Princess Carter! Blue Ivy Gets Her Crown

06/28/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Blue Ivy Carter Wears a Crown Beyonce
Courtesy Beyoncé

Talk about swagger!

To further prove Blue Ivy is the heir apparent of hip hop royalty, Beyoncé recently posted a photo of her 17-month-old wearing a pint size jewel-encrusted purple crown by Vivienne Westwood just a month after sharing this adorable snapshot of her daughter sitting on her own throne (well, custom director’s chair).

And although she didn’t add a caption, “Bow Down” (the title of the single her superstar mom released earlier this year) is more than perfect.

But Beyoncé didn’t stop there. She also added pictures of items from Blue Ivy’s luxe-worthy closet: a pink frilly dress and mini fuchsia Tom Ford heels that are so gorgeous we wouldn’t be surprised if Suri Cruise is calling the designer right now to snap up a pair for herself.

We absolutely love Blue in all her finery, but our favorite photo is the mother-daughter duo sharing a sweet moment backstage (below).

In a recent interview for her animated film Epic, Beyoncé revealed that she tones it down when crooning to her daughter.

“I keep my Beyoncé voice for the stage and I have my simple mommy voice,” she laughed. “I remember hearing a story about Céline Dion and she was saying, ‘When I sing [to my kids] they cried.'”

Mary Margaret

Blue Ivy Carter Wears a Crown Beyonce
Courtesy Beyoncé

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CS on

All girls are princesses! 🙂

Lola on


Yvonne on

Perfect … love the pics!

Andrea on

AAAAAND cue all the Beyonce hating trolls! Haters gonna hate! You go, B!!!

Tina on

Now what is the point in putting out a half picture. I don’t like the way the dangle something in front of us and then pull it back. If you don’t want us to see your child, fine. But don’t tease us with pictures of an eye or a hand.

SarahJane on

I do that often with my daughter on certain sites (twitter, blog, etc) bc I don’t like the idea of anyone being able to see her face, copy pictures, etc. You can put up all the privacy blocks you want, pictures still get out. I’m clearly not a celebrity, but I value my daughter’s anonymity. I commend B for not plastering her daughter’s face everywhere. By posting a hand or an eye, she is able to share moments without over sharing. We are a society who thinks that we are owed celeb baby pics bc we are able to closely follow their lives thru magazines like people. It’s their choice how much, or how little, to show.

Karen on

I couldn’t said it better, Tina!!!

martina on

All girls are princesses, but this is beyond tacky. What’s with the throne and a custom crown for a toddler? Does she think a $4 princess tiara isn’t good enough for her 17 months old? Money can’t buy class, that’s for sure.

Jessica on

Martina, her “throne ” is an exact copy of her mothers directors chair smh she earns her money and if she wants to shower her child she has that God given right to

Anonymous on

Aww, so cute!

Jen DC on

@Martina: The “throne” comment was a joke – she has a personalized mini-director’s chair. Which many children have at home, or mini-easy chairs monogrammed with their initials… GET A GRIP.

Secondly, little children play dress up. Sometimes, it involves fake crowns. Do you honestly believe they’ve created a pearl- and jewel-encrusted crown for a 2 year old? AND EVEN IF THEY HAD, what of it? Can they spend their money the way THEY want or not?

Amber on

Look at that crown again!!!! It sure isn’t from Party City, that’s for sure!!! Read the story AGAIN….. The crown was designed by Vivienne Westwood. Soooooooo, to me that’s a tad snooty!

Kim on

Wow..another picture where you can’t see this child’s face..every picture they “post” for the public, her face is hidden. She must really look like her Dad for them to want to keep her face hidden. And for those who say they want to keep their privacy well then why post a pic at all on social media??

Lena on

I find this pic annoying!beyonce thinks everyone wants to see her daughter! Just cuz she famous dont mean that her daughter is one of a kind!

Heather A on

Bow down, cause beyonce really believes she is your queen and this is your princess. God help us all. Beyonce can keep dreaming, nowhere near enough class to be queen. Amazing that people buy her music. This isnt just a mother calling her daughter a princess like most of us do, she thinks they are royalty.

Karen on


Shannon on

Please tell me those jewels in the crown are fake. How pretentious.

Anonymous on

Tis the picture of 1 EYE (All seeing eye) and a Crown. More of a reason for people to believe they are in the Illuminati.

bkable on

Why does an 18 month old need heels? She can barely walk…

John on

Bow down? You’ve got me confused with stupid! And how arrogant!

Ann on

Princesses Blue Ivy just might have some competition now that Princesses North West has arrived……..wonder if Kim will also print half pictures of her little darling?

Anonymous on

As I read your comment, all I could think about was how rediculous these poor girls’ names are. Their parents should be slapped!

Jen on – thank you for posting an article about a mother we can admire: A career woman who is setting a good example for her daughter. A hard-working woman, who loves and is devoted to her husband and their relationship. Two parents who love each other, got married, and then had a baby out of love. If more celebrity parents were like this, perhaps young girls would understand what motherhood should look like. NOT like Kim Kardashian, who had a baby OUT OF WEDLOCK with a guy she had only been dating a few months, while still married to ANOTHER guy she was only married to for 72 days. And then proceeded to have such an unhealthy pregnancy full tight clothes, and dozens of airplane trips traveling around the world – so unhealthy that her baby was born prematurely. PLEASE POST MORE ARTICLES ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE BEYONCE. The more you post about Kardashian, the more young girls aspire to be like her, instead of someone like Beyonce.

sarah on

I don’t think u r a mom,or u have ever been pregnant.pls keep ur mouth shut.don’t judge .

Nicole on

Actually jen, she and Kanye have been together for over a year… and the divorce was finalized before she delivered the baby. Get your facts right before trying to act all high and mighty. You sound pretty angry and bitter for no reason.

Sharon on

Tired of this bleached b***h and her showing half pictures of her baby!

Sharon on

I am tired of this bleached singer and her showing half pictures of her baby!

Jamie on

The reason she is only showing half the face is because the poor kid takes after jay-z…..and the crown is a joke, seriously i hope she is just doing it for fun, they are hardly royalty.

Kimkay1969 on

So Annoying

Natalie on

I hope all of you that took time out of your obviously very busy lives know that Beyonce could care less about what you think about her life and her child. The same way we care about what kind of beach towel you are using this summer is the same way Beyonce cares about how you perceive her actions. Thank you and get a life, haters.

amocupcakes on

Those pink Tom Ford heels look like they belong to Miss Piggy.

elle on

and I second the vomit comment.

Stella Bella on

Methinks she takes this all a little too seriously.
+1 to the vomit comments

Verbose on

Wow People magazine your website has become a place for hateful people to leave hurtful comments. Wow who knew that a picture of a happy baby and a loving mother would bring out such hate.

Pammy61 on

Wow. Some people tan. But Beyoncé just gets lighter and lighter as the years go on….

JJW on

disgusting. Why does beyonce look so white lately?
Especially in the picture?

dee on

A picture showing one eye of her child isn’t really sharing pictures of your kid unless you’re just a really bad photographer.

Annie on

So…17 months old? That kid kind of looks older…and that crown is ridiculous. They’re so out there…enjoy it. Nothing lasts forever.

I bet Bobbi-Christina was a princess at one time too.

lauralee on

To all the ‘negative nannies’ ‘HATERS GONNA HATE’- So go get yo life!

Anonymous on

She must look like her father!

Shawna on

You guys are sooooo jealous of Beyonce it is funny! Lol

Shawna on

Very cute pics. 🙂

Shawna on

Beyonce is not bleached you moron. Blacks come in all shades. Lol! Jealousy and envy causes mental illness you know.

Shawna on

All hail to Queen B and Princess Blue. Love it!

Bee on

No girls are princesses except those born into royalty. The “princess” fade only creates narcissists. Why do they never show little Blue’s precious face?

Eden on

i think the poor kid does look like the husband, that’s really sad because he’s gotta be one of the ugliest men on earth!! yuck, what did she ever see in him? and how is she a role model? she’s another Michael Jackson, ashamed to be a black woman. she wears wigs ALL the time as that is obviously not her REAL hair!! no black person has hair that straight. it’s kind of like Billy Joel’s daughter. poor thing looks just like Billy and he’s another ugly man. she’s got a beautiful mother like Christie Brinkley yet she looks like her ugly father. poor girl.

Dee on

Be quiet, your ignorance is showing. We, African Americans, come in many different hues and hair types. There are dark people with straight hair and light ones with afros.

Get your facts straight before you make a comment. Have to feel sorry for people like you.

cara on

Daddy bought a case of Crown Royal and gave her the gift with purchase.

mobile20 on

Beyonce is protecting her daughter, people You can’t take chances. There must be at least 1 other baby walking around NYC with an authentic purple crush, jewel encrusted crown- and God knows she doesn’t want to expose the real Blue Ivy with a full glimpse of her. I get it.

solar on

The mommy/baby pic is cute, but why take a partial picture of Blue’s face? Every picture I’ve ever seen of this kid has either been the back of her head, her back, and now a finger and an eye. Either take a full picture of your kid and show her, or don’t take the picture and keep her privacy. Which is it?

heather on

“All hail to Queen B and Princess Blue.” Yeah, I am going to have to pass on that one Shawna.

Black And Proud on

She is INDEED a black princess and a black heiress to the Carter empire. It is only fitting that her preparation begin now. I believe that we are seeing a holy and righteous uprising of black deity! Beyonce/JayZ and Kayne/Kim are much more than black and empowered moguls, they are black power, royalty and deity. Blue Ivy and now, North West are indeed heiresses to the new black world order. Ofcourse, republicans and tea party bigots will do everything to suppress this empowerment, but this is their world and we need to accept that!

Lali on

This is the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for the laugh! FYI Kim Kardashian isn’t black…

Beth on

If all your going to do it hate, then quit posting. B and J’s baby is adorable!!!


Blue who?

pattyr on

Oh this kid is already SO freaking spoiled and isn’t going to grow up to be TOO Fu++ed up is she? I know her parents are wealthy & famous, but how about some normalcy…might as well change her name now to Brittany or Amanda (bynes)

Anonymous on

Yeah I don’t care about illuminatiti and their dirty child…

Bella on

Thanks for sharing the great pictures Beyonce!

Jenny! on

I wish they would take a full pic of her from head to toe… oh and not the back end of her. I still don’t know what that lil girl looks like without a half a pic or the back of her head.

Angie on

Wow some of you seriously have some issues you need to work on. 1) She is a proud mom and like EVERY mom, she posts pictures of her child because she wants to show her off. It has NOTHING to do with her being a celebrity, except for maybe the fact that her fans want to see some photos too.

2) SHE didn’t say “bow down” that was the writer of the article, which was incredibly obvious if you would read it without hate in your eyes.

3) Stop complaining about EVERYthing! It’s old, annoying and NO ONE wants to hear it. If you don’t like her, don’t click on the article and save yourself the stress it seemingly causes you. I swear. I can’t believe that some of you are adults..and even worse, mothers. Grow up!

Cris on

I don’t hate Beyonce because you have had to care about it enough at one point in order to hate. I happen to think she and her husband have lost touch with reality and have overblown egos. I don’t like that kind of music and think she warbles instead of sings. IMO, she is not a good singer. But despite all that, I a sucker for a baby and feel compelled to see what the little girl looks like. I feel bad for the baby. She will have everything she could possibly want but she has some crazy parents and will live her life in the public eye.

Anonymous on

U guyz need 2 stop hating on b/j every1 has the rite to live their lives the way the want its their dream world and not yours

Janet on

how idiotic there is no picture of the kid as usual. People be ashamed for playing along with these parents dirty tricks. Total losers. Is the kid so ugly they won’t show her whoe face. Wouldn’t surprise me if she was.

Angel on

I am about sick of Beyonce and these Blue Ivy photos. A nose here, the back of the head there, a finger here, a butt there. Just plain ole stupidity. If youdon’t want to show her then don’t but don’t insult us with these idiotic pictures anymore. These celebrities act like they are Gods or something. Either show her or don’t but stop playing these childish games. Jeeze!

Maya on

Is it me or is Beyonce getting whiter, and whiter?

Anonymous on

anyone notice they never really show her whole face… even they as parents know that baby is ugly

Melisa on

Narcassistic self absorbed twit.

Kim Mozingo on

I agree, vomit.

reyschelle on

Wow! Beyonce’ is almost as white as Michael Jackson was

Kim on

Talk about ego’s. Who do these people think they are ? NOBODIES !

Crystal on

Sorry to all the poor people who can only afford plastic princess crowns for their toddlers. Must suck to be you!!!! Seriously Beyonce forget what reality is?

janie on

Buying an expensive crown for her toddler is her reality. She did that. People hating her for it or just mad about their own reality

Olga on

Must be one homely baby. I’m sorry, but I can’t get excited over 1 eye.

Sarah on

She’s so arrogant. Showing 1/4 of her child’s face. If she was really concerned about her privacy and her child’s privacy she wouldn’t share any pictures. So ridiculous.

Anonymous on

It amazes me how many comments are from people that claim they don’t like or even hate Beyonce!! If I don’t like someone then I choose not to read, listen or have anything to do with them. So you all hate her so much that you took time out of your day to post about her??? And I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t think her child is the best thing since sliced bread, especially their first child!!! The only difference is she’s a celebrity so everyone gets to hear about it but she’s no different than any other mother and I fail to see the problem with her referring to her little girl as her princess, what do you call your little girl, a hermit?? I agree to each his/her own but I really can’t find the logic in posting about someone you don’t like…..keep it moving then!!!

mattingly8271 on

Wow! Her right eye is….amazing. -_-

Ruthie Fournier on

When I scrolled down and first saw the 2nd picture with Beyoncé, I was like “who is that white lady in the pic”. Beyoncé is turning into Michael Jackson. Every time I see her she gets whiter and whiter. Scary

slcp1 on

tasteless, just like the two of them.

slcp1 on

She better hope they scooted some gold coins aside for getting that mug fixed, if she takes after Poppa J.

Susan on

Poor child..She is missing most of her face 🙂

Anonymous on

that is not beyonce baby she never was preganant its all a lie that’s y she don’t show her baby face tht much cause its not hers


TOTALLY PREGNANT!! Look at that huge dress and her untoned arms!


Beyonce is such a diva that she has her own daughter pick her nose for her.

Anonymous on

She inherited their narcissism.

avil on

Thats the real color of beyonces hair. Not blondish/red extensions.. on Afr. Am. woman…

Anonymous on

Is it me or does she look MJ white????
And gag me w the crown thing….

get over it on

Its a reference to ‘Queen Bee’ because Queen Bees are the center of the hive, she is strong and reliable. Its part of the ‘Beyhive’ part on the her tour. Of course Blue is princess Bee.

Kimberly on

I’m not a fan of Beyonces, but for you guys to trash a picture of a baby shows absolutely no class. For those of us who have children, who hasn’t thought their kid is the best! Plus that picture of her smiling shows a true, genuine smile. Get a grip people and quit being so cruel.

annaj on

EWWW ! It looks just like her father! And BEyonce and JayZ are to obnoxious, self-important jerks. They both feel they are better than everyone, while Beyonce is so darn dumb and overrated, and Jayz is nothing but a criminal drug dealer.

chris on

yea very true- why dont they ever put Blue Ivys pic of her whole body and face on internet if they are so proud of her looks? why are they hiding it from public?

chris on

yeah i agree. what are they hiding they dont ever want the public to see Blue Ivys body and face?if u are proud of the looks of your child, then show the world!

avil on

Baby has a snout like JayZ, so face is only partly shown. Cute monkey though.. Money can’t buy cute, sorry.

MommytoanE on

I believe all girls are princesses as well. I think its adorable! My daughter had a Tiara I bought for a halloween party one year….it was around $50 for the tiara. She still has it. Still loves it. She has a little mini comb that was around $20 with a tiny little crown as well. There is nothing wrong with spoiling your little princess. Besides…those cheapy little tiaras break within a few days anyways. No point in buying one over and over and over if you can buy a decent one that won’t break for a decent price. I doubt Blue will be wearing this crown much will porobably be more decoration in her room. Its a sweet little crown.
Love the mommy and daughter moment too.

micky on

Who cares

londz on

I don’t really admire her so much,bt I tnk she’s dun pretty gud wt her lyf,and she’s actually doin a great job wt maintaining her family,she can post d pics of Blue anyhow she wants to,she’s not forcing u to click n view,its by choice.

Ninny on

GAG! Can we be any MORE full of ourselves. What a stupid picture. And the girl, looks like a boy. And ugly like her daddy.

tori on

Give me a break,just wait Kim Kardashians going to give B a real run for her money with whose the better babe. Look out! So ridiculous!

BiteMe on

Here goes another another asinine article on this fake flake Beyonce & her little monster. Sorry for that kid to have any resemblance to Jay Z…..ugh, makes my skin crawl.

Lissa on

I so wish people would stop listening to her crappy music and just let her fade away. She is so full of it, and she proves it in that lame new song. Bow down to you? How bout kiss my rear end!

Sharon on

Whoever said that was her real hair yeah right. It’s the same lace front wig but a different shade. Gosh I thought it was Eve Mendes for a sec she needs to lay off the bleaching cream!

Lissa on

Uck. So full of herself!

Anonymous on

You know what, I think it’s nice to share photos of the baby. But I’m seeing an underlying theme here that is bothersome. The baby is not nor will ever be royalty. Beyoncé is not nor will ever be royalty. Jay Z is not nor will ever be royalty. Obscenely wealthy, yes. But money can’t buy them royalty. Funny how even when people seem to have it all they still want what they can never have.

Linda on

Awe – Blue Ivy’s first illuminati pix !

Anonymous on

Ya know how to tell how jealous ppl are about a subject matter? Look at all the negative comments that are posted and how they take time to ensure the nasty comments, regarding on “some” celebs. One should be ashamed of their nasty “heatfelt” comments—how pathetic one must be to sit and write the ugly comments about ppl they really don’t know personally. One is always defined by their heart–good & evil. Evil comments come from “evil” and jealous ppl. Who would hate a baby. I don’t blame the mother, she probably knows how mean some “women” are and only trying to protect her baby. Who else would the baby look like if not her parents? Life is to short to be this JEALOUS of an innocent BABY.

Shiela kerr on

Very cute pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Lenora on

There are so many ignorant people. If she wants to place a small picture of her child that is her business. Why so many hateful people? That is why the world is so messed up. Look at the negative remarks about such a cute situation. People just can’t be understanding at all now days. Get a life people so you can see happiness as a positive thing,

Marie on


Sharon on

This woman is a FAKE, PHONY, & LIAR. #justsayin


So any random mother can go the dollar store and buy her daughter a crown, heels, dress, make up etc, But because its beyone and it isnt a Dollar General Princess set its a problem?!?!? That makes no sense! For YEARS little girls have been wanting to be or at least play dress up as ballerinas, princess etc, so why is it such a problem when Beyonce’s daughter does it?? Right..simply because its Beyonce. Just last week there was a pic of Blue Ivy with her nanny (full face) and im sure all you haters/non fans stalked that pic too, but of course now you’ve forgotten about that one right? She shows her face the idiots say no one wants to see her, she doesnt show her face those same idiots want to know what or why she is hiding. Its funny that 99 out of the 100 comments her “dont care’ about. Sound like a bunch of immature “ADULTS” that are envious of a BABY who doesnt even know what it means to be envious or jealous. Comments probably coming from a bunch of struggling baby mama’s! Step YOUR parenting game up and stop worrying about the next.

melany on

I’m glad they don’t show her face, I’ve seen that baby and she looks like a boy, not charming at all, just like her ugly dad… and beyonce needs to relax, she ain’t a real queen

Trish Iwan on

If you are going to release a picture…release a picture!! How could people continue to idolize anyone as pompous and condescending as to release a picture that portrays a quarter of the child’s face. IF I were a fan – I would be outraged. Can we say BOYCOTT!! You fans made her and Jay Z rich … you have the power to make them poor too!!

Cdyana on

So she bought her a crown…big deal. This is no different than other moms who dress their girls up in pink, frilly, over puffed out dresses and ugly shiny shoes.

Cdyana on

Big deal…buying a baby crown is no different than dressing your child in a gaudy pink, puffy, frilly dress and ugly shiny shoes. So what!

Lilac B on

It’s interesting that Beyonce has now become more media friendly not only for herself but her daughter as well. I wonder if she’s trying to get ahead of the media drama that will follow the reveal of baby NORTH WEST. Also, BLACK AND PROUD, are you confirming to the Black and world communities that Jay-Z/Beyonce and Kanye/Kim are all entertainment agents for the White Elite NEW WORLD ORDER and their mission through their music and business ventures is to cause mass distractions and defacement of American culture with their dumb Illuminati signage, and we need to now prepare ourselves for a new generation of Illuminati/NEW WORLD ORDER zombies and their baby representatives in Blue Ivy Carter and North West. I’m not a Republican or a member of the Tea Party, I’m just a concerned American citizen who wants to know why certain hand-picked entertainers are being elevated to such high status (are they selling their souls to the devil) while other entertainers are being sacrificed or they can’t get their foot in the door without selling their souls. This can be a very interesting debate if you look beyond the cover story of the entertainment rags such as People Magazine, TMZ, etc.

robin on

bey i love you but pls stop with all this half picture mess eventually everyone is going to see this baby she’ll end up like michael j kids if you dont stop it this is really just sillllllyyyyy

Michelle on

Bouncy, STOP, just STOP!

KAB on

Honestly,that is ridiclulous……..more money than sense
There are people in the US that are struggling big time financially,emotionally and physically and then we see this picture
I know people will say well why did you look,curiosity is the word but now I am displeased……What a crock

anonymousse on

Such a beautiful mother, and the kid looks like Jay-Z….what a shame.

Ruth on

Who cares about her? she want to get paid to put a whole picture..

maryhelenc on

It kind of looks like she was playing with one of the props from the Mrs. Carter tour, you can see Beyonce’s hand in the back, so maybe when she took the pic, she only got part of Blue, but still thought it was a cute photo.

Considering the hate people spew when it comes to that sweet baby, I’d be protective of her too if I were Beyonce.

Kevin on

Beyonce has posted full face pictures. Yes, the baby looks like Daddy. Yes, the baby will be furious about that someday. But, she’s a lucky child to not be born in Haiti earthquake rubble or something. Have fun kids, but don’t let them grow up to be bratty looking like Will Smith’s kids. I don’t think those two will ever give one hoot about society except for their own small world.

Rozzie on

Starting to get sick of her too.

Anonymous on

who cares

Life on

Beyonce is so beautiful and love the pictures she has shared. And Blue is going to look just like her.

tk on

I feel so honored and humbled that B permitted us to see that 1/4 pic of her daughter.

ummm… .why are they hiding does anyone know?

Diana on

WTF with the cut picture??? Either you share it or NOT… aghhh

Rozzie on

Bey you can stop with the half pictures. We don’t care to see the whole face.

Rozzie on

Can’t understand why they keep sending out half pictures. We really don’t care. Either send the whole picture or keep this half picture stuff.

keeping-it-real on

Majority of the women writing negative things about B are white women that are jealous of her, they hate to see that black man they have, lusting over that young beautiful black woman. I’m sure when y’all are home alone, be in the mirror trying to dance like B and wishing you could be her lol. White women, y’all will never be a sista, you will only be just a sister, so stay in your own lane. Black women that are writing negative things about another black woman that has made it to the very top but working her ass off, not by laying on her back or her daddy money, should be ashamed of yourself. I have a young daughter, her and I both love B and I am so happy that she has a positive black woman to look up to. I have never heard anything about B going out getting drunk and making herself look stupid or sleeping around. she is not a baby momma, she is a mother and a wife. So how could any black woman, insult another black woman for be a positive person is beyond me. Black women did y’all not watch Oprah show call black girl? My daughter admire women of all race and so do I, but I don’t want no lil black girl thinking she can’t make it to the top if she is black or her to putting down another black woman for making it to the top because that is what she seen her mother or any other black women that have influence and her life do. Mrs Carter, not only are you a beautiful woman with amazing talent, you have a beautiful family as well.. Keep doing you, Because no one can do it better then you Beyonce!

Anonymous on

They can only show half a picture because they are all from different babies.

suzy diamond on

Wow! Lesson learned. How NOT to teach your child about giving back to your community when you have so much. Yes, it’s all about restraint in an economy where kids in THIS COUNTRY go to bed hungry. She’s pathetic.

Guest on

All I hope is that she looks like Beyoncé and not JayZ!

b k on

excuse me while I throw up

suzy diamond on

What planet is this woman livin’ on? Get REAL, then get LOST!

julie on

@keeping-it-real……are you serious right now? you can decipher a person’s race from their online comments? hell, these commenters could be grown men for all you know, much less “jealous white ladies”. get a grip, your ignorance is showing

jenna on

sorry but princesses get beat up

Karen on

Shame guys don’t hate the baby…. Hate the baby mom for showing off with a baby no one can see….weird!

Crystal on

Jay and Bey are very generous people who give to various charities and believe in being humble. Blue Ivy is ONE!!! How the HELL do any of us know that they won’t teach Blue the importance of giving back???? Just because the baby is wearing a crown does not mean the Carter’s think they are royalty. Beyonce is notoriously private. I think it’s great she is giving us a glimpse into her private life. Some people on this site have serious issues with celebrities. Which is so strange because People is a CELEBRITY SITE!!!! Some of you need a grip on your miserable lives. If you don’t you will continue to be ugly, hateful bitter old shrews. I think Bey is doing a great job raising her FIRST CHILD! Go Bey!!! You are loved and supported by MILLONS. Keep doing you and being the best wife, mother and entertainer some of us have EVER SEEN!!!!! 🙂

Anonymous on

Such a wonderful share from Bey! These pics fill my heart w/ so much joy for mother and child. Parenting is a beautiful blessing especially for those who really take quality time to truly embrace it

Hea on

Cute eye

Jessica on

To all of you assholes fussing over Beyonce and her precious Blue Ivy, why dont you all stop hating and get a life. Beyonce could not give a fuck of what you think. She is not posing nude, or smoking a joint, or playing with strippers. She is just enjoying her daughter like any mom would. I give Beyonce thumbs up for teaching young girls to date first, get married, and then have a family. She is setting a great example unlike many celebrities who cant keep a marriage and run from one man to the next. Give credit where it is due. Beyonce is an awesome mom and wife . And by the way she is not bleaching her skin, it is just the lights stupid. I am light skin and sometimes my pictures look white like Beyonce depending on the lighting. So please internet trollers and haters, Beyonce is one to be admired so if you dont like her or you are too jealous and envious, go and crawl under a rock or Bow Down.

Amy on

*yawns* High horse much? Seriously.

stupid as can be on

Somebody needs to do princess Ivy hair!!!!

Anonymous on

ok beyonce lets stop with these gotcha pics and let us see her or LEAVE HER OUT OF THE MEDIA!!

Vanna on

There will always be people who have an opinion about other parents. Those of us tired mommies who are with our kids 14 hours a day, like myself, are rubbed the wrong way (a bit)about the crown picture. She will probably never change a diaper, too. But, there’s nothing I can do about it. Beyoncé loves the attention. I’m surprised, she’s not proudly holding the child for the picture though….

marie on

Wow her tumbler…
{Beyonce | I AM }.. says it all right there. Obviously Ms. B is calling herself a goddess and her daughter a heiress. Major Eye roll. Vomit

marie on

@keeping it real… you think Ms. B cares about you? Hella no! She don’t care about no women. Watch her documentary. While she sings about empowering the woman and sings… “girls! Who owns the world, Girls”!… her back up singers and female crew was being treated like shizzat! They were being dogged and put down… Watch her movie… Ms B is a B.. and fake as fake can get. Shes a straight up Hypocrite.but go ahead and keep worshiping your goddess who cares nothing about you… just your money

bird on

I think the green monster is in a lot of people that have sooooo much time to be critical of a lovely mother that is soooo proud of her lovely daughter. What is the problem????

Anonymous on

So sweet!!! What a thoughtful mom .

PE on

I feel a bit sorry for them…I hope they have everything they ever thought they wanted. Its far too late for them to get scared now.