Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Trying for Baby No. 2

06/24/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Kendra Wilkinson VEET

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are celebrating four years of happy marriage by trying to expand their family with baby No. 2.

A recent vacation to Southern California’s Big Bear Lake helped the couple further solidify their relationship, Wilkinson, 28, told PEOPLE on Saturday, as she hung out at a poolside cabana at Drai’s Hollywood‘s W Hotel to promote VEET hair removal products.

“Our week vacation in Big Bear, we found this new energy with each other, a new love, a new fascination about each other,” she said.

“And right now, we found the key to happiness. We have the key to marriage, we have the key to parenting, why not right now bring a new life into this world while we’re this happy? It just makes sense.”

Wilkinson, who left the show Splash in April and whose new season of Kendra On Top premieres on WeTV later this summer, says she she’ll explain the key to her solid marriage on new episodes of her reality show.

To prep for another run at motherhood, Wilkinson got her partying out of her system, taking trips to Miami and Las Vegas before deciding the time was right to give Hank IV, now 3½, a new sibling.

Her husband, she said, is planning a surprise for their 4-year anniversary celebration, but she doesn’t know where. Hawaii, she adds, is likely in their plans, but this time with their son along for the trip.

“I’m ready,” Wilkinson says about having a second child.

“I couldn’t be more ready, and Hank couldn’t be more ready. Our souls have connected, even Little Hank’s. Little Hank keeps saying to us, ‘I want a brother and a sister.’ So we have included him in our decision, too.”

— Andrea Billups with reporting by Gabrielle Olya

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Lisa on

I am happy Kendra has matured since motherhood. Hank seems like a wonderful father and husband and little Hank is absolutely adorable! I guess it is just a matter of time until we hear the announcement about baby #2

La La Outlandish on

T M I.

J on

Why is it TMI? Lots of people tell their friends and families they are trying for baby number two. Most of the time, people can be mature about that kind of news.

Anonymous on

J- I agree. It’s not likely she said when they do the deed or what positions they’re using or something!

That being said, I wonder if she’s already pregnant. It seems like a lot of times, when celebs say they’re trying for a baby, we hear a pregnancy announcement with a matter of weeks (and, for obvious reasons, virtually no celebs announce a pregnancy when they are only a few weeks along!). 🙂

Katie on

It’s one thing to announce your trying for your first. But to announce she’s trying for her second? Kind of TMI. Sounds like she feels like she needs to be in headlines. Best of luck to her though.

Melissa on

I really hoped she has changed a lot since she was on celebrity wife swap. She didn’t do anything at all to help with her child, the Nanny and Hank did it all, she basically sat around all day and let everyone wait on her and then would go out and party……

megan on

” we found this new energy with each other, a new love, a new fascination about each other,” she said. And right now, we found the key to happiness.”

This is code for “our marriage is in trouble, we think a band aid baby will fix it now”

meghan on

@J, are we this woman’s friends and family? No. So, yes TMI.

cbaker on

well, she hasnt had any publicity in awhile now, and everyone else having a baby, she might as well !

we can hear all the whining again as she loses the baby weight.

lauralee on

W-0-W………..after stating earlier this year ,how they can’t afford another baby,hum that is odd ,especially since neither are working!

Rachael on

Agreed on the TMI… did we really need to know this? Best of luck to them, but this sounds like a cry for help – get me back in the headlines quick!

Rosetta on

Thank you to the person who pointed out that Kendra barely spends any time with her son, according to Celebrity Wife Swap, which was filmed like last year. On that particular episode, they said that Kendra spends something like 45 minutes a day with little Hank (this is according to the schedule that she left for Kate). And now she is “ready” for a second child? Of course she is, she’s barely raising the one she currently has.

Niko on

This is one of the oddest “news” I’ve ever read here. Why the impatience? WHY not at least wait until this woman is actually pregnant before writing this column? I mean, who cares that they’re currently having sex? Are we supposed to congratulate them for that? Blech! Like someone already said, TMI indeed….

Lila on

Wasn’t she just on here a few weeks ago saying that they were happy with just one child, and in no rush to try for any more?

Maybe because Holly got engaged and had a baby, she needs to feel like she is back in the spotlight too.

klutzy_girl on

Why is this news? Do your thing and keep it between the two of you……………….

IcyU on

“And right now, we found the key to happiness. We have the key to marriage, we have the key to parenting, why not right now bring a new life into this world while we’re this happy? It just makes sense.”

Translation: Our marriage has been in trouble and we had a fun vacation. While we are still on good enough terms to stand to touch each other, we are going to bring another baby into the world.

“Right now.” Oh my, those are ominous words. What about next week or next month or next year? This marriage has been in trouble for quite awhile. Kendra changes her mind with the wind, and she can’t decide who she even is or wants to be. Having a baby to “fix” a relationship is like putting a Band-Aid on a severed arm…it won’t “fix” anything. Kendra doesn’t have the partying out of her system. She will put in on the shelf like she did with baby Hank, then it will surface again when the “new” has worn off of the baby. I feel sorry for big Hank for making such a dumb decision to marry her, and for assuming she was a changed woman. They’ve never wanted the same things, and she has said that herself in Kendra-code.