It’ll Be a Boy for Paula Garces

07/01/2013 at 06:30 PM ET

Paula Garces Expecting Second Child
Courtesy Paula Garces

With her second child on the way this fall, Paula Garces has more news to share — she’s set to welcome a son.

“It’s a boy,” the Devious Maids star, 39, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’m so excited!”

Garces, who is already mom to 21-year-old daughter Skye from a previous relationship, says there was one person who was even more excited than she was about learning the sex of the baby — Antonio Hernandez.

“My husband and I were on the phone together when the doctor told us,” the actress recalls. “And like a real Latino macho — my hubby is Puerto Rican — he screamed like a girl!”

“He was so excited because we already experienced a baby girl with Skye,” adds Garces, who says both her husband and daughter were hoping for a boy.

But Garces, who had all but given up hope on having another baby after two miscarriages, says she’s just excited to finally be pregnant again after so many years.

“I really just wanted a happy, healthy baby,” she explains.

Best known for her role as Maria from the Harold & Kumar franchise, Garces is currently juggling a role on All My Children in addition to her Devious Maids duties.

“The producers on both [shows] are all very excited and they’re amazing to me,” says Garces, adding that her bosses couldn’t be more supportive of her pregnancy. “I was afraid I would be fired or written out but on the contrary, they’ve given me more work.”

Garces is “almost five months” pregnant and says she has yet to decide on a baby name.

“Baby names are a big debate in my family,” she jokes. “Like true Colombian and Puerto Rican families, everybody and their mother is putting their two cents in — everything from Jose to Francisco to Victorio to Rain has been suggested.”

— Lee Hernandez

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Emily on

Only in Hollywood can a woman who had a baby at 18 and is now 39 can actually NOT look 55 lol

Congrats to her !

Shaz on

She does not even look older than 20. Congrats

Anonymous on

They are an attractive couple. The baby will be gorgeous.

Anonymous on

Am I the only one who hopes that when people say ” I really want a boy” that they actually get a girl?

Comments like theirs rub me the wrong way, like having two of the same gender is some sort of horrible thing?

Mandy on

Yes, you’re the only one.

Me on

No, you’re not the only one.

Brandi on

I guess you missed the part where she said she just wanted a healthy, happy baby. Her husband and her daughter were the ones hoping for a boy, not her.

I can’t stand when people skimp through an article, see what they want to see and then make assumptions and false comments instead of taking the time to read the article and see it for what it really says.

Smh on

No, I feel the same way. Too many people can’t have healthy babies. I feel like 10 finger, 10 toes, happy, and healthy is what you should really “want”…but that’s just me.

Erin on

Mandy…you are hilarious, and correct! Congrats to this lovely couple.

kjc on

I agree with anonymous, to a degree. It’s great when a parent gets the sex that they want. But why any parent would choose one over the other baffles me.

Especially this women who experienced two miscarriages and thought she might not be able to have a baby. I know she later says that all she really wants is a healthy baby, but not until it is made clear that they really wanted a boy.

As someone who was in her boat, there was not a way in hell I’d of wished for one sex over the other.

Anyway, I’m glad that she is being blessed with another child, and how fortunate that the baby is a boy. Best wishes for a healthy son!

Sandra on

I remember when I found out I was pregnant, wayyyyyy back when, and everyone was trying to name my baby. Some of the names were just too out there and some were so hood fabulous that I just couldn’t, but I came up with Aaron Christopher and it just seemed to fit. Now of course I am the only one that calls him Aaron, everyone else calls him Rooster, for some odd reason.

Sharon on

I absolutely love the name Aaron!! That is the name i chose if i am lucky enough to have a son one day 🙂 Aaron Scott…Scott is my husband’s name

_Kristine on

As others have pointed out, it was the father and sister who were hoping for a boy, Mrs. Garces just wanted a healthy baby.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hoping for one gender or another. I know several people who have 3, 4, or even 5 of the same gender children, and all have said that they hoped for the opposite gender at some point. Of COURSE they wanted healthy babies, but some just wanted a little boy or a little girl, too.

Lisa Hernandez on


Natalie on

I can’t imagine having a 21 year old and starting all over again. Congrats to them!

Bree on


What is wrong with having a preference for the gender of a baby on the way?? I am currently expecting my second and both hubby and I have said that while our main focus is a happy healthy baby and no trips to the NICU (Where our first spent the first week of her life) we both agree it would be easier to have another girl just because we have all girl stuff already and this baby will be sharing a room with their big sister. However we will be thrilled if we find out we are having a boy.

It only becomes an issue when then child is in any way rejected or is made to feel like they are second best or less wanted because of their gender.

I have no doubt that if this baby had been a girl Ms. Garces and her husband would have loved her just as much and been just as excited. Just as I know that if hubby and I found out we are having a boy we will be thrilled and so excited to have a baby boy in the family.

Lauren on

Anonymous, you are not the only one. I find it odd. Many just want to be able to get pregnant, then to stay pregnant, then a healthy baby, so the last thing on their mind is a boy vs a girl or other way around.

Brandi, “skimp the article,” It actually is a comment made by many people, not only on this page, so the comment was made as a general statement.

Sharon on

Congrats! I find nothing wrong with having a preference, especially if you have one gender already…doesn’t mean you will love the child any less if you get 2, 3, or 4 of the same sex.

haven on

There is nothing wrong with having a preference for wanting a girl baby or a boy baby it doesnt mean the parents will love the baby any less or more once the baby is born. Stop being so judgemental sheesh…people can have an opinion for whatever reason. Like she said, in the end she just wanted a healthy baby.

Crystal on

She said nothing about HER wanting a boy. Her daughter and husband wanted a boy. I see nothing wrong with having a preference. Some people don’t mind having the same sex. Others would like one of each. It’s THEIR preference. It’s not like the parents won’t love the child. It’s THEIR baby not yours so get over it!

Anonymous on

I love that show…