Gisele Bündchen Practices with Her Little Yogini

06/19/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Practice makes perfect — and anything involving Gisele Bündchen‘s 7-month-old daughter Vivian Lake is definitely perfection!

The Brazilian model, 32, who looks super fit in black leggings just seven months post-baby, shared a sweet photo Wednesday of herself striking a yoga pose with her littlest charge in tow.

“Practicing yoga with my little partner before going to work. Enjoy your day!” she wrote with the Instagram shot, which has Vivian sitting next to her mother on the floor with a couple of pillows beside her so she doesn’t topple over.

The makeshift yoga studio was decidedly feminine, with a bowl of fruit and a beautiful orchid sitting on a table nearby — and noticeably devoid of boys! Gisele’s New England Patriot husband Tom Brady and their 3-year-old son Benjamin must have hit the field for some football instead.

Gisele Bundchen Vivian yoga Courtesy Gisele Bündchen

— Amy Jamieson

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MsRoniJ on

Mommy and Baby Moment? Who took the picture?

crymeariver on

Her little sister according to her instagram…

maryhelenc on

What a cute photo! Maybe Tom snapped the pic?

Smithy on


LuvBigCity on

Haha, exactly…how many pictures were taken before she picked her favorite one? That cracks me up…

Hanna on

Totally LuvBigCity!

Rolyat on

Still don’t get that she’s a super model.

crymeariver on

I dont get your statement lol. We are even. Seriously though it looks like a freaking Vogue editorial and its just a candid, her long neck, arms cheekbones scream supermodel, smh.

Tami on

Yes she is tall and thin with a long neck and arms but her nose is huge. I really don’t think she has a very pretty face.

Guest on

I hear ya Rolyat.

Brenna on

If only she wasn’t so annoying. This is a totally SWEET photo! Totally staged, of course!

Anonymous on

nice house

crymeariver on

She’s in paris according to her instagram, not her house. European design all the way…

CJ on

^^ LOL, I thought the same thing! Oh well, still cute ;o)

Les on

Ummm, in case you aren’t aware you can actually set up a camera to take a picture by using the timer. That way nobody else has to be taking the picture.

heather on

That wouldn’t make it any less staged, Les.

lola on

shes absolutely gorgeous and so is tom brady their children are future models in deed !!

mg on


Carolyn on

That’s what I’m wondering Ms J. She is such a diva, I can’t stand her. At least now that she has kids of her own she isn’t laying claim to Jack. She reminds me of Leann Rimes. Gag!

SteveJ on

Gisele is such a d bag. who took the pic. she is so self absorbed

SteveJ on

she is disgusting. Oh look how beautiful I am. does she really need a compliment at this point???

Jeeny on

This has to be one of the most “set up” look at me photos I have ever seen!

Susan on

Cute. I wish I had a staff photographer to capture my moments like that.

Sung on

…nice having professional photographer on hand for those “candid” moments.. whatever …#richpeoplefail

Footinmouth on

What a cute baby! Seeing all these photos of her, I feel like she’s 100% mine 🙂

heather on

seems a bit staged considering someone had to take the picture.

margieo on

Such a sweet picture.

Mary on


coryn on

Ugggggh… aren’t most photos of our kids “staged” I swear some of you ladies bitch a moan about the silliest stuff. My hubby snapped a pic of me and my daughter stretching last week before I did some pilates. I thought the pic was so sweet I posted it to my instagram. Oh the nerve!!!

Jeanine on

Wow some of you need to chill a little here! Cute baby stunning mother! Enough said.

crymeariver on

Her sister took the pic if you actually read or take a quick look on her instagram, lol…and she’s in paris shooting a fashion campaign, that is not her house. Again reading is a good thing people….

p on


MEG on

such a fake picture…. she and her husband need to get a life!

lorelei51h on

Most of you women are just plain nasty B’s!! At least she spends time with her child, not like some that have nannies raise them until they can be pimped out to the highest bidder. Get a flippin life. I don’t care much for her either, but you have to give her credit for this one.

BL on


BL on


DoingWayTooMuch on

Ok, #1, People needs to stop making a big deal about being in good shape SEVEN months post baby. She’s supposed to look like that. #2 Yogini….are you serious?? The baby is sitting there playing, not doing a sun pose. Stop it.

kira on

why do people hate on this woman so much?

Angie on

Has anyone tried to do yoga with a baby present? NOT easy! I try to get my 4 yr old to do it with me but he’s usually too busy trying to crawl on me. IF he does try, he tries to do the downward dog between my legs while I’m standing up! lol It is really cute though. 🙂

Carla on

Staged and stupid.

Kara on

“and anything involving Gisele Bündchen‘s 7-month-old daughter Vivian Lake is definitely perfection!”
……………………….uh what?

Carla on

gag. so staged it is pathetic

B on

This woman just rubs me the wrong way.. I just get such a “holier than thou” vibe from her.

And I’m sorry but I’ve heard so much about this bazillion dollar home they built – and this is the inside?

No thanks.

I wish them well and hope they are happy, I’m just not as impressed as I feel like they want me to be, ya know?

UnKnown on

Really, who cars what this dog does? Lmao
I’d rather hear about Kim Kardashian and her family then this WOOF!

Kat on

I think this is ‘the one who got away’ for a certain guy named Leo D’Caprio, just a hunch.

Mina on

Can’t stand Gisele (too arrogant/obnoxious for my taste), but her daughter is adorable!

V on

I seriously don’t get all the hate! Every time there is a post about Gisele, people come here (click on the article) and HATE, HATE, HATE! Gisele is far from perfect, has strong opinions about her personal beliefs, but at least she seems like a hands on mom to both of her children and to her stepson, when he is around (which is the topic of the article Moms&Babies)!

Gisele is in Paris for a Chanel photoshoot and anyone that follows her on Instagram knows that…and last but not least, both of her sisters are traveling with her…she doesn’t need a professional to do the pic, I’m sure her sisters can capture this beautiful moment (whether it’s posed or not)! I swear to you that I’ve never seen so much hate in the world as I’ve seen lately in the internet…chill out people, chill out!!

mike on

too skinny

Ann on

Guess I find it weird she shares these kind of photos with the general public. Would be different if it was a private photo since now it looks like she is trying be pretentious (even if she isn’t).

Jenn on

I don’t get her appeal. There are so many other beautiful women out there… Trust me, I give credit where credit is due. The only reason I see is her height, which would be for runway purposes only…

Sara on

Beautiful, serene photo.

Michelle on

Self-absorbed much?

weezer on

Typical, self indulgent model.

nora on

that last paragraph had some major gender-stereotyping going on. who says Vivian prefers yoga to football, or that yoga is a more feminine activity?

Lisa on

She is so beautiful and not one bit annoying. Get a life haters.

Anonymous on

Just another random pose…NOT!

Summer on

I can’t stand this smug, ugly woman. I have no idea why she’s a model. She looks like a man. No, I’m not jealous. I think many celebrities are beautiful, smart, and talented. She is not.

Normally I would ignore her, but her hostility toward the average woman make me loathe her. She constantly belittles women, like women who gain a healthy amount of weight while pregnant (in her eyes 25-30lbs is too much), women who choose to deliver at a hospital, and women who don’t breastfeed. She judges other women who don’t have access to the same things her wealth brings. She leads a very charmed life and needs to realize it. She’s an awful, rude, ungrateful hag.

vada on

She’s not even using a yoga mat!?? C’mon now girl. I’m a die hard yogi and can’t think of ever practicing without my mat

Sue on

She is very pretty. She looks like a ballerina.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

She was having a sweet moment. Decided she wanted to take and share a photo of it. Now folks are calling her “self-absorbed” and a “d-bag,” and “annoying.” Really?

People, please moderate comments better or shut them down entirely. I would not miss the comment section.

Anonymous on

I think its wonderful when a mom actually spends time with and loves her child. Why do you judge? Just because some people think she’s ugly or pretty or a bad mom, or whatever, people think the same thing about each and every one of us! Let her be, she is not hurting anyone, and she is no threat to anyone, let it go! Not everyone in the world is pretty. Do you hate every person you think is ugly? 😦 That’s horrible. She has made a living, she obviously has something that somebody finds profitable, and she is still a good person. Why don’t you pick on a child molester or rapist etc if you feel the need to judge. LOL, or at least Lindsay Lohan. ;p There is a perfect waste of oxygen.

dee on

Wow such an ugly super model… never thought this girl was a looker.. just an ostrich long neck with no real beauty to brag about. Boney back and all . The kids are average looking too.

Anonymous on

coryn- I couldn’t have said it better myself! EVERYONE takes “staged” photos of their children in addition to the candid ones….and the “staged” ones are normally the ones that people go “oh, that’s so adorable!” about the most.

So why is it suddenly a terrible thing when Gisele does it?

Also, I have to say I am disappointed in PEOPLE. Tom has TWO sons. Yet they (PEOPLE) only mentioned one! Jack is a member of the family too!

Tanja on

It lies in the eyes of the beholder who is beautiful and who isnt’ so this whole “She’s ugly” stuff people on here are talking about is totally pointless.

She is successful with her modeling so she’s def.doing something right.

Jealous much? 😀

Ana on

get a life people.. oh, and stop analyzing other people’s photos in such level of detail, it’s creepy

Anonymous on

She is very hot and sexy.

menders8 on

This photo is pathetically staged. Tom is an idiot for settling for this total narcissistic flake.

guest on

super cute. good for her!

heather on

lorelei51h, you are delusional if you think this chick doesn’t have a nanny.

Jewel on

Just a beautiful mother & daughter moment 🙂

karli on

what a vile ugly woman

Anonymous on

heather- And how do you know that she DOES have a nanny? Not all celebs do! Someone else mentioned that they read elsewhere that both of her sisters are traveling with her (she’s actually in France at the moment for work).

So it could very well be that it’s they who look after the kids when she and Tom can’t.

Anonymous on

Ann, a lot of people and celebs, actually! It was shared by her sister on Instagram.

Vada, “She’s not even using a yoga mat!?? C’mon now girl. I’m a die hard yogi and can’t think of ever practicing without my mat”
Well, you are a die hard and she is not. Not everyone needs a mat to do yoga!

Nora, way to make up a bunch a crap. The article didn’t say Vivian prefers yoga over football or that yoga is more feminine!!!! What it says is that the studio was decidedly feminine with a fruit bowl and orchid and devoid of boys….bc their we’re NO boys. That’s what made it feminine. The assumption was made that Benjamin and Tom Brady, pro Quarterback were playing football…since they are often photographed doing so in the park.