Channing and Jenna Dewan-Tatum Introduce Daughter Everly

06/16/2013 at 07:20 PM ET

All together now: Aww.

Channing Tatum decided to make his fans a part of his first holiday as a dad.

PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive — who, along with Jenna Dewan-Tatumwelcomed daughter Everly into the world on May 31 – debuted their 2-week-old baby girl on their Facebook accounts Sunday night.

“First Father’s Day with my girls,” the White House Down star, 33, wrote, sharing a photo of himself holding his newborn with his wife by his side.

Dewan-Tatum, who referred to Everly as “our lil angel” in her own post, is feeling the fan support as well.

“Thank you everyone for all the loving messages! Chan, myself and Everly are happy as can be and appreciate them all,” the actress and new mom, 32, Tweeted on June 6.

Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan-Tatum Daughter Everly First Photo Courtesy Tatum Family

— Dahvi Shira

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Anon on

Aww, precious!

shannon on

Beautiful baby girl and beautiful family! Congratulations.

Leah on

Jenna looks absolutely breathtaking! BEAUTiful family

MaShell Kirkland on

Now this is one Hollywood couple that I am very happy for! What a great couple and what an absolutely adorable baby! Congrat’s and Happy Father’s Day to Channing!

Jessica on

Boom. There went my ovaries.

London on

I was thinking the same thing Jessica.

MaShell Kirkland on

Congrat’s to the Channing and Jenna…and Happy Father’s Day to Channing!

MissJackieM on

What a beautiful family !!!



Anonymous on

Beautiful family!

julie on

o my lord. most beautiful picture I’ve seen in a while!

Lyla on

Um how adorable??? Such a beautiful family!

fathersday on

very cute but why is baby wearing that gauzy dress thing? It looks very scratchy and uncomfortable; speaking of scratchy (but in a good way) — the chin hair is sooo nice on dad!

oh, and Jenna, you mean “Chan, Everly, and I” — the reflexive pronoun is incorrect there. You might be the most beautiful new mom around, though!

Ryleigh on

Wow, if this is how you are online..I can only imagine the lack of people that actually like you in real life. Chill out, you will enjoy life more when you are not so negative!

Angela on

You took the words right out my mouth Ryleigh. This person is extremely negative and must be extremely annoying in real life.

Melissa on

I agree Ryleigh! Good Lord, it is about the beautiful family pictured! Thanks for speaking what I thought.

Marky on

Guess you don’t know much about baby clothes, fathersday! That “guazy thing” is a lovely soft dress, probably made by a company like Feldman Bros. and so comfy for their baby.

Maybe you should do something about that “critical spirit” and gauge what you own issues are, instead if picking on someone else.

Congrats to the happy family and she is adorable!

Efranco on

seriously fathers day??? Get a life hater.

Sam on

Excuse me, but when you choose to correct someone’s grammar, you should be very careful. You did not use capitals where you should have and the use of the hyphen, (dash -) is used incorrectly. Oh, so was the ‘ ; ‘!

Your gonna havta bee more careful nex time you chose too correkt sum won eltse. Thank ewe! 🙂

Sam on

p.s. nite!

Melissa on

ROFL Sam!! Go get ’em!

Angie on

She’s beautiful!

Fergie5 on

She is adorable. They look so sweet together. Congratulations to them!

Alecia on

Everly is so precious!! Channing and Jenna look like great parents and the most good looking couple ever!! Lots of love to all three!!

Nat on

Very nice name for the little girl. Unique without sounding silly.

Connie on

That photo, and his obvious love for his daughter and wife, just made him even sexier!! I’m so happy for them! They seem like a very loving couple and devoted new parents!

judy on

So beautiful in her pink dress! Love you guys!

Anonymous on

This is a couple we actually care about seeing their baby’s picture. Please do not waste our time on the Kim K Kanye kid

Zeze on

Thank you!

tattedmom on

Yes!! Although, I do want to find out what she weighed and, (of course) what the babys girl name is! 🙂

Christina on

Such a beautiful baby girl! Channing and Jenna look so happy with their little angel!! Congratulations Channing and Jenna and welcome to the world, Everly!!!!

MamaBear on

Awwwwwww! So beautiful 🙂

Peggy on

Beautiful!! Wishing them all the love, luck, and a lifetime of memories and happiness!

maryhelenc on

That child is beautiful! Congrats to the Tatums!

Kelly on

This is very sweet. I really admire Channing because he seems like an amazing husband, and now a wonderful father. You can tell that Everly will be daddy’s girl forever.

Anonymous on

So beautiful. =) Congratulations.

Anonymous on

pure love!

Rita on

Absolutely beautiful and precious!

Sandy on

Beautiful family. His wife is gorgeous.

Isabel on

So sweet!

Nick on

So precious! And holy boobies Jenna!

Eva on

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, as sexy as a man who is so obviously besotted with his little girl. Congratulations to the new family!

Anonymous on

Everly is adorable!!! So happy for the Tatums and their new baby girl. 🙂

Nicole on

This is a couple and baby WORTH posting about!!!! Such a beautiful family! !!!

EmmaWasHere on

WOW! What a cutie!!!

Robin on

This is such a beautiful and classy couple. I have been so excited to see this sweet baby! How precious it was for them to release a photo on Father’s Day unlike many celebrity couples who look to sell out for the top dollar.

Congratulations again to Channing and Jenna.

April on


Jen on

Very smart of them. It completely devalues the incentive for paparazzi to hound them. Even if a pap get s a photo of her, it will only sell for a fraction of the price.

Zeze on

Oh, you are probably right Jen, I didn’t think of that.

Charli on

Such a beautiful family!!!!

Crystal on

Jenna looks AMAZING and Channing looks so in love with his girls! Congrats again! Everly is GORGEOUS!

Leah on

Congrats to the adorable family! That baby won the genetic lottery – holy cow!

Nice on

Wow, I didn’t even realize they had their baby. They are such a loving, understated, quiet couple that really seems like they’re in love. Beautiful little girl and all the best to them.

derrick johnson on

That is gonna be one gorgeous little girl

Zeze on

Jenna looks gorgeous, she is glowing! What a beautiful, genuine picture. On the other hand KK must be furious that she had been upstaged.

postathread on

I think she is just adorable (Jenna). Congrats on a beautiful family. Happy Father’s Day!

Marcia on

That is one pretty baby.

Andrea on

Oh my! Was an absolute doll! Beautiful family!

Susie on

Very, very sweet. What a beautiful family.

Annie on

What a beautiful little angel! Congratulations to the happy family!

Tara on

So happy for their family.

Kim on

So sweet!! I wish nothing but the best for this family!!!

Anonymous on

Bless their hearts!

Sandra on

She’s going to be as beautiful as her mom. Congratulations!

Penelope on

Aww! Cute pic!

Dee on

So nice to see a classy couple who truly are committed to each other. Love the Tatums! The baby is adorable too!!

Mockingbird94 on

Aww! How cute! Congrats!

Amy on

She is precious 🙂

Sara on

I love this couple together. One thing is for sure-this child is going to be adored and loved. Beautiful!

Amanda on

sweetness!! love the family picture!!

ShJ on

@Fathersday If you are going to criticize Jenna’s grammar, perhaps you should use the correct capitalization in your post.

Denise on

She is just beautiful!!!

scorpionglow on

She is gorgeous. Congrats!

me on

she’s already stunning. man that is one lucky girl. that is one good gene pool lol

and they look so happy! 🙂

tina on

she looks like she’s focusing on the string on his shirt 🙂 so cute!

Jacqueline on

What a beautiful family and sweet picture! I always appreciate when celebrities release photos personally rather than being paid by a magazine for “first pics” — I think it’s a very classy move! Congratulations to Channing and Jenna! What a beautiful blessing!

Anonymous on

Aww! She is soooo adorable! Channing holding her and that look of adoration in his eyes makes him all the more sexy in my opinion. happy Fathers Day and God bless them and their little angel!

Laine on

What a gorgeous family and unbelievably precious baby. I love that they shared this with social media instead of scoring some huge payday off their little girl. Congratulations to them and may the three of them have many years of happiness ahead.

dudley doright on

now thats a beautiful photo

Patty on

Sweet. Wishing them many blessings, and hoping that they both remember now that they have a daughter, and everything they do will be viewed by her some day! And yes, Channing, that means I hope you put trash scripts like Magic Mike behind you now 🙂

Brandi on

Lol Patty you do know that Magic Mike was based on Channing’s experiences when he was a stripper for a few months when he was younger, right? That “trash” was his life and I thought it was cool of him to share that part of his life and such a fun movie for him to do…lol it was fun for us all, really… 😉

Melissa on

This is one celeb family I never get tired of hearing about often! So much better than the trashy celebs usually mentioned.

Kristine on

Everly is adorable and a beautiful name as well. Beautiful picture! Happy 1st Father’s Day Channing!

Michelle on

Aww so happy for them. I love how they shared their family photo via social media instead of trying to sell it to the tabloids.

Lauren on

Beautiful. I have a feeling that these two will be together forever.

Nancy on

That is the most precious thing I’ve seen in a long time! Congrats!!

Me on


LuvLeeRita on

He’s sooo freakin’ HOT! Oh yeah, his daughter is cute too. LOL, 😀

Kites on

What a beautiful family!!

Anonymous on

aww so beautiful, congrats!

debra on

god bless you all! may you always find love, peace and happiness in each other. congrats!!

Anonymous on

OMG beautiful family, the baby looks angelic in her dress. God bless them.

Edie on

Love the name…
As another has stated, “Different and unique, but not strange like most Hollywood names.

Sherry on

She is so beautiful! Happy 1st Father’s Day!

Robin on

Nobody better say anything bad about the Tatums! I love them! Love them, LOVE THEM!

Lilly on

What a gorgeous and sweet little family 🙂

micky on

She’s adorable God bless her…Congratulations on your little bundle of joy

Anonymous on

I love the name Everly. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Nice choice!!

D on

Love It!!

Carmen on

What a beautiful family!!! She looks like a baby doll.

Mia on

Beyond precious, her little dress is too sweet!

Ivy. on

What a swoon-worthy family. Everly is already very pretty. And nothing melts my heart more than seeing a man with his baby daughter.

Tara on

Omg is she sweet! Love them. Another genuine couple happy and in love. Congrats!

Gail DuPuis-Cheatham on


Anonymous on

You could feel the love in that pic! Channing looks so in love with his baby girl!

Der Kaiser on

Warmest Congratulations!! What a beautiful little girl!!

Posh66 on

Love that name!

Rebecca on

I’m so glad they didn’t sell the picture to a magazine.

Anonymous on

AWWWWWWW! So adorable!

Anais on

that little girl has like super beautiful genes! congrats and wish them health at happiness

Anonymous on

What a beautiful picture! It shows the true love and beauty.Congratulations!

Athena on

What a beautiful family, they’re the sweetest! Still it baffles me how a few pathetic people could have possibly disliked that story!

Angela on

Channing and Jenna look so in love with Everly in this picture. This should be your next cover photo.

Trisha on

What a sweet little family! Best Wishes!!!

Jennifer on

so sweet. what a beautiful family 🙂

gracie on

Such a beautiful family. This is the appropriate and classy way to post a first picture…on Facebook without the need for a big payoff…hint, hint Kim and Kanye.

Congratulations to Channing and Jenna.

K.B. on

Seriously…. look at that beautiful little face! She’s beautiful. And, I love her name! Health and happiness to all.

Kat1129 on

now that’s a beautiful family!

Sunshine on

Congratulations to them! Miss Everly looks like a doll she is so beautiful.


Gorgeous parents and beautiful baby, love it!

Sam on

What a great looking family! Love the look of adoration and love on their faces!!!! And so refreshing to see a couple not trying to cash in on their baby’s birth….Congrats to them!

Daffygrams on

Beautiful little girl!

taylor on

Beautiful! congrats and God Bless to them!

Love her name, so pretty!

Anonymous on

Love is just radiating off of this photo. Absolutely beautiful!

JM on

Nothing sexier than a “big ole’ man” holding their most precious little one. Happy Father’s Day Channing and congratulations to both of you!

Jennifer Mathis on

Such a beautiful family.

Anonymous on

love and happiness!! Congrats!

Terri on

Absolutely adorable!!!!

heather yocum on

Congrats to you 2!!! She is beautiful like the two of you. Enjoy her cause they grow up fast.

max on

Adorable dad and baby shot, but Jenna should have pulled up her top so her bra wasn’t showing.

Terri on

Sweet picture!

bkable on

OMG possibly the cutest baby ever!! Should’ve known considering her parents are 2 very good looking people!

Dawn on

Very Sweet Photo! Congrats on your Little Angel

Anonymous on

So sick of everyone trying to be original with the baby names. That is a mouthful. Another stupid name chosen 😦 Geez traditional names are waaaayyyy better.

Nikita on

To fathersday…..seriously dude? pickpickpickpick!!!!!! This photo is absolutely beautiful!

boohoobytch on

Jenna really looks gorgeous – beautiful family

kitty62862 on

Nice picture!

Kathy on

What a beautiful picture! So happy for them all!

Tina on

She’s beautiful. Enjoy!

Smithy on

Beautiful picture of family with baby Beverly.

Carrie on

Beautiful Family!

Cynthia on

They named their baby what I plan on naming mine. Beautiful name 🙂

Roberta on

If a picture is worth a thousand words than this picture speaks volumes about love and family.


I love that she hyphenated her name when she had no career before marrying him. It’s not like she’s losing her identity or big brand she created by taking his name. It’s actually an upgrade for her to take his last name. Jessica Biel is a much bigger star and she took Timberlake as her last name.

jsp81355 on

What a precious little girl and what a beautiful family. God bless.

SurroMommy on

Seriously, could Jenna look any more beautiful?! No surprise that their baby is gorgeous! Congratulations to the new family!

Tara on

Such a Beautiful Family…Congratulations xo

Carla on

Congrats Channing and Jenna! She is beautiful. Happy Father’s Day Channing!

Mrich on

This could’ve been cute, how tacky! Why is her boob hanging out? The blouse looks perfectly opened to make sure its hanging out. Why can’t we have a normal picture of a family!

Debbie on

Beautiful family!!

Kara on

Oh my word. I thought he couldn’t possibly get any hotter. Fatherhood looks good on him. Damn he’s sexy.

K on

Cute baby! Oh, I hope they stay grounded and hold together for this kid. I’m tired of hearing these Hollywood couples who have everything going for them and after a couple kids—they just can’t handle whatever and can’t stay together. Nothing makes a kid happier than seeing his/her parents show love towards one another. Best wishes!

Anonymous on

Sweet baby, love that picture, congratulations!!

Anonymous on

tattedmom- Uh, it says right in the post that her name is Everly (it also said that in her birth announcement post)! 🙂

BKLYN- Jessica only goes by Timberlake in her private life. She has said that she plans to continue using Biel professionally, so I don’t think she’s the best example to use. And as for Jenna, plenty of women hyphenate their names after marrying even if they don’t have a big career to worry about! 🙂

Mrich- Give her a break! She’s a new mom, so she’s probably tired, and most likely she just had a “mommy brain” moment and forgot to close her top back up after nursing the baby!

Kerri on

I love them!

Tara on

love the little touch with jenna’s unbuttoned blouse. it’s not enough for young celebrities to be moms … have to show us their sexy too.

Julie on

What a touching picture! That baby is bound to be gorgeous because her parents are breathtaking!

Jessica on

What a beautiful baby girl! Love the name Everly too! 😊

Jen on

Can’t take it – too hot, *swoons, faints*

Brenda on

Congrats to the Tatum Family…enjoy your baby girl…she is blessed by having such loving parents…may god bless the Tatum Family.

KT on

Wow, a Hollywood couple, dates, gets married and THEN conceives a child! What a crazy concept.

Mara on

Beautiful family indeed! So sweet. Congrats again to them both! 🙂

Anonymous on

Aww so cute

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