Ali Landry: Our New Son’s Name Is Inspired by the Pope

07/09/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Ali Landry Palmer's Shoot
Rene Macura/Palmer’s

Ali Landry‘s baby bump was barely noticeable when PEOPLE caught up with the nearly-due TV personality in late June — but as she explains, she owes much of her slim and trim figure to her newly discovered exercise regimen.

“At this point, when you’re three weeks away and so uncomfortable, the last thing you want to do is put on spandex and go to a gym,” Landry, who is expecting her second son any day now, says.

“I just recently switched to water workouts. I don’t feel like I’m pregnant in the water.”

The best result of the tri-weekly workout that she calls “insane” is it has smoothed out her cellulite — something the brunette beauty admits affects her lower bottom area.

“[Getting rid of my cellulite] is something I work on even when I’m in really great shape,” Landry, 39, says. “But when you’re pregnant, there are more hormones and you get more cellulite.”

Adds Landry of her aquatic-induced slim-down: “I’m feeling really good. With my other pregnancies, at this point, I would stop working out because it’s too uncomfortable. I’m in shock. I can’t believe I haven’t done this workout before. It’s a big revelation for me. I think I’ll be able to workout quicker after the baby is born, but it’s no pressure whatsoever on your body.”

Despite a little cellulite, one issue the pregnant starlet has never dealt with is stretch marks. She says part of having none “whatsoever” is hereditary and the other is because she can’t get enough of Palmer’s cocoa butter formula.

“I’ve been using the products forever,” she explains, while at Hollywood’s Siren Studios, on the set of her shoot for the ad she’s filming for the line. “I’ve never been so moisturized in my entire life.”

Ali Landry Palmer's
Rene Macura/Palmer’s

Also on hand to shoot were Landry’s two little ones, Estela Ines, 6, who recently graduated from kindergarten, and 21-month-old Marcelo Alejandro.

“Estela will be great,” Landry predicts of her daughter’s little cameo. “Marcelo is a wildcard. I don’t know what he’s going to do. I’m a little anxious.”

As Landry and hubby, Alejandro Monteverde geared up for their third child, they had a tougher time coming up with a name.

“We wanted a worldy set of names, and that has been our challenge with this baby,” the former Miss USA explains. “We have to find a name that goes with Marcelo and Estela. I wanted a name that I really like that still had more of a European flair than a Spanish flair.”

And while she isn’t giving away the decided name just yet, she does tease that there may be some religious affiliation.

“We were in Rome for a trip — we got to meet the PopeΒ and he blessed this baby. So part of the name might have something to do with our new Pope,” Landry says. “The other part of the name we came up with on our own. We’re excited. My daughter doesn’t love it. I love it, but she wanted other things. Sorry!”

Ali Landry Palmer's Shoot
Rene Macura/Palmer’s

— Dahvi Shira

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Alexis on

What a wonderful opportunity – meeting the Pope AND receiving a blessing for the baby! I’d use that as inspiration as well. Best wishes for a healthy and uncomplicated labor and delivery!

Miche on

“I’m beautiful and perfect.” Gag

Rachel on

Very sweet. The Pope’s actual name is Jorge Mario and with Estela and Marcelo I could definitely see them using one of those names over Francis πŸ˜‰ But I like them all!

lovely123 on

We allowed our three older children name the new baby. It worked out well, since my husband and I were arguing over two names. They chose a name, and that was the one she got.

Candy on

Must be Francesco.

Sophia on

Seriously think they’re the most stunning family ever! I don’t know too much about Ali or Alejandro but the photos of them with their children are always divine. Love the one where Estela’s hugging her belly πŸ™‚

Beth on

We can be almost positive that she will not be naming her son Mario, considering her history with serial cheater Mario Lopez.

Kristin Thompson on

She definatley wont be naming him mario. We all know the reason behind that.

kinkycurlyliebe on

What a beautiful family! Cannot wait to know what his name will be.

Shannon on

I highly doubt she would use any part of the Pope’s first name…Jorge Mario….Mario was her 1st husband’s name. I would guess Francisco instead of Francis maybe.

Melissa on

Um did I miss something?? I’m still waiting to read about the actual annoying

Amelia on

^ It’s the entire last paragraph of the article … so yes, you missed something.

Susan on

So much for the Pope not buying into Hollywood. You think we’ll ever have a Pope that plays it straight and really represents everyday people. Just more proof it’s all a show.

mariofrancis on

siblings’ names need to “go together?” Why? Why will that matter when they’re adults (they WILL spend most of their lives as adults, duh)? My siblings and I are separate people, we’re not pieces of some name puzzle. how stupid. and you can’t eliminate cellulite, and stretch marks are subcutaneous.

And “the pope” is just a guy given a title by some medieval irrationals, he’s not “the” anything. And I heard he didn’t even want the “job,” which is less a job than an abomination: extravagance, ignorance, abuse, and the perpetuation of rituals hatched by unwashed lower primates who couldn’t embrace randomness and mortality. What a destructive thing it is! How much pain has gone forth because of the ridiculous fantasies associated with religion.

I would have only this to say to the man in the white clown suit “You should be ASHAMED!” Well, and “How can a person with a scintilla of intelligence embrace such practices? Sell all the gold and marble and make the world better.”

mariofrancis on

he “blessed this baby”? So if it’s born with three legs or no eyes, does that mean it’s god’s precious special angel?

Anonymous on

ummmmmm where is the father during all these family photos?

Dan on

Getchur Handsoffme Monteverde is catchy.

Ashley on

Beth, what does Mario have to do with the pope? She said the name has to do with the pope….

KW on

Who is Ali Landry?

md on

Im guessing ‘Romeo’.

Amelia on

Susan, Ali and Alejandro are quite Catholic and actually met in their Bible study class. I believe this was a personal trip they took to Rome. Nothing Hollywood about it.

Kayte on

@mariofrancis–I’m not Catholic or affiliated with any organized religion, but wow–you have a lot of anger issues. I hope you feel better now. Deep breaths.

Marky on

mariofrancis, I am sooo wishing we had a moderator who cut out posts such as your hate-filled diatribe! Sick of people thinking they should go on and on about someone else’s beliefs, and how stupid they are. Shame on you! Go sell all your stuff and “make the world a better place”, . For your info, this pope has little to do with all the frills, but has chosen always to live in poverty and devote his life to helping others, and encouraging the same from others. Your ignorance is just irritating. They have the FREEDOM to believe in the energizer bunny if they choose, so quiet! Congrats to the couple and their lovely family!

Vida on


Beautiful pics Mommy and Kids!

sickofit on

Palmers has tons of mineral oil…makes you “feel so moisturised” but is slicking oil over the dry are w/o actually improving skin. Google mineral oil…yuck!

Beth on

@ Ashley, as another commentor (Rachel) mentioned the pope’s birth name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Denise Smith on

What a beautiful family.

Cindy on

ugh must be nice to be so darn perfect! whatever..

Carla on

Beautiful pics and a beautiful family! So happy she got her happy ever after! She so deserves it!

Nlaya on

okay here’s my problem if she never had stretch marks, how does she know palmer’s cocoa butter works????!!!!!! (not saying that it does not work)

And she does advertisements for them?!!!!!!! hmmmmm

Mags on

Stating ” I wanted a name that I really like that still had more of a European flair than a Spanish flair.” does not make any sense. It is incorrect. Spain is in Europe. Hence, Spanish is a european language.

Alissa on

Somehow I missed that she was expecting again. Well she looks great, as usual. I hope it all goes well for her and now I can’t wait to hear the name!

Isabel on

Nlaya, all their celebrity endorsements say that same thing since they want the money from the campaign. In reality, it doesn’t prevent stretch marks. It depends solely on genetics.

devon on

Francisco? I think that’d be lovely with Estela and Marcelo.

guest on

her little boy is so beautiful and has that nice tan skin.

Bee on

Even if she did, this is lame.