Channing Tatum: Why We Released Our Daughter’s First Photo

06/24/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan-Tatum Daughter Everly First Photo Courtesy Tatum Family

The paparazzi managed to snag countless shots of Channing and JennaΒ Dewan-Tatum during her pregnancy, but all bets were off when it came to the prized first photo of the couple’s baby girl.

Instead, the proud new parents debuted daughter Everly on their own terms with a family portrait posted to Facebook on Father’s Day.

“We didn’t want to go through a tabloid — we just wanted to let it out so paparazzi would stop trying to hound us,” Tatum, 33, tells ET Canada. “You know, here it is, that’s it. Now, let us be.”

Since showing off his 3-week-old to the world, the White House Down star admits the majority of daddy duty has been continuing on his supportive streak, always on hand to help out where needed.

“[Jenna’s] tired. Those first few months, it’s just ridiculous, just [taxing],” he says. “All I can really do is just sit there and change diapers … and get them food. Whatever they want.”

As for the “amazing” feeling of welcoming his first child? Well, the couple may be experiencing those emotions once again — sooner rather than later. “We could possibly have some Irish twins, I don’t know, ” Tatum jokes.

— Anya Leon

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Jenny! on

They will be such great parents. I can’t wait to see them grow as a family.

julie on


MrMonkee on

But look at how much less money he will receive by not going the route Kim & Kanye will evidently be taking. And the highest bidder is………………..

Missy on

I dont find him the least bit attractive but its very sweet how attentive and protective of his little family he is. Not out for the mighty dollar πŸ™‚

emma on

I agree with you 110% Missy.

Ashley on

Me too Missy.

Desirae on

And this is why I love Channing and Jenna. So down to earth and charming. I know they will be such great parents to that beautiful little girl.

Anonymous on

love this couple! that’s a great looking baby, but look @ that gene pool!

Anonymous on


toni on

There was no market for the Tatum/Dewan baby photo. They’re not Kim/Kanye where they can get million dollar offers. It was just easier for them to post the pictures themselves than to admit no offers.

ebethsb on

Are you kidding toni?

Wtf on

Are you serious toni? He’s the reigning sexiest man alive. Has several movies in the works and has class unlike North West’s parents! The tatums didn’t have a child to pad their bank accounts.

Pam on

You’re trippin! I’d much rather see their baby than Kimye’s.

Mary on

If Jamie Lynn Spears got a million for the first picture of her baby, I’m pretty sure there actually is a market for this one.

Amanda on

If they want Irish twins they should get working on that πŸ˜‰ I have a 20 month spacing (twice) and a 3.5 year spacing with my kids but a good friend had her babies 10 months apart and she said it was actually pretty easy. Her oldest is very easy going so could depend on the family. I personally see advatages to close and far spacings. I love that my close spaced kids have each other as built in buddies (and they are), the almost 4 year break was nice too and it was nice my older kids understood they were getting a sibling and were excited.

Clarissa on

Mine are 11 months apart, Amanda. Don’t let anyone fool you, it’s a lot of work!! Especially when you’re alone with no family support like me, and you have to work FT too.

Joan on

My sister and I are 11monthes apart. As a kid, it sucked…..

emily on

I have Irish Twins, boys that are 11 months apart. They are amazing, but it is very hard on your body…and wallet. But they can defiantly afford it. I am not a fan of either one. But they are married, non tabloid whores..somethings gotta be said for that.

Kell on

Ermagird! ❀ those precious baby legs!

Anonymous on

I am glad that they don’t act like some so-called “celebrities” who sell their baby’s photos for money. You know who will be the next one: K & K!

dianaivett2 on

I love this couple…So down to earth…My brother and I are Irish twins…We are 11 months apart…My mom said it was a lot of work but well worth it…

Sunny on

I don’t understand people who say they don’t find him attractive. I think he is so cute , sweet and has a really sexy voice. His wife is very lucky.

Stella Bella on

toni, how do you know that? I don’t have a dog in that fight, just curious. πŸ™‚

georgette abad on

congrats on the new baby shes a cutie i just became a grandma last wednesday a girl named evelyn again congrats!!!!!!!!!!

Gloria on

That shows soo much Class!! Not selling their daughter to the highest bidder! All these celebrities have kids so they can make money on them by selling their pics! It was really beautiful the way they introduced her to the world!

morgmath on

I genuinely don’t believe that they care how much money they could have made off of their kid. Not every couple aspires to be ‘Kimye.’

Linda on

I LOVE THEM!! I wish there could be more stories about them instead of another couple that I don’t wanna mention so they don’t get any more attention…,

Congrats to the Tatum family, you guys are beautiful together !!! Jenna you look so beautiful after having your precious baby! Much love for you!! β™₯

gracie on

Channing Tatum is an actual talent…an actor with lots of fans so I am sure he could have received money for the first pics if he chose to go that classless route. Kim and Kanye are self absorbed, egotistic media whores. They will use this poor little baby to generate as much publicity/money as they possibly can.

Alison on

@toni – Are you insane??? Of course there is! Just because a celebrity doesn’t choose to take money for a pic of their child doesn’t mean no one wanted. You must have been living under a rock to think no one would want to see pictures of the world’s most genetically blessed child. Especially if it gets us another peek at the beautiful Mr. Tatum.

kim on

omg, what an amazing daddy and man. those are two very lucky ladies!!

Anonymous on

that’s the way to do it.. family is family. we don’t sell them to tabloids!

Mary on

Nice to see a couple who doesn’t care about getting money to display their baby. They will be such great parents.

Faye Tackett on

Beautiful little girl. Sorry you are so hounded by newsman, but glad you shared with your fans.

Anonymous on

I know that’s right Channing, step up to the plate. You are willing to do anything to protect you family.

Anonymous on

Kartrashians take note!

Athina on

Kimye could surprise us by not showing their baby for at least three months. It’s nobody’s business but theirs and they don’t have to cater to the media or the public just to appease them.

Anonymous on

They are classy…and whoever posted that no one wanted to pay for the baby’s picture is obviously deluded. Hope Kanye and Kim allow Nori (Jpse. word for seaweed) to be bought the way they are…people only read the articles in the same way that they like to watch train wrecks.

Chloe on

What a beautiful family! God bless them and their adorable baby.

Anonymous on

I love that!! β€œAll I can really do is just sit there and change diapers … and get them food. Whatever they want.” – That is so so true, particularly if she’s nursing. Kudos to him for recognizing and honoring that. Too many men are expecting their wives to just immediately get back to “normal” and that’s just not the way it is for most women. I was also one of the lucky ones.

Kaye on

It’s crazy how people are so judgmental no matter if the posted a picture or sold there picture it there life and maybe you the people that talk about kimye should go find a life you sound like gossiping teenagers what Channing and his wife did was something they they felt like was right the baby is beautiful

Josh on

Sort stinks he needs to do this. He isn’t one of those celebrities who constantly tries to throw himself out there. It really should be illegal for the paps to take pictures of kids under 18.

Victoria on

@Sunny, I think Channing is quite handsome, but he’s not my type. What probably makes him so likeable to me is he seems to be a genuine guy. You can see he cares deeply for his wife and will dote on his beautiful daughter. He’s a refreshing guy and I do enjoy some of his movies.

LM on

Love this family. They are so cute. I think it’s great that they released a picture on their own terms but sad that they felt pressure to release a photo at all. The paps should leave them alone.

sally on

Just an awesome couple! No money! But what makes me made is the media hounded them!

Kate on

She is adorable and I absolutely adore the name! It’s unique without being so far out there like some other celebrities. So cute.

Christina on

Good for them!!!!

Beautiful family. Beautiful little one

Lauren S on

[Jenna’s] tired. Those first few months, it’s just ridiculous, just [taxing],” he says. β€œAll I can really do is just sit there and change diapers … and get them food. Whatever they want.”

Can I get me a man like that?

Becky on

I just think it’s my age that makes me not think he’s sexy (I’m old enough to be his Mom), but everything I read about him makes me love him..They both seem to be great people.Congrats on your beautiful baby..

EmmaWasHere on

I think these two are classy & levelheaded. As the Sexiest Man Alive, he’s tabloid gold so I’m glad to see that was the reason. Bless that lovely family!!

Judd on

II dont find him attractive, but the baby’s adorable ! Congrats!

Chrissy on

I would have bought people if they were on the cover with their baby. Their is always money in babies women love babies.

Stella Bella on

It’s not your age, Becky. I’m 33 and I don’t think he’s all that attractive. They do seem to be a sweet, loving family, though.

Cree on

I just want to Channing and Jenny CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! EVERLY IS CUTE AND ADORABLE πŸ™‚

Shaindy on

I don’t mind a celebrity selling the photo if it raises money for charity, like Pitt and Jolie did. But I also completely respect what Channing and Jenna did – releasing it at a time and place of their choosing. May they have many long and happy years together with their daughter.

Sophia on

Very smart move, they’re right. If they don’t release a picture of the baby, paparazzi will stalk them even more than usual to get the ‘first picture’.

On another note…I encourage celebrities selling the picture of their baby. One way or the other paparazzies/the media will get the picture, right? Why not SELL the picture then donate the money to a charity? That would be the first help the baby will give to others and have a double meaning.

Laine on

How very sweet this little family is. He is doting on his girls and it is adorable. Best wishes to them, and good for them for not selling their little girl’s pictures to the highest bidder.


All for MONEY, that’s why!

lauralee on

C-L-A-S-S-Y…………..That’s this couple & more ! There are soooooo many other ‘want’ to be ‘celebrity’ couples who can learn from these two .I love the picture ,the are so focused on their daughter…………….they did not make this ‘all about them’…………like some people, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Ann on

Ah, what a pretty name.

Summer on

I LOVE this couple! It’s so refreshing to see a good family in Hollywood. They seem so normal, down-to-earth, and nice. They’re going to be awesome parents.

Aimee on

This young couple are real parents, living a normal life.

Nina on

What a sweet and lovely family. I hope their precious baby girl grows up healthy and happy.

betty boop on

That is great sounds like sane parents to me, lovely couple

Just Me on

Step away from the tv Toni…you’re watching WAY too many reality shows and OMG you’re actually starting to believe that stuff…Kim is nothing more than a fame W-h-o-r-e who’s only real claim to fame is a porn movie and Kanye is a talentless no class POS who’s using Jay Z’s friendship for personal gain.

Sharon on

I just love this family! God bless you and your beautiful little girl. Looks as if Channing learned to change a diaper pretty fast πŸ˜‰

4tmama on

How in the W O R L D can you not find him sexy if not in looks but in actions? And she is beautiful in the most natural way!!
Hooray for them, let them live

Linda on

The Paps Suck! How would they like it if they were stalked!
The baby is beautiful…. but sometimes I wish these celebrity guys would date and or marry women who weighed something LOL

Anonymous on

oh wow, are they preg already do you think? no way, what a cute pic, good for them!

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who wondered if they’re expecting again already)- I sure hope not! As it says in the post, Everly is less than a month old (three weeks), so it would extremely foolish and risky of Jenna to get pregnant right now!

She probably couldn’t even if she wanted to, though, because most women aren’t yet ovulating at three weeks post-partum (especially if they’re nursing, which Jenna appears to be).

That being said, Channing sounds like a wonderful daddy, and I agree with those who have said that they believe that Channing and Jenna geninunely weren’t after money.

Anonymous on

Also, as far as Kim and Kanye go…they’ve actually been extremely private about Nori, so I don’t think it’s fair that people are picking on them.

Kanye seems to be relatively quiet, and it seems that might be finally rubbing of on Kim a bit!

Anonymous on

Good for them that’s right beat everybody to the punch. this is a beautiful family and I wish you all the best in the world. it’s nice to see they’re not as tacky as Kim and Kanye. I’m sure the first babies pictures will go to the highest better and I’m sure they’re being paid to have this birth put on television. anything to make a buck. people who follow themmake me sick they just keep putting millions and billions in their pockets they deserve
none of it.

Lexi on

Classy family. beautiful daughter. beautiful family.

rlinks on

Beautiful family… who the hell is comparing this family with kims family. I really don’t want to see kims north baby. Dumb name dumb parents.

jtw on

Take note, Kim and Kanye–this is true class

cc7 on

a polar opposite to those K who no doubt will be giving the first photo to the highest bidder. Well done!

Anonymous on

How about because your the child parents and not the public or tabloids you’ll do whatever you want!!!!!! People are too overly critical of of stars as if YOU don’t post pics of your children on your Facebook Come Onnnnnnnn. They should not have to explain themselves they did what they did because they wanted to END OF STORY! smh

Ann on

They are good parents by not selling their baby picture to the highest bidder…….how much will Kim sell her’s for??????

AmandaJ on

Wow Channing and Jenna have a lot of close personal friends leaving comments on here. I’ve never met this couple (but congrats to them) so how in the world would I have a clue if they are going to be good parents or not. Thanks to all their close personal friends for commenting.

BBB on

@Joan, why did it suck having a sister 11 months apart in age from you?

lori on

Channing Tatum should stop saying racist comments like “Irish twins”. That’s a total insult to Irish people everywhere.

anonymous on

I don’t find hiim attractive at all. Very dufy looking to me and not sure why they get so much press; but the baby is beautiful. Good luck to them!

Jaymee on

I have Irish twins and it is hard on the body … My oldest is 16 then middle child born May 2008 and baby boy born march 2009. 10 1/2 months apart. Good luck Jenna. I can say that they do have so much fun together but the first two years of bottle feeding and potty training sucked …Blessings on your family.

Cherry on

Love them. Other celebrities ask millions of dollars for their baby photos.

klutzy_girl on

While I think that’s a great choice for them who really cares? People have babies, share pictures, and name them everyday. Why society gets so wrapped up into people that couldn’t care less about you and what you’re doing is beyond me. So many get consumed with celebrities, it’s so weird.

Angela on

@Lori, as an Irish woman, I find absolutely nothing ‘racist’ about him using the phrase. At this day in age it’s a figure of speech and not a racial comment. There are very few of those but this is one of them.

T. Hart on

You keep telling yourself that Toni because obviously you are happy in your little delusional world. As far as him being sexy, all it takes is seeing him dance on Magic Mike and it is all over with. Boy can he move!!

boohoobytch on

the huge difference btwn them and those vapid morons with the K names is – these two are genuinely in love, got married and then had a baby, which will bring them joy and more love…the K idiots need everyone else’s approval to validate themselves and they’ll likely die never knowing what it’s like to be selfless or to love someone more than yourself…so yes, highest bid wins but they’re already losing

boohoobytch on

…love them

Anonymous on

Hollywood needs to take notes from these two! Congrats on your beautiful daughter and continued blessings to the Tatum Family.

MYN on

Beautiful family! I have a set of two Irish twins, 18 & 17, 11 & 12. It was hard work, but well worth it. Go for it Tatum Family you can do it!

Kara on

He has become even sexier now that he is dad. I didn’t think it was possible for him to be any hotter. His wife is a very lucky lady.!!

meghan on

Lori needs to buy a dictionary.

shelly on

Why does he need to explain this? I think he did the right thing so that people will back off of them.

mb on

love the name wish them the best. i remember that moment when you hold your child for the first time, and you’re like that’s mine and no one else’s!! it’s such a unique feeling. Let’s hope they stay together bc single parenting sucks. I wish them the best. My babies were both beautiful and i wish i could go back a few years and hold them.

Stacey on

He sounds like an amazing husband. Kudos to you Channing!!!!!

Anonymous on

Ooooo Kimye take notes please!!!!!!!!
now this is one awesome family. So normal and not money-hungry pimps. Beautiful baby and beautiful mom and dad

Diva on

Most beautiful Hollywood family ever!!!

Megan on

I’m irish, but I don’t understand “Irish Twins’ can some one explain it please

Gail DuPuis-Cheatham on

I love the way they released the photo-on their own TERMS. More people should take after the Tatum motto, “FAMILY FIRST.”
I love the Tatum’s and look forward to watching them grow as a family and professionally.

Anonymous on

Megan- Irish twins means siblings born less than a year apart. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I just have to say that, after all the posts about Kim and Kanye selling their baby’s photos to the highest bidder, I am going to die laughing if it turns out that they introduce her on twitter or something instead!

klutzy_girl on

If everyone wants the Kartrashians to disappear STOP MENTIONING THEM IN EVERY COMMENT!! And STOP CLICKING THEIR ARTICLES! ANY publicity is what keeps them around, positive or negative!!

It gets so annoying when everyone complains about them, but they are the ones that keep them around longer because you are keeping them in the limelight.

Trust me I hate them too and never give a hell about anything – but had to say something since it seems you all have no idea how the media works…………………………..