Tamar Braxton Names Son Logan Vincent

06/16/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Tamar Braxton Welcomes Son Logan Vincent
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Update: “Happy Father’s Day to the love of my life, my best friend, my husband Vincent Herbert! Our son Logan Vincent Herbert & I are proud to share this day with you!! We love you soooooo much!!” Braxton posted on Instagram Sunday evening.

Originally posted June 7: Tamar Braxton is a new mom to a baby boy — but that’s all the information she’s sharing for now.

“Friends, he’s finally here,” she Tweeted Thursday evening, posting a photo of a large blue teddy bear and an “it’s a boy” balloon.

The singer, 36, and husband Vince Herbert first announced their pregnancy in March, when she was already seven months along. Why the wait?

“Vince and I [were] told we were going to have fertility problems — it was a lot of information — so we had to get comfortable with the fact that it happened on its own,” Braxton told PEOPLE at the time. “We decided [not to announce] until we were both really okay with it — that’s why we waited.”

The Tamar & Vince stars knew the sex of their baby on the way, but chose to keep that private as well.

“You’ll find out at the end of the summer,” she teased PEOPLE in April.

— Sarah Michaud

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Anonymous on


Sonya Bentley on

Vince & Tamar I am truly happy for the both of you Tamar you really look amazing pregnant GOD was all in this Vince I’m so glad you have Tamar & Tamar has you & you guys have a precious son thank GOD for answering prayer amen

Alaina on

Congraulations Tamar! I was really thinking it would be a girl.

OAN, I don’t understand why some celebs wait soooo long before they mention they’re pregnant or any info about the baby. IDK. I’m not a celebrity so I wouldn’t get it.

My prediction is that he has a full head of hair. Congrats to the entire Braxton family. I’m sure this baby will humble her down a bit. Love you, Tay Tay!

Sheri on

It’s not just celebrities that wait you know Alaina…just because a woman is pregnant, doesn’t mean it’s all going perfect, nor does it guarantee the that a baby will make it.

My husband and I went through three losses before we finally had a good pregnancy, and we waited until about 5 months to tell anyone other than immediate family. It is soooo devastating to lose a baby, that you don’t want to have to tell everyone about it. Thus, easier to wait until further in the pregnancy to shout it to the world!

People like you I don’t think take that into consideration. Just because they are a celebrity and become pregnant, does not mean they need to announce it right away. People can get to full term and have a still-born, so some people just prefer to be cautious. Respect their privacy.

Denise on

She gave him the name Logan…Wow sooo unique? A big Beyonce wannabe if u ask me

Niecy on

What do you mean by she Tryin to be like beyonce u r a very negative person everybody else and u over their being mean

Anonymous on

Glad she survived it, I wasn’t sure she would after watching the episode with the birthing class…..lol….congratulations!

Yvette on

Very happy for the two of them. I wish them all the best!

Anonymous on

Congrats on your bundle of Joy!

Anonymous on


mary a on

Congratulations Tamar and Vince on your bundle of joy.

TiGi on

awwww congrats! i just knew it would be a girl tho….lol

Zoey on

I was a little worried for Tamar just watching her carry the baby on the show. She just seemed like she was not welcoming motherhood at all. I understandstand her fertility fears, but geesh you would think she would be more joyful about it. Everyone is different…

Anonymous on

I’m sure that what you saw was edited for effect Zoey. Please remember perception isn’t always reality.

Congratulations to the new parents.

tori on

Vince must be on cloud nine,Tamar is so funny and I think she’ll be a great mom. She had problems getting pregnant so it’s no wonder she wanted to keep the pregnancy under wraps until she felt she was far enough along that she wasn’t worrying anything bad could happen. Not so surprised she waited!

Crystal on

I was so happy when I heard this announcement this morning. I am big fan of the Braxton family and especially of Tamar. I am the youngest in my family too, so I understand her personality. The baby will definitely bring her down a little, but I am sure she will be a great mother. (I am a fan of Tamar. This is a public page, so I can voice my opinion. No, I do not know her or anyone in her family, and yes I do have a life) 🙂

Anonymous on

Blessing goes out to u both. There’s nothin better then two pp making a miracle out of love. God is love. My nickname for my only child is”My Love” she’s now 25.. Yes I still call her that. 😀

denise on

best wishes to everyone. Welcome to the world baby boy Braxton Herbert.

Anonymous on

I’m so happy for Tamar and Vince… Congratulations!

sweets on

Congrats to the couple!

I dont know why couples feel pressure to “announce” their pregnancies. Its their baby, their bodies, their news, their choice.

Anonymous on

Congrats Tamar & Vince !

Everyonehasanopinion on

That baby will NEVER look anything like its mother…..all that work on her face…gross….

Brandi on

I know she mentioned in an interview that she had several nose jobs because she was born without any cartilage in her nose and that was passed on to her from her father (apparently he had the same issue). I don’t know how true that is but it only looks like she’s had work done on her face and Toni also got her nose done (and a boob job, but nothing super noticible or over the top)…overall they seem to go pretty easy on the plastic surgery.

I think Tamar’s makeup and penciled-in brows make her look like she’s had more work done than she actually has. But at the end of the day, she’s happy in her own skin and her husband loves her just the way she is so that’s all that really matters. I wish them all the best with their new baby boy! ♡

Bailey on


Jen DC on

i’ve always wondered… if, when you are born, one of your parents has had obvious plastic surgery, how long does it take a child to recognize that what he has been looking at all this time is abnormal (i.e., not natural) and how does that make them feel about their own features, since your looks are pretty much 100% genetic?

Carrow on

Fastest celeb pregnancy of the year. Congrats Tay-Tay and Vince!

Ginger on


I’d Love To Have Plastic Surgery, Specifically On My Nose. Thankfully, All Of My Children Look Like Their Dad, And Don’t have My Nose. I Can’t Imagine AnY Of My Kids BEing Upset If I Were To Have Surgery.

Not All Kids Look Like Both Parents.

Sorry, My Phone Puts Capital Letters On EverY Word.

Anonymous on

gonna make a great mom!!
congrtas Tamar

renee on

i’m very happy 4 u and ur husband,,,u’ll make a good mother,and he will make a good father. jus keep god close n keep ur baby n church.

Anonymous on

Alaina- It explains right in the post why she waited so long to announce the pregnancy. And as far as not announcing any details about the birth or the baby, I’m guessing they just want to take some time to enjoy him before really sharing him with the world. 🙂

Anonymous on

It could also be that they want their families to hear the name, weight, etc. before the public.

Marky on

I don’t thin Tamar looks much different from the way she looked when she was younger. Sometimes it surprises me how people go on and on over a small nose job that ay have been done to help the person breathe better. The comments are overkill for Tamar; she just hasn’t had that much done…. I was born with a facial deformity, and had surgery as a teenager. Frankly, I don’t look like I did as a child, and none of my children look like that, either. Hooray for all of us!! Congratulations to Vince and Tamar of the birth of their son! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear the name!

pamela anderson on

Congratulations Tamar and Vince on the new addition.

sheila on

Congrat to u and Vince. I was waiting on a little Tamar mayb the next one.

tonya williams on

Congrats to you& Vince on your beautiful blessings soooooo happy for you guys now that’s hot.

A on

I understand where she was coming from w/ her fertility issues. Didn’t wanna put it out there then something happen. I ♥ her & her family #BFV Lets hope he tames her.



anonymous on

congrats on the new baby but you will never reach the statis or fame Toni reached

Amanda C. on


Jay on

That’s how she actually looks! If you check pictures of her from the 90s, her face hasn’t changed! Either way, what difference does it make? Leave it to some people to ruin a happy moment. Either be happy she had a baby after waiting years to get pregnant or leave the page and take your negativity elsewhere!

tierra broughton on


Cortney on

I remember watching Tamar on the show Starting Over years ago… Happy to see she is getting things together. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

Mrsjl on

Towanda was on Starting Over. I loved that show!! Congrats Tamar and Vince!! I love them!!!

Vicki on

It’s a normal name. Good job Tamar!

Sce on

What on earth did she do to her face. She used to be so very pretty,, now she is not with all that face work. Like the babies name tho

Crystal on

I love the name. Logan is very cute and classic. No hollyweird names for them. Good for the Herberts. Congrats again!

Denise on

Love his name. Best wishes!

KMW on

Who the heck are these people anyway? More reality “stars”?

dudley doright on

nice name, not a goofy one

Edie on

Congrats! Lovely, nice “normal” name, unlike most Hollywood.

Addison on

I just had my third child. The only people I told were immediate family. I didn’t announce the birth til 3 days after with all my kids.

ME on

good lord, so many obnoxious and rude comments on this thread “what happened to her face” “she will never be as popular as her sister” how about a “congrats, and hope mom and baby are doing fine” instead?? wow. no wonder so many kids today are screwed up, they have parents like you all raising them to be rude and disrespectful.

BFV Fan on

Congrats Tamar & Vince! Love the name. I think she said she wanted to name her child Louis Vuitton in the show’s first season. She’s got herself an “LV”! How funny.

Lisa on

Tamar went from getting her life, to giving life. I am overjoyed for her and Vince. I know they are both over the moon with happiness and love. Congratulations on the gift sent from Heaven above, your precious baby boy, Logan. Children are Angels here on earth for everyone to love and spoil unconditionally and endlessly. I wish you all ALL the happiness your hearts and hands can hold. God Bless you ALL! God is AMAZING, absolutely AMAZING!! :-).

Anon on

I just love that name for a baby boy. It’s way better than naming your kids crazy names like Gweneth Paltrow did with her daughter, Apple. Seriously?! An apple is a piece of fruit…DUH!!! Congrats on the little bundle of joy Tamar Braxton!!!

alexis on

I am sure she believes that the paparazzi and media are dying to know all about and to see her baby, but they really arent

Marky on

KMW, why are you reading this article and commenting, if you don’t know who “these people” are?! Google is your friend, and you look so…”not quite bright” to fail to look them up. Both are well- known in their field, so keep your rude comments to yourself.

Love the name! Vince must be thrilled and I’m sure Tamar is, as well. Can’t wait to see his picture! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!

Tamela on

I’m really happy for Mr. and Mrs. Herbert on their bouncing baby boy he’s a blessing i know hope to see him after you get comfortable with showing him off to the world i know he’s handsome look at his parents. Beautiful people from the inside out make beautiful babies so keep it coming Tamar:)

Audrey on

Congratulation Tamar and Vince. I just love Tamar because she keeps it real.

Sharon on

Congratulations!!! I really love the name! Best wishes to the happy family 🙂

Crystal on

Love name, classy like the Herbet family!!!

Eve on

Congratulations Tamar and Vince. We (Tamartions) are soooo happy for the addition to your family. Blessings go out to the Herbert family (Vince, Tamar and little Logan). Love you all; can’t wait for Tamar and Vince to come back on TLC…. Eve

Amerie on

Congratulations to Tamar and VInce! I am so elated for the both of you! I hope Tamar and baby Logan are doing okay! God Bless You All!

missy on

Just so GROSS looking the both of them, poor child.

Danielle on

Damn I didn’t evan know she had the baby, knowbody said anything, on t.v or on line. The media is too focus on Kim & Kate.