See Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Son Rocky James!

06/28/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Sarah Michelle Gellar Rocky James First Photo

Rocky James is ready to rumble!

After steering clear of the spotlight since his September birth, the 9-month-old showed off his serious game face while hitching a ride on mom Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s hip on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Clad in her bright red sundress, ankle cuff sandals and cute cross-body bag, baby boy’s future tag-teaming partner — big sister Charlotte Grace, 3½ — held tight to the actress’ hand as the trio made their way across the city street.

Gellar, 36, is gearing up for her return to television with the fall premiere of her new show, The Crazy Ones, but the mom-of-two has always been open about her first priority: husband Freddie Prinze Jr. and the couple’s kids.

“My family comes first and you have to be in charge to protect that. You have to be the one who says no or you don’t have a life, which is what I found out the first time,” she has said.

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Sarah on

Aww, he’s a cutie pie! He looks a lot like Freddie.

Terrimillward on

Awe he’s adorable…he’s gonna be a lady killer lol and he’s gonna have girls pining over him in no time

Kathy haaf on

the baby is beautiful. looks just like daddy. may god continue to bless your family.

Chloe. on

beautiful family. her kids are adorable, and freddie and sarah are gorgeous together.

Anonymous on

He does look like his Dad, sooo cute!!

Anonymous on

He does look like his Dad!! He’s sooo cute and so is his big sister!!

Seagyn on

Thankfully SMG is the type of celebrity mom that values privacy and doesn’t sell her kids out to the press.

Anonymous on

Love her priorities. Kim K and Kanye the twit take note!

klutzy_girl on

So adorable and he definitely looks like Freddie!

DaisyMoon on

Wow…even though it’s not a close-up shot, you can see he’s the spittin’ image of his dad!

kinkycurlyliebe on

Totally forgot she was preggo again! They are so cute and I love Michelle and Freddie Prince relationship. I think they are one of the longest couples to be together in HollyWeird. ❤

KaIzel on

I’m happy for them that they are still together married and their two beautiful children are precious.
My sons name is also Rocky and he was also born in September. He will be 2. 🙂

anonymous on

Is she pregnant again? on

what does her husband do?

I think “Charlotte” is just a perfect name. Conventional but not common, easy to spell, has varied nicknames/tweaks, classy, can be for the spider or the author….just a terrific name. Goes well with Prinze too.

Jennifer on

Adorable kids! This picture kinda makes her look pregnant again !

Lissa on


Donna on

He looks like his daddy !! Adorable. Beautiful children.

angie on

I think that Rocky is the spitting image of his sister Charlotte! Both are very kid cutes!!

ME on

gorgeous picture, and I absolutely adore the little girls sandals. so fierce!! seems like sarah is a wonderful mama.

Jennifer on

Does anyone recognize her diaper bag? I would love to know what it is; I love it!

Sharon on

Yep, ill be another person to say how much he looks like dad!! He is adorable 🙂 i also wondered the same thing…she does look pregnant in that photo. I love how she keeps her kids out of the spotlight….hint, hint, Kim.

Marie on

That couple is absolutely adorable! Now that they have kids, it just makes them a stronger union!

nikki on

Beautiful family. I hate that his father is not here to see his grandchildren. I remember him well.

Ginny on

It’s nice to see another Hollywood couple who avoids all the paps and Hollywood life style, and puts family first. Love these 2 parents!

Lu on

As much as I enjoy seeing adorable kids, I’m glad the anti-paparazzi law passed. Soon we’ll know who is selling their kids out and who isn’t.

Cooper on

He looks just like Charlotte.

4tmama on

Thank the Good Lord for sane Hollywood parents, precious children & adults!!!!

Becky on

Both children are so cute.Am I seeing things or does Rocky’s hair have a reddish tint to it?

amy on

He’s a little doll!

B on

I LOVE how there is not one single negative comment in this thread!
: )
Beautiful family…

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

I agree B…nice to see unanimous praise.

Nannyto1 on


Anonymous on

Sooooooo adorable! You can tell they are definitely siblings!

Ps – those of you that hate the people you keep discussing, stop! Why bring them up at all!?

Aud on

I love the name ‘Rocky.’ That’s my Dad’s name too. 🙂

ariestwin on

He is adorable and I love how down to earth and normal Sarah is. She really seems to strive to give her children a normal life.

dudley doright on

cute kids

Jennifer S on

Always liked her, since Buffy. Wish she would get more roles. Anyways, her children are adorable and her son looks exactly like Freddie hands down!

Anonymous on

namesmatter- He’s an actor (and also a celebrity baby in his own right, as his father, Freddie Prinze Sr., was also an actor).

That being said…FINALLY! I was wondering when we were going to see Rocky! And BTW, I don’t think SMG is pregnant again. I think it’s just the outfit, the way she’s carrying Rocky, and the fact that she just had a baby nine months ago that’s making it look that way! 🙂

Candice on

The name Rocky is terrible. It is worst than the name North.

weezer on

What a great family! She’s totally got her head screwed on right!

Chloe on

These two made really attractive children *_* I can’t handle how good looking this whole family is

Lori on

The kids are absolutely adorable. The parents do a great job of giving them some sense of a normal childhood without pimping them out the media. Bravo, Sarah and Freddie for doing what is best for your family,.

ava on

Oh my, is he a beautiful boy! These two make the cutest kids ever!

Aly on

Cute how he looks like his Dad but with lighter hair like hers :).

b on

LOVE this couple, they have beat most other couples in the marriage department, considering the fact that they got married in their twenties and they are still together! Adorable kids and they are not media who*es

Hector on

Such a positive thread except for the two bashing his name! Why not leave it alone since everyone else is beig so positive. In some ways I wish she would have done a spread with him like she did with Charlotte but I see why she didn’t, Charlotte was her first child, not saying she is not as proud of Rocky. I admire the fact that two days after he was born that he was not on magazine covers. I think it’s awesome that 9 months later she takes him out with her just like any regular parents with not big circus surrounding the situation, just doing errands with her children. I guess that is how their relationship has lasted they work but other than that they are not calling the paps every time they go out to eat.

Athena on

Beautiful family 🙂 @Jennifer it’s the Marc by Marc Jacobs Eliz-a-Baby bag. So big, awesome amount of space & pockets inside & machine washable… I love it!!