anyone to be impressed, she was simply sharing her story. I swear, folks find anything to complain about when it comes to celebs.

Lyla on

Exactly what I was thinking Kelly. I hate it when people try to bring others down. I’m pretty sure she shared her story because she had anxiety about taking 2 young kids on a flight for the first time. Any mother would feel the same if she had to do it alone.

Anonymous on

She was interviewed and answered questions, that’s it. She not saying she’s more important or super mom, she simply answered the questions she was asked. I doubt she called up People and volunteered this info without being prompted.

To all of you sanctimommies making this about you (shocker) no one cares about your 6 kids going to Wal-mart, you teaching 15 kids, or you doing stuff like this every day. The reason being you are not a celebrity? Which is what this website is all about. Do you setiously not comprehend that?!

Judy on

Maybe get out of your moms basement for a bit and quit taking this stuff so seriously

Lis on

I agree, Kelly. I much prefer her simple little stories to Kim K ANYDAY. She’s a good role model and obviously a happy mom 🙂

And I am so excited to see a celeb actually PROMOTE vaccinations!!!!! (or at least one particular vaccine!) 🙂

lovethisfam on

love reading about her! I am very happy to see her advocating the whooping cough vaccination as well. Even if just ONE parent thinks about getting their child vaccinated that had maybe been on the fence before seeing this that is one child less likely to get sick. Good for her and good luck to her with her program…

Mira on

That’s a great picture of Sarah. She looks so young and fresh!

spuffy on

@emma stop bitching your so bothered by noting sarah told a story is all & they reported it
& if your so worried about being BASHED then keep your thoughts to yourself

sarah is awesome

emma on

You clearly missed my point spuffy. And I don’t have to clear it up for you either – its self explanatory.

Cindy on

Juggle mommy time…with the money she has…why does she need to work? Juggling mommy time when you are struggling to make ends meet…that’s who I feel sorry for.

Katy on

Maybe she chooses to work because she enjoys being an actress Cindy? Sometimes people who have money choose to work because they enjoy it.

Anonymou on

It’s a bit different when you are flying first class and have access to porters and other airport staff to help you with all your bags v.s. handling everything solo and flying economy class. Just sayin’

M on

I just flew by myself with my 4MO and 4YO. I was super proud of myself too since it was tough! It does seem a little silly to write about it in an article but I can see that it stemmed from an Interview and People wrote an article on it….

b on

Good for her, I take ALL 4 of my kids with me everywhere! They are ages 2,7,13,&15. I’m very blessed to be a stay at home mom, their dad works 2nd shift, so I get to get all 4 up and ready for school and do homework AND ballgames “All by myself”

AKM on

Thank you to all the moms that commented on how you handle this and other everyday stuff every day. I also say to my friends, I don’t know how they do it all, I can bearly keep up with just me and my condo and my cat. So many moms just take this kind of stuff for granted. Thank you to you all.

Angie on

People mag = magazine about celebrities. Sarah Michelle gellar = celebrity (who has kids). People mag + Sarah Michelle gellar = THIS article!

Anonymous on

“regular” people do this on a daily basis. I have 2 kids and I have flown with both alone, I didn’t make it in the people mag….I’m sure she had help along anyway…

Catsmeow on

Gosh, It’s hilarious how some people get their panties all in a twist because a gossip magazine posted a frivolous article on a celebrity.. I know.. shocking.

SA on

Wow, When she can get from California to Italy with a cranky 3 year old and a 5 year old who won’t sit still and complains the whole 24 hour flight then she’d accomplished something.

Cate on

This is actually taken from an interview she gave about Sounds of Pertussis and the importance of the vaccine. The reality is People is a celeb magazine and they are going to focus on the celeb aspects of it – it’s not like Sarah came to them and said please make this the headline. Her work with this campaign is wonderful and personal milestones are special. Remember People chooses these “headlines” – making them seem more newsworthy because it helps them sell magazines. 🙂

Amt on

I just flew from Michigan to Texas with four of my sons. I was alone too. And they all have Down syndrome. Anyone can do it. Geez!

Tonya Sherrill on

I agree with emma.. “normal” mothers out of the spotlight do it everyday

Lisa on

I really don’t understand why people are bashing Sarah. She’s not a drunk or druggie…married to the same man forever…never heard about her sleeping around etc… Just because you’re ” an actress” doesn’t mean you’re banking in money…she could have had nannies taking her kids on the flight…but no she did it and you all want to bitch. I would have her daughter pretend to be a pilot any day instead of having to listen to a little kid get pissy due to a long flight. Don’t be jealous because she’s up there making money and you’re not.

Anonymous on

I agree with your comment Emma! Seriously….!!!!! I flew with THREE kids aged 5 and under…omg!!!! I’m so impressed she flew solo alone, People,,,

amanda on

How nice she took her 2 kids by herself. My mom does that every time we go on vacation. So does every other normal American.

Mom too on

OMG and she lived to tell about it. What a super mom. She deserves an award.

Ella on

To Anonymou who thinks she flew 1st class with 2 kids: 1st class seats are 2 across – so which child were you thinking she put across the aisle?.

So she undoubtedly flew coach – where seats are at least 3 across.

KW on

Me, too!!!! Only mine were 3, 2, and less than one year! Didnt think it was a “feat” to crow about. *eyeroll*

Anonymous on

What does she want? A cookie. As a military wife I do everything with 2 kids alone-including fly. Often.

m on

The nanny must have been sick.

Kem on

Gee it amazing that stars are able to do these things!! Gee the rest of us do it all the time no one thanks us!!

Toni on

You old crows will complain about anything … won’t you Emma? Goodness, she didn’t write the article, People magazine did. Give her and everyone else a break and find something real to complain about. And Emma, perhaps you are the one on a high horse …. don’t hurt yourself when you fall off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emma on

I never said she wrote the article, now did I Toni? No, I don’t believe I did. I made a comment about what one person said – if you didn’t like what I wrote, you didn’t have to read it, you could’ve moved onto someone else’s comment!!!!!!!!!!!

Erika on

Maybe take your own advice next time! If you didn’t like what was written (the article) maybe you should just move on to the next story next time….

Anna on

How about advocating adult pertussis vaccination instead of shooting poison into tiny babies and hoping for the best. Maybe you lessen the chance of pertussis but you up the chance of child hood cancer, seizures, developmental problems and delays and many other terrible things. Wonder how much she is being bought off to advocate for the CDC.

Read it again! on

She IS advocating adult pertussis Anna. She clearly says that ADULTS give the disease to babies who have no immunity. Sheesh. Everybody wants to b@tch!!

Courtney on

I’m sorry, but I’m sure everyday moms do many things like this, if not more. So disgusted that celebrities get so much praise for the doing the simplest of tasks. I have four children and I’d never think to brag about all the things I do with them, let alone allow anyone to write a story that praises me for doing some normal mothering.

lovely123 on

Anonymous, I know one day you will find your way in to the world. You might be confused now, but things get easier if you allow God into your life. Enjoy, and may you find the inner peace you are searching for.

MissScarlett on

Desperation must have set in to fill the news hole on this website.

suzi on

are you kidding me with this title! who cares if she traveled with two kids on an airplane alone! does she expect a medal! people do this all the time!

amaryllis on

Babies on a plane? Makes me shudder, especially since she probably invaded my airplane space in first class.

daiseygirl on

I agree much preferable to reading about Kim K every 5 seconds! And to the woman who talks about working with 18 children between 1-5, with one other person, you’re seriously out of ratio. Just saying.

Ellis on

Maybe she’s going for her Girl Scout badge?

Shuhong on

I agree with emma’s comments (most recent). What’s the big deal with taking 2 kids (1 and 4) on a flight. Thousands, if not millions, of women have done that before her, over and over again.

Every year, in order for my very elderly parents to see their grandchildren, I take my kids on a 16-hour flight plus connection to another 8-hour flight, with transit as well. Just citing an example. Lots of sweat, but no, not at all extraordinary.

kkaz on

This is news? Someone give her a medal! Big friggin deal–mothers do this every day without any recognition. Moms rule!!!

Melissa on

Poor woman, has to take care of her two kids all by herself. Wish I had nannies to help me out all the time.

Edie on

This is a cute story which is all it is meant to be. Nothing more. Yes, Hollywood types are afforded lixuries that most of us are not, but so what! I’ll bet your lives are just as fulfilled and wonderful if not better when it really comes down to the things in life that count…so, COUNT your blessings! 🙂


why is this news? seriously people travel alone with kids all the time, just because she is famous this is some fabolous news story…how about no.

Tess on

Seriously…..this is news? I have been a single parent for over 20 years and going on a plane with two of them was a vacation. Let her get a real job where she is not paid to look pretty and have people helping her with those kids 24/7

Anonymous on

Bet she didn’t fly coach.

egni knov on

Big Whoop,I traveled with my sons all over the World when they were 1 and 4 yrs old and not always in 1st class which I’m sure she flies.We have done this for years long overseas flight no problem.So do not make this such a big deal.

Holly on

I love your magazine however this article paints the picture that she is amazing for taking two kids on a plane…..really. What is amazing is the everyday mom who does everything with numerous kids, no nanny/maids and also they have a full time job.

Now that is amazing!!!

sandy on

shes beautiful, and two small kids/babies on a plane, I can relate, its aint easy!

sandy on

taking small kids on a plane is super hard, no matter who you are!

egni knov on

Wow lets allert the media, oh wait she did she is in People.
I have flown for years with my kids when they were 1 and 4 yrs.
We went overseas and not always 1st class and ofcourse it was fine for all of us.So no big deal.

egni knov on

why have you not posted my remarks,nothing wrong with them

Sherae on

WOW……..some of you women, specifically you Emma, are bitter and pathetic. To find something negative to say about a woman sharing a happy story about her kids shows not only your character but that you’re unhappy with your own lives. She shared a story…just as I’m sure you share plenty that no one cares about either. At least she’s famous so people are slightly more inclined to care. This is People magazine and if you REALLY understood that, you wouldn’t have said what you said NOR would you be on this site at all….since apparently reading about celebs makes you so angry. Get some help. Sorry your lives are so mundane that you can’t read about someone else’s joy. How sad for you.

Gene on

Yikes! Gee, how difficult it must have been….

shannon on

people magazine…I really would like it if you stopped making celebrities sound like idiots when they do normal things that non celebrities do…you make them sound like idiots… next it will be ” gwen Paltrow feed her kids today”

Lynn on

As an older adult who was exposed to Whooping cough while vacationing in Southern San Diego County, let me say, I don’t wish whooping cough on anyone. While adults usually have a mild version, that is not always the case. It was horrible and, due to underlying health issues, it took months and medical intervention to overcome. It was horrible! FYI- Don’t think you’re safe because you live in a higher income area. Thanks to the war on vaccinations, some of the wealthiest communities have the highest level of Whooping Cough. With the uncontrolled influx of people coming from impoverished areas, it only takes one person to start an outbreak in an area where vaccinations are being withheld. BTW – I had been vaccinated as a child and again in my 20’s. Vaccines do not always cover for life. A booster is needed and we rarely get that done.

denverpeet on

Well, that is much more impressive then all the times I took 2 kids on a plane by myself! I can’t wait to hear about her taking them both to the grocery store!!!!!

WiddoMouse on

Young mothers do amazing things every day. Sarah has just added another new experience to her memory book. Sounds like they had a fun trip. How wonderful that her young children get to meet funny and talented people like Robin Williams and Kelly Clarkson. The most interesting people I ever met on my travels were other passengers. It also sounds like the kids were well behaved on the plane. That is what I look for when I’m around children. I’m glad that childrearing is given to the young. iI would lose my mind if I had to escort two children, under the age of 4, on an airplane. Doesn’t sound like she had any help either. No mention of nannies. Good for her.

NEL on

Emma, you have some serious issues, she’s a celebrity talking about her life in a gossip magazine, oh no! Stop the presses, what the heck is People magazine thinking featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar talking about her life, ugh, not very intelligent of them.

“Snap out of it and yes, I know this is a gossip magazine. Get off your high horse.” – I think you are the one who needs to get off your high horse.

WiddoMouse on

Doesn’t she look darling for 36?

Lynn on

Kudos to those of you who have flown alone with very young children with no problem. That was not the case for my children’s first flight. My 18 month old son couldn’t clear his ears on a flight from CA to St Louis. We tried everything to get them to pop. He finally got to sleep just before we landed, only to be forced to wake him up for landing. He had no problems on the trip home, thank goodness. There is nothing wrong with her talking about her relief of having an un eventful flight.

Candy on

Seriously?!?! I just took three kids on a plane, ages 6, 5, an 3, on a plane by myself! I haven’t check the local paper today, but I am pretty sure I did not make the news!

guest on

Who cares????!!! I take three kids ages 4,5,and 6 every where I go. Why is this even relevant?? Try taking them to Costco or target and then report back. They are contained on a plane!!!!!

Anonymous on

There are millions of caregivers who can multitask, whose life is not consumed by the trivial things that ‘celebrity’ parents do w/ and for their children. Hats off to those who travel to the market w/ half a dozen kids and provide care to 15 children everyday!

Instead of being so swift to belittle other people’s perspective regarding said celebrities perhaps you need to return to school or at the very least spend more time w/ Webster– since you can’t seem to spell SERIOUSLY correctly!!

ari on

This title screams, “rich girl problems” Moms around the world are rolling their eyes.

Fan on

Sarah, welcome to the real world. My first trip alone with my kids was from JFK in NY to Rome. They were 8, 7 and 4 at the time. Certainly not easy but many of us deal with situations every single day without nannies or housekeepers. On the other hand, Sarah seems like a devoted mom.

ladyravenloft on

My mother flew from San Francisco, CA to Guam with my 3 year old brother and myself who was 8 at the time. No helpers, no fanfare. Millions of women do this everyday so why does SMG get a story about it? Pfft.

mom of 4 on

I took all 4 of my kids on a plane all by myself, when do i get my people magazine article??

Elena on

Wow. Congrats to you. You have done what most mothers have done. However was this in coach, where they hardly pay attention to you, or first class where they were kissing your ass? I want special recognition for all the things I have done alone over the past 18 years for my two sons. Get a life Sarah.

Carol on

I was just thinking also, two kids on a plane, ALONE? Big DEAL, lots of women whose husbands are gone away for work all the time have to do EVERYTHING alone with two or MORE kids. I have lived in a city 1000 km away from any family now for years and NO family to help with anything and gee, i have lived to tell about it. Regular, everyday people adapt to what they have to for the sake of JOBS and money to raise a family and don’t even thing twice about it.

Guest on

Sad part is personally I know too many “regular” people who can’t handle going anywhere with 2+ kids on their own without their spouse or another caregiver too.

shelly on

whoopti freaking do!! I took all three of my kids everywhere, grocery store, doctors, etc. all boys, all two years apart. again I say whoopti freaking do.

shelly on

I’m with Emma!

Donna on

Oh, for cripes sake! Does she think she is a miracle worker? I packed up my house, travelled 1 1/2 hours to the airport at 11pm, (two little girls and a 80 lb dog) slept for 2 hours, took a 5am flight from San Francisco to JFK ALL BY MYSELF! I didn’t win any awards or get a magazine article written about me. Plus I sat in coach. Oh, that’s right. I’m not a fabulously famous actress. Pffft.

Carol on

Emma, I’m on your side 100% and so are these other EVERYDAY mothers that have to deal with everyday REAL life situations with any HIRED help. Don’t worry about being bashed because I so agree, its ridiculous these celebrities. They go into this line of work for the MONEY and then expect the rest of us to bow down to their wholier than might way of life. Gimme a BREAK, Try being Poor, welfare, mother, without a husband or any HIRED help and see what your life is really like? Then you would really have something to whine about.

Marie on

The kid sounds annoying. Flying is rough as it is. I don’t need a toddler talking incessantly and the parent doing nothing to stop it.

gigi on

She and every other woman in America take their two children on an airplane. I mean, really? Where’s my article??!

Fe on

Emma you sound miserable and bitter.

emma on

If you didn’t understand where I was coming from, then you didn’t need to make comment. I’m not bitter or miserable – I simply made a point and everyone on here is making it sound like I have done a horrible thing.

It’s a gossip magazine and they put these comment boxes at the bottom for a reason – so people can express themselves.

Cate on

Emma, away with you! People is an AMERICAN magazine.

Lala on

It is entirely more stressful, to take kids on a plane, than it is to take them to the store (referring to some of the comments). You can’t flee an airplane, whereas you can leave the store – if the kids get too crazy.

Also, if you have a screaming baby, every single person on that flight will hear it. The only place you can get a tiny bit of noise control, is the bathroom, but then you’re taking over a needed bathroom. Kids want to jump in the chairs, move around, and my son always wanted to mess with the tray – which of course the people sitting in front, can totally feel.

It is a big accomplishment, to take two small children on a flight alone! I’ve traveled a lot with my children, by myself (we’re military, and usually have to visit family, without my husband), and it takes a lot out of you! I’ve been lucky enough, to have a lot of kind people help me through my travels, but of course that’s not the case for everyone, unfortunately.

Anonymous on

Ok.. So I take my 2 kids, 2 years and 6 years on an eighteen hour flight overseas and I have a transit in London where I have to wait for 5 hours for the next flight – all by myself. Don’t I deserve and Nobel prize for mommyhood. Why is this even news. SMH!

Gigi on

WOW when did this become a debate of i do this alone and all that !!!!!! This is just for entertainment and the fact u read the article it served its purpose u all got entertained … Geez people dont take everthing so personal i come to at the end of my stresss full day to just read and get my mind out of all the things i had thru the day .

jennifer golden on

Ummm…sooo what???

Anonymous on

Hey! So did I!! But, where’s my People Magazine article? I also just completed a week of packing up to move into a new house while we all had the stomach flu, one bathroom and no in house laundry. I feel I deserve some recognition for that…no, really! I also sat with a dying 98 year old friend who was hallucinating on morephine and kept screaming that I was trying to kill her when I was trying to comfort her:(. Hollywood is a tough pill to swallow sometimes…

Anonymous on

I took my 2 and 3 year olds on many planes without any help from nannies or staff and we weren’t flying first class either. Sorry if I don’t think this is an accomplishment.

Lali on

What is wrong with you all? You are reading an article on People, what do you expect? If there are so many of you mothers out there that have flown alone with children you should know it’s not an easy task. Maybe she was in 1st class, maybe not. Maybe she had a nanny helping, maybe not. Why assume? Instead of breaking her down can’t we all just agree that traveling with young kids isn’t easy for ANYONE?? Stop acting all high and mighty!

Stacy on

While I have no clue how she is as a mother, since I personally don’t know her, how is this like an OMG thing? I have 3 children and took all of them on a flight to and from Germany on my own. I could only sit with one of my children on this flight as well. So seriously this really isn’t news worthy. Just because your a celebrity doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to do what every day women do on a regular basis.

Renee on

I took my kids, ages 2.5 and 4, to New Zealand, from Boston. Alone. It’s 6 hours to L.A, then 12 hours to Auckland (overnight), then 1.5 hours to my hometown. I know it’s news that a celebrity does it, but people do fly with their kids lol!

Joy on

Simply amazing. I don’t think any other mother has ever flown solo with her kids before…such a compelling feature,

Jgil on


Jgil on

Really, this is a story?? I have flown with both of my children (similar age) on my own many times…funny no one wrote a story to tell me how great I am.

felicity on

Wow, I just drove from Massachusetts to Florida (1400+ miles) by myself with my 8 and 2 yr old. Where’s my “way to go” article?!

CK on

For the record, she didn’t title the article. The person that wrote it (or the magazine) did. And I have yet to take my two children on an airplane. In fact, the thought terrifies me. Not because I think they would do horribly but because plane rides already stress me out…I have a bit of a phobia. So, I say kuddos to her because that is a huge milestone and can be a stressful situation for people. Take the article for what it’s worth…it’s a snapshot into a person’s life. And yes, she does everyday things like the rest of us.

Mary Ann on

Give me a break! Please, there are more important gossips out there!

Cecile White on

What does she want a medal for this? These Hollywood people are so spoiled like this with their nannies and pampered worlds. Most everyday moms have traveled with kids and run errands with them. This is nothing special and certainly does’t deserve to be a story.

Sim on

Does she realize how stupid she sounds? Moms all over the world travel cross country with cars full of kids alone, and take flights with their kids all the time. I guess celebrities can’t do anything without an entire staff helping them. Next, she will be dishing parenting advice to working moms who don’t have any of the resources she has at her disposal. Pathetic

Helen on

I agree with Emma…I have 3 kids and have taken them on a plane numerous times all by myself. I do most things with my kids all by myself. I thought I was being a mom, perhaps this qualifies me for the Nobel Peace Prize….who knew!!!

Meg on

Hey People, I flew with an 8 week old and a 3 year old (newly potty trained) from Europe to the US with one connection by myself. When do I get my write up on your website?!

A on

It bothers me how when celebrities do ordinary things its amazing. I took all 4 of my kids across the country on a plane by myself! Was I sweating? Yes! Was I having anxiety? Yes! We’re people around me irritated? Probably yes to that as well! But we do it because that’s what you do as a parent. There are “regular” moms who go to the grocery store with their kids, travel with kids, or just take care of them on a daily basis without help. We should be celebrating that! I understand the article wasn’t meant to infer she was better than anyone else, I’m just responding to the MANY articles written lately about celebrities who do things with their kids and we are praising them for how extraordinary they are. Well here is to all the “regular” moms out there that do it every day!

ann on

Yeah she is a celebrity and yeah every day people do this all the time, but she is also a human being and what is wrong with just being supportive of other human beings? Why does everyone gotta get out the crankiness and such? People are so negative anymore.

Elijah's mom on

Wow! The majority of you commenters are absolutely miserable! I wouldn’t say that I’m a big sarah michelle gellar fan as an actress but as a celebrity I think she’s a great role model. She’s proof that a person can be a celebrity and NOT have there faces plastered all over magazines—-a la kim kardashian and all the others you read about every freaking day. I’m sure all you miserable commenters will say it’s because she’s not as famous, truth is, it’s because she doesn’t go calling the paps everytime she blows her nose or goes out to eat. I get excited when my 10 month old learns something new and has reached a new milestone, she simply answered a question by an interviewer and you wanna bash her. I enjoyed the story because it was finally a story about someone other thank kim k and her a**hole baby daddy, katy perry and her douche boyfriend or another angelina/brad/jennifer story.

Momof2 on

Big whoop! I flew with a 2 year old and a 6 month old by myself and dragged 2 car seats, a double stroller, our carry ons and suitcase through 2 airports.

Jeeny on

I did this two weeks ago with my own children and it was their first time flying. The article is implying this is a big feat for her to do, when in reality, it isn’t hard….I did it with a disability myself and we did just fine.

Seriously on

As a mom especially a mom of 2+ kids anything you accomplish is exciting… Maybe this was the week it happened… You tell ur friends and family hey i did this alone with my kids… Its the same with her shes glad she travelled with her kids! you never know why she told them maybe they asked her seriously your reading this story for a reason and this magazine for a reason so calm the hell down seriously…

Anonymous on

Wow…seriously? This is news? Just because she is a celebrity taking 2 children on a plane makes her a hero??? Please! I have 3 children under the age of 3 and flew a 6 hour flight with them…does that mean I should be a headline? NO! It means I’m a normal mom doing normal things…(some)celebrities get way too much credit for doing either very little or what the rest of the world also does…PEOPLE needs to up the ante in newsworthy topics.

Anonymous on

Welcome to he real world where a patent flies alone with children every day…

Bernadette on

To EMMA! Get the hell over yourself….Someone is not patting your head and telling you what a great Mom you are….Poor Emma! Sarah is a celebrity, so of course we like to hear what he life and kids are like, you we do not care about…so shut up hunny….your whining is boring us.

Erika on

Wow…some of these comments on here (ok, almost all of them) are so negative! Sarah was simply sharing a cute story about her kids and now everybody is freaking out! People is a gossip magazine/website where they share all kinds of little stories like this about celebrities. What do you expect to be reading on here?! I think she’s allowed to be proud of the fact that she took her kids on a flight and they were well behaved! Yes, many families do this every day and are just as happy and relieved when it goes well for them also! She was just sharing a story people, calm down please!

sarah on

Is this really news? Good for you. I’ve done this many times, across the world, and in coach.

SO ???? on

I took 4 kids under 6 yr olds on an airplaine so many times…

Jenna Allen on

I agree with Emma, Ive flown with 2 kids alone OVERSEAS, I think celebrities need a lot less coddling over menial things

mina0mina on

Besides all those comments about her kids: please get vaccinated for Pertussis. You have to do it every ten years to be sure. I had it when I was 20 and it was horrible! I coughed for 3 months, had asthma-like spasm in the beginning and needed an inhaler from time to time. That sounds worse than it was – the worst was that no one thought of Pertussis as I was a grown up and I took 4 different antibiotics in a very short time… and when I brought it up no one would take me serious. ‘Grown ups don’t get Pertussis ‘ So wrong… I still have issues stemming from that.

Please get vaccinated, not just the kids!

veggiemama on

For a star, taking two kids unaided on a plane is a big deal. For everyday people, it’s just part of life. It’s all relative. She seems sweet, but maybe a bit out of touch with real people’s lives. More single women out there do everything with their kids, with no significant other or significant nanny! Still, no reason to fault her. She seems lovely…

Tina on

Oh, wow, give this woman a medal (end sarcasm).

Hundreds of non-celebrity parents do this daily, surely.

Anonymous on

This is worth reading because its about Sarah who has played Erika Kane’s daughter, she played Buffy for seven seasons and been in countless movies. It’s great that other women fly with kids all of the time but nobody cares who you are so why complain that you’ve done that and more?

Clair King on

There were 26 deaths related to Pertussis in children under the age of 1 in 2000-2005 versus the 2500 deaths related to SIDS during that same time. Autism and SIDS are a listed side effect on the DTaP vaccine insert.

horsegirl on

Really? Big flippen deal…YOU – as their “mother” should be able to handle them for a larger then average task by yourself! Rolling my eyes. There is only 2 of them for goodness sakes! And you I’m sure get preferential treatment for being a “Celebrity”…

Guest on

Big deal! My Mom took 3 kids by herself on an airplane during Christmas time but being a military family just another day! I wish people wouldn’t write stupid stories like this. People do this kind of thing every day and it’s not breaking news!

Ann on

Ha! Wow! Such an amazing story! Must be a slow week for so called entertainment stories. Michelle must be embarrassed that this story is even in print!! Congratulation on taking a “baby” step into the real world.

Amy on

cute little puff piece about a parenting right of passage. I’m glad SMG used the interview to focus on the issue of pertussis vaccinations; my little one got this when he was little in spite of all the right vaccinations in our family and it disrupted our lives for months. People need to immunize their children and parents need to get boosters – this disease is making a comeback!

Anonymous on

Wow!!! Amazing, what’s your secret Sarah??? (eye roll)

Kimberly Crosby on

Must be a slow news day when you feature a story of a actress taking 2 kids on a plane alone. (nanny’s on holiday ?)….When’s the movie coming out. Normal everyday working people, moms and dads do this kind of thing all the time. But way to go Sarah….

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

Was she the first woman to travel on any mode of transportation with two young children? I think there were many before her, including me.

Anonymous on

I’m just concerned she has made vaccines her platform. I would much rather she advocate for good nutrition and quality education for children.

Anonymous on

So What… I took my 4yr old and my 7 month old on an international flight as I was 4 months pregnant… For 71/2 hrs… haha Like she is the first to ever do something that people do every single day….

Momof2 on

I am a mom of twins, i take them on planes, to the store, just about everywhere by myself, even theme parks!….
I love SMG but why is this news? -_-

Julia on

So many every day mothers do this and so I don’t see why this is such a big deal. And I am aware that this is a gossip magazine and that Sarah was most approached to do this piece through her publisher.

However, I find it insulting to hard-working, every day mothers who care for their children. I have three kids – a 5 year old, a 7 year old and a 2 year old and do things like this for them every day.

It’s like Sarah deserves a medal for her efforts b/c apparently she is the only one who makes these kinds of sacrifices. And to the people who are attacking Emma – omg stop.

She made a point and granted, the part where she said “get off your high horse” was uncalled for but the rest is perfectly ok. Look, we are all adults here or at least some of us are and to poke at her for making a comment is ridiculous.

If you don’t like something then keep it to yourself and move on and read another article.

Julia on

I meant through her publicist

Jenn on

It’s a gossip magazine. Get over it with all the negative comments. It can exhausting just getting out the door with children, never mind being a working mother. And it doesn’t matter where you work… In the home or in the work force. I don’t want to take my 7 and 13 year old on a plane by myself, nevermind a 1 and 3 year old. Life is tough for everyone. SMG was’t making it a competition. You make yourselves look and sound ridiculous with with the negativity!! Women should help elevate each other, not try to knock eacb other down! Way to go SMG!!

sfwondergirl on

10 hour drive, 7 month old breastfed child, pumping at stops, drive should have been only 6 hours, alone. I get the medal.

Anonymous on

This is news!!?? I reread the article to see if I missed anything…….. she did what all moms do…. big whoop!

????? on

Was she flying the plane, who was watching the children, or was the plane on autopilot? Headline says she took her children on a plane alone, just wondering.

Lauren on

Wow! I take care of 23 5 year olds everyday by myself at school! 15 boys and 8 girls. I have also raised 2 children while working full time. She is just amazing! LOL

Anonymous on

This is crazy! I love her as an actress but why make it sound like such an accomplishment? Shoot I to 2 kids on an airplance for Virginia Beach to England with a stop in New York and had to deal with all our luggage. The kids we 18 months and 3 yrs old at the time. Being a ex-military wife you learn to do things like this on your own. Someone needs to write about how the spouses of our military are amazing as they are left here to handle the small battles as their spouses put their lives on the line. She took to small children on a place…put it in perspective.

Sharon on

Flying with kids alone is not that difficult. i have done it with my twins when they were 3 months, then again when they were 2 and again when they were 3. will keep doing it. Nothing stops us. Have to live and having kids does not stop that.

Veronica on

Jesus….You people are so cynical! Good for you! You fly with your 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 children all of the time. The reason nobody cares? You aren’t a celebrity! This is all part of being in the spotlight! People are curious about you and your families and your lives. Everybody give these people a round of applause for being able to handle your 6 kids at Wal Mart at the same time!

Heather on

Aww so sweet 🙂


hey People, I will be taking my 4 year old and 9 month old from Texas to Iowa, maybe you can make a documentary on it.

shasmith95 on

Wow, isn’t that amazing. You should talk to all the military wives who travel with their small kids to be with their husbands and don’t need a magazine to highlight what they have to do. With all do respect to Ms. Gellar, big deal. I flew with my two kids to and from Germany. Surprises me that this is an article about Ms. Gellar who is normally low keyed.