See Pink’s Daughter Willow in Her New Music Video

07/01/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Pink True Love Video Daughter Willow
Reefshots/Splash News Online

Her new song is called “True Love,” so it’s only fitting that Pink‘s 2-year-old toddler, Willow, would play a major role in the music video.

Released on Sunday, it’s an ode to the singer’s imperfect relationship with husband motocross racer Carey Hart.

But like her tongue and cheek video for “So What,” it’s all in good fun. An adorable pig-tailed Willow is seen playing with stuffed animals, putting lipstick on Mom, and riding bikes with her parents — who engage in a serious rose petal war when Willow isn’t looking.

“Sometimes I want to slap you,” Pink sings to Hart. But “I know life would suck without you.”

The video also stars Pink’s pal and fellow mom Lily Allen, who makes an appearance at the end.

Click below to see a super cute Willow working the camera!

Amy Jamieson

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Amanda on

cute video & song! willow is adorable. but seriously…could carey hart be any sexier…..ahhh!!!

lovely123 on

I love Pink. Simply put, she is just cool.

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

What a cutie…the perfect mix of her two parents…and a great song, too!

Kristen on

This is weird and makes me think they must have really mean, name-calling, unproductive fights.

Rjf on

You nailed it! I bet they do have nasty unproductive fights!

Yvonne on

The vegetables seem really out of place. Is she trying to tell us to eat healthy I guess? The whole video is corny and yet sweet. They look happy, I really hope they stay that way forever.

Noneya on

How awesome!! Really like Pink and Carey – they KNOW marriage is hard and so they work hard to stay married!!

Lisa on

I love this song. I have been listening to it for months. I left the cd player on play in the car so that my hubby would hear it when he turned the car on. It is so “us” and he just smiled.

Xan on

Watched this hoping Pink’s music would be better than I remembered. Nope. The video’s all over the place, too.

Like Kristen, this song (and others) makes me wonder what their daily life is like. I guess some people think they should stay together even if they want to kill each other sometimes. I’ve been questioning this very thing when it comes to my still young marriage.

IS IT indeed true love if you sort of hate the other person? Or, isn’t that a sign that this person isn’t for you.

valeskas on

Pink, I just love her and her music.

SamanhaJones on

I love this couple..I envy what they have! How cool can these people be!! True Love

dudley doright on

this is a cute little family. Carey & Pink are perfect for each other, that’s clear to see. She’s should be nicer to him! The video doesnt need that lady with the carrot tho…

dancer92136 on

Thanks for the smile…

Cindy on

Although I do love Pink’s music I sit here watching this and listening to the lyrics after having spent a horrible weekend watching my adult child be verbally abused by her so called love. This song makes me utterly sad as a woman and as a mother because I realize there is an endless pool of women, young and old and in-between who will see this as an anthem to stand by their man, a$$hole that he is because that is what true love is all about. Sometimes writers miss a chance to really help send a positive message. Go ahead and bash me for disagreeing this is a great fun song but until you watch your beautiful daughter live her life with a true a$$hole you just won’t get where I am coming from. Good for you because I don’t wish this on my worst enemy!

Jennifer on

I have two daughters. I can’t imagine seeing someone treat them badly, even when they’re grown up. I hope she comes to her senses. She’s really lucky to have a mom who cares so much about her.

Patty on

so adorable.

Anonymous on

i love pink and her daughter is so cute but man carey is hot sexy man

Rebecca on

I love P!nk. She’s unashamed to be herself.

Kind of glad Lily Allen has resurfaced. When she finally had her baby she kind of exiled herself from the fame game, but I felt awful because she seemed very damaged by the amount of miscarriages she had.

I hope she can have her family and her career now.

tammie on

She is soooo adorable.

D on

He is hot. She is not. She is a sweaty dude.

Kristen on

This song made me laugh. Yes, video is all over the place but it’s fun! I LOVE Pink’s music.

Nancy on

Love this! Love Pink & so happy she is in love!

Anonymous on

I love PINK!

PinkFan on

I have always been a huge fan of Pink’s and the songs about her relationship with her husband hit close to home and make it so I don’t feel alone. LOVE this and LOVE her!

Melissa on

If your relationship is honest, then yes, there will be days when you want to wring his/her neck. No one is going to be perfect, but fighting doesn’t mean you have to break up, nor does it mean you fall out of love. It means you’re human. Relationships and marriage take work, and if they don’t, you’re either fooling yourself or your relationship isn’t what you think it is. I respect the fact that Pink and Carey initially filed for divorce and were like, “Nope, this is wrong, we want to be together.” And they worked it out. That’s a marriage.

Tracey Killough on

I just love Pink, she is such an honest performer. Willow is so cute and Carey is kinda cute.

Tanya on

That baby so so cute I love her little piggy tails. Pink is awsome.

Jasmine on

Love the video~~Pink is amazing, Carey is hotter than hot, so glad their back together and Willow Sage is stinking adorable~~~how cute is she~~great parents!!!!!

Jenni on

This song is spot on! Those of us in long-term relationships know that there is a lot of truth to these lyrics. I’ve been with my hubby 10+ years and we’re very happy, but sometimes I want to punch him in the face.

nikki on

To those who think they shouldn’t be together because of you think they call each other names and seem to get mad at each other… I hate to break it to you but that is life. There are days I hate my husband but doesn’t mean I don’t love him and doesn’t mean we aren’t supposed to be together. We have days where we poke fun, name call, and push buttons… it is just who we are and how we work. Not every couple out there has to be always 100% happy and lovey dovey… Conflicts happen but at the end of the day, if you know you love the person…things will work out…its about being honest and if you know Pink’s history, they did break up for a bit but found their way back together.

Also, don’t you think she exaggerates a bit in the song for the purpose of the song? You honestly think she curses and hates her husband 24/7?

diana on

omg i love it! such a cool couple

Anonymous on

Wow! Someone who has a lot of talent, intelligence, and believes in working through the hard times with the man she married before having a beautiful child together. Who would have thought People would carry a story like that.

Tonia on

I love Pink and her music. But this is the dumbest video I have seen in quite some time. What is the significance of the veggies and pig?

Daniela on

the pig and veggie stuffed animals are Fan presents she got at her concert in Munich/Germany where the Video was filmed also i think it’s cute they put them in the video πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

This songs describes marriage PERFECTLY!!! What an adorable video. And yes Carey Hart… YUM!

alexander on

Every single celebrity baby is called “adorable” on these sites. Even the creepy ones. But no, Willow (this Willow) isn’t creepy.

And you might not like it, but her name (if you discard Alecia, her given name) is P!nk. Yes, exclamation point.

MommytoanE on

Love it! So truthful too. True love isn’t roses and kisses…its also the ability to get mad, knowing this person will always love you no matter what. Its knowing that this person might annoy you at times, but that in the end he/she is the only one you want to be with. True love isn’t perfect, it just is. In all my years, I’ve seen couples who act all perfect and happy and whatnot 24/7…and they are the ones that don’t last. I’ve also seen couples that get irritated with eachother and yet love eachother unconditionally…and THOSE are the relationships that last. I know that there are times I want to throttle my husband, but in the end he’s the one I want to go to bed with at the end of the day. He’s the one I want to share my life with. This is what Pink was writing about here.
to the haters…I agree with the ones who say Pink does not hate her husband 24/7. You see a lot of pictures of them all cute and cozy, and happy. Love isn’t perfect.

itznia on

I LOVE her honesty!!! And her daughter is adorable!!

Lynn on

The Vegetables are from gifts that fans threw to her on stage, that whole scene has gifts from her fans. As far as the song, if you know anything about P!nk, she is very in tune with reality, just because she calls her hubby an a**hole in the song doesn’t mean they have a destructive relationship. It’s reality that days are harder than others. And it is not encouraging abuse or making light of abuse.

Ginny on

This song reminds me of my grandparents, who were married for 71 years…they would say, ‘Sometimes I wonder how I’ve lived with him/her all these years, but I know I could never have lived without him/her’. They would fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day adored each other. Marriage takes hard work and few today are willing to try, looks like these 2 are.

Kristen on

First of all, gosh, there are a few different Kristen’s here today. Enter Kristen #3!

Cindy I understand your opinion of the video but I’d need to say that if you are familiar with Pink at all you’d understand that, in her words, she’s the drama in the relationship and he’s the rock. Her opinion that he’s an ass could simply mean that she wants to do something nuts and he’s the voice of reason. Some of us, the ones who bring the drama to the relationship, sometimes function like a demanding 3 year old who don’t like being told “no” even when it needs to happen.

This isn’t an abusive relationship. They work well together and finally found a way to make it work without getting a divorce.

Hating the person you’re in love with is normal. You can be crazy in love with your partner and there are some days that you just…hate…them. That’s not a bad thing, it’s normal. It’s like the parent that loves their child with all their body and soul but there are days that you just don’t like them. It’s normal. It’s only abnormal if the bad days begin to outnumber the good days. But understanding that those bad days will come (and pass) is what makes a relationship last.

Mo on

Willow shirt says I’m all Hart with A Little Moore Attitude.

Sophia on

Willow’s obviously adorable but am I the only one not seeing a whole lot of sense behind the carrot and broccoli?

Anonymous on

these are gifts Pink has been given for Willow while on current tour & I think it’s cute that fans can see them in video πŸ™‚

Claudia on

The carrot, the broccoli and the pig were gifts from fans during the European leg of the tour. In the video you can see fans giving them to her. I think if you don’t follow her interaction with the fans on social media that it’s harder to understand why she put concert footage and gifts from fans in the video.

Anonymous on

I love it. Pink is awesome

Anonymous on

the video is not to be taken seriously people!! they are a beautiful family having fun on tour – it might not be the “normal” set up, but it’s PINK & she is fantastic & can do no wrong in my eyes!! πŸ˜‰

Bonnie on

Are the veggies suppose to represent the relationship like its clean eating ? some times you just get to eat healthy …. Like relationships take dedication πŸ™‚

tanja on

Ahhh, I can’t see the video in Germany 😦 I would love to see little Willow

PinkFans_ on

For those wondering what the deal is with the carrots, broccoli, and the pig puppet, these are things fans have thrown on stage during her live shows. Willow is also wearing a t-shirt gifted by a fan. The general public might not catch it but she’s shouting out her fans in the video too. That’s true love.

S on

I love it!

Hea on

I love how honest she is about tough things in life. And I love her music.

Sandy on

Pink LOVE ya- and so does my daughter who just turned 11! Must you swear in ALL your songs??? This song could of done with out the “a$$hole” I like TOOL so much better!!!!!!

Sandy on

People watch the video again!! Her FANS give her stuffed animals- in the video she is getting the veggies from a concert fan. She then shows them while playing with Willow and incorporates them in the video. Obviously she liked them a lot and is showing some kid like stuff do to Willow being a part of it. Plus she’s a vegetarian right????

Silver23 on

I thought the video was very cute. Also, it does not appear that Carey and P!nk abuse one another. . . the “fighting” is obviously a tongue in cheek reference to the arguments that they have had in their relationship.

Anonymous on

I think she should be a little more careful with the husband ‘bashing’..joking or not. It was cute at first but it seems that she mentions this in every interview. He will tire of it sooner than later.

carla on

I LOVE PINK. WILLOW is WEARING the (black) shirt I made and gave to Pink at the Philly concert in March in the True Love Video.
Front – “I’m all Hart”
Back – “But with a little Moore attitude”

FeistyAngel on

How honored you must feel that P!nk is showing the love of her fans by using the items that they give her. Most especially your ROCKIN’ t shirt for Willow! What a great play on words! Good Bless your sweet “Hart”!

Donna Pearce on

To Carla re the shirt willow is wearing- WOWOWOWOWIWOW!!!!! How exciting!!!!! :))))))

Jazz on

I dont like Pink or her music but her kid is really cute.

Jacque on

Hey pink I love your video and your daughter is adorably gorgeous xx

Yaneisi Lopez on

I love pink she is funny and her baby is so cute I want to go to her consert but I cant cuz my brother is in the wheel chair 😦 any way I love her

Aliyah on

Willow io so cute πŸ’•πŸ’‹πŸ‘Ό