Kevin and Danielle Jonas Expecting First Child

07/09/2013 at 03:15 PM ET

Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas Pregnant Expecting First Child
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Make room for the littlest Jonas.

Eldest brother Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle are expecting their first child, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Dani and Kevin are thrilled that Dani is pregnant with their first child. They are, of course, elated, and so excited to share this news with their fans,” the rep says. “They are very much looking forward to building a family together.”

“It’s true – Danielle is pregnant! Can’t even imagine how excited we are,” the musician and reality star, 25, Tweeted Tuesday. “I can’t wait to share this with my best friend. I love you baby.”

The couple, who married in December 2009, told PEOPLE last July that babies were beginning to be on their minds.

“Having kids is a big question right now; it does come up a lot,” Danielle, 26, said at the time.

“We’re at that [3-year] mark and people are like, ‘All right guys, what’s your plan? When are you going to have those grandkids?'” adds Kevin. “I’m starting to feel that pressure a little bit.”

E!, which airs their showΒ Married to JonasΒ on Sundays at 10 p.m., wasΒ first to report news of the pregnancy.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Sharon Cotliar

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LC on

Congratulations! They are a cute couple and I’m sure will have a cute, curly haired child πŸ™‚

Inez Gallegos on

I really like her. She seems so sweet and she is def funny.

Ginger on

Congratulations to Danielle and Kevin! I like that they waited and that they have a strong family bonds. This baby will definitely b loved and adored πŸ™‚

merry on

Wow, can’t believe they’ve been married for almost four years.

Jane on

So happy for them. Congrats to the Jonas family on their soon to be new arrival

Stella on

Awww! Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

BIG CONGRATS to the both of you. You will be AWESONE parents.

tina on

I am so happy for you 2. Can’t wait to see the baby when its born. Love you both good luck and take care πŸ™‚

Ashley on

Wow, they finally gave into the pressure from family to have a baby.

Jen on

I know right?!

mg on

sure hope the kid looks like him…yikes!

Zeze on


Guest on

She is beautiful on the inside and out. Shame on you!

Nicky on

I don’t like her. She doesn’t love him. She is so mean and she always wants to control him. I guess that she forgot that the famous is him. I saw theshow that Cosmo called her just because of him.

Seriously. on


AA on

Totally agree mg- yikes!

Sharon on

Congrats and best wishes! So happy for them!

Anonymous on

awwww!! was wondering when this news was gonna come! they are such a cute couple!! congrats dani and kevin!

Cici on

So happy for them! I just adore Dani on their show!

hk_pretty16x on

Awwww! It’s about time (: Congrats!

Shamika on

Congrats to Kevin n Dani i’m happy for u two, can’t wait for the next season of the show.

ava on

Congrats, Dani and Kevin! Love your show.

Dana on

Congratulations! They will make fantastic parents

Di on

WOW!!! What a surprise!!! Ratings are tanking, just in time !!!!!! Great, D, I hope everything goes well with the preg., but PLEASE, I don’t want a blow by blow! Had my fill with the K family. Trust me women have babies every day. Just take care of yourself, really dont care if it is a boy or a girl, just let us know when you have it and I hope it is healthy. PLEASE DONT REPORT ANYMORE ABOUT YOUR LIFE. I REALLY DONT CARE.

Zeze on


tori on


Anonymous on

So good to hear that someone is pregnant after being married. Congratulations. If People just shared the happy news of married couples having babies, they would probably go out of business.

derft on

hope the kid doesn’t have her nose.

Guest on

She is gorgeous! And beautiful on both the inside and out. Shame on you. You will find that life is better when you share kindness with others instead of insults.

AA on

Lets hope it just doesn’t look anything like her- ugh!

Di on

Kevin, Danielle, Great , Congrats. you are doing what makes sense for the next step in your marriage. This should be a personal thing, dont make a media thing.

Anonymous on

You mean they were actually married BEFORE starting a family? They’re gonna become Hollywood outcasts LOL

kris on

It’s too bad they had to be so pressured to have a baby by family instead of enjoying being couple for awhile . He is so controlling of her I hope the marriage lasts.

Guest on

They have been married for 4 years! What are you talking about kris?? LMAO!

Isabel on

Not a fan of his but I wish Dani a happy and healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, this will probably make their overbearing family members even that much worse.

Jo Ann on

Congratulations to a couple who are beautiful on the inside and outside. People should not make hurtful comments to this sweet young couple. Dani is a beautiful girl she just didn’t know it and tended to shy away from the camera. Now she has more self esteem and her beauty shines!!

Daisy Jo on

Way!!! Now she can start whinning about how difficult it is to be pregnant. Then it’s going to be about how hard motherhood is for her. She already whines about being married… LOL this celebrities!!!

Barbara on

Did they get Nick’s approval for the timing??? Because as you remember he said back in Season 1 that they have to plan it around The Jonas’s schedule and Kevin will have to be home for at least 3 months after the birth…..LOL I’m surprised the Deleasa’s haven’t plastered this all over twitter yet – they only post things that they want to promote.. Congrats to them anyway…Hope its OK with Nick.

Patti on

Congtatulations to them! They come from very sweet families so the baby is blessed already. Dani is a beauty, inside and out!

IRM on

So happy for them, they seem like really good people and know they really wanted this baby. Congrats!

Emry on

Yay!! Congrats! They are gonna be wonderful parents!

Anonymous on

Yea….love them!!!!!

Dee on

As As I was scrolling through first of the comments I was like wow so positive and uplifting and then BAM….smh….negative people just love to infect their disease on everyone.

mh on

aw i remember when papa and mama jonas were like WOAH NO GRANDKIDS YET

Liz on

Congratulations to them! They both come across as genuinely good people. Both are nice looking, so baby should be beautiful. Wish them well with parenthood!!!

BBB on

Wow, I can’t believe they’ve been married since 2009. Time flies. I’m glad they’ve had a few years of being married without children, it really allows for a solid foundation to a family. It’s also nice to hear that a couple is married, has been married for some time, and THEN has a child. Certainly people can love each other and have a great marriage even when they have a child before getting married. However, it can also really cloud judgement. Having created something so beautiful together might make you think that you belong together when you’re really mismatched–best to take away any possibility of clouding your judgment when deciding to commit to a life long marriage.

Bette on

Who’s the dad? j/k Congrats!

denise on

Congratulations, best wishes

Aleksandra on

Omg I’m so happy for them…….she is so sweet and they make a great couple…….Congratulations πŸ™‚

Sherry on

This is such awesome news! You both are going to make such great parents! CONGRATS!!!!!

amber on

Dear Kevin Jonas and Haylie Duff,

Congrats on your imminent baby. May your new little rockstar rock the generation of 2020.


Tamina on

Babies are a blessing. That’s nice. I hope everything goes well for them and their baby. πŸ™‚ Family pressure sucks though. I wouldn’t cave under pressure from family asking when the grand kid is coming… I get that pressure now and I’m not going for it until we, as in my husband and I, are ready and done enjoying our lives together before baby.

Windy on

Congratulations to Danielle and Kevin!!! I’m sure they’ll make great parents!!!

Anonymous on

I love them..Congratulations

Nina on

She reminds me of Hilary Duff’s sister…nonetheless congrats!

ash on

@nina … I thought I was the only one that thought she looked like haylie duff’s twin … congrats to kevin and dani….

Guest on

Congratulations! They are such a nice couple! She is so sweet and beautiful! I can tell being in the public eye is hard for her and I’d feel the same way. Dani, if you are reading this – please know that you are a beautiful, sweet, nice, kind, caring, strong woman and you will be a wonderful mother! Best wishes to you both on this amazing news!

Norma on

Congratulations Kevin and Dani! Such an exciting ride you are about to get on. May God bless you and guide you in being the best parents ever!!!

Jessica on

I would love to see a picture of the trolls commenting on dani’s looks.

Donna on

Congrats to a really adorable couple! Surprised by the comments made by some people on here; doesn’t matter if you think they gave into family pressure or a ratings issue. The decision was ultimately made by Dani and Kevin and I think they love kids. Sour grapes anyone?

Sandy on

GOOD THINGS COME TO GOOD PEOPLE. They are such a cute family and her family is very sweet. I didn’t know much about the Jonas until their reality show. I wish them all the best. Jonas and a mini Jonas. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael on

Awwww so happy for kevin and Dani. Luv ur show. PLEASE don’t givethe kid a crazy name.

Dorie on

Been waiting to hear the news when they would be expecting!!

mariana on


Anonymous on

I thought he was the Gay one?

Lizziebee65 on

I don’t particularly care for the Jonas Brothers but I have seen a few bits and pieces of their E show and I have to admit, I think these two are such a sweet couple. You can tell that they genuinely care for each other. Good luck and congrats!! They are gonna be great parents!

Leslie on

Pregnancy can be very stressful. I just hope her anxiety doesn’t become an issue. I know she wanted to be off her meds when they tried for a baby. I hope this is a sign she’s doing ok πŸ™‚

NEL on

Someone commented that she looks like Haylie Duff, and now I know why she always seemed familiar, LMAO! And I’ve watched their show, she seemed to complain a lot about her oh so hard life!

Elisama Rodrigues on

God bless this beautiful family. It’s a blessing coming.

nicole on

I love them! So happy for them! congrats God bless!

Jan on

Oh my god they caved but he’s so gay it’s ridiculous.

Anonymous on

Congrats. Who is the father.

StillinlovewithJB on

Congratulations guys!!!! I’m over the moon and I don’t even know them personally! I’ve always loved the JoBros because they were truly talented,(move aside other boybands!) and revolutionized pop music in this generation at least. Those guys were so famous and still are, but are still so grounded. I’m proud to be their fan and can’t wait for their next studio album! I hope Kev includes a great lullaby! He’s gonna be a great dad and Danielle’s gonna be a great mom! Congrats again!!!!:)

Janie on

Yay! Dani is a beauty, just perfect hair, skin and eyes. Kevin is a good looking man with fab green eyes. Wish them the best time in the months to come.

Julie on

Love love love them!! She is ridiculously beautiful, real and adorable. May God greatly bless the pregnancy!!!!

Jessica on

Awe!! Yay, congrats to dani and Kevin! Love them, and I think they are a sweet, down to earth couple. And shame on people for having such nasty things to say about their relationship and her looks.

Anonymous on

Congratulations!! Really enjoy this couple’s show. I love Dani! She’s so pretty and sweet. She will be a make a great mama! πŸ™‚

Laura on

here’s to hoping it doesn’t have her nose.

Kj on

Yeah! So happy for them. Really liike her, she’s real and funny.

Rosalie Parrott on

So happy for you!!! It’s about freaking time!!!!! You’ll be amazing parents!! Just pick your battles and all will be well!

reactive on

gotta stop calling her baby when you have an actual baby.

25 is too young to be a dad.

Danielle Richard on

25 is not too young to be a dad!

joyce on

I am so happy for them. Congratulations.

Julie on

Congratulations to Danielle and Kevin Jonas! I love them as a couple, both very down to earth with great family values and support system. Instead of settling in Hollywood, they returned to their home state of New Jersey and stayed close to family. Wishing them all the best!

Lilly on

While it is wonderful news, it is nobody’s business when this couple decides to start a family!

Suzee on

Congrats! She will be the cutest preggo girl πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

She is so F.. Ugly look like a horse face…,

jennifer on

way to enjoy your 20s, ha. game over.

Angela on

They are such a cute couple! Congratulations!! πŸ™‚

Meghan on

Congrats! I feel kind of old now because a few years ago I was OBSESSED with the Jonas Brothers. I am so happy for Danielle and Kevin! They are lovely people and they are going to be great parents!

Mila on

I love them! Congratulations!!!

Barbara on

Congratulations Kevin & Dani!! I’m very excited for the two of you! It’s the most amazing journey that a couple can share. Enjoy every minute!

PAT on

HATERS! take a look in the mirror…..

Congratulation to Danielle and Kevin. May God bless you both.

Journey on

Congrats to both of them. What a wonderful thing.

The only negative thing I have to say, and NOT aimed towards them, but why is it that some people feel the need to pressure others to have children or get married? WE all need to live our own lives and not feel pressured to please others.

Danielle on

From one Danielle to another…..Congrats.

Sandy on

Congratulations. I’m praying the baby doesn’t get her nose.

Ashley on

Congrats….did they get Nick’s approval? He was all over them back in season one saying how they have to “PLAN” it to conform to the jonas bros.concerts etc…. and you know – Kevin will have to be home for at least 3 months after the birth….LOL – Idiot…. Hope Kevin and Dani do what they want when they want…jonas bros are done anyway….. The sisters haven’t posted much on twitter lately and now they are all over the place… they just want to promote themselves.

hector on

Seriously???? Dude is way Gay (not that there is anything wrong with it, but really?) How unfair to his family to live a lie. And now to drag a kid through it 😦

Janet on

I have never heard his music except a little bit on their reality show but the seem like a really nice young couple and I say congratulations and looking forward to getting to see your little one when he/she arrives.

Barbara on

What wonderful news!! Congratulations Kevin and Dani!! I’m so happy and excited for you both! This will be the most exciting journey the two of you will make. Enjoy every minute of it!

Sjp on

She had to secure a good divorce settlement somehow.

Isabel on

Voicing one’s opinion doesn’t mean they’re “haters”.

I happen to think Kevin is controlling and immature when it comes to his needs. I couldn’t help but cringe when watching the episode where he and Danielle had to run their family plans by his family to see if they approved or not.

Erica on

I seriously wish Danielle has a healthy baby and pregnancy. But that being said, I agree with some of the other posters that she did seem to complain an awful lot on her show about nearly everything, most of it trivial. Hopefully a new baby will put things in perspectiver for Danielle. With a child you can’t sweat the small stuff in life, and your ego needs to take a back seat. It’s not about you anymore, it’s all about that little one!

sue good on

She is such a nervous Nellie,it gets old fast.She talks through her teeth without moving their mouth.ugghhh

Madeline on

Hopefully it won’t inherit her Olympic Ski slope of a nose.

Bev on

Well– Congratulations to the couple– but– that overbearing Jonas Mom will be all over that baby ! She doesn’t keep her opinionated nose out of their marriage/bedroom, so she will really be awful with this little Grandchild. Kevin and Dani– RUN !!

Anonymous on

Well, at least now his mom can stop nagging them about giving her some grandkids…I watched a couple episodes of their show a little while ago and I couldn’t believe how intrusive the rest of the family was in Dani and Kevins marriage. I used to be a Jonas Brothers fan when I was younger and was kind of falling out of love with them when I watched the show, and that was just the icing on the cake, I couldn’t believe how intrusive and rude their family was, especially their mother….

Julesy on

Congrats! Waiting 3 years is a good time frame. They’ll do great.

wag on

Oh great, another kid with a gay dad in the closet.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Very well said…why are they keeping up with this charade?


He’s gay, she’s on anti-anxiety meds and her family are opportunists – great situation for a new baby! She can’t even put 2 thoughts together – I cannot imagine her coping with being pregnant.

Anonymous on

a fool and his money………. you know the rest.

Alayna on

Congrats!! Wishing her a healthy and easy pregnancy- So happy for the couple. They seem really grounded and truly in love- They’re going to make wonderful parents. That baby is very lucky.

RO on

Based on watching their show, I bet Kevin is really excited and he’ll be a wonderful dad!

Anonymous on

I’m the real father of the child

martina on

People commenting on Danielle’s nose… Are you for real?? How can women be so cruel to other women, I just don’t get it.

tammy on

From the few episodes of the show I saw Danielle did absolutely nothing while Kevin pursued his career goals. I guess she doesn’t want a career of her own so I guess she has something to do now.

justsayin on

She brings money in from her show you watched. Also I think there okay finally without her having to work. You clearly see how much they love each other.

dawn on

I wonder how much Danielle will whine??

christine on

I think he needs a chin implant.

lovey on

They will make great parents!! Congrats!!

Heidi on

I watch their show all the time and really admire them for the way they and their families all interact. They are a lovely group of people and I wish them the best of luck on this new chapter in their lives. It is so refreshing to actually watch a family that doesn’t use the “f” bomb every other word and that genuinely cares about each other.

justsayin on

Yay! I’m so happy for them, I like them, & their show. I guarantee they will give this child a nice human name because they seem really like sane, loving, and down to earth people

Missy on

I couldn’t be more happy for these two. Congratulations!

Also, he’s handsome, she’s gorgeous, their kid is gonna be perfect πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Hold up. She 26 & their families are pushing kids? She still a kid herself. Let her finish her 20’s before this baby robs them. Oops, to late, y’all forced her pregnant with all the pressure.

Obc johnson on


Anonymous on


Bea Atwood on

Very nice couple. Congrats and Good Luck

Amy on

Congrats to them and hope that she gets to experience a wonderful pregnancy. They need to move far, far, far, far, far away from her family.

Susan on

Congratulations to them! They seem like a great couple. They also seem to have great support from their families. This child will truly be blessed!!

DC on

So very happy for this wonderful couple. God Bless the both of you as. Enjoy this wonderful time together.

Ann on

How exciting to hear there is a celebrity couple that do things the right way… then marriage then baby!!!

a on

Congrats. But she is a spoiled brat on the show. All stressed out and anxious all the time. Over what? She lives in a mansion, does not have to work, and has no real world worries.

Robyn on

Dani will make a great mom….. but him…. blah!

Annie on

People need to stop pressuring young people to have babies. It’s nice to enjoy marriage for a few or many years first!

Ruthie Fournier on

God, I hope for the baby’s sake, she stop taking whatever meds put her in such a loopy state all the time.

I watched the show “Married to Jonas” and she was slurring and speaking as if she was on dope or something. Then she mentioned her anxiety and meds that calmed her and it made sense.

ph on

I love, love, love this couple.

Congratulations and best wishes.

RachelB-MD on

Is she stable enough to have a child….se seems to be a tad too freaking whiney

Guest -AB on

Cute Couple! Yay for them having a baby! Love their show. I read through all the comments and most are positive which is awesome. They are sweet and deserve good things. They have been talking about starting a family for a while now, so I don’t think this was something forced by family members. Agree with others about her meds – hopefully she is off of them. If these two will just learn to chill and not be stressed all the time, I think they will be great as parents. ❀ PS I def think she is pretty. People who complain about her/their looks need to bug off.

BB on

She looks just like Haylie Duff

Dorie on

I think Danielle is an unstable person. She just seems that way and she doesn’t seem very loving towards Kevin. She’s very stand off-ish imo. Something about her doesn’t sit right with me.

Kristina on

I am beyond excited for them to have a baby!!!!!!!! I love them both and they have so much love for each other!!

Anonymous on

OMG I am so happy for them. I have been waiting for this to happen.

valerie on

Congrats they will def be amazing parents

Danielle on

Danielle is ugly but Kevin loves her…….and that proved that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Priscilla on

They are a beautiful couple.

Megan on

I think couples SHOULD wait to have children. You’ll never have that newlywed time back. They SHOULD enjoy being young and just by themselves. No one should EVER pressure anyone to have a child.

Janis on

Woo hoo!! I just love these 2! I’m 51 years old & enjoy watching their show. I’m a big Jonas Brothers fan & so happy for Dani & Kevin. Yay!!!

Srcedeno on

The person named DI who said they do not care about this so please do not report anymore, should NOT have clicked on the article to read it. That was a stupid comment to make. I thought everyone was going to be so nice since it started out that way but then it totally went like most stories do. People being negative and rude and hateful. READ other stories if you do not like certain ones. They are a sweet couple and she really was so shy. There is nothing wrong with that. Some people are not okay in the spotlight but she has opened up alot. She is a beauty. Congrats to them

Katy on

Srcedeno you are exactly right…i thought the same thing! Anyway congrats to them! Danielle looks just like a girl i used to work with- could be her twin!

Tisha on

Congratulations to Dani and Kevin Jonas, I hope you enjoy this wonderful time in your life…God has blessed them with a little baby on the way and I’m sure they will be loving, fantastic parents!

karli on

ok but he’s not straight….

Heather on

Every time I would see the Nick and Joanna Swisher news, I’d immediately think of Nick and Danielle. For some reason, they have been on my minds lately, even though I’m not really a huge fan or anything. Blessings to them! So excited for them!

ME on

She’s beautiful, I love her nose! People are so rude… not EVERYONE has to look like a cookie cutter version of the person in front of them. Some people are happy to be individuals and Danni is gorgeous.

Tanya on

So Happy for them. He loves her so much, I think they will make great parents. I’m glad they waited and planned the baby.

Anonymous on

Great… this won’t make her even more psycho and emotional than she already is!