Beverley Mitchell Introduces Daughter Kenzie Lynne

07/03/2013 at 01:30 PM ET

Beverley Mitchell Daughter Kenzie Lynne First Photo Marc Royce

Good things come to those who wait, but after close to five years of marriage, Beverley Mitchell is thrilled she and her husband finally decided to take the plunge into parenthood.

Despite the couple’s list of prerequisites to parenting, the actress andΒ Michael Cameron welcomed their daughter in March — and Mitchell admits the timing turned out to be perfect.

“We didn’t think we were ready, but at the same time, what does that mean?” the new mom, 32, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Everyone is always waiting to be so far in their career, to have this amount of money, to travel the world or this or that. The reality is you will always find some reason that you can’t do something.”

The decision to delay having a baby until well after the two tied the knot in 2008 allowed Mitchell and Cameron to build a strong foundation for their family.

“It happened exactly when it should have for us,” she notes.

And time is exactly what the first-time parents needed when it came to the “difficult task” of deciding on a name for their baby girl, Kenzie Lynne, now 3 months old.

“We wanted to come up with something that was fun and young,” the former 7th Heaven star tells PEOPLE.

“One day Michael said, ‘How about Kenzie?’ and from that day forth, we fell madly in love with it. [Her middle name is the same as] Michael’s mom’s. Kenzie Lynne Cameron just sounds right.”

For an additional photo and more from our interview with Mitchell, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Raha Lewis

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Anonymous on

She’s so adorable!!

Courtney on

I love her!! She is an awesome actress and an amazing mommy!!

Daffygrams on

She is gorgeous!!!

Madison on

She is adorable! Congrats Beverley and Michael! She’s precious. ❀

Jennifer Rice on

Just love the name. Beverley, you and your hubby will make great parents. Congratulations.

auntieali1 on

Life does rock! It’s the best, this mommy thing, isn’t it? Congrats on joining the club! πŸ™‚

celebsarah on

As someone who has been trying to get pregnant for 2+ years, it doesn’t sound to me like Beverley had to wait for anything. She didn’t want to get pregnant for five years, so she didn’t. Then, when she wanted to, it happened right away. I wish it could be that way for everyone who desires children.

Anna on

celebsarah, I have also been trying and it’ll be exactly 3 years this month. It’s hard seeing it be so easy for some women. I wish I didn’t wait as long as I did to try but my husband wanted to wait and I wanted him to be ready. All my friends will soon have their 2nd child. Wish you luck on your baby journey!

Bare Simplicity on

My husband and I tried for four years. At the beginning of this year we stopped trying. We started working out and just trying to be healthy. We are currently 9 weeks pregnant. Sometimes not trying is the key. Good luck to you Anna! I truly believe it’s all in God’s timing.

Lyla on

Bitter much celebsarah?

Zeze on

What a snotty comment Lyla, she was just sharing her struggle.

tattedmom on

@celebsarah, I didn’t find anything offensive about your comment. DON’T LET THE HATERS GET TO YOU!

LC on

Oh, she is ADORABLE! So cute – way to go!

Charli on

What an adorable juicy baby!!!

Xan on

Celebsarah, I’m sorry to hear about your fertility struggles. However, just because some people have trouble conceiving, doesn’t mean those who didn’t appear to have trouble conceiving shouldn’t share their stories. Yes, there is a difference between choosing to wait, and being forced to wait, but one doesn’t have much to do with the other, at least not in this case.

Emry on

shes beautiful πŸ™‚

rachel817 on

celebsarah: As someone trying for 6 years, I completely agree with you. She didn’t have to wait, she chose to postpone!

Anna on

For celebsarah: Just because you are having a difficult time having children, doesn’t mean that you must look down on others who can have them whenever they want. That’s just the way it goes. Every woman is different and for some the task of motherhood is an easy one and for others it is difficult and sometimes non existent. Don’t down what she was able to to because it is uncomfortable for you to see. Your negativity about another woman becoming a mother/how she chose to become a mother is uncalled for. This is coming from a woman who is also one of the difficult to become pregnant types.

Tina on

And your negativity is uncalled for Anna.

oh my..... on

All I’ve got to say is: how rude, grow up.

Anonymous on

She is so adorable

Anonymous on

love her

Mgarrity on

What a beautiful baby! And her name is adorable too:)

Just Me on

Fun and young is the worst criteria for picking a name.

Abbie on

Wow what a cutie!!!! She is just adorable!

april on

Celebsarah, I too had dificulty getting pregnant and when I did, it was heart wrenching when we lost 3, 14 months of trying to get our sweet girl, she was a total joy, and when she was 18 months, oops I found out I was pregnant again…only this time to give birth to a big wonderful boy..please keep the faith…

Beverley your sweet Kenzie is adorable!!!

celebsarah on

I don’t think I was judgmental at all. It’s not her fault the article has a stupid lead-in. I was just sharing my opinion, as you all are and the truth is that she didn’t have to wait and the article makes it sound like they tried for years. I’m as happy for Beverley as I am for anybody I don’t know who is blessed with a baby. It’s wonderful! Babies are blessings.

JT on

Good luck to you celebsarah. Your comment wasn’t judgemental & most of the people who commented negatively probably haven’t experienced the pain of watching everyone around them have babies when you want one so much.

I’ve been in your shoes & after 3 years of trying now have 2 healthy kids. I wish you the same blessings in your family.

Anna on

So true JT! You give me hope that 1 day I will have a family of my own.

AT on

Ahh precious!!

Anonymous on

So beautiful!

Tlc on

She is darling!!!! My nephew is called Kenzie as well. (his full name is MacKenzie) and I’ve always found it feminine. I also have a friend who has a daughter MacKenzie but she goes by Mac. Too funny. Bev’s Kenzie is adorable though!!!

Anonymous1 on

Geez, cut celebsarah a break. The first line in the article makes it sound like she had trouble getting pregnant and tried for 5 years, when they actually waited 5 years to try and get pregnant. I understood excatly what celebsarah was saying, much luck to you in journey.

Jenn on


Andrea on

I have a Kenzie Lynn also! Just not with an “e” great choice!

Lisa on

You are so right – one is never truly ready to be a parent! Nothing in the world prepares you for it. What a beautiful name as well! πŸ™‚

Lil on

Wow, Anna. For someone who had a difficult time getting pregnant, you don’t seem to have any sensitivity towards other women who have gone through it.

Jenn on

I didn’t know if I would be able to have children for almost ten years, yet I was happy for anyone that could have children and celebrated all my friends new children coming into the world. They are a blessing.

I don’t think Anna was out of line. I feel the same way. On July 10th, my TWIN boys will be 10 months old. Worth the wait!

guest 5 on

What a cutie, congrats!

Paisley on

Aww, She’s too cute! Adorable face!

Anonymous on

Stop! Just stop it right now! That is more cuteness than I can take πŸ™‚ Love!

Anonymous on

Happy for them! She is a little angel.

Molly on

She is a cutie pie, chubby cheeks.

Jules on

She is adorable!!

alannah on

I have been waiting for this! My son was born two days before Kenzie and it was so fun to follow her pregnancy too. Congrats Bev!!

Jami on

My baby girl was born a day or so before Beverley’s and she’s a Kenzie as well! I found out she named her daughter Kenzie the day I came home from the hospital. I think it’s such a cute name. πŸ™‚

tanya on

Awww little Kenzie is adorable!

Christina M. on

She describes being a new parent perfectly πŸ™‚ God bless!

EmmaWasHere on

Cutie to the max! Congrats on the gorgeous baby and the really cute name!!

Big Fan on

Cute name, better than other weird names as of late! Many Blessings! Cute baby and family!

Penbrat on

Cute baby. Loved Beverley on 7th Heaven.

Katie on

Bare simplicity: My best friend was like you. She tried for five long years and never got pregnant. One night we went out to dinner, she said screw it I’m done trying. Next month she was pregnant with her first of two girls.

Jaci on

I had a cousin and her husband try to conceive for 11 YEARS!! They had a big house in town, near schools and parks. Finally made peace with not having kids, sold their house for a tiny cabin way out in the woods miles from anything and within a few months she was expecting. All we could do was shake our heads and laugh about it. Things happen for reasons we cannot explain.

Xan on

Why do some people who can’t conceive feel so entitled to such a high level of pity from everyone around them? Who cares how the article was phrased?! Why does it have to offend your sensibilities about your “struggle” to conceive to hear that someone else had the benefit of choosing to wait rather than the unfortunate luck of being forced to wait?! Can’t you just be happy for her and not make it about you?

This post on Beverley and her new baby touched upon one particular way to become a parent: deciding to wait to have a child instead of trying for one right after marriage. If she’d said that the baby was an unplanned honeymoon baby, the “trouble conceiving” crew would have had a problem with that, too, I’m sure.

Good grief!

tcvajv on

This is one adorable little girl! And she has a nice name.

Amanda on

Sorry but I really don’t like the name they chose. Is Kenzie even a real name? It sounds like a nickname.

Anonymous on

awesome mommy, love her feelings and that she shared them with us all ❀

Rhonda on

Congratulations Beverley. She’s a cutie pie.

steenied on

Kenzie is a very cute, sweet name for a baby or a little girl. But what about when she’s 40 or 50 or 60? Do parents really not think about that kind of thing??

MzScorp on


April Dawn on

Very cute baby…and finally…a celeb who didn’t choose some far out space age name for their baby. Love it!!

Amy on

What an adorable little girl πŸ™‚ Congrats!

JoJos Momma on

congrats!!!!! she is just so aborable! love the name!!! hope to see more and hear more from you new mama!!

JustMe on

Come on bitter betties – she didn’t say she HAD to wait and she didn’t say she had fertility issues. She said they chose to wait.

Lefthunt on

I have a niece Mykenzie Linn – almost but not quite the same. Kenzie is beautiful – congratulations!

AMHood05 on

To CelebSarah and Anna: I am so so so sorry to hear that you have both been struggling with getting pregnant for so long. The desire and want to have a child, your own child can be so strong and over-whelming. And then when you struggle to start a family all the emotions you feel and the new feelings that come with the struggle are more over-whelming as time goes by it gets harder to cope. I don’t think either one of you were in any way out of line with what you said and I sincerely hope that you both will have a little one to hold, kiss and snuggle with very very soon!!! My family wishes you all the luck in the world and you both will be in our prayers. Good Luck to both of you and your husbands on your journey to start a family!!!!!

To Xan: That was a little harsh to say, these women struggle with having a child and it is something that consumes your whole life when you want something so so much and are not able to obtain it. They have a right to speak out on how they feel about a topic as do you, but you don’t have to attack them about what they say either. People who struggle with starting a family do not talk about their struggle so that people pity them, they speak out for awareness, any help or ideas others can offer to aid them in their journeys and etc. Not for pity, sad looks or any of that!!!! And for you to just jump to that conclusion and not consider any of the other reasons they may of said something is wrong. I am not attacking anyone I am just saying how I feel and I do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings if I have.

AMHood05 on


Shelley on

The kid is cute; great name. I only hope she doesn’t inherit her Mom’s wonky eyes. Creeps me out.

Anonymous on


MollyF on

To celebsarah: I didn’t think you were judgemental at all, you were stating your opinion. I’m sorry, you’re having trouble having a baby. *hugs*

Kenzie is so cute and Beverley seems so happy. πŸ™‚ I’ve been a fan of hers since her days on 7th Heaven. πŸ™‚

kimmiscottmarsden on

OMG!!!! She’s soooooooo precious! Just..perfect!!

Elise on

I am a huge fan of hers since 7th Heaven! Not in love with the name Kenzie, but to each their own. She looks genuinely happy, which is all that matter!

Sandy on

when can we get back to people talking with a flow- not this choppy- type talk-with the “like it was, like it was, like, and, and, and….. like, like……. drives me crazy!!!!!

Anonymous on

She is a middle aged woman who has been married for 5 years, so its weird how she acts like she is so young and not ready.

Summer on

I have sympathy for those who have a hard time conceiving, but I’m a little sick of the notion that they are allowed to say offensive things and we’re just supposed to be understanding and not offend their frail emotions. The article doesn’t lead one to believe they had trouble conceiving. The first sentences talks about them CHOOSING to have a child after 5 years, which to anyone with reading comprehension means they willingly postponed having a child. So the whole, “Oh the article makes it sound like they had trouble conceiving” excuse is silly.

Infertility is heartbreaking. I’ve been there. I know. But it doesn’t give you the right to hate on people who have kids easily, anymore than it gives you the right to hate on those with more than you. Such is life.

Congrats to Beverley and her husband! Children are such a blessing and joy. They are going to have so much fun with their little sweetheart!

Becky on

That baby is a DOLL. So cute! What a pretty name, too. Congrats!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations Beverley & Michael and welcome to the world little Kenzie! It was so nice of you to share this with us, you seem so undeniably blissful, it’s really great to see! Makes me very excited to start our family, hopefully soon! πŸ™‚

I have to agree with Summer. While I understand where some of you are coming from due to your infertility struggle this is not the place for it. Beverley wanted to share her experience and her daughters first pictures with us. It wasn’t the time for you to hijack her story and make it about you. I do wish you luck but please take this into consideration for the future and how you deal with yourselves and others.

Diana on

First things first…Kenzie is beautiful and God Bless your family…

@ celebsarah, I’m sorry that you received backlash on your comment. I know that you did not mean it as intended. You are having a difficult time and you too will be blessed with a beautiful healthy baby when the time is right…and yes it will happen so don’t give up and enjoy the possibilities of the future.

Amy on

I am appalled at women who have fertility issues making those of us who don’t feel guilty.

I thought I never wanted kids and got pregnant the first month I stopped birth control. My son is everything I always wanted and never knew I did.

I won’t apologize for NOT having fertility issues. Stop being bitter and bullying those who aren’t experiencing what you are. It’s cruel and not necessary.

I wish you the best of luck conceiving, but stop putting others down. It’s the equivalent to a cancer patient being pissed off at those who don’t have cancer or wishing cancer on others.

Sherry on

She is so beautiful! Congrats!!

Crystal on

it’s wonderful to see her so healthy and happy at this time in her’s probably the most rundown and tiring time in motherhood, when everyone is changing everyday…..loved you as an actress now even more as a mommy, congratulations

Laurie on

Congratulations, she’s beautiful! Love the name!!

Anonymous on

Did it ever occur to the downers on this page that she might have had problems getting pregnant and just didn’t want to discuss that in the article? I mean, nowhere in the article says that getting pregnant was a breeze for them; they could have been going through months of infertility treatments, etc, for all anyone knows! My heart goes out to those who so want a child and are having issues with it, but please, you should still be happy for those that have had children, especially if you don’t know the path they took to get pregnant!

Diana on

So she chose to wait. So what? Since when is doing the smart thing doing the wrong thing? If more people would wait until their marriages were secure instead of expecting a baby to make them secure, we’d have more successful marriages.

Laguna Beach Lady on

Congrats to the proud new parents! I’m a fan of 7th heaven & I couldn’t be happier for both Mom & Dad. This little girl has been born into a loving family.

lovely123 on

AMY – “It’s the equivalent to a cancer”, you must be 12 years old. Comparing infertility to cancer is crazy. I hope you never experience the real thing, because you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE POSTING.

Mel on

Beverley looks tired but beautiful! That baby is a doll! What a beautiful child!

Anonymous on

A cancer? Really, a cancer. I cannot believe the people on here. I cannot have children on my own, unless you’ve walked that road, you have know idea what you are talking about. Am I bitter, no. I’m not. I am a mom now, through adoption. I love motherhood, and I am so sorry for you ladies out there who are getting attacked. This is ridiculous.

Eve Spencer on

She’s a cutie!

Heaven on

Awe babies are so cute when they are someone else’s . LOL