Erin Burnett Expecting First Child

06/20/2013 at 03:45 PM ET

Erin Burnett Pregnant Expecting First Child
Charles Eshelman/Filmmagic

News flash: Erin Burnett is pregnant!

The Erin Burnett OutFront host is expecting a baby with husband David Rubulotta in November, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’m so excited — we’ve always wanted this and we’re very lucky,” Burnett, 36, tells PEOPLE.

The baby on the way will be the first for the newlyweds, who met on a blind date eight years ago and later announced their engagement in September 2011.

In December, Burnett and Rubulotta, a managing director at Citigroup, tied the knot in New York City during a ceremony held at City Hall.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Sharon Cotliar

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mary on

I hope it doesn’t turn out like her .. can’t stand her!

kyra on

That is soo mean mary! Why would you say something like that?! You shouldnt comment something like that! News of a baby is good, dont ruin it for her and her family, and even her fans!

Melisa on

Change the channel then dumba$$.

daisy chain on

All the luck to you. I’m a huge fan!

kristy on

Why do you have to be so rude and hurtful MARY? If you can’t stand her, don’t watch her. How dare you say something that cruel about a baby that you don’t even know.

Daisy on

Agree 100% kristy!!!

Daisy on

Love her. Congratulations!

Fan on

Thought I saw a little “bump” when she was on the other night. Good luck to all.

Mary, your comment is ridiculous.

Pia Razon on

Congratulations Erin! I love you on CNN and I wish you all the best. If the baby looks like you it will be a gorgeous baby indeed.

Jen on

Congratulations Erin! You’re an idiot, mary.

WhatATwit on

What an incredibly asinine thing to say, Mary. You’re a real piece of work yourself but you don’t see us preaching that we hope your kids aren’t anything like you.

Iโ€™m Standing Right Behind You on

Congrats and many blessings…and everyone pray for people like Mary…#issues.

blogs are nuts ! on

Good shot Mary, first post, 6 of the next 9 commented on you, maybe you should hire a publicist and leave these comments to real people, and yes you got my attention too, that’s 6 or 10, but in spite of you all the best to Erin and David.

Anonymous on

thank god. I can look forward to her maternity leave

Emely on

Congrats!!! I only watch CNN because of her.

Anonymous on

Mary, why are you being no negative? Change the station then!!!

Aki on

Congrats Erin! Love you ๐Ÿ™‚

4tmama on

Congrats, blessings galore!! Babies deserve NO — ยค[

kristy on

Thank you Daisy and Everybody. Mary you’re just mean. You remind me so much of my Husband’s Ex Wife who would this same thing. UGH!

portia on

That’s awesome news …congrats Erin.

Khloes mum on

Not trying to be rude at ALL, but I don’t think I even know who she is. Not that it matters cause from what I’ve read on here it’s a good thing that she’s pregnant. So that being said congrats to the happy family. I hope for a healthy baby and mom.

Anonymous on

Erin always seem down-to-earth, friendly and self-deprecating. I have enjoyed watching her for years and am so happy for her and her husband.

Anonymous on

love her!!!! oh, how great ๐Ÿ™‚

therealpatty on

Love Erin on CNN and love her show! Congrats to her and her husband and prayers for a happy, healthy baby! I’m sure it will be a beautiful little soul!

debbie on

I’m pretty sure she doesn’t give a rats azzz about you Mary..and fyi..she can’t stand you either!

Ahmed Hazem on

ERIN and you’re the best

dangoor on

CNN has a bunch of loosers, Burnett is near the top of that list. It would enhance CNN credibility if Erin Burnett elects to be a stay at home mom, perhaps CNN can find a credible journalist to replace her

Erin on

She’s fantastic and congrats to the couple!

Leslee on

I figured she must be pregnant, getting really thick around the middle and busty, glad to hear the announcement.

John on

She’ll be 37 in less than 2 weeks. He was 42 when they got married in December. I’m guessing that he wanted kids earlier. I know she’s obsessed with wealth and a career. So when she landed a $2.5 million annual salary at CNN, she said OK lets do it. I hope the child doesn’t turn out as self-absorbed and phony as she is.

Pebbly Poo on


Sharon on

@Mary….i agree with the others. That is such an ignorant comment. Im pretty sure she couldn’t care less whether you like her or not. I happen to think she is awesome! Congratulations Erin and David ๐Ÿ™‚

mary on

omg .. HILARIOUS !!

Emily on

Mary ur so stupid! Why don’t you just shit the fuck up and move on! Like everyone is saying you don’t have to watch her. I feel sorry for you and your hatred for someone you don’t know personally. It is a joyous moment for Erin and her husband.


Erin claims to be “Out Front.” That’s where she’ll be for the next several months. Becoming a Mom for the first time is always a miraculous event. I wish Erin a speedy delivery with very little labor. Congrats to both.

Anonymous on

Only genuine host the network has. Congrats.

karli on

why hate on mary? she was only telling it like it is

Donna on

Not a CNN fan but I do like her! She is going to be super cute pregnant too!!

diane on

So happy for her, and her husband. I love watching her, and I am sure she’ll make a great mom! Congratulations!

julia on

Mary, you’re a skank!

Anonymous on

karli- Because you just don’t say something like that about an innocent baby! It’s fine to dislike someone, but taking it out on their unborn child is just plain mean!

Anyway, congrats to Erin and David!

Sarah on

I knew it! Lately, Erin has just had such a beautiful glow about her. I never miss an episode of Out Front.

RKF on

@Emily, et al… Get some help with the anger issues. It’s none of your business if others like Erin Burnett or not. Mary has a right to her opinion and if you tell her, “not to watch her then”, then maybe some of your should not read comments online. Get a life.

Emily on

Screw you RKF!

Natalie on

She didn’t say anything mean to the baby she said she hopes the kid turns out nothing like her which is a nice thing if she thinks mom is terrible. Really all of you going on a tirade against Mary aren’t any different.

Emily on

It’s pretty sad that she thinks Erin is a terrible person when in reality she doesn’t even know her, Natalie. She doesn’t have to a bitch, all she should have said is congrats or she could have kept her effing mouth shut like you should!

Have a nice day:)


So right Mary!

Patty on

I Love Love Love Erin Burnett!!! So smart, beautiful, and down to earth. Only reason I watch CNN is her and Anderson. Yay for a baby!