Ali Landry: You Won’t Catch Me on a Cover After Baby

07/03/2013 at 06:30 PM ET

Ali Landry The Bump Cover Colette De Barros / The Bump

She’s appeared in her fair share of magazines, but former model Ali Landry won’t be caught on their covers showing off her postpartum body after baby arrives.

“It’s frustrating for me when I see moms in Hollywood on a magazine three months after having a baby in a swimsuit. It’s really just not realistic for most moms,” Landry, 39, says in The Bump‘s August issue.

“For me, personally, it takes nine months to put on that weight and it really takes nine months to take it off.”

But while the mom-to-be — she’s due with a baby boy in July — isn’t in a rush to regain her famous figure, Landry is still making an effort to maintain her sense of style with her maternity fashions.

However, the commitment isn’t always so easy — especially when sweats are staring her in the face.

“Part of me wants to wake up in the morning and throw on a big pair of pants — probably my husband’s — and a sweatshirt,” Landry shares. “But when I do that, I look in the mirror and I just don’t feel good about myself. So I really try to pull it all together — and I do feel so much better.”

Before Landry and her husband Alejandro Monteverde welcome their third child together — the couple are already parents to Estela, 6 next week, and Marcelo, 20 months — they are preparing for their son by settling their family into a bigger home.

“We’re bursting at the seams! My kids, Marcelo and Estela, are sharing a room and I want all the children on the same floor as me,” she says.

The fresh start is sure to trigger a certain pregnancy symptom in the expectant actress.

“I have a feeling the nesting is going to come in when I’m packing and unpacking,” she says. “Fortunately, I know that this baby is a boy, and I’ve saved everything from Marcelo, so I’ll be able to reuse a lot of his things.”

Ali Landry The Bump Cover Colette De Barros / The Bump

As the family of four plan to make the move to their new house, Landry admits there’s someone else who’s not quite ready for the new addition to arrive: soon-to-be big brother Marcelo.

“He wants to be with me all the time and he’s very much still a baby,” she explains. “When I’m around, he clings to me. I might have to call in some of my expert mommy friends to help navigate our way through this.”

As for Estela, she is already envisioning her hairy future with two baby brothers.

“We were at the doctor’s office and the doctor said, ‘How do you like your little brother?’ And she said, ‘He pulls my hair,'” Landry says. “Then the doctor asked, ‘So what do you think about having a new brother?’ And she’s like, ‘I’m going to be bald.'”

The future mom-of-three adds, “I think she knows that double trouble is coming.”

— Anya Leon

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Michael on

She has a good head on her shoulders. Congrats on your upcoming blessing.

Paula on

Smart and beautiful lady.

Marky on

Sounds as if she has it under control. Beautiful family, and hopefully those 2 boys will end up having a lot of fun together, and find some other fun hobby besides pulling their sister’s hair, lol.

Love the picture with the dog; such a cute family!

Jennelle on

Kids say the funniest things, such as her daughter saying she is going to go bald. Haha! Ali really seems down to earth. Rare in the hollywood scene. Best of luck to her and her family!!

Jen S. on

Beautiful woman, beautiful family. She seems very grounded and dedicated to her family. She seems to have a semi-normal life for someone who is famous.

Michelle on

So glad the 6 week first marriage to Mario Lopez didn’t work out. She was much too good for him and he treated her very badly. She really found her happiness!

daisy on

what a beautiful family!! congrats to her.

Jennifer on

Gorgeous! her and her children

Anonymous on

LOL I love it

“I’m going to be BALD!”

Glad to see a Hollywood Mom be completely honest about her body.

Ellenppi on

I love her. She was a beautiful Miss USA, and now a beautiful mother. God bless her!

Julianna on

I laughed at Estela’s comment about her future with two little brothers. The names Ali and Alejandro chose for their children are beautiful and I can’t wait how they’ll name their new little one.

krtmom on

Beautiful family!

BBB on

She’s right that most women probably don’t bounce back so quickly. However, do keep in mind that there are exceptions. My mother was back in her tiny jeans within days–there are pictures, it’s not just a tall tale. Now, I doubt all of Hollywood is like that but just keep in mind that not all women who bounce back quickly are starving themselves or exercising like crazy while spending time away from their kid for vanity’s sake. Likewise, 9 months to bounce back may also be too little time for some women. Let’s just give up expectations on women and let them recover on a case by case basis without judging and speculating too much.

CJ on

So refreshing to see a “normal” celebrity. I know she’s not super famous, but she has her priorities straight and is an inspiration. Re-using her sons clothes for the new baby, not trying to lose baby weight in three months, and a funny little girl. Sounds like she’s not a wasteful person with an inflated ego! Good for you girl. Thank you for being a good role model…if people HAVE to have one!

Emily on

A realistic celebrity!!! Thank God!!!

Misty on

Beautiful family, and she sounds like she’s got it all under control.

Carol Redmond Frame on

Congratulations Ali! You have a beautiful family!