Jeffrey Donovan: How I Plan to Spend My First Father’s Day

06/16/2013 at 10:30 AM ET

Jeffrey Donovan First Father's Day Larry Marano/Wireimage

Living in Miami, life is certainly a beach for Jeffrey Donovan — and the new dad is extremely excited to share it all with his baby girl.

Set to show her the shore this weekend, Sunday will mark two milestones for Donovan’s family: his first Father’s Day and his 6-month-old daughter’s first seaside adventure.

“We’re going to find a little beach that has this little protective lagoon so she can swim for the first time,” the Burn Notice star, 45, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We got this little baby raft … [we’ll] float her around and let her experience the ocean.”

And if his little one is as quick in the water as she is on land, she’ll be sure to keep her proud parents on their toes. “She’s already yelling out, ‘Dada, dada,’ and crawling on every piece of furniture. She’s a little acrobat,” Donovan says.

“I turn around and she’s climbing the wall and it’s an amazing experience. [She’s] my pride and joy. I couldn’t be happier.”

In fact, first-time fatherhood has been going so swimmingly well that the actor is more than willing to recommend the role, but only if the timing is right. “I’m a happy new father and it’s the most amazing experience. I highly recommend it — with the right woman!” he says. “My wife [Michelle] is a great, great mother.”

Donovan will soon be doting on his wife when the couple set out to finally celebrate their honeymoon. “When the show wraps at the end of July, I’m going to take a little bit of a break. My wife and I never officially got a honeymoon because of work so we’re actually going to take a few weeks off and travel out of the country and then when we come back it’ll be family time,” he says.

— Anya Leon

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American Mom on

I love Burn Notice & can’t wait to see what he does after the series is over. Congrats to Jeffrey & his wife on their new baby. I hope he enjoys his first Father’s Day!

Chi on

I could’ve sworn I read he had 3 boys somewhere…so I’m confused.

Crystal Stone on

This is his first child, he was seeing a lady a few years ago that had 3 boys from a previous relationship, they were not his.

EmmaWasHere on

Yay! Enjoy it Jeff, Daddy’s Girls are great πŸ˜‰

sunny on

He kinda creeps me out, dating his wife when she was a teenager and he was in his 40’s. To each his own, but I’ve never cared for him since.

diane on

i agree with @Sunny…i’ve heard he’s creepy. and i’ve seen him in other interviews and he’s extremely pompous and full of himself. weird guy. but maybe fatherhood will mellow him a bit. i hope so, cause he’s great on the show.

Jenna on

He is a mega creeper. His wife was 17 and he was in his 40s when they started dating. Marrying her after he knocked her up doesn’t excuse that bogus crap. At least she scored an easy life for all her trouble. She’s a supposed model but hasn’t had any work lol. Her agency must be instagram.

Anonymous on

According to Wikipedia, the baby’s name is Claire (I was actually checking to see when they got married, which was last year, btw). I wonder if that’s true or just more Wikipedia BS?

Anyway, I don’t know where you guys (or in guest’s case, whoever it was that told you he was creepy) are getting the “creepy” vibe from. He sounds like a “normal”, loving, doting father to me! πŸ™‚

anonymous on

He is a robot. I knew him 20 years ago and he is a vain, self-centered, strange person. No respect for women. Had no real friends. Truly weird. I’m not surprised to hear he dated a teenager and got her pregnant.

soulvacation on

I used to think Jeffrey was one of the sexist men on TV until I started to read his interviews and found out about his relationship with his wife. He met her when she was 16 1/2, moved her in his house at 17 and now they are married with a baby. Just creepy! A 45 old man with a young girl is disgusting. I was orignally upset that Burn Notice is over but after reading about Donovan, I can’t look at Michael’s character on the show quite the same.

meghan on

17? Big Deal.

Emily on

OMG people get over it. Just let someone be happy! He seems to be a very caring father and husband… what more would you want for someone? Who cares that there is a big age difference as long as they are happy and raising their child well. Plenty of couples are the same age, have affairs, and treat their children horribly! So maybe an age different isn’t what is important here…

Congrats Jeffrey & Michelle! Enjoy every second with that little girl!

Tina on

Wait a minute. He dated her when she was 17 and he was 40? Really? I didn’t know that. Ugh! And I really like him and Burn Notice very much. But that sure puts a damper on my feelings about him. A teenager?

noelchaubrier on

Well, she looks really old, and she’s no model –

Tina on

@Emily, spoken like a true naΓ―f.

Barbra on

I enjoy the show Burn Notice and I even like Jeffrey Donovan. I had no idea he was married or had a child until now. I’m his age, 45 and as a woman I couldn’t see myself at 17 years old dating someone that much older than I. That is like her father’s age. Maybe she had daddy issues. I don’t know. They seem happy and as long as they are happy and raise that beautiful baby right, that is all that matters.

Anonymous on

Emily- I agree. The idea of a man in his 40s dating a 17-year-old girl DOES weird me out a little, but as long as their relationship isn’t hurting anyone (and it certainly doesn’t seem to be), why make a big deal out of it?

I also want to point out that the age of consent in some states is 16 (and in others, 17) rather than 18. So depending on where they live, they didn’t neccesarily even do anything illegal!

Anonymous on

anonymous (the one who called him a “robot”)- Are you the same person you were 20 years ago? Probably not. People change, and for all you know, he has, too! πŸ™‚

Penny Butz on

At first, when I realized Michelle was his girlfriend & not his long lost daughter, I was upset. But you know, if they’re happy, that’s what counts. I believe, he met her at 17, dated her at 18 & married her at 21. I also believe the baby was planned. I think he’s been looking a long time for the right woman.

Nikki on

Grow up people. They got married in August of 2012. They’d been engaged for a year before that. So apparently it wasn’t the pregnancy part that got them to get married. A girl can date who ever she wants. It’s really none of your business. Burn Notice hasn’t changed since they got married. Grow up!!!!

Jen on

Bizarre comments. You people.don’t actually know them so give shut up.



Yvette on

I too am confused.He suddenly is a NEW dad?I’ve heard him say he has 3 sons w/1 woman & they shared a home in Topanga for 10 yrs.I love M. Weston but JD has tweeted so many crazy, “drunken,” things over time.It’s a shame.He has MA’s from NYU but connects to 17 yr; old?

Anonymous on

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter.” Unless you are a cheese, of course, then age would really matter. If they’re happy together, then why judge? When you fall in love, you don’t get to choose what age bracket he should be in. If he can give her the happiness she’s searching for, then let them be together. Besides, they love each other because they love other, not because a fan said so. And that’s better than trying to tie yourself with someone your age just to please other people. I have watched Burn Notice since its pilot episode and jeffrey donovan never fails to impress me, it’s electrifying.

noelchaubrier on

Many of us are hoping for a “Burn Notice” reunion story. The series was so well written, it presented almost like a wonderful, thrilling adventure novel.

BurnNoticeFan on

Wow, I had no idea about the age difference between them. Frankly I was shocked. While I hope that Mr. Donovan and his wife experience nothing but happiness, I don’t know what a man his age would even talk to someone her age about. Yes, the largest component in this relationship is likely sexual, but you need to have more than sex to sustain a long-term relationship. Another shocker was when Paul Walker was killed and it was revealed that he had started dating his girlfriend when she was 16 years old and he was in his late 30’s. What? If a woman dates a younger guy, there is always criticism and comments about her ‘robbing the cradle’ and calling her ‘cougar’. Those are some of the milder comments I’ve heard male friends say about women who date younger men. All I know is if my 16-17 year old kid (daughter or son) was dating a guy either Mr. Donovan’s or
Mr. Walker’s age, I would absolutely have a problem with it. I knew a guy who was a police officer who started dating a 16year old girl he met at a high school presentation he had done. He was 38 years old. The girl’s parents actually agreed to let him date their daughter. The guy was an absolute creep who was also into (besides very young girls) a lot of wierd sexual acts. They are no longer married because as she matured she found out how wierd, controlling and mean he really was and she left him. Unfortunately, she had a child by him so he will be in her life for a long time. Hopefully Mr. Donovan is not the same type of guy, but it does make a person wonder……

Diana Rodeheaver on

This is old news, years old! Why are you sending this to me now, clogging up my e-mail even more! Get it together People. P. S. I do like Jeffery Donovan, to each their own people. Let all of us know what show He is involved with now, not gossip that would hurt feelings and upset him and his wife. So, where is Jeffery now? What is He up too,”now,2016″?