Amanda Beard Welcomes Daughter Doone Isla

06/20/2013 at 02:45 PM ET

Life is going swimmingly well for Amanda Beard: her baby girl is here!

The seven-time Olympic medalist and her husband Sacha Brown welcomed their second child on Wednesday, the new mom shared Thursday on her blog, Swim Like a Mom.

Doone Isla Brown was born happy and healthy June 19th at 3:34 p.m.,” Beard, 31, writes.

Along with the announcement, the mom-of-two — the couple are already parents to son Blaise Ray, 3ยฝ — shared a sweet snapshot of her bundled up baby girl, seen snuggled in her hospital hat and blanket.

“So far this pregnancy has been a lot easier. I’ve only been sick a couple of times and I have way more energy,” Beard told PEOPLE while announcing the pregnancy in February.

Amanda Beard Welcomes Daughter Doone Isla
Sacha Brown Inset: Dave Kotinsky/Getty

— Anya Leon

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Tee Tee on

How precious! Congratulations to Amanda and Sasha!

JJ on

With all the names you could pick, you decide that Doone is your favourite?

lifeasahouse on

Pretty baby, but I’m at a loss with the first name.

Carole123 on

Doone Brown…these ”parents” only think of themselves when naming their children…

Melisa on

Carole123, just because they named their kid something other than Emma or Madison doesnt make them bad “parents”. For crying out loud….I would take that name over Melisa any day. There were 7 of us in my graduating class.

Gigi on

The middle name is pretty, Isla, but why the first name, it’s really stupid.

Mary on

Doone??? Oh brother

tori on

Sorry,butt ugly name!

Sharon on

Beautiful baby, horrible name! To each their own, but i really do not know what some of these people are thinking when they name their kids.

Anonymous on


It could have been worse, her name could have been JJ.

Sharon on

Probably one of the dumbest comments i have seen. Theres a big difference between a name that is an abberviation/ nickname like JJ and a horrible name like Doone.

Tammy on

Doone? I’d like to know the meaning behind that one. Congrats on the new baby.

Pandora on

Beautiful baby, congratulations. I can only assume that there is some meaning behind his name. I tried searching for the name Doone and this is what came up > Scottish surname derived from the Gaelic placename Dรบn meaning “fortification.”

Pam on

It’s a girl Pandora, so her name, not his.

Julia on

Doone Brown sounds like a law firm or a shade of paint…. such a dud of a name for a beautiful baby. Maybe they will have her go by her middle name. Isla is cute.

lilah on


Tlc on

Doone? Seriously? I usually reserve comments on names but had to post. I know it’s their own kid but SERIOUSLY??? DOONE??? Has to be one of the year’s worst names ever!!!

Makes Apple look awesome!!! That poor kid…having a name for her whole life that sounds like a hammer hitting a bell..>DOONE!! DOONE!!!!

Laine on

Wow, that is a seriously gorgeous baby. She is absolutely perfect!! Congratulations to them. Hopefully they’ll call her Isla..

Paula on

Congratulations to Amanda & Sacha! Doone is easily one of the prettiest babies that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. ๐Ÿ™‚

anna on

what a pretty baby, congratulations.

Wendy on

What a stupid first name. What were they thinking?

Wendy on

What a stupid name. I feel so sorry for this poor child when she gets older. These parents only think of themselves.

Dan Beard on

She is a very precious bundle of joy–a beautiful addition to our family–Grampy!

Debbie457 on

Beautiful baby girl, but I have to agree, horrible first name! They are going to call her “Doonafish” when she goes to school……

my2cents on

What a beautiful baby, but…that name is dreadful. Love the middle name, maybe the poor girl can switch her name to the middle when she gets older or the parents come to their senses…congrats anyway!

Denise on

Come on people buy a $10 baby book with names. That’s the name you Seattle your daughter with. Beautiful little girl but not her name.

MJ on

Congratulations new parents! It is a parents’ right to select a name for their baby. We don’t have to like it. It is very hurtful to demean their decision.

Blessings on a lovely baby, may she have a beautiful life!

Happymom on

Both names are awful ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

ava on

She is just beautiful. Maybe she’ll go by Isla? I love that name.

Alissa on

Does anyone know how to pronounce the first name…Dune, Dunn, Duna (like Luna), etc? I can’t decide if I like if I can’t say it. But I do love Isla…such a cute name! And congrats on their new daughter.

ToniVee on

Maybe they will pronounce it, ” DA-nay” or something! lol All I hear is,”Dune Buggy Brown Beard”…& it’s a girl. And to think-TWO people had to agree on this!!!

Colleen on

What an ugly name for a beautiful baby.

Lyoness on

Congrats. She’s beautiful. Doone is different/unique. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s named after someone special to them.

Hayley on

Pretty baby. Cannot stand Amanda though, after reading her book and seeing what a spoiled, self absorbed tool she is.

Tee on

Precious! Congrats to the family!

mr bonejangles on

Perhaps there is a meaning here…Diane Arbus, another photographer, had a daughter named Doon.

And while you say what were they thinking…you know the name Kyle as in Kyle MacLachlan? It means narrow. Would you name your child Narrow? Probably not. But you know what? Names are ultimately the parents’ choice and they do it for themselves.

emma on

Don’t justify it mr bonejangles. These kids have to attend school one day and last I checked, kids are pretty mean.

Bullying is a growing problem and this beautiful little girl will have problems bc of the choice her parents made.

If you want to be unique when naming a child, do your homework and research a beautiful and elegant name.

I’m sorry but Doone is a stupid name.

genibre2013 on

Doone?! sweet god ::smacks my head::

emma on

Wow! Doone?? Really!?! I can hear the children now, making fun of her bc of her first name. Isla is a beautiful name and that’s what they should’ve stuck with.

Celebrities really make me laugh – the names they come up with when naming their kids.

Diana on

Much better than the name Carole!!

kim on

doone?? really?? i can see the jokes and name calling coming already…when will people start thinking about their kids when they name them???

SarahJane on

It sounds like “Doom.” How unfortunate. She’s beautiful though! Hopefully she’ll go by Isla.

Natalie on

Cute baby Should have used Doone as the middle name if it was so important to them.

sks on

Omg, shut up about the name. It isn’t your kid–get over it! Beautiful baby. Congrats to them!

Crystal on

I really HATE that name. Did anyone else notice Amanda Beard’s father on here? Lmao!

Jen on

Or we could just all teach our children to treat others with kindness and respect regardless of how they look, what they are named, their clothes, their sexual orientation, etc.

Instead of worrying about how they chose to name their own child and how it could affect her, let’s focus on the parents who teach their children that it’s ok to treat someone poorly because they are different!

That said, it doesn’t matter what I think of their daughter’s name. Maybe it has a special meaning to them, or maybe they just like the sound of it. Who cares, not me! Not my kid!

Definitely a fan of Isla though, as my own 2.5 year old Isla sleeps a few rooms away.

Jasmin on

Oh shut up saint jude

Shay on

Wow. Beautiful baby! Congrats on your sweet bundle.

I don’t get all the name hate. Last time I checked, no one asked any of you judgemental see you next Tuesday’s.

Stella Bella on

Congratulations to them! She is absolutely gorgeous!

Does anyone know about pronunciation? Doone looks sort of odd, but if it’s pronounced ‘Dune’, I think that would be lovely.

Jessica on

oh, Doo Brown, perfect.

Frickin’ Hollywood.

Jessamine on

What is WRONG with people? Oh, wait, I get it…they are narcissistic. Oh, how clever because you’re a swimmer to call your daughter Doone (like Dune) and Isla, and pair it with Brown. NOT! I bet one of her nicknames will end up Doodie or Doodoo Brown. This whole “trend” has long past the ridiculous.

Kris on

Do one what? Is this a drug reference?

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Jen- Exactly! The fact that people seem to be more concerned about this little girl getting bullied because of her name at some point than about taking steps to STOP bullying makes me sick!

No wonder bullying is so much of a problem. Clearly, no one actually cares enough to make serious attempts to stop it!

ella on

Not sure about Doone, but not my baby ๐Ÿ™‚

Ashley on

How heinous. And to Anonymous: I’d RATHER be JJ than Doone. Good Lord almighty, these people are beyond whacked. She’s a cutie, but that name is not. It’s so crazy that these “celebrities” have to constantly one up each other in every way possible….poor baby.

Natalie on

When you release information publicly it becomes open to the opinions of others.

I get tired of it’s their child they can name them whatever they want. It’s a person not a pet or a shoe or another object.

Finally there was recently a news report and article of a growing trend of parents regretting the names they pick for baby one of the biggest reasons they picked something cutesie and fit for a baby’s nickname but not the name of an older child or adult. You are not just naming a baby.

Niko on

Doone? As in rhyming with spoon? Tahaha….

Tanja on

Celebrities are naming their kids Pixi-dot,Scout La Rue,Apple,London or Sidney and you are shocked about Doone?^^

Von on

Awful. I really have to go ‘do one’ now….

Mika on

What a silly name.

Anonymous on

Tanja- Who named their daughter Pixi-Dot? I don’t remember seeing that birth announcement. Also, what’s wrong with the name Sidney? It’s a legitimite name that’s been around for years!

lilly on

why would someone name a child such a horrible name, like come on ppl, its hard enough for kids to be fade fun of, but thats just adding fuel to the fire, that poor kid will be tormented the whole time shes in school. such a sin, i think parents who name their kids awful names should have to get there head examined

RKF on

Doone? Really? Yet another pair of selfish ignoramuses who don’t think of the consequences of naming a human being an asinine name. Poor kid.

Brooklyn on

Doone? I hope they call her Isla.

Tanja on

@Anonymous: I was only kidding with the Pixi-Dot one.:D

But I know that someone named their daughter Pixi Rosealeigh…uhm…ok?!

And about the question what is wrong with the name Sydney…

Well what’s wrong with the name Doone?

I wouldn’t want to give my child the name of an Australian city…but what is wrong with Doone?

It’s unique…so what?

It’s their child and their decision and I think they couldn’t care less about what you guys think.

It’s a matter of taste.

Kids shouldn’t laugh about other persons names anyway…

jj on

What a beautiful, perfect baby, congratulations!!!!!! Precious:)

Anonymous on

That is the prettiest baby I have ever seen. Congratualations.

Gigi C on

Really? Wow poor baby growing up , let’s pray for this celebrities lol.

Sun on

What the name of Doone meant??? It’s interesting name and never seen before

Sue on

Adorable baby with a ridiculous name

Tia on

How do you pronouce Doone?

Nicky on

Amazed by the vitriol spewed out over the name Doone. A beautiful Scottish name which Is not in any way whacky as it has been in use for over a century. The hypocrasy of supposed concern over the child being bullied whilst at the same time displaying less than admiral behaviour is really depressing.