Mark-Paul Gosselaar Jokes: I ‘Slave Away’ to Afford a Nanny

06/19/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Nanny Video
Elizabeth Messina

Mark-Paul Gosselaar has a secret — but he’s not sharing!

The Franklin & Bash actor and his wife Catriona McGinn have found out the sex of their first child together, but the couple have decided to keep it under wraps until the September delivery.

“We have two names in the running,” Gosselaar, 39, tells PEOPLE.

Fortunately, the future father-of-three — Gosselaar is also dad to Ava, 7, and Michael, 9, from his previous marriage — doesn’t need to divulge too many details in order to solicit suggestions from his costar Breckin Meyer.

“Breckin Gosselaar, that’s unisex. It can be a boy or girl,” he says, prompting Gosselaar to admit the name has “a ring to it.”

Despite happily discussing their children — Meyer is dad to two daughters — the bantering between the costars quickly turns to their childcare — or lack thereof.

“I don’t raise [my daughters],” Meyer jokes, later adding, “I have a staff!”

“I have people do that … I have nannies!” Gosselaar playfully adds. “Basically we’re slaving away so that we can have nannies.”

But when Meyer clarifies that his children do not have nannies, Gosselaar jumps on the bandwagon, sharing, “I don’t have any nannies either. I don’t!”

All joking aside, according to Meyer, fatherhood was the foundation of the pair’s friendship. “It’s pretty fantastic being a dad,” the actor, 39, says. “I think that’s one of the things we connected with when we first started the show. We both are kind of family guys, family men.”

The season premiere of Franklin & Bash premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. on TNT.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michele Stueven

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Katie on

If someone, rich or famous, chooses to have a nanny, so be it. A huge number of people take children to a daycare, grandmas, etc. while they are at work, which is basically that same as a nanny. My only issue with a nanny is when that person takes over the role when the parents are at home. They bathe, feed, play, clean up, etc. for those children and often times the parents spend little time with their children because they are so busy.

If you want a nanny, get one, but be a parent free of other help when you are home with the kids and that includes the midnight feedings, and being thrown up on or other delightful messes. Just do it with a smile. ha

Callie on

I LOVE these 2 so much! Their show is hilarious.

Jill on

This article as completely lame – we ‘slave away for nannies,’ that then they say they don’t have?! I’m sure they do have them, and what a fluff article!!

tieraney on

I love him, seems so funny and down to earth! He seems to have a good chemistry with Breckin Meyer from what I’ve seen in interviews. They’ve both aged well too!

Malia on

Love it!! My son’s name is Breckin.

Maggie on

My son’s name is Brecken. Not spelled exactly the same, but I got it from Breckin Meyer. Awesome name!!!!

Anonymous on

Okay, can someone help me out here? I was curious about Breckin’s daughters’ names and ages, so I searched…But it says that he only had one daughter (Katlin) with his now ex-wife (whom he divorced in 2012).

Yet I saw pictures of the second daughter (Clover), and she looks at least two or three, meaning she would have been born before the divorce. So is the a “Diddy” situation (i.e., Breckin got another woman pregnant while still with his wife), or is his ex-wife the mother of the second daughter as well and most of the media just missed that fact for some reason?

Anonymous on

BTW, M-P and Breckin sound hilarious!

aok on

That video was funny.

Iza on

I can never understand why couples will find out the sex but then not share it with other people. I had a friend just do this with her last child and I didn’t get it at all. If they know, why not let everyone else know? They weren’t even sharing it with their parents. They wanted it to be a surprise for everyone else but not for themselves. Kind of weird. Oh well.

Carrow on

“Basically we’re slaving away so that we can have nannies.”-Keep picking that cotton Mark. =\

God he is still gorgeous! His wife is a lucky woman.

Anonymous on

Iza- Ask your friend. 🙂 That being said, I think people do that so that they have something about the pregnancy that’s just for them. Also, I’ve known of a few cases where grandparents or others have said they don’t want to know the sex of the baby beforehand, so the parents decide it’s easiest to not tell anyone (that way, they don’t have to worry about anyone slipping to the family members or friends who don’t want to know).

Anonymous on

Izard, why is that weird? If my husband and I get pregnant and we find out, why do we need to share with everyone? It is our baby. The second you tell people, everyone has opinions on names. Plus it’s fun to have surprises for people. And it’s not anyone’s right to know until the baby is here. People act so entitled. Then they want to know the name. It is a special moment for the expectant parents and we have choices.

kristin on

anyone else notice Catriona McGinn he’s with is PHOTO cropped. lol. you can tell from his arm that’s around her. she doesn’t have a back or but.