Shannon Miller Welcomes Daughter Sterling Diane

06/25/2013 at 04:15 PM ET

Shannon Miller Welcomes Daughter Sterling Diane
Renee Parenteau

The littlest gymnast has arrived.

Shannon Miller and her husband, Drummond Press president John Falconetti, welcomed their second child, daughter Sterling Diane Falconetti, on Tuesday, June 25, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The baby girl, who is named for her maternal great-great-grandfather and paternal grandmother, arrived at 11:49 a.m., weighing 6 lbs., 15 oz. and is 19½ inches long.

“Shannon and John are thrilled to welcome Sterling into the world,” the seven-time Olympic medalist’s rep tells PEOPLE. “Mom and baby are healthy and doing well.”

Sterling joins big brother Rocco, 3½.

Miller announced her pregnancy in January following a battle with ovarian cancer, which required surgery to remove her left ovary and the malignant tumor, followed by nine weeks of chemotherapy.

“Rocco wants a girl,” she admitted in March. “It’ll be the first girl grandchild on my side of the family.”

As part of the Magnificent Seven, Miller took home two golds at the 1996 Atlanta Games, adding to the collection of two silvers and three bronzes she won in 1992 in Barcelona. Most recently Miller, who now focuses her work on health and fitness through Shannon Miller Lifestyle, covered the Summer Olympics in London.

— Sarah Michaud

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Anonymous on

She looks so different from when she was a gymnast. Good luck wishes to her and her family.

Anonymous on

Love the name!!

Margo on

Never heard the name Sterling for a little girl before (or really ever). I like it.

Congrats to the family!

happy on

Wow, she looks very different, much older too. I would never have guessed this was her.

Andrea on

Who names their child, Sterling? What’s with people and these dumb names? Is it just got press or do they actually even like them? Yuck!

American Mom on

If you read the article Andrea, it was a family name, not just something she made up. Try reading- it helps.

Claire on

Who puts commas in places where they don’t, belong?!

anonymous on

1996 was a long time ago – of course she looks different!! Not to mention the fact that she is in the advanced stages of pregnancy in the photo.

Kristen on

A-duh, she is older, it’s been 17 years since the 1996 Olympics. She looks good. Welcome to the little one 🙂

onesyllable on

North is a much better name than Sterling.

And Rocco Falconetti? No. Just no.

Margaret on

congratulations to Shannon!! I really enjoyed her commentary during the gymnastics in London, she was knowledgeable and funny.

jennrae on

Are these the child’s grandparents?

Mary Gets It on

My aunt is named Sterling. She is the third generation to carry on the name. It is a family name. I think it’s pretty. What’s dumb is Andrea’s attitude and that wig Shannon’s wearing.

The end.

KymmiKakes on

She’s wearing a wig because her hair is messed up from chemo & then pregnancy hormones.

shelly on

So happy for her and her family, and the continued good health!!

Katie on

Jennrae: Yes these are the grandparents. Please you know they aren’t especially since “grandma” has her hand on her pregnant belly. Nice way to pretend to be nice though.

Stella on

Don’t be so ignorant Katie. That is indeed Shannon. She is a grown up woman that beat CANCER and is wearing a wig after CHEMO saved her life. You my friend, need to get one!

Sharon on

Stella i believe Katie was being sarcastic in response to jennraes comment. Try to read little better, k?

Anonymous on

What? I can’t believe this baby’s name isn’t “Balance Beam Falconetti” or “Floor Exercise Falconetti”. Didn’t Shannon get the memo that if you are in the public eye you have to give your kids stupid names?

Nene on

Did any of you read that their daughter was named after great grandmother and a great great grandmother? It’s not the best name but it is a family name and that is something to respect.

SarahJane on

It actually says great great grandfather Nene. I named my daughter after her grandfather, but was smart enough to make it her middle name. Sterling is a boys name, no matter how many people have named their daughters Sterling. Enough of the gender bending names people!

Michelle on

Congrats! Love the name! My oldest daughter’s name is Sterling, too!

Michelle on

I think it’s a beautiful name, especially since I have a daughter named Sterling, too. Love when people use family names. Congrats to them!

lala on

How old is her husband? That’s just NASTY. He’s at least 60. Disgusting!

Cheryl Preusler on

A simple search on Google indicates that he’s 45 and not 60. He’s CEO of a company based in my town (Jacksonville, FL) and they are both very involved in the community and do wonderful things for this city. I don’t see anything “nasty” about this situation.

lala on

He is so old. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

Trix on

You all know she had ovarian cancer recently, right?

Katie on

Lala, he is either 41 or 42. It’s time for your nap sweetie because you are getting cranky.

Sharon on

Lol Katie…classic 😉

Anonymous on

He’s 9 yrs older. If she’s 35 he’s 44. You people are ridiculous. Youngsters cannot have kids and now established business people cannot have kids. News flash, no everyone wants to be pregnant the same time you do. Some people prefer to be younger or older. Their choice – not yours. Geez.

Thursday on

I have say,when I first saw the pic.I thought this woman looks in her 50’s.Then I read the ovarian cancer part.Congrats to her and I hope she remains strong and cancer free.

Emry on

i don’t get it…whats with all the yucky names?????

jennrae on

Katie, I wasn’t trying to be nice. I think I was very obviously pointing out that these two look old. In her case, I blame it on the hair, but he definitely looks like he’s pushing 60. I realize I’m probably being mean, definitely shallow, but to be honest the internet brings it out of me. I’m going to try to do better.

David on

Shannon has really grown up since I used to see her walking in the neighborhood in Edmond. We were very proud of her then and even more now since she has beaten the cancer. Very nice looking family. Good luck to you and your family.

amp on

Shannon Miller finished chemo right before she announced her pregnancy (see story). She looks pretty great for all that her body has endured the past year.
Good job Shannon!!!!!

Michelle on

I love the name. Sterling is my 13 year old daughter’s middle name. She loves it, too!

Shannon on

I LOVE the name! Sterling has always been on my girl list!

Wow on

She really does look different now from the days when I watched her on the beam in the early 90’s, as many others are saying, I too never would have known, or even guessed, that was Shannon Miller.

4tmama on

The names are great, congrats, & bless them both, btw smh @ the mean remarks 😥

Sharon on

Oh my God what is wrong with some of you? ” I hate the name, they’ re old, blah, blah.” Stop the negativity. The child is named after family members and he 10 years older than her…big deal!!! Grow up and just congratulate them on their miracle baby! Best wishes to the happy family 🙂

Alexis on

Aww, yay for Shannon!! After everything she’s been through, she deserves something all the happiness in the world. Her family looks so happy, too. 🙂

Alexis on

Also, Sterling Falconetti for 2032 Olympic All-Around gold medalist!

Anonymous on

I was shocked to see that she is 36. She looks way older than that.

Someone's Mommy on

This photo looks like something out of a Hallmark Channel movie made in the 90s.

Anonymous on

These aren’t the grand parents and grandma doesn’t have her hand on her belly.

Karen M. on

Where have I been? I had no idea she is a cancer survivor. I researched and found a bunch of stuff online about her battle. God bless, Shannon and family.

Mary on

It was hard to remember what she looked like during the Olympics when I saw her in person last Fall in Burlington, VT. I think the hair color and style are the big differences. She is very pretty and gave a great talk. Little did we know that she may have been at the beginning of her pregnancy then! Congratulations!

Sivad1998 on

People are so mean. She just finished up treatment from ovarian cancer treatment and was cleared to get pregnant and she did. Her hair has not been restored – thus the wig. Why be so mean? God bless her, I am sure she is already self conscious enough about losing her hair from chemo. Sterling and Rocco are named for Grandparents and her husband is my age – around 40. We went to high school together. People love to hide behind a wall and say mean things. It’s so very sad. If you have no nice comments, just keep them to yourself, please.

Cate on

Some of you are just really terrible people. Did you critics of her hairstyle ever stop to consider that she’s wearing a wig because her hair hasn’t grown back yet from the chemo?

And for those of you complaining that he’s too old, or she’s too old — hey, guess what? I’m going to stop being accepting and tolerant of gay marriage until this nastiness about age-gap marriages ends.

Anonymous on

OMG! Why do people have to be so mean?? The women is recovering from cancer!! Good grief!!!!

Anonymous on

It is a beautiful name!! That is why I named my daughter Sterling!

gymluv on

Very happy for their healthy newborn news! She has been through so much and yet she is such an optimistic and sweet woman. I pray her remission remains forever so she can enjoy her beautiful family. I was always a fan of her gymnastics. Her grit, determination and strength have followed her from the beam to her cancer recovery. Olympic gold medals are impressive, but beating cancer is an award like no other. God Bless and congratulations!

Anonymous on

You all don’t reckognize her because she got a nose job and has changed her hairstyle.

Anonymous on

SarahJane- No, it’s your OPINION that Sterling is a boy’s name. For me, it sounds like a girl’s name (and no, it’s not because so many people are using it for girls these days. This baby is honestly the first Sterling I’ve ever heard of, girl or boy! The name simply sounds more “girly” to me, plain and simple!). 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them, and I love the name!

cella on

She looks completely different since her nose job!

klutzy_girl on

Honestly, I find it disgusting that anyone is commenting on her age. She battled and beat cancer but had to have her ovary removed and then doing chemo. perhaps THAT’S why she had to wait a little longer the second time around to have another baby.

Newsflash some women do want to have a life prior to having kids. Teen Mom and all the shows that glorify raising kids young is what’s wrong with society. Maybe women would realize they are more than just breeders and milk maids if they actually tried to be successful in life prior to becoming a mom. Hell, that would probably help reduce the divorce rate also.

Tlc on

The stupidity on this thread astounds me….wait, actually, no it doesn’t. The more I read on here, the more I learn that many people in the world are just ignorant and STUPID. TRULY STUPID.

Did any of you saying she looks old or worn or her hair is not up to your standards READ THE ARTICLE???? She just finished CHEMOTHERAPY for OVARIAN CANCER just before she and John tried again. She is wearing a WIG and is most likely exhausted in this photo.

you people on their high and mighty pedestals, need to BACK OFF and get a freaking life and while you are at it…learn some READING COMPREHENSION.

jennrae on

It’s been two years since she beat cancer, and she was going out in public without a wig back then, so why would she be wearing a wig? I didn’t realize it grew back so slowly as to still need a wig two years later. And I already conceded that I was being a jerk before, what more do you want from me?

I do think it’s a bit reckless to get pregnant so soon afterwards–it’s just my personal opinion and certainly if the doctor gave the all clear then, you know, carpe diem.

meghan on

Her having a baby after ovarian cancer is a miracle, and people are carrying on about her hair? Good grief.

cynic1018 on

@Andrea – Not a dumb name. If you bothered to read the story you would see that she is named after grandparents. Lovely sentiment to honor those that have come before her! Best wishes to the family.

Tanja on

Who cares if you like the girls name or not?Shannon won’t care and the rest of the world probably won’t care about it either.

Stop being so shallow.

Anonymous on

She looks like a grandma giving birth not the same much older!

ava on

Right on, “AWESOME.” If people have nasty thoughts, they should keep them to themselves!!

I love Shannon and I’m thrilled that she’s beaten cancer and has a beautiful family. I wish her only the best in everything.

Jen on

She is a cancer survivor. the stress probably aged both of them a bit, given the fact that they had a toddler at the time of the diagnosis. Also they’re probably both a little bit conservative in terms of dress which can make people look a couple of years older. They look like a happy, healthy, loving family with many, many years ahead of them.

Lauren on

Wow. I am truly amazed at how ignorant so many of you are on this thread. Judging people on their looks is something I teach my children is never acceptable. When I read such negative comments by adults, I then understand why children are bullies…they learn from their parents.

I know several Sterlings and Rocco’s.

rustic1211 on

What a sick and shallow world we live in when a triumphant cancer survivor and Mom is criticized for not looking like a breeding animal magazine cover…..Very happy to see a family recovering and flourishing after such a devastating illness.

MB on

That is not her??? Did the layout and copy folks spec the wrong picture????

Heather on

Congratulations to Shannon and her family. I think she is lucky they caught her cancer as early as they did. She and her mom have both battled it so they are blessed to be here still. I’ve seen what ovarian cancer can do. Bless her and her family!!

Also, just for your general information, Shannon looks different because she also had a nose job done too. Not sure why. She didn’t have a horrible nose or anything. Looked normal to me. Congrats to them and many blessings.