Kris Jenner Shares the Meaning Behind North’s Name

06/26/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner Baby Named North
KCS Presse/Splash News Online

When it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s relationship, apparently nothing burns brighter than their North star.

During a Tuesday appearance on The View to promote her new talk show Kris, Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner took time to explain the real meaning behind her granddaughter’s name amid jokes of possible alternatives including Pan-Am.

“I love the name North — I’m pro North, absolutely,” Jenner says. “The way [Kim] explained it to me was that North means highest power and she says that North is their highest point together.”

She adds, “I thought that was very sweet.”

Despite the direction of the 1-week-old‘s full name, Jenner is quick to point out that baby girl’s surname isn’t an issue.

“You don’t walk around calling somebody North West — you just [call them by their first name],” she says, sharing the couple have already decided on a nickname for their daughter.

But before the lineup of ladies could move on to the next topic, Barbara Walters couldn’t help but add, “If they have other children [they could use] South West [and] East West.”

“That’s Barbara. She’s always thinking!” quips Jenner.

— Anya Leon

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Becky on

This is all a joke. The baby has a K name and it’ll all be revealed either on their show, or in a magazine. They’re pulling off this elaborate ruse to get everyone all riled up, and meanwhile they’re sitting back having a good laugh at everyone’s expense. The truth will come out eventually.

Lisa on

I totally agree Becky! I’ve been saying that since it was released. They are having a great laugh at the whole thing I bet!

julie on

Omg…SO SO TRUE!!!!!!!

momofsdg on

Yepyep Becky. It’s a ploy for attn and a scheme to keep people off the name. The picture of the “birth cert” from “the hospital” is NOT the form completed by the hosp & submitted to the state and/or county. The copy being shown is the final, official cert issued by the state or county and that is NOT done in less than one week of the birth. Further, the hospital wouldn’t release that info to the public. I’m a medical social worker, trust me, I know.

Oh Really on

Wow you all just totally blew my mind^^^^

That this could be fake

I too thought it would be Kaidence Donda
Or like Wendy Williams suggested :
K’Donda 🙊

Brandi on

Or so you hope the hospital wouldn’t release that into. The tabloids pay a LOT of money for stuff like that, and though I’m sure it’s a HIPAA violation, it’s always been a suspicion of mine that some of the staff at Cedar Sinai are secretly making some cash on the side leaking highly desirable info like that. #JustAThought 😉

calypso on

Kaidence Donda

emma on

I completely agree with you Becky. Even though I don’t watch their pathetic show, I know it’s just a load of bull

Shelley on

Exactly Becky! You are the only one I know who thinks the same thing I do. Finally! Thank you!

Just Saying on

When you give birth to a premature baby there is no birth certificate until the baby is well enough to go home. My niece was in the hospital for 2 months and the day she was released is the day her birth certificate was issued. Can’t wait for the royal baby to be born so these KK’s can go away.

Yuppy on


Anonymous on

It’s dumb as hell no matter how they explain it but they are all dumb so what did we expect. Coming soon, siblings South, East, and West West.

JB on

I looked up the definition of North, in a Cambridge and also Webster’s dictionaries….I guess Kris doesn’t own one….guess what North doesn’t mean?….I guess she got the hip-hop definition. Clueless and dumb

rocky mountain girl on

whatever the meaning behind the name, it’s still stupid. poor little girl.

Emily on

“…North means highest power…”, um no. Actually north is just a direction on the map, but keep trying to make it sound profound. Surely some people will buy into it.

kh in sj on

I know, right? They can “explain” it all they want, but at the end of the day….yup, still a stupid name.

emma on

I totally agree emily – very pathetic.

Leslie on

If the last name wasn’t West I wonder if her name would still be North.

Shel on

This family needs to go away…..

cjl225 on

What a load of crap.

KW on

Its a stuffy, old BOY name from 300-400 years ago. Of all the beautiful names they could’ve chosen.

MrMonkee on

What is she suppose to say? “I can’t stand the name of my newest money maker”? She later said she would have preferred ” Cha-ching”.

Jeanie on

That poor child!

Yul on

And Key West 🙂

marie on

Brilliant. Just brilliant!

Martina on

Key West … Hahaha awesome

Jaime on

Nice explanation, but it’s still not going to help that poor child on the playground.

Milky on

Oh man I hope it’s a joke. I don’t usually care about celeb baby names other than to roll my eyes, but this one is just soooo ridiculous

Anonymous on

What ever!!! the kid is still going to get teased like crazy in school, kids are mean, unless of course she will be home schooled, never to young for tips on porn movies!!! lord help us all…unless of course kayne thinks he’s god ( and I believe he does) oh forget it were all doomed, they will be on tv for ever, the North West show will be on eastern time at …lol I’m feeling sick ;(

anne on

Thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard!

AB on

Becky, I hope like heck this is all a joke. Considering her sister gave her kids normal names, I’m surprised that Kim would go with such a moniker.

Anonymous on

They don’t have a clue about any directions and I feel sorry for this baby. What dumbasses they all are.

bkable on

Why would they nickname her? Doesn’t that just mean they’re not fans of it themselves lol Especially since I heard it was Nori which is more syllables than North and therefore a bad nickname lol but I like it better than North West!

PS Kris, no we don’t walk around calling her North West but when she graduates, they’ll call North West to get a diploma, when she gets married, it’ll be ‘do you North West take…” its absurd.

ME on

When I was married, the pastor did not use my surname when he asked my husband: ‘will you take – to be your wife’

Sloane on

Finally, an explanation…. that is just as dumb as the name itself.

Cali on

Becky, I agree with you. It’s definitely not her “official” name. It’ll be part of the show or the talk show.

guest on

I AGREE with Becky!!!!

Alina on

Sounds to me like they are inventing a way to spin this so it seems more profound and deeper than it really is. They named the baby North West to try and be cute and clever. It bombed in their face and now they have to make up this whole thing.

jc on

If this is a publicity stunt…poor child. If this really is her name…poor child. If this couple, K and K, don’t grow up…poor child.

MommytoanE on

“You don’t walk around calling somebody North West — you just [call them by their first name],” she says.

Uhh…last time I checked, in school they say the first and last name of a child many times throughout the year. Graduation ceremonies are with full names. And as a professional she would be referred to by her full name. Maybe in a casual sense she would go by just plain North, but in the every day world she will forever be North West.

emily on

Not to mention if she ever goes into a doctor’s office.

ok on

I was expecting something stupid, but this really made me giggle.

Denise Smith on

I also believe this is a joke and North is not the baby’s real name. But you never know, Rob Morrow named his daughter Tu.

Taraakapinky on

I am not one to criticize a baby’s name, because its a baby and we should love babies. However, this is a really stupid name and I feel sorry for her growing up. Even my husband, who barely tolerates my love of babies, made the funniest face when he heard the name. He was like “wow, they’re idiots.” Haha hopefully this is a big joke and they named her something sweet and beautiful, like babies are…

Taraakapinky on

Does Kim realize that the direction north isn’t straight up in the air?! Lol

Sam on

That was funny Tara!

Amy on

Good grief. We all know it was stupid Kanye’s ego on this one.

Highest point? How about Top, Highest or First as a name then?

MrMonkee on

If Becky is right then the “Official Birth Certificate” that has been posted must be a fake also.

Emry on

i cant stop laughing at how stupid this family is, its all a horrible joke, and its sooo sad to watch.

elle on


Anonymous on

Those people make me want to puke.

lynn on

Really REALLY stupid name…….

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

Ugh…why is a legend like Ms. Walters interviewing a fame-hungry matriarch…blech. If we ignore this over-exposed family, they will go away!

Sherra on

Kris Jenner, the ultimate pimp. Whoring out her daughters and any information to keep her and her family in the D-List trash spotlight.

Anonymous on

Give me a f-ing break………………

Janet Burns on

In other words, Kanye has taken a stand and Kim doesn’t have a thing to say about it! She doesn’t have a decisive thought in her stupid head. She has always let her mother make her decisions for her and now Kanye will be making them. Simple as that! Kim is not a rocket scientist, kids!

Starryeyed on


JO on

What in the world is she talking about? Kimye are, well, dumb and so is Kris Jenner. How do they come up with this stiff, North the highest power?

Brooklyn on

Doesn’t make it any better. Still horrible.

Anonymous on

Give me a break…..

BTW, I dated a guy named North….turned out to be a TOTALLY, SELF ABSORBED JERK. Not that that will happen to this little girl (being a Kardashian and all…..)

Sammi on

Ugh, shut up People! I can assure you that NO ONE cares.

p on

eeeewwwwwwwwwww! this whole story is hideous.

K on

They say her nickname is Nori, if you already have a nickname for her, why didn’t they just call her Nori in the first place? It’s a much prettier name than North. I do feel sorry for this little girl though, I sure hope she doesn’t get bullied.

Opal on

I love the name ‘North’. It’s unique and inspiring, which can’t be said for most popular names these days.

Ida on

Thank you Opal, finally an answer that is not angry. God bless this child and the miracle that she is!

jc on

Poor kid.

Cory23 on

Sorry, it is still a very ‘STUPID’ name!!!

jennyy on

its still a dumb name. and u know kris thought it was a dumb name too

Nesslynne on

Kim probably went along with Kanye idea. Thinking he so smart to think of the name “North West”. Remember this is the same guy that got on stage so rudely interrupted Taylor Swifts acceptance speech.. He rude and an Asshole!!

Kim is just plain dumb!

lynne on

I was hoping for Continental Divide or possibly something w/ hiemisphere as the middle name! Good grief. You pick your child’s name as something you like and that they can live with.

Lani on

LOL. “Highest POWER:..go figure! I don’t know how JENNER can say nobody will ever go around calling the baby NORTH WEST and will just call her by her name. Even NORTH itself will make other kids want to tease her and I sure hope I’m wrong as I don’t wish that for any child because each child truly is heaven sent. She’ll grow up one day soon. Watch how kids will tease her with that name. Some kids, esp. nowadays, can be very cruel.

Anonymous on

You can file this and anything else written about this trashy family under the title “who gives a f***k”

Carrow on

Lord y’all act like its the worst name ever applied. You better go back a few years when the bad name craze was at its peak…Pilot Inspektor, Moxie Crimefighter ring any bells?

Amanda on

At least Moxie and Pilot are names, north is a direction, and I would definitely call the name North West an equal to those if we are comparing bad names

meg on

Surely the Kardashians don’t believe that we think they are deep? They are the most shallow people on the planet. Highest power? North? North really isn’t up even if it shows up on a map you two geniuses.

Starryeyed on


Anonymous on

These people are ignorant hayseeds. This is what you get when they mate. I feel sorry for the kid.

guest on

they are so stupid…they should have just named the child money maker west!

Anonymous on

I bet they will reveal the real name when kate middletons baby pics steal all the magazine limelight from their baby….. They need some amunition for later to keep themselves on covers.

deb on


kathybluestein on

Dumb azz Kim k needed to get a clue, an a spine to tell HER god, Kanye which sounds stupid, that its in the omg category of Blue ivy, Apple, an rumer. I’d have to have been high, to come up with it.

anonymous on

As someone pointed out, they are over-exposed, big time. By reading about them and commenting on them, we are contributing to the problem and keeping them going. Let’s pull the plug! If sites like this get no page hits on them, then no Kardashian photos and stories

Anonymous on

I don’t care what the meaning–it takes the cake for the stupidest “celebrity” (and I use the term loosely) name ever! Seriously…North West??? Why would you do that to your child? Another narcissistic couple revealed–gave absolutely no thought to the impact of their stupidity in trying to be “cool.”

Tiffany on

Sounds like a great future porn star/stripper name. Sorry!

Kaitlyn on

I wonder if they knew this when they named her.
Calabasas coordinates:
latitude: 34° 08′ North
longitude: 118° 39′ West

Sam on

Should have spelled it “Knorth”

Kristen on

That’s hilarious Sam!!!

EBony on

The next babys name can me Wild and the middle name Wild! haha

Peaches in P.A. on

If they are going to call her Nori – just name her that! I hate when people refer to others by nicknames rather than their given names. Secondly if this is their highest point of the relationship, that’s telling me they won’t be together much longer! That poor child and her screwed up parents and family. It’s dysfunction with a capital “D” . Good lord! I feel sorry for that baby.

..... on

Oh, I see!! Does this make it all better now? Let me think on it a sec…NOPE. NO, IT DOESN’T.

Linda on

I DO NOT care what explanation this messed up family has for the babies is STUPID no matter what explanation they have or come up with. Nothing but attention seeking *hor*es is all this family is I swear!

gerri on

All the parents,who give their children,these crazy names,and open the door for teasing,and bullying,should be charged with child abuse,maybe when these kids grow up,they will file charges and lawsuits themselves.. Shameful,Shameful…

Elena on

These slobs need to go away.

Cinder Lou on

Highest power would be Apex or … Climax. Guess I better not go there. Maybe the baby is lucky to have gotten away with North.

Shelley on

Doesn’t matter what the “supposed” meaning of the name is – it is stupid. End of story.

Kim is going to look like such an idiot naming her kid North after the baby daddy West is headed south. Didn’t think of that one, did you Kim?

Elena on

Um, if she is their North Star, then why not name her North Star West in the first place? My guess is that they were going for the edgy (???) and memorable North West. No matter the reason. The “name” is still pretty goofy. I’m predicting future sibs will be Mae West and Wild Wild West. 🙂

Kab on

I truly thought they were gonna name her Kimye. Literally. Think north may actually be worse.

skiiy on

since everyone’s on the gay bandwagon lately how about “out” west. LOL! stupid pathetic cruel people to name a little girl North. Geezes.

bkable on

Opal, I agree. North is beautiful! But you don’t name a baby North West. Sorry its rude to your child. She will end up either changing her name or getting married young and keeping his name if they divorce

SAR on

What a horrible name to pin on an innocent child. Why not just paint a big bullseye on her? She’ll get teased within an inch of her life. I can’t abide the Kardashians. Why are they even famous?

cat on

I agree the name is really stupid but let’s face it folks this girl is never going to get teased on the playground. Her parents will buy her her own playground.and probably higher little children to play with her. There’s no way this kid is coming in contact with any kind of reality.

zee on

I read somewhere that the baby’s. name is Kardiance or something along those lines

Anonymous on

Most celebrities or singers pick stupid ridiculous names. They just need to be different, meanwhile the poor kid grows up with a stupid name. Coco, Apple, Moon Zappa, and many more….need I go on.

nellie on

The kid will never be in a professional environment, and will probably never graduate and be home schooled like the last 2 girls.

Alicia on

Kris would kill to have a k name, Kanye isn’t having any of that drama.

Anonymous on

YAWN!!!!! Are they still tryng to explain why they are a bunch of idiots?

Carli on

Okay so your baby is your ‘highest point’ together and you want to show that by the name you give your child; that’s nice and all, but why pick a name that sounds so ridiculous with the child’s last name? It comes off sounding more stupid than meaningful. Or if they were so set on ‘North,’ why not look into other languages and see how it translates? The meaning would still be there but it wouldn’t sound as silly.

demonchild38 on

I read some where on line, they were going 2 call the kid NORI, so why not just name her NORI, no matter what the definition of the name is, its not for a girl.. its their child, they can name it whatever they want, it just happens to sound stupid for a girl.. North may be their HIGHEST power TOGETHER until one of them gets sick of each other.. Just cuz they have a kid together, dont’ mean they are going to last.. Look at their track record.. If HE was So in love with her, and her HIM, but did she end up marrying Kris?? OH yaeh, t.v drama, fame..

John on

Well I guess if North means highest power, what does Kanye mean, the HARDEST HITTER?

sarah on

Dear Kris-
S H U T U P!!!!!

ella on

North West is ridiculous,
The nickname, NORI, is ridiculous
Nori is edible seaweed..

Taraakapinky on

I don’t mind Moxie Crimefighter or Pilot Inspektor as much as I feel bad for her having the horrible North West.

Charli on

I actually like the name. I don’t know if it is really the baby’s name but I think it is cute. Let’s face it, this baby was not destined for a traditional name. North and they call her Nori, adorable.

dee on

This lady has a talk show coming out????? Lmfao! What a joke!!!!!

Charli on

I like the name North better than Penelope…but I don’t have to raise eitther one of those babies so who cares what any of us thinks.

Kery Kade on

Yeah right!!!! Control-ye West came up with that one. We all know Kim couldn’t think her way out of a paper bag.

John on


La La on

North is just a direction, where is she getting the highest point, that is NOT the definition of North, she is an IDIOT!

Elena on

Last I checked north was a direction not a “highest point”. What highest point /power are they trying to refer to? The highest point on earth? Which is actually a volcano in Ecuador called Chimborazo. Or maybe the highest power as in political power such as president or highest in a monarchy such as king or emperor. Heck I am no expert but I am sure north is not a high power. Its probably fake, just like everything else with these morons, and they are living it up with all the attention they are getting.

Janet on

Quite frankly I am so sick of these yokels and pity the poor new baby with such a ridiculous name, that is if it is really the baby’s name.

rhea on

Why do y’all care what kim and kanye name the childeverybody in their circle is happy

mileysux on

good lord they are disgusting. like two overly-tanned fat b’s propping each other up before their little high-heels crack in half

Anonymous on

Well isn’t that just presh…

Anonymous on


Guest2012 on


Dee on

It’s ridiculous no matter how you look at it and what the reason behind it.

Anonymous on

So does this mean if they are at their highest point there is no where to go but down?

Anonymous on

My name is China like the country…so what if it’s north…how many ppl have the name.north!!?? Exactly so she’s one of a kind!!i was made fun.if mynane but Ohh well cause in original and good for them…take.ur negativity somewhere else!!

Stacey on

There is no explanation for anything about these two.

Anonymous on

Nice try Mom-ager to damage control that stupid name. Kanye is making you all look like idiots.

sydzac99 on

STUPID name!!! no matter which way you try to explain it!! But stupid is as stupid does apparently!

Janet on

The Kardashians: proof that being pretty and having money does not keep you from being stupid.

inn on

Why all the comments are so negative. Does really everyone hates so much this family. They seem quite ok to me. I don’t watch the show often, but they seem mormal as they could be with all that fame, shows, money. And the name North sounds nice in English, for a non English speaking people. But if to translate, then it sounds hmm.. interesting, but not so bad as all the comments say

canucklehead on

This family is so incredibly profound.

shannob on

kanye west is sn asshole who only cares about himself… which is why he doesn’t care that his daughter will be bullied for this stupid name… Oh wait… he is the almighty yezuz… so he will just use his powers to stop that from happening.. now if you will excuse me..I have a date with superman

shannon on

charli.. is that you kanye????

Amy on

This made me laugh out loud !! Hahaha

Anonymous on

Hey Kris don’t forget to pimp out this kid so that you can help pay for her therapy when she is older.

Geri on

The way [Kim] explained it to me was that North means highest power and she says that North is their highest point together.” I think she needs to try again.. that makes no sense at all. Its Kanye and Kim trying to be original but end up sounding absurd. That poor child ends up having to live with their failed attempt at being “deep”.

Cynthia on

Emily – North Star actually exists. That is how ancient ship navigators knew where to go in the middle of the ocean. North Star has powerful magnetic pull of which the compass will be pulled toward to show where north is at. Ancient land walkers also used North Star to find their way to the next towns. Ancient roads were built based on North Star. Not that I condone the chosen name of the Kardishian baby…I don’t. It is a silly name and unimaginative. I believe they scrambled on how to come up with a credible explanation for giving the baby the name – North Star is probably the best they came up with.

Kris on

Mrs. Jenner: You will never convince us that your daughter has an IQ higher than a 5 yr old.

weezer on

The entire family(except Khloe) need therapy. They’re all effed up!

JoAnn on

If it was a good name, they would not have to keep defending it. It was stupid to name this little one North. This is about the self centered parents, who did not think this through. West wanted to have an extention of his own ego.

jane25 on

Stupid name… period.

Diana44 on

Are you serious???? Kim have lost her damb mind since she got pregnant. I don’t think she cares about anything else but herself! First she kept talking about her getting fat and her look is horrible just cause she was pregnant. Now name her first child North? Damn she’s so stupid!

sat on

I am considering this official fact now. My brain really could not wrap around that name. I am clearly not as mentally liberated as those 2 krazy kids 😉

Kaya on

Becky you are soooo right i do too think they are playing a game with us! they love to play games

jane25 on

Let’s not forget that Kris is the same woman who raised Kim and her ridiculous sisters. I don’t expect much from her.

Danielle on

Kris Jenner would do whatever in order to be on the news….she syill have two teens at home ready to exploit.

essie on

kris jenner is an idiot and her explanation as well as kim’s is ridiculous. north on any other kid would be OK but with the last name west, it’s so obviously chosen to be “shocking”. dim wit mom, totaly dim wit daughters…

What??? on

It’s still stupid no matter how you spin it.

Callie on

The birth cert was a total ploy. If you looked at it closely you would have noticed that the CDL# is too short and doesn’t have enough #’s. I call BS on this whole thing. I think KJ is working it with KK and KW for money.



JlKnfddg on

I wanted to name my son North (his last name would not be a compass point, mind you). Kim pretty much ruined that for me.

Just My Opinion on


JCM on

That’s assuming she will A) graduate high school, and B) actually get married; both are gigantic stretches of the imagination…

Anon on

I surely hope the name is a joke. Both of them would do anything to keep their name in the news. Unless her legal name is Nori teachers and others are going to call her North. Kimye certainly wouldn’t have considered the name if the last name wasn’t West. I would certainly hate for them to be MY parents. The poor kid is stuck dealing with this forever.

Samantha on

They should have called the baby Star not “North”.

airstreamingypsy on

This poor child has been dealt another blow… having this mother and father is bad enough, then they go and give her a ridiculous name….

ellen on

Kim doesnt have a thought that deep to come up withthe inspiration for that poor baby‘s name

BellaLuna on

Stooo Pid

kew on

And Mom, it like, totally sounds cool with West…

Anonymous on

I can’t stand Kenya because of his stunt with Taylor Swift and Kris Jenner has pimped her daughters out but I think Kenya and I hope he will stand up to Kris and keep his daughter out of reality shows like J Z and Beyonce are doing ..Just release a photo of the baby and the press will leave her alone .

rona on


Ginnieliz on

There’s nothing wrong with the name North…if your surname isn’t West.

It’s about a child feeling good about their name, not being the brunt of jokes.

The parents are old enough to know better…very sad.

Sabrina on

I feel really bad for this kid anyway… but just imagine when she has to take a geography class.

gyl on

Kris is no longer in control. Kanye is. Though the name is not a great one. Most will agree that the hollywood types are prone to making questionable choices when naming their offspring.

moxy on

Denise is right . Look @ Rob Morrow. What are these people thinking? …or smoking… they are on a ‘reality’ show but sure as heck don’t know reality.

lisa on

Oh I can just imagine the deeply profound conversation these two had while coming up with the dumbass name North. Kanye truly believes that he is far and above everyone else when it comes to his intelligence and that he is so deep that we just don’t get him. He’s an idiot. A rich idiot. But still an idiot. Kim is stunningly beautiful but people have tired of the Kardashian family and are very much over them. There will be nothing these two together can do that will glean positive comments. PEOPLE are over them, the baby, the baby name, the whole freaking family and PEOPLE magazine needs to respect their readers and stop writing about them. I, for one, won’t be buying the cover with her on it. Will you?

Susan on

This family is famous for nothing. If we would just stop with paying them any attention they might just go away.

Ashley on

At least they didn’t spell it like knee or knob…Knorth. Can you imagine?

Julesy on

Kris can explain it any which way she wants. The point remains that they did not really have a REASON. Kim and Kanye just want ATTENTION. They use their baby by giving her the stupidest name ever to prolong their fame.

two on

There are only 2 options:

1) This is a joke to keep everyone talking and the real name will be revealed eventually. Maybe they faked the birth certificate. Forging docs is nothing new.


2) This name is the result of two narcissistic morons who’ve procreated and have to make everything a spectacle.

Summer on

If they have a Boy, I vote for the name ‘Easton’.
Easton West…HaHa

Gemini on

Sorry but it’s a name for publicity purposes. She wanted everyone to talk about it and it had to be better than Blue Ivy. She and her mother are two peas in a pod.

Crystal on

I actually like the name North. It’s cute. That being said, with the last name West it sounds really dumb. What’s funny is Kanye wanted to name the baby North all along. I don’t think Kim wanted to which is why it took so long for them to name her. Then, to name her North and not give the poor child a middle name??? That is beyond ridiculous! Kim is in WAYYYYY over her head. Kanye practically has her brainwashed. He decides what she can wear, what they name their baby, etc. He is holding all the cards. I agree with the others, Kris has lost complete control of this offspring. Sorry Kris. Kanye is running the show and it’s his way or the highway. I just thought Kim had more backbone. She was more of a person with her own mind and her own voice. Clearly I was wrong. I’m disappointed in her. I’m saddened to see a woman whom I thought was a smart, business savvy and independent woman become basically a follower. Kim has no mind of her own and is controlled by her boyfriend. 18 years………….18 years…………………. SMH. 😦

Crystal on

One more thing….. did anyone else think it weird CBB didn’t announce the birth of the baby???? Weird. I thought maybe it was because she was born early or the name wasn’t announced. I think it was because they were protecting Kim from all the backlash she would receive by
A) having a baby by Kanye
B) giving it such a stupid name

calamity on

Tired joke, Barbara. That’s so one week ago…

It’s still a stupid name. No matter what it means, they’ve really done this kid wrong. It’s been rumored they’ll call her “Nori” for short…but how is that shorter than North?

Chris on

“their highest point together” So, it’s already downhill from here?

Michelle on

I’m sure the all powerful and brilliant Kanye dictated what the baby’s name would be….shocked he didn’t just name her Yeezus….

lyn on

Please take your north star and just go far,far away.

Michelle on

Just another instance of Kris marketing the “Kardashian brand”. Anything to keep them in the news….pathetic really.

lelee on

What ever Kim n Kanye name there child thats their business!! Deal wit it

Nancy on

I think they picked the name not based on the ‘meaning’ but rather for this little girl to grow up to have a ‘cool’ name for when she becomes famous. They decided to choose this little girl’s destiny. But what if she doesnt want any part of being a celebrity?

me on

It is funny how Kim has kept quite after the baby is born and does not seem to want to pimp the kid out, yet Kris is constantly promoting her family. It is a little sad.

Kim on

Same top stories over and over again. Nothing we haven’t heard before. Give us some new information for crying out loud!!!!!

Vida on

Ridiculous name 😦

kim on

Kris says its sweet? No it’s dumb, it is a direction not a name. This poor child is going to be made fun of for sure,

Guest on

I don’t believe in that phony illuminati BS, but when Kris says that the name means “the highest power,” it makes me pause. Do they think this baby is immortal or not of this world??

susanne on

Its all about you really think they would have named the North is the last name was Smith???

icebluechicago on

Does she really think we need the definition of the word ‘north’ – She must think that we’re all as stupid as her family looks.

Aunt Bee on

@Becky… something to think about isn’t it? I was just going to post that of course famew**** had to tell everyone the meaning then I read your post. Now I’m thinking twice.

Lee on

This is the perfect example of idiots attempting to be “deep.” Epic fail!

lmao on

haha that’s a messed name

tabitha on

Who cares, it’s their child, not yours! If the she doesn’t like it when she is older, she can change it..such haters towards people they don’t know, pretty pathetic.

Aoat on

Everyone commenting negatively on this article is what is fueling the fire. If you don’t like them, don’t read about them.

Aoat on

Tabitha, I totally agree with you!

K on

That’s a bs made-up explanation. I watch their show, think they are hilarious and don’t count myself a hater. But, any search behind the meaning of “North,” and there is nothing about “highest power.” I can see how some celebrity names are cute in a unique way, but this is just sad for that little girl.

Danni on

That is the dumbest “explanation” I’ve ever heard. They named her North to get attention. Why else would you do that to the poor child? I love unique names however pairing North with West makes it laughable. Ridiculous!

trisha on

Still a dumb name. Should have went with Easton. Easton West.

Bex on

“…and she says that North is their highest point together.”
WTF does that mean?
These two need to check their egos. They’re delusional.

maryhelenc on

It’s kind of sweet but it’s still a ridiculous name. They probably thought it was super cute and when everyone made fun of her, tried to make it sound better.

deborah on

Dumb as HELL, No explaination will make a snowballs chance in HELL of making this a name for a child.
Expected nothing less!

Jodi on

Who cares!

Gwen on

Of course Kris Jenner is speaking to the press about this.

Jessamine on

The Kardashian-Jenners are getting exactly what they want: The World’s Attention. Everyone is talking about this stupid name, and they are cr***ing their panties over it. First of all, anyone can justify any name they want with whatever pathetic stretch their attention wh*** minds can come up with. Second, it wouldn’t surprise me if her name is really Kaidence Donda or some other “K” moniker that they simply MUST reveal on their show. Kris is getting her own talk show? Well, her subject matter will be pretty limited because all she really cares to talk about are the Kardashian-Jenners and what they are doing with their lives, where they are vacationing, where they are having their next party, who they are dating/marrying, etc. I don’t see her focusing her attention too far past her own front door, or sharing the limelight with anyone or anything else.

Anonymous on

most asinine reason ever. LMAO!

Kelsey on

The reason? Attention/publicity = $$$$$$$.

Guest on

“You don’t walk around calling somebody North West — you just call them by their first name.” How ridiculous. People refer to people by both their first and last names all the time. She’s just trying to come up with any reason to make this name sound better. Kim should’ve consulted with Kourtney before deciding on this name. Kourtney picked cute ones.

Cari on

I have never heard of North meaning “highest power.” Her explanation is just as dumb as the name North.

DoYourResearch on

I consider myself an intelligent person, but I turned to Merriam Webster for the real meaning of “North.” Maybe I missed something in my 17 years of schooling.

1. north (adverb): to, toward, or in the north
2. north (adjective): situated toward or at the north, coming from the north
3. north (noun): the direction of the north terrestrial pole : the direction to the left of one facing east, the compass point directly opposite to south

Not seeing that “highest power, highest point” interpretation. Good try.

tanya on

Becky I hope that you are right. Nori is cute but North is stupid. But so is Bear Blue.. Alicia Silverstone’s son.

Jessamine on

For the person who asked if the birth certificate is fake, too…I have heard you can get very good fake ones in Hawaii. Even if it’s real, it can be changed for mere chump change to these people. Maybe her real name is Mae, Key, Go or Wayout.

Steve on

How about Geaux West for the next kid

Dru on

Does Kim realized that north is not up? And how is north a higher power… unless Kim worships Santa, and thinks the North Pole is the spiritual center of the universe? Actually, that sounds about right…

Anonymous on

At the end of the day, all I care about is the children are loved and have a sense of self worth, and if the name is apple or moses or north, who cares. really. LOL

Lisa M. on

“You don’t walk around calling somebody North West — you just [call them by their first name].”
Not when you’re a “celebrity” (or the spawn of such). It’s always first & last name: Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, etc.

sally on

Oh yeah Kris Jenner..the one who tr@mps the teens around! I believe absolutely NOTHING you say! Your a LIAR AND A CHEAT!

Anonymous on

The utter stupidity of this clan.

RealityCheck on

The meaning of the name North is Geographical Direction

The meaning of the name North is Geographical Direction
Meaning of “North”
English name

In English, the name North means- from the north. The name North orginated as an English name. The name North is most often used as a boy name or male name.

Sorry to burst your stupid bubble idiots.

Beebs on

How about true west as a name

Dee Englehart on

So I guess the next baby will be named Wild West to define their crazy public life together.

Anonymous on

LOVE Joy’s comment, Kris, No one really cares why Kim calls her baby North. You and your family are the family everyone loves to hate. That is your place in our time. This is what everyone will remember. And you’re time is running out. Can’t wait to get past this. Tell me, How much more of this fortune you have gained to keep your useless children in the public eye?? Oh, and Bruce, how dare you! shame on you! I looked up to you!!! No More. I hope the money and the P*^%yY was worth losing your soul and respect!! I hate you.

ME on

You HATE? them!? Whoa, that is harsh and insane. Why hate. Try to spread a little love instead. Trust me, it will make your life MUCH better.

Alayna on

That is a beautiful message and meaning behind the name but it is still strange- if your child’s last name is West you can’t name the North, no matter what your meaning behind it is. The same goes for if your last name is Bar you don’t name your baby Candy (or Candance- no matter how much you like it).

kimisdumb on

Umm Kris built her brand with KARDASHIAN. IDIOT

Kimberly on

Stupid parents. It took them THAT long to come up with the name, only to name that poor kid that??

I heard a rumor the real name will be said on their show.

What a way to use your kid to get ratings…

Dick Sicario on

What do you expect from a dis functional grandma who lives off publicity. You have to give credit to the public relations guys who keep these twits in print.

What next ? Bruce in bed with Scott. Kloe gets butt reduction plastic surgery, sells excess to a Chinese businessman who she discovers has a Swance bigger than the black dudes she’s used to, and the youngest daughter enters a Convent, but gets kicked out when found having sex with the priest who comes in to say ” private ” mass. The possibilities are endless

Di on

This message is for YOU, Bruce Jenner, You, You pc. of s*^%t!!!. Never will I have any respect for you. I hope this family NOT YOURS is worth the respect you have lost. I hope there is a lot of money in it for you, you ,you, how could you!!!! How hard did you work for those metals!!! You where such a wonderful role model!!! NO MORE!!!!! I hate you. Damn you!!

sue53 on

Nothing can explain this one away. How ’bout Wild West for a son – good grief!

Di on

This is so unfair, I have tried to post 2 times my thoughts, I guess if I don’t post something nice, it does not get posted. i guess the K family owns this mag. and my thoughts.

cara on

If that is the actual name it certainly is a disservice to the child. Why do celeb types saddle their children with stupid names? Teasing sucks. And who would know that better than a Kardashian???

Ashley on

She shouldve just named the baby “South” because that’s where her head stays

Christine on

Umm NO Kris Moron Jenner – it doesnt mean Highest Power even though Kanye thinks he can just make sh$t up as he goes along. The definition is: The direction along a meridian 90° counterclockwise from east; the direction to the left of sunrise.

Sorry but your attempt at trying to make this some deep spiritual name is pathetic.

The kid will be harassed and that’s the bottom line. Good job.

gracie on

When indrocing ones’ self, a person does refer to both first and last name . That said, as an adult, she will be introducing herself as North West.

Also, TMZ posted wnat looked like a very offiicial birth certificate and the childs’s name is Notrh West…no middle name.

Tisha on

she could name her kids anything she wants…North will always be a terrible name no matter how you cut the dice!

anonymous on

should stick with the K’s i.e.: Kei Lora West

Gigi on

Still stupid.

Starryeyed on

Hahahaha so true!!! They are ridiculous

nicky on

What I want to know is, who’s going to watch her sorryass excuse for a talk show? I won’t be shocked if it gets cancelled after a month…and that’s me being nice lol.

nicky on

Dear Kardashians, please leave this planet. Sincerely, A Majority of the General Public

Karen on

STUPID!!!! Don’t they realize that this girl is going to be made fun of because of that name. People just do NOT think!!!! North? Nori? Justify it anyway you like, I feel sorry for that baby.

Anonymous on

North is like Tierra, Moon, Sun, Rain, and more.

Anonymous on

Pshhh. Yeah right. Kanye wanted to toot his own horn and give the baby a directional name because he has a directional surname.

Anonymous on

How much does anyone want to bet that North is most definitely going to be called by her surname? The whole thing is just ridiculous!!!! You known &@$# well that the name is a stunt to bring more attention to the already over promoted Kardashian clan.

ME on

❤I LOVE the name North!!! I think its pretty. Also think the couple must be fun and lighthearted to name the baby North to go along with West. Thats fun. I dont have a problem with it. But maybe Im not picky. I tend to be pretty easygoing and laidback❤

Anonymous on

Is this proving that if you are rich you can do anything including naming a child. Dogs and other pets have better names than this. I hope the real name is Nori.

Anonymous on

That is really really sad

suzy diamond on


janiney on

North means highest power…what does that even mean?

guest on

What happen when they break up? Then it’s not going to make sense.

Jana on

What a stupid name, what stupid people.

joanne1965 on

Headline should read “Kris Jenner JUSTIFIES/EXPLAINS/DEFENDS Meaning of North’s Name”

I agree though, this may be a cover up…sad little people…poor child…

Willa on

Somehow I doubt she will be teased at school, her classmates will be Blue Ivy, Audio Science, Diva Thin Muffin and Zuma Nesta Rock. Little Nori North will be just fine.

Moondrops on

I wonder if the baby’s middle name is ByNorth!!

Sara on

I’m not usually one to leave a negative comment, but this is just so stupid. CLEARLY the idea was for the baby to called “North West” or they would have chosen another name. Kanye is a megalomaniac and I have lost respect for Kim, even as a fan of hers. Of all the pretty girl names she could have chosen. Ridiculous.

I was hoping this rumor wasn’t true but now that Kris is commenting on it, I’m truly disappointed!

Anonymous on

stupid is as stupid does….the need for attention is so sickening from these people and what is truly sad is that there are people out there who give a damn… I don’t frankly…ugh..eww…just threw up in my mouth thinking of them all …….

wordgal on

I just finished solving a crossword puzzle and one of the clues was “Sea vegetable.” The answer is NORI. Perhaps the little babe is destined to be a vegetarian.

Amber on

I think the baby name starts with a K and like honestly Kim thinks to high of herself and thinks she is better than everyone to name her child North West like their sayin that to get money and make us look stupid that kid is gonna get teased for that name if that’s her real name she’s gonna hate her parents just watch

Amber on

Wow poor kid when she goes on the playground they are going to call her compass they make up any excuse not to give the real name and to get money what ajoke and they talk about being real and North doesn’t even mean that she thought of that off the top of her brain I wonder who told her that definition honestly

flower d on

Real name or not. I like it. Lol!!!!!!

gymluv on

She can marry Kirstie Alley’s son, True. The married couple would then be True North. On their wedding night, he can explore the North-West Passage with his Big Dipper. This could create a baby named Compass. Obviously I have lost my moral compass. I think I am headed due south to hell.

Midwest on

You know mommy Kris just wants to strangle Paula Deen at this point. Not because she’s offended by what Paula said, but because Paula’s “scandal” bumped her precious Kim off to the side of People’s cover this week.

She probably expected weeks of Kim on the full cover. Or they’re still negotiating the price for the baby pictures (I don’t care what Kim says, she is not suddenly all about “privacy” just because she got knocked up by a guy who claims he is) The sooner this family goes away the better.

QIluya on

I wonder if Kris’s talk show is going to last??

Marie on

Sam (Should have spelled it “Knorth”) for the win!

Jennifer on

I read they have nicknamed her Nori. That’s because the name North is NOT GOOD.

guest on

well it’s usually a last name not a first name. I would have avoided the name in respect to the child that will be teased in school about it. But if it means something to the parents, more power to them. Pretty much every child hates their name in school.

Kate on

I assume she is not having just one name, so she’ll be able to use her other names when she grows up.

wierdorwhat on

Highest point? Maybe KK should have named their baby Everest West…..almost looks better than hilarious ‘North’….the whole kardashian family seems rather ditzi. And then they cud have shortened it to Ev, Eve which are nice names….or knowing KK…they wud likely choose to shorten it to ‘Rest’ West.. lol.

Baby K one day will learn that she can legally change her name.

Anonymous on

Their life,their money,their baby and they can do whatever pleases them.Nobody’s bussiness

Dawn on

No. North ist a direction. Full stop. There’s no bigger meaning in it whatsoever. Dear Kardashian family, stop with your pseudo-intellect, you’re stupid idiots and nothing more.

just me on


ella on

I do love a name with a special meaning. I don´t understand why you´re all hating. It´s not your child, and kids names much worse have grown up to be perfectly happy, healthy and well-loved. Seriously people, and everyone saying they don´t care about the Kardashian, stop reading the articles then. My God…

Guest on

Sorry, Grandma – that name sounds like the name of a stripper or pole dancer! Hopefully she’ll change it when she’s older.

Anonymous on

Yeah why not give the baby a stupid name really North West, do they have a clue how much this child will get picked on when it goes to school. I’s just another way of Kim to get more attention and her ugly face in magazines, she always wants attention constantly.

just a thought on

In her teenage years, she’ll be Wild West.

Shel has it right….this family needs to go away.

sheri on

I wish these people would go AWAY!!! We are so tired of hearing about their stupid lives. They are all crazy!

Flipper on

i cant believe that he thinks hes on the same level as our lord, you have got to be kidding me with these people

Natalie on

Ummmh… Kim has actually confirmed in an interveiw that the name is NOT North.. Though she really liked the name Easton. ;);)

jackie2830 on

WGAF? Just hope her lips don’t go North and South like mommies duck lips.

SA on

Now come on, if they are going to call the kid Nori why not just name her Nori instead of North. It sounds FAR better.

Carrieesq on

In my opinion, iff you need to explain the name, then it is a questionable name. Also, I have seen reports where Kim sent pictures of a baby and stated that it was hers; however, she was just trying to see if anyone would try to sell the picture. My question is this, “where did she take these pictures?” If she took pictures of other babies at the hospital, then I think she has a hell of a nerve!

Ann on

Why would Kris feel the need to explain her granddaughter’s name……..North West, South West, East West or West West who truly gives a rip and they already have a nickname so whats up with that???? These people need to go away!!!!!


This is all a bunch of BS! They named the baby this ridiculous name for publicity and shock value. Now they want to pretend there is some deeper meaning — please stop already — everyone knows how shallow Kim & Kanye, and the entire Kardashian family, are. Like someone else said in an earlier post, do you think North would be the first name if West weren’t the last name?

Beth on

Next child could be Wild Wild

Ciparliamo on

This family really needs to go away! But if this idiot has a new talk show….well….I guess that wont be happening soon….lets see how long this union between North West’s parents even lasts….

Anonymous on

I have been watching people mag I have a really good hunch on why their always coming down on the kardashians everyday.


This family is a joke. What are they even famous for? I think Kim is really messed up. And, that guy she’s with, that won’t last. Does Kim even get it that most people laugh at her? She has no class. I do feel sad for the poor little baby. She’ll also grow up in a very messed up family. And Grandma, acts like she’s one of the sisters. OK, they should all take a break and get their crap together.

sam on


sam on


guest on

Oh Please Kris. As if you would have a say in what Kim named her baby in the first place. North is an aweful name for a baby and it won’t be any better when she grows up. She will be known as North West. Obviously these famous people don’t think before they name their kids. So many beautiful names out there, they have such tiny brains that this is the best they can come up with. What a joke.

DJ on

They are idiots. North does not mean highest point. They should have named her Zenith.

Lori on

Come on people…. Did we really expect any thing different from these two idiots?

guest on

First of all, as if Kris has any say in what Kim named her baby? and it’s a stupid name, whether they will call hler by her first name or full name. There are so many pretty names out there, why would you do this to a child? idiots.

brandy on

kris and barbera need to go away. barbera, youre not funny.

Linda W on

I like Nori for short, I thought Kanye’s moms name would be in his daughters name somewhere, just out of respect, I wonder if they know what that is? But when it comes down to seeing little baby West, I’ll tell the Rag Mags now Save your money. I’m not interested in seeing her. So don’t pay any money to get pictures. This is what the Kards are good for, so. Baby West will walk out one day. I’ll see her then.

molly.two on

I would like to see if that name goes up on the baby name charts by next year. This one is a bit stranger than the rest (although it only really matters what the parents feel about it) but celeb’s and their baby names tend to start trends. No matter how good or bad they are…we will see!

ms.s on

this is now old news and it’s time to move on, kim k needs to accept the most highest bidder for the northwest pics and let it be a day show the first pics of Northwest-the highest point of a star and be done but of course kim kardashaina and mommager is going to drag this out till kris jenner talk on the 15th of july. kris jenner will be the highest bidder for the networks so that she can collect the ratings on talk show to stay revelent. I will not be watching whatsoever.

Dani on

Well, Kim did get one thing right – North is their highest point together because it’s gonna be downhill from here. There’s no way this relationship will last. If she thinks her divorce from Kris H drug out in court, just wait until the custody battle for this poor baby begins!

WiddoMouse on

Nori? As in Japanese seaweed?

Laura on

With my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, think of the possibilities for their future childrens’ names! In addition to the obvious South & East, plus the previously mentioned Key, there’s Due, Go, Old, & Wild.

Ashley on

This is ridiculous, its a joke, there’s no way anyone is this dumb to name their kid north with west as a last name

Ogechi on

I adore KimYe. People please i need to see Nori’s picture. Help!

Dana on

I understand parents wanting to give their children non-traditional, distinct and meaningful names. But North West? That’s a gimmick, not a name that a child should have to be burdened with through childhood.

Barbara on

The meaning of North is a direction…. they can put any spin they want to – ITS A DIRECTION!!!!!!!

Sharon on

North is a direction and has nothing to do with the highest power….what idiots they are.

Kaya on

kim is messing with everyone. the BABY name is NOT NORTH.

omaida on

whats the purpose of giving someone a name you wont use. If she’s such a pretty baby girl give her a girly name . no matter what the meaning it’s still an ugly name. and if your not even going to call her that whats the purpose. don’t make kids name about you make it about them .

Anonymous on

Can’t stand the Kardashians, but I just had to see what explanation they would have. It’s like a train wreck you just can’t look away. Why would you need a nickname for a name that short?

lorelei51h on

Can we all get collectively ill now? Since I’m on my best behavior today I’ll not share what I’m really thinking. ROFLMHO

Katie on

huh?? That’s the dumbest explanation I’ve ever heard – it’s their highest point?? What’s that mean

LL on

Such negativity! Just because you don’t like another persons choice in name, doesn’t mean it’s a bad name. It’s people like you that were the ones making fun of the kid with the different name in grade school. Get over it!

sandra on

and west by north west lol

Anonymous on

I love Kim and the sister’s style. That’s It… Im so over this family. Done. They need to move to an isolated island. N stay there. LOL

Anonymous on

If they had a boy, they would have named it “Wild”

Anonymous on

Poor child has two of the stupidest parents in the world. Please pray for this child. Certain people shouldn’t be allowed to have children and these two are it.

Anonymous on

She is an idiot also!

Loni on

And Kris has her big nose in as usual.She needs to come down off her high horse and work on her marriage.She isn’t nearly as nce as she thinks she is.She needs to watch herself in the show.Naming a litle girl North is as dumb as Kris herself.

Cherry on

Highest power is God only.

Highest point??? Please, you are so ridiculous.

BTW, who’s gonna watch Kris her stupid talk show. They are already enough talk show.

Debbie on

These people are so stupid and are completely useless to our society, they need to GO AWAY!! What a load of crap.

Cherry on


AnNYCat on

“North means highest power and she says that North is their highest point together.”
It’s more like they were both high together when they picked that name!

jessica on

hex kris total bullshit on the article take ur north cash bank and ur whole family to the north pole and stay the fuck there media trash bitch if this woman is kims manager i bet she directef kims sex tape kim more moaning please ray j more pumping get into it kim u get the pic lol

shauna on

Actually, there will be many instances in their life that their first and last name will be used together, especially in school.

Anonymous on

poor child

kristine on

I didnt need Kris Jenner to explain the poor baby’s name.I already had the perfect explanation-the poor child’s parents are fame whore idiots

Laura on

I wonder …if good ol’ momma’ Kris… is gonna’.. PIMP… this grandchild out… like she has her very own! It’s ALL about the… MONEY!! This woman… “Kris”… has… NO SHAME IN HER GAME!! She disgusts me!!!!!!!!!! Just sayin’… Ugh…

Diane on

Blahblahblahblahblah…………………it’s still a stupid name from stupid people.

Mary on

It’s like naming your son Holden when your last name is Peters put it together and well yeah, you just don’t do it. North West. Seriously.

gigi on

Where did we go wrong ? Get pregnant for money ? Where is the morals and families values .. Seriously .. Stop pimping your daughters .. WOW Sickens me . Should we swap now to Honey Booboo ? at least they are real ?? so we think

Jeanne on

So, they are going to nickname her “Nori?” This is actually what the seaweed you use on sushi is called in Japan. Might want to rethink that nickname.

Denise Simpson on

I had a friend in high school with the last name Rella and he always joked that he would name his daughter Cindy. Thankfully he didn’t but people think of silly things all the time as a joke. I hope for this baby’s sake, this is all an elaborate hoax on the public and that child changes her name when she is old enough.

Sun on

That’s not very good meaning of the name of Grandma. Look it up in dozen of baby names books & online and it has better meaning of the name of North.

mb65 on

The highest power is GOD…………..

These people are nothing more than publicity seekers. They would sell their soul to the devil for money.

Ramy on

Who gives a crap? She’ll sell that kid for a dime each and everytime.

Sa'Nor on

These comments on here are so sad. Who cares what she wants to name HER baby . At the end of the day it is her baby. And we wonder why bullying is a big deal in school these day. Cause people like you guys exist. My name is an old family name. My great grandmother and I share the name Sa’Nor. And even after all the teasing and bullying I dealt with for my name I am still proud to carry my heritage on through my name. Whether her name is North, West, or shabalaba ding song, who cares. What matters is she is healthy and thriving. Smh

Anonymous on

When my kids were young and I was mad at them I used 1st, Middle and last name. Since they have said North doesn’t have a middle name they will yell “North West!” There are many instances were 1st and last name will be used together!! Oh, and WHY oh WHY would anybody give Kris Jenner a talk show? When is this all going to end?

Suze on

Sorry, but the highest power is God. At least they didn’t chose that name.

I am surprised they didn’t choose “Paparazzi” or something like that, anything to ensure that they’ll stay in the media’s eye.

deyas on

am sure they named her that name just incase she loses her direction so she can head north west!

Saphia Louise on

EMILY , that’s not opening your mind. Of course North is a direction on the map, but it also can be in reference to the Heaven’s above, ie. God. Knowing Kanye, I am sure he was in that lane.

yomama on

Still better than Jermagesty Jackson

self-employed on

Uh, sure. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance. This family lives for publicity, good or bad. Doesn’t matter.

palmerion on

North star, eh? I thought that the baby’s name would suitably be Polaris. But North is just a wind direction. I assume that Kim & Kanye are “lost” in the air while seeking for their moral “compass.”

Mel on

Tired of these people already and their drama they are literally everywhere tmz celebuzz people us mag etc etc even walmart! GO AWAY seriously!

trinnme on

DUMB DUMB & DUMBER thats what i name them!

Jan on

Witched Witch of the West Mother and Grandma…fits well.

Nina on

Sweet and stupid! I’m sure there are plenty of other real baby names that convey the same message.

Rachel on

I don’t know why anyone would think this is a joke… this is exactly the kind of this Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would do. They wanted to name the child Easton West if it was a boy so why not go with North West. And the crap about not going by your full name… that’s crap. Your full name is used often throughout your entire life. It’s called in your graduation ceremonies, and used in business. Having the name North West is just pitiful.

Anonymous on

They need to go away for sure, not sure why they are so popular. What a ridiculous name for a baby. What are they thinking, that is why people laugh at them.

lucy on

OMG, I know that don’t sound too clever, but, did they realise that this poor baby girl is going to have a cardinal point as a name ???? North West , come on you’re kidding !

Catca on

North doesn’t actually mean “highest power”, but there are references to “true north” that actually do have very positive connotations about moving in the right direction. This is also not the first baby to have the name “North”, and there was even a movie named “North” starring Elijah Wood as the title character. If they named their daughter North without the last name West, I don’t think it would be much of a problem. But combined with West it takes a unique name and makes a joke out of it and there is a big difference between a unique name and a jokey name. Unique is fine, jokey not so much. That’s why names like Audio Science and Moxie Crimefighter have lived on in infamy on the worst of all time lists.

Anonymous on

Nori means seaweed in japanese.

Kari on

Sorry Kris but North when used for a name mean direction not highest power.

kelli on


Dorothy Farris on

Its just amazing what so called fame does to people, Makes you wonder whats next???

Graham on

If there is another child in the class with the same first name then you would say both names. Are we talking about the child North West or North East?