The Rancics Hope Duke Inherits Their ‘Love of Nature’

07/05/2013 at 05:30 PM ET

Rancic Independence Day Toni Axelrod

With a name like Duke and parents who love the Colorado Rockies, the 10-month-old son of Bill and Giuliana Rancic is clearly a mountain man in the making.

The reality television stars made sure Duke spent his first Fourth of July at 8,000 feet at the base of the famed ski slopes of Vail, Colo., but he wasn’t exactly roughing it. The couple checked into a posh apartment in the Ritz-Carlton Residences, using it as a base camp for a number of high-alpine adventures.

“We’re a very active couple, Bill and I; we love to be outside,” Giuliana tells PEOPLE. “We love the sun and being out in nature, so we want Duke to grow up hopefully with that love of nature and being outdoors as well.”

Plopping 25-pound Duke in a baby backpack, the Rancics hiked Berry Picker Trail to the top of Vail Mountain (at more than 11,000 feet), lunched on pulled pork sandwiches (Duke had a bottle) and rode the Eagle Bahn Gondola back down to the Bavarian-style ski village.

The Rancics also planned a Jeep ride 15 miles up to Piney Ranch, where Bill used to vacation in the summers when he was young, riding horses, hiking and exploring Piney Lake.

“I started skiing when I was four, so [Duke’s] going to be skiing at a really early age,” Bill says. “I’m all about exposing him [to outdoor sports] at an early age. You’ve got to teach him at an early age and then they don’t have any fear. That was the best thing my parents did for me. I was river rafting in Colorado, skiing — we did it all.”

In Vail, the family did some more sedate things, like taking in the ski town’s annual Fourth of July Parade and strolling and biking the area’s numerous trails. They didn’t, however, break any news about a sibling for Duke.

“We’ve always said that we’d love to have another [child] and we’d love them to be close in age, but it’s a major commitment and we want to make sure that our lives, our schedule will allow us to be able to give our kids 110 percent,” Giuliana explains.

That said, the couple do maintain a relationship with the local woman who carried their first child for them after infertility, a miscarriage and cancer diagnosis left them at a loss.

“We do try to see her whenever we come into town,” Bill says of the gestational carrier, who was traveling out of town herself this trip. “We come [here] quite often because Giuliana’s cancer doctor is in Denver and so we have to go for checkups on a regular basis.”

Giuliana and Bill premieres July 16 at 8 p.m. on Style.

— David O. Williams

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valeskas on

Somehow I cannot see, that she is hiker.

Anonymous on

what a joke. the outdoor family. yeah right

Shannyn on

I know it’s mean but it’s true, it looks like they are holding someone else’s baby not their own, they just don’t seem like baby people

RKF on

Everything is about her. What about what your child needs? As for her being outdoorsy? Don’t make me laugh.

megan on

lol at this fibbing. No way would Giuliana go on a hike. Or eat a sandwich

tiffany on

Love this picture of them!!! Duke is very handsome. Its says in the article he is 25lbs at 10 months, isn’t that hefty for a 10 month old???? my kiddos r 10 and 8 now so its been a while, and I am a NICU nurse, so anything over 6 lbs looks and sounds huge to me, lol

dazzlar on

I caught E News the other night for the first time in a long while and I was shocked at how thin she looks and her hair looks like a wig. Is she receiving treatment again?

gigimama on

Ugh. This is not good. I am a lifelong resident of Colorado. When people from other states come to CO, they often get altitude sick the first few days—even the most fit adults. Altitude sickness is much worse for children. Taking a baby, who is not accustomed to the altitude, to 11,000 feet is dangerous. The lack of oxygen is serious business for a baby or small child. Often, they’ll “fall asleep” but really, they’re passing out! Altitude sickness can cause severe headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea.

I like them, but was really alarmed to read they took their baby on a high altitude hike.

K on

I’m not from Colorado, but had the same first thoughts/concerns. Altitude sickness is no joke.

susan on

love this couple and baby!! so smart to expose kids to outdoors at early age. can’t wait for the premiere of their new season of their show. July 16 isn’t coming soon enough!!!

Daniela on

I love them but they don’t see like kid people. Nothing wrong with that as many people aren’t but it just shows especially with their work commitments. But I, like the rest of us, do not know them personally.

As for Giuliana’s weight, she does look thin. I know that she mentioned a while ago on tv she was taking certain meds, one was Tamoxifen which is a common breast cancer medication and is known to cause rapid weight loss in women. That coupled with her working out is probably causing her to lose excessive weight.

DiamondGirl on

Her hair looks like that because she took out all the extensions.

I think the baby and husband had the sandwiches, and she had the bottle (water only).

Sue on

Whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Shocked that strangers feel the need to criticize someone they don’t know.

Bosslady Hayley on

I am so happy for this couple, they do look happy and Duke looks more and more like his daddio! After their struggle in life they DESERVE this amount of happiness! Rooting for you Rancic’s!

Megan on

Boy all of your lives must be pretty perfect for you to be able to come on here and criticize every single thing they said in this article. The fact that they say they like to be outdoors hardly qulifies that we get pitchforks and go have an uprising. Unless you know them personally, you have no idea what they do in their spare time–I think both of them are love people and after all they went through to have Duke, they seem completely in love with him and they deserve every blessing in the world. Shame on all of you who decide it’s your place to decide what’s right and wrong or true and false…as I tell my students–just be kind!

Many blessings for the Rancic’s and hopefully they’ll give Duke that slbing they want so much 🙂

Tamz on

I luv G&B , by watching the series it shows wat luvn & caring down 2 earth ppl dey r! So 2 hell wid all u haters, dey hpy & dey deserve 2 b aftr all dat dey been thru!!!!!!!

Sarah on

Oh my goodness Tamz. That was so hard to read.

Jazz on

Yes Tiffany-25 lbs is a lot. I wonder if the article got it right. I have a 15 month old who is 24.5 lbs and he’s average weight. Duke doesn’t look huge in the photo.

Jenn on

They look happy and enjoying their vacation. I child is a great gift and he is lucky to have parents that care about him and take great care of him.

Abbie on

with Giuliana as a mother, im relieved the kid is healthy and hefty so far. There is NO way she’s outdoors and they seem so detached from him because they don’t raise him. If I waited as long as they supposedly did I wouldn’t let a nanny anywhere near my child, but they have two. She leaves and goes on significant trips away from him and he is SO tiny and she DOESNT have to, she’s missing the most important times of his life and for what? fame.

Anonymous on

He doesn’t look like he weighs 25lbs. I bet that is a typo. Babies on average, triple their weight at a year. So, in two months, he would be around 21-22.

Abbie, it amazes me how much you “know” about them? How much time have you spent with either of them?

MollyF on

Those who clain they “know” them, how do you “know” them? Do you “know” them personally or through articles or stories you see on TV? If you don’t really “know” them, then shut up about it.

I love how people clain they “know” celelbrities just because of the stuff they read online or see on TV. Unless you’re a close friend or relative to them, then you don’t really “know” that celebrity.

kim on

I think G looks good–she has always been a think girl–I saw a interview with her and they showed pic’s of her as a kid–she has always been very thin–I think she looks good for her. they look like they are happy and I would like to celebrate that.

jane on

They have been through so much, why not wish them well?

Sonya on

Really? Does she eat something? and the hair extensions?

BE on

As a local resident of Vail I can attest that nothing they did is extreme. The activities mentioned can be and are accomished by any person regardless of fitness. Good for them, however, getting out there and doing what everyone else does whe visiting this beautiful village.

Rosetta on

11,000 ft. does seem too high for a baby. Their ear drums, lungs, etc. are still forming and sensitive. Well, wishing them the best.

Melisa on

“Outdoorsy” people don’t check into the Ritz.

Plumeria on

I am very happy for this family, but Bill is a total baby hog! It seems like G rarely gets to hold him. On their show specifically Bill clearly seems to have the most baby time as his wife is always looking on.. I feel like she always wants to grab him from Bill, I don’t know.. Seems weird! JMO..

denverpeet on

They didn’t get the word that not everyone likes your kid as much as you do! I actually like them both and wish them many years of hiking or whatever they choose to do!

Marcia on

I’m really glad they have a baby and that her cancer is under control. But these people just wore out their welcome with me–more her than him. Maybe it was her “trying to stay a hot mom”. comments after the baby came. So superficial.

fifi on

So much hate…omg. Love u all G and Band Duke but I feel sorry for the ppl who have serious issues….just love…don’t be haters !

CCex on

She just doesn’t strike me as having a maternal bone in her body. He seems like a doting dad, but I think she’s more career focused for sure. Probably don’t need another kid.

Anonymous on

I can’t believe the negative comments on here. everyone acts like they know them personally. I am so happy for this couple that they have the child they have wanted for so long and wish them all the best! How would anyone know if they are an outdoor couple or not or if she is a hiker or not? Their trip sounds pretty outdoorsy to me and Bill grew up there so I would at least give them the benefit of the doubt! Some people have nothing to do but pick others apart. I wish many blessings on this little family… Duke is a fortunate child!

Jay on

I like them for the most part but sometimes I question things they do. Taking the baby to those altitudes did seem possibly dangerous as one other person pointed out. Would also love to see Giuliana in a pair of jeans and sneakers. She is always dressed up!!

Jennifer on

She’s anorexic. And, not for one second do I believe she’s ever even walked amongst the trees. eyeroll.

r frances on

It sure feels like we know them! Between their shows & other endeavors their personal & hollywood lives are out in the open.

me on

I believe that they are loving parents to Duke. She is so thin, I do not believe that she can have the strengthen to pick him up

Amber on

She is so not an outdoors person ….bill yes…..Guiana no….

Leah on

Holy wow – he’s already 25 pounds. That’s a big boy :-). Glad he is healthy/healthy. Beautiful family.

For those ripping on G, hasn’t the woman been thru enough? She’s a survivor and seems sweet and fun. If you have to be rude, take it elsewhere.

Kelly on

Yawn, Vail. I was raised and currently live in CO. Vail is so ridiculous and a joke. Go to Estes or Nederland where you can really experience nature without all the posh crap. I live in Boulder now and feel that is more nature loving than Vail. It is a narrow town that runs along I-70 with rich snobs and overpriced everything. Had the joy of working there several weeks a year when I was an auditor. Overrated.

deborah on

What a joke love of nature yes that is what they love. How about themselves

Jen on

I really can’t believe they took the youngster hiking at that altitude! I just moved to Boulder, CO and the first time I went hiking in the Aspen area I almost passed out!! And I moved from NW Montana, so it’s not like I was at sea level before! I see people hiking with their babies all the time in those slings and backpacks here, but these are tykes that have lived here long enough to be acclimated to our high altitude. To bring a baby hiking up so high when they normally reside somewhere like LA or NY is just idiotic in my humble opinion. SIGH.

K on

Amen Jen!

lovey on

As a fellow fertility challenged person, I have a special place in my heart for them. I too have the baby I always wanted an it was a STRUGGLE to have her so believe me, they are baby people. No one would go through what we went through if they weren’t!

Anonymous on

Who are these people? I don’t have cable or satellite because we have too much to do outside. She’s not very pretty so is it him that is a celeb?

Jessie on

I’m glad to see they are having a nice vacation…
Why was this news???

Elaine on

Just looking at the the pictures I’ve been of them with their baby and from watching them on TV…. they just don’t seem like natural parents – seem too much like Barbie and Ken and all their pictures with Duke look so very staged and not natural.

Sharon Murphy on

What the hell is she wearing?

Sharon Murphy on

Rancid more the likely..

Tiff on

I am a nurse at Vail Hospital and there are thousands of babies brought here every year with no problems. I congratulate them for there courage of bringing infertility and cancer awareness to the forefront.

Kim on

Who the hell cares if she had extensions? She’s thin but beautiful. She’s got self control and determination. Muscle tone doesn’t come from a bottle. I’m so happy for this family, blessings to them!

Jr on

I met G on a cross country flight a couple of months ago. She was lovely and gracious to everyone who approached her and to the flight attendants who said she is one of the nicest celebrities. Duke was with her and she was a typical mom. In person she is not overly thin she looked healthy. She’s very tall. I think her hair looks great better than those extensions.

Lia on

Taking that baby to such a high altitude was irresponsible. However, it seems right from his birth they have been selfishly taking care of themselves first. They left him behind to go away for a week (two?) right after they brought him home. Pity this child, born to such self-absorbed, “aren’t we great” parents who don’t have a clue, nor do they appear to WANT a clue, as to how to care for a baby.

ladycolony on

Does their “love of nature” extend to Giuliana’s fake tan, veneers, and surgery-assisted face?

Sun spirit on

You’d think they where the only people to ever use a surrogate!

isabel on

Can anyone tell if the baby is biologically theirs? Both mom and dad?

DCgirl on

@ Sue: Amen. I don’t understand why so many people feel obliged to endlessly ‘parent’ someone else’s parenting. I don’t have kids, I don’t plan to have kids. I admire her for putting her health first. He obviously adores her and I can assure you that those parents would NEVER put that child in harms way. Besides, as he says, they go to Denver all the time. Taking Duke on a hike is hardly tossing him in a freeway. I have a feeling that children are much more resilient than given credit for. Carry on, Bill and G. Enjoy your love and happiness, joy and outdoor adventures. 🙂

LisaS on

HIS NAME IS NOT DUKE. if you wanted him to be referred as such then you should have given that as his first name JEEEESH!

She doesn’t look well, sad to say and I think her hair, though short and extension-free, has clip ins for volume. I truly hope she is healthy

Andrea on

Would these two just quietly go away…….far away? Their 15 minutes expired long ago.

Suzee on

what is she wearing!?!?!

Suzee on

“I want to be a hot mom” well easy for you to say. First off you didn’t have to carry the baby, gain 30 pounds and have your skin all stretched out and saggy. Second, you don’t have to stay up all night with your baby bc you have a live-in nanny who does that. Third, you don’t have to breastfeed and have your boobs hanging to your waist. She is so phony and superficial I can’t stand her!

Cat on

This woman wants nothing to do with children. I’m sure it was part of the “deal” they made when getting married. He seems gay to me and is more into the child than her. I hardly see photos of HER holding her baby. Most new mothers cannot put their babies down because they are so bonded. This woman always seem like she just “purchased” a baby. Too sad.

Andrea on

She critiques fashion yet she poses in that mess? Explain her talent…..or his?

gwen on

They leave themselves open to judgement b/c they choose to constantly tell the media every detail..Between social media & the reality show, they love the attention. She’s got a great publicist..

gwen on

She’s waaaay too skinny..

dudley doright on

to gigimama…i was wondering about that too? it also crossed my mind….about the high altitude….when they don’t normally live there…does seem worrysome.

Anonymous on

I see guiliana as a caring, loving mother and so brave. Pure class

Jennifer Longworth on

The Rancics have something new to sell so they’re pimping out their poor kid again.

lexymeliss on

I work in Lionshead and served them on two occasions, what I can say is the dad is very pleasant happy and over the moon in joy with their son. It was so cute to watch, the mom was very quiet but it was very early so that is common. Glad they enjoyed their time together in nature, best way to do it.

sam on

I have to aggree with shannyn on this one

they seem to have had a kid for publicity reasons

Cherry on

What is that woman wearing? OMG.

privatecitizen on

I wonder how the kid feels having a skeleton for a “mother” ?
On the upside she will come in handy as a spooky decoration @ Halloween.

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

I often wonder how they deal with all the traveling. And will someone tell Giuliana to eat…Duke weighs more than her!!

joan on

@Lisa – they can call him whatever they want, regardless of whether its his first name or not. Many people go by middle names…

and 25 pounds is a big kid, but not abnormal. I have seen lots of healthy, hefty kids….

and while staying at the ritz doesn’t seem very outdoorsy to some, they have a baby… did you want them to camp out, too? then u could complain about that. but that doesn’t make them less outdoor type people, who are active. Geez…

Kim on

Reallllllly? loves the outdoors as in likes to walk from their house to their car? Please, I’m sorry but I don’t classify these two as “nature lovers”.

RachelB-MD on

What a happy little family!!! I love them!!! Cannot wait for the new season to start!!!

RachelB-MD on

@DCgirl…. kudos to you…. i like these two and they should be allowed to parent the way they choose…. she is a working mother just like millions of others….

Guest on

Very interesting and disappointing comments. I haven’t watched G&B much at all recently, but I did catch the part of the episode when they were trying to decide what Duke would wear to christening. Seemed to me that she’s quite in love with him and was a normal doting mom.

As for them being outdoorsy, we don’t see every moment of their lives. Must be hard for a sound man, camera man, and crew to follow them on hikes and other woodsy activities. Would also like to point out that we don’t see them in the bathroom, but I assume they still go.

Look at those smiles in the picture – how can you say they don’t look like baby people?

Amanda K on

He looks like a cute little guy! They seem to be enjoying parenthood and I wish them the best.

bkable on

Her cancer doctor? Oh good god. Why don’t you call them what they are… oncologists. He bothers me a lot, he seems to think we’re all morons

Anonymous on

These two people look fake to me. She has a weird face and he has a fake looking womanly face. Very strange couple. Oh, and I think HE is unemployed. That is great for him, I guess.

layla on

Poor guiliana. She looks sick. I hope she gets help soon. If not for herself then for that baby. Luckily they didnt have a girl, cause guiliana has image/food issue. Not good.

Anonymous on

Why is his size even an issue? It IS possible to have a large and healthy child. Really. No one cares that your 2 year old might only weigh 22 pounds, or whatever. There are no medals for lightest child.

In saying that, it’s great they love the outdoors! But really… this REALLY breaking news material?

martina on

I am happy they were able to finally have a baby. But these two are starting to make me feel uncomfortable. There is definitely such thing as overexposure. The pictures with their son are so awkward.

Gi on

Ha, more like he will inherit the love of the camera!Seriously, when do these people have time for the outdoors? One minute away from any camera and they probably have panic attacks.

ecl on

After all the vitriol this woman inspired, I had to go watch an episode of their show. They were perfectly likable, although the show is definitely about privileged people with mostly silly problems. But she didn’t do anything that made her hate-worthy. I would definitely say that she was more likable than I thought she would be from pictures and interviews.

molly.two on

If you want your child to love nature and be outdoors all they have to do is lead by example. My kids and I are outside for hours most days and b/c of this they just have a natural draw towards outdoor activities. It is the lifestyle (whatever they may be) that a parent chooses early on that the child most often will adopt themselves, as well.

Cherry on

What is she wearing? bad taste!