Nick and JoAnna Garcia Swisher Introduce Daughter Emerson Jay

06/18/2013 at 11:30 AM ET

Meet Emerson Jay Swisher! Nick and JoAnna Garcia Swisher introduce their 4-week-old daughter in a sweet shot posted on their Twitter pages Tuesday.

“Who’s ready to see Emerson Jay Swisher?!” the Cleveland Indians first baseman, 32,Β wrote before retweeting his wife, who added, “Nick and I would like you all to meet our little angel.”

Baby Emme, as the couple is calling her, is pictured swaddled in a basket, wearing a headband and surrounded by flowers.

“Since the arrival of baby Emerson, Nick and I have been so filled with love, joy and gratitude,” the actress, 33, wrote a week after the birth of her daughter. “Finally getting the chance to check back in with twitter and I’m totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of love … you tweeps are the best! Thank you!!”

Nick Swisher Joanna Garcia Swisher Daughter Emerson First Photo Jacqueline Jo Photography. Inset:Paul Marks/Broadi

— Sarah Michaud

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Shannon on

The baby and picture are absolutely adorable! I really love this couple and wish them all the best!

Dawn on

Great Picture! Very cute

Ricky Oliveira on

so Beautiful!!!

Loren on

Awwwww!!!!!!! She’s so stinkin’ cute!

Karen on

Awe – she is so darn cute. Congrats. to Nick and JoAnna Your family is beautiful. I love the name.

MrMonkee on

Sorry, but I do not like that picture. Very close to looking like a funeral scene. Creepy!

Brooke on

Thank you MrMonkee! At first glance that is what I thought this was!

Lottie on

Totally agree Brooke! Exactly my first reaction. Weird!

Becca on

She is beautiful!

Bette on


Cathy on

Sooooo cute! Loved Nick when he played here in Chicago. Miss him, he was a character! Love JoAnna too! Beautiful family! All the luck and love in the world to them!

Kristina on

Amazing photo and BEAUTIFUL baby!! Congrats!!

Aliblog on

What the deal with people giving girls so masculine name?

Emerson Jay, Lincoln, Maxwell, Jordan(I know its a well known for both sex). I know its there kids but still.

Anna on

What’s with people using the wrong form of their?!

I know it’s their grammar choices, but still.

Lali on

Haha Anna best comment ever!

Shannon on

It is just me, or does that photo look a little like a funeral photo? The baby is adorable, of course, and the scenery is gorgeous, but it just seems funeral-ish…

Sherri on


Anonymous on

so adorable!!

Brandi on

She’s so stinking cute!!!!! Congrats!

Sabra on

How precious is that?

Anonymous on

How adorable!!!

Brooklyn on

Very cute.

Ellen on

A beautiful baby, a beautiful picture.

Sharon on

Awwwww What a sweet picture and beautiful little girl, god bless!

tanya on

She is absolutely precious!

Annie on

She is adorable!!!!

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

OMG…how adorable…I absolutely LOVE how that photo came out.

Many blessings to the family.

Carol on

I’ll never understand giving a child a name only to call them by a nickname… What’s the point?

Judy on

What a doll !!!

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

Awww…absolutely beautiful…LOVE IT!!

Meg on

Emme is cute….but I have to agree with MrMonkee and Shannon….it looks like a funeral scene

Elena on

Creepy picture. Pose the baby naturally not in a rattan box funeral style!!

dancer92136 on


magpie on

I wanted to name our first child Emerson Rose, but my hubby vetoed it. Still love the name!

Molly on

I thought I was the only one. Especially when they mentioned “angel”, I thought this was at her funeral and I was so sad for them.

Heather on

Adorbs! She looks so sweet.

guest on

Darling baby and wonderful photography. So nice to see an artfully taken picture where the baby is wrapped in a blanket and not bare.

Juli on

What a stunning family! Congrats and we here in Cleveland love you!! Go Tribe!

Lisa on

They seem really sweet and the baby looks cute, but that is a seriously tacky picture.

Lisa on

This looks like a creepy Anne Geddes picture.

BBB on

I didn’t even know she was pregnant. THANK YOU, much better than hearing about someone’s pregnancy and their ridiculous outfits 20 times a day.

jsp81355 on

What an absolutely beautiful little baby. God bless her precious heart.

Anonymous on

The baby is beautiful. It’s a shame her parents gave her such a dreadful name. Emerson Jay is a boy’s name. Giving her the nickname Emme does not make up for a poor choice of her name.

Mary on

She is such a doll. Love this couple.


Beautiful baby and beautiful photo. I love the flowers and the purple…so sweet and peaceful.

Becky on

I love this picture..I also like the name Emerson, not so big on Jay, but wish them lots of happiness..

Tj on

I love this picture it is gorgeous!

Becky on

Love this picture..Best wishes to the sweet family…

Tee Tee on

Ach, little Emme is absolutely precious! I’m so glad that Joanna and Nick have let us see a picture of their newborn daughter. I don’t necessarily think that the picture looks like a funeral, although I do understand why others would feel that way. It’s a little over the top, maybe, but to each their own! I do agree with “Guest”… it’s nice to see a picture where the baby isn’t naked!

Bessie on

Beautiful baby!!! Hate the picture!!! I agree with the others who think it is to funeral like.

k. Ragan on

I also find the photo a little creepy. Like a funeral photo. Sweet baby though.

kelly on

Love it – My daughter’s name is Emersyn Rose πŸ™‚

Tracy on

Oh my gosh is she beautiful!!!! Love the picture. Congrats!



SS on

I agree donΒ΄t like it at all! Looks like a funeral/dead baby to me. Yikes!

Melissa on


Rhonda on

Awwww what a cute little angel. Congratulations to the happy couple.

emma on

She is beautiful! And I love this photo – very sweet

violet on

Creepy picture…looks a funeral but cute baby

Cleb on

Precious baby, but creepy photo choice. At first glance, I thought it was from a funeral…..

allie on

Lovely! So sweet!!!

Judy on

OMG! Now people are naming their children after appliances..speak of the dumbing of America! Seriously!

Anonymous on

Congrats to Joanna and Nick. I still wish he was a Yankee!!

AD on

OMG that little girl is too precious for words. such a little beauty!!

Olivienne on

Horrible name. So tired of seeing boy names on girls. Yet another name gone from traditional masculine to trashy “unisex”.

julie on

Thought it was a funeral photo…thank God it is not.

shannon on

Gorgeous baby girl. Congratulations to them.

Nina on

I have to agree with MrMonkee-at first glance I thought someone’s baby died 😦

Karen on

I have to agree with Shannon’s comment. When I first looked at the photo, I thought that the baby was in a casket. I would like to see another picture of the baby in a different setting. She DOES look adorable!

Tee on

I should love this picture because I love flowers. I don’t dislike it but it reminds me of a baby in a manger (or perhaps a dead baby —- I don’t mean one bit of disrespect, but that’s what it reminds me of). Maybe if she had her eyes open in the pic. She’s a beautiful baby though, congrats.

micky on

She is so adorable God bless her what a beautiful picture

moxy on

She is lovely…I do hate to say it , but immediatley-it looks like a funeral!

Tammy on

Oh my. That is a pretty little angel.

Anonymous on

What a GREAT picture!

Nancy on

A beautiful little girl in an incredibly creepy photo. What were they thinking?! It looks like a funeral scene!

grace on

sorry guys, but for me this picture looks creepy….

pinky on

Beautiful baby and parents but this pic is a bit creepy….

Justine on

So very cute!

Ladiebugg on

Beautiful baby, beautiful picture….a parent should be able to name there child what they want its there choice and who is anybody to judge. Love the name and this coming from a parent that named there daughter Jordan

Jennifer on

so unbearably sweet she is πŸ™‚

Guest on

She is beautiful, but looks like she’s in a coffin. Don’t like it.

Farrah on

I am so happy for her! I’ve been a fan of hers since she was on Reba.

Anonymous on

Gorgeous baby!

Tina on

The baby looks dead. What an odd choice for a photo. It looks like those pictures of dead children in the late 1800’s.

Liz on

GASP! horrible sad picture – I can’t even say what my first thought was – who would pose an infant in a box!??

Alisa on

Maybe all the negative commenters would rather see the baby twisted and bent into an unnatural and uncomfortable-looking position like many newborn photos these days?

pinkrockstar on

@MrMonkee, I was going to say the same thing! It looks like she’s in a casket 😦 i don’t like it!

Cairnlover on

Beautiful baby, but the layout and pose is a bit creepy. It is almost as if she is layed out in a casket or still born.

Anonymous on

She’s adorable!

Roni on

Gosh, she is beautiful but looks like a funeral, very Erie.

suzy diamond on

The baby is gorgeous but I’m sorry this picture is way too creepy. Looks like the baby is being laid out for a funeral.

jay on

I think this baby is adorable but i agree with everyone that said it looked like a funeral.

With that being said, im digging the fact that quite a few celebs have started posting pics of their new babies on their own and not running to a mag first for money. Channing Tatum couldve made bank for his little girl, he’s hot right now. Instead it was on his FB page like a “normal” person.

Sandy on

what is she like out in the garden? flowers are a little much!!

Sandy on

do not like how they have her displayed. It’s creepy some how- the box and to many flowers.

Sarah on

She is a beautiful baby but the picture kind of creeps me out. She looks like she’s in a casket.

mrsh1220 on

I actually know a grown woman whose name is Jay, just Jay. And I know a little girl named Emerson too, It’s really not masculine. No different then the girls named Blake, Ryan, etc. As for being named one thing and going by a nickname. My name is Amanda but I have been called Mandy my whole life.

Anonymous on

I’m sorry, but at first glance I thought it was a funeral, this pic is disturbing

Anonymous on

A beautiful baby and couple!!!!

Jenn on

@Judy. Speaking of “dumbing down of America”.. maybe you should look up Ralph Emerson. I’m sure that would pop into the mind of most educated adults before Emerson Appliance.

Love both of them. They seem normal and grounded. Good Luck to all of 3 of them.

flower d on

Wow!!! Please pple just read and enjoy the photo for how it is.. we all have diff views on how we want to have our baby photos done… to comment on the name and pic saying looking like a funeral, stillborn and a coffin??? Especially for a new born?? Pple pple!!! Congrats to them. I love that name. Posting pics on FB like a “normal” person thats not normal!! Normal is taking your own pics n sharing with ur family. . They r celebrity im sure Channing Tatum will bank money once they wanna do a spread in People magazine!!

ivanan on

I agree it’s not necessary the best use of a casket, flowers and words, but the baby is precious and that’s all what matters in the end πŸ™‚

Patrice on

What a little beauty! This celeb couple is for sure one of my favorites πŸ™‚ They both seem so sweet, down to earth and outgoing-congrats Swisher’s!

Anonymous on

flower d- Uh, plenty of people post their baby’s picture on Facebook (or Twitter, or whatever). Usually it’s so that family and friends can see their baby, but Nick and JoAnna and Channing and Jenna were nice enough to share with their fans as well. πŸ™‚

abiami56 on


Anonymous on

I love babies but this picture looks like a funeral service for an infant.

Sun on

That’s really beautiful picture! It belong in a great frame on their walls in their home

Anonymous on

Adorable photo!

Love the name. The name is not a boys name. If it was…there would not be girls all around the world with this name, now would there.

Anonymous on

That’s one unfortunate picture. Yes the baby is just as cute as she can be, but that picture reminds me of a baby in a coffin. She looks deceased. Sorry, maybe if he eyes were open and she was in something more open. That just looks like a coffin.

Tina on

OMG! That’s a precious picture. Beautiful!