Jessica Simpson Welcomes Son Ace Knute

06/30/2013 at 06:10 PM ET

Jessica Simpson Welcomes Son Ace Knute
Stephanie D. Kleinman

Jessica Simpson‘s tiniest fashion star has arrived!

The Fashion Star mentor, 32, and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, welcomed son Ace Knute Johnson on Sunday, June 30, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. The middle name honors Johnson’s Swedish grandfather, the rep explains.

The new addition joins big sister Maxwell Drew, who celebrated her first birthday May 1.

Although Simpson had initially planned to keep the sex of her second baby a secret, she memorably let it slip that she was having a son on Jimmy Kimmel Live in March, and later told PEOPLE she was looking forward to adding a boy to the family.

“I’m so excited to have a son,” she said at the time of her Tom Sawyer-themed shower in April. “I didn’t grow up with a brother and I think the unknown is really exciting. I can’t wait to have that connection with our little man.”

During a Christmas vacation, Jessica confirmed her rumored pregnancy news on Twitter when she posted a sweet picture of baby Maxwell sitting in the sand above letters that read “BIG SIS.”

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd with reporting by Michelle Tan

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Janice Gibson on


Amber on

congrats to Jessica and her fiance… Am curious to read how big baby Ace is… Maxwell was 9lb 13oz.. hopefully everyone is happy and healthy and delivery went smooth!

Amy on

Now, how about that wedding?

Shaksndn on

Blah blah blah blah Amy

Nicole on

Why Amy? So they can make judgmental people like you happy? Just say congrats and move on.

Anonymous on

Amen Amy!

shannon on

yes because being married makes all the difference amy….NOT

Emily on

Shannon, maybe Amy means that Jessica keeps putting off the wedding. First it was her wanting to lose weight, then its after another pregnancy. No my opinion…but I do remember her making excuses. Marriage is huge, if she’s not ready that’s ok!

Ugh on

God intended it that way … Marriage to one man or one woman and THEN have children.

Parents who are not married have a greater chance to split then a married one.

leni on

@Ugh: Yeah…because God invented marriage.Lol. Do u religious nuts ever hear yourself talk?

Angela on

Right Leni? I wish closed minds came with closed mouths!

Anonymous on

@leni THIS!
@ugh…please show me the statistics showing that couples who are married with kids stay together more often than those who are in committed relationships with children. Want to show me those divorce stats? Or the stats of divorce for second and THIRD marriages? Marriage is a SOCIAL construct adopted by religion to promote what was a healthier lifestyle…that’s it. I wish yall would just get OVER it. Not everyone wants to marry. It doesn’t make them immoral people.

Alissa on

So happy for them all! Love the name and hope all are doing well.

ittybittygiraffe on

Congrats to Jessica! Ace is a nice name 🙂

Anonymous on


Pammy on

Congratulations! One baby born on the 1st of the month and one baby born on the last day of the month.

Sharon on

Pammy i thought the same exact thing!

Jenn on

These parents should be shot nowadays for what they name their kids. “Ace” is commonly used as a nickname…not a given name. Still not as stupid of a name as “North” but it’s up there.

Isabella on

One could say the same about parents who name their child Jenn/Jennifer…

Chi on

Yes Jennifer can be considered common and boring…

Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone has them and some of them stink. Maybe she feels that she has a name that is too common and wanted her kids to stand our. I am the opposite. My name is unusual so I wanted my kids to have “normal” names.

It’s great to have freedom of choice. Love this country! Congrats to the proud parents.

Sharon on

Or Isabella if you want to get technical. Puh-lease…there is a huge difference between Jenn and Ace.

Isabella on

Sharon, I didn’t say there was anything wrong with Jenns name…I was just stating that some could say the about her name. So get off it.

Gimme a break on

You’re right jen. It’s just as stupid as naming your kid Catherine and calling her Catie her whole life. Shut up. I’d rather see them name the kid the name they are going to call them, rather than waste time giving them a proper name and a stupid nick name.

Shaksndn on

They should be shot because you don’t like their name choices?! Get a grip Jenn.

shannon on

has anyone ever told you that you may need some xanex or something jenn

Julianna on


klutzy_girl on

I actually like Ace, tbh. “Knute” not so much, but it’s a family name, so whatever. That’s fine.

Congratulations to them!

Emily on

Congrats to them!!

Jayda on

I like the name! After her baby shower, I had assumed that Tom Sawyer was hinting towards something. I wonder if he is Ace Thomas or Ace Sawyer!

Marlie on

His full name is Ace Knute (pronounced Ka-nute)

Kim on

Congratulations! And to those complaining they aren’t married or you don’t like the name……tend to your own life and let her enjoy her own. It’s really none of your business.

tigi on

Thank you Kim! Well said!! Congrats to the couple! !!

shannon on

Congratulations to the family. Great name too.

Sue on

These two don’t bug me at all. Jessica is what she is and he’s okay. Not like KK an KW. I wish Jessica and Eric a lot of good fortune!

Crystal on

I love the name Ace! Knute…… not so much. However, it honors his great-grandfather which is really sweet. Congratulations to Jessica, Eric and cutie Maxwell on baby Ace. If he looks anything like his sister he is gorgeous!!! Now, hurry and tie the knot before you get knocked up again. Lol! Congrats again!

Anonymous on

Congrats!! It’s 2013 and you DON’T have to be married to have kids, and Ace is a great name for a boy; remember, it’s their son, not yours. 🙂 Just sayin’.

Anonymous on

Awww congrats to the happy family! One of each – so neat!

michelle on

i am married andi agree, marriage us Nothingmore than a silly paper.the only commitment is the price tag of the divorce lawyer. marriage today is as it has been for the last 30 yrs, a business arrangement and a tax break. get over it

Anonymous on

Yikes, Michelle. I’d hate to be married to you then, you already have your foot half way out the door with that thought process of yours. It’s people like you that disgrace marriage, not to sanctity of it itself…

It’s so annoying to hear “50% end in divorce” what a negative and cynical way to view it. Try and look on the brighter side of things….

Anonymous on

you are so right. God honours marriages.

congrats jess. so happy for you and family.

H on

so happy for her !!!!!!!!!!

Guest on

Maxwell is so stinkin’ cute!!!! Acutally, the whole family is gorgeous! Congrats to Jessica and Eric!

Anonymous on

Congrats Jessica! I am so happy for you!

Jai on


Emma on

Congratulations!! I love this family

Danielle on

Congrats to the proud parents, Jessie and Eric…..I love the name they picked for him….he is going to be an Ace for sure.

Khloes mum on

Congrats to the happy family!!!!

Marriage is just a piece of paper actually! And yes I have been married. It’s just an excuse to have a party spend a small or large fortune and sign a piece of paper! It doesn’t matter if they get married or not. They aren’t going to love each other or their children any less.

Anonymous on

Ok “khloe’s mom” of course you are going to be bitter and judgmental about marriage when you say you “have been married”. Clearly you will have a negative bias, c’mon. Your point is invalid on so many levels.

anon on

love the fact that ACE and Knute are named after there grandfathers as Maxwell was named after grandmothers from each side.. Showing respect.. very nice

Julesy on

Another awful name. Where do these celebrities get these baby names from? My friend’s dog’s name is Ace. lol

Griff on

I suspect the reason so many people are reluctant to marry these days is because it’s easier to dissolve failed relationships when there’s no marriage involved…both parties can just walk away.

Anonymous on

The sad thing about your statement Griff is that most people view relationships s disposable. That shouldn’t be the case!

alannah on

Which is almost every parent of the 70s /80s early 90s…. But I do like Ace

Reality Check on

Congrats!! A baby is a blessed event!! Very happy for this beautiful couple!

Now, to avoid these “surprise” pregnancies, meet Mr Condom. 🙂

holly on

Reality Check, who said it was a surprise?

Brianne on

Congrats, Jessica, Eric and Maxwell!!!

Alisa on

So many people say that marriage is nothing more than a “silly piece of paper” on one hand, but on the other hand, are outraged that gay marriage is not legal in every state, and throw huge celebrations whenever some victory is won in the gay marriage battle. So, which is it? Is marriage that important or just a silly piece of paper?

American Mom on

What an excellent point Alisa! Unfortunately for us, logic does not work on these types.

49ergirl on

American Mom, it has more to do with us believing that EVERYONE deserves the same rights. I am no more deserving of legal rights just because I’m straight. As for your deep seated religious values keep those in your home and I’ll keep mine in mine. Why people think their religion should extend past their front door is beyond me!

Susanne on

I totally agree with you Alisa! Such a double standard.

Susie on

Alisa, the point is that everyone should have equal rights so that anyone that WANTS to can get married. Is that so hard to understand?!

lauralee on

About time she was pregnant ‘F-O-R-E-V-ER ! Congratulations to her ,Eric & Maxwell……….And to those soooooooooooooooooo worried about them getting ,I hope she and Eric won’t feel the need just to please others. Me and my now ex were together for 24 years and after 3 B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L children we grew apart. Most of our friends after marrying last maybe 3-5 years………………….it’s just a piece of paper yall”MARRIAGE NOT REQUIRED’ I am really happy for them,I bet she is happy ‘not’ being pregnant anymore<3

Maureen on

Seems like they have time to create babies but no time to get married!

Lauren Kaminski on

Ace isn’t bad but Knute?

Jessica on

congrats, but please get married asap before you get knocked up with number 3.

And if you don’t want to get married just call off the engagement.

lexy on

Congrats to Jess n Eric!! What a beautiful family she has!!

Claire on

Knute Rockne was pronounced “Nute.”

SAR on

Finally! Seems like she was pregnant forever. Congrats to the family.

Tricia on

Congrats ! Love his names…..Ace sounds very strong and Knute is name of one of football’s most-renowned coach’s in America. Now these are names……Much better than being named after a direction ……..At least someone in Hollywood has some sense in naming their child. Baby Maxwell is a doll !

Anonymous on

Congrats maxwell will have a brother to play with. One of each time to stop. Raise them right with firm beliefs lots of love and appropriate discipline. What a joy enjoy them they grow fast

ninfa on

Yayyyyy….on my 59th bd! Congratulations to all!

Olivia on

Another baby momma.

Lucy on

I think it is about time to get married-if nothing else than for the children. As they get older, it would nice to be able to say that their mom and dad are married.

tbaby on

Its all about love…not if youre married or not Lucy. My parents have been together since they were 17, they are now 51, 5 kids 3 grand kids, beautiful home, successful business, and great family. In my 27 yrs of living I asked my mother 1 time why weren’t they married..just curious and she just simply said…she’s happy regardless. And I as well as my siblings were ok with that.

American Mom on

I’m surprised she didn’t give him two female names since she gave the girl two male names.

aka on

I agree with Sue…. this family is together because they want to be( commitment)… not just for the publicity.

TheNiteNurse on

Now get married. Hey aren’t you like a Jesus loves me saved Christian?

roxxi on


jean on

Thank you for giving your child a normal name.

Diane O'Malley on

Great to have them so close together. They will be great friends. That’s the way we do it in our family and it has always worked out.

Jenni on

Happy for them, and honestly, Ace isn’t that bad. After “Maxwell” for a girl, I was hoping it wouldn’t be “Jane” or “Betty” for a boy!

avil on

Congrats, beautiful family!!!

hk_pretty16x on

I like the name Ace but I see it more as a pet name. My brother had a Dalmatian named Ace a long time ago! Anyhoo, congrats Jessica, Eric and Maxwell!

Brooklyn on

Congrats. Not sure what that middle name is but Ace is good!

KIM on

Maxwell looks like such a happy little girl. Congrats to them!

Zeze on

They are so cute!

alletis on

Having the piece of paper does not make you any more or less commited to each other or their family, however in the eyes of the law it does thats the differents. Medical decisions, tax breaks, estate issues all determined benifits of SPOUSES.

Tiffany on

We are gonna name our baby Ace! Hubby has the tattoo of it also! Dang! Lol! I’m due in early 4th son!

kaene on

Happy for her.

Anonymous on

knute? like a lizzard?

Gigi on

I’m traditional and I think after two kids she needs to get married.

Sandy on

Good thing your opinion has no bearing on her life Gigi. For some people, the cart goes before the horse. For others, it’s not necessarily the right decision. Hell, some people have fabulous relationships and swing! Nobody should do anything because “someone else thinks they should.” I think people should mind their own business but then, that’s my opinion.

Anonymous on

Are you minding your own business right now? Kettle, meet pot …..

Sandy on

You know, honestly, I’m not judging. Because I REALLY FEEL like people should mind their own biz. And that Jessica’s decision to marry or not, is her own decision. And nobody else should have any influence on her choice, either way!

Cindy on

While I’m sure many people wanted to know if she had the baby and the name, etc, does it really qualify as “breaking news”? The death of someone like Nelson Mandela is “breaking news.” This is just news.

Sandy on

Oh, did Nelson Mandela die? Maybe I should check a reputable news source. This is What did you expect Cindy?

Erin on

Baby number 3 on the way.

MollyF on

Enought already on the bashing them because they aren’t married. They’re adults and they can do what they want.

I like the name Ace, it sounds like he’s going to be #1 in their eyes. Knute is a weird name, but it’s honoring his great-grandfather, which is nice.

I just wish people would just shut up already about the marriage thing. Give it a rest.

Anonymous on

Strike a nerve there?!

Denise Smith on

All I can think of when I hear “Ace” is “Ace is the place with the friendly hardware folks”.

Smh on

So glad I’m not the only one that thought that haha.

me on

how do you pronounce that?

Khloes mum on

Ok first, the LGBT community is fighting for equal rights! To have the right to get married IF THEY CHOOSE TO!

Second you would put your spouse as boyfriend on an ECC at school he would be listed as the father.

Third, it’s called being common law people. In the eyes of the law it’s pretty much the exact same thing but without the $10,000+ price tag.

Maybe you guys should reaserch the divorce rates before sitting on your high horse judging people. Or did you forget only god himself is to judge. If your gonna preach your crap, preach it right.

Sharon on

Congratulations and best wishes!! That is a sweet pic! I am not a fan of the name, but it is their baby, their life. I guess its a lot better than some of the other celebrity baby names. I am surprised she isn’t married, though, because she made such a big deal about saving herself for marriage with Nick Lachey. I do think they are totally committed and will last no matter what.

Marcia on

Congrats to them! She seems like a really nice person….him, I don’t know. Does he have a job? She’s a very hard worker.

Lynsey on

Congrats to them glad to hear all is well… Why all the negative comments? I don’t get it, and the middle name is a family name, anyway it’s the parents choice what they name the baby, not everyone will like the name whatever it is, same as when you have a child of your own, haters always have to hate, I’m happy for them

..... on

Congrats to them. This name makes some sense.

Anonymous on

Why get so mad about marriage if it isn’t such a big deal to you?! If you don’t care and think you’re doing the right thing, why get so defensive? Very telling.

Guest on

Well finally there is another “Ace” in town… Hopefully people magazine will forget about Ace Young now.

Melissa on

Although I am not a Jessica Simpson fan, I am glad this child was born into a loving family.

Marriage is a sacrament, first and foremost. It is more than a piece of paper or visitation rights in the hospital. It is a commitment made in love and respect to help the spouse get to heaven. Spouses are to love each other like Christ loved the church. Yes, he died for the church.

I hope Jessica and Eric have that kind of commitment to each other and their family.

Kris on

Great, good for them, now can we stop hearing about her.

Anonymous on

congratulations to the happy family!

cheri on

Congratulations Jessica and hubby, you are an inspiration for all women……strong AND sweet !!

Tanja on

When I read the comments of some people on here I really need to ask myself if they are older than twelve or just got stuck there?!I really don’t get why people are making such a big fuss about the names of babies that aren’t their own and are arguing about marriage.It’s their lives and their decisions and about the marriage thing: No need to discuss this.People who think marriage is not important shouldn’t get married and those who think it is important…gosh get hitched up and live your life.

Congrats to the family.:)

Paticia on

Wasn’t Knute the name of the little polar bear everyone was so enthralled with? My friend’s step-father was named Knute and they called him Ken. Ace Knute isn’t the best name but it’s certainly better than others out there, e.g., North, Apple, Ka-el, etc. Congratulations on the addition of Ace to your family!

maryhelenc on

Congrats to them! Ace is a much better name than Maxwell! I hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Lyla on

Ahahah!!!! Congrats!!! Judging by baby Max, Ace should be ADORABLE!!!! Now if these two can please get married already!!!!! Lol

amy on

I’m surprised he wasn’t name Tiffany or something feminine.After all ,she named her daughter a boy’s name.

Caydee on

Ace is cute. I just wish Jessica waited on the name Maxwell Drew on her son…not daughter.

Chloe on

I had to read that middle name 3 times because I thought it said “Kunt” :/ oops

Her kids lucked out in the name area. Least they will be attractive, I guess.

Catsmeow on

What is up with people and their concern over whether someone is married or not? As long as it isn’t hurting anyone more power to them. Judgmental people make me sick.

Anonymous on

You must make yourself sick since you are indeed judging others in this comment.

Zee on

Congrats, Best Wishes!
I hope you have all the 5 kids u said you wanted.
Ace is a perfect name, especially coming from you.

Becky on

Congrats on your baby boy.. Had a friend 35 years ago named Ace..Love that the middle name is after his great grandfather..

Emily on

Probably 12lbs! Or wait…be like Kim who gained 60lbs and only had a 4lbs 15oz premature baby. Then again, Jess is smarter than Kim.

Brandi on

Emily, why can’t you say congrats and go about your business instead of making rude, redundant comments?

sophia on

Kim had Preeclampsia which makes you swell, Emily. It may have looked like she gained 60 pounds but that is part of the condition.

Brandy on

Wow really Emily?? Hope whatever makes you such a mean person gets better for you.

Jen on

Pre-eclampsia makes you very sick and makes you swell extremely bad. (I don’t personally even like Kim). I had pre-eclampsia with my first child. Everything swells, and the weight you gain is from the fluids that your body is retaining. It isn’t her fault that she got pre-eclampsia and people do die from the condition. My baby was born at 34 weeks weighing less than 4 lbs because I had that condition. Before you act like a troll, use your google tools and actually see what she had that cause her baby to be so small.

Jenn on

Obviously you guys were never pregnant. Stop with the negitive comments. I was like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson too. I gained 60 lbs and had a 4 pound premature daughter. I had a lot of health issues. Not everyone has healthy pregnancies. I also lost my firstborn due to an unhealthy pregnancy and I only gained 25 pounds with him. So step back and evaluate yourself before you pass judgement onto someone else

Gaga on

@emily: you are so mean ans an idiot also

MB on

She better get pregnant again so she can continue to be famous!

Mandy on

I am not a fan of her’s, but am happy to hear that her & the baby are fine. Congrats to her & her family.

Anonymous on

Ok, Now time to close your legs!

My Girl on

Ok, now time to shut your mouth.

Lisa on

What Jessica Simpson names her baby is absolutely of no relevance to me.. I could care less, if the baby is healthy and the parents are happy with the name they’ve chosen then I say GREAT! ( I do have to admit that “North” is ridiculous though)

JJ on

Its that little thing called “morals” and following the word of God, something you obviously know nothing about, but marriage is sacred in the bible and teaches us not to have pre-martial relations until you are bonded together in Christ through marriage.

Jessica used to hold this belief so close to her heart before she married Nick and totally preached to wait to have sex until marriage but she let it all slide after her divorce, talk about a complete turn around.

And marriage means nothing only to the ones trying to change what its supposed to be, no matter what this world tries to say marriage is and is not, it will always be between a man and women bonded by Christ, period, not popular with the world these days but his word never fails!

KJ on

Well said JJ! As someone who is going through a divorce (not my choice) and valued the sanctity of marriage, I can tell you when another breaks the commitments made, it is a lot more than just a piece of paper or tax break! If more people honored marriage and all it stands for, there wouldn’t be such a high divorce rate!

Congrats and Blessings to the couple on their new son! Here’s hoping they will get married and make a lifelong commitment to each other and God!

Andrea on

Ace? As in wise guy, smartass, know-it-all? As in Ace Ventura, Pet Detective? Talk about opening the door to teasing…….especially Ass, Ace of Spades and Face. It’s only my brother’s NICKNAME but I’ve heard ’em all. It’s as bad as North West!!!

Andrea on

Yay! Congratulations to them! I find Ace a very cute name! I can’t wait to see photos!

jenny on

Congrats to the happy family.

Elizabeth on


Andrea on

Ace?? Really? My brother’s nickname was Ace since he was a kid and he was always teased about it. Ass, Ace Ventura, Face, Ace of Spades, Ace Cadet…..were just a few I can remember. It might be better than North West but why do these celebs do their kids a disservice by saddling them with these silly names? And yes, it’s silly.

Anonymous on

Ok, those examples you gave are really not noteworthy. I think he can redeem himself from any of them.

My Girl on

How many times are you going to post Andrea? Move on, no one cares about your brother.

suzy diamond on

Jessica, you took the time to have TWO kids, now take the time and GET MARRIED. Kids WANT their parents to be married! It’s the RIGHT thing to do!

Pnut on

This photo is fantastic. They both seem so genuinely happy, and that baby Maxwell is super cute. Can’t wait to see pics of the new baby. Ace? It’s a cool name, but the sites saying that it is a normal name…? I’ve never met anyone named Ace, unless it was their street name! (Ha!) Actually, Ace is unique without being weird.

tcvajv on

Congratulations to Jessica and Eric…and to Maxwell…on the new baby!

Kara on

Sharon how about you stop being such a judgmental and hateful bitch?

az1990 on

Here we go! I remember her bragging about being a preacher’s daughter. This was before her divorce and her affair w/ John, Tony, and most of Hollywood. Now two kids later and her dad’s gay announcement.. she keeping quiet. The truth comes out eventually…..

Suzanne on

Sharon, good for you that your marriage is important. it’s just not to everyone. get it? no need to feel sorry for anyone’s husband/boyfriend/partner/future spouse. just focus on your relationship.

KEB on

Damn, so of you people are some hateful, judgmental bitches.

whittles on

Ha! That’s what I was about to comment, KEB. Especially this “anonymous” person who keeps attacking everyone who disagrees with her. Get a life.

Tee on

Ace is far better than North nmn West for gosh sakes. I thought Knute was for Knute Rockney (isn’t he a famous footballer player from years ago??) but someone wrote it’s pronounced Ka nute (odd but ok). I truly don’t like Maxwell for a girl name BUT she is so adorable.

You people who complain, it’s not your kid, so why does it matter. I’m a fan of non-common names anyway, why stick with plain ole traditional names….we have millions of James, Jim, Jennifer, Jenny, Steve, Steven, Stephen, on and on. Not that I’d choose Hashtag for a childs name but I love, love the name the Tatums gave their baby girl Everly (so pretty).

Catca on

There is a difference between recognizing marriage is important to some people and respecting that and celebrating the right of people for whom it’s important to get married and judging and casting hate towards others for whom it’s less important. Here’s a thought, respect each other and each others decisions about how they choose to spend their life.

Stacey on

Horrible name.

My Girl on

And Stacey is a good name???

robin on

she made such a big deal about marrying nick lache and being a virgin before marriage and now she has two kids out of wedlock. how classy

Gina on

I am so happy for them. Can’t wait to see the pics of Ace. Now, when is the wedding?? That is what I am waiting for! Good luck to you and the new bundle of joy. Eric, stop knocking her up now!!!

Anonymous on

It’s easy for the ones to sit back and claim “marriage is worthless” when you’ve NEVER been married! Just stop, your jealousy and insecurity are showing. Maybe, just maybe you’d get married if you weren’t such a nasty, lacking in morals woman….. Have more grace. What you project on the world is what returns to you, just so you know.

whittles on

You are so hateful, maybe spend some time with your husband instead of commenting a hundred times, condemning those who have different opinions. You accuse others of being desperate, lacking morals, or miserable. But YOUR comments reek of these things.

villaforma on

Say “Ace KnUTE!” and it sounds like a sneeze. very close to ah-CHOO!

whittles on

Haha, best comment yet 🙂

Anonymous on

Celebrities have kids out of wedlock, teens see and hear how much they love their kids and bam here they are having one. Jessica Simpson can afford to have kids without a husband, but teen girls can’t. They have to rely on social systems to provide food for their kids. To me having kids out of wedlock and not being able to afford them is a form of child abuse. I work with people who have three kids and another one on the way and no where to live.

Summer on

Congrats to Jessica! I’ve always liked her. The only thing I don’t like is that she used to play an airhead, which as the head of a billion-dollar business she certainly isn’t. She seems to have dropped that now that she’s a mom. She’s down to earth, sweet, and likeable. Her kids will be adored by her, that’s for sure!

Marriage is important. It’s not just a piece of paper. If you think it is, then you didn’t marry the right person. Statistically, children of unmarried parents fare worse in life. This isn’t my opinion, it’s research-based findings. I couldn’t care less if people get married or not. Just take care of your kids and ensure they have happy, secure lives. I’m sure no celebrity child is ever going to lack for anything. I’m speaking of the common folk here. 🙂

villaforma on

Those of you who are posting about “billions” of people who are married and about how marriage is a “sacrament” and has something (?) to do with God/Christ/Bible/etc. can do a tiny bit of research on the history of marriage. It wasn’t originally about love or romance at all, and it wasn’t about deities or hereafter. Of course things do change; after all, humans didn’t wear clothing centuries ago either. I think Simpson has always intended to get married and surely will but I’m sure Eric’s name is on the birth certificates so the children are “legal” and U.S. residents and they will have health care and social security cards and voting rights.

pinklily on

Children are still legal, US citizens even if only the mother’s name is on the birth certificate.

Anonymous on

How long can you be a fianc’e, isn’t there a limit on the time you can be called a fianc’e before you actually get married. I thought marriage was first then kids. Umm maybe I’m wrong.

My Girl on

Yes, don’t think because you don’t know how. What you think doesn’t matter to anyone but you!!!

S.B. on

No limit on the amount of time you can be a fiancé(e)- the status only changes when the engagement ends, whether it be by getting married or breaking it off. My husband and I were engaged for over 3 years before getting married due to a bunch of different circumstances.

Wonder if she’s waiting to lose the baby weight before having a ceremony/ pictures, etc… folks have been harsh on her weight for a long time so it’s understandable that if she’s going to be on display as celebrities are when they get married, that she might want to look exactly as she wants to look…

moxy on

Sorry. Ace is a good name for a pet. Not a boy. I am happy for them and Ace is better than some of the other odd odd names in Hollywood but… sure do wish them well.

Mal S on

Love the name Ace! Congrats to Jessica and her family! She is such a great mom! So happy to see her to have 2 babies already!

Terri on

If marriage is just a piece of paper to you, then that’s all it will be to you. If marriage is much more than a piece of paper to you, then it will be more. It’s all in what you make marriage to be.

I wonder if Ace is much smaller than his sister. Though they say weight gain doesn’t affect birth weight as much as you’d think.

EmmaWasHere on

I’m sure he’s going to be one adored little man! Best to their family and best wishes to little Ace!

Let the haters hate, cause no matter what they say Jessica will still be relevant while their comments will be ignorant.

LC on

The name sounds like “a snoot” – would not be my choice but I’m sure he’s adorable.

Janet on

Congratulations on your new son Ace, now Maxwell will have a little brother to play with.

Sloane on

I almost forgot she was even pregnant, which is so refreshing compared to hearing about that moo cow Kim K. Jessica doesn’t push her family in our face, and I admire her for that. Congrats on your little man! Boys are a blast (:

Khloes mum on

Wow, sounds like anonymous is getting a little hostile lol. I don’t believe a piece if paper is needed to love your child/children. As far as I’m concerned its nuts like that who have given marriage a bad name. I was married once and divorced. I’ve been engaged for 3 years and have a beautiful 1 year old daughter and I’m in no rush to do it again.

Oh and my daughter has never been christened are you going to get all butthurt over that too? Did you ever stop to think that her result of her first marriage has something to do with her not rushing into her second one?

The bible (by the way it was written by man not god himself) also states that you should not get divorced. So are you telling me that when the husband beats the crap out of his wife on a daily basis she should stay because that’s what the bible says?

Trust me she’s not going to he’ll for not being married. I wish I could say the same for those judging.

Charli on

That’s a great family pic! Congrats to them! Babies are such a blessing.

Kat on

Thank God that’s over with. Nicole – to answer your question, I’d say about 200+ lbs.

Agatha on

Jealousy is a sin you guy’s!

You’re all so lame in your comments.. Is this the 50’s?

She has enough money, and doesn’t need a husband that can provide her..

Maybe she doesn’t want to get married, *If they get a divorce she can pay him alot of money* So Jessica hold on to your cash and give it to your childeren! And people should mind their own business.

The comment’s that she had a babyshower.. Insane! She is a person with friends that want to give her presents.

Jessica congrats on the new baby!

amber on

The media lies. For one. I think it is a beautiful name no one has, and its original. People like you who are so rude…for those who enjoy happiness for someone else. How selfish of you to post rude things after she just gave birth and did her very best. Eh..why say anything at all if it is not nice?

Rebecca on

Why are people angry or sad about this? Lol.

I’m glad she had a boy, she did say she wanted one. He’ll probably be as adorable as her wee girl.

Congrats to her!

jj on

All this hate and negativity over the birth of a baby…. so odd.

If you want to criticize something, start with her hideous dress….!

Anonymous on


Vanessa on

Knute is just asking for trouble… a few letters and you have an obscenity.

Oh my goodness on

Omg I have never read so much crap! Geez yeah they are not married yet but it’s 2013 not back in the day. I know lots of couples that are not married but have children. I would rather read stories about them anyway. I’m tired of reading about KK and KW. Congrats to the Johnson family on the new arrival:)

Laura on

❤ Congratulations Jessica :))

Sam on

First a girl named Maxwell Drew then a boy named Ace Knute Johnson? These children are going to hate their names. A girl with 2 boy names, and a boy with the basically NUT JOHNSON as part of his name. They could have just named him ball-sack male-member and got the same effect!

Ella on

“Knute”? Written like that it means “a knot”. She should have used Knut instead (which surely was the original spelling)

Patti on

Congrats to them. Jessica is always her self. She not afraid to laugh at herself, she seems to have a wonderful personality with lots of room to love her family. As for marriage there are no guarantees in marriage anymore. They are so lucky to have a boy& a girl I am very happy for them. As for the baby’s name-it’s okay-not way out there. She looked good in this pregnancy.

Lynsey on

Again why all the haters? It’s a blessing to have a healthy baby why are all the negative comments about the name, her upcoming wedding and her past ? I don’t get it? Can’t you just say nothing if you dislike her?

Susanne on

Congratulations to the new parents! I love the name.

Knut(e) is a normal name here in Norway (we’re Sweden’s neighbors…).

stockdale on

marriage does mean a lot. it is a resounding public commitment. that is why many people live in and dont get married. they want love and commitment just not THE love and commitment so if it fails it it less embarrassing. it is like some people apply for a job in secret – if they get it, wonderful, if they don’t well at least they hadn’t announced it in public and no one knew they failed!

D. Hendricks on

Actually, Claire, Knute is often mispronounced NUTE by Americans; however, the Swedes pronounce it KA-NOOT.

whittles on

Daaaamn, there are some sad people commenting on this thread. If you want to preach “God’s word,” maybe try remembering a) not everyone has the same beliefs as you, and b) your god specifically tells you NOT to judge.

You can’t compare unmarried couples to married ones. Every couple is different. Married parents can still suck, and you are delusional if you think otherwise. Case in point, some of you “Judgmental Judy”s probablyhad married parents, and you still turned out to be miserable old hags who have nothing better to do than criticize people you don’t even know. If you want to marry, do it. If others do not, this doesnt affect you, so tend to your own relationships and move along.

Kathy on

Ever notice how ” unbelievers” and liberals are so angry . The Bible was inspired by God and verses in it are the direct quote from him. Marriage is ordained by God . I pray that folks who say marriage isn’t important reconsider . It is biblical

whittles on

I’m not surprised someone who uses the term “unbeliever” misses my point completely.

Contrary to what you concluded, I am not a NONbeliever. I just believe in a god who loves, not one who condemns. You are missing the point of the Bible completely, and I think that is sad.

guest on

congratulations! Hope all is well. cute name.

Ivy on

And within the next 6-months she’ll be pregnant again.

Nannyto1 on


I agree with others that marriage doesn’t make the family. It’s the commitment that you have to your partner and children and a piece of paper doesn’t give you that.

And Zeze, your comment doesn’t make sense… “do you really want your “boyfriend” on your child’s emergency card at school?” I’m pretty sure it would say “father”. Pretty sure it asks the relationship of this person to the child not the mother!

Kat on

Now that she has a girl and a boy, how long b4 she kicks the poor guy out?

Lauren Lev on

Is it an Ace in the hole? Probably named him that because she’s so dumb she can’t remember how to spell the names, so when she fills out forms she looks at her Maxwell House coffee, and her Ace Hardware receipt. Frankly, surprised she didn’t name him House, so the next one could be Haggada.

Olivia on

Maxwell is just too cuteee!

Ann on

Why is this considered Breaking News? Its just another baby!!! Now maybe Jessica and Kim will disappear being moms and get married being wives……..maybe Ace and North West can be playmates.

Regina on

Congratulations to the happy family 🙂

mindy on

Could care less if they’re married, unmarried adults having sexual relationships is fine.

Not a fan of Ace as a given name for a child – as a nickname (or pet’s name) that’s one thing, but if he grows up to be a physician, an attorney, someone who must be taken seriously, I don’t think Ace cuts it. But the parents get to choose.

marlene on

Another little baby i bet in 3 months she will have twins baking in her oven

Lisa on

Wow. Nice too see mostly positive comments. Jessica has had 2 kids out of wedlock and Kim K. has one. The difference is night and day. I think people think it’s the “in” thing to hate certain celebs so they jump on the bandwagon. I remember when Jessica was hated too right her divorce from Nick. Time passes and now everyone likes her again. What a fickle country we live in.

yaya on

At least he wasn’t named FOLGERS!

Dani on


Mary on

Congrats !

sharon on

congrats you did it right this time you got pregnant when Kim did so we didn’t hear to much negative press over you hahaha I don’t like the name but I’m sure he’ll be handsome, now get married already!

Sandra on

Someone made a comment about getting married for the kids sake so that they can say that their parents are/were married. My parents didn’t get married until I was 12 yrs old, I had no clue that they weren’t married and it didn’t make a big difference once they announced that they had gotten married. They loved each other and they ensured that we were provided for, the ceremony or lack there of didn’t make their commitment any less and trust me it doesn’t make it any easier to walk away when things get tough.

GetOVerIt on

Seriously people, enough with the whole ‘now get married’ crap. A piece of paper and a ring doesn’t make a couple any more committed or stable. I know more couples in stable, committed relationships that AREN’T married than I know ones that are. They also have wonderful healthy well adjusted kids. Being married doesn’t automatically make you better parents or promise that you’re going to be together forever. Not only that, but some of the same people demanding that people get married before they have kids are the same ones making others fight for their right to get married at all. Get off your high horse, do what YOU feel is right and let other people live their own lives the way THEY see fit. These days, marriage isn’t that important to some people and that’s fine. As long as they (and other couples) are good to their kids and upstanding parents, then it doesn’t matter!! Let it go already.

Jeanine on

Congrats! Maxwell is adorable so I am sure Ace will be too.

Mgarrity on

Congrats! But yet another odd name! Oh well chalk it up to celebrities to need the shock and awe factor!

Sandy on

congrats! now time to lose the weight and get on with planning the wedding! just make sure to use birth control or you’ll find yourself pregnant again!

guest on

Congrats! Love the name.

To jenn below, why the negative? Its not your kid and to say someone should be shot shows what’s wrong with the world. Butt out. Have your own kids, judge yourself. Not others. People who truly think everyones lives are their business are the problem today. Not baby names.

Guest on

Well, he did write a book called “Hunger”…

Anyway, what’s with the “e” at the end?

Anonymous on

It seemed as though she was pregnant forever. Congratulations.

jones on

congrats beautiful family … doesn’t the husband look like Britney’s ex now?

Missy on

Congratulations to them! I think the name Ace is a lot better than majority of hollyweirds choices *Apple, Coco, NORTH*….as far as marriage I think Jessica is worth a little to much to just go running down the isle. This is their life…not yours. If they want to get married they will. Worry about your own lives.

Cory on

“So what’s Ace short for? Aceroonie?”

Anonymous on

Her daughter is going to be one tall girl;)

Hea on

If his grandfather was Swedish then he was most likely named Knut. Not Knute. But whatever…. Congrats!

Hea on

And most of you are wrong about the pronounciation. It’s not Nute, it’s not Ka-nute… I can’t really explain how you’re supposed to pronounce it though.

terri on

She’ll be pregnant within the month.

Paula on

Maybe the name, Kanute, was in tribute to the orphaned polar bear who tragically died.

Susan on

Congrats to them! I don’t know about that name, however? Certainly different!

Guest on

Congrats! And a normal, great first name. Almost another one born on the 1st!

Jessica on

LOVE Jessica Simpson! She is who she is, and doesn’t try to be anything else. Congratulations on your sweet new baby. My oldest’s name is Ace, and he is awesome. I hope you enjoy those babies, and your family. BLESSINGS!

Sharon on

@Kara…ooookkk you call me a hateful bitch for stating my opinion? Have you not read some of the hateful comments on this website? Sounds like you are pretty hateful for name-calling people you dont even know. Typically i post all positive comments on here because i hate the negativity. Get a life

Mrs. Winkler on

I am so glad she FINALLY had this baby…Maybe NOW she can focus AGAIN on losing her baby weight with WW and maybe, JUST MAYBE she would have figured out what causes those big huge bumps!

Sam on

Congrats to the 2 of them on a beautiful baby boy Ace!!

To me Marriage is more then a piece of paper. It changes my surname to that of my children, there was no way i was going to have a different surname to my kids all my life 🙂

Donna on

After reading all these comments, I am having to laugh at the negative ones about not being married and having children. They are grown consenting adults. It’s not like they are a teenaged couple having children and being on the show, 16 and Pregnant. So really, I don’t see what the big deal is. I think as long as they are happy with how the situation is at the moment, then they should be left alone. As she has said in the past, she plans on getting married soon after Ace’s birth. Now that he is here, she can focus on getting married to Eric and have a family life. Besides, it’s not like all the people making the negative comments on here have no dirt on their hands. I bet all of you nay sayers have made decisions that others didn’t agree with. So why pass that judgment onto someone else…..especially people you don’t know, but, through tabloids?

Catca on


You do realize that both Jessica’s children have the last name Johnson, not Simpson. You don’t need to be married to pass on your surname.

Ella on

How is Knute pronounced?

Kristi on

If Knute is supposed to be pronounced like they do in Sweden, the right pronunciation is with a Kn and then mute (minus the m of course (not Ka-nute). You’re supposed to say the K, its ont silent. If you know what I mean! 🙂

GetOVerIt on

a little HISTORY for those who want to relate marriage to god and religion. MARRIAGE IS NOT A RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION. The bible and religion didn’t INVENT marriage. Marriage, pair bonding, handfasting were all around LONG before religion. GOD only has something to do with your marriage if YOU are religious. It’s not law that you HAVE to get married in a church. It’s not law that only a religious leader can marry you or make your marriage legit. MARRIAGE is NOT about religion. Read a book other than the bible for goodness sake. If you want to get married in church, that’s wonderful, but don’t judge other people for not doing the same thing you did. Your personal opinions (cause that’s what they are OPINIONS) do not and should not dictate how other people live their own lives. Stop preaching YOUR beliefs and stop JUDGING! (Your bible tells you not to do that… doesn’t it!)

Chevy Heston on

Dear Jessica (and all celebs), stop trying to outdo each other with these ridiculous names. Your kids are going to get ridiculed and ass-kicked. You named your baby A Snoot? Who are you, Dr. Seuss?

anonymous on

Congrats Jessica!!! I’m sure the little one is a cutie can’t wait to see what he looks like : )

Nikki on

You people make me sick everybody has their own opinions but for all you lames to call them out their name is stupid. You judgemental ass bitches. Congrats to Jessica and her man Eric on your family a boy and girl

Nikki on

Sorry for my words but some of y’all need help

Swedishchick on

I’m a bit confused about the name Knute, since it is not a Swedish name that I ever heard of. The closest name is Knut, which was quite common among older generations. Many men named Knut would be called Knutte by family and friends.

Sam on


Yes i do know that, and what i meant was i Don’t wont a different surname to my children. When children are born most take their fathers surname, and until they get married the mother will have a different surname!!

Cari on

If marriage is just a silly piece of paper why are so many people outraged that gays can’t marry? And why was it such a victory when Prop 8 died in California? If marriage wasn’t important why would any of that matter to people?

kk on

congrats, then, she will lose all the weight and be the hottest mom lol

Danielle on

Don’t get marry…….everything goes to pot when you get married……..I don’t know why……?

diane on

just wonderin’ did eric johnson work? what job?