Kathryn Fiore Released from the Hospital

06/24/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Gabriel Tigerman Kathryn Fiore Welcome Daughter Alice Harper
Courtesy Kathryn Fiore

Update: Happy news for the family — after almost four weeks of hospitalization, the actress has gone home and was able to meet Alice for the first time.

“While Kathryn continues to improve, Gabe will be taking her back to the hospital every day for outpatient physical and occupational therapy, dialysis, as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy for her hands and feet,” friends and family write.

“Kathryn will be needing professional home care indefinitely, future surgeries and special drug treatments for her HUS [hemolytic-uremic syndrome]. In light of all this, you can only imagine how grateful the family is for your unexpected and stunning generosity.”

Originally posted June 19: Kathryn Fiore is counting her blessings — starting with her baby girl.

The former Wedding Band star and husband Gabriel Tigerman, who has had roles on Supernatural and Journeyman, welcomed their first child on Tuesday, May 28.

Daughter Alice Harper Fiore Tigerman was born at 2:05 p.m. and weighed in at 7 lbs., 3 oz.

However, following a long labor — resulting in an emergency cesarean — the couple’s baby bliss quickly turned to heartache when both Fiore and her baby girl began to experience severe complications.

Doctors intubated the actress — who was suffering from a uterine hemorrhage causing her to lose over two liters of blood — before the new mom went into septic shock and complete organ failure, leading her to lose consciousness. Additionally, the lack of blood flow threatened Fiore’s limbs.

After 12 days of fighting for her life, including undergoing emergency dialysis and other life-saving procedures — doctors are unsure of the cause, but theories include a rare blood disease or amniotic fluid embolism — Fiore’s condition stabilized.

Meanwhile, baby Alice was sent to the NICU after displaying signs of distress, where she spent 10 days before being discharged.

And while the couple’s little girl has since gone home, Fiore, 33, remains hospitalized as she undergoes intensive physical therapy — the actress must learn to walk and use her hands again — and dialysis, before beginning oxygen treatments in the near future.

In lieu of showering the new family with flowers and gifts, a fund has been established to accept monetary donations which will go toward the medical bills not covered by insurance and aide in the costs of Fiore’s treatments, rehab, future surgeries and eventual need for professional nursing care.

Donations to the Fiore-Tigerman family may be made by clicking here.

— Anya Leon

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Laura on

That is so terrifying. I’m glad she pulled through and I wish her a speedy recovery so she can be home with her baby.

Becky on

I had the same thing as she did when i had my daughter. They said i would be a vegetable when i came out of my coma after 6 days. Im fine and so is my daughter. She was born in 1982.

God Bless Her And Your Daughter. My prayers are with your family Gabriel.

Patrice on

My God! It goes without saying that my thoughts, prayers and well wishes are all going out to Kathryn, Gabriel and little baby Alice. What a horribly scary thing to go through-I wish them all nothing but the best moving forward and wish Kathryn a very speedy & full recovery ❤

Nunyaz on

That is a sad story, but millions of Americans have no insurance or pay an arm and a leg each month for it. Why would I donate money to help someone else, whom I’m sure has more money than I do, pay their medical bills? I can’t stand people constantly sticking their hands out for free money.

I feel very sorry for mother and baby, but I need my money to pay my own medical bills.

Nicole on

Then don’t donate Nunyaz. That’s why it’s called a donation, it’s not mandatory. Not sure why you’re so angry at other people who would.

Mellissa on

Soooo, with that line of thought….what you’re saying is I shouldn’t donate money to the American Cancer Society because how dare anyone else live if a cure is found because it came too late for my dad? You are an extremely selfish individual Nunyaz.

grandmatocraigandlaura on

Totally agree Nunyaz. Sounds greedy.

Simone Gabriella on

You are exactly right Nunyaz! Why in the hell would us poor folk donate to a freakin celebrity????? THAT is an outrage!!!!! What’s selfish is people setting up a fund for her!!!! Bull$hit!

Guest on

You and your family will be in my prayers!

KHI on

How very sad!

Crystal on

This is sad and all…. but they are actors? Obviously big enough for you to report on… and they are accepting donations for medical expenses? Am I reading that right??

Vivi on

Actors aren’t paid well as most people think, Crystal. If I hadn’t seen Wedding Band I wouldn’t know who she is so it’s not like she’s a big name.

We all hear about the Friends cast and other big stars who make millions per film/episode but they are the exception. Most actors- even on tv- are still struggling. I’m sure her medical bills will be enormous, so I’m not surprised a fund has been set up.

Here’s to a full- and quick- recovery. I’m sure she wants to get back to her baby ASAP.

Natalie on

I wish her a speedy recovery! Also, I think it is important to note that no one should have to stress or worry about medical bills in this (or any) situation. If we established a single payer health care system in the United States, these stress factors would be removed and the burden lifted off of so many shoulders in this country. Health care should be a right, not a privilege. To quote the Bible: Matthew 25:41-46

41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

44″They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

45″He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

46″Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

cj on

Good reminder Natalie. Thank you.

Mikaylah on

They are such a sweet family, I wish them all the best. I’m glad that both Kathryn and Alice are getting better, slowly but surely. Love and healing thoughts to them all!

What??? on

My best wishes for a full recovery. I had a stroke when my son was 3 months old which baffled doctors. I made a full recovery and am pregnant again. Hoping all mothers have a safe delivery.

Sam on

So fortunate that she delivered in a hospital and had access to emergency care. What might we be reading if she had followed the advice of those profiled in People who advocate birth at home? Another reason not to deliver at home…

Both sides on

Sam, it could very well have been a medical error that caused her distress in the first place. C-sections are not nearly as safe as people assume.

Mellissa on

Um she was in a long labor requiring an emergency C section, try reading instead of jumping on the conspiracy train, Both Sides.

SG on

Both sides, it says in the article that she had complications that required a csection which would lead one to believe that she had problems before the surgery…obviously. The csection probably contributed to saving her life and her child’s life. Don’t assume it was the fault of the big, bad csection. They are actually very safe.

Linda on

I wish her a speedy recovery but with all due respect, I think it is in poor taste to accept money when they both have a steady and large income. Set up a fund for those who cannot afford the expensive first class treatment she will receive.

lisa on

You know how much they make Linda? Or are you assuming?

Amy on

This is terrifying. They should celebrating the happiest day of their lives and instead she’s now facing learning how to function normally day-to-day. Praying she overcomes.

@Nunyaz – I appreciate that you feel that way, but if that is indeed how you feel, there is no need to post it here. How about simply saying “I wish I were in a position to help’?

AKM on

Prayers and well wishes.

Amy on

Having roles on television shows doesn’t mean they are independently wealthy OR that they have insurance like many of us do. I have no idea who either of these people are, but it sounds as though the care she’s going to need as a result her her delivery complications are going to be long-term and expensive.

Lauren on

We aren’t talking about the Jolie-Pitts here, they’re two working actors. I can’t imagine what all of that treatment and physical therapy must be costing them. You don’t have to donate if you don’t feel like it but show some compassion. I just hope everyone turns out OK.

klutzy_girl on

Just because they’re both actors doesn’t mean they’re rich and can afford this. Don’t jump to conclusions!

I hope Kathryn and Alice will be okay!

Buffettgirl on

@Natalie – really? So nobody is responsible for providing for themselves anymore? The government should do it? Well, if you think so, try taking a Veteran to their local VA Hospital for treatment. After being sent for chest x-rays for a leg injury, then being sent to CAT scans and MRI for his head & chest, again for a LEG injury my Vet was finally seen by a doctor 14 HOURS after arriving in the ER. And that’s just one story of the 8-12 I get to experience a year with just the ER department.

That’s what your glorious single payer system will be. Grow up and provide for yourself and your family and quit being a drain on society with your freaking hand out for more, more more!

That being said, best wishes for Mommy, Daddy and Baby Alice Harper!

lisa on

Tell that to the people who can’t afford to go to the doctor at all, Buffettgirl.

Marky on

Lisa, how about remembering that vet served our country for next to nothing and we promised him help with medical bills in return. How can you complain about that?

Angie on

This is really sad and my heart and prayers are with them but I’m confused as to why they have a fund? Both of these people are actors that have worked on a pretty big series. Do they really need money? I don’t get it.

nick on

WOW some of these commnets are in poor taste. i’m a fan of gabe from spn, BUT he isn’t that big of a star. And now both are not working. What do you want them to do?

Tina on

So much more important than Kim kardashians information!! I feel more for this woman!!

kw on

We are in no position to judge. Some insurances only cover so much and if she is going to need long term care it may not be covered at all. They have a loss of income without her being able to work. It is horrible. Hope for a speedy recover and lots of prayers to the family.

lucbear on

WOW! I’m glad mom and baby are doing okay. It’s so nice that the family wants donations instead of baby gifts that will never be used. What a lot of people fail to realize is that ICU care is incredibly expensive, ($12000 A DAY at the hospital I work out, and I don’t work at a big time hospital), and that most people, actors included, do have a hard time paying for these costs. So what if they make more money than me?

I don’t even know who the heck these people are, but wish them all the best, and would help a little if I were financially able. I’d rather spend $20 donating to a medical fund than spend $20 on a gift that will probably never be used.

Heather on

But a lot of people live life in debt. They’re not special. And I wasn’t planning on buying them a $20 gift anyway.

Heather on

Asking complete strangers for money, while you’re employed actors, is tasteless. I’m sure their goal is to come out of this debt free. But that’s life. You pay the debt slowly and move on. I make payments on what’s out of pocket for my family. They’re no different.

Lali on

I don’t see any information in this article that states they are asking for donations from the general public. It says in lieu of baby gifts a fund has been set up…most likely for family and friends that would give a baby gift. Don’t jump to conclusions Heather!!

daisy on

Exactly what I was going to point out Lali. Dang you give some people the anonymity of hiding behind a freaking computer and the crap that flows is pretty heartless and disgusting. Good luck to mom. Horrible to lose those first precious bonding days and now be so restricted but congrats on the new baby. Such a classic name too!

ChristineAndrande on

I don’t believe people can be so heartless and insensitive. If you cannot afford to or don’t care to make a donation, why say anything at all? I find these remarks to be in poor taste considering what this family is going through. Why do you feel the need to show such pettiness Heather? You don’t know what their financial situation is. Medical bills are astronomical. So, keep your judgment to yourself instead spewing cruelty.

As to the family I wish them all the best. What a horror show!

Lia on

still don’t understand why the US don’t have a working health care program. In Canada we pay CAD 30/month and get free Treatment and IT WORKS.

They might be actors but not movie stars and only get paid while the series is on – so no acting job, no income, and I can imagine her treatment is way beyond what they could afford to pay. Just like it would be for any of us.

Marky on

Lia, I know of many Canadins who come to the US for surgery because the list is so long for some surgeries they are worried about waiting. The Canadian system is not flawless unless you are having a baby or something on that order.

lauren on

It’s not flawless but it is great to have options and not worry that you are one illness away from bankruptcy. The financial burden must affect recovery with the added stress. I have been seriously ill twice and received excellent free care. Life saving surgeries are performed quickly. ICU and life support are free. I’m glad i’m Canadian.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

SarahJane on

Oh how sad! I hope she will make a speedy recovery.

For those questioning the fund, my daughter was born early and thankfully had no serious complications but spent 12 days in the NICU cost more than you can even imagine. That cost on top of extensive PT and a lengthy hospital stay can bring the grand total to over $1 mil. They might be actors, but the costs associated with healthcare are extreme. And I’m sure that all of the expense is not covered by basic health insurance.

They may have quite a bit of savings, but no one should have to spend every penny they have on saving their life. From what it sounds like, it will be a while before she works again and he has a newborn and a sick wife. I don’t think he’ll be on a set any time soon.

Mmm on

I spent four days in intensive care after a life threatening drug reaction and my bill was $164,000. This was a non- profit hospital. This should put hospital I.C.U. Cost in perspective. Her bill will be several million.

Non-Actor on

It is amazing to me to read the misperceptions people have of actors. Just because they are on TV doesn’t mean they are millionnaires. Yes, they get paid well compared to most Americans, but it’s not a guaranteed paycheck and there are huge windows of downtime in between jobs. Plus, what this article is describing is going to cost them 100s of 1000s, if not millions, of dollars (it’s disgusting what doctors and hospitals charge), plus she’ll need continuous care after all is said and done.

As someone said, unless you are Brangelina, no one can afford this, especially with individual insurance. My 2-hour trip to the ER with a simple ultrasound cost me $5K (with insurance). I can’t even imagine what this is costing. I wish them nothing but the best!

Roisin on

Responding to some of the handout comments – does the article not say that she was a *formerly* employed actress and that her husband has had *some* acting jobs? meaning they could both be now unemployed? And does the article also say that ‘a fund has been established’ and nothing else? meaning that the possibility is certainly strong that the fund was established by concerned others, as opposed to the actress and her husband ‘sticking their hands out’?

I guess I’m just asking for some considered thoughts here, perhaps a smidgen of compassion – it does not necessarily follow that because they used to be employed as actors that they are rich. Nor does it follow that they have catastrophic insurance. If this young woman had blood loss to her limbs over several hours, she could be looking at the same limb infarct situation that the character House suffered from. It’s a life-changer. She may not work again.

You don’t have to give, certainly – we’re all facing our own challenges. But give it some thought before you race to condemn them for being greedy.

Suzanne on

Yes, exactly this Roisin!

Callie on

That is horrific! There are no words for what should have been a most wonderful, miraculous birth. I send my good thoughts and prayers to her and her family. God Bless.

Carmen on

This makes me so sad and has made me count my blessings. I also had post partum hemorrhaging. While they were able to eventually control it, my life was very touch and go in the Operating Room during that time with excessive high fevers.

This time has to be so bittersweet for Dad as the best day of his life has also become the worst day of his life. May God bless them and be with them through this journey.

Guest on

This is terrifying. My heart goes out to this family and I hope they make a full recovery. I’m sure she and her husband are glad they chose to deliver in a hospital and have access to this type of medical care at their fingertips. Can you imagine if they chose to deliver at home? Right now I feel like the trendy thing to do is deliver at home or at a birthing center. I realize that our bodies are made to deliver children and have been doing so since the beginning of time, but for some people (like this woman) childbirth can be life-threatening. Prayers for this family.

Anonymous on

How terrifying and shocking to have this happen when you think as you go into the hospital to have a baby……..that you’ll leave with your baby. Sounds like Doctor had her in labor way too long and did not see she or the baby was in distress. I wish her well…………..

SGKM (Actor) on

Thank you for your intelligent statement Non-Actor! Coming from an actor’s POV, people just don’t realize that most of us are “starving actors” and not the Brangelina’s or Kimye’s you see day in and day out. We struggle to pay our bills and take care of our children just like many people in other professions do.

Take away their titles as actors, and simply see their devastating situation and the help they so desperately need. Then and maybe then, some of the posters on this board will shut up and step up!

Patti on

Confirms that giving birth can have risks associated with it. The woman who are not celebs you don’t hear about. I don’t know what shows they are on but I think they get enough money to care for themselves and their medical expenses.

We all struggle. Everywhere you go now people have their hands out. I went to Costco and spent $900 and still got asked if I wanted to donate 5 bucks for children’s care. I hit a lot of cash registers that day asking the same thing-“just 5 bucks to help children (who does it really help??)

No more donations from me, I need to look after my own family. I hope all goes well to this couple and their little one.

AQ on

You “still” got asked Patti? Of course they’re going to ask. They ask everyone. They don’t see that you spent $900 and say “well they’ve already spent that much so i am just not going to ask”. $5 goes to help the hospital stay open when census is down. Maybe you ought to research before you make stupid statements.

Also. Donations aren’t required. No one is guilting you into donating.

Vicki on

Unlike the Kardashian’s, this really IS delivery room drama. I wish them both the best. I was in delivery for 7 hours when my baby became “stuck;” emergency c-section wasn’t a possibly, as she was out too far. Thankfully, both she and I pulled through, and it never reached the level that it did for this young family. She is in my prayers — and I’m so glad the baby is home safe.

minefirst on

bummer! Childbirth ain’t always a walk in the park, not even with “modern” medicine at hand. I remember the ordeal Ted Danson’s second wife had with theirs (first, only biological one). I’ve never heard of this…er…performer or any of those productions.

scrolling down here I saw some bible crap, how ludicrous. but I see it is connected somehow in the poster’s mind with universal health care, hahahaha! Yes, the men who wrote all the pieces of the bible were really focusing on that, talk about prescient! HAHAHAHAHA

Natalie on

Thank you @Lia! You have a logical solution for a problem. As a social worker, I see how broken the American system is every day, and how other countries are treating their patients better, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively. Big pharma and Big insurance have a stranglehold on this country.

Wake up, @Buffettgirl! I’m on your side! No one should be responsible for mounting hospital or doctors bills, it isn’t feasible! The whole system is on the verge of collapsing. Then what will we do? Don’t you understand the American people pays 60% of all medical costs publicly already, and we aren’t getting anything for it, anymore? You can have private coverage and STILL have mounds of debt. This isn’t about handouts, this is about social and economic responsibility!

Dana on

Her and her husband chose to have a baby. Nobody plans on having child birth result in such a horrible and life-threatening situation. However, that being said, they decided to have a baby and with that comes medical bills.

These two people probably have had some sort of savings from acting jobs and the article stated there was medical insurance, but it did not cover everything.

Why would they solicit donations for her medical care and bills in a People article is beyond me. However, they will have to do what thousands and millions of other American’s do, make payments for the medical expenses and other things which came about.

I wish them the best and hope she has a complete recovery, but it’s their job to take care of themselves and their child and to basically beg for money is ridiculous, pompous and in bad taste.

Aeol on

You know, I wish we lived in a world where we actually cared about taking care of one another, rather than just wiping our hands of our neighbors. I’d hate for you, Dana, to be in a situation where you’re literally fighting for your life, fighting to get healthy so you can take care of your child, and people just look at you and say, “oh well, you took the risk!”

A co-worker of mine was hit by a car right in front of our workplace and had to sue the driver’s insurance company to cover over half a million in medical fees. Are you going to stay inside the rest of your life? Every time you step outside you take a risk with your life, and god forbid people should look down on you if you needed help!!

JustSaying.... on

Maybe People should have this story on their cover instead of Kim Kartrashian’s “delivery room drama!” Kim will sell pictures and the story of her kid for millions of $$$$. Maybe she can spread the wealth and help this family out….

Anonymous on

May God bless this family and keep them close as Kathryn struggles to recover so she can finally take on the role of Mommy.

Peaches in P.A. on

How sad – prayers and well wishes go out to all! Certainly hope for a speedy recovery.

fanofboardwalkempire on

the family is in my thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery and healing. God bless them both.

Khloes mum on

For all those complaining about them starting a fund and saying that they are actors how smart are you? That doesn’t mean they are rich! I’m sure you have heard of the show game of thrones? One of the main actresses on that show could barely afford to feed her child!

Being an actress means nothing!

I hope this would never happen to you, I’m sure your friends and family would do the same if it happened to you!

Wishing nothing but positivity to the family!

cyndi on

My thoughts and prayers are with this family.

God’s healing and speedy recovery

kimmylouwho on

Thank goodness she & the baby had immediate access to the intensive care that was required. These life-threatening complications can occur in healthy women and for that reason I don’t advocate home deliveries.

lola on

i don’t understand, the last line says they need money for her future surgeries and other medical things including professional nursing care. did this issue leave her comatose? it makes me think she is not well or ever responsive and she will need round the clock care. my gosh, if she was in a coma and had emergency dialysis it could be she is in a vegetative state…for good? the article seems a bit elusive.

Aneta on

Natalie, what a lovely and well thought out comment.

Legacy on

I’m from Canada. Although we pay more taxes, the LAST thing we have to worry about (in most cases) is how do we pay for medical care. It’s not perfect here. But the stress and financial worry my American neighbours endure is inhumane for such an advanced country.

My thoughts and prayers for this young family.

Anonymous on

She is such a lucky to lady to still be alive. Septic shock is an extremely serious and most of the time fatal illness. She is so lucky it was caught in time to save her life even though she will now have a long hard road of recovery ahead of her. My mom died from septic shock 7 months ago and I pray everything turns out well for her and her family.

Mina on

Gosh, how scary for Kathryn and her family. I’m glad that her baby girl has pulled through and that she’s recovering. Situations like this remind you that while childbirth is one of the most natural processes in the world, it is not without risk. Even an “easy” pregnancy and delivery take an enormous toll on the mother’s body, much less when there are complications.

And, as others have posted, just because Kathryn and her husband are working actors doesn’t mean that they’re raking in the big bucks. In all likelihood, they probably have medical insurance through the Screen Actors Guild, and those benefits are no better than those most working folks get through their jobs. In other words, benefits fall far short of covering the costs of extraordinary surgery and long-term care.

Steph on

Buffetgirl’s comments distress me. The US is incredibly wealthy and greedy! Medical care in the US is way more expensive than in other parts of the world- and not because its better, but because they are all about making money! Ms Fiore’s medical care will cost millions very quickly and US health insurance is a worldwide joke.

I’m so happy to be living outside of America now- they really don’t take care of their own. I’m happy to pay into a system where people get the care they need when they need it…it might be me, one day who needs care.

K.W. on

Are you kidding Steph??? Please name another country whose citizen`s are as charitable as the U.S.’s- on a worldwide level especially…and as far as “taking care of our own” ..as one of the 40% of Americans who actually pay taxes..I’m sick of people who are capable of working sitting on their butts with their hand out. Welfare has now become a career for many, many people…who better wake up and realize that our government has disguised control as charity.

AQ on

Seriously KW? I know plenty of people who work HARD and don’t have medical insurance because their workplace doesn’t want to pay to provide the option for them. Private healthcare is EXPENSIVE and if there isn’t a plan through work, many cannot afford insurance and to eat and live

Sounds like you’ve never been without health insurance. You would understand how screwed up this country is when it comes to healthcare.

kim on

wow. how truly terrifying. hope baby and momma will be ok. we all tend to take for granted in this day and age that childbirth goes off without a hitch for the most part. well wishes for the family…

christine on

I pray for a speedy recovery for mom and baby.

I find it distasteful for them as actors to ask for donation. There are other women and/or families who have gone through similar situations, but do not go out publicly asking for money/ donations towards their medical expenses.

In all honesty, this money they are collecting should go to other women/ families in need.

AQ on

Neither of them have a very extensive résumé, Christine. I doubt they make very much money.

Lena on

The guy was literally in two episodes of Supernatural-I can’t imagine he became wealthy from that.

I have never heard of the woman. Wishing her and baby a speedy recovery.

Sharon on

Congratulations and best wishes. Thank God they are both ok. That is horrible what happened…they are both lucky to be alive. I wish the family nothing but happiness and a speedy recovery for mom and baby. They will be in my prayers.

4U on

Once upon a time, women used to stay in the hospital for several days (a week or so) before going home after giving birth because of the complications that can result after giving birth. But thanks to insurance companies and HMOs, who put the almighty dollar ahead of human beings, more women are suffering and dying as a result of going home too early and not being in medical treatment facilities after giving birth.

It’s so sick and sad the state of our healthcare system and even more sad that many people don’t know this information. Maybe if the media weren’t so bought out by right wing companies set on controlling the information that goes out to the American people, we’d know this information. It’s too bad that we’ve fallen so far behind in so many fields, compared to other countries on this Earth.

We’re not the great super country that certain people in this country claim us to be. There are those of us who are fighting to make sure we stop being a 3rd world rated country when it comes to healthcare for pregnant women and babies born. But we can’t win if big corporations are considered people and keep feeding their corporate spin machines into the media and news and keep us from educating ourselves.

Wake up people. What happened to this woman could easily happen to you, or your wife, or your sister, or your cousin, or your friend.

Ann on

How sad. Should be a joyous event not fighting for her life. Hope she fully recovers.

ashly on

My heart goes out to her and her family. It is very hard on everyone, including the recovery when a sudden illness like that comes on.

That article was deja vu because the same thing happened to my own mom about 2 years ago now. She was in the hospital for about 3 months. It’s not a fun time at all and there’s still many hardships to come so I’m glad she is ok and pulled through just like my mom did!

Aeol on

Not only am I currently pregnant, I am a working actor and member of SAG. Our insurance plan isn’t some amazing catch-all that covers everything…in fact I switched to a private insurer because SAG insurance was so mediocre.

Not sure where people get the idea either that actors are all rich – you all might recognize me from commercials and TV shows and the most successful year I’ve ever had I made $110,000 – a great living but by no means rich, and my worst year I made $13,000.

A situation like this could top over half a million dollars in medical expenses. She’s on a show on TBS, she’s making $10,000 per episode if she’s lucky – that’s before taxes, before agents and managers take approximately 25% in commission.

I wish her and her family all the best in her recovery.

daisy on

Thanks for the insight Aeol. Not many people realize just how small of a percentage of your and other actors’ earnings goes in your pocket. Good luck with the baby. I hope and pray your delivery is perfect and I hope all of y’all ignore the ignorant ;-).

kendallinnashville on

For all those judging, if you click on the donation link it is really obvious that People got all of this information straight from their donation page. It doesn’t seem like their publicist contacted any news organizations to publicize the need for donations- their donation website is probably geared towards their friends and family!

And like many others have said, these are not millionaire movie actors, they probably make an average income.

liza on

Best wishes to them both. Someone missed something to have mom and baby struggle so. Many prayers for a speedy recovery.

Donna on

Wishing her a speedy recovery so she can enjoy her little one.

I found it odd asking for donations….being in their profession they can surely afford health insurance. Recently my fav country singer was asking for donations for his band members baby who has medical issues. Again these people make lots of money!

Kat on

Hoping for a full and speedy recovery. Thankful she was delivering in a hospital setting that could offer immediate assistance.

Ty's mom on

I couldn’t imagine going through such a terrifying experience during what is supposed to be such a happy time. Glad she is a fighter and alothough it sounds like she has a long road ahead, hopefully she will make a full recovery for her and her little angel.

Chris on

I am actually shocked by the hateful comments regarding a fund set up to aid these people to pay her medical bills.

First of all, it is particularly ignorant to assume because she and her husband get acting work that they are rich.

Secondly, medical bills like the ones they are incurring would devastate most people even with above median incomes.

And thirdly, it’s just a total lack of human compassion to make such hateful comments. If you don’t have money to donate or don’t feel like it is something you would want to do……just keep your ugly mouth silent.

Sheesh, what a world.

Lily on

The doctors waited too long to perform the C-Section! I hope she has a swift recovery.

Anonymous on

Pay your bills like the rest of us – and to boot – Actors – get real – I’m sure they have money!!! If PEOPLE is reporting this then let them pay their bills if they are this important!!!!

Wow on

Most actors earn a basic wage and go from job to job just like other professions. If this couple were in different profession, there is no way people here would be making such cruel heartless comments about their plight. Shame on you!

I wish this family all the best and hope they get the support they need during this difficult time.

Sylvie on

It’s times like this I’m glad I live in Canada and don’t have to worry about paying my medical bills. I really hope she pulls through and goes home with her baby. Sorry it’s cases like this where having a baby at the hospital is safer for everyone.

Angie on

Just because they are actors and have been employed actors does not mean they have endless money. And, if they do not have acting jobs lined up or in Kathryn’s case, will not be able to work for a long time if ever again, they will not have a steady source of income coming in.

The medical costs for someone that is going to need care and physical therapy for as long as she is will be unbelievable. Even with having insurance there is a deductible to meet each year along with 80/20 before a certain amount of money is met.

No one knows what kind of insurance they have. Some people have very high deductibles or some insurance companies do not even cover certain types of care or physical therapy for the long haul. And, saying she will eventually need professional nursing care makes it sound like she might not ever be 100% ever again and need in-home health care.

What is happening to the world nowadays….people are so judgmental, easy to anger, jealous and really have no heart when really no one knows the circumstances. She almost died and will need continued physical therapy, operations and care. What has happened to Christian people with compassion?

If you don’t have money to donate or do not want to donate then don’t. But, don’t whine, complain and pass judgment on their source of income. Offer prayer for this family which does not cost you one bit. Many people have the ability to make more money but they choose not to and then judge those who have a little success in life which they work very hard for.

Tee on

I could never ever begin to imagine that such a blessing in life could lead to something so awful like this. May God bless her, baby and her whole family & friends. Sounds like she has a long road ahead but seems like she is headed for the right direction. Bless her heart…

Guest on

my prayers to the family. I couldn’t imagine what she is going through…

ME on

oh my goodness, that poor lady! I sure hope she will be ok. she should be home with her baby, making memories 😦

Pam on

Omg how sad and scary! I’m pregnant now and this makes me terrified of childbirth. I hope she can recover, it sounds like she has a long, tough road ahead of her. Best wishes to her and her family.

Donna on

How frightening & sad! I hope they all recover & can enjoy being a family.

As for the fund, let’s remember that these are people who work as actors. People to whom something awful happened. Neither is a household name. Medical bills will be incredible. If you were planning on a gift, send money. That’s all the article says. God bless & good health, new family.

Blue Belle Gem on

I pray for this family.

Ellenppi on

This is very sad. Wishing a speedy recovery to both mother and daughter.

Jill on

I feel awful that this family has had to go through all if this, and so sad they will have to continue to go through it. But, I agree with the comment that it’s tasteless to ask for money. I guarantee they have more money than most people reading this article.

And if they do fall on financial troubles, they’re just like the rest of us! My daughter has had several operations on her ears and has at least one more – thousands and thousands that we pay out of pocket, even with full insurance. I have nowhere to post to ask for donations, I just go without certain things.

I’m sure their situation will have lasting financial effects, but I live with overwhelming debt every day and celebrities are no better than the rest of us. I’m sure that their income and savings could support her needs; actors are grossly overpaid.

I’m so sorry for their situation though and I hope she is able to make a full recovery.

Anonymous on

Wow! Unbelievable news today but thank goodness both mom and baby are doing well. Wishing Kathryn and speedy and complete recovery as well.

Anonymous on

What a horrific ordeal she’s been through! I wish her a speedy recovery so she can go home and enjoy her new baby.

Lana on

Even though I don’t know this lady my prayers are with her. I too had an emergency c section on May 28th, but luckily no complications. I can’t imagine what this family must be going through.

Tori on

So sorry for their medical issues, as a grandmother of a Micro-Preemie, born at 1 lb 10 oz and is thriving now, I know the fear….HOWEVER…please do not ask us to donate to working actors who get paid multiple times what us “average people” make who read these sights. Really poor taste, if you ask me. And for the record…NO ONE set up a fund for my grandson, daughter or son in law…we handled it all.

Stacey W. on

Many insurances don’t cover lots of physical therapies and other medical issues. Also, the article makes it sound as if this poor woman might need private nursing care for some time, which is hardly ever covered at home. As many have said – don’t donate if you don’t want to.

Trixie on

Give it a rest. This fund was set up by friends and family, not by the Fiore Tigermans themselves. I’m sure that if you critics incurred millions of dollars of doctor bills, and you wouldn’t be able to work for a very very long time, you’d be grateful if your loving friends did the same.

They did not request that this article be written or that strangers be solicited. Being an actor does not equal wealth. Thanks to those who have sent their love.

Adelie on

I also suffered a uterine hemorrhage following the c-section birth of my twins. Likewise, I lost about 2 liters of blood (I was transfused with three units.) Doctors were able to trace the hemorrhaging to placenta remaining in my uterus, and saved my life by taking me back to the OR to perform what’s called a uterine curetage.

All this to say that I am thriving, as are my twins (born six weeks early). It’s scary and daunting but I’m here to offer hope from the other side of it all. My twins turned two last weekend, and we are all healthy and happy. Do everything the doctors tell you to, and keep the faith.

Karla on

If you do not want to donate that is fine but the comments….keep in mind that medical expenses can get into the millions. She is an actress but may not be able to work for some time if at all.

I personally had an amniotic fluid embolism and lost my daughter as a result of it. Please at least pray for this family if nothing else.

Sarah on

This world is a crazy place. Why did this happen to my best friend?

I am on the fundraising team for my dear friend Kathryn and her beautiful family. It was brought to my attention that a lovely article written about their circumstances is fueling some negative responses by people speaking out about the fundraiser link that is included in the article.

Yes, they have been lucky enough to make a living as actors. But, I think one understanding person said it best when they said “We are not talking about Brad & Angelina here.”

They are two beautiful people who love what they do, and up until now have been able to make a comfortable living by working their asses off. Gabriel Tigerman and Kathryn Fiore DID NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING…when group of close friends set up this up because we know what they are up against, they hesitated about making it public.

They aren’t the sort to ask for a free handout. The money will be used wisely and we wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t necessary. In fact, I imagine that no matter how much is raised, it still won’t be enough. PROVE ME WRONG!

Although it is heartbreaking, I will forgive those ignorant people who don’t understand how tragic this situation is. I do hope if anyone else finds themselves in this situation, that you receive non-judgemental love and support.

I only ask that keep the negativity and jealousy to yourself… and bring forth love and light to these very special people. They would, and have done it for many others. Money helps, but it’s the prayers and good thoughts that ensure that miracles do happen.

Thank you to those have been able to donate, thank you to those who will in the future…but most of all thank you to those who don’t know these beautiful people that continue to support and send love and light their way. xo

cali5 on

The fund was started by friends of the family, NOT the couple. I find it extremely insensitive of people to make comments about anything other than hoping for the best for this family.

If you don’t want to donate money, then don’t — I don’t need to hear why. Keep it to yourself and focus on positive thoughts. Egads, whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” End rant.

I know of a few people who had babies right around this time. It is so sad to think of such a joyous moment taking such a turn.

I am really happy that Kathryn has pulled through and the baby seems to be improving everyday. I hope that the gift of baby Alice helps guide this family back to that place of happiness where every new or growing family should be.

Sarah on

Kathryn Fiore is the strongest, and most giving human being I’ve ever met.

Kelly on

ugh this poor family!! it should be a time to celebrate a new life and family and the woman is fighting to regain use of her body. many prayers. people need to stop being so hateful and negative here…this is truly an awful situation.

cj on

I can’t believe the heartache that they must be feeling. Praise the Lord she is alive, but I know this isn’t how you picture bringing a baby home from the hospital and it sounds like there’s a really long road ahead for her. Will say prayers for you Kathryn!

guest on

Nunyaz. That comment was so wrong on every level. This new Mommy has not picked her baby up, and is still fighting for her life. You most be a very selfish person. They didn’t. Ask us for money? I’m sure you’re not their friend or family. I hope you never need anything in a crisis, but pray someone would help you if you did.

Sandy on

Sarah, I hope that you can pass on the love and prayers for Kathryn and Alice’s future health and recovery! It is heartbreaking that this has happened to their family! I cannot imagine what they are going through, Gabe having to make all these difficult decisions while feeling so completely overwhelmed had to just be heartbreaking for him!

I am a fan of both of their work and have enjoyed shows they have appeared on. I hope that Alice is doing well at home and that Kathryn continues to improve and is able to be home with her daughter and her husband soon!

All of those who make negative comments please keep them to yourselves. I was aware of the fund days prior to the People article and it was clear from the beginning that this was not the family themselves asking for help but friends and family doing it to try and help people they care about. Too much negativity…

4tmama on

How can you all be so judgmental & cruel? A MOM & BABY ?! as previously stated jb they are actors doesn’t make them rich like the Kartrash Klan.. SAG ins is like all, it suc#$ deductible, co-pays, this all they are going through will be billed in the millions…

I am chronically ill, & I have to fight tooth, nail, blood, everyone, to get anything paid…we are in debt forever, my husband works @ a Fortune 200 bank, but they screw him over on pay, ins costs a Fortune, 80/20; then $1500/person, blah blah OUR SYSTEM SUCKS..HAVE COMPASSION…

OH,just because my husband works @ a bank dont assume he makes $$bank, as he doesn’t, just like all actors don’t make big $$, there is a point to my rant!!!!

Jen on

While I was pregnant, I had to be on a medication 3 times daily that cost $2400/month and was NOT covered by insurance. This was life or death for me, so there was not an option.

When my daughter was born, we both had complications and we spent 7 days in the hospital. Her stay was in the NICU. Our combined bills were over $750,000. Luckily we had great medical insurance and only had to cover $2000 out of pocket (much of which was covered by my O.B. universal fee before we even got to the hospital).

Don’t judge this family just because they are actors. That does not mean they are making millions!

Anonymous on

Wow, this poor family! I hope she recovers soon, and I hope that baby Alice is being brought to visit her! Mommy and daughter need to get to know each other! 🙂

Also, I was just reading up on amniotic fluid embolism (since the article says her doctors think that may have been what caused her complications), and it appears that having a C-section increases the risk of that particular complication.

Knowing that information, I have to say that I actually agree with Blue Sides and think that s/he made a good point. BUT I will also agree that it sounds like a C-section was the only option in this case.

Oh, one other thing: The fact that they think that she might have a rare blood disorder yet they don’t appear to be have tested her for one baffles me. I mean, if I were a doctor and I thought my patient had a rare blood disease, I’d get them tested for it right away!

Lena on

I have no children at 37 and this article absolutely reinsurers my thoughts and feelings. God bless all moms out there! You never know!

Anonymous on

Sam, I wasn’t there, and I haven’t seen the charts, but I will say the first thing that came to my mind was “Pitocin induction leads to fetal distress, emergency c-section and amniotic -fluid embolism”. There are many complications that sadly are iatrogenic (caused by medical treatment) and commonly take place in the hospital.

Here’s a memo for you…..the maternal death rate in the USA is climbing, and it is NOT related to the tiny percentage of women who choose to give birth at home without the myriad of unnecessary interventions which are standard fare in the hospital. This was clearly a nightmare!

Mel on

Glad to see something on this…Gabe was on two episodes of Supernatural and he’s been at a few of the Creation cons for the show. No one heard until Saturday when the first round of tweets from former/current cast appeared.

When I went to the site on Saturday evening, about $14,000 had been raised, the total now is about $48,500 (not including the $700+ from Chad Lindberg’s Skype chat auction on ebay that closes on June 22).

As Jim Beaver wrote when he donated on Saturday evening, “Family don’t end with blood, boy. Your Supernatural family is here with you, Gabe.”

Going by twitter and tumblr? Accurate.

Mira on

Her horrible complications are a result of her C-section! She might have avoided them if she WASN’T in the hospital.

Kathy Carpenter on

I am just amazed at people and their selfish remarks. Number one they may not have set up this fund it may have been done by friends or family. Most actors don’t have health insurance if they are not working. They are not huge mega stars who make millions…..the vast majority of actors just get by.

Number two point…you have noooooo idea how much this medical incident is going to cost…..the longer it goes on the more the bills will pile up. No one put a gun to anyone’s head and said you must give. It’s voluntary.

Instead of all the snarky comments how about we just wish them well, hope she has a complete recovery and do what you want to do about donating? The most important thing is that she recovers completely.

innostranka on

it sounds as though mom suffered a traumatic brain injury due to hypoxia. she will need professional nursing care in the future, after multiple surgeries, intense rehab, oxygen treatments and relearning how to walk and use her hands. this is not a positive outlook, honestly, but hoping she obtains a full recovery.

Pat on

I read other’s comments. How about compassion?

Most likely they wanted to get the word out to their wide circle of friends and business associates (not total strangers) that for those thinking of sending flowers (an intensive care unit, where Kathryn was likely receiving care, typically would ban flowers from patient rooms.. and they die in a few days anyway), or gifts (of items that they might already have received or purchased themselves before their daughter’s arrival), donations would be the most helpful right now.

This family has incurred enormous unexpected and unplanned expenses — associated with both the wife and daughter’s extended hospital stays, the after-hospital required nursing care for mom, possibly help with the baby until mom is fully on her feet, and physical rehab for mom.

I hope that, going forward, things go more smoothly for mom, dad and baby. My thoughts are prayers are with them.

mindy on

OMG, this poor new mom. Wishing you a full recovery Kathryn. I hope that you will be home with your precious baby Alice as soon as possible. I’m sorry that motherhood has gotten off to such a rocky start for you. Sending prayers and good wishes.

4L150N on

I’m glad she’s ok. That’s a really scary situation.

On another note, she and her husband are both actors who are clearly not struggling financially if they are being featured in People magazine, and I’m sitting here on disability being asked to give a donation toward THEIR medical bills? That makes NO sense whatsoever……

Jessica on

I’m sorry, 4L150N, where in the article did they mention your name specifically asking for a donation? Oh that’s right they didn’t. Get off your high horse. You have absolutely NO idea what type of income they have coming in. Instead you want to sit there free loading off the state on disability which you probably don’t even need you’re just too lazy to work and you want to judge someone else’s situation? Doesn’t feel too great to be judged when someone doesn’t know your specific situation does it? I don’t know why you’re on disability not is it my business. Therefore I don’t feel the need to judge you for what I don’t know. What I do know however is that you are taking it upon yourself to jige this family which you know nothing about.

Anonymous on

I’m thinking the author meant hypovolemic shock, which can lead to organ failure as well. Septic shock would mean she had some sort of infection…Such a horrible experience for her either way.

rlb237 on

I don’t know who this woman is, but oh my goodness is this a sad story to read. I am glad to hear she is recovering and I wish her & her family all the best!!

Nikki on

I had some postpartum hemorrhaging (after a vaginal birth) and had suffered from severe pre-eclampsia for 2.5 weeks before delivering my son 3.5 weeks early. I had to stay in the labor and delivery ward to be monitored for an extra 24 hours and couldn’t hold or cuddle my newborn baby.

I really feel for this family. My thoughts and prayers go out to Kathryn, Gabriel and baby Alice!

CHS on

You know, it really is disappointing to see people attacking a family that needs help, where the mother is critically ill and fighting for her life, where the father can do nothing but care for the baby who also is recovering.

Their friends put out a plea for help, yet people feel qualified to judge instead. Told that they are making money so pay for it themselves and stop using the system or asking for handouts. Yet our broken for profit medical system that charges thousands of dollars just to lay in the room, the care and medications cost thousands more.

No one deserves harsh judgement for circumstances beyond their control. No one deserves to be bankrupted because even if they had insurance it does not cover their portion of astronomical medical bills.

Stop blaming the family for being in this situation and needing help. Stop making it about welfare as if people who can’t afford 10, 000/ day to stay in the ICU are mooching off the system who created these high free market prices instead of countries that won’t allow their doctors and hospitals to charge whatever they want.

And all the home birth comments – if something bad happens you have the option of going to the hospital, high risk pregnancies don’t choose to home birth and most moms are not high risk.

It is much easier to judge than help, even if it is to send your best wishes if you can’t or don’t want to donate. I will be thinking of this families long struggle ahead as our family has been in their shoes.

Remember, they aren’t even home yet and time will tell if the baby won’t suffer medical issues for years to come as her mother with full system organ failure certainly will.

Doctor on

What a sad story…lots of thoughts and prayers going out to this family.

It amazes me the number of comments on here villianizing doctors as the cause of the current health care crisis. I am a physician and spent what most people argue are the best years of someone’s life studying and training to help people and save lives, oftentimes missing important family events (and delaing starting my own family) to be in the hospital.

I have raked up half a million dollars in student debt to do this job that I love that I will never be able to pay off, drive a car that is 10 years old, and live in a 1400 square foot house. The amount of disrespect toward doctors and overall sense of entitlement from some in the US right now is mind-boggling.

Socialized health care does not work…ask your fellow veterans.

Mirsulli on

Did you ever think they opened the fund so family & friends could donate and People is just advertising the fact they did that even though they possibly never thought to make it public? Seeing as they would like donations instead of baby gifts makes me think they were hoping people that would send them baby gifts (family & friends not the general public) would help them in their time of need. Geez I doubt they ever expected me or any of you to donate.

Brenda on

My mother recently passed away from Septic Shock. It is a horrible condition that usually leaves one never the same if they are luck enough to survive. My heart breaks that she has these struggles and also will miss so much of her daughter’s first year. I wish her all the luck in the world to get better.

ivanan on

Wishing all the best to the family! I’ve heard about this on twitter, as I follow a lot of the SPN cast. Great to see how many people step up and help.

@Doctor: “Socialized health care” works perfectly in the large part of the rest of the world, including my small European country. But I believe it is trickier in the US. The society needs to have a certain level of maturity and compasion for it to work.

Jessamine on

I had a stroke during delivery and was rushed to a hospital two hours away from my baby girl. I didn’t see her until she was two months old, having been in a coma, then recuperating and regaining enough skills to go home with therapy looming. I don’t know what I would have done without family and friends helping me during this time.

This situation certainly provokes some strong emotions and memories in me. I pray for a full recovery, and a long future together as a family.

I don’t think it’s appropriate to turn this thread into a debate over whether insurance is a right for everyone or not, or who does or does not need assistance. If you feel led to give, then give. If you do not, then give in other areas where God leads you. If you do not have money to give, then that’s okay, too. The best gift we can give someone is to pray for them…no money required.

gob on

What a bunch of horrible people commenting here. No one is holding a gun to your head to donate, you just show what an ugly soul you have that you hear this story and your biggest concern is that they had the audacity to set up a fund. I hope none of you selfish, self-centered a**holes ever need anyone’s help, if you do I hope you find people just like you.

Suzanne on

I cannot begin to understand the people on this thread that believe calling them “tasteless” after they’ve endured such a traumatic experience is acceptable. The article doesn’t say they’re requesting donations, only that those that were planning to purchase gifts (yanno, as friends & family are wont to do) should instead make a contribution.

Even then, as a reader of a People article and not the affected individual, you don’t know that THEY set up the fund, as a family or friend could have. Even if they did -you don’t be judgey, just don’t donate if you don’t want to. I’m expecting my own first child in August and make less than $50k/year, but think I’ll donate in my own name, as well as for each of you making less-than-nice comments.

Family Friend on

As a family friend, and someone who knows this situation well, let me tell you that the family not only didn’t start the website, they had no idea it was even made public.

They are not “rich” actors by any means but they are great people who were dealt an unimaginable crappy hand during a time that was supposed to be joyous.

If you are moved by the story and want to donate or say a prayer or send a beautiful loving word of encouragement, then by all means do.

If you don’t know what you are talking about, and want to be insensitive to a family you don’t know for no reason, piss off.

They did not even know the story went public. Period.

Jessica on

Very sorry for what your friend is going through. Prayers for a speedy recovery and this is exactly why I believe comments should be disabled. Society has lost any sense of respect and decency and heart. It’s very easy to sit behind a keyboard and be a completely heartless arse.

Catca on


I am sorry you had to read the negative comments when you are trying to help your friend. You are a good friend to Kathryn and Gabriel and they are lucky to have you.

Please understand that the negative comments were typed out of fear and stress as many families are struggling right now and not because they don’t wish the Tigerman family well. I think it is safe to say we all wish them well and hope both mother and baby eventually have a full recovery.

Tisha on

I wish mom and baby a speedy recovery. Medical expenses can be horribly high. I work in a hospital and see how much JUST the hospital bill is. This doesn’t include the physicians bill, radiologist bill and etc. More than likely, their bill can potentially be over $1 million. Hopefully they have insurance.

Pamela on

How wonderful that both Mommy and baby have pulled through and can be a family. What a terrifying situation. Considering this is a long-term issue, I can’t imagine how huge the medical bills are and it is not uncommon for people to accept donations if anyone wishes to help. If you cannot give, then don’t. It’s all very normal, no matter what the”perceived” financial situation is.

Anita Petersen on

Rather than asking “Why are they asking for money …” ask a different question … “Why isn’t what they need covered by healthcare?” Why does anyone have to go into debt to cover a clearly rare and absolutely not expected tragedy? Why is healthcare a business and not a necessity? I don’t have the answers. Just lots of questions.

joan on

I agree with natalie. Healthcare should be a right of all citizens, and if you have unforeseen complications, such as this, you shouldn’t have to stress about paying the bills and whatnot. No one in this country should die due to lack of insurance or money to pay for surgery.

The Good Parent on

If you look at their imdb profiles you`d see that he has not worked since last year. And she`s only had 4 jobs this year. She`s been in the hospital a month, the baby spent a considerable time in the hospital as well any money they had is already gone and there will be considerably more bills in the future since it sounds like she can`t even walk at the moment. Have some compassion. They`re only saying, if you were going to spend money buying flowers, don`t, put the money towards something that`d actually help them.

MaryJane Cannabian on

Thank you to all of the Doctors and Nurses and technology & modern-day science that helped save Kathryn and her baby. I’m sure the love of her husband, family and friends will help a support her on her road to recovery.

As a Canadian I can’t even imagine what hardships medical bills create, I am very lucky to live in a country with single payer (Universal) health care. I went through something similar with my first baby 22 years ago, lost too much blood, needed 2 transfusions, in the hospital for 3 weeks, etc. Thank goodness we didn’t have to pay out of pocket for any of it.

Mandy on

I have no idea who either of these people are, but my prayer’s go out to them. Having a baby & the after math can be very scary. I started hemoraging 3 weeks after I gave birth. I had to spend the night before my baby was 1 month in the hospital getting 2 blood transfusions so I could be put under anesthia & have a D&C to remove the rest of my placenta that did not detach after birth. The doctor told my husband if I had bled one more time like I had been that he would have been calling an ambulance for me because I would be unconscious. I didn’t have to worry about medical costs as thankfully with my insurance I have a $2500 deductible, so once that was met, everything else was covered,

Kat on

A lot of people forget that when an actor isn’t currently on a project, they are un-employed. Since these seem like smaller role actors, they probably only have good insurance when currently on a project. In between they pay all premiums out of pocket, and many insurances don’t cover prolonged and extensive illnesses like this. Plus, it is doubtful she’ll be working again for a long time.

It is heartbreaking to see any new family have to deal with something so horrible, at what should be one of the happiest times of their lives.

coachdaddyblogger on

All the best to mama, baby, and you, Sarah, for helping them out. Regardless of job or situation, it’s down to a mom and her baby, and they need our thoughts and prayers now.

ke123 on

The lack of empathy and common sense in some of these comments is astonishing. This woman will require will require dialysis and at-home nursing care “indefinitely.” That might even financially drain the Jolie-Pitts, but will certainly bankrupt two out of work actors that won’t be going back to their careers anytime soon.

And they are not soliciting donations from any of you. People has reported that a fund was set up for donations “in lieu of flowers.” So, if you are a friend that had planned to send flowers, you should know that they need the money instead. If you don’t care about these people, then don’t give them flowers or money. But, Patti’s comment is my favorite- she is apparently struggling as she spends $900 at costco and “several other registers that day” and then someone has the gall to ask her to donate $5 for sick children? Seriously, I hope you reread your comment and realize how heartless you sound.

This poor family is facing years of struggle. I wish them all the best.

Callie on

This is just horrible! I pray she makes a speedy recovery

Smithy on

Who is Kathryn Fiore?

Lee on

It costs to be sick. It is then better for the country to pay for medical treatment than the individual itself. More healthy people means more people who can work and happier people.

Many people around the world say that the U.S.A. is the warning example when the state doesn’t pay for medical treatment.

I hope both will get better soon.

Cinder Lou on

Very sad … with hopefully a happy ending in the days, weeks and months to come. Being at home with her family will help to hasten Kathryn’s recovery, I hope. Best wishes for a full recovery and happy days to come with Gabriel and Alice!

Jac on

I just took a minute out of my time to check out their IMDb profiles… These people are barely D list actors! Shame on all of you. The guy had two episodes each on Supernatural and Journeyman. The wife is listed as “party-goer” in MI:3. I’m sure these people aren’t vacationing in Bora Bora and eating lunches at the Ivy. Lastly, common sense tells me they are asking for their family members and friends to donate money instead of purchase gifts. There isn’t any information for the general public to make donations. Instead of being a miserable human being, be compassionate.

Tami on

I too had a long labor resulting in an emergency c-section. I developed sepsis (a life threatening blood poisoning) and my organs were shutting down and I almost died. That was 5 years ago and I am still seeing specialists for my kidneys. It was a terrifying ordeal that I am still dealing with. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband and family/friends that helped care for our son while I was hospitalized and the many months of recovery afterwards! Even with my insurance my out of pocket medical bills have put us between a rock and a hard spot. 5 years later and I am still paying towards it….so My heart goes out to this family!

Jessamine on

My heart hurts at the hate on this thread. This family is going through unspeakable hardship, emotionally, financially and every way you could imagine. She nearly lost her life, and now has health issues to deal with indefinitely…possibly permanently. As someone who has been in a similar situation, I can tell you it doesn’t take long to rack up thousands and thousands in medical bills. Just because someone is in a certain profession, it’s not fair to assume they are millionaires with an endless supply of money. What if someone wanted to be supportive and loving and started a fund for them and People just shared it? I don’t know these people, but I do not get the feeling at all that they are soliciting readers for money!

The hate-filled mentality shown on this thread is a fine example of one the major problems with this country. I see it at work…people want to take, get things for free, have things be “fair” (by their definition of “fair”) but they would rather die than help someone else, because in their mind, they are the entitled ones who want to get “theirs.” It’s a sickness that is killing this country. All of you spouting hate should be filled with shame, for you have zero compassion for someone who has been through a horrific situation that is not yet over. God help you if something like this should happen to you or your family. Would you expect, demand, or think you deserve help because you are not a celebrity? It’s so easy to sit in anonymity behind a screen moniker and pass judgment, but it’s my guess that many of you spouting the most hate, behind the protection of your computer, would be equally hateful in person.

I pray for full restoration for this lady and her family.

meghan on

Simone, I really hope that was sarcasm. If not, I will not bother to pray for your evil soul. I will pray for Kathryn, Alice and Gabriel instead. And just something to enlighten your simple mind “actor” and “celebrity” are two very different things. Do you have any idea the percentage of actors in the SAG make the Julia Roberts level of money? Less then 1%. We are talking about two working actors who will not be able to work at all for the foreseeable future.

gooniesandy on

Wow, reading some of these comments makes me fear for the world in which my children will grow up. The lack of compassion is frightening! Instead of being so angry at people who can’t afford to pay their medical bills, you might actually be able to make a difference if you were to direct some of that at the companies that make decent medical care so ridiculously expensive that most of us can not afford it! If you can’t afford or don’t feel like you want to donate, then don’t. No one is holding a gun to your head. No one is saying, “Hmmm, here’s a lady who’s super poor. Let’s make her give us money!”

My family has been going through a horrible couple of years and are incredibly poor right now, and yet I still try to donate to worthy causes whenever I can, even if it isn’t much. $5 to help pay for a shelter dog’s surgery here, $1 at a lemonade stand there. I’m not a Christian, but my personal moral compass tells me that it feels good to help out and that no matter how bad it is for me, there is always someone out there that has it worse. And maybe these two actors do have it worse right now… at least I am healthy, my kids are healthy, and I don’t owe as much money as they most certainly do. I can work. I don’t have strangers poking and prodding me all day, coming home from the hospital with me. I can walk!

Unless you have personally seen their income taxes and their hospital statements, you know nothing about their circumstances. Judge not…

meghan on

Kim Kardashian’s contrived “Delivery Room Drama” cover story is a slap in the face considering what Kathryn Fiore and her family are going through.

Jen on

All due respect, but asking for money to pay medical bills? These people are actors so I’m sure they’re not destitute. I’m horribly sorry for all she’s gone through, but I struggle to pay my OWN insurance, why in the world would I send money to people that make more money in a day than I do in 5 years??

Suzanne on

@Jen — You are woefully out of touch. A run-of-the-mill working actress/actor does NOT make more than you in a day. They may even make less than you in a year…don’t give if you don’t want to, but show some care.

christina on

Not every actor makes HUGE Insane amounts of Money, some barely make enough in residuals and royalties to get by. Especially those who aren’t getting a lot of work and go months, sometimes even years in between gigs.

The actors union certainly isn’t paying for their expenses so they have to ask for help just like any normal american person would have to.

Melli on

Crystal.. you are really dumb.

You have no clue what medical bills are..I had my little girl ten years ago, two months early. She was put in the NICU for 27 days. Meanwhile, I had pulmonary embolism due to the pregnancy. We both are fine now, but our medical bills were over $80,000!!!!

this actress won’t b acting any time soon, so I don’t blame her family trying to raise funds for their bills.

mumma on

unexpected and stunning generosity? how is it unexpected? a fund was set up to accept donations, and it was linked on people magazine’s website! yeah really unexpected….

Anonymous on

Why are people making unkind remarks about the fund established to help with medical bills. No one knows their financial status, and her medical bills are going to be in the hundreds of thousands if not the millions. She can no longer work, and her husband doesn’t have a steady acting job, so whatever big bucks they’ve managed to make are going to be quickly depleted.

Donate or not, but why all the negativity? I’m hoping and praying this young mom will pull through completely.

Ruby on

I wish this family the best in light of the medical scare. But like much of the sentiment below, why would I pay for their medical bills? Clearly, they are in a better postion to make money than most Americans. I was sick last year with cancer and guess what? No one paid my medical bills but myself, hence I’m in debt. I think it’s rather insensitive and tacky to ask for money. It’s well known that most American’s don’t even have insurance.

Suzanne on

@Ruby — Please also read the equal sentiment that “tacky” is not an appropriate word to describe a family that just went through such trauma. ESPECIALLY considering their friends & fam set up the fund as an alternative to baby gifts. Don’t donate, but be compassionate.

Anonymous on

I’m already “donating”. Its called “Obamacare”.

Suzanne on

@Anon — Snark, instead of compassion? I’m sorry you are without that basic humanity, it makes life difficult.

kristin on

My heart goes out to them..

That said, healthcare and the basic needs of life should be available to everyone. Why does where you live have anything to do with it..?

Makes me sick sometimes when I see what we are becoming. Something needs to change..

I wish them all the best.

Jc on

Good grief. She is not making Angelina Jolie money. Why do ppl think all actors are millionaires. If you can’t say something nice why say anything at all? Is it to feel better about your own life. She won’t be able to work so her insurance will probably be canceled. As an actor you have to work a certain amount to qualify for coverage

liarlairpantsonfire on

I have never heard of such a thing. my god, how terrifying. when they say that she “will be needing professional home care indefinitely”, what does that mean? will she never get back to where she was before? horrible!

Anonymous on

Reading that she met the baby for the first time upon being released from the hospital and going home makes me sad. I assume she was in the ICU, because I can’t see any other reason the hospital would prohibit her husband or others from bringing the baby to visit her.

Anyway, I hope they bond okay now! 🙂

missy on

OMG asking for money. they need to get jobs , like the rest of us have. If you can’t afford to have a child then you should NOT! That goes for your own health incase something goes wrong like has here. Not all things go as planned.

Suzanne on

@Missy — Don’t be a jerk. They have jobs, as stated in the article, but a working actor doesn’t make the same money as a celebrity or have a consistent role. Also, none of us (save the rich & famous) are prepared for a medical emergency –contact thus, it’s an EMERGENCY. Should we all stop going outside or, I dunno, living because one day we could have cancer? As states MANY times for those choosing to be judgemental, she & her husband did not set up the fund, their friends & fam did…if you don’t want to donate, don’t, but stop being insensitive.

Mindy on

Women and families should realize that giving birth, no matter where you are or how much money you have, is the most dangerous day of your life, as a mother and as a baby. There are loads of complications that can arise and ways that you can both die. Nature is a beast that way. My son died from a brain injury sustained during birth due to complications, and I was unable to urinate on my own for two months and continue to have problems. She is lucky to be alive, they both are. They are counting their blessings I am sure, and my thoughts stay with them.

Mindy on

And to Anonymous who says this:
“Sam, I wasn’t there, and I haven’t seen the charts, but I will say the first thing that came to my mind was “Pitocin induction leads to fetal distress, emergency c-section and amniotic -fluid embolism”. There are many complications that sadly are iatrogenic (caused by medical treatment) and commonly take place in the hospital.

Here’s a memo for you…..the maternal death rate in the USA is climbing, and it is NOT related to the tiny percentage of women who choose to give birth at home without the myriad of unnecessary interventions which are standard fare in the hospital. This was clearly a nightmare!”

The maternal death rate AND the neonatal death rate for homebirth is through the roof, MANA has refused for years to divulge their statistics because they do not support the safety of homebirth — if they did they would have released them years ago. Be careful what kind of accusations you make and claims — the fact is that being in the hospital for this birth likely saved this womans life and the life of her child.

Thursday on

I am so incredibly greatful to live in Canada.If Kathryn were a Canadian woman giving birth in a Canadian hospital.She would not have to pay these outrageous medical cost.Her care would be free.I don’t understand the American medical system.God bless Kathryn and her family.

Anonymous on

mumma- They never intended to make the fund public. A few of their friends have posted on here, and one of explained this:

“As a family friend, and someone who knows this situation well, let me tell you that the family not only didn’t start the website, they had no idea it was even made public.”

The other friends that posted here echoed those sentiments. So obviously PEOPLE somehow discovered the donation page without their knowledge, hence the general public being so generous WAS unexpected!

Anonymous on

Mindy- I think you missed the point of that comment (and no, it was not me who made it. That was a different anonymous!)…which was that the interventions done in the hospital may have actually CAUSED her problems!

Anonymous on

BTW, I also meant to say that I fully realize that it may also be that giving birth in the hospital saved her life. Obviously we don’t know which of the two it was (their would have been problems regardless of the interventions they did or that the problems were caused by the interventions).

What IS a fact, however, is that it’s dangerous to act like hospital births aren’t without risks. They are….and we need to do something about those risks (namely cut unnecessary interventions. There was a time when C-sections, inductions, etc. weren’t done unless they were absolutely necessary. Sadly, that is no longer the case.)!

Daisy on

What a frightening and overwhelming thing to go through. I hope the Tigerman family know they have the support of lot of people who hope to see them well.